49ers vs. Jaguars live blog

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (10) warms up before an NFL football game against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Dec. 24, 2017. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

SANTA CLARA — This is the live blog for the 49ers’ Week 16 game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

12:54 Here are the 49ers inactives:

  • DL Aaron Lynch
  • DL Leger Douzable
  • DL D.J. Jones
  • LB Pita Taumoepenu
  • DB Antone Exum
  • DB Greg Mabin
  • WR Max McCaffrey

1:03 The Jaguars win the toss and defer. The 49ers will receive the opening kickoff.

1:11 On first-and-goal from the one-yard line, Jimmy Garoppolo sneaks forward for a touchdown. The 49ers lead 7-0. Garoppolo completed five of six pass attempts for 75 yards on that drive, and he converted two third downs. He took a big shot on his first pass attempt, but after that he made the Jaguars pass defense seem ordinary.

1:13 Garoppolo still is tipping plays. He doesn’t scan the secondary before the snap when Kyle Shanahan calls a run. The 49ers running backs ran three times for three yards on the opening drive.

1:15 That touchdown drive was the 49ers’ first touchdown drive to start a game this season.

1:17 The Jaguars go three-and-out. Eric Reid stopped Leonard Fournette for a one-yard loss on first down, and Blake Bortles threw incomplete passes on second down and third down.

1:19 The Jaguars have to be in shock. Those first two series couldn’t have gone any worse for them.

1:15 On third-and-four from the Jaguars nine-yard line, Calais Campbell knocks down Garoppolo’s pass at the line of scrimmage. On fourth down, Robbie Gould makes a 27-yard field goal. The 49ers lead 10-0.

1:28 Shanahan has called two bootleg passes, both to Garoppolo’s left, and Garoppolo has completed both passes for 38 yards. In the past, Shanahan typically would call bootlegs to the QB’s right. Good adjustment.

1:33 On third-and-nine from the 49ers 40-yard line, Blake Bortles throws a pass to the 49ers free safety Adrian Colbert, who drops the interception. The 49ers will get the ball at their 20-yard line after the punt.

1:39 On first-and-10 from the 49ers 38, Matt Breida runs up the middle for six yards. The 49ers will face second-and-four from their 44 when the second quarter starts.

1:44 On third-and-1 from the 49ers 47, Carlos Hyde runs up the middle and gains no yards. The 49ers punt.

1:52 On second-and-18 from the Jaguars 44, Blake Bortles throws a pick-six. Jaguars wide receiver Keelan Cole tipped the ball to Dontae Johnson who returned the interception 50 yards for the score.

1:53 The Jaguars blocked the extra point, recovered the ball and ran it into the end zone. That’s two points for Jacksonville. The 49ers lead 16-2.

2:11 On second-and-5 from the 49ers 20, Bortles throws a 19-yard pass to Dede Westbrook. Next play, Leonard Fournette runs up the middle and scores for one yard out. The Jaguars trail 16-9.

2:27 On third-and-goal from the eight, Jaguars strong safety Barry Church intercepts Garoppolo in the end zone. Yannick Ngakoue hit Garoppolo while he was releasing the ball. Bad decision by Garoppolo. Can’t throw interceptions  in the red zone.

2:35 On first-and-goal from the five, Bortles throws  a touchdown pass to Jaelen Strong. The pass bounced off Leonard Fournette’s hands. With 10 seconds left in the first half, the Jaguars have tied the 49ers at 16.

2:37 Garoppolo takes a knee. Halftime. The Jaguars will get the ball to start the second half.

2:39 Garoppolo’s first-half quarterback rating was 78.2.

2:56 Jaguars kicker Josh Lambo makes a 45-yard field goal, and the Jaguars lead 19-16. Cornerback Tyvis Powell gave up a 32-yard catch to Keelan Cole during the drive. Powell replaced Dontae Johnson, whom the 49ers benched during the second quarter. Powell isn’t much better.

3:02 On third-and-8 from the 49ers 27, Yannick Ngakoue beats right guard Brandon Fusco and sacks Garoppolo for a four-yard loss. The Jaguars have dominated this game since they blocked Gould’s extra point.

