49ers vs. Eagles live blog: Fourth quarter

SANTA CLARA — This is the live blog for the fourth quarter of the 49ers’ Week 4 game against the Eagles. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

4:03 Kaepernick rolls right and throws the ball away on second and 7.

4:04 Pass complete to Crabtree for five. Fourth and 2. Niners going for it.

4:04 Check that. The Niners were trying to draw the Eagles offside. Doesn’t work. Niners use their second timeout. Lee will punt. Why take the timeout there? Wasteful. Just take the delay penalty.

4:05 Touchback.

4:09 McCoy loses four yards on first down and the Eagles go three and out. The Eagles keep trying to establish the run. They don’t have to do that against this defense.

4:10 First and 10 at the 49ers’ 41 after the punt.

4:11 After two Gore runs up the middle it’s third and 7.

4:12 Complete to Crabtree deep down the left sideline. Gain of 25. First and 10 at the Eagles’ 31.

4:15 Derek Carrier is flagged for setting an illegal pick on third and 3 so it’s third and 13.

4:15 Kaepernick runs a sweep around the left side and gains 16 yards. First and 10 at the 18.

4:20 Kaepernick is flagged for Delay of Game on third-and-3 from the 11.

4:21 Roman calls a run for Hyde and he gains just three.

4:21 Dawson makes a 31-yard field goal attempt. 26-21 Niners. 6:35 left.

4:24 The Eagles are flagged for holding on the kick return. First and 10 at the 9.

4:32 Maclin makes a 22-yard one-handed catch at the 49ers’ 17. Harbaugh is challenging.

4:34 The officials confirm the ruling on the field. First and 10 at the 17. The 49ers have no more timeouts or challenges.

4:37 McCoy gains five yards around the left side and it’s third-and-goal at the one after the two minute warning.

4:40 Foles misses an open Celek in the end zone. Fourth and goal from the 1.

4:41 Foles throws high and incomplete in the back of the end zone. No one was open. Horrible play.

4:43 After two Gore runs up the middle it’s third-and-four at the 8, 1:39 left, Eagles down to one timeout.

4:44 Gore gains two yards up the middle and the Eagles take their final timeout. 1:34 left. Lee will punt from the 49ers’ end zone.

4:45 Sproles returns the punt to the Eagles’ 47 but the Eagles are flagged for an illegal block in the back. First and 10 at the 31.

4:48 After a holding penalty on Jason Peters it’s fourth and 25.

4:49 Foles throws a pick right to Cox and the 49ers win 26-21.

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  1. Kaep just isn’t football smart. Dumb to take the TO there. Not thinking through the game situation.

    1. Sad but true. He may have scored very highly on the wonderlick but more and more it seems in the heat of the moment he makes bad decisions. I dont know how many times I have watched him run out of bounds for a loss when he could have simply thrown an incomplete pass. Also at this point these delay of game penalties have to go on him, he has had enough time in the system that he should be able to call a play if the coaches are not able to get the plays in fast enough.

      1. It isn’t just calling the plays. If you watch the action before the play gets off often some of the players are not making the right adjustments so they need to wait before they do. I think the play book is just too involved and a lot of players do not know them well enough to shift when the play is changed. This is not always the case but often that is the problem.

  2. The guy just doesn’t seem to have a good level of game sense. Runs out of bounds for a loss when he should have thrown it out of the end zone. Doesn’t check the play clock after every huddle. Calls a time out when it would have benefited to have a delay of game for the punt. This is stuff you should know going back to high school.

  3. Can’t beleive it, our defense killing it and gets us the ball to do nothing. How much longer does our D keep them from moving the ball? All it takes is one play and we know our offense can’t do much

  4. Kap is officially a bonehead. This guy need the head coach to hold his hand. 100 million dollar QB doesn’t know football 101. I’ve had enough of this dude.

  5. 49ers need to keep the offense moving here. The D has done a great job, but they can’t keep relying on them to stop the Eagles.

    1. He’s running hard Crabs. It’s just that every time the hole is not there for him like it is for Gore. He runs extremely hard though!

      1. Gore made some good runs today but Hyde had no holes to run through. He actually impressed me with how many tackles he broke on some of those runs that gained little or nothing.

      1. That’s what Kaep has brought me to. You just can’t take a delay of game there, 3rd and 2 on the 11. Terrible, terrible game awareness.

  6. Hey Roman: 3rd and 1 is not the same as 3rd and freaking 6! You don’t run the same damn play…you buffoon!!

  7. This is why it was so important to score a TD that last drive. The D has been great today, but at some point the Eagles were going to start moving the ball.

