49ers vs. Seahawks live blog

SANTA CLARA — This is the live blog for the 49ers’ Week 12 game against the Seattle Seahawks. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

12:48 Here are the 49ers inactives:

  • RT Trent Brown
  • FS Adrian Colbert
  • DL Aaron Lynch
  • DL Leger Douzable
  • DL D.J. Jones
  • LB Pita Taumoepenu
  • WR Victor Bolden Jr.

12:49 Here are the Seahawks inactives:

  • SS Kam Chancellor
  • CB Shaquill Griffin
  • DE Dion Jordan
  • RB Mike Davis
  • LB D.J. Alexander
  • WR David Moore
  • OL Oday Aboushi

1:03 The 49ers win the toss and defer until the second half. The Seahawks will receive the opening kickoff.

1:06 Bradley Pinion boots the opening kickoff out of bounds. Good start for the 49ers.

1:07 On the first play of the game, Wilson fakes a handoff, rolls left, stops, looks right and throws an interception to Eric Reid.

1:10 The Niners go three-and-out. The Seahawks defensive line dominated the Niners offensive line during that series.

1:18 On third-and-7 from the 49ers 30-yard line, Dontae Johnson lets an interception fly through his hands. Next play, Seahawks kicker Blair Walsh misses a 48-yard field goal wide left. Niners ball at their 38-yard line.

1:24 On third-and-5 from the 49ers 46-yard line, Beathard throws the ball away as he gets knocked to the ground. Tyler Lockett makes a fair catch at the Seahawks 16-yard line.

1:35 On third-and-15 from the 49ers 36-yard line, Ahkello Witherspoon breaks up a pass in the end zone intended for Tyler Lockett. Terrific play by the rookie corner. The Niners get the ball at their 20 after the punt.

1:41 On the Niners third series, Garrett Celek commits a block-in-the-back penalty, Joe Staley gives up a sack to Branden Jackson and Carlos Hyde drops a pass over the middle. Seems the Niners are back to playing their brand of sloppy football. Seahawks have the ball at their 40-yard line after the punt.

1:47 Eddie Lacy loses a yard on third-and-1, and the Seahawks go three-and-out. Niners ball at their 20.

1:50 On first-and-10, C.J. Beathard commits intentional grounding. On second-and-21, Beathard throws to Trent Taylor, but Bobby Wagner rips the ball out of his hands and makes the interception at the 49ers 16-yard line.

1:53 On first-and-goal from the 2, the Seahawks run the zone read, and both Solomon Thomas and Brock Coyle run toward the running back, doesn’t have the ball. Wilson has it, and he runs into the end zone for an easy touchdown. 7-0 Seahawks. The Niners can’t defend that play, as I discussed in my pregame Periscope report.

1:59 On third-and-3 from the 49ers 44-yard line, Beathard throws deep to Marquise Goodwin, who does not run deep. The pass is incomplete. Seahawks ball at their 14 after the punt.

2:06 On third-and-6 from the Seahawks 29, Jimmy Graham drops a short pass over the middle. The Niners have the ball at their 19 after the punt.

2:09 Beathard completes a 23-yard pass to Goodwin. Then, the offense goes backward. Beathard takes a hit as he rolls right and completes a pass to Hyde for a seven-yard loss. Then on third-and-15, Beathard checks down to Hyde, who drops the ball. That’s two drops for him. Seahawks ball at their 20 after the punt.

2:15 On third-and-4, Wilson gets hit by Elvis Dumervil and DeForest Buckner but escapes. He runs up the middle and gets tackled by Reuben Foster, who was spying Wilson. Good job by the 49ers defense.

2:16 The 49ers commit a holding penalty during the punt return. They start from their 31.

2:20 Beathard makes a perfect 34-yard throw to Goodwin while taking a huge hit from Bobby Wagner.

2:21 Three plays later, third-and-5, Beathard gets hit in the pocket and fumbles. The 49ers recover, but they’re out of field-goal range now. The Seahawks have the ball at their 16 after the punt.

