49ers vs. Giants live blog

SANTA CLARA — This is the live blog for the 49ers’ Week 10 game against the Giants. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

1:11 Here are the 49ers inactives:

  • DE Solomon Thomas
  • DE Aaron Lynch
  • TE George Kittle
  • WR Trent Taylor
  • OT Darrell Williams Jr.
  • LB Pita Taumoepenu
  • LB Elijah Lee

1:12 Here are the Giants inactives:

  • QB Davis Webb
  • WR Travis Rudolph
  • CB Donte Deayon
  • LB Keenan Robinson
  • LB Devon Kennard
  • OT Chad Wheeler
  • LB B.J. Goodson

1:25 The 49ers will receive the opening kickoff.

1:25 The kick rolls out of bounds. The Niners start from their 40-yard line.

1:30 On the first play of the game, Carlos Hyde takes a pitch to his left, cuts back, gains 28 yards around the right end, takes a hit as he runs out of bounds and draws a 15-yard penalty. The Niners get the ball at the Giants 17-yard line. Then Trent Brown commits his weekly false start. Then Hyde catches a pass for no gain. Then Matt Breida catches a pass for a loss of six. Then Breida catches another pass for a gain of three. Then Robbie Gould makes a 46-yard field goal. I was worried the 49ers might actually score a touchdown for a second. They lead 3-0.

1:40 Aldrick Rosas makes a 47-yard field goal, and the Giants tie the game at three.

1:48 On fourth-and-1 from the Giants 36, Kyle Shanahan calls a handoff for Kyle Juszczyk, who gains no yards. Turnover on downs.

1:55 Rosas makes a 42-yard field goal, and the Giants lead 6-3. Let’s see if Shanahan abandons the run game now that he’s trailing by a field goal.

2:00 The 49ers will face first-and-10 from their 36 when the second quarter begins.

2:09 The 49ers drive to the Giants 30, then Juszczyk commits a holding penalty, then he catches a screen pass and fumbles and Giants recover. Classic 49ers sequence. Giants ball at their 46.

2:15 Ronald Blair beats the right tackle around the edge and sacks Manning, who fumbles. Eric Reid recovers. Blair’s rush was better than any of Solomon Thomas’ rushes this season.

2:18 On third-and-8 from the 49ers 17, the Giants blitz, Carlos Hyde blocks the extra rusher, Marquise Goodwin runs deep, beats Janoris Jenkins and catches an 83-yard touchdown pass. Niners lead 10-6. Beautiful block by Hyde and terrific throw by Beathard.

2:28 On second-and-five from the 49ers nine-yard line, Eric Reid gives up a touchdown pass to rookie tight end Evan Engram. Manning’s pass flew right pass Reid’s face. Giants lead 13-10. Engram ran a Stick Nod, which is a killer route in the red zone.

2:40 On first-and-10 from the Giants 47, C.J. Beathard hits tight end Garrett Celek deep over the middle, Celek catches the ball in stride running a deep crossing route, Marquise Goodwin blocks free safety Darian Thompson and Celek runs into the end zone. Niners lead 17-13 with 28 seconds left in the first half.

2:44 The first half ends. The 49ers have their first halftime lead of the season. They gained 281 yards in the first half. Amazing how well they play when they face a team that quit two weeks ago.

3:09 Rosas misses a 34-yard field goal.

3:15 On first-and-10 from the Giants 12, Logan Paulsen commits a holding penalty. Next play, Kyle Shanahan calls a screen pass to Breida, and Beathard throws the ball right to Olivier Vernon, who makes the interception. Giants ball at their 25.

3:25 Adrian Colbert breaks up a deep pass intended for Tavarres King on third-and-16, and the Giants punt. Colbert has been one of the 49ers’ best players in this game.

3:26 During the punt return, Victor Bolden fumbles and the Giants recover. But the 49ers challenge, and officials reverse their ruling on the field. Niners keep possession.

3;38 The 49ers will face third-and-2 from the Giants 11 when the fourth quarter starts.

3:40 On third-and-2, Beathard rolls to his right, keeps the ball and runs into the end zone for an easy touchdown. 23-13 Niners. That was an 11-play, zero-penalty touchdown drive. Who are these guys???

3:44 Beathard hurt his hand during his TD run. But he’s throwing on the sideline. He looks fine.