  8. Not going for 2 in the third quarter looks to be coming back to bite this team. It appears the bad decisions start with the HC and just work their way down from there. It was a give me 2 point play. A field goal was a non factor. You are down by 1 if you hit and 2 if you miss. If you connect on a 2 point Con. you tie the game. It speaks volumes for the lack of confidence the coaching staff has in SF’s ability to score

    1. Actually, going for two points wouldn’t really change the potential outcome if the Eagles get a TD because we still be down. The only difference is that we’d only be down by one point.

          1. Crabtree was brutal today. One good catch doesn’t trump his bad penalties, always injured, lazy, and lack of production!
            Watch the game Mid, don’t make stuff up.

  9. Well we tried, lack of offense, screwed us once again. Good job kap, maybe they shouldn’t of paid the man. This is ridiculous

  10. Amazing our D can stone them the whole game and then when it really counts they drive right down the field.

    1. It appeared they tried to run clock on that last delay of penalty. They stayed in the huddle entirely too long. I think they just were not going to chance it this time.

  11. And now they get the ball back. I had no faith that kaep could have led the team on a game wining drive.

  12. If we win this game, we have two people to thank. Bethea and Chip Kelly. Taking the penalty took enough time off the clock for us to win it.

    1. His the only reason I haven’t bought into the NFL being rigged. Before today, I was 90% sure. Today, it appears He’s hell be on righting wrongs.

  13. Can the Niners pick up a first down?
    They must punt.
    To go for it here is unthinkable.
    Catch 22…………….

    Count on Coach Harbaw to find a way to…
    one minute and 23 seconds… plenty of time for….

  14. Yeah!!! Great D! Wasn’t Grant telling us the D was going to get blown away today? Couldn’t cover because our DBs were useless? The D didn’t give up 1 point. Not 1.

  15. Give a game ball to Bethea, Cox, and Gore. We’d have lost today if those guys weren’t on the field.

    1. Special consideration goes to Lynch and Culliver. Lynch was a monster against the Eagles pass protection and both he and Culliver were difference makers in the run game.

  16. Aaron lynch is a beast! This whole defense played one hell of a game. Maybe our offense can show up and we can make these games a blow out.

  17. Great job with live blog fellas!! I enjoyed all your awesome posts!!!! ……Now Joe Buck yourselves!! :-)

  18. Aaron Lynch is the best OLB on the roster right now. Start him and tell Brooks to pack his bags next year.

    1. What stupid comment. Lynch plays the opposite side as Brooks. Besides, Brooks has been solid this year. I can’t make sense of your comment.

  19. Great game by the D, shut philadelphia out completely. Brilliant goal line stand, I think Fangio just gave a lovely riposte to your saturday piece eh Grant!

    Gore has a heart the size of the moon.

  20. Wow we gave them all their points and still won..Lynch is the real deal..when Aldon comes back…Gooooodbye Brooks!

  21. Grant when you grade the coaches, can you grade Fangio separate? Its not fair to group him with the f coaches.

  22. BOYS that was a much needed win. Kaep has to get his head out of his ARSE. When Gore rushes for over 100 yrds are chances of winning goes through the roof. GIVE HIM THE ROCK. And our defense, they were great. Lynch….. I like that kid. Let’s keep getting him on the field. That tackle he had on sproles was played picture perfect.

  23. Why are so many in here down on Brooks? He’s been a big part of our defense for a long time…..The lack of appreciation is BS!!

    1. You’ve lost any shred of credibility. Basically crowd volume off TV mics. Saying Colon sackorpick made one bad play. Cred none.

  24. I couldnt be happier to have been wrong about this game. The defense didnt fold when the offense failed to help them out… the O basically was responsible what like 10 pts? They need to get their act together.

    1. It is crazy. If our D had played half as good as they did today the last 2 games, the Niners might be undefeated right now.

      1. true, ricardo … but ..
        take away the Stevie Johnson TD …
        and the Frank Gore 55 yarder ..
        and the Niners lose this game

  25. If I ever can afford tickets Im getting arrested..That place is quiter than the stick…Are you kidding me?!!!!! I knew this would happen…anyways grat show by our defense today! Dominant..It would have been a shutout if not for the ST blunders and Kaps bad decision…

    1. Bro T – What up old pal!!!!…For the first time in 5 years I felt the zebras were not against us…..I was as nervous as a Farmer John pig in 4th qtr.

      1. Crabs-Definitely some stress 4Q, especially in light of Philly’s success this year. To finish with must-do defensive stands gives something to build on. There will be more bumps in the road, but Onward!

    1. Hammertime – Hilarious bro……That was indeed a must win…..When we get NaVorro and Aldon back, wins will be less difficult.

        1. Grant, ban this racist idiot – NorcalMafia. You’re probably 5’2″ and afraid to say anything like this in a bar or public space.

