49ers vs. Seahawks live blog


This is the live blog for the 49ers’ Week 17 game against the Seattle Seahawks. I will  update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

11:43 The latest 49ers rumor seems to involve Scott Pioli (a product of Bill Belichick) as the next GM, Josh McDaniels as the next head coach and Jimmy Garoppolo as the next quarterback, which would be a total New-England-like face lift. But for this to happen, the Niners would have to wait for the Patriots to fall out of the playoffs, and that wait could last until after Super Bowl Sunday.

11:55 Interesting tweet:

11:56 Here are the 49ers’ inactives:

  • QB Blaine Gabbert
  • RB Mike Davis
  • CB Prince Charles Iworah
  • G Andrew Tiller
  • DT Tony Jerod-Eddie
  • OLB Tank Carradine
  • DT Zach Moore

Joe Staley is starting a left tackle, Andrew Gardner is starting a left guard and Zane Beadles is starting at center.

11:59 And here are the Seahawks’ inactives:

  • RB C.J. Prosise
  • RB Terrence Magee
  • SS Tyvis Powell
  • LB Ronald Powell
  • OT Bradley Sowell
  • TE Nick Vannett
  • DT John Jenkins

12:05 Colin Kaepernick has been signing autographs and posing for pictures with fans the past five minutes. Good to see he’s focused on the game.

12:36 When Trent Baalke arrived at Levi’s Stadium this morning he declined to comment, which in itself is a comment. He could have said the rumors are baseless. He’s out.

1:02 I still say the top coaches on the 49ers’ list should be Nick Saban and David Shaw.

1:23 The Seahawks win the toss and defer.

1:27 Colin Kaepernick and Shaun Draughn botch a zone-read handoff on the second play of the game and the Seahawks recover at the Niners’ 21-yard line.

1:30 Jimmy Graham drops a pass on third-and-2. Steven Hauschka makes a 31-yard field goal. 3-0 Seattle.

1:37 Shaun Draughn runs up the middle for a one-yard touchdown. That should save Chip Kelly’s job, right? 7-3 Niners.

1:42 Russell Wilson throws the ball away on third-and-8 and the Seahawks go three-and-out. They have no running game.

1:51 Jeremy Kerley runs a shallow cross and gains six yards on third-and-7 from the Seahawks’ 30-yard line. Then on fourth-and-1, Draughn runs up the middle and gains one yard.

2:00 Kam Chancellor tackles Draughn after no gain on third-and-goal from the 1 just before the first quarter ends.

2:03 Draughn runs up the middle for a touchdown on fourth-and-goal. 14-3 Niners.

2:06 Bradley Pinion’s kickoff rolls out of bounds. Seahawks get the ball at their 40.

2:14 Wilson throws the ball past the back of the end zone on third-and-8 from the 49ers’ 13. Hauschka makes a 32-yard field goal. 14-6 Niners.

2:20 Ahtyba Rubin strips DuJuan Harris and Frank Clark returns the fumble to the 49ers’ 15.

2:23 Rashard Robinson gives up an 11-yard touchdown catch to tight end Luke Willson two plays later. 14-13 49ers.

2:31 Jeremy Lane breaks up Kaepernick’s short pass to Kerley on third-and-8 from the 49ers’ 44. Seahawks ball at their 9 after the punt.

2:34 Rashard Robinson suffers a leg injury after giving up a 41-yard catch to Doug Baldwin.

2:37 Jimmy Graham posts up at the 1-yard line and boxes out Antoine Bethea for a 42-yard catch. Thomas Rawls scores a one-yard touchdown run on the next play. 19-14 Seahawks after the 49ers block Hauschka’s extra point.

2:44 Frank Clark strips Kaepernick on third-and-2, and Kaepernick recovers the fumble. The Seahawks call timeout with 1:48 left.

2:48 Wilson scrambles for three yards on third-and-4, and the Niners take their second timeout with 36 seconds left in the half.

2:50 Draughn runs into Clark for a 2-yard loss on third-and-1, and the Seahawks call timeout with two seconds left.

2:52 Kaepernick takes a knee on fourth down and the half ends.

3:06 Wilson tries to pump fake and the ball slips out of his hand on third-and-7 from the Seahawks’ 39. The officials rule the play an incomplete pass. Chip Kelly is challenging the ruling.

3:17 The officials confirm their ruling and charge the 49ers with their first timeout of the second half.

3:18 Kerley makes a fair catch at the 49ers’ 24.

3:20 Kaepernick throws off his back foot on second-and-15 and misses Draughn, who was open. And on third-and-15, Kaepernick tries to scramble — big surprise there — and gets sacked by Michael Bennett for a loss of 10. Seahawks’ ball at their 41 after the punt.

3:26 Wilson throws the ball away on third-and-12 from the Niners’ 15, and Haushka makes a 33-yard field goal. 22-14 Seahawks.

3:32 Kaepernick completes a 13-yard pass to Chris Harper on third-and-14 and Kelly wisely chooses to punt on fourth-and-1.

3:37 Wilson overthrows Jermaine Kearse on third-and-10 from the Seahawks’ 14, and then Seattle’s long snapper snaps the ball over the punter’s head and out the back of the end zone. Safety. 22-16 Seattle.