3:06 On third-and-7 from the Jaguars 35, K’Waun Williams intercepts Bortles with one hand, and returns the ball to the Jaguars 26. What a play.

3:10 On third-and-4 from the Jaguars 9, Garoppolo throws a touchdown pass to George Kittle. The 49ers lead 23-19.

3:19 On third-and-8 from the 49ers 42, Bortles throws a screen pass behind T.J. Yeldon, and the pass falls incomplete. The Jaguars don’t know how to handle success.

3:27 On first-and-10 from the Jaguars 40, Carlos Hyde runs around the left end for a 10-yard gain. The 49ers will face first-and-10 from the Jaguars 30 when the fourth quarter begins.

3:36 On third-and-goal from the five, Garoppolo rolls to his left and flicks a five-yard touchdown pass to Trent Taylor. Beautiful. The 49ers lead 30-19 with 10:39 left.

3:37 The Jaguars committed 37 yards worth of penalties during that drive.

3:40 Ahkello Witherspoon intercepts Bortles on the first play of the Jaguars drive. Bortles threw that pass right to Witherspoon. The Niners havde the ball at the Jaguars 18.

3:43 On first-and-goal from the six, Carlos Hyde runs into the end zone easily. The 49ers lead 37-19. The Jaguars have quit.

3:50 The Jags go three-and-out.

3:54 Now the Niners go three-and-out, but it doesn’t matter. This game is over. Very impressive performance by the Niners.

4:08 On second-and-goal from the one-yard line, T.J. Yeldon runs into the end zone. It seems the Jaguars benched Leonard Fournette.

4:09 The Jaguars go for the two-point conversion. Bortles rolls left and throws a short pass to tight end Ben Koyack. The two-point conversion is good. The officials review the play and confirm their initial ruling. The 49ers lead 37-27.

4:12 Hyde lets the onside kick fly through his hands, and the Jaguars recover. They have the ball at the 49ers 46 with 2:13 left.

4:19 With 1:50 left, Eric Reid gives up an eight-yard touchdown catch to tight end James O’Shaughnessy. But the Jaguars miss the extra point. They trail 37-33.

4:20 The onside kick bounces out of bounds. The Niners get the ball at their 49.

4:25 On third-and-8 from the Jaguars 30, Garoppolo pitches the ball to Breida, who runs 30 yards untouched for the touchdown. The 49ers lead 44-33.

4:31 The 49ers win. Stay tuned for my game story, post-game periscope and grades.

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  1. The Cleveland Browns once again will head into the offseason with the league’s No. 1 overall draft selection in their back pocket.

    With their 20-3 loss to the Chicago Bears on Sunday, the Browns secured the first overall selection in the 2018 NFL Draft. The Browns are 0-15 on the season and are on the brink of becoming only the second team to lose 16 games in a season. Last year’s 1-15 Browns also had the first overall pick, which they used to draft Texas A&M’s Myles Garrett.

    Garret, FWIW, has all of five sacks. And he was considered a ‘generational talent’ and only a tiny handful of us had any skepticism about him (and that was about effort, not talent). As I’ve said many times, it’s rare for rookies to do well as pass-rushers. Very few have enough technique to beat NFL tackles and usually takes a couple of years, Joey Bosa and Aldon Smith not-withstanding, for most of them to get up to NFL speed.

    So crapping on them and acting like they’re so-so players… Yeah. Says more about premature fan evaluation than the player at this point.

    Anyway, in couple of years we should a good idea. Premature evaluations or not.

  2. First opening drive TD the Jaguars have given all year. Let’s get the bronze ready for Canton.

    EDIT: That went back to last year. That makes 22 games they held that streak.

  3. Da Jimmy G! And the connection to Goodwin working early.

    It’s Xmas day here in Australia – Merry Xmas everyone! Go 9ers!

  4. told you not to take the 49ers lightly…..we are winning this game…..

    Quick decision +quick release = kryptonite to a good defense

      1. Do not underestimate Shannys system. It makes everyone look better once it’ s functioning. It just takes a while for the players to get comfortable. Of course you have to still have the right players to execute. And JG is a big difference maker.

