49ers vs. Packers live blog

San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle (85) warms up before an NFL football game against the Green Bay Packers in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Nov. 24, 2019. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

SANTA CLARA — Here is the live blog for the 49ers’ Week 12 Sunday night game against the Green Bay Packers. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

3:53 Here are the Packers’ inactives:

  • 11 WR Ryan Grant
  • 22 RB Dexter Williams
  • 25 S Will Redmond
  • 29 CB Ka’dar Hollman
  • 67 G/T Adam Pankey
  • 87 TE Jace Sternberger

3:55 Here are the 49ers’ inactives:

  • WR Marquise Goodwin
  • RB Matt Breida
  • K Robbie Gould
  • DE Dee Ford
  • LT Joe Staley
  • TE Levine Toilolo
  • QB C.J. Beathard

3:56 George Kittle is active.

5:20 The 49ers win the toss and defer. The Packers will receive the opening kickoff.

5:27 On third and 10 from the 49ers 25, Aaron Rodgers fumbles and the 49ers recover at the Packers’ two-yard line. Fred Warner stripped the ball from Rodgers and Nick Bosa recovered it.

5:27 On first and goal, Tevin Coleman runs into the end zone from two yards out. The 49ers lead 7-0.

5:34 On third and four, Geronimo Allison drops a pass over the middle, and the Packers go three and out. The 49ers get the ball at their 38-yard line after the punt.

5:41 On first and 10 from the Packers 39, Jimmy Garoppolo fumbles the snap, and Tevin Coleman recovers it after a loss of eight yards. The 49ers punt three plays later.

5:45 On third and nine, Jamaal Williams drops a screen pass, and the Packers go three and out.

5:53 On first and 10 from the Packers 41, Adrian Amos blitzes and sacks Garoppolo, but the sack doesn’t count because Packers cornerback Kevin King committed an illegal-hands-to-the-face penalty. Five plays later, the 49ers kick a field goal and take a 10-0 lead.

5:54 Packers right tackle Bryan Bulaga has a knee injury and his return is questionable.

5:59 On third and 13, Jimmie Ward breaks up a pass intended for Davante Adams, and the Packers go three and out. They have committed three penalties and one turnover in the first quarter. They look like a team that doesn’t travel well. They haven’t yet showed up.

6:04 On third and six, Packers linebacker Blake Martinez blitzes from the edge, no one blocks him and he sacks Garoppolo for a seven-yard loss. The 49ers go three and out. They will punt when the second quarter begins.

6:13 On fourth and one from the 49ers’ 28, Fred Warner tackles Aaron Jones for no gain. Turnover on downs. That essentially is the Packers’ second turnover of the first half.

6:19 On second and 20, Za’Darius Smith schools Justin Skule and sacks Jimmy Garoppolo for a loss of 10. The 49ers punt two plays later after going three and out.

6:28 On third and eight, Jimmie Ward breaks up a perfectly-thrown deep pass intended for Jimmy Graham. Ward has broken up three third-down passes already. He’s having one hell of a game.

6:36 Chase McLaughlin makes a 27-yard field goal to give the 49ers a 13-0 lead. George Kittle caught two passes for 40 yards during that drive.

6:40 On third and six, Rodgers throws an incomplete pass intended for Aaron Jones. Ahkello Witherspoon was the closest defender and he had good coverage. After a mere 32-yard punt, the 49ers get the ball at their 41 with 2:00 minutes and one timeout left. They also will get the ball to start the second half.

6:45 On second and six, Deebo Samuel catches a pass over the middle and runs across the field for a 41-yard touchdown. What a player. The 49ers lead 20-0.

6:51 On third and eight, Nick Bosa sacks Rodgers, and the Packers go three and out. Rodgers has the yips.

6:53 McLaughlin makes a 47-yard field goal, and the 49ers lead 23-0 at halftime.

7:11 On second and 16, Preston Smith and Za’Darius Smith both sack Garoppolo for a loss of nine. The 49ers punt two plays later.

7:26 On first and goal from the two, Rodgers taps a pass to Davante Adams running a jet sweep, and he scores an easy touchdown. The Packers go for two and convert, as Rodgers hits Adams in the back-left corner of the end zone. The 49ers lead 23-8.

