49ers vs. Seahawks live blog

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (3) warms up before an NFL football game against the San Francisco 49ers in Santa Clara, Calif., Monday, Nov. 11, 2019. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

SANTA CLARA — This is the live blog for the 49ers’ Week 10 Monday night game against the Seattle Seahawks. I will update with information and analysis from the press box.

3:46 Here are the 49ers inactives:

  • TE George Kittle
  • CB Ahkello Witherspoon
  • K Robbie Gould
  • OT Justin Skule
  • RB Jeff Wilson Jr.
  • DT Jullian Taylor
  • QB C.J. Beathard


  • CB FB Kyle Juszczyk
  • OT Joe Staley
  • OT Mike McGlinchey

3:49 Here are the Seahawks inactives:

  • RB C.J. Prosise
  • DE L.J. Collier
  • WR Jaron Brown
  • WR John Ursua
  • CB Akeem King
  • OG Phil Haynes
  • S Lano Hill

4:30 Garrett Celek is active for the first time this season. I’m guessing the 49ers have a run-heavy game plan and want to have a third active tight end just in case Ross Dwelley or Levine Toilolo get injured. Celek should only see the field if the 49ers are absolutely desperate, because he’s only good for a false start of a holding penalty or a drop.

5:13 The Seahawks win the toss and defer. The 49ers will receive the opening kickoff.

5:28 On third and five from the Seahawks 25-yard line, Marquise Goodwin drops a pass close the end zone. Garoppolo threw Goodwin three passes during the opening drive and Goodwin caught none of them. Stop throwing to Goodwin. To be fair, one of those passes sailed over Goodwin’s head.

5:30 Chase McLaughlin makes a 43-yard field goal attempt, and the 49ers lead 3-0. The 49ers ran four times for four yards during that drive. The Seahawks did an excellent job defending the run. But, they committed three penalties. One negated an interception from Bad Jimmy.

5:33 On third and two, nose tackle D.J. Jones knocks Seahawks backup center Joey Hunt onto his toosh and sacked Russell Wilson for a seven-yard loss. The Seahawks go three and out. They lost their starting center for the season. Big loss. The 49ers will get the ball at their 17-yard line following the punt.

5:46 On third and eight from the Seahawks 10, Garoppolo throws a touchdown pass to Kendrick Bourne. The 49ers lead 10-3. Bourne lined up in the slot and beat Seahawks nickel back Jamar Taylor with a slant route. Bourne beat Taylor on the first drive for a 16-yard catch on third-and-10. Taylor is the weak link in the Seahawks defense and the 49ers know it.

5:48 The 49ers have held the ball for 10:55. The Seahawks have held it for 2:02.

5:52 On third and six from the Seahawks 33, Emmanuel Moseley breaks up a deep pass intended for D.K. Metcalf, and the Seahawks go three and out again. They have zero first downs.

5:54 End of the first quarter. The 49ers will face second and 10 from their 26 when the second quarter starts.

5:58 On third and eight from the 49ers 28, Garoppolo checks down to Tevin Coleman for a gain of five. The 49ers punt, and Raheem Mostert commits a 15-yard penalty for running into the punt returner after he called for a fair catch. Strange, sloppy sequence.

6:04 On third and four from the 49ers’ 33, Fred Warner blitzes and sacks Russell Wilson for a loss of nine. Phenomenal blitz design from Robert Saleh. He created a wide-open rushing lane for Warner, who sacked Wilson on third and four and knocked the Seahawks out of field-goal range. After the punt, the 49ers will start from their eight-yard line.

6:10 Emmanuel Sanders leaves the game and walks to the locker room. He has a rib injury and is questionable. D.J. Jones has a groin injury and is questionable to return.

6:11 Weston Richburg just walked off the field in pain. He has a head injury and is questionable. Three injuries in a row for the 49ers.

6:14 On third and three from the 49ers 44, Jimmy Garoppolo throws an incomplete pass intended for Dante Pettis. The Seahawks take over from their 17-yard line.

6:18 On third and one from the Seahawks 47, Warner bats down a pass from Wilson. The Seahawks’ punt bounces into the end zone, so the 49ers will take over from their 20. The Seahawks have 52 net yards.

6:21 Let’s see what the 49ers offense can do without Sanders, Richburg and Kittle.

6:23 On second and seven from the 23, Ben Garland and Laken Tomlinson fail to pass off an inside stunt, and allow Jarran Reed to hit Garoppolo and strip the ball from him. Jadeveon Clowney recovers and scores a touchdown. The 49ers lead 10-7.

6:29 On third and 14 from the 49ers 22, Dante Pettis drops a pass near the sideline after taking a big hit.

6:37 On first and 10 from the 49ers 27, Wilson throws a screen pass to Metcalf, who rumbles down the one-yard line, where Jaquiski Tartt takes the ball away from him. 49ers ball at their one-yard line. Unreal play by Tartt, who says I never praise him.

6:41 Garoppolo takes a knee. The Seahawks will get the ball when the second half starts.