3:46 On third-and-13 from the Giants 22, Manning overthrows Sterling Shepard deep, and the Giants punt.

3:53 On first-and-10 from the Giants 33, Breida makes one cut and explodes up field for a long touchdown run. The Niners lead 31-13. They’re playing very well, even though the Giants aren’t playing hard. The Niners haven’t made the self-inflicted errors they made the first nine games of the season. Remarkable.

3:59 The Giants go three-and-out. This is a blowout.

4:05 Niners go three-and-out, but it doesn’t matter. This game is over. Stay tuned for my postgame Periscope, game story and grades.

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    1. I want to congratulate the 49ers as first, they shafted the Browns and then the Giants, so we get to pick number 3 in the draft, way to effing go, and we got no 2nd round pick, again, way to go! I’ll be glad the NFL dies, and it will die. I guarantee you that in 10 years, no more NFL, and it’s not from some whack out conservative talk show radio, it’s FACT as I’m very sure a lot of 49ers fan are TICKED OFF at what Kyle did. Classless coach, I hope the NFL schedules 49ers and Giants next year. Travesty to play an injured team. Travesty to play a JOKE QB that should retire n ext to his useless brother and make Nationwide. Glad I don’t watch this team anymore. They screw everything up. I wanted an 0 and 16 year based on THEM not respecting our nation or our flag. Thanks York! Another shovel of dirt on Bill Walsh. It don’t bother me. I don’t even read a newspaper anymore.

        1. Draft as of now
          Cle, 0 wins, 1
          NY Giiants 1 win, 2
          SF 49ers due to beating Giants, 3

          You see how it works? By winning the game, we draft 3rd. I rather trade the pick. 49ers should trade every single pick after this win for no pick is worthy for the 49ers as they find ways to F it, get the potential player that sucks and gets hurt and does NOTHING for the team. Draft is a big fat F.

    1. Can’t we try someone from the practice squad? It’s like this every week and worse. It’s glaring and killing us. Even Witherspoon and Colbert’s game has improved.

  1. I’ll finally say it. Kyle’s play calling is lame. Giants are more varied and crisper, and are at least throwing the ball vertically.

    1. Yes, Solomon Thomas may work out but he’s a tweener and now they’re saying we need a better edge rusher. Lattimore would have been a great bookend with Witherspoon. And frankly, I’m really liking what I see from Colbert. He’s almost like another Tartt, tackling and showing up ahead of others assignments.

  2. Interior offensive line is just terrible, overwhelmed at the line, no push.
    How are the Niners going to go vertical with this line?

    1. Kilgore gets pushed into the QB consistently and I agree with the other beat writer, we should replace Tomlinson with Magnuson.

  3. I don’t think he is a bad player but the niners paid WAY to much for him. Wish they still had the money spent on him available for someone else.

      1. Niners lead the league in drives with 10 or more plays. They had a long drive with plenty of rushes going before Juice fumbled, which set up the deep pass.

        You wanted to go deep against Earl Thomas. This is a different match up.

        Bill O’Brien doesn’t have an OC. Take note Grant.

        1. Who cares if they string 10 plays together if they don’t score at the end of the drive? The goal is to score touchdowns. Take note, #80.

          1. I’m not against going deep. That is something you made up to try to attack me. I thought it was a bad idea to go deep against Seattle. That’s a no brainer. But no brain and Grant Cohn are synonymous.

            1. Don’t be bitter. You were saying the Niners can sustain long drives, but they can’t. They kill their long drives with penalties and turnovers.

              1. Do the long drives lead to touchdowns? No. Sustaining long drives means finishing them, which the 49ers almost never do.

      2. Take another note Grant. I was never against going deep at times, just thought it was a bad idea against Seattle. I was right, you were wrong, as you frequently are.

        Guess what? The Niners are expected to start Jimmy after the bye. You were wrong again. Oh, and we didn’t sign a third QB. wrong again.

        1. Dinking and dunking didn’t work against Seattle. So you were wrong.

          I never said the Niners wouldn’t play Garoppolo this season. I said they shouldn’t play him. Take note, #80.

          1. Dinking and dunking kept them in the game. Dinking and dunking beat Seattle when we had Alex. Going deep against Seattle is a poor strategy.

              1. “Dinking and Dunking almost led to a pick 6”

                Yeah, that Hoyer guy is pretty bad. Just have that bad QB go deep against Earl Thomas.


