49ers vs. Seahawks live blog: Pregame

SANTA CLARA — This is the live blog for the pregame of the 49ers’ Week 13 game against the Seahawks. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box. Happy Thanksgiving.

2:18 Prediction: 49ers win 13-10. The 49ers have issues on offense, but so do the Seahawks, and they really miss Golden Tate.

2:23 That said, I do like Marshawn Lynch. He runs like an angry man, and he will show up to play in front of his home fans.

2:24 Whoever wins this game has a good chance of winning the NFC West. Whoever loses this game has a good chance of missing the playoffs.

2:25 This is Bill Belichick’s description of Aaron Rodgers: “He’s great. He’s quick, he’s big, he throws the ball very accurately, has great vision down the field. He finds guys that there’s not a lot of space, but he finds them and he hits them. He’s really good. I’m not taking anything away from anybody else, but this guy is a really good player.”

How many of those attributes does Kaepernick possess? Bigness?

2:30 Alfred Morris gained 89 yards on 11 carries outside the tackles last week against the 49ers. I don’t expect the Seahawks to reprise that performance tonight. Vic Fangio is a great coordinator and his defenses usually excel at setting the edge against the run. The Niners won’t get burned outside two weeks in a row. And Lynch is not quite the outside runner Morris is, although Lynch’s backup, Robert Turbin, has the speed to get to the edge. He’s averaging about 5 carries a game the past four games. He ran a 4.42 40-yard dash at the 2012 NFL Scouting Combine.

3:13 The grass looks horrible. High schools have better grass.

3:17 Russell Wilson is practicing red-zone passes. Colin Kaepernick hasn’t yet taken the field.

3:35 Fascinating report from Pro Football Talk: “Per a league source, the team’s willingness to give (Russell) Wilson a new deal will depend in large part on how the current season turns out.  Miss the playoffs or get eliminated early, and the Seahawks will be inclined to wait.  Return to the Super Bowl, and a new deal becomes more likely.”

More proof that the Seahawks don’t view Wilson in the same light that the 49ers view Kaepernick, as I explained in my column today.

3:49 Wilson has been throwing for the past half hour.  Kaepernick is about to throw his first pass.

3:58 Kaepernick is done warming up. Wilson is still throwing.

4:14 The 49ers’ inactives are Josh Johnson, Bruce Ellington, Quinton Patton, Tramaine Brock, Anthony Davis, Vance McDonald and Glenn Dorsey.

4:15 The Seahawks’ inactives are Jeremy Lane, Kevin Pierre-Louis, Allen Bradford, Max Unger, Travian Robertson, Cooper Helfert and RaShaun Allen.

4:50 Garrett Celek is the 49ers’ No.2 tight end tonight, and Asante Clevelan is No.3.

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  1. How many of those attributes does Kaepernick possess? Bigness?
    I’m sensing a dynamic shift in the thought paradigm around here. It’s entertaining to say the least.

  2. Mr. Acerbic,

    Yes. Colin is big, fast, strong-armed, and accurate when on the run; he is not quick, has poor downfield vision, and is erratic when throwing from the pocket. Rodgers is older, has more experience as both a backup and a starter, and plays for a coach who is far more offensively creative/dynamic than Colin’s. It’s an interesting topic.

    Both are Bay Area boys, clearly influenced by the supreme Niners QB legacy.

  3. Sanchez has the forgotten back up effect going on. DC’s completely forgot about him, mostly because he’s forgettable but the bottom line is teams are not prepared for him. For another example see Josh McCown. Once there’s a bit more tape of dirty Sanchez playing in the Philly offense he’ll be shut back down. Back up QB’s always end up being who they are but sometimes they can shine for a few weeks while defenses adjust.

  4. Alright, I’ll help us out today. Lynch is going to run free on our defense. This will give Wilson all day to pass and given that the Colin folds under pressure once the team falls behind by 10 points the rout will be on. 31-17 Seahawks.

  5. Kaep has to update his playlist before hitting the field, heaven forbid he doesn’t have the right mix to warm up to, how uncool.

  6. You turkeys — and yes that is most appropriate today — should be fans of Chicago or any of a bunch of pretenders in the NFL. Count your blessings. And Sanchez is only going to get better because he is playing for one hell of a coach. Philly is the most exciting team in the league and the winner of this year’s SB…

  7. Nice to see Jerry’s Cowgirls getting mauled…..Jerry deserves it after that pathetically lame half time show….What was that Jerry??

  8. How do you think having 2 TE’s who haven’t played in a game yet this season impacts the run and passing game? I don’t think much on the pass game but if they don’t block well it could really hurt the run game.

    1. The key to beating SeAdderal is winning the middle on offense and defense.

      I slightly favored the 49ers when I thought Anthony Davis, Vance McDonald and Glen Dorsey were available.

      Johnathan Martin might be a total turnstile tonight. Dial/TJE will shine at times, but won’t be the consistent run plugger Ian or Glen is.

      That said, I think the 49ers will win. That combo of Aldon and Lynch will create turnovers.

  9. I suspect the Niners are going to run left and run well. I hope they role out CK to get away from pressure. Borland negates Wilsons running. This is pretty much the beginning of the playoffs.

  10. Hey Jerry – What happened to that rookie offensive lineman you’ve been bragging about? Should’ve drafted Johnny Football……Romo will never get it done Jerry!! Ha ha ha

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