49ers vs. Chiefs Super Bowl LIV preview: Defending the Chiefs offense

Check out my video breakdown of the Kansas City Chiefs’ strengths and weaknesses on offense.

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  1. Is it a good idea to run a bit of man? Seems like zone is the preferred coverage for obvious reasons. But some man to mix it up? I think Ward, Sherman, and Williams are capable of staying with their man while front 4 go to work.

  2. I would like to see more tight man, with a jam at the line of scrimmage. That jam will disrupt their timing, and give the pass rush time to collapse the pocket.
    I agree, disguising the coverages is a smart move.

  3. I dont agree with running man against the Chiefs for a few reasons.
    1. The niners don’t have the speed to keep up with the receivers.
    2. It frees up Mahomes to run for decent chunks as the DB’s will have their backs turned.
    3. Most importantly its not what SF does. Why would we suddenly want the best pass defense in the NFL to do something other than what they do best? As seb would say… you are allowing the the offense to shape you.

      1. I did watch it, and I do agree with mixing in some two man.
        I just think you have been a bit to knee-jerk with your reactions similar to when you argued that the team should change their defense vs the rams like the Bears a Patriots did.

        If you have the best pass defense in the NFL, they need to prove that they can beat your defense. Making whole sale changes (excluding the pats who don’t have a scheme) also signals to your defense that you don’t believe in them or your base scheme.

        I think it must also be noted that the Chargers (who play the same defense) with lesser personnel held Mahomes to under 200 yards passing and gave up 24 pts to the chiefs offense in both their meetings in spite of Rivers throwing for 6 ints. So its not exactly like they are lighting up the cover 3 defense.

    1. I do not want them to advertise the fact that they will only run man to man coverage. I want the Niners to disguise their coverages, and jump routes. Mix it up.
      If they jam the receivers effectively, they will not get past 5 yards before the pass rush gets to Mahomes. If they do not jam, the receivers will be at full speed by the time they get 5 yards down field.
      Locking Sherman on Kelce will neutralize the TE.

  4. Grant, you said the most important thing in the video and it’s not the X’s and O’s of the defense, but the psychology of Andy Reid, Mahomes and the Chiefs star players. Andy isn’t going to really run. I would concede the run every time , and make them have long drives. They want the home run. So if you make them work for it, they will get impatient. Also, a long drive means more chances to sack Mahomes and cause a fumble. The Chiefs want to win with Mahomes, Hill and Kelsey being the difference, so you’re smart to say put Sherman on him.
    I think Saleh and Kyle are crafty enough to do something like that, and the Niners players are unselfish and don’t care how they win.
    The Niners know how to break your will and at the same time they can’t be broken. Even if they fall behind they have so much faith in each other and the coaching staff. Somehow they find a way to make a play. Like in the Seattle game at home, when Tart stripped the ball from Metcalfe which saved a touchdown. Or in the Ravens game when they got that strip fumble on Lamar Jackson, who was red hot.
    Mahomes will make a few good plays but they are so fast to anoint him as the greatest, but I don’t think he’s going to be enough agains this stacked Niners team.

    1. It appears that Mahomes was good enough against the “stacked” niners team. If you notice, they lost. Should have listened to Sherman yelling at them to calm down. He was smart enough to know how quickly the Chiefs can score. Instead that Niners defense started celebrating early in the 4th quarter. They got cocky.

      1. This is why it made zero sense to go conservative against the Chiefs in the SB. It’s not like Kansas City hasn’t shown the world they can run up a score on a dime. Thinking a tie at the half against Patrick Mahomes was somehow copacetic is confounding. The Niners should have been committed to trying to score every chance they had. Shanahan was too busy trying to outthink himself when our offensive should’ve been ramming the ball down their throats at every opportunity. SMH we almost had this one.

  5. Is it a good idea to run a bit of man? Seems like zone is the preferred coverage for obvious reasons

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