49ers vs. Steelers live blog

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (10) warms up before an NFL football game against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Sept. 22, 2019. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

SANTA CLARA — This  is the live blog for the 49ers’ Week 3 game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

11:58 Here are the 49ers inactives:

  • OT Joe Staley
  • OT Sam Young
  • DT Jullian Taylor
  • DB Jimmie Ward
  • RB Tevin Coleman
  • WR Jalen Hurd
  • QB C.J. Beathard

12:03 Here are the Steelers inactives:

  • WR Donte Moncrief
  • FB Roosevelt Nix
  • LB Anthony Chickillo
  • OL Fred Johnson
  • OL Chukwuma Okorafor
  • DE Isaiah Buggs
  • LB Vince Williams

12:16 James Washington will start in place of Donte Moncrief, and Devin Bush will start in place of Vince Williams.

1:23 The Steelers win the toss and defer. The 49ers will get the ball first.

1:27 On first and 10 from the 49ers 42, Jimmy Garoppolo throws a screen pass to Matt Breida who bobbles the ball and tips it to T.J. Watt for the interception. Horrible start for the 49ers.

1:30 Chris Boswell makes a 46-yard field goal, and the Steelers lead 3-0. Good series by the 49ers defense. They held the Steelers to just five yards on four plays.

1:39 On first and 10 from the 49ers 49-yard line, Raheem Mostert fumbles a toss and recovers it for an 18-yard loss. The 49ers punt three plays later. Extremely sloppy start for the offense. Earlier in the drive, Mike McGlinchey fell face-first and gave up a sack to Stephon Tuitt.

1:44 On third and five, Ronald Blair drops into zone coverage and breaks up a pass intended for Diontae Johnson, who ran a quick slant route. The Steelers go three and out. The 49ers get the ball at their 28.

1:49 On second and 11, Jimmy Garoppolo throws to Dante Pettis and gets intercepted. Saw that so many times in training camp. Minkah Fitzpatrick picked off the throw.

1:53 On third and six from the 49ers’ nine-yard line, Mason Rudolph scrambles for one yard. The Steelers make a 26-yard field goal and lead 6-0. The Steelers are being extremely conservative on offense and letting the 49ers beat themselves.

2:02 On second and 7 from the 49ers 25, Raheem Mostert runs for 16 yards and fumbles. Minkah Fitzpatrick stripped the ball and recovered it. Oh my.

2:06 The Steelers go four-and-out. As ugly as the offense has played, the Niners are down less than a touchdown. Could be 14-0, but it’s only 6-0. The defense has been phenomenal.

2:13 On second and goal from the seven, Garoppolo fumbles the snap from center Weston Richburg and Steelers inside linebacker Devin Bush recovers. You’ve got to be freaking kidding.

2:15 Vance McDonald has a shoulder injury and is questionable to return.

2:18 The Steelers go three and out. They’re letting the 49ers hang around.

2:19 The 49ers start their drive from the Steelers’ 49.

2:28 Robbie Gould makes a 24-yard field goal, and the 49ers trail 6-3.

2:39 On third and four from the 49ers’ 36, Dee Ford sacks Rudolph for a five-yard loss. Huge play, because it knocked the Steelers out of field goal range. The 49ers get the ball at their 20-yard line with 50 seconds left and no timeouts.

2:42 Halftime.

2:55 I don’t see anything in the Steelers game plan or play calling that will generate an offensive TD. Don’t be shocked if the Niners come back and win.

2:59 On second and 15 from the Steelers 32, Rudolph throws an interception to K’Waun Williams. The 49ers take over from the Steelers’ 38.

3:04 On third and goal from the one, Jeff Wilson Jr. powers into the end zone for the touchdown. The 49ers lead 10-6.

3:10 The Steelers go three and out. They can’t move the ball on offense. Let’s see if the Steelers’ defense loses heart during this drive.

3:19 Kendrick Bourne drops a pass on third-and-five, and the 49ers go three and out. On first down, Garoppolo threw a deep pass directly to Steelers cornerback Joe Haden, and Deebo Samuel almost caught the ball anyway. Garoppolo was extremely lucky Samuel got there and Haden didn’t time his jump properly.