2:28 On third-and-15, Wilson scrambles out of the pocket to his right and throws deep to Paul Richardson, who is open, but Wilson underthrows him. Niners ball at their 33 with 1:39 left in the half.

2:34 With eight seconds left in the half and the Niners at the Seahawks 20-yard line, Shanahan chooses not to take one shot into the end zone. Instead, he chooses to kick a 38-yard field goal, and Robbie Gould makes it. The Niners trail 7-3.

2:37 Halftime. The Niners will receive the ball to begin the second half.

3:00 On third-and-5 from the Seahawks 25, Beathard scrambles for one yard. Next play, Gould makes a 42-yard field goal, and the Niners trail 7-6. Carlos Hyde rush seven times for 38 yards on that drive, and all of his runs came either from the pistol or the shotgun. That’s the best way to use Hyde. Good play calling.

3:08 On second-and-4 from the 49ers 17, Wilson throws a touchdown pass to tight end Nick Vannett, who’s wide open. Seahawks lead 14-6. The key play on that drive came on third-and-9 from the Seahawks 30. The Niners rushed only three, and Wilson hit Doug Baldwin for a gain of 23. Strange play call. Better to rush five in that situation.

3:14 Beathard underthrows Hyde on third-and-7, and the Niners go three-and-out. This is a crucial moment in the game. Can the defense keep the team in the game?

3:25 On third-and-7 from the Seahawks 40, Wilson breaks two tackles in the backfield and completes an eight-yard pass to Jimmy Graham. On third-and-8 from the 49ers 20, Wilson throws a fade to Doug Baldwin, and the officials call pass interference on Dontae Johnson. The Seahawks will face second-and-goal from the one-yard line when the fourth quarter starts.

3:28 Graham beats Ahkello Witherspoon with a slant route for a one-yard touchdown. Witherspoon was playing bump-and-run coverage and he still never touched Graham. Amazing. Seahawks lead 21-6.

3:37 On third-and-6 from the 49ers 46, Michael Bennett beats right tackle Erik Magnuson around the edge and forces Beathard to dump the ball to Garrett Celek, who gains two yards. The Seahawks have the ball at their 10-yard line after the punt.

3:46 On third-and-4 from the Seahawks 49, Wilson completes a pass in the flat to J.D. McKissic, and Dontae Johnson tackles him after a gain of one. The Niners have the ball at their 10-yard line with 6:57 left in the fourth quarter after the punt.

3:51 On third-and-6, Michael Bennett beats Erik Magnuson and sacks Beathard for a seven-yard loss.

3:58 Blair Walsh makes a 34-yard field goal, and the Seahawks lead 24-6 with 3:27 left.

4:13 Beathard leaves the game after taking his 16th hit. Jimmy Garoppolo comes in and completes two passes for 19 yards and a touchdown as time expires. The 49ers lose 24-13. Stay tuned for my postgame Periscope, game story and grades.

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  1. Wilson totally missed Graham and made other bad decisions. If that were a past 49er QB making the same mistakes it would be proof they sucked. Hey every QB misses receivers and makes bad decisions sometimes.

    1. Not in this game. No enough protection for a QB who is not yet comfortable with the offense. It sounds like they are in no hurry to play him.

  2. Beathard’s footwork has not improved yet. He is a little slow-footed and so non elusive.
    I like his toughness but he seems too slow to me.
    Garoppolo has quick feet like Russell Wilson.

  3. As I said yesterday, my 3 concerns about this game were Russell Wilson, that front 7 and Trent Brown being out :/ Niners better respond on offense or this could get ugly.

  4. What a difference it makes playing a good defense that actually cares. That Giant’s game was such a joke, so deceptive in the way it made the offense look.

    1. You were all negative when CJB was getting stats in garbage time, but Jimmy G is the real deal in the same situation? I want to see him play in real game time behind this O line before claiming he is the real deal. I hope he is the answer and he just may be, but one minute plus of garbage time doesn’t prove a thing.