    1. He has run hard the last few games. I think it was because he was being careful not to be injured early in the season. He was trying to show he could complete a season without injury. Now he doesn’t care and is actually attempting to break tackles. I think that only when he runs hard is he injury prone. Which is another good reason not to contract him.

    1. Wow, can’t believe this is the same team from the beginning of the season. JG is the real deal. Also Saleh may have a great read on his old team as well.

  5. Beautiful, except for the poor blocking on the extra point.

    This is reminding of the 1981 regular season game against the Cowboys, when the Niners showed they were for real. This team is not that good, but they are better than their record.

    1. He is a free agent. The only choice the team has is to resign him or not. I sort of equate him with Patterson. He was a bright spot during a dark time for this team and that is why the fans love him.But objectively he is not really that special anymore.

    1. Hyde is, literally, one of the best YAC backs in the NFL and has been for years. There are things to criticize him about, your trolling one of his strengths is pathetic.

      1. Most teams do not use their backs on passes as much as the Niners do. Until the last four games he has not run hard at all. I stick by what I say about Hyde. Just because some of you have a love affair with him does not mean he should be immune to objective criticism. I am not saying he is a bad back or does not have good qualities or strengths, just that in this system he would not be worth resigning. His negatives ( and that would include his resigning cost ) exceed his positives that he brings to this team.

        He would excel in YAC because he is a really good runner in the open field. He excels in breaking tackles from the side but his upright style and high center of gravity is a handy cap when he meets defenders straight on. The problem with him as a receiver is that he is an inconsistent. I am not a Troll. I am just objective unlike some of you fans who still see the player who ran like a maniac during his first season.

        1. I am also mostly reacting to the posters who early this season called him the 49ers best offensive player. They made ridiculous statements like wanting Shanahan to adjust his system to take advantage of Hydes strengths. That was totally absurd. Those fans were totally clueless in what Shanahan and Lynch were attempting to do here. Hyde is not at the level where a coach is going to build their offense around him. Besides when he runs hard he is accident prone.

          1. Oh Moses— I just realized you were not responding to me. Well as Emily Latella of the old Sat. Night Live would say, Never Mind. Well at least it gave me an opportunity to explain my perspective on Hyde.

            Allie is right. Hyde does go down easy sometimes. Part of that is because he lost strength losing weight to increase his quickness to suit this sytem.

    1. His strengths suit Shanahans system. I suspect that there might be more RB’s that suit the system that would be rejected by other coaches. I think they can find quite a few RB that would do well in this system lower in the draft, and in free agency.

  6. Alright I’m sold. Regardless of who wins this game, Jimmy G is the man. This is a great defense and the 49ers have moved the ball with ease. I am so so so happy we have a glorified offensive coordinator for a grad coach. Am I right or what, Grant?

  7. 49ers dominated most of that half but doesn’t show on the scoreboard because they continue to struggle in the red zone and the D continues to give up plays in key moments.

    But man, given the quality of D they are playing, very impressed with the offense.

  8. that drive was absolutely disgusting ,you give up a turn over then allow the other team to drive the length of the field to tie the score. unacceptable

  9. For all the talk about need on oline and receiver, this 49ers defense really needs better players. They’re just terrible.

    1. The defense is as bad as its weakest link, and the 49ers weakest links are pretty weak – CBs and pass rush. But there is a solid foundation of players to work with.

      1. True Scooter. They need a CB and a couple pass rushers. Plus the D is the group that’s been hit hardest by injury this season.

        They aren’t bad in base, but when they go to nickel it’s like a 7-on-7 drill because there’s no pressure.

    1. He thought he had him in McDonald but didn’t see the red flag- a college wide receiver with bad hands. That was one of Trents problems. He seemed to ignore red flags always believing his best case scenario perspectives. That was why he wiffed so bad on JJ Jenkins. He had a strength issue red flag that Trent ignored.

  10. Need to stop Jags on the next drive, then go down and score again so we can watch Jags shove each other on the sidelines again

  11. JG almost had a TD to Goodwin a couple plays before that too but ball was tipped. Also had a pass tipped earlier in the first qtr in the red zone. Outside of the pick where he held the ball a tad too long, JG has been decent in the RZ today.

