49ers vs. Ravens live blog

SANTA CLARA — This is the live blog for the San Francisco 49ers’ Week 6 game against the Baltimore Ravens. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

10:50 I picked the Ravens to win this game when the schedule first came out and I’m sticking with my prediction: Ravens 23, 49ers 20. San Francisco should have every opportunity to win this game, because Baltimore isn’t good.

10:54 Ravens’ wide receiver Steve Smith (back) apparently will play.

11:57 Here are the 49ers’ inactives:
Bruce Ellington
Reggie Bush
Gerald Hodges
Brandon Thomas
Ian Silberman
Mike Purcell
Corey Lemonier

That means Vernon Davis and Carlos Hyde are active.

12:00 Here are the Ravens’ inactives:
Darren Waller
Breshaud Perriman
Lardarius Webb
Terrence Brooks
Raheem Mostert
Ryan Jensen
Chris Cant

That means Justin Forsett is active.

12:51 Jordan Devey is the Niners’ starting right guard in warmups.

1:14 Colin Kaepernick’s record is 5-10 when he throws at least 30 passes.

1:23 The 49ers win the toss and choose to receive the opening kickoff.

1:32 Kaepernick throws deep on third-and-9 from the Ravens’ 37-yard line, and Quinton Patton catches the pass out of bounds, which doesn’t count as a catch. The 49ers punt instead of attempting a 55-yard field goal. Ravens’ ball at their 15. 22-yard punt.

1:36 Tony Jerod-Eddie bats down Joe Flacco’s pass on third-and-12, and the Ravens punt.

1:37 Jarryd Hayne fumbles, but Dontae Johnson recovers.

1:39 Kaepernick stares down Anquan Boldin on third-and-6, and Jimmy Smith drops the interception. Boldin ran a curl route and Kaepernick seemed to expect him to run a slant.

1:40 Phil Dawson makes a 53-yard field goal. 3-0 Niners.

1:43 Joe Flacco throws to Forsett on third-and-9, Antoine Bethea tackles him after a gain of 3 and the Ravens go three-and-out. They look horrible. Niners’ ball at their 14 after the punt.

1:50 Dawson makes a 33-yard field goal, and the Niners lead 6-0. Kaepernick completed a 52-yard pass to a wide open Bruce Miller on third-and-1 from his own 23.

1:54 Chryst called a bubble screen for Boldin on third-and-7. Boldin gained only four. Chryst is more concerned with keeping Kaepernick confident than winning.

1:55 Shayne Skov is penalized for being offside on the kickoff, so Bradley Pinion re-kicks and Jeremy Ross returns the ball to the Ravens’ 39.

1:59 Jimmie Ward tackles tight end Crockett Gilmore after a gain of two on first-and-10 from the Niners’ 28, and the first quarter ends. Flacco completed a 19-yard pass to Steve Smith, who was wide open, on the first play of the drive. The Niners seemed to be in their famous zone defense that doesn’t cover anyone.

2:02 Flacco completes a 19-yard pass to Crockett Gilmore. Ian Williams is down and in pain.

2:03 Williams seems OK as he walks off the field.

2:06 Williams comes back one play later and tackles Forsett for a one-yard loss on second-and-goal from the three.

2:09 Steve Smith drops a pass in the end zone on third-and-goal from the four. Field goal is good. 6-3 Niners.

2:13 Kaepernick play fakes and throws a 76-yard touchdown pass to Torrey Smith, who burned Shareece Wright on a stutter-and-go double move. 13-3 Niners.

2:19 Michael Wilhoite intercepts Joe Flacco on third-and-4 from the Ravens’ 26. Good underneath zone coverage there.

2:24 Albert McClellan drops an interception on third-and-four from the Ravens’ 8, the Niners kick a field goal and the score is now 16-3. Still waiting on Baltimore to show up.

2:32 Smith drops another pass in the end zone, and the Ravens kick a field goal. The score is 16-6, but it should be 16-14. Niners caught two huge breaks.