3:23 On third and four from the Steelers 24, Ahkello Witherspoon gives up a short catch to Juju Smith-Schuster, dives at his ankles, misses the tackle and gives up a 76-yard touchdown. Free safety Tarvarius Moore took a bad angle toward Smith-Schuster during the play. The 49ers just let the Steelers back in the game. They lead 13-10.

3:31 Jeff Wilson scores a four-yard touchdown run on first and goal, and the 49ers lead 17-13 with 56 seconds remaining in the third quarter.

3:41 The Steelers punt on fourth and inches from their 34. The 49ers take over from their 25.

3:46 Justin Skule commits back-to-back penalties — holding and an illegal blindside block — and the 49ers go three and out.

3:48 Ahkello Witherspoon has a foot injury and is questionable to return.

3:56 The Steelers challenged Jason Verrett on his second snap of the game. Result: 32-yard pass interference penalty. They challenge Verrett again the very next play. Result: 39-yard touchdown pass to a wide open Diontae Johnson. The Steelers lead 20-17.

4:01 On third and goal from the seven, Shanahan calls a jet sweep, and Garoppolo and Richie James fumble the exchange. The Steelers recover. Great example of Shanahan getting too cute when his base offense has worked well most of the game.

4:04 Arik Armstead strips the ball from James Conner and the 49ers recover at the Steelers’ 24. Huge.

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    1. Hard to believe this is an overlooked trap game when, as Grant says, it against the iconic Steelers. Look for the Niners to be up for this game and it is not guaranteed they win in any case.

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    2. Jimmie Ward is not a healthy scratch. His finger has not yet healed up. Ward will may his season debut week 5 VS the Browns.

      Dee Ford is active, and considering how well Blair played last week, that’s a good sign for the Niners’ DE acquisition moving forward.

      Jason Verrett is locked and loaded.

    3. I can’t think of a better example as to why this 49ers team doesn’t deserve to be recognized on a national level. All of the talent in the world means nothing at the NFL level, if you have no discipline as a team. I honestly could care less if the 49ers find a way to beat the Steelers today. I’ve already seen enough through 2.5 games, to tell me that this team is not a serious contender, and I am starting to seriously question whether they ever will be a contender while under Kyle’s leadership. When factoring in the Niners lackluster offensive performance in week 1, from what I’ve seen up until this point of the season, the 49ers are NOT a contender. Until Kyle Shanahan starts holding himself, and his players accountable, this team will continue to be just another also-ran team that simply refuses to reach it’s potential!

      1. The 49ers are currently who Ryan Clark says they are, a pretender, and I am frankly embarrassed about this fact!

        1. And this team ought to be embarrassed. I am certainly embarrassed. In fact, I haven’t been this embarrassed for the 49ers since the Jim Tomsula days, and frankly, I am very close to calling for a regime change. Kyle needs to take a long, long look at himself in the mirror, that much I know!

            1. 5 turnovers is unacceptable PERIOD. Kyle needs to make that clear to his team. They were lucky to be facing a young QB who was making his first NFL start, on the road no less. If this is considered acceptable football, well then, all I have to say is good luck VS a team like the Rams, the Cowboys, the Packers, the Panthers, the Browns, and the Saints.

              1. A lot of fans are acting like all that matters is the fact that they won, even though the team they beat was 0-2, with a young QB making his first NFL start, and have a recent history of traveling very poorly to the west coast. This game should have been over by halftime! This is Kyle’s 3rd year, yet this team continues to commit unforced errors like they are an expansion team. If Niner fans want this team to take the next step, then they need to demand better than this kind of unfocused football, which we’ve seen in 2 of their first 3 games this season. My gosh, I’ve seen high school JV football teams who play more focused, disciplined football than this 49ers team, and I’m sorry, but that’s simply unacceptable to me. And it should be unacceptable to all Niner fans. Imagine the embarrassment had they lost this game, which they nearly gifted to a 0-2 Roethlisberger-less Steelers team that had no business being in this football game!

                Losing to a better team is one thing, but beating yourself is something else entirely!

              2. All I can say is, if you guys are satisfied with the 49ers playing like a version of the Keystone Cops, just because they were fortunate to catch the Steelers playing their worst football in years, well, have fun watching the 49ers when they face better teams within their own conference!


                I expected better!

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  1. I’m worried about this game. Feels like a trap game getting an angry Steelers team before a bye week then a big Monday nighter.