        2. Hey NorCal, Stfu ..I was at the game, standing up, yelling, and cheering for our team the whole time. Where were you? sitting on your couch at home and criticizing people?
          Are you fukcing jealous just because you couldn’t afford the ticket? Save you money punk.

    1. NorCal
      I live north of the Gate, so I’m not fit to be a fan? C’mon man, check yo self. I’ve been a fan longer than you’ve been alive.
      And the racial slur……..?………? Back up on that crap.

  26. Fangio: “All it means is we’re 2-2. Our record is going to fall somewhere between 14-2 and 2-14.”

    Fangio is awesome.

  27. Cox & Brock should be the starters when Tramaine heals up.

    Lynch deserves more snaps.

    Cowboy is a man among boys out there !

    Kaep still not as sharp as he should be but good enough for the win today.

    O-Line’s pass protection is pathetic. Need improvement going forward.

    Feed Gore !!

      1. I agree. Kaep needs to step it up going forward if we are to make a run similar to last year when we were 1-2.

  28. Great game by the defense!
    Stopping the fast rolling green machine in its tracks had to be a big effort and the D showed up and rose to the occasion.

    Kap made enough plays to eek it out, but his on field awareness needs to improve this year if this team is going to make a deep run in the playoffs.

    Kap is still getting brain freeze when it comes to the clock management. Touch and accuracy issues still persist and locking onto WR’s cost him a pick 6.
    It’s obvious that CK7 has not garnered the mental intricacies of the game and that will cost the team down the road until the light goes on.

    Every time I hear Grant and many posters say that Gore has no more legs or is getting to old and should be benched in place of Hyde, I can’t help but snicker because it only confirms that they have lost sight of how important FG is to the success of this offense.
    Harbaugh, Boldin, Boone and Staley made it clear that Frank Gore is vital to the offense, at some point maybe his detractors will catch on.

    J.Smith, Cox and Lynch played big today. By the time Aldon comes back Aaron Lynch may be leading the team in sacks. I can only imagine the nightmares D-Cords will be having by game 11 – 16 when our D is at full force.

    Today’s win was sloppy and jagged because of the mistakes we continue to make, but 2-2 feels pretty good right now especially against a very good team.
    This may very well be the game that propels the team for the rest of the season.

    1. I will hold off on the Gore is as good as ever talk. He was really hungry this game and ran like a maniac with adrenaline pumping and well rested from last weeks inactivity. If they keep him rested and hungry there is no reason he can not produce this season. But he would not last if he is given too many carries.

  29. When CK lofted that ball all spazzy and across the field I hollered, but it worked out darned well, LOL!
    What I DID like was that his field vision seems to have widened out to spot FG on the improvised route.

      1. Ok
        No serious offense, since it was Randy Cross who called out the Chardonnayistas originally.
        The other remark bothered me some. There are some stereotype jokes that can work if not too mean spirited, but it’s dangerous ground and offense can easily be taken. Usually better to avoid.
        Now I’m done.

  30. Who would think r. Two best players to this point are Cox and Bethea. They’ve shown up every game. By the way, where is Willis? Top 3 ILB? When Willis was out last year, Bowman was all over the place making plays. Just not seeing it.

      1. Im surprised you caught any grief from niner fans. This has been the case for the last couple of years. With that said Willis is still a top level line backer, the eagles just couldn’t sustain any drives, because they couldn’t run the ball at all and more importantly what did McCoy and Sproles do receiving out of the backfield? Nothing, so I would argue he most likely had one heck of a game.

    1. Its obvious he’s slowing down a bit. Bowman when healthy is more agile and explosive than Willis no question.

      1. I think it could be argued he had a great game considering McCoy and Sproles were shut down in both the running game and passing game. I dont think anyone would say they were not looking for them.

  31. Was it Niner md that said it would come down to a huge stop in the fourth to beat the eagles? I do declare it ’twas!!!!

    (suck it Grant and Chip Kelly)


  33. It was louder at the Levi today. Baffled why Harbaugh didn’t take the safety on 4th down and free kick it.
    Kaep didn’t have his best day. Missed Crabs for a wide open TD on a slant.
    Play calling still an issue. Need to run some verticals to keep safeties honest.
    Gore was a beast today.

      1. Hammer I’ll be honest with you. Could have been the 7 cocktails, but until I read that, I thought we had 27…. Buahahahh.

  34. and what about Ward on Jordan Mathews .. like
    all day .. ?

    I guess Mathews was easier to cover than Marshall.. huh ?
    but.. hey he did a decent job today … !

    1. Ward is growing before our eyes. Cox has grown his game. Cowboy drew a Hold in crunch time 4Q; nonstop motor. Wilhoite is contributing.

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