3:42 On third-and-11, Kaepernick slides in the pocket for a loss of seven. That’s a new one.

3:47 Wilson trips and falls at the 49ers’ 21-yard line just before the end of the third quarter. Second-and-16 when the fourth quarter begins.

3:53 Hauschka makes a 28-yard field goal, and the Seahawks lead 25-16 with 14:08 left.

3:53 By the way, the 49ers had negative-9 net yards in the third quarter.

3:58 Kaepernick completes an eight-yard pass to Harper on third-and-12, and Kelly wisely chooses to punt again.

4:04 The Seahawks bring in their backup quarterback with nine minutes left and go backward. During the punt return, Kerley throws across the field to to Mostert who runs 29 yards to the Seahawks’ 35.

4:11 Kaepernick throws a 9-yard touchdown pass to Garrett Celek on second-and-goal, and players start fighting  on the field after the extra point, which was good. The officials kick out Seahawks defensive lineman Jarran Reed and flag Seattle 15 yards. 25-23 Seattle.

4:28 Trevone Boykin runs for 11 yards on second-and-10 and the clock runs out. The 49ers couldn’t beat a team that was trying to lose. Stay tuned for grades!

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  1. Get your Depend® s on, because between now and then there’s going to be a lot of leaks and even more pissing and moaning….

    1. See, #80, I actually agree with you. I’m not a bad fan as you think I am. I just have personal dislikes and it takes losing to take out the garbage on the 49ers. We still got garbage with York, but unless the league puts on the big boy pants to please the fan, sadly, he’s still around. But 3 out of 4 means along with dumping Baalke/Kelly, you dump that no good kneel down, kiss my bicep, twitter man, Fidel worshipper, no 300 yard passer in COLIN Sackorpick!

      1. See Darren, not all liberals support York and his minions. I can have a friendly chat with you if you don’t label me and cheer for injuries. I sincerely wish you a Happy New Year.

        I don’t think any new GM and HC will want Kap. We’re at rock bottom, it can only get better. Jed is out of scapegoats.

    2. That would be Nirvana, but can the Yorks ever see the forest for the trees?
      Intersting statement today by Jay Glazer, said that Adam Gave was set to be hired for Niners HC last year until Baalke, nixed the deal and settled for Kelly.
      Man oh man, Baalke is not just inept, he is dangerous.

    3. Considering how often players Belichick trades or lets go into FA fail… Why do people bet on Garoppolo? Seriously? Almost without exception his executives, coaches and former players fail.

      Pioli — “Pioli’s final year in Kansas City was fraught with controversy and fan unrest as the Chiefs floundered to franchise-worst 2–14 season in 2012, securing their first #1 pick in team history.”


      “Early in the (2012)season, a group of disgruntled Kansas City fans organized a movement which called itself “Save Our Chiefs.”. SOC engaged in several protests regarding Pioli’s tenure. Said protests included hiring a local pilot to fly over Arrowhead Stadium towing banners urging for Pioli’s ouster during multiple home games.”

      By the time he got done with the Chiefs they were 32nd on offense and 25th on defense which was slightly worse than when he started with them. And they were the 2nd worst team in the NFL when he started.

      It’s hard to down from #31. But he did it! He’s arguably worse than Baalke. At least not any better by his track record. And you want to hire him? Whatever for?

      Next comes Garoppolo. First, how do you know he’s not the next Matt Cassel? Cassel looked good in New England. Everywhere else… Not so much. Second, why are you going to pay a 1st & 4th for an unproven QB with one year left on his deal until he hits FA? You don’t even get the player four or five years you’d get to correct/cut-bait on your mistake, but one.

      And McDaniels. Another eye-roll. Started 6-0 in Denver. Then finished-out 5-17 and was fired for his ineptitude (plus the cheating scandal) and roster mis-management. After his failure in Denver he worked for the Rams one year and while they didn’t fire him, they let him void his contract and leave.

      I mean, it’s like you want the 49ers to fail with those picks.

  2. For me it’s anybody but McDaniels. He’s Norv Turner Jr. Will only be successful as a coordinator.

    1. A Piolli/McDaniels/Garoppolo combination would probably receive the best odds for success….

    2. Are you kidding? Norv Turner was helping the 49ers and biggest mistake was letting him go. Any potential coach we get, if he’s good, you keep him for 5 years. Don’t let the 31 other teams put the grab on him.

      1. They didn’t let Turner go. He left to become the Chargers HC.

    3. Pioli was a worse GM than Baalke. He took the Chiefs 2-14 and #31 in the NFL to 2-14 and #32 in the NFL in four years of futility where they had one decent season that lead to a Wild Card exit in the first round.

      And Garoppolo…. Only a fool trades with Belichick. The chances of you coming out even are slim. The chances you just got taken are immense.

  3. Glad Chip gave Jed an earful. Wonder if Jed will dare to show his face today.

    I hope Chip revs up this team and stomps the Seasquawks, then dares Jed to fire him. Hope he tells Jed to come to the locker room and deliver the news.

