49ers vs. Patriots live blog

SANTA CLARA — This is the live blog for the 49ers’ Week-12 game against the New England Patriots. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

12:00 Here are the 49ers’ inactives:

  • WR Torrey Smith
  • OLB Aaron Lynch
  • QB Christian Ponder
  • RB Mike Davis
  • OT John Theus
  • TE Je’Ron Hamm
  • DT Chris Jones

12:04 Here are the Patriots’ inactives:

  • TE Rob Gronkowski
  • LB Jabaal Sheard
  • WR Chris Hogan
  • RB DJ Foster
  • OT LaAdrian Waddle
  • CB Justin Coleman
  • DL Woodrow Hamilton

12:04 Patriots’ running back Dion Lewis is active.

12:04 Rookie wide receiver Aaron Burbridge is starting in place of Torrey Smith.

12:05 Last week, Chip Kelly and Jim O’Neil allowed the Cardinals to pick on LB Nick Bellore in the passing game at will, which cost the 49ers’ the game. Following that loss, Kelly and O’Neil defended their use of Bellore publicly all week. Privately, they had to know they messed up. Expect them to take Bellore off the field on passing downs and replace him with S Jauquiski Tartt. Kelly and O’Neil would be crazy not to.

12:11 Do you think the 49ers will touch Tom Brady today? If so, how many times? Once? Twice?

1:23 The Patriots win the toss and defer.

1:28 Colin Kaepernick takes a sack on first and third down, and the Niners go three-and-out. After the second sack, Joshua Garnett was the only player on the offense to walk over to Kaepernick and help him up. Hmmm.

1:29 Patriots start at the 49ers’ 27 after a long punt return by Danny Amendola.

1:34 On third-and-three from the 49ers’ 4-yard line, Keith Reaser gives up a touchdown catch to Julian Edelman in the back-right corner of the end zone. 6-0 Patriots after a missed extra point.

1:46 On third-and-goal from the 6, Dont’a Hightower sacks Kaepernick and strips the football. Kaepernick recovers after a 9-yard loss. Phil Dawson makes a 33-yard field goal. 6-3 Patriots.

1:57 On first-and-goal from the 9, Tom Brady completes a screen pass to James White who runs over Rashard Robinson on the way to the end zone. Touchdown. 13-3 Patriots. Earlier in the drive, Glenn Dorsey got pushed out of his gap and LeGarrette Blount ran for 44 yards. Eric Reid made a business decision and got out of Blount’s way during that run.

2:04 On third-and-8, Trent Brown gives up a sack to Kyle Van Noy. Four sacks already. Whew!

2:13 The Patriots kill their own drive with a holding penalty that negated a long touchdown run by Blount, followed by an intentional-grounding penalty on Brady. Niners’ ball at their 8-yard line after the punt.

2:24 Kaepernick throws an 18-yard touchdown pass to Vance McDonald on first-and-10. Nice throw. Nice catch. 13-10 Patriots.

2:31 DeForest Buckner sacks Brady on third-and-15, and the Patriots go three-and-out.

2:32 Niners’ ball at their 39 after a 36-yard punt.

2:34 Kaepernick scrambles and fumbles on second-and-9. Trent Brown recovers. On third-and-8, Kaepernick completes a 4-yard Gabbert-esque pass to Shaun Draughn, and the Niners go three-and-out.

2:49 The Patriots score no points before halftime. They will receive the ball to start the third quarter.

2:59 Brady completes an 8-yard pass to James White and third-and-9 and the Patriots go three-and-out.

3:05 Logan Ryan breaks up a pass intended for Jeremy Kerley on third-and-2 from the 49ers’ 39.

3:14 Jimmie Ward breaks up a pass intended for Edelman on third-and-7 from the 49ers’ 47.

3:20 Kaepernick throws behind an open Vance McDonald on third-and-9 from the Patriots’ 45. Bradley Pinion’s punt bounces into the end zone. Touchback.

3:29 Eric Reid misses a tackle during a 13-yard catch-and-run by Edelman on third-and-2 from the Niners’ 22. Next play, Dion Lewis runs up the middle for nine yards. Second-and-goal from the 6-yard line when the fourth quarter starts.

