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    1. There is a part of me that hopes for 0-16. Maybe the humiliation will wake the 49ers up to the face that they are doing everything wrong. Have to wonder if Shanahan can lasts two seasons at this rate. He better dunk his head in a ice bucket real soon, because at this rate there is no way he finishes this contract out.

      1. 49er fans had best hope the vision Shanahan and Lynch have works out because if they move on quickly again they won’t get any decent HC candidates willing to take the job.

  1. The OL is poor, but let me bring this up for comparison. I wound up watching the Washington – Seattle game simultaneously with the 49ers game. You think we have OL problems. Washington has four new guys on the starting OL. Three were signed the last week of October! They did a far better job of protecting Cousins from the Seahawks DL than our OL has done in any game this year. You can probably attribute some of their success to Cousins being able to get the ball out quicker than CJ, but there were a number of times that Cousins had well over 3 seconds to throw the ball. Inadequate players and injuries are a problem, but coaching deserves a lot of scrutiny as well.

  2. For the “wait until Shanahan get his guys” crew, who do you think brought these guys in?

    The only starters left from last year are Staley, Brown, Kilgore and Hyde. The WR’s are all Shanny’s guys. With the exception of Celek the TE’s are all Shanny’s guys.

    Right now the only hope is blind faith, because what we can see is garbage.

      1. “….The only garbage anyone sees is you. Go back to your blog where you can argue with yourself 24×7…..”

        you sure must be looking in the mirror ..
        (and your “spammer” handle … sez it all)

        Here’s something for you to chew on …

        Why don’t you take a long walk off a short pier ? ….and

        Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out .. you immature baby !

  3. Jack, Grant and whoever else thinks Shanny deserves any criticism after what has happened the last 5 weeks, you look foolish.
    No reason, no explanation, I think you guys know football, but this, this is bush league.

    1. “this is bush league”

      What’s bush league is starting a rookie QB and then choosing to have 68.5% of your play calls be passes during his first 3 starts in the NFL.

        1. Why would he call more runs than passes to that extent? Please educate me.

          On the one drive that he committed to the run they scored a TD.

    2. Prime is right…Don’t be fools.
      After taking over for the Tomsula & Chip Kelly disasters, a reincarnated Bill Walsh and Bill Belichick combined would not be better than 3-6 with this current roster…Give Hoodie Shanny and Lynch some time. They know what the hell they’re doing! It will work out man. We have the QB now and we’re a good draft away from being a 500 team or better. We have salary cap space for more help too.
      In 2 years it will be 49ers/Rams battling for NFC West titles. This year (maybe next year) is Seahawks last chance before they start declining big time.
      All arrows up still for Niners!! Garop will be special….No doubt!! Don’t be fools and drive Hoodie Shanny away. Stay positive damnit!

      1. “this current roster”

        You mean the roster that Shanahan and Lynch put together? The one in which 7 of the 11 offensive starters and vast majority of backups are all guys they brought in?

    3. From Cam Inman,

      “#49ers C.J. Beathard, in just over 3.5 games, has endured 16 sacks and FORTY-SEVEN hits”

      Keep up the great work Lil Shanny

  4. I only hope that Jed shows a great deal of patience and not make a rash decision.
    Our defense is coming together even with Foster’ limited play.
    Thomas is still trying to find his way but will come around.
    Witherspoon has played well and may turn into a keeper.

    This will allow the team to focus their attention on offense next year.
    RB, WR, OL and a QB should be priority. Oh, did I mention OL?
    Yes, Center and Guard need to be addressed.
    Shanahan and Lynch aren’t going anywhere soon.

  5. Really good to see Carlos Hyde show what kind of guy he is for sticking up for C.J.
    Yeah people say he can’t get thrown out but who cares, you stick up for your teammates. That far out weighs a meaningless game.

      1. I agree. I wasn’t a fan before this year but after today, he is a must sign.
        When you have guys that are sticking up for their teammates in a winless season, those are the kinda guys you build around.

    1. Unfortunately while his initial move was to stick up for his QB, what actually got Hyde kicked out was his retaliation after the Cardinals player knocked him on his @$$. That makes it stupid.

        1. If Lynch, Shanahan and the teammates respect a guy for getting kicked out for retaliation than this organization I should in an even worse situation than I thought.

          1. I thought you played and coached the game?
            In a game where the brotherhood between men is everything, seeing a guy stick up for another means more and carries more weight than anything else.
            If no one has figured out by now but this year is all about establishing a culture then you guys should watch one of the other 31 teams.

            1. Jack,

              Please retreat back to your own blog, I mean your mom’s basement, errrrrrrrrrrrrr *server room*.

              I’m only 5’9″ and a buck sixty-five but had I been thrown like that even a small guy like me would have gotten up and thrown punches. There comes a time where you have to stick up for your teammates, AND yourself. Seeing Hyde thrown (albeit he didn’t see it coming) like a rag doll I probably would have had less respect for him had he just scattered off to the sideline without fighting back. In fact, that’s been the MO for Hyde in practices anyway- someone who doesn’t seem to care outside of game day and is lackadaisical when it comes to running routes, catching passes.

              Lynch gave him a slap on the hand and told him “Great Job!” according to Maiocco.

              Please let us all know when the servers are back up.


  6. Third-rate coaching staff. I used to think that the Niners had the worst coaching staff in the division. I was wrong…they are the worst in the league.