2:40 On third-and-8 from the Niners’ 40, Colin Kaepernick drops back and gets sacked. Pinion will punt after the two-minute warning.

2:45 Flacco throws behind a wide open Marlon Brown on third-and-four from the Ravens’ 40. Brooks may have tipped the pass. Hayne makes a fair catch at the Niners’ 8-yard line. 40 seconds left.

2:48 Hyde gains 14 yards up the middle and the Niners let the clock run out.

3:02 Ravens had the ball at their 20 to start the third quarter.

3:09 On first-and-10 from the Niners’ 41, Flacco play fakes, backpedals and throws off his back foot right to Kenneth Acker. No Ravens receiver was close. Acker returned the pick 45 yards.

3:10 Hyde goes down in pain before getting touched on first-and-10 from the Ravens’ 38.

3:14 On third-and-12 from the 40, Kaepernick throws a short pass to Boldin, who breaks 159 tackles and gains 26. The Ravens really stink.

3:17 The Ravens blitz and sack Kaepernick for a loss of 8 on third-and-12 from the 16. Field goal is money. Score is 19-6 Niners. Hyde was in the gain on first down and second down.

3:28 Flacco throws a bomb off his back foot to Smith, who catches the ball over Acker in the end zone. 34-yard touchdown. 19-13 Niners.

3:30 Flacco completed three passes to running backs on that drive. The Ravens finally figured out those passes work against this Niners’ defense.

3:32 Hayne at running back on first down.

3:34 Kaepernick targets Torrey Smith on third-and-10, and the pass lands out of bounds. Ravens’ ball at their 44-yard line after an awful 36-yard punt by Pinion.

3:39 Flacco completes an eight-yard pass to Kamar Aiken on second-and-7 from the Niners 41. First-and-10 from the 33 when the fourth quarter begins.

3:43 Flacco throws deep to Aiken on third-and-4 from the 27. Terrible decision. Terrible throw. Justin Tucker misses the field goal. He slipped on the grass. Niners’ ball at their 35.

3:46 Kaepernick gets sacked for a loss of one on first down, then calls timeout.

3:48 Marcus Martin is flagged for holding on second-and-11.

3:49 Kaepernick scrambles to his left and throws a beautiful 51-yard pass to Boldin, who injures his shoulder as he catches the ball. He walks off the field.

3:49 The Ravens are challenging.

3:52 Catch stands.

3:53 Shareece Wright falls down while covering Quinton Patton, who makes a 21-yard touchdown pass.

3:55 Kaepernick intercepted on the two-point conversion attempt. 25-13 Niners with 10:52 left.

4:07 Flacco rolls right and throw a touchdown pass to Kamar Aiken on fourth-and-goal from the 3. The pass seemed to be intended for Marlon Brown, who was wide open right behind Aiken. 25-20 Niners with 5:14 left.

4:15 Jimmy Smith flagged for holding on third-and-7. Wow.

4:19 Hyde runs for two yards on third-and-7 from the Niners’ 46. Ravens will get the ball with about 1:10 left.

4:21 Pinion’s punt bounces into the end zone. Ravens have the  ball with 1:06 left.

4:23 Flacco completes a 22-yard pass to Smith over the middle. First-and-10 from the 40 with 13 seconds left.

4:24 Niners flagged for having 12 men on the field.

4:25 Flacco’s pass falls incomplete in the end zone, and the Niners win. Stay tuned for grades.

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  1. When two bad teams meet the one with the better coach(es) will win. Baltimore wins 30-19.

      1. He will also need to lose his throwing arm for Baalke to draft him,an ACL wouldn’t be project enough

    1. I think it would be in Goff’s best interests to return to Cal for one more season.

  2. The key to long term success in the NFL is the ability to acquire and develop quarterbacking talent. Exhibit A: The Steelers Offense this morning.

  3. Ellington, Bush, Gerald Hodges, Brandon Thomas, Ian Silberman, Mike Purcell and Corey Lemonier inactive.

    How in the world is the defense going to stop the Ravens without Lemonier?

