49ers vs. Packers NFC championship live blog

SANTA CLARA — This is the blog for the NFC championship between the 49ers and Packers. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

2:30 Here are the 49ers’ inactives:

  • RB Jeff Wilson Jr.
  • DT Kevin Givens
  • WR Jordan Matthews
  • TE Daniel Helm
  • CB Dontae Johnson
  • LB Azeez Al-Shaair

2:31 Here are the Packers’ inactives:

  • WR Ryan Grant
  • RB Dexter Williams
  • S Raven Greene
  • CB Ka’dar Hollman
  • FB Danny Vitale
  • T/G Alex Light
  • T John Leglue

3:38 The Packers win the toss and defer. The 49ers will receive the opening kickoff.

3:43 On third and 1, Tevin Coleman rushes for no gain, and the 49ers go three and out. Coleman ran the ball all three plays. The Packers get the ball at their 24-yard line after the punt.

3:47 On third and 3 from the Packers 48, Aaron Rodgers completes a pass in the flat to running back Jamaal Williams, but Dre Greenlaw tackles him one yard shy of the first d0wn. The Packers punt, and Richie James Jr. makes a fair catch at the 49ers’ 11.

3:55 On third and 8, Kyle Shanahan calls a run up the middle for Raheem Mostert, who sprints through the Packers defense for a 36-yard touchdown. He makes the game look so easy. The 49ers lead 7-0.

4:02 On third and 7 from the Packers 42, Nick Bosa sacks Rodgers for a 13-yard loss. Richie James Jr. returns the punt 26 yards to the 49ers 49-yard line.

4:09 On third and six, Kyler Fackrell sacks Jimmy Garoppolo for an eight-yard loss. Garoppolo should have thrown the ball away. No one was open, partially because George Kittle stayed in the backfield to block.

4:13 Robbie Gould nails a 54-yard field goal — his longest field goal since 2015 — and the 49ers lead 10-0.

4:17 On third and 7, K’Waun Williams blitzes and strips the ball from Rodgers. The Packers recover and punt, but their punt travels just 23 yards. The 49ers take over at the Packers’ 37.

4:28 On second and 5 from the Packers’ 9, Raheem Mostert runs for his second touchdown of the game, and the 49ers lead 17-0. Tevin Coleman left the field on a cart with a shoulder injury.

4:36 On second and 5 from the 49ers 25, Aaron Rodgers fumbles a perfectly good snap, and DeForest Buckner recovers. That was all on Rodgers. Good snap.

4:48 Robbie Gould makes a 27-yard field goal and the 49ers lead 20-0. Kittle hasn’t received a pass yet, and Raheem Mostert already has run for 130 yards and two touchdowns.

4:53 On second and 15 from the Packers 22, Emmanuel Moseley intercepts Rodgers at the Packers’ 30.

5:00 On second and 9 from the Packers 18, Mostert runs for his third touchdown. The 49ers lead 27-0. This game is over.

5:06 The Packers will receive the ball when the second half starts.

5:16 Coleman is out for the rest of the game.

5:27 On first and goal from the 9, Rodgers completes a screen pass to Aaron Jones, who scores a touchdown. The 49ers lead 27-7. That was an 11-play drive for the Packers, who should have made these adjustments during the second quarter.

5:40 On second and 10 from the Packers 22, Raheem Mostert runs for his fourth touchdown. He’s decent. The 49ers lead 34-7.

5:59 On first and 10 from the 49ers’ 43, Rodgers completes a 42-yard pass to Jimmy Graham. Aaron Jones scores a one-yard touchdown run on the next play.

6:00 The Packers go for two, and Davante Adams drops a pass from Aaron Rodgers. The 49ers lead 34-13.

6:06 The 49ers run three times and go three and out. Garoppolo hasn’t attempted a pass since the second quarter.