7:32 On first and 10 from the 49ers 39, Garoppolo throws a 61-yard touchdown pass to a wide-open Kittle. The 49ers lead 30-8. I’m starting the think the Packers aren’t good.

7:50 On fourth and 8, Arik Armstead and Jaquiski Tartt sack Rodgers. What an amazing performance by the 49ers. They’re the real deal.

7:59 On first and 10 from the Packers 15, Raheem Mostert rushes for a touchdown. The 49ers lead 37-8. This is the most important game the 49ers have won since they beat the Panthers in the playoffs almost six years ago.

8:03 Nick Boyle has replaced Rodgers at quarterback.

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  1. Wow with a getup like that you’d think Goodwin was a superstar or something. Does the 11 necklace signify how many balls he’s dropped in this season? Lol

  2. Might as well show Goodwin in his street clothes, he won’t be wearing a uniform today. Great to not see Kittle, Sanders and Samuels on that list.

  3. Hopefully the 49ers walk away from this game with another win and no injuries.

    49ers 30
    Packers 22

    My bold prediction is that Rodgers will throw two picks while Garoppolo will not throw any interceptions.

  4. Ha, Will “he’ll be ready for training camp” Redmond is still in the league!

    So Celek has leapfrogged Toilolo.

    Kittle’s problem seems to be a broken bone in his ankle, rather than the helmeted-knee.

        1. True, but not everyone experiences the pain of their wife suffering a miscarriage in back-to-back years.

        1. I guess you have to ask who’s responsible for changing the plays and calling the protections? If he doesn’t recognize the blitz and runs the wrong play or protection it is on him.

              1. I agree, but defenses are selling out to stop the run, and Kittle is coming off an ankle injury. Add to it that McGlinchey has done poorly in pass protection, and you are left with asking if Skule or McGlinchey should get the help.

  5. Staley was a starter for a reason, good rookie that skule, he needs to get stronger, hope jimmy can hold up, I agree scary shades of the Seahawks game!

  6. We need to get our offense out of the field as quickly as possible so that the defense can make a play. Punt it every time

  7. GB travels well……
    – there are a lot of speculators amongst the season ticket holders- which is why I applaud the changes for next season wherein the food inclusion doesn’t transfer to sold seats.
    * was meant as a reply to Pot…. kettle much higher in the thread.

  8. Man….what a performance by the defense! Warner, DBs and D-Line…..so much hustle to the ball. Deebo, Kittle and Sanders have changed the WR corp’s image.

    But this game is not over…..don’t count Rodgers out. At least the Championship teams don’t!

  9. The refs finally gave GB enough tries to score a TD. Clearly NY called the refs at halftime and told them to tighten the game up.

  10. Poor discipline on defence this half. You CANNOT keep extended drives and then expecting the offence to bail you out of it. Get it together, it’s time to kill this game.

      1. Renas is right. Aside from the second penalty on Sherman and the ticky tack call on Williams, the defense has committed some dumb penalties in the game.
        With that said, the 49ers are running away with this game.

      1. It’s Rodgers. If you think the game is over already, you haven’t watched him enough. There were multiple occasions tonight so far where drives should have ended that defensive penalties extended. They’re playing amazingly to get into those positions, they have to finish. They did there.

          1. I remind you that at that point, there was more than ten mins left, Green Bay were driving and a TD makes it a two score game. Because I know how much you like to change the context of an argument later to mock. At that point, yes I was nervous about Rodgers. Now, obviously not.

        1. Dude, I know you think this defense sucks, but listen. Rodgers ain’t coming back against this bunch. No matter how much whinging about penalties

          1. Rib, your bait is pathetic. I do not think this defence sucks. I do think very highly of Rodgers, so I never count him out. Niner offence has iced it out though, thankfully.

            1. Hey, if you don’t mean it don’t say it. Maybe you should just lay off the 5 minute takes for a change and let the game play out.

              1. Hey, I’m just waiting for Monty to call for Mullens again.
                And yes, the defense did make some bonehead penalties that need to be cleaned up, but they made much more good plays as well.
                Btw, has anyone seen Monty and captain lately?
                I’m starting to question their 49ers fanship.

