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    1. Would sure be great if they repeated that in the 2nd half — 56-6. I’ve got 6 and 6 in one of my pools. Triple nice!

  1. According to KC fans, they will win 51-0. They are a very dumb fan base after reading a lot of comments on their fansite Arrowhead Pride. I know that they are excited, but all they can say is we have Kermit when asked how they can stop us. If you need a good laugh just go read for yourself

    1. How dare you call the Chiefs’ fan base dumb. Do you not have a shred of respect, decency
      for your opponent and their fan base. Sure seems not.

      1. Interesting, the Chiefs fan base on AP seem to denigrate the Niner fans for being ignorant. They keep saying the Niner fans just repeat facts and figures, ignoring the fact that the Chiefs are far superior, according to them.
        In every big game, there will be some good natured banter. I have gone there and stated facts, but then declare- May the best team win.
        Your trolling is predictable, but we are used to Seasquawk fans and their snark, so you are pretty harmless. I would respect you if you did have a shred of decency, but I have little compassion for trolls.

    2. Oh Robby, you wouldn’t have a shred of respect for the SF fanbase if you thought the fanbase was saying SF wins 51-0. I’m just mainly seeing the SF fanbase saying 49ers win by 7-10 points in a close hard game. KC in the regular season got beat by the Texans,Tians,Packers and Colts..good teams but not like the 49ers. They beat a couple good teams..Ravens and Patriots. But I think SF has beaten harder teams. KC beat the Titan, Texans in the playoffs, nothing like the 49ers D or O. Seems like the 49ers winning by 7-10 points is about right in a hard game. SF Must contain Mahomes real good and play a great game to beat them.

  2. I hate to agree with Grant but I also have the Chiefs winning this game. I’m not sold on this and I think SF is the better team but these matchups are just rough for SF.

    The strange part is I think either the niners will win big or they will lose close and I think the odds are more on the side of this being a close game.
    However, I think there is one myth that seems to be gaining traction, and that is the idea that the chiefs shut down Henry. Henry had basically 70 yards rushing at the half on 15 carries in the first half… and then then he only got 4 carries in the second half as the titans gave up on the ran too early.

    1. Boo. Oh, ye of little faith. Gird thy loins for battle. The Niners will fulfill their Quest for 6.
      The Chiefs were fortunate that the Titans had played in 8 straight games since their bye. Henry just did not have fresh legs. Their LBs were gassed, and let Mahomes easily escape to run free.
      I have been cautious, and also predicted it will be a close dogfight, but Donte Whitner has convinced me otherwise.
      I now think that KS will have them so well prepared, the Niners will score at will. The Niner defense will play NINER FOOTBALL, and shut down Mahomes like they did with Cousins and Rodgers. I even expect a Niner defensive TD, because the Chiefs amply showed that they do not start out well, and allowed the other team to build a lead on them.
      JG will prove all his doubters wrong, and his past Patriot experience will keep him cool, calm and collected.
      GO NINERS !!!!!! SIX !!!!!!

      1. That Mahomes TD run that everybody gushed about was a completely pathetic effort on the Titans D part. He tries a stunt like that against the Niners D they’ll be scraping his scrawny remains off the Hard Rock turf.

        1. Yep. Niners will hit him regardless of the possible 15 yard penalty. It’s a good way to see how the refs will call the game and let Mahomes know there will not be any easy yards this game.

    1. +2
      Feels the same. I remember I thought about putting money on Marino because he seemed so unstoppable. One of those “smart thing to do things “. Glad I didn’t.

    2. I am feeling that too, Marino did score the first touchdown but the Niners were dominant after that.the speed of the wr’s scare me but so did duper and Clayton for Miami.when it’s all said and done, Green Bay titans and Texans were not great. Even though Minnesota was a sixth seed they were better then the other three teams.alll about ball control and efficiency. I hope Jimmy G has a great game. Hope every one has a great day but is safe, no matter what happens this is better than the last few years.

  3. I just couldn’t believe the San Francisco 49ers were back in the Super Bowl. Wahoo was so excited. Tickets were quite expensive but my company comped us two as press passes from an online source – We were lucky to go. My whole office was so jealous. Got to be there.

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