49ers vs. Cardinals live blog: Fourth quarter

SANTA CLARA — This is the live blog for the fourth quarter of the 49ers’ irrelevant Week 17 game against the Cardinals. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

3:48 Chris Culliver gives up a 21-yard catch to Michael Floyd on second-and-19 from the Cardinals’ 6-yard line.

3:49 Lindley overthrows John Brown deep on the next play. Culliver never turned his head to find the ball.

3:50 Leon McFadden is flagged for pass interference on third-and-four. Larry Fitzgerald was the intended receiver.

3:54 Dontae Johnson tackles John Brown after a 1-yard catch on third-and-10. The Cardinals’ punt bounces to the Niners’ 6.

3:59 Frank Gore gains 12 yards on a counter run to the right, and Mike Iupati injures himself.

4:01 Kaepernick takes a sack and loses 15 yards on first-and-10 from the Niners’ 29.

4:02 Anthony Davis is flagged for a false start on second-and-25.

4:04 Gore gains 17 yards up the middle on third-and-30. Ted Ginn returns Andy Lee’s punt to the Cardinals’ 30.

4:07 Dontae Johnson gives up a 13-yard catch to Michael Floyd on first down.

4:08 Next play, Culliver breaks up an underthrown deep pass intended for Floyd.

4:09 The Cardinals punt three plays later. Bruce Ellington makes a fair catch at the Niners’ 16 with 5:40 left.

4:14 Kaepernick hits Brandon Lloyd for 14 yards on third-and-9.

4:16 Gore gains 24 yards on a G Lead run to the left. First-and-10 from the Cardinals’ 48 with 3:58 left.

4:21 Marcus Martin is flagged for a false start on third-and-11 from the Cardinals’ 34. Would have been a delay penalty if not for that false start. Huge penalty. Knocks the Niners out of field goal range.

4:22 The Cardinals blitz on third-and-long, forcing Kaepernick to throw quickly to no one. Andy Lee punts the ball into the end zone. Not good. First-and-10 for the Cardinals after the two-minute warning.

4:25 Jim Harbaugh is on the verge of ending his season with a win for the first time as an NFL head coach. Congratulations, Jim.

4:26 Aaron Lynch sacks Lindley on first down. Craig Dahl intercepts Lindley on second down. I told you Dahl was great.

4:28 Niners win 20-17. Stay tuned for grades.

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  1. Pep Hamilton only has 3% for the coaching poll? The only issue might be what York is willing to pay.

  2. The great Shaun Hill is putting the Seahawks into the catbird seat for the playoffs! I always knew he had that “it” factor!!!

  3. Harbaugh has always coached “not to lose.” It is why he will never be a champion.

    Jim Harbaugh, not a champion.
    John Harbaugh, champion.

    One had the chutzpah to fire his OC and went on to win a SB, the other think Bo Schembechler is Bill Walsh.

      1. Well, now they’ve got QP, Ellington, and (the 4.21) Trindon Holliday under contract for next season, so if they don’t have a screen game in 2015-16, or at least some sort of quick strike offense, we’ll know it’s all on Baalke, and was never about Harbaugh or Roman.

  4. Is anyone surprised that the 49ers will lose yet another game after leading by 3-6 with under 3 remaining in the 4th quarter?

  5. Hey Grant, how many of the 49ers’ losses this year have come by way of a game-losing defensive drive in the last 5 minutes? How many wins have been by less than 1 TD?

  6. Not going to miss the damn delay of games. Absolutely sick of the idiot behind center. I’m telling you he smokes a doobie at halftime

  7. So, I think that means we draft #15? I’m guessing our strength of schedule will be higher than Miami after this week as they played the Jets.

  8. Can’t even tank right!#$#$%# Now we’re stuck with a multi-million dollar Back Up, no sign of leadership and a mid-round hope at a QB!)(*&(*^&%^%&%&^ Well at least for history’s sake we got one less losing season.

    1. And we thought the offense stunk under Roman. Rex Ryan knows nothing about offense, if he is the new HC then Niner games will be unwatchable.