  2. I’m worried About every 49er football game but this isn’t a trap game because Trap games are for overconfident teams that think they are playoff teams. This team doesn’t think like that, if the 49ers lose its because the Steelers played better plain and simple. No trap game. I’m pretty sure they aren’t over looking the Steelers

    1. May or may not be a trap. But make no mistake. The Niners do think they are good. Kittle said exactly that in his SVP interview. I think they’re good too. But we haven’t arrived anywhere. As Kittle also said “the only guarantee we have so far is that we can go 2-14.”
      Im in agreement that today’s game will say a lot about our squad. And we better rack up some W’s the second half of the season schedule isn’t doing us any favors.

      I’m excited to see if Verrett can make an impact

  3. Ward a healthy scratch, Verrett active. Maybe the JuJu effect. Right now, he seems to be their best offensive weapon and they will move him around. This game will be a good challenge for the 9ers coaching staff as to the schemes they will use in this game.

    1. Weather won’t be a factor on DL like it was out east. Verrett is up instead as insurance that JuJu doesn’t beat us if Williams continues to struggle in pass coverage….

        1. Jack Hammer

          That was my query Jack…Why are we giving snaps to Thomas over Jullian Taylor when Taylor is the more physical (violent) and has the size to be out there? If we’re just ‘shopping’ Thomas, I think that it’s proven to be a lost cause …. I don’t think that other teams want him either….

        2. Jack, Im going to repeast what I’ve said for what seems like the 100th time ….. you are comparing apples to oranges with these 2 players. Thomas and Taylor have 2 different defensive roles on this team. That one player is playing ahead of the other means nothing when you factor in game planning and defensive scheme.

    1. Idk, one. A 70 QB rating is not balling too much. We’ll see how he ends up, but 2012 called, they want back that read option they are having him run.

    1. Shoup,
      Looking back over the posts, I’d say yours was the most reasonable.
      Glad to see someone not panicking or calling out players long before the end of the game.

      I believe that winning a poorly played game is a good sign going forward.
      Pittsburgh came in desperate and played with high energy and urgency but still couldn’t win.

      We need to learn how to appreciate a game like today that for all intents and purposes should have been a loss.
      3-0 looks good anyway you cut it.

  4. Relax everyone. The Steelers offense is anemic. The 49er defense playing well. If the team can get a moderately decent offensive production then they should make a game of it.

  5. What really hurts with all this stupid crap is that the offense seems to be able to move at will if it holds on to the freaking football.

  6. So far 5 drives and 4 TOs. The only punt came after another fumble. Could easily have been 5 straight drives with TOs. Yet only down 6 – amazing job by the D.

  7. Kinda interesting to see Shanny continue with trick plays and misdirection considering they can’t seem to hold on to the football.

  8. Jimmy G is smarter than Kaepernick but his problem is he’s not intelligent enough to be an elite qb in the nfl. Hope I’m wrong. Go niners!

  9. Looks like Grant was right …close game Pitt is just letting Frisco beat themselves….JimmyP on his back a lot today …Glinch is junk

  10. God this is annoying. It’s insulting that the Niners are losing this game with how well the defence has played, yet simultaneously with how horrible the offence has been it feels lucky to only be down 3. And it has been horrible, I don’t think I’ve seen a performance yet so sloppy. I hope Shanny gives them the hairdryer treatment because this just isn’t acceptable. Certainly not for a home opener.

  11. far too many early play action passes without establishing the run. They’ve been tee-ing off on JG ever since. Poor start is on Shanahan as much as its on the rbs.

  12. Disappointed that they did not attempt a one minute drill to get into FG range and end of the half.
    McGlinchy not playing like a first round draft pick.
    Pettis has more targets than Deebo – not a recipe for success.
    Thank goodness for out dominant D.

      1. I think Mostert should have caught the toss but it was behind as well as the one to Breida . Breida also should have secured the ball. Ball placement would have reduced the difficulty.

        1. JG didn’t really lob the ball well to Mostert, almost like he was changing his mind at the end to toss it, so it was behind and low. Then JG drops the hiked ball, also throws behind Mosert on the pick at the start of the game. He’s wasn’t sharp a lot in this game, sometimes he was. He also took lots of hits, thanks to the OL and McG.