  12. I am thinking that Robinson made Johnson look better in comparison. Now that the focus is off Robinson Johnson looks really bad.

  13. Don’t know about not handling success, but the Jags can’t handle being in a tight game against a team they are “meant” to beat.

  14. And now putting them away. This team is growing up before our eyes ladies and gentlemen! And it is still a team with a lot of weaknesses.

  15. Grant furious with his bad prediction. And his silly analysis of Jimmy. Jags have no running game today so load up on pass defense. Bortlkes is still Bortles.

  16. Grant furious with his bad prediction. And his silly analysis of Jimmy. Jags have no running game today so load up on pass defense. Jags won’t do well in playoffs. They had an easy schedule this year

  17. Jimmy G plays with passion and coolness and that’s enable the offense to play with some swagger. And they really don’t have any scary WRs, kinda like NE. The Defense has holes but has alot more blue chip players. Man who would have thunk this team might actually be really good next year? it’s going to be LA and SF for the NFC West next year.

      1. SIgh. Tell Bill Walsh. Tell Bill Belichick. Tell Bill Parcells. I’ll the word of the Three Bills, all of whom are (or will be) HOF coaches.

  18. GRADES:

    Defense= A
    Offense =A
    OL = B+
    Jimmy = A+ (Don’t sandbag him, Grant … you know he deserves it !)

    Niners just spanked the Jags !!

    And what were … those Vegas odds again …?

    (What was the last time you heard the words …
    The Niners DOMINATED ..?)

    1. Initially wasn’t a Kyle Shanahan fan but man that offense looks really good with Jimmy G running it. Dudes are running open and you can see how Jimmy G knows exactly where to go when the 1st read is not there. I liked the Harbaugh Niners but he messed it all up when he went with Colin K. This team wit Jimmy G and KS feels like the 2nd coming of the Walsh Niners, doesn’t it? I mean, Breida could be Bill Ring, and maybe Hyde turns into Roger Craig if he can just not drop so many balls. Joe M didn’t have a goto WR for4 years and he won 2 rings!

      The Defense just needs a shutdown corner and one mean as heck LB. Foster looks pretty good but needs to add like 15 pounds.

      It’s sad the season has to come to an end! What does Greg Cosell say about Jimmy G?

        1. DC is one of my favorite Niners but I don’t think he was a premiere WR like Rice. John Taylor was solid too. I Jimmy G has the IT factor. That side arm TD to Trent Taylor was a great throw. They are only going to be more dangerous next year.

          1. John Taylor has very similar stats as Lynn Swann:

            Swann: 336 Receptions, 5462 yards and 51 TDs.

            Taylor: 347 Receptions, 5598 yards and 43 TDS.

            Swann essentially has 8 more career TDs.

            Yes, he has the Super Bowl glam, but so does Taylor, catching the winning pass against the Bengals.

      1. Fan77,
        This is a completely different team than what was on the field last year. Time to focus on the future and let go of the past.

        Btw, Jacksonville will go to the playoffs but they won’t get to far because we exposed their inability to play as a team when facing adversity.

        Next year the 49ers will win the close games they lost this season because they will be well versed in facing adversity as a team.
        Yeah, next year can’t come soon enough!

      1. You having a hard time lettin that go? You forgetting that I advocated for the Jimmy G trade at the draft?
        It’s not like I keep reminding you of how much you wanted Kap back?
        You want to play that game a hole?

  19. From NFL.COM:

    Sunday of Week 16 has ended with several teams punching their ticket to the playoffs and a few eliminations. Here are some of our big takeaways from the games today:

    » Sitting at 1-10 a month ago, the 49ers march into next season as a viable, raging playoff contender.

    » The Chargers are still alive in the AFC playoff race.

    » For the second year in a row, the huddled-in-darkness Browns will control the first round of the NFL draft.

    » If Sunday was Marvin Lewis’ final home game as head coach of the Bengals after 15 years, his players fought for him.