    1. Did you see my boy Martavis Bryant GO OFF with 136 and 2 TDs?

      Baalke was smart to draft Ellington instead of Bryant.

    1. Yep, giving every opportunity for Smelter and White to be a bigger part of the team in the future that way.

  4. We will be competitive if the coaches can once again game plan an offense in which CK does not have to read the defense.

    1. You know that kind of offense isn’t all that different than what Kelly is running in Philly. The up tempo offense is more about executing the called play and keeping the defense on its heels. John H is no dummy, we’ll see what they come up for this week.

  5. I predict, due to substandard throwing mechanics in particular poor elbow placement, QB7 throws an inaccurate pass (bonus prediction: probably low and behind) causing a game ending injury to his intended receiver. Go 49ers! 13-10.

    1. No predictions of dropped INT’s or blown coverages by the ILB’s or Devey and Pears getting beat repeatedly.

  6. Anybody have a legal way to view the game if it’s not being broadcasted where you live?

  7. Quinton Patton catches the pass out of bounds, which doesn’t count as a catch.
    Given how many of his passes end up out there I wonder if he knows they don’t count?

  8. So far the offensive game plan looks eerily similar to the one used against Minnesota.

  9. Bruce Miller is really underutilized. The guy seems like he always makes more yards than is available. It would be nice if he got a handful of touches a game

    1. Because he’s big, has great hang time, and Andy Lee was all was up? Oh, did I mention that he’s big?

  10. I’m a 49ers fan who’s watching a Packers game. There’s something very wrong about that.

    1. Me too, Aaron Rodgers is from butte county where I live, mother in law is a big fan so we are switching back and forth. Good to see Torrey smith going deep

  11. Field goal war? Days like this make me appreciate mediocre qb’s like Jeff Garcia , help me obi won kenobi , nobody else can help me with this crap!

  12. Just saw the Smith TD on a game break. All I can is that IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME!

  13. And that’s why you bring in a Torrie Smith…and who got burned on that play? That bum Shareece Wright…lol

  14. 1. Defense really misses Cowboy and Patrick from 2011-2013.
    2. Offense continues to have problems in the Red zone. Don’t understand why they can’t solve this problem.
    3. Where is Vernon?

  15. The 49ers should stick to their game plan. If the 49ers lose the second half it will be primarily failure to convert on third down- as usual.

  16. What good is it to be the best running back in the NFC if you’re soft and can’t stay on the field.

    1. What’s you’re deal with Hyde? Your boy Davis is getting out played by a rugby player.

  17. 23jordan, I don’t want to believe it, but you may be right. Hardly seems like that freak athlete, match up nightmare he used to be.

    1. Big_ Tenn,

      He quit last year and fakes and milked a couple of injuries. Notice all of his injuries are muscle injuries. He’s not hurt, he’s a fraud. When he gets traded, he will be healthy for the rest of the season.

      1. I know that he had been wanting more money and had that hold out the previous offseason. This offseason he played it off as bad advice from a greedy agent and that he was back and better than ever, yet still has alligator arms over the middle. Not helping his trade value. Lost his passion for football? Just block, collect a check, and save his body for retirement?

  18. FG’s are going to coat the in e ts this game. Playing not to lose instead of playing to win. Ravens always play well late in games.

    1. So you think they’re taking field goals on purpose? I think they would have preferred to have gained yardage with on the run plays and not taken a sack on their 3 and 12. Not sure that’s not playing to win but poor execution.

      1. Poor play calls in the early downs. Runs instead of throwing the ball outside to the end zone. They are too willing to settle for field goals.

  19. I hate to speculate on the extent of Hyde’s ankle injury they can be problematic, but I fear the D will not hold and his services will be needed.

  20. Acker is getting beat like a drum this year. Gotta give someone else a shot. Hes.getting killed every game.

    1. No he’s not. He’s been killed by Antonio Brown. Other than that he’s given up a play here and there. You will notice he actually played that TD to Smith perfectly except for the end. He’s got talent, he’s just inexperienced.