  5. Giants were not in the game 2 weeks ago. We have not really improved as we had hoped. OL just killing us. We also lack any credible WR’s

    1. Right! There are a lot of different variables involved in both individual wins and losses. which is exactly why stats do not always tell the whole story.

  6. It’s not rocket science Shanny…Beathard can be a good backup QB. WTF up!!
    Get Jimmy’s handsome ass in there! No I’m not gay.

  7. Play action is not working at all. CJB doesn’t seem to realize he should have thrown that ball away rather than suffer a 6 yard loss.

      1. Look at the small crowd, If handsome Jimmy rallies Niners to a victory at least the ticket sales would go up.
        Jimmy needs game snaps to prepare for next year. Practice snaps are not the same as game snaps Grant.

  8. altho I’m not watching as closely as I should be, it seems that they’re guys are ripping the ball out of our hands and throwing our skill players around, whereas we wrap up their skill players and they break out of our grasp.

    as Ronnie Lott said, often the NFL boils down to who outhits who.

    but this team is showing fight and some talent. better days ahead

  9. I would love to see Montana behind this line and with this offense. It would bring some reality to allot of posters on this site.

  10. Yes putting Jimmy G in will cause the line to block better.
    The O line can barely function with all their starters and without them they are pretty bad.

    1. Gabbard seems to be doing OK in Arizona with a line that can actually give a QB pass protection. Gee perhaps the major problem wasn’t actually the 49er QB’s but the players around them. Of course perception always seems to trump reality.

    1. Shanny is not a fan. He didn’t fall for anything. He recognizes that stats and wins do not always tell the entire story. He was never going to play JG until he gets ready. The reason he is playing CJ is not because of what he did against the Giants but because JG is not ready.

    1. Surprisingly, the stats are very close in total yards gained and TOP. It’s a hard fought game and our OL is not protecting CJB as well as Seattle’s OL is protecting RW (although neither is good).

  11. How can any QB be properly evaluated with this OL? Not sure how good/not good Beathard is based on the pressure and pounding he is taking. I feel bad for anyone back there!

    1. Would be nice to see some big sets and power the ball with Hyde… Take the fight to that front 7 in hopes of wearing them down a bit instead of imitating human turnstiles. Might help open up some play action too.

      1. I wish some of you fans would get your heads out of Hyde’s rear. He is not an elite Rb you structure your offense around. Hyde is not a power runner. He can break tackles once he gets into space, but when is the last time anyone saw him push the pile like a power runner does.

  12. Too easy… If Niners can’t get in the endzone this game is over. Maybe someday they’ll get tired of being Seattle’s biatch.

      1. His yards per attempt would increase if he was completing passes.

        For second game 49ers are getting beat worse by division opponent second time around.

        This team is showing no improvement unless the opponent is dog meat.

          1. Ok. But here was my point. So many kept making a big deal about the injuries in Seattle’s secondary. It’ll likely hurt them, but not against this team. It’s part of why I didn’t give the 49ers a chance in this one.

            It’s still the same Seattle front 7 and it’s still the same Russell Wilson.

      1. I’ve seen every Seattle game over the last three-four years and this is the first time I can remember in a long time where Wilson is slipping out of two arm grasps around his torso. Normally defensive players don’t get that good of a hold on him.

  13. Well I have the ‘Hawks score correct. Now we just need two TD’s and a field goal. No prob. Pliny always makes things look more rosey! ;>) Oh, and hold them scoreless the rest of the way. No prob. I might have to break out the Takillya!

  14. I know CJ was under pressure, but it looked like TT was open behind Juice. Maybe I’m not seeing it right. But I’m ready to see Jimmy. This is extremely tiresome.

    1. They are fired up in this game. Teams will often sleep walk through a game like the Giants did last game. Just not as badly or as often. Sometimes it depends on when you catch a team. I ave seen Seattle sleep walk through games before , but I believe when the Niners play the Hawks they ( Hawks) will always come to play.