      3. Picking 3rd and not 1st is a disaster, Grant. We could’ve ran the draft, now the 49ers fudged it big time. I hope they’re proud. That win was a fraud and a fake.

  4. Week in week out I keep saying Beathard is going to be a solid NFL QB and Grant keeps ripping him. I don’t say this often but. Grant you are completely wrong about this kid.

    1. I agree coach. As CJ gains more experience the game will slow down for him and he’ll be able to release faster and with more accuracy. There’s clear potential with him

              1. I am guessing that aye is you admitting you were deflecting and nitpicking.
                Yes, the fourth down call was a bad gamble by Shanahan.

  5. Beathard’s a keeper. Mans got balls of steel. Great job this year considering worst team in 9er history. Not sure Jimmy G could do better in this environment.

  6. C.J. Beathard 13 of 16 for 198 yards with two TDs and no interceptions. Passer rating 157.8 – Maiocco

    Amazing what decent pass pro can do. O-line in free agency or draft a big priority.

      1. I looks like their players had checked out of the year already. It is one of the things that I like with our players, they are still playing hard!

        1. All the Giants have to do is dump that loser of a coach and their QB and they’ll go places. You wait until next year when the NFL puts in 49ers and Giants IF they finish last, which they will. I guarantee you NYG will be like Car next year.

  7. Much better mix of run and pass this week.

    First possession was whacky, and that call on 4th and 1 on the next drive left a lot to be desired.

    Got it going after that though, except for the fumble by #44 for the second week in a row. Lucky that Manning bailed them out there.

    Second to last possession of 1st half Shanahan did a nice job of breaking tendencies and calling a run on 2nd and 15. That 7 yard run set up a more manageable 3rd down and helped set up the shot to Goodwin.

  8. “2:44 The first half ends. The 49ers have their first halftime lead of the season. They gained 281 yards in the first half. Amazing how well they play when they face a team that quit two weeks ago.

    passive-aggressive just a bit?

  9. If KS had waited to throw the flag then the off sides would of been the call. Seeing that he threw it before the refs flag it takes precedent. Don’t think I have ever seen that before.

    1. Actually, the Niners had a 12th defender sprinting off the field who wasn’t gonna make it before the snap. Whether he threw the challenge flag or called a TO he really had no choice.

  10. My evil twin Skippy criticized Lynch trading pick 67 for the Saints 229+2018 2nd. Well, 229 was used on Adrian Colbert. Bad Skippy, bad.

  11. Beathard is an epic badass. Jimmy G’s gonna have a fight to take this job. I’m a CJB fan, even before this game. Making something out of nothing.

  12. Glad to see the Niners playing well and putting up points but these Giants players have given up on their head coach. At least on the Def.

    1. Their defense has been bad since the beginning of the season, so the more appropriate comment is they quit on themselves.

  13. 49ers better be careful not to run up the score. Very bad form. Who knows they may see these guys in the playoffs- in 10 years HA!

    1. 2018: If the 49ers and Giants finish last in their division, the E opposition will be NYG. knowing NFL, it’s a 1:25, Sunday Night, or Monday night crap fest.

  14. One awful one win team beats another awful one win team. BUT THE ROOKIE CLASS LOOKS LIKE A 12 WIN TEAM! WE TOLD YOU GRANT! WE TOLD YOU! Signed, fans of a one win team

    1. @#$%, you’re right. The 49ers are dropping from the second pick to one probably still in the top 5.
      Please insert the sarcasm whether you want to in the above comment.

      1. They really couldn’t lose to these guys. Draft picks or not they still have to try to win. The other loses were sort of legit.

  15. We’re winning. And suddenly certain ‘fans’ are gone… Amazing… You’d think that, if they were fans, they’d be here to the end, like ever one of the 9 losses preceding this game..

          1. Puffing a chest over a win against another one win team would be Darren like I guess, if I knew who the heck Darren was

            1. I used to be a 49ers fan until the Yorks came along and raped the team of talent and got clowns for coaching. I root for them to lose and I root for York to sell the God forsaken team, and don’t you respond with ‘won’t happen, man up, have patience, team is trying, I got no faith in the 49ers and I got no faith in the owners, the region, or Mr. Kyle. I don’t like him. He’s got the wrong QBs on the team, you watch and see, Jimmy G is backup material for a reason and we crapped on a 2nd round pick to get him. 1st round will be 3 anyway for the 49ers, Cle won’t win, NYG won’t win, and I got to pray and hope the Seat, Hou, and Jax don’t eff these games.