      1. Scotter,

        Apparently, you missed what Becka did to him in the Giants game and clearly you missed the Arizona game as well. Once again. Acker is getting trashed out there, with all due respect to you sir.

        1. Looks like it was you that missed the Giants and Cards games.

          Beckham had his big plays against Brock, not Acker. Acker only gave up 3 catches against the Giants, and no big plays. Against the Cards it was the LBs that got torn apart, not Acker.

          In fact, Acker’s play this season has been impressive enough that Grantland has him in there All Surprise team through the first 5 weeks of the season.


  21. The 49 will need a special team play or a turnover to win this. The offense is not getting it done.

  22. Without exaggeration, this team is so poorly coached in terms of scheme, we may have the worst OC and DC on the same staff, I have ever seen!

    Embarrassing to watch!

    1. The 49ers are about ready to sink to a new low, and lose to a team that has no business winning on the road. Smart money would be against the 49ers all season from here on out! This coaching staff is not an NFL level staff. I would say, with the exception of 2 position coaches, every coach on this staff is underqualified for their position!

  23. Is it just me or has Pinion shanked a lot of punts this year?
    I didn’t like the pick to begin with but its looking even worse to me now.

    1. No you are correct. This guy is horribly inconsistent. Draft g him was a horrible mistake. Three and out, then a 30 yard punt from this guy. He give the opponts automatic field goals.

      1. That last punt, can someone explain why he didn’t kick it out of bounds? Great pick Baalke! Even better coaching there!

    2. He should have never been a fifth round pick. 7th round or UDFA. But hey, we saved a couple of million on Andy Lee. Of course, we gave several more million away to Shareece Wright, Reggie Bush and Darnell Dockett. I suspect Baalke is happy if he manages to break even.

  24. We just kept the worst part of Harbaugh’s offense.
    Geep was responsible for that awful redzone gameplan we had, and this year it’s even worse. We might have more negative plays than positives.

    And the middle of the field of the defense continues to be terrible.

    And we might have to draft another punter next draft.

    Yeah, it is really difficult to enjoy this team playing right now.

  25. Losing the way they do makes its easir d or the front office and coaching staff to explain away the 15 losses. The plan is going perfectly. ” We tried but we just came up short”.

  26. If the 49ers win this game, it’s got more to do with the Ravens failing to capitalize on opportunities, then it is the 49ers outplaying the Ravens. The Ravens made halftime adjustments and are now winning at the point of attack. And why is Devey getting most of the snaps at RG? Simply mindboggling!

  27. I’ve been reffing flag football games. What is the biggest difference with Kaep this week?

      1. He is not the only one who faces the Ravens man. Lol! He has played 2 quality games back to back.

        1. Against bad pass defenses. You can ignore that all you want, but I’m pretty sure the Seahawks have taken note of it.

          1. Ya I we have the worst O line in the NFL what’s your point? He will play good Thursday too.

    1. I had a feeling that was the response I was going to get. Has had played well two weeks in s row. Something has to be different. Let’s see if he can do it Thursday.

  28. Ravens have really taken advantage of the “intel” Wright gave them… Of course they are also getting burned by the intel the 49ers have on Wright…

  29. Kap missed a wide open RB in the flat on the 2 point conversion. He has zero vision. See where he started to take off on the Patton TD??

    1. Just saw the replay of the TD on game break and you’re right.

    2. Ya except for him keeping the play alive and keeping his eyes up to find Patton. Stop nit picking man.. He has played well 2 straight games.

    3. Rebuild a wonner,
      I just tell it like I see it. He is what he is. He’s an athlete playing QB. Count the shots he’s taken in the pocket trying to throw the football in the years he’s been in the league. Less than 3in his career. Some QB’S take 3 a game. It’s because he flees the pocket like he tried to do on that TD. He had a perfect pocket. The TD scared Patton to death. He couldn’t believe Kap found him.
      Also Kap didn’t keeps his eyes up. He looked up after he started to run and the pocket was sealed. Then he realized the protection was actually holding up and he still had more time to throw it to someone.