3:31 Brady spins away from Buckner and, while falling down, throws a touchdown pass to Amendola. 20-10 Patriots.

3:32 By the way, the 49ers have scored 16 points in the third quarter this season. That’s 1.6 points per third quarter.

3:39 Eric Rowe breaks up a deep pass intended for Kerley on third-and-6 and the Niners go three-and-out. Patriots’ ball at their 30 after the punt.

3:41 Tom Brady overthrows an open Edelman on third-and-9  and the Patriots go three-and-out. Another moral victory for the home team!

3:46 On first-and-10, Kaepernick has good protection and an open Vance McDonald deep down the field. Kaepernick side arms the throw for some reason and overthrows the pass. But mechanics don’t matter. Niners go three-and-out.

3:55 On third-and-8, Brady steps up in the pocket and throws a 56-yard touchdown pass to Malcolm Mitchell, who ran right past Tramaine Brock, who was still covering Danny Amendola and not looking at the ball. Classic.

4:01 Kaepernick almost throws picks on both second and third down, and the Niners go three-and-out.

4:07 Steven Gostkowski makes a 38-yard field goal. 30-10 New England.

4:18 Kaepernick throws a 13-yard touchdown pass to Shaun Draughn on first-and-10. That’s called garbage-time production. 30-17 New England.

4:19 Amendola recovers the on-side kick.

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  1. This game reminds me of the last time the 49ers-Pats played. The overlooked injury to Aldon Smith’s shoulder was a turning point in his career. Not a good one. He’s never been the same. He never regained the hand punch since the shoulder injury. It was like Tommy Hearns. A lanky guy that punches like a thicker athlete.

    I agree with those that say Justin Smith’s injury hurt Aldon’s sack count, but not to the degree some people claim. Aldon’s (was) a unique pass rushing talent.

    Of course his substance issues now plays the major role in his downturn.

    1. On more than one occasion Aldon pushed the left tackle all the way back into the qb. Justin had nothing to do with that. Aldon was just that strong.

    1. I was at a concert last night and missed it- how did you score it?

      * I don’t bet against Ward or Mayweather…… I thought your dads prediction was off by essentially suggesting that Ward was too soft in that Ward showed against Froch in the Super Six that he can go inside with bigger guys and that that would help mitigate the reach and strength advantage of Kovalev.

        1. from the reports I read, the judges had rounds 7+ all for Ward absent 1 giving the 12th to Kovalev. I look forward to seeing the replay on Sat night.

          I would like to see Crawford add some weight down the road to get into some larger $ fights.

            1. Seems a bit unusual for him as he tends to be pretty aggressive……. you think we see another Mayweather v Pacquiao fight?

              What fight do you want to see made?

              1. Ward was constantly clinching, was not the initiator, and was knocked down.

                Kovalev threw 140 more punched, landed 17 more total power punches.

                Boxing scoring says that the agressor wins the round if no one was dominat (knockdown).

                The fact that social media was about 80%+ saying this was a joke decision means that it was anything but obvious that ward won. Ive been watching boxing for 35 years, Ward did nothing to win that fight and the knockdown and fact he was outpunched 474 to 337 basically validates that.

              2. eMJay-

                I have yet to score the fight, but I was in the minority who scored Bradley over Pacqiuao- I only watched it once, but the nature of the sports is round b y round, not cumulative………,Per Ward, the judges’ cards showed Ward won the 2nd half of the fight- as I said, I haven’t watched it yet.

              3. I agree its round by round, you score a winner and a loser per round, but Ward did nothing to win many rounds. Also, he had an 8 pt round for being knocked down. He initiated clinches, was leading with his head into Kovalevs armpit, and was not the aggressor, not going forward. He was fighting a defensive fight, but a defensive fight you need to dominate, he did not. Traditional rules of judging say the aggressor wins the round, all else being equal. This mindset has been lost, specifically because of Floyd Mayweather. Kovalev pushed the fight, the punch stats show it, and he should have won 8 rounds to 4, 7 to 5 at worst.

            2. I agree Grant. Kovalev came forward but didn’t throw a lot of the time and other than the big shot that knocked Ward down, didn’t land many clean punches. It was a tough fight to score because every round except the second was really close. I could have seen a close decision going either way frankly. Not a great fight overall.