    1. Yeah, just like the closing scene in Gladiator where Commodus get’s what’s coming to him. Nice imagery…

  4. Barrows – Andrew Gardner will start at left guard. Beadles will start at center.
    B2W – Who’s Andrew Gardener?

    1. Chauncey’s grandson ( Chauncey Garedner to be part of Trump’s White House staff)…

  5. Tank Carradine’s inactive. Reports he’s changing his workout routine to play either slot corner or nose tackle next season.

    1. To me Carradine is one of Baalke’s biggest failures. Here is the rare (maybe only) pick that does come back from the ACL injury. Should have been a first round pick without the injury, so his recovery should be a feather in Baalke’s cap. Yet constant mismanagement of where he should play plus apparently a lack of football smarts results in a less than average player. The point being that the ACL strategy as implemented by Baalke and team is a loser at all levels.

  6. I am a happy 49er fan either way: Goodbye Kelly, Goodbye Baalke, see ya Chump Kap and your kneel down, kiss my bicep, twitter man, and Browns winning today. Hope they can hold on and hope Seattle can win this game.

  7. What’s missing more first quarter starters?
    A) 3rd preseason game vs the Packers
    B) Today’s game

    and should I feel guilty for wanting the #1 overall?

    I’m torn. On a play by play basis, I want to beat Seattle. Would be sweet if The Saints pulled and upset, and the 49ers prevented a first round bye for Seattle.

  8. Isn’t there a window before the WC games and directly after in which the 49ers could interview McDaniels or Joseph or Pioli?

    1. My understanding is yes for coaches. I don’t know about executives. Why can’t they be interviewed at any time?

  9. I as a 49er fan am also a gambler. Give me the lucky 7 baby and come on Browns. we should be thankful Pitt put in the sub par no. 2 QB, too bad it wasn’t Charlie Batch, you can count on him to lose games easily.

  10. Yep Browns finally figuring out Garrett was on the line so they let the steelers score again! I want Garrett first and then the best QB available in the second round. Come on steelers please ay down for fit the game to the Browns!

  11. The Browns are unbelievably bad. A lot of people wanted Hue Jackson last year. If Kelly deserves to be fired, why not Jackson?

    1. OK then, what about Miami, letting the Pats own them? I’d fire the coach. I’d definately fire Rivera from the Panthers, took his team from the superbowl to the garbage, he needs to go too. I’d dump Arians of the Cards. There, Cubus, does that make you happy? I don’t get this constant whining about Kelly: He took a team in the Eagles and did a terrible job with them. Eagles are counting their blessing as they use Ertz, another TE that WE let get away. Wentz is another WE let get away.

  12. And this is why I wanted Charlie Batch to be on the steelers. Oh well, Cle surely can’t draft yet another QB. They should go RB or Oline in the first round.

  13. The Browns know how to perfectly lose a game when they need to. Choked away this game on perfect. Fumbling at the 1 yard line of an INT for a TD… Unreal!!!!!! Garrett gone from our grasp. Nice pointless Fing win against the Rams.

    1. I know my friend, but be happy though. We’re firing Kelly and I hope part of it is we beat teh Rams. We’re firing Baalke. By dumping Kelly, Kap is sure as gone.
      Darn Colts tied teh jax, can’t have that happen. Jax should win for the just in case we screw it up as we’re known to do. The time we had the 4 and 12 season, should’ve lost to Houston in Overtime, but didn’t. Let’s hope we don’t repeat the 2005 screwup in WINNING over Seattle, be a dumb move!

      1. Same sorry Browns. Let them have Myles Garrett. They need him more than we do. LOL

      2. Hahahahaha Hapless Niners fans hanging hopes on the Browns!
        Can’t get much sadder, can’t sink lower, smh

        1. Hey Tuna, I’m loving it. Your pal Kap is on his way out, your pal Kelly is out, your pal Baalke is out. I’m loving it.

            1. Tuna, for you the 49er fan to like what Kelly has done or to give him another chance and to keep Kap around, you must live in FANTASY LAND! Get back to reality and hope the Browns win this game.

        2. The pertinent question – Which is worse, sorry or hapless? ————————–

          1. My sleeve hot the dash button. Definitely puts me in the “hapless” category.

      3. That’s what happened? Stupid NFL site never tells you about that. I thought Griffin threw a pick.

  14. So far, good careful stuff from RG 3. Wow, who would’ve thought we’d need him to do good?

  15. Wow, 2nd Mic guy just got popped this time by RG 3. first mic guy got popped by ertz, dangerous for them today!

  16. My gosh, just 22 more yards Browns. Just be careful, no stupid stuff. Just get the TD.

  17. NFL needs to change the rule, you keep the game on, you don’t leave it for the 2nd game, don’t care Raiders play, 49ers play, you keep the game you got on. Get rid of the regional rules!

  18. I wouldn’t mind a patriot like facelift. But what would we have to give up for Jimmy G?

  19. Only the brownies would lose 20 yards at the goal line. Can they make a field? Back at Levi’s what is next from “big enos and little Enos?” Fun being a inner fan!

      1. From the movie “smokey and the bandit, father son team that were donkey and inept and would come up with stupid bets with the bandit, little enos was a dwarf like Jed and big enos was tall, lumpy and dumpy! Good flick, google them!