  20. Yes JKV had injuries on offense but the 49ers laid a 40 burger on the best defense in the NFL today.
    That is unbelievable!

    Next up, the Rams!

      1. Although the defense got three turnovers, they were mostly easy ones from Bortles. Defense still gave up over 470 yards and JAX ran 79 plays.

            1. Johnson is not good, and they don’t get pressure. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel when they go into their pass D. We saw Tennessee do the exact same thing last week.

              1. I like Ward but his injury history and what he is owed might make him expendable.
                Originally not a fan but the 49ers should bring back Eric Reid. Yes Oneniner, I said it.

        1. The Johnson TD-INT wasn’t Bortles. The TE slowed down on the route and short-armed the pass because Reid was coming down the mountain to put a major hit on him.

          The Williams INT wasn’t Bortles. The window was open, but Williams made a great recovery and a fantastic leaping play.

          The last one was just a bad pass. But Witherspoon was looking for the ball instead of doing what Johnson normally does in those situations which is commit PI.

    1. There is something special being built in SF.
      This is an organization that always had a QB. The football Gods punished the 49ers for over a decade but now, we have another great one in Jimmy G.

      1. Prime:

        Matt Ryan or Jimmy G? For me, it’s not even close. Jimmy G every time!! I think there’s a very good chance KS and JG will eclipse what KS and MR did.

        1. I sure hope so. Now we can focus on giving him the weapons he needs.
          With so much cap space and draft picks, how great is it to be a 49ers fan?
          Best Xmas ever now with Jimmy G steering the ship!

    1. Hopefully, an off-season of rest, conditioning, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch will eliminate his blue-tent issues for next year.

  21. Recall how Sebbie asserted that Shanahan wasn’t interested in winning because he (and Lynch…) wouldn’t bring Kaep back? Seems like ancient history now.

      1. At the start of the 4Q I recall thinking that the Niners had already achieved my game goals for them; play with the big kids. I knew they were in it, but worried about lack of pass rush. Then they got it done.
        Jimmy ain’t Mr.GQ, he’s Mr.4Q.
        (OK, ok, I know. But we’re partying here a chez nous!)

    1. Very impressive performance today by the oline Under.
      They seem to have gelled knowing how long they have to protect for.

      With Jimmy G’s quick release he has taken the pressure. I mean how many times today did Jimmy whip it in there today between 3 guys? This guy is unreal.

  22. 49ers were 10/15 on 3rd down. 44 points against Jacksonville (should have been 51).

    Hats and T-shirts game? You can wipe your asses with those shirts. And wear those hats really low to hide the shame on your faces.

    1. Ironic that last year’s 3-13 team that turned it around this year would forget their history and let a 4-10 team that just beat their Division rival sneak up on them.
      Containing Fournette was yuge. Some cb play was insufficient, thus the yards given up, but the overall defensive effort was good. We need more and better from the OL, but once again, it was barely enough under Jimmy’s quick read and release leadership.
      Mele Kalikimaka

      1. Johnson was benched for part of the game. I don’t see him coming back. I think the 49ers will have this secondary next year:

        RCB: To be obtained or Jimmy Ward
        LCB: Whitherspoon
        FS: Colbert
        SS: Tartt
        NB: Williams

        1. Agree, the benching twice in two weeks is telling. Ward and Williams could be competing for slot cb next year. Reid might move on and will find a job. Johnson will find something. Unless they go Malik, prolly going FA and 4/5rd.
          I need to see more, but LSU’s “other” cb (Tomlin?) caught my eye. He’s tall and plays like he likes to play. He gets a lot of action because other CB is a high draft prospect. It’s early.

    1. Yes I’ll second that. Good to see Solo T make some noise.
      Still need to see more but hopefully he can start to turn the corner and become a disruptive force.
      K Williams is a silky smooth player. We still need help in the secondary but he was really good today.

    2. 80,
      I agree.
      The defense had a nice day. I couldn’t help but think how much better the defense would be if we had a legitimate Edge Rusher.

      Five weeks ago we were looking at a complete overhaul for the team, now we may not be as bad as we thought. Our rookies are contributing and the veterans seem to be playing better.
      Good times ahead!

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