              1. I thought it was a great fight because of what Ward did. He couldn’t hurt Kovalev but he took the fight to him anyway even after getting hurt. What will.

              2. Ward showed some heart no doubt, I just found the fight tough to get excited about overall because there were really very few clean shots that put either fighter on the defensive. No sequences where either guy was in real trouble. I give Ward credit though because he kept a pretty big puncher from landing much and tied him up in knots for most of the night.

  2. I don’t understand why they don’t use Johnson more as a replacement for a LB on passing downs. He did that job quite well last year. He’s better in coverage than Tartt.

      1. Pilots can be bought. Likely every pilot certified to fly banners within 1000 miles of the Bay Area received an anonymous $5K deposit in their accounts to not tug banners today.

      1. After 20+ starts, Mariota has a better completion percentage, yards-per-attempt average, TD-INT ratio and QB rating than Winston.

        1. He also plays behind an excellent OL with excellent RBs in a run oriented offense that simplifies things for the QB.

            1. Winston is the more advanced QB. Mariota is like Prescott. Good players benefitting from being allowed to learn in an offense that doesn’t make them the focal point. Winston is the focal point of the Bucs offense.

              1. Winston and Mariota have thrown just about the same number of passes this year. Mariota is the better QB.

              2. Sure, but the running game is the focal point of the Titans offense. The offense works off the run. Kaep looked good in a potent run first offense too, you’ll recall.

  3. Just under 5 minutes and Harry Reaser gives up a TD to Edleman. I can only imagine how many more in 60 minutes….

  4. Don’t they fly the Goodyear blimp anymore I miss that thing. It would add some interest and nostalgia to the game.

      1. they’re in sanctuary city, not allowed to fly anymore for that’s a good thing. What’s good to them is bad for us.

    1. Maybe he’s related to a York….that would be the only possible reason. He shouldn’t even take up a practice squad spot.

  5. Can’t score TD’s in the red zone: check.
    Can’t stop the run: check.
    Can’t rush the QB: check.
    Can’t block or tackle: check.
    Yep; it’s a Niner’s 2016 game.

    1. Opposing fans outnumber 49er fans, check.
      Santa Clara taking over Levi Stadium, check.
      NFL to investigate 49ers for fraud at stadium, make it so
      Cut Colin Kaepernick.

  6. IF the Rams do the 49ers a favor and beat Miami, Miami should be the next TICKED OFF team to beat the 49ers next week.

  7. What a great sack that was to get to Kap> I think the Pats remember 4 years ago in NE, just like the Steelers last year remembered 4 years ago at the Stick.

    1. So could the San Rafael Bulldogs. They haven’t won in their division in like 6 years away, 0 for their MCAL division!

    1. that’s why I didn’t want it to rain for that helped the 49ers 4 years vs. NE. I hate California with a passion.

  8. Never thought I’d observe this — but Kap seems to be throwing with a decent touch on short and mid-distance passes.

    1. I still want him gone. He disrespects our country and to allow this evil POS out there every week is a disservice to anybody that watches football or anybody that THINKS of playing football. Kap needs to be HURT, literally.

  9. You sure Buckner is a bust grant? He looks pretty good to me on that sack, I know he plays high(not that kind of high even if it is legal) but I think he will make a big difference long term!

  10. Trent Brown is getting good practice at fumble recoveries. On the other side of the ball, this Buckner kid us showing real promise when used properly.

  11. Just like 4 years ago, rain helping the 49ers. Just sad it takes bad weather to help the undeserving team. Of all the times for a stupid storm in the south bay! It couldn’t wait until a week later!

  12. That’s the 3rd weak attempt at a tackle I’ve seen from Tartt today. Doesn’t seem to have much desire to be out there… Another awesome Baalke pick.

  13. Grant: I know you read all the postings here. How low does the slimeball Darren5000 has to go before you ban him. Criticism is one thing, but openly wishing for Kaepernick to get hurt is crossing the line in my opinion.