          1. That’s a good analogy of John and Jed York, though I think of it as the weekly Dumb and Dumber show.

    1. Nope, he’s coming to the SF 49ers. Maybe Dolphins will fire Gase if he loses to the Steelers. Of course I still want the Dolphins to beat Steelers.

    2. Interesting question Scooter. Little Shanny wants Big Shanny to have a job in some capacity whether it’s GM or advisor. I think Elway would be open to working with Big Shanny. Jed not so much. Even if Jed was willing to go full Shanny the Denver job is more attractive.

  20. Listened to Baalke giving his “exit interview” on KNBR to Matt Ryan. Impressed that he showed up.

    1. Cassie, it seems like they are doing exactly what I wanted. Has Kaep even thrown an incomplete pass yet? Rolling him out. Putting the RB in the I and letting him choose the gap.

      Sure hope Chip keeps on going bold.

  21. Just my opinion, but you don’t fire a GM unless you fire his coach. Good GM’s like to bring in their own guys. So if Kelly isint fire we all know gamble is getting promoted!

  22. Will Chip give an exit interview, or is he going to blame Murph and Mack for his demise?

  23. Here we go, about to see a real football team playing football, and it’s not the 49ers!

  24. So if and hats a BIG IF… the Niners pull this game off what position would they be in the draft now that Jax blew it too?

    1. No. 3 I think, got to break down the Jax’s games though. AFC South record is near the same as the NFC West, got to see who Jax had.

  25. The TE that got away: Ertz, 13 catches 139 yards. Our TE Vance McDonald, we gave him a contract and he’s on IR. Is that brilliant or what?

  26. Wish the Bay area had better football. 49ers will win and Raiders will lose like the old days.

  27. Why can’t the sqwaks play like this when the games mean something? Same question directed at the Niners.

    1. Rib,

      The 49ers have been playing like this almost all year. It’s the first quarter. Give it time…

    1. OK, good, so even if they screw it up like they did last time they played on New Year’s Day, won’t change it like in the past. Still wish Jax held on to the win and Cle tried to win too. I hope Cle seriously takes Kap.

        1. Yup, Kaep sure looks like a one read old wind up. Prime, he kinda looks like a cancer, too, right?

      1. Of course Kap sucks. He’s locked into Draughn out of the back field. One read running QB could not be more evident.
        3 more quarters left Seb. Get your fill!

    1. I am encouraged that Seattle is going to win the game. But I’m watching the Raiders game because anytime I watch a 49ers game, they do dumb things like this. The girlfriend is not allowed to come over.

      Darn Raiders, no wonder they’re Vegas bound.

        1. Least she’s not your girlfriend in nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, or Barbara Boxer that you 49er fans vote for.

    2. We have no idea if that is correct, Prime. Kelly has said repeatedly that not all runs from zone read looks are actually zone reads. Many of them are just designed gives.

  28. NFL needs to direct all teams to play week 16 finale games as REAL games. You take nobody out. If you risk injury for 15 games, what’s the difference in the last game?

  29. 49ers showing the Browns how it is done down near the endzone. Just pound the darn thing in!

  30. Kelly’s first half system is starting to click. I wonder if Kelly’s second half program will kick in as well.

    1. Giving the game away? I hope so too. Stuck with the Raiders game, not going to watch the bicep kisser kneel down in action. oh did Kap kiss the old bicep yet for his ‘kiss my bicep followers’ like little Seb?

  31. Must be depressing as hell around here. Colin wins the Eshmont award — his team mates love him — and the Niners are playing their hearts out for Kelley…

    1. It sure is. The 49ers ruined Christmas and they’re about to ruin the New Year too. They better not have any dumb ideas about Kelly. Kelly needs to take his firing like a man as he’s not wanted and he wrecked the team.

  32. Dennis O’Donnell “Source: 49ers former GM Trent Baalke just escorted out of 49er headquarters”

      1. Per team spokesman, Trent Baalke is currently at Levi’s Stadium in the player personnel booth – Branch

        1. Learned on KNBR pre-game show that Baalke was informed of the decision to be let go two days ago. Baalke didn’t sound surprised or upset about the decision at all in the pre-game interview with Ryan. The “escorted out” stuff has to be nonsense.

          1. Mood: You work in Silicon Valley don’t you. When I last worked there, fifteen years ago, it was common that employees that were let go were escorted out of the building. Has that changed?

            BTW: I never liked it, but the explanation was always that the company was concerned about the loss of proprietary/confidential data.

            I mention this because Jed believes he should model the 49ers in the Silicon Valley mold.

            1. Cubus
              It depends on the business. My wife has a career in banking. When a bank officer gave notice, they were usually ‘offered’ immediate release, paid during the notice period and given normal severance according to their compensation package. It was standard among the big banks.
              Maybe that’s the recruitment problem. Paraag wants coaches to sign non compete agreements for after they’re fired.
              : -)

            2. Cubus,
              Yeah, my office is about a mile from Levi’s Stadium. Brotha is right, it depends on the business. Larger tech companies and some start-ups have been known for this approach, as well as defense companies. In our engineering company, layoffs or firings have been very few and have been generally happened on Fridays with the employee given half a day or more to sort things out.