      1. Open your eyes, Kaepernick is not the problem. Quit pretending it is. The problem with this team is a bad OL, and soft defense! Any knowledgeable fan should see that!

  30. We’re just luck that the Ravens is terrible. Probably worse than us.
    And are playing Wright :)

    That drive was made of broken plays that Kap still had time to throw after scrambling.
    Those opportunities won’t come very oftem against good teams.

  31. Quentin Patton was stunned by that wide open pass for the TD. Guy didn’t know what to do!

  32. Here we go in that 2 deep safety look and letting the offense eat up the middle and march down he field just like last week.

  33. Ward got abused on that last drive. Gave up a few plays where he should have done better, including the play that got down to the one and the TD catch.

  34. That’s what losing football teams do on 4th down! Look at Bowman leave his guy wide open to rush Flacco while he’s drifting out of bounds.

  35. Why do you run out of bounds and stop the clock right there. The defensive holding bailed him out.

  36. I can’t believe that Kap went out of bounds.
    We got lucky the flag was thrown but so many dumb mistakes in this drive.

  37. Raven get the ball back with 1:20 left and no timeouts. This is the punters biggest kick of the season. a big kick and he can somewhat validate the draft. A bad kick and he continues his bustlike trend downward.

  38. Why can’t we just try to win the game for a change?
    Try at least one play-action pas to the flat on first or second down.
    That was our chance to surprise them and put the game away.
    Our defense probably won’t be able to hold.

  39. Seattle blows another 4th quarter lead! With that and Arizona’s loss, Kind of makes last week’s loss vs. the Giants sting a little worse.

  40. Why are the safeties not back on the 5 yard line. There is only 1 play left in the field of play.

  41. Against a 1-5 team..
    Colin (also 1-5…)
    cannot seal a win.
    The Niner defense must handle it.

    We are not ready for Seattle,
    at this rate.

    1. Ward another 1st round pick by Baalke whose terrible. Lucky win today.
      I don’t think Baltimore could have played any worse. True test next Thursday.

      1. I don’t think Ward is terrible, but he should have just been letting that hit the deck rather than trying to catch it.

        He had one bad drive today where he gave up a few catches including the TD to get within 5 points. Other than that drive he was good. Still young, still learning to be consistently good.

        1. He is always out of position with his back to the ball. He’s also small and not a good tackler. I think he’s overrated for being a 1st round pick

          1. Brock is the crap I always said he was prime. What do you think about his play now that he’s healthy. He can’t seem to track a football. Drip the Manning pick late last game????

          2. He has his back to the ball when he’s playing trail man, like he is supposed to. And he is an excellent form tackler. Very few missed tackles. What he lacks is pop to his tackling to knock guys backwards.

            I think this is another case of people having unrealistic expectations of a first round pick. He’s a day 1 starting nickel back that has been mostly solid, but has the occasional dumb mistake (like any young guy does). He’s doing fine. In fact leading into this game he had a +1.9 grade from PFF, which is solid.

            The only reason he gets criticised as overrated for a first round pick is because he got beat by Marshall for 3 TDs in his second game and because he doesn’t make many splash/ flashy plays.

        1. Ex take away all the improve by #7 and it’s a different game. Good teams would never let him run around and make those plays out of those broken plays. The TD to Patton was because the defender fell down. The missed FG was because our turf is brutal. Baltimore’s offense tried really hard to give it to SF with the 2 INT’s, and no help at the WR for Flacco. Did you think we played well today?

          1. If the 49ers lost today it would have been largely the fault of the poor red zone production. They continue to struggle at that end of the field.

            The D once again had some struggles too, which can largely be traced to the lack of pass rush. The longer the season progresses, the more I think a pass rusher should be the highest priority next off-season, whether it be through FA, trade or draft.

          2. Prime,

            It’s not that you’re pointing out deficiencies in the 49ers’ play, but rather the apparent glee you do it with, that’s hard to understand. If you’re so happy the 49ers aren’t playing optimally, why are you a 49er fan?