    1. It’s a lot better then you shafting our country, Rick, rooting for a POS that disrespects who we are and who our country is. He’s an outside and he’ll always be an outsider. I’ve been a fan for 35 years to the dog and pony show the last 15 years from the York family and you people got no backbone at at all. It’s always you have an excuse when you lose. Never mind the fat stats all QBs have in winning their games, you support a man that can’t pass or lead, and the 49ers are losing both creditability and respect, and it’s my freedom and right to drop the hammer on this sorry fake team that Bill Walsh should be disgusted with along with Eddie D, the real owner, not this sorry kid Jed York and his family. Can’t stand an opinion, you’re just a PC liberal that can’t hear the other side.

        1. Keep on being the liberal fake 49er fans that you are as I keep it real. This team is like a bad movie. If I say it’s a bad movie, it’s a FLOP movie, don’t bother paying your money to it, but oh no, you won’t listen. You’ll see the so called Rudy in Kaepernick overcome the so called adversity in his life and tell all the kids that it’s OK to disrespect the sport, the flag, and everything else. White power to you, Kap. This has been the elite supporter of Michael Savage.

  14. Come on lousy Pats team, first you let Seattle beat you and now you let the weather beat you. No excuses 4 years ago losing to the 49ers in Gillette, the supposed winning stadium for you like Lambeau to the Packers. I suggest to Brady to hang it up if he can’t beat this team.

  15. This is why I’m better never watching a 49er game because every time I do, they pull this off and give a false hope and cost themselves opportunity in the draft once again as they’ll pick up another DeForest Buckner that can’t play or the ACL player that can’t play, and forget the real need for a QB as it’s OK for the one YOU GOT to disrespect this country and take the NFL down the toilet. You think that one player in the NFL would take a shot at Kap, one player, take the penalty, take the fine. If I was out there, you know where I would aim for in tackling Kap. Only the bad weather can ruin my holiday, thanks a lot! Should’ve had 50 points on this sorry 49ers team.

  16. Pats don’t seem too interested in winning today and yet the Niners still can’t take advantage. With our luck Jed will declare this another moral victory in the form of a close loss and Baalke gets an extension for making this team (inconsistently) competitive….

    1. Red, I wouldn’t be surprised and I wouldn’t be surprised if the GOOF is still around next year, so called ‘rip the contract’, knowing Baalke, he’d try to trade Kap for a FIRST ROUND pick.

      1. Wilson, I don’t see the 49ers I used to see, the one where the QB had high value, RB, a WR, and a good O and D. This 49ers team Wilson is a high school team with no place in the NFL. Wilson, think of the opportunity, MAYBE we fire Kelly. MAYBE we fire Baalke. MAYBE we get rid of the GOOF that can’t pass. MAYBE we’ll have an opportunity in the draft. See Wilson, these are GOOD MAYBEs and you know full well I DO NOT LIKE YORK and never HAVE. Losing means we’re winning, you get it, son?

  17. 5th year in the league and still throwing off his back foot! Limited QB who never worked on his mechanics, shameful!

  18. I was wondering if the secondary would be exposed if the Niners stopped the run. But again Brady is really good.

  19. Jed York should not let Craft leave SF until he can make a deal for Garoppolo!
    Our QB’s are woefully inept. And this team will never make the postseason until Jed steps up to address the QB issue first hand. Baalke should no longer be allowed to make personnel decisions effective immediately.

    1. I am in agreement, get the backup QB from NE and get rid of the Kapper, please. Please start Ponder next week, 49ers.

  20. Thank God NE is winning. I’m very happy that we kept pace with the Browns in teh draft order.
    Next week vs. Miami, little concerned, don’t know which Miami team shows up. I am hopeful that the AFC remembers what Jim Harbaugh did.

  21. Niners must cut Kap after the season. He is a fraud of a player. He cant make plays when they are really needed. He is also a fraud of a person that creates distractions in the locker room. He is also a fraud as a person. I live near Turlock and most of his hometown fans are disgusted in his selfish behavior over the last year. His behavior has also affected his relationship with his own family, he never considered the crap they would have to deal with. A once proud family that was actively involved in the community is now basically in hiding because of their selfish son.