              1. Yeah, I worked for startups and was escorted out once. In retrospect, best thing that ever happened to me professionally, but still hated the way they did it. I did work for a different startup once where they fired 25 people the day before the Xmas break. That was unbelievable.

    1. Until the 2nd half when Seattle scores 28 points and Kaep throws for 54 yards. Niners are a 1st half team then give it all away after that

  33. I am not upset that the Niners burned a time out because it resulted in a TD. Looks like Seahawks just wasted one.

  34. My post quoting president-elect is awaiting moderation. I mean, if he can say it, why not me?

  35. Grant – 1) Why would Nick Saban leave Alabama to come coach the 49ers? 2) Nick went 15-17 with Miami, he hasn’t coached in the NFL in 10 years and is already 65.
    The 49ers SHOULD hire Steve Young as Team President and bring in Brent Jones as an advisor. I like Scott Piolli as GM and Kyle Shanahan as coach more than Nick Saban.

  36. The Seahawks are going to te playoffs. The Niners have won two games. I think the Niners are playing hard which is all I can ask. Some of you guys need to get a life…

    1. Agree. Along with the team, some of the Niners fans are beginning to act like Browns’ fans….

  37. If the terrible, awful Niners manage to pull out a win this game, there can be only one explanation: The Seahawks are Jager shot hungover. Even so, they should still win.

  38. Only thing that Bethea could have done was to push out Graham half a second earlier I guess.

    And the floodgates now open….

  39. Jed sitting behind his desk, puffing on a Cuban cigar (probably a parting gift from Kaep), legs propped up and hands behind his head laughing at Kelly.

    1. Possible… I’m thinking he’s downing his third ice cream sandwich since the game started and picking his nose.

  40. I guess were all going to find out if CONNOR COOK has a future in the NFL or not, hah Grant?

    Wouldn’t that be something if the rookie leads the Raiders to a postseason victory? If Cook plays well, I expect to be treated with a little more respect around here! lol

  41. Why are they challenging this??? His arm went forward.. its clearly an incomplete pass

  42. How many Baalke picks survive the off season? Is this going to be one continuous flush or a slow drip? Since Baalke’s expertise seems to be the 4th and 5th rounds this meaty part of the Baalke curve will probably be the last to go.

    1. Probably most of them Dust. I think Kaepernick is gone along with: Patton, Carradine, Martin, and Johnson. I suspect the following will also go: Smith, Kilgore, Celek, Brooks, Bowman, Bethea, and Dawson.

  43. Same ol Kaep. Started off hot and then…not so much. 2 for his last 6 for 12 yards.

    1. Jack:

      Do you think that part of the reason is that the opponents don’t have a similar QB on their scout team? So when game day arrives it takes the opposing defense a quarter to get used to Kap’s speed and maybe unorthodox playing as well. Even as I’m writing this, I’m having a hard time believing it, but just curious if you think that might play a factor.

      1. No. They see what he’s doing and simply adjust. We’ve been seeing the same thing from him since the end of 2014.

  44. I hope Chip chews out Jed after the game. Kelly should be fired but the leaks are ridiculous. Win one for the Chipper.

    1. Darren35 • 2 hours ago

      Hey Lowell, something is wrong with Grant’s 49er forum. I got kicked off for no reason at all. Your son is letting the fake 49er fans control the forum.

      1. Not to worry, I’m sure Michael Savage’s forum will welcome him with open arms. “What’s this new guy doing messing up our obummer threads with football rants????”

      2. I don’t know who that was. Must be a troll trolling trolls I guess. Anyway, now that we got rid of Kelly as I wanted them to, i am happy. Get rid of Kap.

  45. I watched the first quarter than turned it off. I figured that what was happening was too good to be true and they’d regress to the mean and crush my hopes of a Seattle upset.

    And now that they’re down 19-14 and Wilson is carving them up… Yeah…

    At least we’ll always have Rio…

  46. Once officially terminated from the organization, will the city of Santa Clara serve Baalke with a civil-criminal subpoena?

    1. Hmmm, good question. Is that the reason Trent was escorted out? So he can’t stuff evidence of Measure J violations in his suitcase?

      1. Dang it! Fake news, he wasn’t escorted out! He’s in the Press Box per the team spokesman.

      2. He knows where the skeleton(s) are hidden. Who is going to pay his legal fees? Will he turn states evidence? Will the police get a search warrant for Baalke’s safety deposit box? Will Baalke sue the organization for defamation? So many questions …

    2. Am I missing a joke here? Trent had nothing whatsoever to do with the stadium lease financials or revenue stream. He could offer no pertinent testimony.

      1. He was a close friend but now he might be a disgruntled former employee. He may not no or say anything but it could be worth pursuing.

  47. Hoping a book is written about the York years of 9er ownership. Possible title: Killing an Icon. Could be made into an HBO mini series. Who would play the key roles?