7:00 On second and seven from the 49ers 46, Rashad Penny fumbles and the 49ers recover. K’Waun Williams knocked the ball out and DeForest Buckner recovered it at the 49ers 44-yard line.

7:01 Sanders and Jones are out for the game. Richburg is back in the game. Azeez Al-Shair has a head injury.

7:06 On fourth and 2 from the Seahawwks 33, Garoppolo throws incomplete and the 49ers turn the ball over on downs. Not having George Kittle and Emmanuel Sanders really hurt the 49ers on fourth and two. No one was open.

7:12 On third and five from the 49ers, Warner blitzes up the middle and sacks Wilson for a nine-yard loss. Saleh is wearing out Seahawks left guard Mike Iupati, who is brutal in pass protection.

7:25 On first and 10 from the 49ers’ 41, Garoppolo throws a pass to Kendrick Bourne, who drops it and tips it to free safety Quandre Diggs, who returns the interception to the 49ers’ 16-yard line. Three plays later on first and goal from the three, Tartt gives up a touchdown pass to Jacob Hollister. The Seahawks lead 14-10 with 4:37 left in the third quarter.

7:31 On second and 18 from the 49ers 32, Jadeveon Clowney beats Mike McGlinchey and strips the ball from Garoppolo. The Seahawks recover at the 49ers’ 24.

7:36 Chris Carson bursts into the end zone on second and goal from the one, and the Seahawks lead 21-10.

7:51 On second and seven from the Seahawks 35, K’Waun Williams sacks Wilson, who fumbles. Right tackle Germain Ifedi recovers the ball, Warner strips it from him, Buckner recovers and scores a touchdown. The 49ers go for two, and convert as Garoppolo completes a pass to Bourne in the end zone. The 49ers trail 21-18 with 12:01 left.

7:56 Matt Breida has an ankle injury and is questionable to return.

7:56 On third and two, Richard Sherman breaks up a pass intended for D.K. Metcalf, who ran a quick slant. The 49ers defense is keeping them in this game.

8:04 On third and eight from the Seahawks 21, Bourne drops his second pass of the game.

8:04 McLaughlin makes a 39-yard field goal and ties the game at 21.

8:23 Jason Myers makes a 26-yard field goal with 1:45 left in the game. The Seahawks lead 24-21. The 49ers have one timeout remaining.

8:30 McLaughlin nails a 47-yard field goal with one second left to tie the game at 24.

8:35 The Seahawks get the ball first in overtime. They start from their 25.

8:44 Dre Greenlaw intercepts Wilson at the 49ers’ four-yard line and returns the interception to the Seahawks 49.

8:50 McLaughlin misses a 47-yard field goal wide left with 3:06 remaining.

8:57 On third and two from the Seahawks 45, Moseley breaks up a pass intended for Metcalf. Richie James makes a fair catch at the 49ers’ 20-yard line with 1:50 left. The 49ers have one timeout.

9:01. And they go three and out in 14 seconds. The Seahawks get the ball back with 1:25 left at their 36-yard line.

9:04 On third and four from the Seahawks 42, Buckner and Ford rush wildly upfield and allow Sherman to scramble for 18 yards. Poor gap discipline.

9:05. Myers makes a 42-yard field goal…but the 49ers called a timeout before he kicked it. He’ll have to try again.

9:05. It’s good. The Seahawks win 27-24. Stay tuned for my game story and report card.

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  1. Nice photo caption.

    Now in Latin… Seahawks QB Seattle, Russell Wilson decurrit in unum adversus Tampa Bay Buccaneers ludum in medium de ludum, in Seattle NFL vehicula nisi dominica die, November III, MMXIX.

    1. Are you sure ‘in the second half’ is the same as ‘in medium de ludum’?
      I think the middle of the game would be Half Time….

  2. This is the BIG one fellas!
    We’re partying in my backyard…with a mix of cold Modelo’s, Miller Light’s & Becks ?????? & an odd mix of loud tunes ? (Deep Purple, Dokken, Linkin Park, Motley Crue, Zeppelin, Van Halen, Beastie Boys & Social Distortion) ??.

    Let’s get some payback on Seattle!!! Enjoy the game everyone!
    The Hawks are my most hated team, followed by New England & Dallas.
    Let’s f’n go!!!!
    Let’s hope Dwelley gets a TD for Grant

    1. Hammering the loose leaf Irish Breakfast. Will be pounding Wuyi mountain oolong by halftime.

  3. If the Niners win sans Kittle it will be huge

    Time to uncork Goodwin? (never quite sure what’s kept him corked this season)

      1. Well that’s risky…. Might be able to get away with uncorking on a rainy, muddy field. Smell might be problematic.

  4. With Kittle out, I’m seeing a score of 31-20. Niners.
    With Kittle it would have been worse for Seattle.
    Looking for Goodwin to haul in some big passes tonight.

  5. Hopefully the 49ers keep the win train going strong.


    49ers 31
    Seahawks 27

  6. I know I said I’ll stop commenting.

    Mood/Razor: Last and only thought on game day:-unless Seattle gets on the scoreboard multiple times early, this is going to be a comfortable win for our 49ers. Bye now!

