49ers vs. Chargers preseason live blog

San Francisco 49ers quarterback C.J. Beathard (3) warms up before an NFL preseason football game against the Los Angeles Chargers in Santa Clara, Calif., Thursday, Aug. 29, 2019. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

SANTA CLARA — This is the live blog for the 49ers’ preseason finale against the Los Angeles Chargers. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

6:42 Nick Mullens is in uniform. I wouldn’t play him tonight, but it looks like he’ll play. He shouldn’t be on the field for more than one series. The 49ers can’t afford him to get injured.

6:43 Ross Dwelley is not in uniform, which means he probably will make the team. Good for Dwelley.

7:03 The Chargers will receive the opening kickoff.

7:08 On the first play of the drive, the 49ers give up a 42-yard run to RB Troymaine Pope. Ronald Blair overran the play in the backfield and Antone Exum missed a tackle in the open field.

7:09 The Chargers kick a 42-yard field goal. They lead 3-0.

7:12 D.J. Reed returns the kickoff 56 yards to the Chargers’ 42.

7:12 C.J. Beathard is the QB.

7:14 On fourth and two, Beathard doesn’t see a wide open Deebo Samuel, so he throws to a covered Levine Toilolo, the pass falls incomplete and the 49ers turn the ball over on downs.

7:23 On third and two from Chargers 45, D.J. Reed gives up a 25-yard catch to Artavis Scott. The Chargers kick a field goal a few plays later and take a 6-0 lead.

7:34 On first and 20 from the Chargers 41, Jeff Wilson Jr. runs to his left, stops in the backfield, cuts back to his right and follows a block from Beathard all the way into the end zone. Niners lead 7-6. Brilliant run. Wilson Jr. deserves to make the team.

7:53 On second and nine from the 49ers 46, Damontre Moore beats the left tackle and hits Cardale Jones but doesn’t wrap him up — Moore has a cast on his right hand. Jones spins away and gets sacked by Dre Greenlaw. Good play by Moore and Greenlaw.

7:54 Next play, on third and 14, Greenlaw slips and misses a tackle. Good to see the grass hasn’t changed at Levi’s Stadium.

7:55 The Chargers score a touchdown run from one yard out and lead 13-7.

7:59 Kendrick Bourne drops a pass on first down, and the 49ers go three and out. Say goodbye to Bourne. He most likely just dropped his chance to make the roster.

8:09 On third and goal from the two, Cardale Jones scrambles around the right end and dives into the end zone for the touchdown. The Chargers lead 20-7.

8:23 On third and three from the Chargers 21, Beathard scrambles to his left and throws a touchdown pass to Bourne. The 49ers trail 20-14.

8:30 Jeremiah Valoaga sacks Jones on first and 10, and the Chargers punt three plays later.

8:52 Nick Mullens is in the game, and he takes two hits during his first series. No idea why he’s playing. He should be on the bench. He’s too important to this team.

8:57 On third and four, Damontre Moore draws a holding penalty and forced Easton Stick to throw the ball away. The 49ers decline the penalty and the Chiefs punt.

8:59 Wilton Speight is in the game. No idea why he wanted Mullens to take those hits, but at least he didn’t get hurt.

9:14 On third and goal from the two, Wilton Speight fumbles a handoff to Wilson Jr. The 49ers recover and kick a field goal. They trail 20-17.

9:17 Demetrius Flannigan-Fowles intercepts Easton Stick on first and 10.

9:28 Nasir Adderley intercepts Wilton Speight on fourth and six.

9:32 On third and five, Valoaga sack Stick. The Chargers punt.

9:38 The 49ers go three and out.

9:41 Mark Nzeocha intercepts Stick on first and 10.

9:48 On first and goal from the 1, Austin Walter jumps over the pile and scores. The 49ers lead 24-20.

9:59 On second and eight from the 49ers 11, Derrick Gore scores a touchdown run, and the Chiefs leads 27-24.

10:06 Speight throws another pick and the 49ers lose.

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  1. A few players and battles to watch:

    QB – CJB: has he improved the speed in which he reads the defense, and does he continue to hold onto the football longer than he should?
    OT – Sam Young VS Justin Skule: does Young belong on this roster, and can Skule hold his own at LT?
    DE – Damontre Moore: will he ontinue to dominate the opposing team’s backups?
    ILB – Azeez Al-Shaair: where is he lining up primarily, and how well does he show up on ST?
    CB – DJ Reed VS Emmanual Moseley: who looks better?
    DE/DT – Solomon Thomas: will he play, and where does he line up if he plays?
    SS – Marcell Harris: we know he can hit, but is he a liability in coverage?
    FS – Adrian Colbert VS Antone Exum Jr: who looks better?
    LT – Kevin Givens: should he make the practice squad, or will he even clear waivers?