        1. HI Cassie, i just had to cool off and pray to God and he helped the Seahawks win as I wanted them too.

    1. You should try “The Genius: How Bill Walsh Reinvented Football and Created an NFL Dynasty.” Beside leaning (at least for most under 50-fans) that Eddie was a complete moron and Walsh flatly refused to interview with him in 1977, Eddie did nothing. as an owner, that wasn’t a complete disaster. And he was lucky to hire Walsh. It took Bob Barr and Al Davis and others to convince him to try to hire Walsh the second time.

      And we were lucky for it. Walsh was a truly great coach. Not just X’s and O’s but how to take average players and get superb results. You don’t find those ever day. Or even every decade.

      But Eddie.. Christ, what a streak of piss for an owner. If his daddy (the actual owner of the team, Eddie was put in place by him to be the Chairman) hadn’t put Policy into the organization, Walsh would have been fired in 1983 as Eddie demanded.

      Now Eddie is in the HOF and History has been Re-Written. Eddie the Great Owner. It’s a laugh, but that’s the what the press tells you and that’s what you believe…

      1. Really Moses? So when Eddie would take potential FAs to Hawaii to try to get the best players for the team he was being a compete moron? When he created a winning family environment that was a streak of piss?

        Eddie hired Walsh. He got upset when the team didn’t win. Instead of firing Walsh he listened to his football guy because he knew that they knew better. Debartolo hired good people and let them do their jobs. He is the greatest owner in the history of sports.

    2. Cassie,
      Nice title. I’d go with “Olympus aka 49ers have Fallen.”
      But not every team that reaches the top stays there even if they keep the same HC.
      Case in point:
      Ron Rivera and Gary Kubiak.

      The teams that seem to stay in the hunt year after are the Pat’s, Steelers, and for a while until recently, the Saints.
      One thing they have in common is that have had consistency at the QB position.
      Until we get consistency at the QB position no headcoach is going to make any significant difference around here.

  48. I think the Niners only need about 7 players to really improve, but they need to be pro bowl level players.
    There are:
    Pass rusher
    Middle linebacker
    Shut down corner
    Nose tackle

    There are some good supporting players but very few excellent ones.

    1. He needs to spend the offseason building a little bit of bulk. But that injury looked like it could be his knee, maybe a ligament. Hopefully minor.

      1. I advocated that the DB should let the receiver along the side line catch the ball, but lift a leg and drive him out of bounds.

        Maybe that was the technique you were referring to.

        Sliding when 2 defenders are about to hit him like a ton of bricks? Remember, he tried it your way and had 3 surgeries.

  49. Question to all. Would you rather see the 49ers hire a offensive or defensive mind to coach the 49ers?

    1. I don’t care, so long as they are a good leader of men and capable of hiring a good staff.

    2. Are you kidding? We have no QB developer and no QB! Either the HC or the OC has to be a genuine offensive guru….

    3. Another DC for a HC in a team that hasn’t had a direction in offense for 15 years and no QB?! Might as well skip this rebuild and go to the next one.

    4. MID,
      I may be the only here that still wants to see Kelly get one more year. I said back in September that he was given a bad hand (roster) and that he would need at least 2-3 years to build the type of roster that fits his system.

      If Kelly stays on he will need to start with a new QB. The current QB’s on the roster are not NFL level QB’s.
      With the number 2 pick in April we should begin the process of draft the building blocks of making this team relevant once again.

    5. Yeah, I’m for an organizational guy with a vision and the ability to communicate that to players and staff. HC is so different than CoOrd. A first time HC has a learning curve.
      McDaniels was a brilliant OC, tactician before his stint as HC. He wasn’t good as a HC. Has he learned that? Maybe. Chip Kelly had good player relations with 49ers, seemingly adjusted from Philly. Maybe McDaniels could.

  50. Dosen’t matter to me. There is so much more to being a HC than what side of the ball his expertise is..

  51. Ironic if the soulless one, Jed York, commissioned Grant to conduct Chip Kelly’s exit interview?

  52. What’s more important for the 49ers – getting a start on the GM search straight away so they don’t miss out or find and hire an experienced front office exec to help find the next GM?

      1. What’s the point of starting the GM search straight away without finding the exec first? How can he provide any input on whoever they interview if he’s not there for the interview?

          1. Yeah, didn’t mean to suggest they will definitely hire such an exec. But I think they should. The idea of Jed and Paraag leading the GM search scares me.

        1. In other words get an executive A.S.A.P. so they can hire a GM A.S.A.P.

        2. You’re making a regressive argument. You can’t hire a GM because you’re too incompetent to hire a GM. But if you’re too incompetent to hire a GM, then you’re too incompetent to hire an NFL executive to help you find a GM.

          Besides, all this is more ‘old boys network’ than people realize. One day a coach is on your staff, next day his coach for someone else and competing against you. You might get fired and hired by him. He might get fired and you re-hire him.

          And that’s not say there is no bad-blood. But the coaching/front-office fraternity is more closely-knit than fans who are more ideologically driven to see things in us-against-them.

          1. Nah, finding an experienced NFL mind to provide some additional input to the GM search is easier than hiring the right GM. And the additional person will bring more NFL contacts (and thereby intel) to the table to assist in identifying the right person.