        1. No. Calling out people who are fake-fans and only show up to crap on the team while they’re losing then disappear (during the game!!!) when they’re winning is simply pointing out their behaviors. I didn’t even point out names.

          So while I’ve been pretty sure that there are couple of them that are only here to troll the loosing, I couldn’t be sure because I took a multi-year break from talking football at this site. But, sure enough, the first solid game the team plays on the way to a win and they disappear.

          1. Well it’s now three games out of 26 games the 1-9ers have won, so I guess it’s your turn to rub in the salt after you not being around for a while

  16. Colbert and Tartt should be the starting safeties going forward… Heck, Colbert looks like one of Lynch’s best picks out there. Secondary might just be decent once Johnson is replaced.

    1. Classless win as you couldn’t beat the Browns. I hope someday the NFL fixes the schedule. NFC East is a crap division to send a weak team.

    1. I guarantee you within 4 years, he’s fired. No playoffs, no superbowl for this team. I hate what the 49ers did, screwed the draft, I’m not surprised, same thing as last year, same game too against the Rams. F you Fox for showing locker room stuff on the 49ers! Take your post game garbage off the air!

        1. Gee Van, if I didn’t watch the game, why should it? I got other things to do in my lifetime like go bike riding and fishing rather then watch a crap fest on TV. NFL stands for crap fest and don’t worry, NFL will go away within 10 years long as they keep up the national anthem protest and don’t want to respect the country, like you sure don’t you 49er liberal country hater.

            1. You call it trolling, I call it a review and an opposing point from the game. I don’t have to watch a game to know that the QB sucked, had no WR, no protection, no running game, no game plan, no coaching, nothing was impressive. Let me ask you this, Van?

              Did the QB throw 300
              Did the Qb have any leadership skills
              Was he protected
              Did he have an impressive game?
              Was he coached well?

              The answers to all this is a resounding NO, and that’s not trolling. Of course I’m sure Beathard had a great game over Eli that needs to retire and GTF out and go join Peyton and make Nationwide.

          1. If you didn’t watch the games then you must have missed Trent Baalke coming during the national anthem to coach the singer on how to hit the high notes.

  17. The game ball goes to CJB, with yet another gritty effort. But boy, this kid Adrian Colbert has been jumping off my TV screen all day. He looks like everything you want in a single high FS. Great draft pick. Witherspoon played a heck of a game as well. This 2017 draft is looking fantastic.

    When you’re a team in the midst of a rebuild, every draft pick counts. And when you seem to be hitting up and down the draft, and even find an absolute gem in round 7, you’re doing something right. Even if the jury is still out on Thomas.

    1. Agreed on game ball! :) CJ just showed, what a little bit of protection can do for quarterback play

      Foster had 6 solo tackles and 4 assists….and more importantly didn’t get hurt. Witherspoon was decent as well with 3 nice tackles and a PBU. Bourne had nice catches too.
      I was impressed with Hyde (who unluckily missed out a deserved 100 yd game) and also Blair/Dumervil.

      1. What protection? Staley risked his career out there, I wouldn’t play with my eye socket about to come out. No regard for safety, Kyle needs to be fired.

          1. Kyle has a qb THAT IS not even in the league to Matt Ryan or even Tom Brady. Jimmy G is only good for NE has an Oline, WR, RB, the 49ers got ZERO NADA ZILCH! No Oline, the top WR if he was a top WR has a broken bone. Jimmy G will be gone, this team is too cheap to open the wallet.

  18. I hope Seattle takes out CJ. I wouldn’t give him a game ball. I’d give him a kick for screwing up the draft. Fake, fraud, travesty, thanks NFL. They’ll probably have stupid happy pictures of the 49ers kicking a Giants team, way to go!

  19. What I liked best about todays game was the young players. Rookies 2nd and 3rd year guys looked outstanding starting with CK, Brieda, Trnt Brown, Witherspoon, Colbert, Foster and Buckner. When this group gets healthy, with one more draft and FA period. As Hofer used to say arrows up.

      1. Yup, Hofer67 is missed around here. Word on the street was that he gave up on the 49ers when Alex Smith went to the Chiefs.
        He too, was one of my favs around these parts. The guy knew his football.