  7. Man injury bug might have caught up..Hate for this to come down to a missed field goal.. Seahawks always have our number..Cocks..27 Niners 24….Hope I’m wrong

    1. If this was New England and the QB was Brady everyone would be talking to the receiver about making that f#%#ing play.

      DO YOUR JOB.. as Belichick would say.

  8. Jimmy needs to calm down…..i like that we are passing…….looking forward to PA in the next drive…

  9. U know, that 2017 draft of Witherspoon, Kittle, Taylor and Jones is looking to be some core player if Taylor can get healthy.

  10. Seattle is forcing Jimmy to beat them with 7,8,9 in the box. Shanny says, “You want Jimmy? You got him. Good luck”

  11. Kyle and John would be well off to listen to my advice.
    So far they have listened.
    My thoughts on Gap Integrity are proving out on the field.
    Good to see. GO NINERS!!!
    ps: How do you like my 49er with 5 Super Bowl rings. ;p

  12. I underestimated the impact Sanders would have for the 49ers offense when the team traded for him. So far, he has been phenomenal.

      1. To me, it looked like Samuels’ forward progress was stopped when Clowney pulled on the collar. That is why I was wondering about it even though Clowney did not get a full grasp of the collar.

  13. On the field: Great defense by the 49ers.
    Booger’s response: What a smart play by Wilson of getting rid of the ball.

  14. Niners blitzing up the middle on passing downs just as I advised Shanahan and Saleh.
    My aim here was to fill the gaps in the wide nine and it has the extra advantage of putting pressure on Wilson.
    GO NINERS!!!

  15. He didnt wave his hand on the TV replay. The announcers didnt say he did a fair catch. Is that what you saw from the press box?

      1. Both of them were? I love the guy but he plays with the ball looser than Stormi Daniels riding a coal train.

        1. If you are talking about the overturned interception and fumble plays, then the first one was on him, but the fumble was on the OL for collapsing so quickly.

          1. I agree with you, Mid. But I still would like Jimmy to just know when to give up on a play and live to fight another day. I’m not sure, but I think he could have immediately wrapped both arms around that ball and taken the sack. Clowney is killing Staley.

  16. Something needs to be done with this WR group in terms of drops. This is ridiculous. Other teams week in and week now see guys making amazing plays. We can’t even catch the damn ball unless it’s perfectly dropped into our breadbasket with no contact. What the hell!

  17. Jimmy has been solid so far, but the pass catchers have not sans Sanders, Samuels, and Bourne.

          1. *facepalm
            That is your reasoning?! Several of the great QBs have lost the ball on plays like that.

            1. Yes but this is a pattern with him. This isn’t an occasional thing. He gives it away once or twice a game almost every single game this year.

              1. Sorry, but that is just searching for a reason to hate on Garoppolo. He has had issues with interceptions, but that fumble was not on him.

              2. “some”??

                If this was Steve Young post Montana days people were calling for his head and he gave the ball away way less. Omg!

                Jimmy has amazing talent but he has to learn to get over this constant problem.

  18. Kyle is to blame
    They should have ran the ball that drive.
    Richburg hurt! Take no chances defense playing great!
    Horrible to pass there! Horrible!

  19. Kaep would have been perfect for this game.
    Dual threat quarterbacks would be giving Seattle fits right now.
    Seattle should at least sign him as a backup for Wilson.

      1. Just my catfish who not only stole my avatar, he hacked into my email. Guess i will have to delete this name and start all over.

  20. Wow. 49ers D is for real. Damn great half of football For the D. Now need to make the right adjustments and put a few more TDs on the scoreboard.

  21. Kyle is great but man he is too cocky at times.
    He should not have passed at all with 3 min left, that deep and with Richburg hurt with D playing that good.
    Such a horrible decision. Wow.

    1. Or it was an injury that occurred earlier and he just felt it on the play he left the field on.

  22. With Kittle and now Sanders out, we need more tough receivers besides Samuel and Bourne. I think they need to start throwing to Juice and Coleman.

    1. I agree with Cubus , Staley is getting worked over! Sanders and Richbhrg ouch! Hope they come back!

  23. Tackles and FB are rusty and it’s showing. Hopefully they get back on track in the second half… Can’t let Seattle hang around.

  24. I am concerned about the second half.
    Starting tight end, center and #1 receiver are out. The offense is going to have to dig deep to score some points.
    Defense needs the offense to keep the Seahawks offense off the field.

  25. Offense is in real trouble. They need a receiver to step up because the Hawks are not going to let them run the ball.
    Can Bourne,samuels or Petitis step up?

  26. Worst game by the O line all season. Garoppolo is slightly off. Play calling is questionable, Running game is non existent. Receivers can’t catch the ball. My hot dog is cold. My soda is flat. My cotton dockers are itchy. Bummer night. They’re gonna lose.

    1. This is a coaching problem as much as anything else. Brady would take a dump on that receiver’s face on the sidelines if that happened in New England.