    1. Naw, even though I detest him, Pete Carrol is the embodiment of all a Walsh disciple should possess. He is bold, insightful, unrelentingly positive, has assembled an impressive staff and a patchwork team that is playing lights out, is a master tactician, very diplomatic and his enthusiasm is contagious.

      He is everything that I would like in the Niner HC. Pete Carroll is not going anywhere. Allen is way too smart to pull a Jed.

    2. WC,
      I brought up Petey as an outside possibility about a month ago of becoming headcoach of the 49ers. He is SF homegrown, knows how to choose talented players and asst. coaches that could bring dividends sooner than later.

      No headcoach (assuming Kelly is gone), will get this team to 5-6 in his first year.
      This team needs Talent! Once we can get ball’rs who can produce we will see an upswing in 49erCountry.

  53. The Seahawks are trying lose. They’re playing second-stringers and let the 49ers back in the game.

    Is Carroll trying to get fired so he can take the Rams job?

  54. No ones eating a turkey leg at the 50 this year. Win or lose the 49ers looked okay showed some passion late but it was there..

    1. Could be a good hire. But definitely not Pioli though many ‘experts’ recognizing his name have pushed for him. And while Pioli might have learned from his abysmal failure in Kansas City, his 4-years as GM are arguably worse than the Baalke’s ultimate failure as GM.

  55. Thank God we won’t have to see old wind up anymore in red and gold! Alleluia!
    Now for the Kelly announcement…..

    1. Gee, Prime, maybe you missed that last TD pass. He also had nice touch on that pass to Kerley. Over the LB and in front of the safeties. Dropped it right in and Kerley made a nice one handed grab.

      I just saw a game where one team was clearly superior, but it was also a tight game. Missed the exact score by 3 points, but am satisfied because Chip went bold, and should keep his job unless the new GM has a better candidate.

      1. The Kap era is over. Take your snivelling and blow up doll and be gone Colon lover!
        A new regime awaits and it does not include a storm, a roll out, a boldness, indubitably or any of your horse crap anymore!

        1. Yup, did you see when he rolled out they scored 2 TDs, and in the third quarter, he did not roll out and was sacked?

          Wonder what you will do when Kaep stays.

          1. Stay? Keep dreaming Seb. He won’t be back and we should bet if you are so confident. I know you won’t cause you are a coward.
            It won’t matter because moving forward you won’t be able to come on here anymore polluting your Kap crap. Joy to the world. Kap will be gone!

            1. Now that Baalke is gone, I think the team can rebuild and become relevant again.

              I saw our QB lead the Niners to 3 TDs, and I also saw the defense lose the game by not making stops.

              Speaking of cowards, I wonder if Jed has the guts to march into the locker room and fire Chip in front of the team.

              1. Dream on. No smart minded GM is gonna let a one read run QB and Kelly decide his fate.
                Seb the Kap era is ova and so is your pathetic love affair on this blog about him. Bye bye loser!

              2. Prime, even if Kaep leaves, I will still be a Niner Faithful, so expect a blizzard of posts.

              3. Post away clown. As long as Kap is gone and I can remind you of how he wasnt worth retaining but the new regime, I’m happy as a beautifully pruned tree!

              4. This was a sad sad season, following up an equally sad sad season. The One and Done Tomsula era. If Kaep couldn’t do it with a gimmicky offense like Chip Kelly’s, he has no hope with a normal offense.

                He just doesn’t have the proper skill set. Glad to see the team move on from Baalke and Kaep. Sadly we are stuck with Yorkie.

  56. Let’s see…

    Oakland lost 24-6. Carr’s broken leg may doom them.

    The Chiefs are winning 37-27 with 48 second to go. The Chargers have the ball and 98-yard to the end-zone. Assuming they win, at 12-4 they’ll be the AFC’s #2 seed.

    Carolina lost, falling to 6-10 and proving (at least to me) last year was a total fluke.

    And even though I was hoping, somehow, that the 49ers could beat the Seahawks and end on a high note, I’ll have to be satisfied with a close game spiced up with some Ram generated schadenfreude as the Cardinals put a massive hurt on the Rams – 44-6.

    1. Caroline dismantled their D. I predicted their downfall and AZ’s down fall. Unfortunately i gave sf credit they didnt deserve.
      Too many think NE will trade their QB. Not likely. Brady and Belichick are almost done with their careers. They are not starting over with a rookie QB. Instead, prepare yourself for a Jay Cutler and Ashon Jeffery.

    1. Maybe that cabana should be… No no! Think of the team first Jed!

  57. In our defense they tried to lose in the 4th quarter and we hung in there with pretty much any other teams 2nd or 3rd team squad. We had no WRs,RBs,CBs,LBs etc etc that would be a starter on other teams

  58. Thank you raiders. I’m going to enjoy next weeks game a whole hell of a lot more than you will. Tee hee!

    Super bowl???
    NE vs Atl!
    Who I would like to see?
    KC vs ATL

    1. No way, I don’t want KC in the Superbowl. I’ll hope for the Steelers just so they can shut Terry Bradshaw up for badmouthing their coach.

  59. I don’t care who leads this team so long as Berhea is not part of the process. Reid and Bethea were terrible this season.