6:15 On first and goal from the 8, Rodgers scrambles to his right and fires a touchdown pass to backup tight end Jace Sternberger, and the Packers trail 34-20 with 8:13 left. Garoppolo may have to throw another pass in this game.

6:31. Garoppolo throws one more pass, and completes it to George Kittle for 19 yards. This was Kittle’s first catch. Afterward, the 49ers run the ball into field-goal range, where Robbie Gould makes a 42-yard field goal. The 49ers lead 37-20.

6:41 On first and 10 from the Packers 38, Rodgers overthrows a deep pass to Davante Adams, and Richard Sherman makes the interception at the 49ers’ 7-yard line.

6:46 The 49ers are going to the Super Bowl. Stay tuned for my game story and report card.

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  1. E-Man gets the nod. Stop the run on the way to the quarterback, and plaster your man on the backend. Go Niners! Make it feel good, baby!

    1. Should the Niners win today, and thinking here is they will, Reid, Mahomes, and the Chiefs are going to take Saleh and that defense of his to school. 42-28 the Chiefs is guessing here at this point. This is Reid’s and Mahomes’ year & time.

    2. Coleman’s injury looked extremely painful and I hate seeing guys get hurt. The Niners have a very tight, and selfless group of RB’s, and I love the 49ers depth at the position. After an obvious mid-season slump, Coleman came on strong down the stretch, and has ran well during the postseason.

      But make no mistake about it …. Mostert is not only a perfect fit for Kyle’s offense, he’s also the best all-around RB on their team. As I said, I hate seeing anyone go down with an injury, but in some respect, I feel like Coleman’s injury was a blessing in disguise for the 49ers as a team. Mostert is the man, and IMO he’s been the man. Ever since he was afforded an extended look, he’s been 49ers most impressive, and most consistent RB on the roster. He wasn’t healthy last week, as the result of calf tightness the popped up early on during the Vikings game, and to his credit Coleman stepped up in his stead. Losing Coleman to injury during the 2nd QTR tonight, gave Kyle no choice but to lean on Mostert, and oh my, did he ever deliver!

      If there were still any questions as to who should be the lead dog of the 49ers-headed rushing attack, I think Mostert just answered those questions, and he answered them in dramatic fashion!

      Go NINERS!

  2. It’s my birthday today guys and so far it’s gone horribly. I was out of town in beautiful Yountville to celebrate and then my son gets super sick. We ended up forfeiting the hotel room for the last night ($600!) and driving straight home.

    I kinda feel like I may be going down next and I have a flight to Boston tomorrow!!

    I’m hoping the 49ers help me out.

      1. Thanks Juan!

        I am optimistic about today’s game. We’re better on both sides of the ball and should win. Let’s go get it and it’ll be a great consolation prize for me :)

  3. Hope everyone enjoys the game and sees the 49ers back where they belong, which is in the Super Bowl.
    LET’S GO 49ERS!!!

  4. They are keeping Kittle in to block on pass plays. Are they worried about the pass rush and/or setting them up for Kittle going out ?

    3 points are better than 0.

    Need to get the Packers off the field.

  5. Something looks broken or the elbow maybe hyper extended if they are getting the cart for Coleman.

    17-0 this is great. Keep the pressure on!

  6. Nice! Fumble recovery…..this Defense doesn’t quit!
    Proud of the Niners……don’t take the foot off the gas pedal!

    Go Niners!

    1. Right now Kittle is helping keep the Packers on their backside by opening up run lanes for Mostert.

      1. Let’s get others involved especially on 3rd and long. I like the game plan but let’s put them away.
        Throw the ball at least once a series.

    2. Remember when we were all calling for Coleman to be benched? They just need to get Brieda a couple of good runs and build his confidence and he can spell Mostsert.

    1. Ha! I changed that immediately after I posted and you still caught it. Keep getting frustrated with my posts failing and having to change IP.

    1. Maybe the Pack, but not the Chiefs. We need to keep pressing and scoring until there is absolutely no chance. Then get the starters out and minimize the potential for injuries.