  15. Niner ownership sold out the fans this year. No attempt was made to sign top OL FA’s. They fobbed this team off as competitive. IT never was.

    1. Did you not listen to what Shanahan and Lynch stated their long term plan was? Consider this season like an expansion team- only with more injuries than normal. They are coming along just fine. They are right on track. This season was purely to install the schemes and evaluated players.

        1. No, predictions are talking points to generate discussion. This is a blog, and they work well to generate a great deal of discussion.

            1. Who cares about Trubisky now. He is not a 49er, but
              Solo is and he looks every part the bust.
              I know that is not good for any of us, but he is. He was a terrible pick!
              This isn’t about you and me, this is about the 49ers blew that pick.
              You just look stupid making him out to be a great player. He su$ks, big time!

              1. I do. I want to see Thomas stomp Trubiscuit into little baby guts, and Goatrappolo shred the Bears defense. See ya there, mate!

              2. I want to see it too but it looks like Solo needs a lot more work.
                You had your chance to meet me but waffled. Remember Union Square? Chicken!

  16. What a joke. Blair on Graham. Whose brilliant idea is that? No need to respond, we all know who calls the defensive plays and puts together the schemes.

  17. Really disappointing performance considering the extra time we had to prepare… Hard to believe the Hawks are playing on a short week. They look much better conditioned than the Niners. Sad.

  18. Hopefully handsome Jimmy starts next week vs 3-8 Bears in Chicago. If he can find his helmet. ☺
    Let’s see what he can do.

  19. the entire O-line needs to be scrapped !… that is..
    if Jimmy G wants to stay relatively healthy… and Kilgore should
    be the first out the door

  20. Did that idiot Ronde Barber really say WR was the Niners #1 priority. Stay in the booth because GM isn’t for you Mr. Barber. None of that matters if you have this garbage OL.

  21. Four man rush all day by the ‘Hawks. It looks like their sending 7 or 8. Kudo’s to Kyle for making CJ the sacrificial lamb. He knows just how lousy the OL is. Kudo’s for CJ for taking the beating and continuing to play his hardest. The kid is a tough SOB. He’s also joining the long line of mediocre QB’s that have played the position over the last five or more years. The last very good QB for the Niners was Jeff Garcia. Everyone since has been mediocre, including Kaep, who had the luxury of playing for probably the best team in the league. Once that team was dismantled, Kaep showed how mediocre he really was, losing most of the games he started. Sad after the high standard that Montana, Young, and even Garcia had accomplished. Hopefully Jimmy can return us to that high standard. I don’t blame KS for not subjecting a not quite fully prepared JG to that inevitable beating.

  22. No wonder the NFL ratings are declining. The games seem really boring this year. No one is worth watching. As masochists, we love our weekly beatings of our Niners though.

  23. That’s how you escape a pass-rush…quick feet! Handsome Jimmy TD!!!!!!!!!
    I TOLD YOU!!!!!!!!

    1. Not only that, but better awareness of what is going on before the snap and around him during the play. I’m not knocking CJB. I have mad respect for his toughness, but he is a rookie. I hope he’s okay as he’ll make a good backup to Jimmy next week.

    1. He might think he doesn’t know enough of the offense for him to play a whole game. Being in for one series is different than playing an entire game. That might be a good enough excuse to continue the road to tanking.

      1. It’s said he knows around 30-50 plays…. That’s enough against a Bears D that hardly scares anyone. Gotta start somewhere and today was a nice surprise (no offense to CJ).

    1. Whew! Staggering numbers!
      Ummm seriously, I will withhold my judgment until he starts a game and throws TD’s when the game is still on the line.

  24. Nice, we have a small sample size, but JG threw 2 passes, completed both, and scored a TD.
    I think they can make a careful assessment that JG looked cool under pressure, and delivered.
    Maybe they can think of him as a franchise QB, and make him happy by letting him play.