  11. That’s more like it. When the refs are looking for ways to keep Packers in the game you have to play clean and calm otherwise anything that can go either way they’ll be flagging. That’s going to be the case in the playoffs too, especially if the team needs to go on the road.

  12. Too bad Bosa got cheated out of that 2nd sack (damn penalty).

    So happy to get Kittle back! What a difference he makes (No Shi* Sherlock)

  13. For those of you who are too young to have been around during the Walsh years, tonight’s performance is what those days were like.

    Come out, punch the opponent in the mouth early and then work the clock the rest of the way.

    This team is really something. Enjoy it.

  14. To the “experts” who picked Green Bay to win: Eat crow! That’s not what I really want to say but I’m keeping it classy.

  15. With Kittle playing the Niners are undefeated.
    With Kittle I think the Niners would have best Seattle, he makes that much difference.

  16. Flying to SF from San Diego Dec 20. for a vacation…
    I’ll be at the Rams game Dec 21st with my wife & 2 boys….Let me know if anyone wants to tailgate with the Crab?

    1. I may be at that game my cousin has two tickets in the lower bowl so I maybe bringing my two sons and we will tailgate sinc I went to the cardinal game last week with my cousin I will let my boys watch the game and I will hang out hope to meet you crab 15 if it works out

        1. Sounds good , his tickets are a couple rows back from where the visiting team runs in and out. We will keep in touch , great memories with kids , or boys are 25 and 14, daughter is 20, sounds like your boys are younger so enjoy every minute!

  17. ribico says:
    November 24, 2019 at 10:42 am

    And go Niners! Test the F out of these cheeseheads. 35-14 good guys

    So I overestimated the cheese. Grant, you had me going there for a bit.

  18. I agree:

    Ribico says:
    November 24, 2019 at 5:10 am
    Yeah, yeah every game has been a test so far. Back to back east coast games to open the season. Desperate Steelers. Prime time against the Brownies. McCaffrey. Second game against Cards, the squirrel who gave them fits in the first game. Seahawks, (no team since 72 has gone undefeated). …. blah blah on and on.

    Grant, if the Niners handily defeat the Packers, do us a favor and remove the word “test” from your online dictionary.

  19. Well Grant so much for your GB win by 1 point.
    You have been wrong all season time to get a new crystal ball, the one your using has a lot of cracks in it.

    1. He doesn’t know Sponge. He’s a soccer, track guy. When I take my wife to the horse races she bets on the color of the jockey’s jersey. Thats about the equivalent of Cohn’s ability to pick the results of a football game. :)

  20. Great game……what a statement and a beat down on National TV. By far the best game by this team so far. Still scope for improvement…. says all you need to know about this team.

    I hope the Rams play the Ravens tough tomorrow night, enough to have an advantage next week for us.

    1. I actually want the Rams to win, can’t believe I said that. Just to see the Ravens fall to earth but they probably win. The Seahacks barely won today. N.O. should of lost b/c if the Panthers don’t miss a 27 yd F.G. and 2 extra points, they would of won. I think there’s a chance the 49ers win the rest of the games. Get the bye in the playoffs and are on track to the SB!!!!!!

  21. Great win. As I said in the last blog entry, Seahawks were the bigger test although not having Kittle then was huge. Let’s hope Saleh comes up with a good gameplan against Jackson next week since mobile QBs are this D’s only real weakness.

  22. Huge change in offense’s production the moment Skule was replaced with Brunskill.
    Skule got schooled like the rookie he is.
    Jimmy G is feeling a bit more comfortable with Kittle, Sanders and Samuel on the field. I expect his INTs to go down if this trio can remain injury free for the rest of the season.

  23. Did not see this coming. Thought the Niners would win but thought it would be a much closer game. Man, next 2 weeks are going to be intersting.

    1. Jack,
      Very impressive. It also bares noting that we had 3 rookies playing defense in Bosa, Greenlaw and Shaair.
      On offense we had another rookie in Deebo. Not bad at all!