  7. with as cheap as the P-D has been by not sending Grant to Niner away games despite a quality season, maybe these posters and readers need to start a “go fund me” site so Grant can go to Miami to cover the Niners in the Super Bowl.

  8. My prediction of the 49ers breaking the Bucs record of beating every opponent by 2 scores in the playoffs to win the SB ……..looking good😁😁😁😁

  9. So much for the last game not being an indicator for this one. Total domination. Why pass when they can’t stop the run? Big, explosive runs all day.

    And Rodgers is part of the problem for the Packers on offense. For all the talk about how loose they felt and this time would be different, he looks completely flustered back there and not comfortable even when the pass rush isn’t close to him. The only decent drive they had was against the second string DL, and once the first string DL got on the field they fumbled and no Packer wanted a bar of falling on the ball. They mentally checked out of the game that half.

    1. “ Why pass when they can’t stop the run?

      1. Keep the opponent guessing. Play action.
      2.Keep the next opponent guessing.
      3.Let Jimmy get in a passing rhythm.
      4. Use all your personnel.
      5.Sustain drives by being balanced.

    2. Percentage-wise you are right, Scooter. But I worry a little that Jimmy is not being kept razor sharp. They didn’t need him much last game or this. I’m worried they’ll need the passing game bigtime against the Chiefs. But…. one game at a time.

  10. Dang man — This game was over after 10-0. It was really over when Rodgers fumbled that snap. Rodgers have 2T0. Jimmy G has none. They don’t even need to pass man.

  11. Wonder if the 9ers will bring in FA RBs for tryouts if they win tonight and Coleman is sidelined for the rest of the post season.

  12. Don’t let up, don’ t Give them a chance.
    In other words; “No buying a ticket.”
    Play the second half like you have a 7 point lead. Make sure the game is over by the end of the 3th quarter.

  13. Need a TD drive for the Niners.
    Defense needs to adjust to anticipate the screen passes.
    I would like to see a couple of passes to Kittle and Sanders.

    1. Why? Just win. If you need kittle, ok. If not, run the clock. If the Niners can take this drive close to the 4th quarter or score, it’s over

  14. Remember when someone said the niners were trying too hard early in the season and had all those injuries…

    GB must be trying too hard this game…

  15. It’s over. Packers had no business being in the championship game. KC will be tough. Niners will have to earn their paycheck February 2nd.

    1. Right, when the Chiefs and Mahomes take Saleh and that defense of his to school,
      you’ll wish Mostert was better than Mahomes. No way. Chiefs 42 — Niners 28

  16. I don’t agree with this approach of not throwing the ball.
    Now you spend 2 weeks answering questions why and criticism towards Jimmy G. And now you have zero rhythm in your passing games for the last 2 weeks and trust me against KC, you will be throwing it.
    Stupid Kyle Shanahan!

    1. Bro, you suck. Quit being dumb. If you can run it down the throat of the dline and we will against KC. You dont abandon that for style points. Football basic principles will always beat out flash . Now go start FU#KING celebrating this NFC CHAMPIONSHIP.

    2. Why is JG getting criticism?

      The game was won long ago, so long as they kept taking time off the clock when they had the ball. As we saw with the couple of passes they did make, they can pass when they need to. Its a fortnight to the Super Bowl anyway, plus lots of disruption – its not as if there will be much capacity to ride momentum.

      This way they haven’t needed to put anything on film in the passing game for weeks. They have barely needed to do anything tricky in the run game either. They have been able to be bland on offense without showing any of their shots. I expect Shanny will have a lot up his sleeve for the SB.

      1. Scooter is exactly right. I thought the same thing. It’s remarkable how little Shanny has had to put on tape the last two weeks. It will bode well for us over these next two weeks as Shanny designs the most important game plan of his career….

          1. That would be the best idea since the Chiefs defense ranked eighth against the pass but 26th against the run during the regular season.