    1. Prime –
      You knew how good Handsome Jimmy was…You were right on man! You deserve a lot of credit….It’s only 3 plays lol but we can see the sick potential. ?????

  25. He threw two balls that were harder than CJ has ever thrown in his life. Also accurate, and he moved much quicker. Any doubt that he is much superior was taken away with just three plays. A right handed quarterback that can throw to the left side of the field. Wow, we haven’t seen that for eons.

    1. Lets be serious. Did anyone even think that Beathard was in competition with JG?. You have a rookie who’s only advantage is he knows a complex offense better. It was obvious to anyone who knows football or did any research that JG obviously had better measurables and that is exactly what you saw in that short stint.

    2. I like his mobility. He bought time to let the receiver get open, then threw a strike.
      We finally have another mobile, accurate QB.

    3. He also looked smaller than CJ which worries me playing behind our current Oline.

      While we all know that Polo will be our eventual starter, I wouldn’t exactly get to carried away during garbage time when the game is already determined and the defense is relaxed and disinterested.

    1. Yes sir! Man, that’s a perfect debut. I love the zip on those passes, and the balls are still accurate and catchable. Add to that, he goes through his progressions and he has good pocket awareness. His mechanics are great. Garoppolo will be special.

  26. I have said all along that JG is a superior QB since he has learned for years behind BB and Brady. Certainly, he is better than a raw green rookie.

    Playing JG is the smart thing to do if they want to win. If JG manages to win 3 games before the end of the season, they should present a fair long term contract. They still could trade him if another team gives a king’s ransom for him.
    The learning terminology reason did not pass the smell test. All they had to do was assign numbers to the plays, and JG can read the number off his wrist band. If they are terrified that JG becomes injured, they should just say so and bubble wrap him. Then sign another QB if CJB is injured.
    Hmmm. I wonder who is available? ;p

            1. Right about what? You sound happy the 49ers lost.
              Typical weasel!
              How’s your 10 sacks from Solo coming along? Frickin guy is invisible. Did he even wear a jersey today?
              He’s a bust.

  27. agree with seb. Kyle handled the entire QB thing very poorly. He shows his lack of judgment as a HC. Let Jimmy play. He deserves it. CJ was always going to be a backup. A cheap one at that. We all knew that CJ was gonna be hurt eventually.

    1. Yup, CJB showed guts, and he beat a crappy Giants team, but he still is a raw green rookie who will improve after being in the league for at least a couple years.
      JG looked like a franchise QB.

  28. JG is just sharper mentally. He understands the game. CJ is a raw rookie with limited physical skills. No other NFL team drafted him. We did. “nuff said.

  29. I want to see him play in real game time behind this O line before claiming he is the real deal. I hope he is the answer and he just may be, but one minute plus of garbage time doesn’t prove a thing.

    Jimmy G should start next week.

  30. If this JG kid plays and speak as good as he looks, he will be the next face of the NFL. And watch the league give the Niners more attention and all the “special” treatment that comes with it.

  31. JG should insist the Yorks spend money on the FA’s we need. We have many holes to fill! We cannot do it through the draft alone

  32. If I was a chick I would go out with Handsome Jimmy. Lol
    I’ve been Crab15 here in this blog since 2009 (Crabtree draft) so I won’t change my handle to Garop10. Some newbie will take Jimmy10 or JG10 or HandsomeJimmy lol….I need a cold beer. Go Niners!!! I love all of you, well most of you.

    1. Why do I have a feeling you’ve already got a nice little heater going Crab? Crack one open a cold one for me, and then another for the man with the “it factor”, the Italian Stallion – future HOF QB Jimmy “GQ” Garoppolo!

      There’s just something special about this kid, and I am not talking about his dashingly handsome looks, or his gallant, James-Bond-like gentlemanly debonair charm.

      How in the world do we risk playing Jimmy now guys? Our offensive line is a bad, predictable joke, and the punchline today was 13 more quarterback hits, ending with our gritty, rookie QB writhing in pain!

