49ers vs. Packers Periscope pregame show

San Francisco 49ers center Weston Richburg (58) against the Arizona Cardinals during an NFL football game in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Nov. 17, 2019. (AP Photo/Josie Lepe)

Check out my Periscope preview of the 49ers-Packers game.

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  1. The 49ers sound pretty jacked up for this game, and I think they’ll win it handily. Especially if Kittle and Sanders play.

    1. Yes its been a while since they Frisco has balled out….seems as though Kittle Sanders and Samuel are a good triad and a tough group to handle…should open the run game up

      Its either a squeeker with the Cheese Head pulling it out, or Niners up and exerting their might and scoring in bunches…cheers

  2. Wishful thinking Razor,

    I guess you’ve solved our LDE problem before, as Lynch stated: “We will bring in another free agent to replace Ford.”

    Here’s hoping Solomon Thomas, Damontre Moore or Arik Armstead can step up at LDE in the absence of Dee Ford vs. Green Bay.

    At this point, I’d even take a flyer on Kentavius Street. Shanny did say he would bring him on board if needed.

      1. Jones goes unappreciated among all the 1st rounders surrounding him, but he’s got some short area burst for his body type.

  3. This ain’t small ball boy. Next man up has been the mentality all year long, and has served us well.

    I’ve got a feeling Shanny would like nothing better than to run it up against that Pettine led defense. There’s no love lost between those two….

  4. Niners should have a play that can get 3 yards, 2 yards and 1 yard.
    1 yard play- QB sneak.
    2 yard play- FB dive on RO.
    3 yard play- little flat route along side line, so Toilolo can use his 6’8″ body to high point the ball. Otherwise, the ball sails out of bounds, because the DBs cannot reach that high.
    I hope Jones can play, but they should rotate with Julian Taylor and Sheldon Day.
    To replace Ford, move Buckner outside. Maybe he will only get a single blocker, and I think he can set the edge.
    Then across the D line, It would be Buckner, Jones, Armstead, Bosa.
    The Niners should attack the middle with Wilson, the edges with Mostert, and give Coleman both, with swing passes.

    1. GB must play safeties underneath in coverage.
      I do not see any scenario where JG must throw a pass under duress. Take the sack, regroup and run Coleman between the guard and center to recover lost yardage.
      The outside corners can easily lift and move receivers to the sideline. K’wan must get help from Ward and Warner playing underneath to lift any TEs off the field.
      These imposters are ruining this site and Grant can only watch. I am simply trying to chronicle the Niners great run for posterity.
      People think it might be fun to be a super genius.
      But they don’t realize how hard it is to put up with all the idiots in this world.
      I wish to focus on my wonderful Niners 9-1 win/loss record.
      GO NINERS!!!

  5. From Shanahan’s presser…

    With your injury situation, going back even to last week, was there ever any thought given to having QB C.J. Beathard up to play special teams?

    “Definitely. Yeah, I think we were two guys away from that. You never dress the third quarterback, but if the other option is dressing 45 people, we would definitely dress 46 before doing that and that would be C.J. The neat thing about dressing C.J. is he could help us on special teams. He’s got the attitude, he knows how to do it, and he would give it all. You guys see how he plays quarterback. He could help us on special teams, so if it ever came to that, we would definitely get him in there.”

  6. Thanks Grant…great material as always

    Hey a big big game….we will see if JimmyP is up to snuff the next 5 weeks….the rubber meets the road

    Jimmy will either be stud or dud ….. play poised and not turn the ball over or press and throw to the other team??? this is the question= we will all find out the answer

    1. Jimmy will either be stud or dud ….. play poised and not turn the ball over or press and throw to the other team???

      Wrong dichotomy, Monty. Jimmy has shown to play poised and win even while turning the ball over. JG, throw that pick if you must, if slinging it as you do requires it, then defense do your thing. Then come back and kick some cheesehead @ss.

      1. Rib yes but I still think if Jimmy keeps throwing picks it will eventually come back to bit him…..Seattle he got uber lucky could have had 5 int’s……this must change

  7. The Packers lost to the Chargers, but redeemed themselves against the Panthers.
    I hope the Niners can emulate what the Chargers did, and can learn from how the Panthers failed to stop the Packer offense. Generally, the Packers gashed the Panthers, so the Niner defense needs to be stout up front.
    Having a solid running game that controls the clock, sustains long drives, and keeps the Packer offense off the field, while letting the Niner defense rest, may be a winning strategy. I hope the Niner offense becomes more balanced, and eventually wears down the Packer defense. Kyle Allen completed a lot of passes, so I hope JG can do the same thing.
    If I were the Packers, I would line up Devante Adams against Sherman. The Niners should be flexible, and assign Moseley to shadow Adams, or give Sherman safety help to double cover Adams. Maybe then, Sherman can jump a shallow route.
    This may be a shootout between JG and Rodgers. The one who will win may be the one who makes the least mistakes.

  8. From Eric Branch via NN: On ten drives for the 49ers following his interceptions this season, Garoppolo is 32 for 35 for 288 yards, two touchdowns, zero interceptions, and a 120 passer rating.

  9. Playoff positioning starts tomorrow. Here we go baby this is when football gets really fun. This team has yet to play its best game…

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