  27. This offense is not scoring a td with these weapons. There are still major questions marks about the injuries. New staff same old story.

        1. Garoppolo has made a few mistakes, but the majority of the mistakes are being committed by Staley, McGlinchey, and the pass catchers.

  28. Jimmy has been atrocious tonight, but the O line has been worse. McGlinchey is terrible, and shouldn’t be starting again if this is his level.

  29. The pass blocking was better without Staley and McGlinchy, and the run blocking was no worse with the backups.

    1. Agreed. Some are saying Garoppolo is not playing good, but he is unable to catch his own passes or pass protect.

    1. Well he’s been responsible for almost all of the points on both teams tonight, so….

      And I just don’t see 2 TD drives coming from this uneven offense.

      1. No he hasn’t. Staley and McGlinchey have played like crap tonight, and Goodwin, Pettis, Juice, and Bourne have failed to catch some good throws from Garoppolo.

        1. Do you see Wilson coughing the ball up as much as he gets sacked all year?

          Please dont be blind. Jimmy has a problem with ball security.

          1. The first fumble was on a blindside hit which usually results in the ball coming out, and the second was caused by the ball being slapped out of his hand in a collapsed pocket.

  30. It’s the 3rd quarter and the 49ers are down by 11. You guys saying this is over can KMFA.

  31. I had that sinking feeling when Kittle got hurt. Terrible timing :(

    Still some game left. Go Niners!!!

  32. Can’t win with half your team out..Never seen such an injured team excecpt every other Shanny team..Oh well 8 and 1

  33. Interesting.. we lose tonight and we can easily drop from the #1 seed with bye to the #5 seed if things play out as expected through the end of the year.

  34. Put a fork in us unless we can get a turnover somehow. I think Seattle will run here on out.

  35. Since Sanders has gone out, the WR’s have not helped Jimmy G in any real sense at all. At least 3 drops for first downs that I can think of off of the top of my head. Against a good team like this, no Bueno.

  36. Every time we play Seattle two things stand out…. them winning and our players dropping like flies.

  37. This is what I was afraid of. Gotta give it to Caroll….he gets the best out of his players.

    One more quarter to go…..Jimmy, earn that money dude!

  38. Lmao what the hell just happened there. What the hell was Wilson’s OLman doing trying to get the ball from him there. ?

  39. Great color commentary here.

    ‘It’s just understanding timing. Time to make a play.”

    Okay Booger. Thanks for that incredible insight.

    You should have went with “It’s just knowing when to score.”

    Seriously.. the networks spend billions for these rights and this is the best they can find?

  40. I am guessing the reason Kittle is in the box is because they didn’t trust his enthusiasm to keep him safe on the sidelines.

    Also, McGlinchy is looking like a disaster tonight, Clowney is clowning him big time.

  41. Bourne acting like a charity…. 2 easy first downs dropped. Goodwin and Pettis have disappeared. Let’s go D!!!

  42. This WR group leaves you speechless. Just like pass rusher was the focus of the offseason, it has to be WR this coming offseason (barring any major injuries to other groups).

  43. We should have gotten another WR at the deadline. They knew our receiving core was subpar outside of Kittle and Sanders

    1. Bryant is slow and would need at least one month in order to understand the offense.

  44. Defence needs a stop here. I have a feeling Seattle are going to kick a game-winning field goal as time expires.

  45. DISGRACEFUL. The only receiver I’d keep (not counting EM & maybe the guys on IR) after this season is Deebo…he is by no means a finished product, but I think he can develop into an excellent #2 receiver.

    JG isn’t as accurate as I’d like at times (‘specially early in games), but these guys aren’t giving him a whole lot of help either. Make a G*****ed PLAY sometime.

  46. That is twice now that the Seahawks have gotten away with a delay of game.

  47. Well looks like we will have a shot to go win this one.

    All we can ask given how badly the 3rd quarter went.

  48. Can this kicker catch?

    He can cover two roster spots. Release Gould and Bourne now.

    Man I miss Trent Taylor.

  49. Game plan Lynch. Sign any receiver released by New England.

    At least they’re going to catch the damn ball.

      1. +1000 the zebras were bad on big plays. That was a first down or at least should have been re-marked even closer. On that off script deep pass by Wilson, they were holding Dee Ford. But they still had a chance and poor game management at the end sealed the loss… Oh well… Live and learn during the regular season I guess…

  50. I closed my eyes plugged my fingers in my ears and sang LALALALALALALALA OUT LOUD but it didn’t work sigh.

  51. I can’t think of another time in recent memory Jimmyntried to lay one deep in there.

    Decent throw great play by the DB.

    1. in a game like this, it was the difference. I do not recall any passes dropped by Wilsons receivers

  52. Very disappointing loss. Most of the blame goes on offence though, the defence gave them two chances to score and they got nothing. Jimmy thoroughly deserves the media calling him a game manager and a pretender, because that’s what he looked like today. However, I’m more concerned about the offensive line, which was dreadful. Defence has shown it’ll be good enough to win games, but the offence needs to do its part. Long, hard look at themselves needed after this.

