49ers vs. Chargers live blog: Overtime

SANTA CLARA — This is the live blog for overtime of the 49ers’ Week 16 game against the Chargers. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

9:03 The Chargers call tails. It’s heads. The Niners choose to receive.

9:06 Quinton Patton returns the kick 24 yards to the Niners’ 30.

9:06 Big gainer for Patton on an end around. But he fumbles. Chargers recover. First-and-10 at San Diego’s 38.

9:11 The Chargers are running the ball down the Niners’ throats. Third-and-2 from the Niners’ 23.

9:16 Novak nails the field goal and the Chargers win. Humiliating.

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  1. How many points did the 49ers allow with Reid at safety in this game compared to how many with Dahl?

    1. I’m fine with getting rid of Kaepernick and replacing him with a veteran and 1st round rookie selection.

  2. Grant,

    Please get after Kaepernick for going out of bounds on that sweep when he comes to the podium. Did he not learn from NO last year?

    1. Is this really Jack? You’ve never been this harsh on Kaepernick. For me it was the defense that allowed Rivers to drive down the field, But at the same time you don’t put your defense in that situation.

      1. Oh my gosh, Jack is harsh on CK? Wow. Maybe I was right about Ck and hte 49ers as he was kissing his bicep more then throwing the ball.

  3. So glad I’m not mad. This was the first time in awhile I actually watched a game without stress.

    Santa…. I want a…
    New coach
    New OC
    New owner
    New qb
    New o-line
    Is that to much to ask for?

  4. the nfl has figured harbaugh and roman and kap out.stay close in the first half adjust and you got them.they play old school and the league has passed them by.goodbye to all three

    1. Tuto!!! – Long time no time bro.
      Depressing man, I live an hour south of San Diego……..I will here crap forever now……I was a big Robin Williams fan but hated what he did…….I understand now.

      1. What’s up Bro. This season has been a disaster so I have been quietly sobbing in the corner.

        Sorry don’t get the Williams reference.

  5. So on a night they set a franchise rushing record for a game, they lose. The defense is just totally helpless right now. Disappointing loss after getting such a lead.

  6. Glad to see some people finally coming around to the obvious regarding Kaepernick. I’d forgive Harbaugh if we could trade away Kaepernick and get rid of Roman. Harbaugh is likely too proud to go that route.

    1. I sometime wonder if Roman has compromising pictures of Harbaugh. There is no way Roman should have ever had an NFL job. With a good OC the Niners might be a two time Super Bowl champ, and we wouldn’t be in the mess we are right now.

  7. Missed most of the game except for the crappy fourth quarter and overtime. I think Harbaugh will be fired early tomorrow morning along with Roman. I also believe that the next HC is going to push Baalke to draft a QB in the fiirst or second round.

    1. Mid:

      Sorry that’s all you got to see. The first half was a thing of beauty – well, for the 49ers at least.

    2. MWD: You are right. I don’t see how a new coach would want to have CK as the foundation of his team–it’s a recipe for disaster and a sure way to find himself out of the job.

      The new coach would want to draft his own QB –in the first round, and let CK compete in camp…

  8. I’m not the biggest Kaepernick fan myself, but this game isn’t really on him. Last I checked, the Chargers tossed 38 on the D.

    And really, should we want them to lose? I mean, higher draft pick and higher likelihood of heads rolling.

    1. I don’t like the way they lost. But I agree, the loss will hopefully cause heads to roll – and it needs to finally happen. This is where we will see what kind of owner we have.

    2. Actually seven of those were scored by the Chargers defense…and directly attributed to Kaepernick…

  9. How in the world r folks criticizing this effort? R offense moves ball all night, Kaepernick finally looks like he did two years ago and young players step up. We effectively lose because we r forced to play with a second and third string defense. Not to mention, we play well offensively, lose, but secure better draft spot, which is more important than winning another game at this point.

      1. No it was Roman’s lack of adjustments that caused Kaepernick to not play well, surprised you haven’t picked that up yet.

        1. What do you expect from kaep when your ball-less offensive coordinator calls 3 runs in a row? If you dare to play not to lose then you deserve what you get. I Will harken back on what baalke said in defense of kaep in that it’s extremely difficult to ascertain objectively a players grade when you continuously have players in positions where they’re not likely to succeed. I’d love to see roman call a game for seattles Wilson for a weekend and witness all of you vacuum inoculated bloviating ignoramuses bring out the pitchforks. Mr obvious,your crude postmortem sacrifices rigorous thoughtful analysis in exchange for succinctness to fit snugly w/your compartmentalized black n white worldview.

    1. Yay, you got what you wanted the last few years… a Super Bowl loss, and an epic decline and not a total melt down because our QB is ridiculously inconsistent. Also, do you really think a record rushing game is a time to point out how amazing Kaepernick is as a QB? People are too wowed by media hype and ink on flesh.