  24. Jimbo 14/20 , 253, 2TD, O Int
    Play Action 6/6 , 122, 1, 0 152 Passer Rating

    The metric in the NFL must be did you play a near healthy Niner team? The Seahawk game is looking like an anomaly. Seattle won another BS multi turnover game today .

    “mvp” Russ wilson 13/25, 200, 1, 1

    If there is still a probowl spot for special teams player , I vote for Mostert.

  25. Got a good laugh when Collinsworth started making excuses for the Green Bay offense after Bulaga went down. “It’s really hard on the offense when it loses a tackle”. Just goes to show how clueless the guy is about the 49ers.

    1. LaFleur isn’t as good a play caller as Shanny where he can hide the loss of a starting tackle is what I took from it.
      Since Staley and McClinchey went down, the offense has struggled to protect and in the run game.
      I think what Collinsworth was implicating was injuries at those positions is really difficult to stick to your game plan.

      1. The issues in the run game had nothing to do with Staley and everything to do with the opponents. Shoot, Staley was hurt in week 2. The 49ers came into tonight averaging 5 yards per rush against their non-division opponents. Tonight they faced a non-division opponent and guess what, 5.1 yards per rush and they did that with 2 backups playing LT.

          1. Yet when Staley went down they won. Then when McGlinchey went down they win. And during the time those two were out the 49ers offense was ripping it up on the ground against Carolina to the tune of 232 yards and before that it was 275 yards against Cleveland with no Staley.

            You and Collinsworth are throwing out old adages that this team has overcome. You should know better since you’ve watched this team all year. He clearly hasn’t.

    2. Same here, I found myself saying out loud about the Niners losing both. The other announcer pointed out that the Niners were down theirs too and he defended his earlier assertion by saying the Niners were struggling to run their offence too. Completely oblivious to the 4-5 games Niners were without both and won.

  26. Noice. I said if the Chargers defense can shut down the Packers, so can the Niner defense. They played NINER FOOTBALL.
    Glad Kittle shredded the Packer defense, even though I was worried when some one mentioned he might have broken a bone in his ankle.
    Glad they moved Bosa to the LDE spot at times, and while there were times when he let Rodgers break containment, I am happy he got a sack. Wison made a nice run up the middle, and Mostert cut back to put a dagger in the packer’s heart.
    KS showed why he is superior to a first year HC, and Saleh called a masterful game.
    I was upset that the refs seem to make phantom calls, but the Niners overcame that blatant bias.
    This game was important,and this win probably put them into the playoffs. Now, they may be playing for home field advantage. Rodgers thinks he may play the Niners again, but now that they lost, it will not be at Lambeau.
    While this game was a good stomping of a division leader, I guess I am greedy, and wanted them to score a TD, instead of settling for a field goal, at the end of the first half. If they had saved all of their time outs for those last 2 minutes, they might have scored a TD.
    I thought it would be a lot closer, but am happy to be wrong. I will give Kudos to Rib, he called a 35-14 game.

    1. I was also happy to see Toilolo toiling in the makeshift toilet on the opposing sideline.
      They likely gleamed a lot of the underneath play calls on third down by having a man stationed in the port-o-potty.
      That was smart!

      1. Well that seb-nena almost called it with his 49-7 prediction.
        What a foresight, or was that his alter ego?
        Nice catch about the port-a-potty, hope you didn’t get too much on you.
        That is, more than you already have….

  27. For all i know we may lose the next two games but I wouldn’t trade the experience of playing 4 top seeded teams in 5 weeks for anything. And then close out the regular season on the road in Seattle. This is going to harden the team for the playoffs. Best to work out the kinks now against tough opponents in the regular season.

  28. The Niners played smash mouth football, and beat the Packers to the punch. That 4th down stop was very impressive.
    The Niners played fast, hard, with discipline and in control. They played with focused force, within the rules, so I am glad they were not what I would consider as violent, which would be out of control and may have caused more injuries. Saleh may differ from me, but that is just my opinion.
    Looking at the Mostert TD again, I am glad they lined him up deep in the I, and let him build up a head of steam, before hitting the weakness in the line.
    Some may say that the Niners should be worried about the Ravens. I think the Ravens should be worried about the Niners.

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