    1. Pettis bust Bourne pathetic Deebo ok James where questioning toughness, tough game, Sewell you stunk also, Staley was pathetic , grants assessments are right , maybe this team is too thin skinned, Breida is hurt now. Seattle added some real talent and will be a problem.

  53. Grant’s homework for the film review is to count how many times Clowney blew by either Staley or McGlinchey untouched. The were completely embarrassed by him. Clowney and Wilson were clearly the best players on the field tonight.

    This was a major reality check. The quality of the opposing QB matters, this defense has looked much less impressive in the last two games. They will also go nowhere without Kittle and Sanders.

  54. run out the clock take the tie. bad clock management. with our crap receivers your not going to score. i like shanahan but that was bad.you cant give Wilson a chance to win the game.poor poor poor

      1. Did you see those those jimmy G was making? They were way off. He clearly missed Kittle and Samuals. They should have throw a couple of screens to at least run some clock.
        That all out blitz on willson at the end meant if you don’t get to him he’s going to run it into FG ran, Take the tie.

          1. Agree, Jack. The only time I could see playing for a tie is at the end of the season where a tie guarantees you a top seed with a week off but a loss would result in playing the first playoff week. Probably a rare situation.

          2. No you play to win the trophy. That 3 and out was stupid. Run the ball. You are a good running team. That’s how Shanny lost the SB. Those guys bought into the hype.
            Still– it was a good lose in my mind. You need to learn how to win games like that.

  55. Could have ran out the clock for a tie but can’t blame Shanahan going for the win… what a tough loss but something tells me if Kittle and Sanders were playing we would have had a different outcome. Too bad but great game regardless.

  56. I don’t want to hear a single thing about how good this Niner team thinks it is. It just lost a game it should have won, and in doing so gave Seattle an amazing chance at the division. With Seattle, Rams, Saints, Ravens and Packers all on the schedule there are no guarantees for this team. Gut check time.

  57. Not mad..go figure biggest game of Levi’s history is another Seahawks win..of course.. Seahawks have more history in our own stadium than we do..We couldn’t over come all those injuries it was bound to happen,now here come all the 49ers hate again that were frauds which we might be

  58. Just to may dropped passes. Period. In a game like this, that is just giving them the ball without them having to work for it.

  59. Tough loss. I hate the effing Seahawks. And the 49ers gave away that game which makes it so much harder., Any1 who thought the addition of Clowney was no big deal is a football illiterate imbecile. Without Clooney, 49ers win by double digits. Injuries finally caught up with the 49ers. Losing Sanders and playing without Kittle was huge. Jimmy G needs to prove he’s the guy bc there are now definitely questions. Need to come back and demolish the Cards to get back in the groove.

    1. I think the performance of Clowney had more to do with how poorly Staley and McGlinchey played tonight. There is no better example of this than on the play where Garoppolo had to throw away the pass. Staley literally looked like a statue on that play.

      1. Staley looked absolutely horrible; he was beat repeatedly by Clowney. And the Glinch wasn’t much better.

        1. I said last week that I was a little concerned about Staley and McGlinchey playing because Skule and Brunskill were playing very well. It was obvious tonight that the Oline lost its continuity and harmony. I would have started Staley and McGlinchey next week against the Cardinals.

  60. I don’t know how to feel about this loss. Sure the 49ers fought back to tie it up, but the team killed itself with mistakes tonight.
    The officiating was putrid given that Seattle got away with several things which includes allowing the play clock to run down to zero and not snap the ball, but that was not one of the main reasons the 49ers lost. Absolutely awful pass protection from Staley and McGlinchey, mind-boggling dropped and bobbled passes, and very poor play-calling and clock management by Shanahan when it mattered the most are the reasons why the 49ers lost tonight.
    My take is the 49ers were the better team on the field tonight, but being better does not mean the same thing as being a Super Bowl contender. That type of team finishes the job and does not allow their mistakes to come back to bite them.

    1. It’s been a great loss…
      The play calling and clock management reminded me of the Superbowl lost by the Falcons…

    2. Mid,
      Not only did we lose tonight, but what surprised me was how the seahawks physically beat us down. They played as if they were making a strong statement the they still own us.
      It was a physical and a psychological win for the hawks.

      We have one more meeting against them to break their claim on us. Hopefully we will have Kittle, Sanders and Gould back along with Greenwald getting some experience for the next game against them.
      Beating them in Seattle should finally break their hold on us.

  61. Yup Joe Staley should go back to the bench..Our receiver’s suck besides Deebo and Samuels..Bourne caused two damn picks by himself..But as expected were the cursed Niners Levi’s sucks and let us down as always and Jimmy Is Kirk Cousins 2.0 ….Loser when it counts this ain’t your daddy Niners.Plus this team is full of creampuffs 9er down every play

  62. Kendrick Bourne was terrible. He absolutely cannot be counted on to make a play. If KS’ offense wasn’t so complicated, I would dump him tonight and sign a guy off the street.