    1. I hope Seattle takes out CJ. He’s a FRAUD and a NOTHING. No Oline No WR, NOTHING. He did NOTHING out there. I hope we get rid of Hyde.

    1. I hope you don’t make it. Don’t worry, 49ers-Giants next year if they finish last. 2018: AFC West, NFC North, East game probably be home as we hosted Carolina S so the South game is probably the road game. That sucks, rather put the 49ers on the road vs. East at 10am.

  20. Good to see the 49ers win today and 2 weeks for folks to enjoy it.

    Saw some good things, but cannot lose sight of how bad this Giants team is. Garrett Celek with a 47 yarder for a career long? A guy who was on the street last week gets one for 40?

    It’s fun to watch and see them succeed, but perspective is kinda important too.

    1. Jack,
      Tonight I celebrate tomorrow comes perspective. What did you think of the young guys today? By young guys I mean rookies 2nd and 3rd year guys.

      1. They played alright. Thought the rookie safety made a few nice plays to break up throws.

        The Giants are a bad team, especially on the defensive side, and the one good receiver they have was over 120 today.

        I’m looking more at how the game is being managed, and I thought today was better. The only thing I didn’t agree with there was going for it on 4th down.

        1. I agree game management has been poor. I think its part of the learning curve. I do believe he needs to hire a O coordinator, I believe that might help.

  21. Tank and Thomas are coming back to the D line. Colbert is looking better than Ward and Tarrt at FS. Witherspoon is better than Robinson.

    Staley is back. Garoppolo is coming. Bourne is getting open.

    1. Are we looking at a Garoppolo conundrum for the immediate future?
      I would think it would be difficult to pull CJ right after a win.

    1. Old Coach

      As I pointed out before TC, Ron Blair IS, WAS, and will continue to be better than Solomon Thomas…We keep hearing about Thomas’ great ‘motor’, well it keeps on throwing a rod. Blair gets penetration, Thomas gets swallowed up by Olinemen. He may someday become halfway ‘decent’…but never to justify the third pick overall…

  22. http://www.49erswebzone.com/articles/111532-shanahan-there-never-plan-debut-garoppolo-against-seattle/

    “That’s not my plan,” Shanahan said when asked about the Schefter report. “I don’t have a plan yet. There’s no way anything you guys hear reported could be accurate because I just told you guys our plan, which is: we’re going to evaluate when it gets to that time. It depends where Jimmy’s at, at that time. I know C.J. got banged up today also with his thumb again, so we’ll see where he’s at. But we’ll deal with that Monday when we come in here next week.”

      1. The only 2 wins the 1-9ers had last season were against the Rams, who were 4-12 last season, and they had both Goff and Gurley last season too. Could the Rams coaching this season have something to do with it?

        Perspective, perspective…

        1. BTW, I’m sure just even a few years ago almost everyone here was on Baalke’s fruit bag, even so far to take Jed’s side on the whole Harbaugh vs. Baalke division. Especially when The Rat Marathe was the catalyst for that, and he despite being demoted to the soccer league has found his way back to meddle with the third head coach since. Right Grant?

              1. They have been doing it for a many years with many different coaches, and the only successful head coach they had in the York era was a guy they ran out of town.

                What part of “mismanagement” do you not understand? Oh wait, you must be Jed I’m talking to.

                BTW, fifth most expensive ticket in the NFL to watch a one win team chock full of backups and scrubs. But they are rebuilding!

                Keep the faith!

              2. After the Browns fire Hue Jackson, they will be rebuilding again too! Like the 49ers under Tomsula. Or under Kelley!


                Who owns the team again?

  23. Lousy analogy. Rams have been rebuilding for 15 plus years, and received a boatload of premium picks in the RG3 trade. It’s a wonder that haven’t been better until this season. “Cough” FISHER “cough”

    My response is to IWANTWINNERS, not you MWD.

    1. Umm, the 49ers under Harbaugh almost won the Super Bowl. Since Harbaugh…

      Jed 8-34

      Still the record shows today

      Rams 7-2
      Jed 1-9


      1. And during that time, there was one factor which influenced that all, and unfortunately still does: Trent Baalke. Until the team is able to tackle the remaining depth and starter issues left over by the Baalke regime, the 49ers will go through a few hard years.

        1. It’s still Jed’s team. When you are on your third head coach in three seasons…

          Perspective would still say Jed 1-9

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