    1. You got that right Quest my friend, and right now, the 49ers D is falling asleep and gave up their 100 yard rushing. I feel for you my friend, I do. Sooner they get rid of the fraud, better off we’ll be. We obviously got scared liberals out there, afraid for teh country.

    1. Good, no more Eric Reid kneeling by the Sap. If we can just get by these 2 games, we can still get that no. 2 pick.

      1. Your job is when they do the national anthem, you stand up and you face the flag. You show respect to it. I’m willing to say that maybe you don’t have to put the hand on the heart, see, I’m being a nice guy, Cassie. I think it’s respectful if one looks at the flag when the anthem is played. You don’t kneel down. you don’t put a fist out. See, Cassie, you just LEARNED something from the CONSERVATIVE fan of Dr. Michael Savage.

          1. Rib
            I dunno, but someone on another blog said Darren5000 is actually DS9.
            The persistent overwrought trolling seems familiarly inane.
            Scroll, baby, scroll.
            ; >)

              1. Yes, that’s right, say whatever you want Rib. Least I’m not the one protesting like you setting cars on fire in Portland, Oregon, loser or taking your little BRAT out of school to wah, wah, wah, protest. You want something to protest, Rib, why don’t you get these so called 49ers fans, go down to Santa Clara anytime the 49ers have a home game and PROTEST the ownership on down to the GOOF! That should be the priority to get something done on the 49ers instead of crying about who won the election. For anybody to have so called problems about Trump winning the election, you’re all MESSED UP to begin with! Remember that, YOU are the ones that can do something about the corrupt ownership of Santa Clara.

              2. Don’t make me laugh, dummkopf. The Yorks are a paragon of ownership compared to your hero Trump. When he was involved in sports, he destroyed not only a team, but an entire league. It’s only time before he does to the USA what he did to the USFL.

  22. I remember when the Niners used to beat teams up (thanks Harbaugh)…. Now they’re the softest team in the league (thanks Jed).

  23. Kind of hoped the Pats would’ve scored, but oh well, win is a win and I’m a HAPPY FAN! Thank you Jesus for stopping the evil from winning.

  24. Last time something was over Levi Stadium was that big crow in front of the camera that opened its beak before teh San Jose Sharks game. I hope the Sharks don’t think of having another NHL game there.

  25. My grades:
    Kap, F
    RB D plus
    WR F
    Oline C
    Dline D to an F
    Secondary, D to an F
    Coaching F
    Overall F
    Continue to hold to the no. 2 pick, thank you Pats.

  26. I am happy to get the Eagles and Hawks game, that’s the game the Bay Area SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN. Shame on you NFL!

      1. MWNIner
        Trump won
        Get over it
        49ers are 1 and 9
        Be a real 49er fan and root for our draft opportunity
        and a real 49er fan wishes for Colin Kaepernick to GO AWAY

        All the 49ers got to do for me is:
        Fire Kelly
        Fire Baalke
        Dump Kap
        Draft a QB

        1. Darren,

          Even if we are better off by getting a higher draft pick I can’t imagine watching a game and not cheering for my 49ers.

          1. Look #80, I’m at the age where I am not the Ultimate Warrior anymore go crazy kind of fan. I’m sorry that it took this technology to catch up as you got the obvious opinion, but when we had people in Montana, Young, garcia, Rice, OWens, Cross, Solomon, Hacksaw, Russ Francis, we had the legends and it was up to this team to preserve them. When they were starting to decline or on the way out, we should’ve done a better job replacing these people. We have made one poor choice after another and took one wrong FA after another. This team doesnt’ even resemble that of a bad high school team.

            We got an owner that does not care for you, and I take it as an insult when the York family REFUSES to preserve our team that Walsh had. We have let countless people in the draft get away and they are legends and we got nothing.

            The Yorks have blown the opportunity to be trusted, and when that happens with anybody that runs a business like that, it’s time for that business to be sold.

            The SF Giants got new owners. GS Warriors got new owners. Oakland As just got new owners. Why can’t the 49ers and why should I have to cheer for a man that hates this country? I take great value in my country and my flag. Kap refuses to respect us as fans.

