49ers vs. Redskins live blog: Pregame

SANTA CLARA — This is the live blog for the pregame of the 49ers’ Week 12 game against the Redskins. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

12:04 The 49ers’ inactives are Vance McDonald, Anthony Davis, Glenn Dorsey, Tramaine Brock, Bruce Ellington, Quinton Patton and Josh Johnson. McDonald has an injured hip.

12:05 The Redskins’ inactives are QB Kirk Cousins, WR Aldrick Robinson, CB David Amerson, LT Trent Williams, WR Leonard Hankerson, TE Jordan Reed and DL Chris Baker.

12:07 TE Niles Paul will start in place of Reed, OT Morgan Moses will start in place of Williams, CB Tracy Porter will start in place of Amerson, and DE Stephen Bowen will start in place of Baker.

12:11 Interested to see if the 49ers avoid running to their right without Anthony Davis in the lineup. The coaches didn’t seem to have much confidence in Jonathan Martin as a run blocker when he played earlier this season.

12:24 Did you know the Redskins have the 8th-ranked offense and the 10th-ranked defense in the league?

12:48 Matchup to watch: LG Mike Iupati vs. RDT Jason Hatcher. Hatcher has 6 sacks and 6 QB hits this season. Iupati struggles in pass protection.

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  1. If you go back and scout the Niner run game the past few weeks, almost 90% of their normal down and distance run game has been behind the left side of that O-line (LG and LT). That includes pulls from the RG and the second blocker on the counter O Fs being a second TE or a FB. I can remember one successful Bob Trey O run to the Niners right side, but that’s about it. With a rookie at center who can get pushed by an off-set NT and Martin at RT who does not get much movement at all, the Niners have to be leery to run to their right side, unless it’s a draw or a crack tag toss play where Martin can pull and run for the perimeter and the combination of TEs and WRs can block down.

    1. That’s true, Roman hasn’t called hardly any Bob Trey O runs the past couple of games. I wonder if the Niners can run Counter OF down the defense’s throat for the third week in a row.

  2. How is their offense ranked higher then the Niners? That’s pretty sad! Most of that offensive stats are probably from games that didn’t have RG3 as the starter.

  3. questions for Coach Harbaw:

    1. are you nervous…?
    2. will there be any delay of game penalities?
    3. or hasty timeouts called to prevent #2…?
    4. how many points ahead by halftime?
    5. should we expect another 4th quarter with no TDs?
    6. Will Colin live up to his name? Sack n’ Pick…?
    7. Might this game come down to the last possession?
    8. are the fans supposed to be happy with an ugly win?
    9. any predictions if Colin goes out with a serious injury?

  4. Mettenberger plays clean and moves the team but with that defense you have to score 30+ points a game just to have a chance to win.

    1. C4C,
      Always liked the kid since his days at LSU. He would have been the perfect draft pick QB to push CK and make him better.
      But had that happened, Mettenberger likely would not get many playing opps.

      1. If they had taken ZM I doubt he would have played at all this season barring injury to CK however next year would be a different story. All Zach would have to do is win Harbaugh over in practice with his superior pocket skills and Kaepernick would be out. Jim plays the hot hand.

  5. With Dial getting the nod at “nose-tackle” should we expect them(Redskins) to test the middle of the line with Morris?

  6. Who are we rooting for in the Seahawks game? Hard to pull for sea but I’m thinking I’d rather be a game up coming into Thursday.

  7. VD should have a decent game today.Wouldn’t surprise me to see Carrier catch a couple of passes today given his great hands.

    I stopped trying to predict scores since my numbers were embarrassingly off, but I’ll predict a win regardless of style points.

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