    2. Don’t be shocked when it happens. He’s a Parcells man. And he has a football philosophy that is similar to Baalke’s.

      1. He’s a much better coach than his record suggests, and if Fangio follows Jim out the door then getting Ryan to take over the D would be good for the team. But he’d need a good OC.

  9. 4:25 Jim Harbaugh is on the verge of ending his season with a win for the first time as an NFL head coach. Congratulations, Jim.
    ~ Grant Cohn

    Pretty snarky of you Grant.
    Like many other local sports writers who were rubbed the wrong way by Harbaugh’ media and presser’s what better time to take a cheap shot – good job Grant.

    1. Blogs exists so people can be snarky. They exist so people can vent their frustrations. Harbaugh made his bed, now he has to lay in it.

      1. Yup, you’re right, people can be snarky.
        Kinda expected a little better from the blog moderator. But than again, we’re talking about the guy who a couple of years ago took a swipe at Anthony Davis because he made a high pitch vocal sound.

  10. Did anyone see the S.Hill int by the DL?…..This is the same S. Hill ninermdumb considers better than Alex….

  11. God bless you Jim Harbaugh you gave me 4 years of great times. Shame on you Jed York, you are a selfish little man.

  12. You know your time is up when back up players are the ones celebrating with you…….

    “Dahl ran to the sideline and handed the game ball to Harbaugh. Harbaugh then received a Gatorade dump from Nick Moody and Quinton Patton.”

    If these were Veteran or star players it would have been better….

    1. one Niner you should pay attention. A lot of the vets went to Harbaugh personally and said something to him. Also it was Willis tht pulled Harbaugh into the group cheer prior to the game. So your statement does not have much validity

  13. Thank you Jim Harbaugh for making the 49ers relevant again, and being a great coach and mentor for the 49ers players.

    Now up to Baalke to find the right man to steer the ship from here.

  14. Tomsula will be the next head coach. It’s been in the works since mid October. You’ll see

    1. Not October. It’s been in the works since last year’s NFC Championship game ended, and the top two worked diligently to make sure that nothing interfered with their master plan.

  15. Final game obsevations
    Gore stays
    CK stays and plays better
    Speed will be added to the O
    Help will be brought in for the O line
    Lastly my greatest fear is that little Jed will hire a drinking buddy for HC
    P.S. a prediction….Mich ohio St will once again be a great game

    1. 2015 Offense Forecast
      QB Kaep RB Hyde FB Miller
      LT Staley LG B Thomas C Kilgore RG Boone RT Davis (Backup M Martin/J Looney)
      WR Boldin WR2 DeVante Parker WR3 Ellington WR 4 Q Patton
      TE Joradan Cameron TE2 V McDonald

      Adios to Crabs, Stevie, Brandon, and Vernon (or is 2mm in dead money too much to eat?)

  16. looking into my crystal ball .. i see a grade (or three)
    in the near future …

    Colin Kaepernick … A (plus – plus)

    Jim Harbaugh … A (plus plus)

    Jed York … FAIL !!!

  17. Thanks for the times Harbaugh.

    After months of speculation, the Jim Harbaugh era in San Francisco is over.

    NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported Sunday night that Harbaugh and the 49ers are parting ways, according to a source involved in the situation.

    The 49ers quickly released a statement confirming the news:

    “Jim and I have come to the conclusion that it is in our mutual best interest to move in different directions,” team CEO Jed York said. “We thank Jim for bringing a tremendous competitive nature and a great passion for the game to the 49ers. He and his staff restored a winning culture that has been the standard for our franchise throughout its history. Their commitment and hard work resulted in a period of success that should be looked back on proudly by our organization and our fans. We wish Jim and his family all the best.”

    Around The NFL will have more on this story soon.

      1. Jed & Trent have already scheduled a Press Conference for tomorrow. This press release was just pulling back the curtain to acknowledge the obvious.

  18. I have just one question …

    Has anyone EVER ..seen
    Ian Rappaport somewhere close to the 49er facilities ?

  19. its official….The San Francisco 49ers and Jim Harbaugh mutually agreed to part ways, the club announced following the team’s 20-17 win over the Cardinals on Sunday.

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