  13. Deebo is a frustrating player. Just then he made a play that was both great and terrible in equal measure. Good IQ to cut across the defender, but you need to secure that. I know he’s a rookie, but he needs to step it up. He’s clearly talented and I see more in him than I ever did in Pettis, but he’s something of a liability when he isn’t finishing plays.

  14. I was this close to just turning this game off. Unwatchably bad. This is worse than the loss to the Cardinals last year. Luckily for the Nimers the defence is actually good this year, and is saving the game. Offence, almost every single player, should be buying the beers tonight if the Niners actually win. They’ve been pathetic today.

      1. What would you call 5 turnovers?!? I would call it LITERALLY giving the game away.

        I’m as big a fan as there is, but but I don’t have blinders on because of it. They need to clean it up if they want any chance at the playoffs.

        And try not to be so sensitive, Francis.

        1. But they didn’t give the game away, they overcame the 5 turnovers and won in spite of them. Be happy for the win.

              1. That is exactly what he said and why I responded. Maybe they “should have lost” would have been a better choice of words. No one is disputing they need to clean things up.

  15. Wow the trust in Pettis at the goal line.

    Honestly thought that was a bad play call and bad read with Pettis double covered.

    1. Yeah… that actually was a bit of a statement game in the end, to my surprise. Overcame a lot of adversity to win that one.

    2. And yet, I’m angry as hell! At home, VS a QB making his first NFL start, and the 49ers did just about everything they could to let Pittsburgh off the hook, and gift wrap the Steelers a win. I’m sorry, but this game has done nothing to give me confidence moving forward. How in the world do you turn the football over 5 times, including twice inside the redzone? And once again, the 49ers end up with more penalty yards than their opponent, in addition to the give aways!

      Today’s game was frankly UNACCEPTABLE, as far as I am concerned! In fact, as it stands now, I have less confidence in this team moving forward, than I had prior to this game, which is astonishing considering they pulled off a huge win, and are now 3-0 going into their bye week. The fact of the matter is …. under just about any other circumstance, today ends with an embarrassing loss for this team, and an entirely different outlook moving forward on the season.

      1. When you follow the NFL–approaching 7 decades like I have–you appreciate wins, any way you get ’em. Yeah, the game was a mess. Much to work on to get better–no doubt. A win is a win. Get through the bye and bring on the Browns.

      2. I agree. There is much to improve.
        However, I intend to bask in the glory. The Niners are 3-0, undefeated. They played well enough to win.
        What I liked most, is that they overcame adversity. They fought back and won.

      1. Fire Saleh? I posted that to put a stick in the eye of those within our community who wanted to ax Saleh several months ago–ax with extreme prejudice I might add. Recalling the Grant post late last season.

        1. I figured as such! Have not followed as closely as I should. Thank you for the explanation. Figured a young Qb would struggle but Grant was right he threw for two touchdowns , Steelers played right. Glad the Niners won! Get healthy!

  16. The niners are going places and it’s all because of their defense. Never thought I would be saying that after the past two years…

  17. Phew. Ugly game, but to win despite turning the ball over 5 times goes to show how far this team has come. You need only look at the Cards game last year, where they lost despite playing lessar opposition than what they played today. Now into the bye, lots of things to correct and some players are going to need to really step their game up from here on out, but a win is a win is a win. That’s all that really matters. What a relief, would have had trouble sleeping if they lost this one lol.

    1. Yeah, that was really big. Wonder if that can be a turning point for him, gotta feel good catching the game winner doing something you previously have struggled with. Loved seeing how fired up both Pettis and Jimmy were after it too, Jimmy might have troubles with turnovers butbthe guy is a winner and that goes a long way in this league.

  18. You shouldn’t win a game giving the ball away 5 times. But they managed it. Huge game by the D. And despite 2 INTs and a fumble on a botched snap, JG was really good. He was under a lot of pressure from the Steelers D all game and stood up to it very well for the most part.

    The offense made a lot of stupid, concentration based mistakes today, but they also came up big when it mattered most. Credit to the team mentality.

    1. Neither of the picks can be blamed on the QB.
      Jimmy took too much punishment, but looked confident on the last two possessions.
      Loved Kittle’s, Pettis’, and Samuel’s aggressiveness to the ball.
      Young LOT held up pretty well until he got tired in 4Q and got sloppy not moving his feet and then got grabby to cover being out of position.
      James looked good as return guy.
      Ability to run the ball late helped.
      Learning experience for young team.
      (Sshhh 🤫 Find some invisible Stickum )

      1. Skule is a keeper, but he’s still a rookie, with a ways to go in terms of development, but I’m glad to have him. Seems like another solid late round draft pick.