  63. Wow what a surprise

    . Seahawks fans pertying at our stadium again go figure..Hope there’s alot of the usual Norteno fans to make them pay in the parking lot..Otherwise Levi’s is just Seattle south

  64. Lol what a bunch of losers..paper champions..beat the browns but Seahawks and their fans partying in Santa Clara again!lol….losers

  65. If the Niners have Kittle and Sanders for the next Seattle/SF match up, things will be different. But a lot must be gleaned from this loss.

    1. Ah let ’em. Niners should have won if they wanted the spoils. Motivation for next time.

  66. Both teams made enough errors to lose the game, but I will blame NY for their atrocious spot of the ball. Looking at it from one angle, Mostert did not go down because he was on top of Dwelley. He clearly got past the sticks before being driven back. One line judge actually had the right spot. smh

  67. Frisco gave the game away more than once…deserve to lose..
    Staley and Glinch were hot garbage at best, the WR core is terrible…..still don’t know why Kyle didn’t show a better play and get that last first down…dreadful playcall

    7 drops, an int, 2 fumbles lost….on top of the above mentioned…..deserve the loss

  68. That’s the most emotionally draining 49ers game since the NFCCG up in Seattle after the 2013 season. Think things might get kinda bumpy over these next 7 weeks.

    1. Yes the passing game is horrible……gave that game away … handed it to them

      This offense won’t go far into the playoffs playing like that…no way…good thing Frisco won the first 8 cause the rest of the games may not be so ez

    2. Word is out on how to beat the 49ers. Stop the run and make the passing game beat you. If Sanders and Kittle aren’t out there it is over. All of the teams that we face from here on out will use this formula.

      Did you notice if Richie James was out there at WR. I don’t recall seeing him.

      1. Exactly Cubus……load the box stuff the run….. the WR core is garbage…Kittle is the offense

        James didn’t see the field at WR…they need to get rid of Pettis he plays like a girl or something….rather see James than Pettis out there

      2. My take has everything to do with emotional loss, banged up with a short week, another division opponent with big game against GB. This week will tell a lot about this team.

          1. We’ve seen a lot of flaws from the offense for most of the year. Difference is that tonight the opponent was legit and the defense couldn’t get a stop in the sudden change moments.

          2. You can’t give Wilson 3 chances to beat you in OT. We did and he beat us.
            Wilson is an elite QB who lives for these kind of games. And to all the Seattle fans in the house, he didn’t disappoint. The snake bit us again and won.

            We’ll see them again down the road and be ready for another big game.

  69. I wonder if anyone will agree that the Niners should consider time outs to be precious, and saved for legitimate challenges and the last 2 minutes of each half. Heck, it might make the difference between winning and losing…..

  70. Sitting at home with friends with 1:57 left in the game and Sea with no timeouts, I told them a tie really is great for the Niners. They keep a two game lead in the loss column over Sea and a 4 game lead in the loss column over the Rams.

  71. There was a play where Clowney had moved Staley around like a lawn ornament–it was embarrassing. McGlinchey was a reach. He’s a decent run blocker, but hapless in pass protection. The other two guys fared much better.

    I don’t know anything about Chase McLaughlin, and I do give him some credit in making the first kick, but wouldn’t Lynch want to sign a guy with at least some experience?

    1. Agree and Agree…..gave that game away= handed it away…shameful

      Plus knowing you have this kid kicker why didn’t Kyle get that last first down???? that lost the game there….piss poor play calling

    2. Yup, bring back Skule and Brunkill. Put Staley out to pasture. I guess MGlinchey will be a first round back- up. We should have drafted Derwin James instead.

  72. Would love to say I’m shocked but I’m not..It’s the curse of Levis aka century Link South..Seattle owns us

  73. What a stressful frustrating game to watch.

    Jimmy G with Sanders 10/15 , 125, 1 TD
    W/O Sanders 24/46, 123 3 Turnovers

    Warner misses a lot of tackles.

    1. Sanders has a history of getting hurt. It doesn’t surprise me at all that he left the game.

      Not sure what Lynch/Shanny have against big, rugged receivers. DK Metcalf is a monster and has been one of the Seahawks featured wideouts, even as a rookie. Gordon, made some key catches, pretty much right off the street.

      Pettis is soft. Great footwork, but soft.

      1. A 30 something WR coming off Achilles was not going to be the answer. They need to bring in an outside expert to assess WR talent since they cant. We have the worst WR corps in the league.