    1. Nice list. Here’s one I’d like to see resolved, the **** or get off the pot list:


  2. First o series…glad for Reed. I like his skill set. After our starters, all other o-linemen can b replaced. This could come back and haunt this team

  3. Yeah, that play showed exactly why Beathard shouldn’t be on this roster any longer. He waas slow to make his reads, and his execution was worse. Having him as a 3rd QB gives this team nothing. Would a team even give a 7th for him? Maybe.

  4. Second d series…..players seem to b in position to make plays. An guessing that when starters are in, those plays will n made.

    1. If Wilson rectified his ball security, which it looks as though he may have, I don’t see him clearing waivers. Texans would be wise to snatch him up….

  5. Second o series…..Wilson is making the Mckinnin decision easier and harder. The Jet on ir and keep Wilson? Trade Wilson while he has value?

  6. Bourne is so frustrating. He is obviously talented, but consistently drops at least one pass per game.

    Don’t know…..have to wait and see if any team picks him up.

  7. 9ers found a keeper with Wilson. Great vision, great burst, great hands…even though he sometimes has had “fumblitis” . He makes the loss of McKinnon sting less. My guess is Jet goes on IR and, depending on the severity of his knee issue, gets an injury settlement.

      1. Givens has looked good, but I think that Valoaga has been more consistent.
        Tough call for FO on these two. My guess is that one goes on PS.

        1. For sure some tough decisions coming.
          Valoaga has looked great, but he’s also been in the league a few years.
          Givens is an undrafted rookie. I can see him going to the PS.

  8. 8:59 “Wilton Speight is in the game. No idea why he wanted Mullens to take those hits, but at least he didn’t get hurt.”

    I like Tim Ryan’ explanation – Mullins is in because Shanahan likely wants to see what he can do if has to come in a sudden situation (paraphrase).

    If this was the case, Mullens looked uncomfortable.

    What do you guys think of Garrett’ performance?
    For me, he looked rusty, tired and at times uninterested. It may be too little too late for Garnett.
    Also, I’m concerned that Wish is not reaching the end zone on his kickoffs. Unless it’s by design

    1. “I like Tim Ryan’ explanation – Mullins is in because Shanahan likely wants to see what he can do if has to come in a sudden situation (paraphrase). If this was the case, Mullens looked uncomfortable.”

      I’ve seen looooong stretches of Beathard looking uncomfortable

      1. Captain,
        “I’ve seen looooong stretches of Beathard looking uncomfortable”

        So have I, what’s that have to do with Mullens’ cameo performance?

        1. It’s called contrast/perspective. I was giving you mine. And frankly, I don’t think he looked “uncomfortable.”

          1. It’s called trying to defend Mullens by comparing him to Beathard. My opinion had no reflection on Beathard, nor was it an attempt to compare him to Mullens. Your response on the other hand was a play at sarcasm.

            But I’ll make it easy for you. Mullens is Garappolo’ backup. Still, I feel he looked surprised and a little uncomfortable in his short stint.

    2. Garnett threw some good blocks early, but seemed to run out of steam.
      Najee Toran did not shine.
      In the battle of second string, Chargers showed that they, too, have depth.

      1. Nancy,
        “Greg Papa > Bob Fitzgerald”

        Hmmm, not bad. I like Fitz, but not sure his Warriors schedule would allow him the time.

        1. I listened to KGO, and Keena Turner, Dennis Brown and Bob Fitzgerald were on the radio.
          Greg Papa is the consummate professional, but the taint of the Raiders is hard to accept.
          He had a ‘TOUCHDOWN……..’ with the foghorn subsequently playing.

  9. When u see rosters and depth at the RB position that these teams have , u c why Jerry shouldn’t go to crazy with Zeke’s contract. Just one person’s observation.

    1. I declared him a bad signing the day he was signed.
      Not that he was a bad player, just that he was a someone who couldn’t possibly live up to the expectations his salary demanded.
      Juice was also a bad signing for that matter.

  10. I am satisfied. CJB played well, and his trade value just increased.
    Cardale Jones was impressive. He made some throws, and his scrambling ability extended drives.
    Now the real games will start, soon.

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