    3. Maybe the game plan is to keep running the ball down KC’s throat too. I think Jimmy G don’t care. But I would have one series early in the 3rd quarter where the did some play action to get the ball downfield.
      But hey why complain????

      1. I agree that is what happened, but the 49ers absolutely cannot afford to do that against the Chiefs.

  17. Assuming the Niners pull this out, Chiefs 42-Niners 28. Chiefs, Reid, Mahomes take Salef and his defense to school. It’s the Chiefs year and time.

    1. Naw, the Niners are on a Quest for 6.
      Defense wins championships, and the Niner defense is good enough to win. Saleh is not going to be schooled. Reid may continue his playoff impotence.
      The Niners allowed the second fewest yards per game, while the Chiefs were 17th. The Niners scored 30 points per game, while allowing 19.4 points per game.
      Mahomes will face the same pass rush that made Cousins and Rodgers look bad.

  18. The Niners need to get the ball and burn at least 5 minutes or score at least a field goal. This probably means throwing the ball.
    Like that!

    1. His getting almost no reps in a blowout when Coleman was hurt has to be demoralizing.
      He’s unlikely to get a shot unless Mostart gets hurt

  19. How do you even Grade Jimmy in this game? Do you give him an A for handing off the ball really well and not turning the ball over? or do you give him an incomplete? He was basically a paid observer tonight. Not that I mind if leads to results like this.

      1. He led the team, and avoided turnovers, and ran time off the clock. He also won. That’s much better than a mere passing grade.

    1. Consider the pre-snap reads and ability to change the play before and after the snap. He was real good at that.

      Remember back in the A. Smith / C.K. quarterback days? Alex Smith could call adjustments pre-snap, and C.K. 7 could not. The same line and running backs were much better when Smith was quarterback.

      Jimmy G. can also pass, so running to set up the pass works; and passing to set up the run works too.

      He outgunned Brese when he had too, and will do what it takes to beat the Chiefs. He’s much better than a McMahon or Dilfer superbowl quarterback, and Niners should win it.

    2. Garoppolo gets a B in my books. He only threw eight passes, but you can’t fault him when Mostert was so effective.

    1. How was it not pretty? The 49ers pounded the Packers in the ground game and only allowed the Packers to score the points that they did because the defense dropped the intensity in the second half.

  20. Fantastic win. Two playoff games, two complete routs. Both games won in a similar fashion – running the ball and suffocating D. The blocking up front was awesome both games. Mostert’s ability to accelerate through a gap is something else.

    The Chiefs should be a far more difficult opponent. That offense is capable of making any D look ordinary for stretches of time, and put up points quickly. Will need to have the offense firing all game, much like they did against the Saints. I expect we will see Shanny dig deep into his bag of tricks.

    1. Mahomes is great but I’m not too sure about Andy Reid as a coach. Lamar Jackson and the Ravens were a tougher team to me.
      If the Niners run it the way they can, Mahomes will be doing a lot of sitting and watching. They were okay in the first quarter. Niners were in control throughout both playoff games they were in.
      The Niners can definitely lose but I don’t think they get blown out. They can definitely beat the Chiefs and they are more likely to dominate the the Chiefs.
      For once we’ll have two weeks to talk about it!

    2. The main key to that game is going to be getting the Chiefs to trailing and not letting up on them; once they fail behind, don’t give them any chance of showing signs of life.

  21. 5 game winning streak!!!
    4 down and 1 to go!!! Time to party!!🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🎶🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾
    Super Bowl!!! Beat KC!!!

    Hoferfan67!! 😉

  22. What a win! Congrats to the Coach, GM and all the players!

    No matter what happens against the chiefs, just want to see them compete. GO Niners!

  23. Even if Niners don’t win SB, and I don’t think they will as it’s Reid’s year & time, it’s been a great, enjoyable season. Just winning the NFC Championship is far more than virtually anyone expected.