  74. Neither team looked that great tonight. I’m surprised Kyle didn’t go for the first down instead of sticking a 47 yarder on the young kicker. Quarterback sneak probably would have done it. Then maybe run the clock so if he missed from shorter range the game would have been a tie. Seems like the smarter move. Oh well. Woulda shoulda coulda. I had them losing this game in my preseason pick. I’m only one game off, having them 7-2 at this point (had them losing in LA). I have them losing 4 of the final 7 to what would have been 10-6. If they follow my picks from here on out they’ll finish 11-5. Not bad. On the negative side, Seattle gave the rest of the league a blueprint on how to beat the Niners. How they respond will be fun to watch. Or not. :)
    For the record!
    Juanhunglo says:
    April 21, 2019 at 9:37 pm
    SF at TB W
    SF at CIN W
    PITT at SF W
    CLE at SF W
    SF at LAR L
    SF at WAS W
    CAR at SF W
    SF at ARI W
    SEA at SF L
    ARI at SF W
    GB at SF L
    SF at BAL L
    SF at NO L
    ATL at SF W
    LAR at SF W
    SF at SEA L

    10-6 (Based on Jimmy G playing the entire season)

  75. My grades for tonight:

    QB: B
    Garoppolo had some bad throws that should have been picks, but he was handcuffed by inept play from the OTs and the receivers. That said, there were a couple of pass plays where Garoppolo should have instead tucked the ball and run. One particular point where he could have run would have resulted in a first down or more what with the open field in front of him.

    WR: F
    Samuel was a factor tonight, but he also bobbled one pass that he should have caught. Bourne scored a TD, but he also missed several catches, including one which he tipped to the Seahawks. The rest of this group dropped catchable passes and was not a factor.
    Scratch that. They were a positive factor for the Seahawks. My bad.

    RB: D
    Mostert had some late game heroics, but this group was mostly shut down by the Seahawks DL. The return of Juice did not do much, and he also managed to drop a great throw by Garoppolo in the first half.

    TE: D-
    Aside from one or two good plays by Dwelley, this unit was also not a factor. Kittle cannot return fast enough.

    OL: -Z
    Richburg was injured, and the two OTs the fans wanted back laid foul smelling eggs, allowing Garoppolo to constantly deal with a collapsing or collapsed pocket. They were the main reason why Garoppolo fumbled twice tonight. Giving this group an F is lying about how bad they were, as is putting the minus sign behind the letter; the OL deserves the negative letter grade.

    DL: A-
    Yes, the group allowed Wilson to scramble or have plenty of time in the pocket at times, but they played their hearts out. They got the sacks, and Buckner scored a TD on a fumble recovery. They are not a part of why the team lost tonight.

    LB: B+
    Warner played much better, and the other guys made their presence felt, including that beautiful pick in overtime. Their coverage was a little spotty however.

    DB: B
    The group did give up some key third down plays, but the unit was solid overall. EMan harrassed Metcalf all night, and Tartt had a crucial strip near the end of the first half.

    STs: C
    James was largely a nonfactor, and the kicker missed the game winner in overall. The group also had issues on returns.

    Coaches: C
    Saleh deserves an A+ for his coaching on defense, and Shanahan cannot be faulted for his play- calling for most of the game because there were several passes which could have extended drives if the receiver had caught the ball. However, the latter absolutely blew it with his play-calling and time management on the last possession of the game for the 49ers, thus allowing Wilson to drive down the field against a gassed defense. This was the time for Shanahan to answer the call, and he failed to even get out of his seat. Inexcusable.

    Overall grade: F
    Garoppolo, the defense, Samuel, and Saleh all did what they needed to for the 49ers to win. However, the OTs, the other WRs not named Samuel (sans Sanders since he suffered an injury) and Shanahan’s coaching on the last possession for the offense did their best to lose the game, and they succeeded at their part.

    1. Jesus dude Garoppolo fumbles one of those after several seconds in the pocket not finding anyone open downfield. He needs to secure the ball at that point not scramble within the pocket with the ball out like that.

      1. On the first fumble, Staley allowed Clowney to blow past him and hit Garoppolo on the blinside. On the second fumble, McGlinchey allowed Clowney to drive him back to where Clowney could knock the ball out of Garoppolo’s hand.
        Say what you want about Garoppolo’s issues with ball security, but those fumbles were on Staley and McGlinchey.

  76. Samuel had 112 receiving yards and 14.0 yards/catch tonight. SMH to those saying he was okay or less than that in the game.

  77. The Niners snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. JG may have been inaccurate, but that was because Staley and McGlinchey were human turnstiles, and clearly showed that they came back too early.I expect some proficiency from the tackles, not gross incompetence. No wonder the running game struggled, too.
    What was inexcusable, was the pathetic performance of the WRs. 7 drops, one of which became an interception. Grant is right about Pettis. He does not fight for the ball, and has alligator arms. He may not be a total bust, but Belichick would have cut him after this game. Bourne was even worse. JG delivered the ball, and Bourne hurt the team.

    1. Also would like to add that Garoppolo made ill-advised throws one after another when there was protection. His accuracy as stated above was also off at times.
      Very painful to watch IMHO and at this point at least need to consider if a game manager such as Mullens give this team a better chance to win as Grant has suggested.

        1. Dude you literally used the first pic of George Seifert you can find when you Google his name. Forget all the hacking nonsense- use an avatar pic someone can’t easily grab off the web. Sheez, are you really this dense?

          1. No, all of the past comments also converted, so I need to get my son to scrub this computer clean.
            And yes, I consider myself a luddite. I do not like to copy and paste. However, my son is pretty tech savvy. He just accepted a job at Google, after his contractor status expired. He works on training people in the autonomous vehicle division.