            1. As a liberal that you are, Wilson, you make up any lie you can about me. but as to where I have been: Sometimes I post on ESPN under my facebook. I might post in SFGate using my Email. I’ve posted off and on in NFL under my Facebook. I’ll post on Michael savage’s site under my Discus account, which is not DS9 whatever that is, but I don’t disclose personal information. I also work Monday thru Friday so I don’t have time to hang here having to defend how I am a 49er fan. I hold them into high account, you can’t understand the problems the 49ers have, maybe you’re not a fan if you can’t take some concrete criticism. Before you whine oh I have nothing good to say about any 49er. Phil Dawson has been great, why should I badmouth him for? As for JH, look at what Bellichk has done for Brady, look what JH has done for Kap. Switch it around, could Brady be a good scrambler like Kap? I don’t think so. Can Kap be a good thrower like Brady? I don’t think so either. Just draft a new QB.

          2. Why watch a product that you care more about than the owners do? This team-this product-SHOULD be boycotted.

            Hey, “80—I submit to you–and i’m not being sarcastic on this-that you and anyone else on this blog could run the 9ers better than this…….have a more productive draft than this…..cut ties with the deadwood on this team better than Yoralke. Name one thing you could not do as well as Yoralke????

    1. Along with continuing to start Colin Kaepernick, Red. Until the 49ers get it that disrespecting the country is wrong, they’ll keep losing.

  27. The Niners set a franchise record with their 9th straight loss and honor Eddie D. This day shows the contrast between having a great owner and having a bad owner that only cares about money and hires her bumbling husband and son to milk every last cent out of our team. Sell the team Denise.

  28. Colin Kaepernick’s season (via Cam Inman)
    First Half – 50 of 68, 746 yards, 6 TDs, 2 INT
    Second Half – 36 of 94, 398, 1 TD, 0 INT

    Are they spiking the water fountain at halftime?

    1. I was just considering those very stats Brodie. WTH?
      I recall his 2nd half was sucky during Harbaugh’s last year too. Remember no 4Q TDs?
      The 3-&-Outs today bled the D dry.

    2. No simply his mechanics break down because fundamentally he is limited. He lacks the basic skills of footwork and accuracy and late in games those traits are what carry you forward during adversity.
      He’s never developed them and this is why he will never be more than a one dimensional QB.

      1. Michael Jordan, Larry Bird,Magic Johnson were big time players late in games because they were fundamentally sound. They never relied on razzle dazzle like old wind up does!

      2. This is not new information…For Kelly to waist this season playing Kaepernick only to find out what is already know about this guy …

    3. It’s the same thing week after week. He makes some throws in the first half, then the D adjusts to what he’s doing and he can’t counter. Cannot remember the last time he played well for a full game.

      But at least he got a good laugh at his locker after the game. Good to see that the 14 losses in his last 16 starts isn’t getting him down.

      Losing has become the culture at 4949.

      1. I saw our QB miss four throws today. In bad weather. By 4 throws I meant 4 throws to guys that were open. I saw Brady miss many throws today too. Here is the issue, we have practice squad level receivers.
        I actually blame this game on coaching. In a very close game, we should have committed to pounding the ball more. The Patriots were giving up 4 to 5 yards per clip to Hyde. Why throw so much in a tight game?

        1. IT’s timing & accuracy. Look how many times Brady got the ball out just in time in front of the receivers #’s…..
          And holy S***t–are some of you Kaep fans so F’n BLIND that you are comparing him to Tom Brady??? Wake up and understand one guy is as good as Joe Montana and the other played on the same franchise as Joe.

          1. Not me, Bandit. I’m the realist 49er fan, like an El Rushbo right 99.8% of the time about the fate of the 49ers and these fans can’t STAND IT.

    1. MidWest ..

      the author is correct when he says
      Harbs probably won’t accept the gig … but
      if .. he did ..

      wouldn’t that .. be a big
      thumb to the nose .. at a few people
      over at 4949 .. ?

    1. But still lost by a big margin, didn’t beat my spread by that much. I knew the GOOF wouldn’t do anything to help the team. If Gronk was playing, Brady would’ve topped 400 easy.

  29. Hmm Harbaugh, new Rams HC when they fire Fisher….
    I don’t know, you never know, but I think Harbaugh might stay in Michigan.

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