  24. Wow. My son said Mostert knifed through them like a hot knife through butter.
    GB did not give a spirited competition. The pressure got to them.
    Rodgers just saw his last best chance to get to the SB.
    JG threw 8 passes, but he won with only 8 passes. With their run game, the Niners are a juggernaut.
    GO NINERS !!!!!! SIX !!!!!!

    1. Well, Mike LaFleur and Mike McDaniel are coordinators of the passing and running game, but Mike LaFleur did not contribute much.
      It really does not take an offensive genius to run the ball, keep running it, and run it some more.
      Niners are going to the SB, and you want to dwell on coordinators?

    1. Of course we won’t….we have won 15 games in different ways……we have talent, team unity and the best young coach..

    2. I think you’re right Prime, we won’t beat the chiefs with 8 passing attempts. But one of the beautiful ways in which these last 2 games have played out is …. Kyle hasn’t shown much of any of his passing plays and route concepts during this playoff run, and now the Chiefs have no idea what kind of offensive attack they will be facing in Miami! When Jimmy has been called on to carry the team through 2 of their biggest, most important games of the season – @ NO & @ Seattle, he did just that, so is there really any question whether Jimmy can get it done through the air if they need him to? Not as far as I am concerned.

  25. Said from day one only 2 quarterbacks under 30 can play with Jimmy g. One is lamar jackson, the other will be with us in the super bowl.

    Bang bang niner gang ,,,,feels like the glory days ….one more

  26. Kittle cracks me up. He’s up on the podium wearing a T-shirt that has a picture of Jimmy G in his underwear. Looks like the T-shirt was signed by Jimmy G.

  27. You know what’s really impressive about Mostert’s TD? Those were all long TD runs. It was like Marshawn Lynch two yard dive over the line. He took it to the house.
    Debby came close to breaking a few long runs too.
    Samuels wasn’t even targeted and honestly I don’t think he cares.
    Man, ya gotta give Lynch and Shanny credit for the type of players they have.
    Everyone is selfless.
    They definitely knew they can run it down GB’s throat. They were running out the clock in the 2nd half and even though GB got a few easy scores, when it came time to focus and put the game away they did.

  28. Wheeeeeeeew! Voice gone! But my fingers are here!
    Told y’all. This would be total domination .
    The packers are trash. Overrated trash!
    They aren’t on the same level
    Chiefs next. Now this is the team that scares me a bit!
    But ***ck YEAH WE are back in the big game!

  29. My only regret is that this dominating performance wasn’t against Seattle.
    After the Falcons debacle I predicted 5-0 remainder the season.
    I do have some concerns about the game. More to come –

    1. Rollo, A win is a win!! We got revenge from the 1998 NFC Championship ! I never wanted seTtle, I just wanted to go to the SuperBowl and we are!! Go Niners! Big Win!!

  30. Super excited to get to see our team play in the last game of the season. Not sure how it’ll play out in 2 weeks, but looking forward to it.

    1. Jack, I don’t know about the Yorks. Happy and surprised that Niners have gotten as far as they have. But I just sense it’s Reid’s and Mahomes’ year — and time. Also, and for many reasons, I’ve always wondered whether the 49ers would, could ever win a Super Bowl under the York’s ownership. I still do. The Chiefs demonstrated today just how good they are. Sorry to say, but I see them winning, 42-28, with Mahomes as Super Bowl MVP. I don’t have nearly as much confidence in Saleh and his defense as Grant, others on this blog do.

  31. The parallels with the 1981 Niner team that won the SB will continue, as will KCs futility in their quest to win another SB.
    Niners 38, Chiefs 31.

  32. The sports media buffoons are already counting the Niners out and that’s just the way I like it. The team will arrive in Miami with a boulder sized chip on their shoulder. It’s going to be a great Super Bowl…and a great win for the San Francisco 49ers!! 42-35 Niners

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