    1. Jimmy Smith wins the MVP. From what I’m gathering, he saved Kapernick’s @$$.

      1. The Ravens were just bad in general. Lots of mistakes, lots of missed opportunities. But a win is a win.

        1. Lots of mistakes, lots of missed opportunities.

          Two of which were drops by Smith that would have been TDs. I’ll glady take the win, but there is no excuse the team let the Ravens play them this close.

          1. Well, aside from the fact that the Ravens have been close in every game they have played this season. Like the 49ers, they have some talent on the roster but have quite a few young players and make too many mistakes.

            1. Well, aside from the fact that the Ravens have been close in every game they have played this season.

              That’s not really a good defense Scooter. Histoey is full of bad teams that played it close but failed to win in the end.

              1. Its rare that really bad teams consistently play in close games. The Ravens I believe have now lost five games by a combined total of 22 points. They aren’t a good team, as good teams find ways to win more close games than they lose, but they are also not a terrible team. They just make too many mistakes, just like they did again today.

                So yes, I think there is an excuse for letting a team like the Ravens play them this close. They are in a similar situation as the 49ers with a lot of young guys getting playing time, and having had a lot of good vets leave in recent times.

      2. Actually it was everyone’s favorite ex-niner, Sharice Wright. He gave up 2 tds and had a defensive holding penalty.

      3. What? Stop with the excuses. Give credit where credit is do. Kaep played well again. With a terrible O line who got abused all game long.

        1. He what? He played sand lot football. That works against bad teams with corners who they just picked up and who could not even crack our terrible lineup. Cmon man. #7 played his Houdini game of football today.
          An angry Seattle team coming up next week. Let’s see what he does there against his nemesis.

          1. Exactly let’s wait until Thursday and see what he could do. He played sandlot football cause his O line is embarrassing. He played sandlot football real well today..

            1. He did improvise well but that only works against bad defenses. I’ve already seen enough of #7 to know what he can do. I think guys like you need to evaluate him against good defenses and see him for what he’s worth.
              And for the record this oline excuse is getting old. A lot of teams have bad offensive lines. The Niners oline actually play well today because Geep gave the QB easy check down plays to execute. I mean when Bruce Miller has a career day what does that tell you about making the passing game simple?

              1. Let’s keep playing it simple cause it’s working. The QB is working don’t stop.

        2. Rebuild a winner,

          Grammar helps with credibility on this site. I think you meant D-U-E. He does deserve credit for playing as well as he did behind this line. It’s pathetic. I’ve given him credit for years but I also know that the guy does not see the field well, even when he does have time. I’m worried that after all the time he’s had to learn this, that he may not ever overcome this fault.
          Longstanding members of this blog know that I was one of Kaps biggest fans. That being said, I’m a realist as well. He has horrible mechanics, he does not scan the field. He does not get all of his receivers involved. However, he had a good game today and the team won.

          1. That’s all I care about today. Kaep played well. He has responded the last 2 weeks. Let’s see more of it.

  42. Well Tomsula did something, Jim Harbaugh couldn’t do: Beat the Ravens. Too bad they aren’t the same caliber team.

  43. Win is a Win!!! On yo Thursday.. This team would be 3-3 not for a terrible D! Nice job Kaep 2 straight quality games.

    1. I agree 100 percent Ghost! I enjoyed this game. 2 straight good weeks by the O.. Nice to see.

      1. Wish we could just put our foot on their throats instead of letting the teams stay in the game,we have to figure a way to cover the middle becaus that’s where teams are focusing.

  44. Even though Colin could not seal a win
    against the 1-5 Ravens, the opponent helped
    with a timely holding penalty and the Niner
    defense handled their business. Otherwise,
    Colin “leads” us to 1-6… who needs his big stats?