      I sure as sh_t hope CJB’s leg is OK because today only reinforced my feeling that the 49ers simply cannot risk Jimmy’s long term health behind this sorry excuse for an offensive line. Honestly, I’m not sure I could even bare to watch 5 more games of this kind of inhumane, quarterback punishment, when it’s our potential long term solution at QB behind center. I’ve already accepted the fact that this season is as dead as a door knob, but I will be inconsolable if Garoppolo ends up dead along with it!

    1. Under –
      Ha…I was wondering who would catch that lol. I did say CJ was padding his stats in garbage time so yes so did Handsome Jimmy…..Be that was different ?

      1. Crab15,
        Hope you stick around for the rest of the season Bud.
        And also hope to see Garoppolo play a full game – still worried about this Oline tho. JG looks slightly smaller than CJ and may not be able to hold-up like Beathard has under all the punishment.

        I want to see more of Polo on the field, but is it really worth the risk at this point with our Oline? Speaking of our Oline, does anyone know the story on Staley’ injury?

  33. One thing they need to do is make honest assessments. Tomlinson is just not performing well, and Coyle seemed one step behind all day.
    If they do not re-sign Reid, they are brain dead.
    When they lined up in the I and ran Hyde so he could build up a head of steam before hitting the line of scrimmage, he did well. Hope they also re-sign Hyde.
    It is unfortunate that CJB was injured, and I hope it is not too serious. He was put in a tough situation with little help.
    They MUST fix the O line. Bring back Beadles, and rotate them until one wins the job.

      1. Well, my daughter barely knows a football is pointy, she thinks one Niner fanatic is enough in the family, so please excuse an old codger from not relating too much with millennials.
        Still, it would be nice to get some new posters on this site, with differing viewpoints.

  34. Some fans cheered when CJB got hurt. Everyone loves the backup, but not do much when he becomes the starter. Wonder how “handsome” JG will fare?

        1. Speaking of fans either cheering or booing, how about Alex Smith getting booed profusely after the loss to the Bills today.
          Reid said that Alex is his starter going forward, but that may be for another game or two.

    1. It is poor sportsmanship to wish injury on a player. I hope CJB can come back strong.
      That said, attrition is a grim reality. Next man up. JG will be like Brady, and he will get rid of the ball, throwing with rhythm, and quick enough so the pass rusher cannot reach him.
      This last game, he looked very accurate, and clutch.

  35. http://www.49erswebzone.com/articles/111956-shanahan-discusses-jimmy-garoppolo-entering-seattle-injured-beathard/

    “It’s a tough position to be in, and you don’t want anyone to get hurt. Jimmy will have another week, and we’ll watch this tape tomorrow, work with him Monday and Tuesday, and we’ll see what happens in practice for Wednesday.”

    “Shanahan went on to say that he never considered putting Garoppolo into the game before Beathard’s injury.”

  36. Niners fought hard, but Wilson is a top 5 QB. Imagine if he had a decent O line.
    Grant mentioned tackling the back shoulder, but I was always taught to concentrate on his belly button. Tank had a sack, but tackled too high, and Wilson performed his Houdini act.

    1. Wilson is a guy who thrives on pressure. If he had a clean pocket he probably wouldn’t be as effective. His best plays are of the Seattle scramble drills. In the pocket his height is a disadvantage in that he has to rely on passing lanes. On the run he makes his own passing lanes.

  37. The thing about Jimmy is he looks the part. He did in those 2 starts in NE and in preseason and in the limited work today.
    He has the tools. Quick release, eyes always down field, quickness to extend plays with his legs and no fear.

    Beathard was way too slow today. You can tell the game is way too fast for him.

    It’s Jimmy G time. I’m guaranteeing he starts next week in Chicago.

    1. All week you’ve been saying JG shouldn’t play this year. Now after 3 snaps in garbage time it is JG time. :-P

      It should have been JG time all this week and today. Yes, it would suck if JG gets seriously hurt, but lets just hope that doesn’t happen. Give him some meaningful game time ahead of next year.