    There is no way this staff can put a competitive team in the field…not now, not ever. You can’t turn a donkey into a thoroughbred.

      1. I guess you haven’t been watching since game 1 of the season, eh? Got more ready-made excuses to throw around, smart guy?

        I bet you were the one that on the survey of win/loss games punched in 14 wins.

  7. Top five PFF grades:

    LB Reuben Foster, 84.9 overall grade

    G Brandon Fusco, 83.7 overall grade

    DI DeForest Buckner, 83.0 overall grade

    T Trent Brown, 79.0 overall grade

    TE George Kittle, 76.3 overall grade

    1. The one that impresses me the most is Fusco, he is playing hurt. I guess Foster is playing hurt too. He had a good game.

      1. I agree on Fusco. I also like the fact that he is taking it personal when the OL performs poorly. Here’s what PFF said about Fusco:

        “It’s been a bit of a roller-coaster season for Fusco, who had two game-grades north of 80.0 to go with four game-grades south of 50.0 before he entered Week 9. Against the Cardinals he led the 49ers offense with an 80.1 run-blocking grade and wasn’t responsible for a single pressure on the afternoon.”

  8. PFF on Beathard’s performance:

    “Beathard held his own when he was able to throw without pressure bearing down on him, going 22-of-37 for 270 yards and an 82.0 passer rating on throws without pressure. When under pressure he completed just 2-of-14 attempts for 26 yards and an interception, good for a 9.8 passer rating. The rookie from Iowa has now attempted 56 throws while under pressure this season, he’s completed 20 of them for 172 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions, all of which adds up to a 35.7 passer rating.”

  9. I’ve been watching the 49 ers since 1986..drafts ..Erickson ..Mariuchi..Nolan balaha ..this is the worst assembled roster I have ever seen ..This team is just plain bad…You have a 53 man roster and only Buckner can play..You need 52 more players..This team truly and honestly plain out just freaking sucks..There not even watchable

          1. Go back to your hole mole….anyways ..Grant do you think they should can Shannahan after one year?I’d like to give them the pass but this is worse than Tomsula or Kelly by far….I think Alabama would run over this team,they only have one guy on this roster (Buckner) to build around … Shannahan and Lynch don’t have a contract long enough to build this roster back from the hole Baalke put us in and I’m not sure their the right ones to get us out..Thomas and Foster do not look like first round picks ,Beathard is tough but holds the ball to long ,has terrible footwork and a noodle arm and Witherspoon looks ok..This was another horrible draft..

  10. Being an engineer as well as having played the game at a high level I feel that the criticism of KS and Lynch are uncallad for at this time. In building a structure, no matter what it is, you need a sound foundation for it to withstand all that comes at it. That is what they are trying to do. Look at the Millennial Towers as an example. All fluff and no staying power. They got rid of some dead wood and replaced it with some players that are better. The injuries are killing them by taking away the better players. What I see on the field is a group trying to build for the future. How many of them will be here next year is anyone’s guess. the draft will have a lot to do with it as well as this years free agency. It appears that we might have a QB that can play at a higher level then has been currently available over the past several years. The OL needs to be improved and today the defense played well. It is said that it takes about 2 years to really learn and understand KS’s system. If that is true, it is time to accelerate the learning curve. Give them a chance to do what they need to do. At times patience is what is called for.

    1. True but everyone acts like drafts are going to fix this…a good draft produces two years later, minimum..This team is a desert of talent,even if we drafted well the next two years the product will not reflect that till the 2020 season at best..If I’m Garrapolo I’m outta here as a free agent asap..This team is right there with the 0-16 lions…If not worse

    2. It’s nice to see some logic and reason in this forum. Some people act as if Shanahan took over an 8-8 team loaded with talent.

      Lynch is re-tooling a 2-14 team and a completely new coaching staff. They’ve had 1 off-season and 1 draft. If they look this bad this time next year I might get worried but right now ,with all of these injuries, we need to have some patience.

  11. Shanahan’s system is based on run, then play action. Why so little running? Even if the run game is getting stuffed, keep taking hacks to take the pressure off Beathard.

    How many of the nine losses were due to execution errors? Should Kyle appoint something like an “Execution Coordinator” so he can focus on game plan development?

  12. CJ’s beatings will continue until morale improves…
    If he gets a concussion from these weekly beatings, niners will be in deep s*** having to throw JG in there.

  13. Not much to add, this is a disgrace…..kudos to the ones drinking the kool aide, the real fans……prob why there was a questionnaire sent out asking how important winning is. We have baffoons for fans that try and jump on any one that points out this rebuild ain’t going so well……the Yorks appreciate your patience.

  14. The Niners were shaped by their opponent.
    KS deserves criticism for his poor game management. He deserves second guessing for not trying for a FG at the end of the first half. KS is too stubborn to want an OC, but he proved to me that he needs one.

    Jusczcyck should not stay upright and struggle for every inch. He should run close to the ground so they cannot gang tackle him and strip the ball.
    They made an error when they moved Brown to LT. Before the game, Deese was saying how hard it is for an O lineman to shift positions. Maybe they should have tried Darrel Williams at LT, he did well during the preseason.
    Still have way too many unforced errors that allowed the Card’s offense to sustain drives.
    Guess they are content with losing. Should have put in JG to hand off the ball at least. Wonder if the coaches have ever heard of a screen pass before.

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