    1. Well if it wasn’t for our Great D last week in NY Niners would be 3-3.. See how that works. Lol troll!

      1. Yes, let’s ignore the fact the offense started off slow because they needed to build their QB’s confidence.

        1. Hey NO offense plays perfect there bud. They put way more then enough points to win that game. Plus he led the last drive with the game on the line on the road. But hey discredit his effort last week too. Your good at that. I’m all for upgrading the QB position if a better alternative shows up. Until then I will support our QB especially when he plays well..

          1. They put way more then enough points to win that game.

            They could have put up more if they didn’t have to play conservatively in the first half against the Giants. Shocker.

            But hey discredit his effort last week too. Your good at that.

            Kaepologist Alert!!!!

            1. Rebuild, it’s not just last week.
              It’s his entire body of work. Good against bad teams, horrible against good teams. There is a pattern.

              1. Okay that’s fine and valid prime. But don’t knock the guy for playing well against a bad team. He did what he was suppose to do. He has put together two soild weeks in a row. Most importantly we won. Keep it up and play well Thursday night.

            2. Troll alert. Never seen a niner like yourself discredit a team as much as you have today. We beat a terrible team today. I will take that. W feels good. On to Thursday night.

  45. I’m watching the Seahawks-Panthers highlights and I can only think of one thing: Jimmy Graham is going to shred our secondary this Thursday.

  46. Nice to see Kaep have two good games in a row
    Boldin was a man today.
    Why was Tiller not playing?
    Red zone play calling was awful.
    Baalke needs to trade for a running back unless Bush can man up for the rest of the season.


    Last play of the game, defense caught with 12 men on the field for an earlyer play, one time out in his pocket, and there is Tomsula counting his scrambling players on the field instead of using the time out. Is JimmyT allowed to call time outs?

    1. Yeah, he was in coverage a bit. They played a lot more traditional 3-4 base D this week on first and second down than the last two weeks as the Ravens play less 3 WR sets, and that will usually have one of the OLBs out in coverage when rushing 4. Usually the LOLB, which Lynch plays. It used to be the same under Fangio.

      When they went nickel D I didn’t see him playing coverage that I recall.

  48. Gee, if I didn’t know any better I would have thought that we got blown-out today!

    A few weeks ago we were a horrid team and wanting to run the QB out of town. We were starved for any type of win and some signs of life from our QB and now that we win we still find a way to bash our team by calling this win luck and finding flaws with Kap because he played well enough to beat a bad team.
    So what if he beats a bad team. So what if it’s luck as some here are preaching.

    Here are the positives:
    1. The O-line is starting to play better.
    2. Kap is playing with much more confidence.
    3. We hardly see bad time management anymore.
    4. Defense did a fairly good job given that Flacco threw over 50 times.

    Hard to believe that these two teams were in the SB 3 yrs ago and have since fallen on bad times, but I prefer to cling to the old football adage at least for one day: “A win is a win!”

  49. Well, a win is a win. The defense almost blew it again, but made the crucial play in the end.
    I still want Devey and Pears to sit and watch, and let Tiller and Brown give Kaep more than a nanosecond to pass. The lack of a pass rush is disconcerting, and the play calling was way too conservative in the end. I will say it again, settling for FGs is a recipe for failure. They still wasted a time out, but at least it did not cost them the game. If they were going to run it up the gut, they should have put in 4 receivers to spread them out.
    However, the Niners did exactly what I wanted them to do. They rolled out Kaep and he was very effective. They let him be a gunslinger so he aired it out for big gains and Torrey’s TD. Kaep threw quick passes to beat the rush, The third down bomb worked. I wanted them to target Shareece Wright, and he got torched.
    Geep went way too conservative, and it almost cost them the game. He should just concentrate on scoring TDs instead of playing not to lose. They are still wasting way too much time before each snap. The play calling was better at first, but Kaep still took sacks in the end because they forced him into a collapsing pocket. Joe was right, and Steve is wrong.
    Baalke better do his job, and find a pass rusher to poach from a practice squad. He should have signed BJ Daniels instead of Terzilli, just for the intel. This next game will be 10 times harder than last game, so the Niners should pat themselves on the back, then get right to work on Seattle.

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