    1. Obrian could be crazy. My only reservation is not being sold on the Niners prioritizing drafting a QB high in the draft? If your GM hires Obrian you are doing so to develop the QB position and the offense. Yes we do have an offensive line on the rise but we have no true number one Reciever, or stable running game to take the pressure off the QB.

      If the rumor is true and he becomes available that would make for an interesting offseason for sure.

  60. And so it slowly, sadly, painfully ends the worst franchise in all of sports- the Yorks of Youngstown, Ohio owned and operated 2016 49ers.

  61. This changes everthing. Now that Baalke and Kelly are gone we are not handicapped with Baalke picks and a need for “system” players.

    If we hire a respected GM, HC, and spend money we could start to attract FAs again.

    We will have a different offense next year. New scheme, new QB, and hopefully better WRs through draft and FA. Trade for Garopollo and put talent around him.

  62. While I don’t want Kelly back, I have to give him some credit. He was able to get this team to stick together and keep playing hard right to the end. The label he had coming in was he lacked the ability to relate to players, but I think he’s put that to bed.

    With a better team he would no doubt put together a better record. But I still think the 49ers are better off moving on and starting anew.

    1. Plus he dealt with a mediocre at best team that got worse as the year went on due to injuries

    2. I think Chip would have been better off working as a OC for a few years when he would have time to change his style to work in the NFL without all the other duties of a HC. He clearly is a superior football mind, but he hasn’t been a very good HC. A competent HC would have forced O’Neill to simplify his schemes to suit his players after the first two disastrous games by the D.

  63. With Baalke gone, I do not care who replaces him. Jed would save money if he just promotes Gamble and retains Chip.

    I saw that Kaep has not decided whether he will stay or not. Maybe he is telling Jed that he will stay if Chip is retained.

      1. Prime, I just saw where you admitted you have no football knowledge. Good for you. Takes a big man to admit the truth.

          1. Prime, I see you have a problem with your memory, Another Senior moment?

            I am a die hard faithful Niner fan. I do not need a new team like you have with your Raiders. Bet you are a fan of the CFL Eskimos, too.

            1. Bye bye Chip and that means your boy Kap will almost certainly not be back. No new coach or GM is trying that one and done experiment. Poor Seb!

    1. Seb, come out to NYC. I will personally lead you to the building where Kaep resides so you can keep vigil there. Hint: there’s a Maserati dealership in the bottom floor. Fight the power, you know.

        1. A good chance there might not be. The Bills, Rams, Jaguars, Chargers, and Broncos are all looking for a new coach; those rosters are easily more attractive than the 49ers. Add in the possibility that the Saints, Bears, Texans, and Panthers could join that list, and you have a fairly bleak HC outlook.

  64. I for one am glad SF took Kelly over the fan choice of the 1 win cleveland coach who actually signed a worthless RG III. That organization is actually worse off with Jackson than SF is after 1 year of Kelly.
    Kelly united the team and they played each week and didnt get caught partying in the season. He kept them discipline. He just was tasked with more than was possible.

    1. As I have said before, Jackson was playing with a gutted roster.

    1. He aced the true or false portion of the test. Now comes the short essay. Let’s hope he finds a damned good tutor and soon.

  65. The San Francisco 49ers announced that both Trent Baalke and Chip Kelly have been relieved of their duties. The organization has begun its search for the team’s next general manager and head coach.

    “I have informed Trent and Chip of my decision to pursue new leadership for our football team,” said York. “These types of conversations are never easy, especially when they involve people you respect personally and professionally.

    “Trent gave this organization every ounce of effort he had over the last 12 years and his contributions were integral to the team reaching three straight NFC Championship Games and a Super Bowl. I will forever be grateful for his dedication to the 49ers, and his friendship to me and my family. I wish Trent, Beth and their daughters the very best in whatever the future holds for their family.

    “Chip has my gratitude for the job he did this year, navigating the team through some adverse circumstances. I look forward to watching his career continue to unfold, and wish him and Jill great success in life.

    “Despite my feelings for Trent and Chip, I felt the decision to change our football leadership was absolutely necessary. The performance of this team has not lived up to my expectations or those of our fans, and that is truly disappointing. We all expected to see this team progress and develop as the season went on, but unfortunately that did not happen. That is why now is the time to find a new direction for this team.”

      1. I guess Kelly leaving probably means Kap staying is slim to none. Just glad we don’t have that storm coming hey verbose boy?

          1. Keep dreaming verbose boy. Make sure the crow you eat is soft and warm. You would not want to choke!
            If you think any new GM or HC is tying their wagon to Kap then you truly are the dumbest guy on here. That move is an immediate death sentence

            1. Seb is desperate to the fact that he is trying to cling onto anything and anyone as long as it means that Kap stays a 49er.
              I call it puppy love!

  66. “After much consideration, Paraag Mrthmrmefrmrmr and I have decided the best course of operation is to bring in a trusted agent as what’s-his-name used to say. We have therefore contacted Jim Tomsula to revive the fortunes of the best team in the south bay. On another note, beer prices will be bumped up 20 percent for 2017 as well as parking fees.”

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