    2. @Daniners Kaepernick looked good 2 years ago in the 2nd half. This Kaepernick misfires too often. I don’t think he’s going the be the franchise quarterback everyone is hoping for.

  10. I Hope Craig Dahl gets the start nxt week. So we can get a better position in draft. Vic Fangio and staff got a great eye for talent keeping him on roster as backup even after a terrible preseason. Great job Craig tonight! Best backup safety in Nfl. Eric Reid may have his job taken by the great Craig Dahl. If he can make a nfl roster it gives young kids hope

  11. Let me also say, we can bury Kaepernick for his play all season, but tonight he was a game-changer and showed all the skills that make him dangerous.

    1. Yes, our strategy should be to avoid using Kaepernick as an actual QB as much as possible and rush for over 300 yards every game. People who think like you ruined this team.

  12. With all the love doled out for Fangio around here myself included it was his defense that gave up that win tonight. It ridiculous to try and blame Roman for not making adjustments when we already had 28 points on the board. Grant, when you give up 31 points in the second half after only giving up 7 in the first it’s not the offense that didn’t make the correct adjustments.

    1. The defense was playing 2nd and 3rd stringers. If Kaep could not do his usual disappearing act in the 2nd half they could have survived. Of course he holds the ball too long and then gets sacked and they get a gift TD.
      It’s obvious the difference in pocket QB. Rivers stands there when the pocket collapses around him and makes the throw. Kaep runs. And OMG what is up with running out of bounds when you are trying to run the clock? How many times are you going to make the same mistake over and over????

    2. Or 49ers could score once in the 4th quarter. Besides, it’s not as if the defense is fighting for their jobs. They are fighting as hard as possible despite epic failure on the offense from the HC, OC and QB. Harbaugh, Roman and Kaepernick had everything to prove in this meaningless game and the defense fought hard for 4 years, only to have Harbaugh trade away any realistic chance of winning a Super Bowl.

    3. I disagree Coffee. The defense has been more with injuries than the offense, and losing Reid was what probably did them in tonight. Kaep didn’t play well as a QB tonight, but it looks like it was the penalties on offense that ultimately were the reason that we lost.

      1. Maybe Harbaugh should’ve started his career with a losing season instead of finishing with one. Then people might feel different? Anybody want Nolan or Singletary back?

    4. Roman sucks! At least fangio fights till the bloody end! Roman just tucks his micro penis within his legs and calls 3 runs.

    1. Probably not going to happen this year. Whoever ultimately decided to start Kaepernick is to blame for all of this.

  13. On another note, it’s beyond concerning that Reid had his bell rung for the thirs time in less than two years. The team probably should draft a developmental S in 2015 that can replace Reid in case he’s forced to hang up his cleats somewhere in the near future.

  14. Poor Jack. Trollfan must have hit you with his stupid stick. Can’t be mad at the outcome. Undisciplined play lost the game for us. Look the young guy made a mistake and it cost us. But he also finally got in. Patton and Ellington both look very explosive. Patton has an extra gear.
    As far as Kaep, his YPA would have been higher had his teammates not committed penalties that called back about 80 yards and 2 Touchdowns.
    Jack, I’m glad you coached and played at a JC. Don’t get too big for your britches handsome. You aint that good.

  15. End of the day, our very depleted defense got waxed. If you want to get upset with someone, be mad at Harbaugh. He’s the one that called a QB rollout on 3rd and 5. To put the game on a defense that couldn’t rush the passer all night. Great idea.
    Same coach that called a QB sneak from the 1 versus the
    rams instead of going Hyde. THAT’S WHY HE’S FIRED. Not dynamic enough. Not enough variations of the Wham block in his play book….

    1. Bay:

      It’s Kaep’s lack of awareness, yet again, to not stay in bounds at the end of the game that has everyone upset. This wasn’t the first time. Sometimes you just can’t fix stupid.

  16. Im tired of all these so called 49er fans talking s***, but I remember all u guys loving Harbaugh when he was hired and everyone on Kaepernick’s jock after his first start, im still a Harbaugh and Kaep fan, I was also one of the few that felt Alex Smith needed coaching to be a better QB. OC killed us this year and injuries were the silent killer.
    Go Niners! 4 life!

  17. Stadium was jam packed. Lotta bolt fans. Exciting game. As far as staying in bounds, agree. Gotta be a million times smarter. But if an OC is going to call a play like that instead of a pass, it’s got to come with instructions to stay in bounds.
    The degree of difficulty is to high for these coaches. End of the day, they are the ones that hold back a group with explosive potential. Millers fumble sucked. Patton’s fumble sucked. Boldin’s TD from Kaep being called back on a pentalty sucked. Vernon’s TD on a beautiful pass and catch and run sucked.
    End of the day we get a higher draft pick though….. This defense is gassed. Glad to see younger players getting the opportunity to play though…

    1. Agree that it was good to see the young players out there. I’ll probably be back on the fence tomorrow regarding Kaep, but for now I’m just plain pissed off.

      Have a good evening.

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