49ers vs. Chiefs Super Bowl LIV preview: Attacking the Chiefs defense

Check out my video breakdown of the Kansas City Chiefs’ strengths and weaknesses on defense.

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  1. The 49ers just have to play their game (and play it intelligently).

    The Chiefs have to not only consistently beat the 49ers defense with the deep ball, but they have to consistently beat a 49ers offense that can pummel you any number of very diverse ways. The Chiefs have to answer every single call in order to win. The 49ers just have to play smart and protect the football.

    49ers by 10.

    1. Great point MrTeebs and I’d love to add to it:

      “The Chiefs have to not only consistently beat the 49ers defense with the deep ball,
      but they will have to also run the ball consistently which they won’t be able to do and, Andy Reid will never do. That’s why he’s never won a SB.

      1. CONTAIN Mahomes the best Saleh and D can. Distrub him and keep him in the pocket which will be hard. The DL[Bosa and Dee] will need to play the game of their lives to help the LB’s and CB’s. ‘Good Jimmy’.. better show up, pass for 75-80% comp, 2 td’s, no int or drops. Run more than 30 times, eat the clock and move the chains. Hopefully no big penalties or injuries. KC’s last 2 teams in the playoffs didn’t have the D or O like the 49ers…so 49ers win a hard close game 34-27.

  2. The Niners success in 2019 has been an unexpected surprise to me.
    One other surprise to me has been the persistent negativity expressed by some in this comment section. Even in the SB run-up there are many examples.
    Those of you who bash Coleman and Breida might want to review their 2019 stats before you beat that drum. Look ‘em over.
    For instance, Breida= Wendell Tyler as a fumbler? Matt had two fumbles as a RB in 2019, lost one. None as a receiver. 🤷‍♂️

  3. Lining up the TE on the strong side may be stymied, according to Grant. He is not taking into consideration that Kittle’s blocking is elite, so running to the strong side may be just as good an option as the weak side.
    The Chiefs are going to stack the box and dare JG to beat them. The Chiefs do not want the ball in Mostert’s hands. KS should use the RBs as pass catchers, so the players in the box are out of position to make plays.
    JG should be cognizant of where Mathieu is at all times. If he wants to win, he must have good ball security. JG should attack the LBs, and be balanced. Deebo should do at least 3 fly sweeps.
    If Coleman is healthy, I hope he performs well. He has shown he can have 100 yard games, and score TDs. However, I also hope KS activates Jeff Wilson Jr, just in case.
    The first Niner play should be a play action, with a long bomb to Kittle.

            1. “ The first Niner play should be a play action, with a long bomb to Kittle“

              Was this from your oldest grand child or youngest? So adorable

  4. Yeah pretty tough opponents this last 8 weeks.
    Not one of them have the offensive output this 49ers team does. They are not playing much different than Minn and GB played to stop the run.

    Their passing defense is ranked 9th out of 12 in the post season, giving up 279 yards a game, no ints 11 20+yard throws 107 QBR
    7.4 average.
    This secondary is scary? Their pass defense is one of the worst in the playoffs.
    They better stop the run, because if they don’t, the 49ere will blow this team out and embarrass them in front of millions.
    I can hear Randy cross’ famous words ringing in my ears again.
    “They came to see an offensive show, and the wrong offense showed up”
    Again what most are ignoring or are so blinded by PM greatness to see Ill ask.again ….
    how on earth is this chiefs defense going to stop Jimmy and this offense?

  5. Why not line a tight end up On Either end and pick which side you’d like to run to? Pitching on the jet sweep may be a big play against this defense. Deebo Samuel better practice ball security. Niners by 13

  6. I hope the Niners line up in a 22 personnel. The 2 TEs can chip the DEs, then go out for a pass. I hope they put Kittle on Clark, at times. Kittle should also target Mathieu. Kittle’s run blocking may allow the Niners to establish their run game. Then the play action passes will be even more effective.
    I hope KS throws the kitchen sink at Reid. Fly sweeps, bubble screens, reverses, fake reverses, and using Juice like Tom Rathman and Roger Craig were utilized. Pass down the middle and run at the edges may be a formula for success.

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