      1. I’ve said he should play if he is ready. I think he looks ready.
        Beathard was awful today. It’s time to move to the next guy.

    2. Agreed. I don’t think you could have scripted it any better either. It’s as if they planned the entire thing; the way it unfolded. Just in time, too. Welcome to Chicago, San Francisco!

    3. If CJB is good to go, he needs to continue to be the sacrificial lamb behind this preposterous excuse for an offensive line, for the remainder of this lost season. I’ll be honest ….. I don’t know if this old ticker of mine can bare to watch 5 more games worth of this kind of quarterback abuse, when the future of this storied 49ers franchise is on the line.

      My god Prime, why don’t they just go ahead and get it over with during practice? Why not just have one of our 300 pound defensive linemen go ahead and blow up Garoppolo’s leg during scrimmage, saving us the shock and agony of watching another Joe Theismann incident torpedo the team’s future on live TV?

  38. Another false hope..Garbage touchdown here we go again..I’ve been watching this movie over and over since Garcia and Mariuchu left..Don’t buy it..Give him a full game behind this disgrace of a line and next week everyone will be bitching and moaning

  39. Allie –
    All you need now is a new avatar. You are the new 49erGirl! ?? 49erGirl was a regular in this blog for many years, she was awesome and knew her football. The only negative was her hubby is a Raider fan. She has been gone for a while. There was also a cool dude named Hoferfan67….nevermind.

    Try gravatar.com if you decide on new avatar

  40. Agree Seb, we finally have a mobile, accurate QB again. I certainly miss Joe, Steve, and Jeff, the last mobile, ACCURATE QB’s to wear a Niner uni! Everyone else has been, well, MEDIOCRE!! ;>)

    1. Juan, we will just have to agree to disagree. Now that CJB’s injury looks serious, they need to sign a FA QB.
      I hope you know who I want them to sign…..;p

        1. Prime, I hope they bubble wrap JG, and do not play him the rest of the season, then trade him for a boatload of picks, because several teams are salivating over JG, with his magnificent performance.
          Niners do not need to make any more assessments, because in those 2 passes, JG proved he can be clutch.
          JG watched as CJB struggled behind that O line, so he may be reticent to trust them to protect him. Behind that O line, no QB is safe.
          They should bubble wrap JG so they do not expose him to injury, and he does not need to throw another pass to prove his worth. JG goes into next season fully healthy, with a much better O line. Then they should sign Kaep, and play him with little study, and not care if they win or lose. Kaep would look at this opportunity as a tryout for other teams, but if he takes the league by storm, the Niners could have JG as trade bait for a boatload of picks and the Niners do not need to spend their first round pick for QB.
          Only the injury to CJB would have made this scenario possible, and I certainly did not wish CJB to become injured. However, it has happened, and the Niners are not foolish enough to think their PS player is prepared enough to start in this league.
          Risking JG to injury will destroy his trade value, if he becomes injured. With this O line, that may be highly probable. They treated Kaep like a piece of meat, so he may be resigned to them doing it again. Kaep would get back to the league, and his grievance would be rendered moot, so Goodell and the owners would be happy.

  41. AES, this is one of many moments when I wanted the Niners to have contingency plans.
    They should have assigned a play to run when they have no time outs and need to run the hurry up offense. Instead of spiking the ball, they should have just run the pre- assigned play. Then they do not waste a play, and might be confronted with a 4th down situation.The other team will think the ball will be spiked, and maybe the Niners could catch them off guard.
    There was also another time when a contingency play may be a shrewd pre game preparation. When the Seahawks had 12 men on the field, CJB should have yelled 12 ! and had Kilgore snap the ball. Every receiver should have gone long for a free play downfield.

      1. No, Prime, I am thinking ahead. Contingency plans are made in case an opportunity presents itself.
        Speaking of losing, Your boy Trubisky lost another game, and threw 2 picks.

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