            1. I’m sorry Seb but if this is the case why do you keep revealing more and more information about yourself in every post. Case and point ^^^*.

              You’re doing this to yourself. Do yourself a favor, take a 6 month break and come back when things have died down a bit.

              Perhaps consider revisiting how you post and what you reveal in your posts so this doesn’t happen again.

              Also, is posting on the Press Democrat so important to you that you’re willing to risk getting your computer hacked, if that is really the case?

              Seems like exactly the WRONG thing to do if I was in your position.

              Good luck.

              1. Neither of you understands what the problem is. A couple of years ago CFC posted under my screen name and avatar to make a point about how insecure the Press Democrat blog is. It has nothing to do with the email address.

              2. Well, at least I tried, but this catfish seems persistent.
                No, I am chronicling this season, and we have 7 weeks to go in this season. Other than this copy catfish, I am having fun writing about the Niners, now that they are relevant again.

  78. If the Niners want to have a chance to compete in the Super Bowl, I’m going to suggest some blasphemy here, they need to bring Antonio Brown in if Goodell let’s him play after their meeting this week.

    1. No effing way that happens.

      The only path to a Super Bowl doesn’t come through talent but a maturity level across the team.

      Professionals make professional plays. Toddlers need teaching. Right now the expectations of this team don’t match the maturity level of the players. Plain and simple.

    2. Captain,
      As much as I dislike AB, I tend to agree with you here. Bourne has more flakes than flashes and Pettis may never be the WR we were all hoping for.

      I would sign AB to a “catch and release” contract. Let him play out the rest of the season and release him after the season is over. If he can prove to be a good locker room guy and not make war with his coaches and FO, he might be a candidate for signing on for the 2020 season.

      I did not like Deon Sanders and was completely upset when we signed him from Atlanta, but he played a big factor in us winning the SB that season. Maybe AB could do the same for us?

  79. This team is not going to go far if the receiver problem isn’t fixed. Here’s a list of the top FAs still available. You can argue about how good some of these guys are, but they can’t possibly be worse than Goodwin, Pettis or Bourne. Guys to consider are Martavis Bryant, and Michael Crabtree. At this point, I’d consider AB once he’s available. The locker room is strong enough to handle him. If the criteria is we only sign/draft “choir boys”, well…..


    1. This is an overreaction. This team has a professionalism (win like a team, hold each other accountable for execution) and maturity problem.

      AB fits neither category but makes both worse.

      1. If you want to field the best team, then the coaches need to be able to handle some very talented players who have off the field problems. Many people also deserve a second chance.

        I’ll agree that AB is an over reaction. But right now, I’m quite upset, because I’ve been calling for a WR overhaul since last offseason and now we’re seeing the inattention to this problem coming home to roost; just like with pass rushers last year. Every team we face from here on out is going to play to stop the run and make the passing game beat them. Do you feel confident with Goodwin, Pettis and Bourne?

        What really irritates me is that KS is an ex-receiver and understands the position thoroughly. Yet, he’s done a pretty poor job at drafting WRs (I do think Samuel will get there eventually). Clearly, bringing in Sanders was a first acknowledgement of the poor job they’ve done.

        1. Yep. And you realize the team has to have some holes somewhere right? The days of just grabbing every future HOFer and paying whatever you want to win are over. This team has to prioritize between future pay outs and position need. Get a great player in an expensive position and pay the price elsewhere.

          Seattle has a porous o-line and defense.
          The only thing close to a complete team I see out there is maybe New Orleans. They’ve done an amazing job drafting last few years.

          As far as our drafts go- the team has been having up and down drafts for some time. Very polarizing.

          1. I don’t think anyone wouldn’t agree that we have the worst WR group in the NFL. I’m not talking about HOFers, just competent WRs. It’s very late now to remedy the situation (and they did improve somewhat with Sanders), Just look at Jimmy’s stats when Sanders was on the field and when he wasn’t. Jimmy is still a somewhat inexperienced QB. He needs to have players around him helping out. Kittle and Sanders qualify, but no one else does (although Samuels is getting there).

    2. AB is most likely done due to his current legal issues, and the rest of those guys a combination of slow, not reliable, and needing at least a month to understand the basics of the offense run by Shanahan. Love it or hate, what the 49ers have on the roster is the best options. ?

      1. I’ll be more clearheaded tomorrow. I’m just really pissed right now, because of the inattention the FO and KS have given to the WR position (but acknowledge that the signing of Sanders means they might finally be getting the point).

  80. Looking at the 2019 draft, the WRs chosen after Deebo were- AJ Brown, Mecole Hardman, JJ Arcega Whiteside, Parris Campbell, Andy Isabella, and DK Metcalf.
    Dionte Johnson was chosen before Jalen Hurd, and after Hurd, Terry McLaurin, and Myles Boykin.
    Imagine if they had chosen a couple of those other WRs, instead of Deebo and Hurd.

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