        These turnovers and costly mistakes have to stop though, or this team is going to underachieve this season. They are frankly very lucky to have caught the Steelers with a young QB making his first NFL start.

    2. Agreed Scooter, Garoppolo was much better today than the box score would indicate. Also, I thought the Steelers got away with PI on Jimmy’s 2nd INT. A defender cannot go through the receiver to make a play on the ball. The Steelers CB Joe Haden did just that, arriving a fraction too early, causing the INT. Kyle should have challenged that play.

  19. Let the “If Ben was playing they would have won” nonsense to begin! Football isn’t easy boys. Not every game is going to be perfect. The Niners just proved they are among the best in the NFL. Period.
    Just a reminder. The Juan preseason prophecy.

    Juanhunglo says:
    April 21, 2019 at 9:37 pm
    SF at TB W
    SF at CIN W
    PITT at SF W
    CLE at SF W
    SF at LAR L
    SF at WAS W
    CAR at SF W
    SF at ARI W
    SEA at SF L
    ARI at SF W
    GB at SF L
    SF at BAL L
    SF at NO L
    ATL at SF W
    LAR at SF W
    SF at SEA L

    10-6 (Based on Jimmy G playing the entire season.

    Keep picking them to lose Coach. LOL!

  20. there is some real non fans on this blog. wilson scores a touchdown and its a bad play call ? winning touchdown was dumb luck ? geeze just enjoy the win. bunch of whiners

    1. I don’t feel like pointing out things that need to be cleaned up is the same thing as being a whining non-fan.

      I’ve been a die hard fan for 40 + years. I just want to see my (our) team make it deep into the playoffs. I believe in what KS and JL are building here. But I’d like to see a better disciplined team. The turnovers were crazy! Glad to see they were overcome but you don’t get away with that against a team like the Pats. That’s all I’m saying.

      Super stoked about our defense though. They deserve the game ball for sure.

  21. I sure hope the Niners have gotten that out of their system, like a bad case of food poisoning. They at least timed it right, going against a backup QB in his first start. Shanahan needs to (again) really crack down on things during the bye week. Ball security needs to be a major focus.

  22. Much like jimmy, this offense has potential to be great. But if they keep making dumb mistakes their defense will have to keep bailing them out.

    1. Grant covered his bets.

      Before the game:
      Garoppolo will get hit hard, throw a couple picks and the 49ers will lose 20-16.

      During the game.
      2:55 I don’t see anything in the Steelers game plan or play calling that will generate an offensive TD. Don’t be shocked if the Niners come back and win.

      I don’t care if he passes out F’s to everyone, we won.

  23. Bow down before me. plebs.
    This next week is gunna be fun.
    I called the winner, and was only off by 3 points.
    Cant wait to talk about this game. Wilson up the middle, FTW.
    Time outs? Yup, drunken sailors, ahoy.
    To all who called for a blowout, the only blow out was out of your rear end. ;p

              1. Belligerent lil’ bi*#% ain’t you Pauli? How soon until you claim victimization by name calling bullies? Pathetic hypocrite.
                You called the victory? Hell, The Vegas Line called it. You’re lost.

              2. Sebbie been sniffing back there? You dog…

                I guess I’m invading your thoughts…

                Since I was responding to Ribs allusion and it had nothing to do with your inane posts.

    1. Gee Sebbie…. Find your binky, quick.

      This was my call… I didn’t call a blowout. Grow up….

      Freakin’ Robot Moron says:
      September 18, 2019 at 6:24 am

      Niners 32, Steelers 17,

      1. Hmmm, I hit too close to home? You are giving yourself away.
        Go back and research what I wrote before this game. I hit on many more points than whiffed. I said this would be a tough game, because the Steelers were desperate. If you think the Niners wisely used their time outs, then you have absolutely no football acumen. After the first Time out- Pick. After the second Time out- Fumble.
        You predicted the Niners would win by over 3 scores. Maybe you should bone up on your football for dummies.

      2. That was me. Hey if Seb wants to take credit for hoping the team does worse then all credit is due to that “long time niner fan”.

        1. Donald, I get to crow. You get to eat crow.
          I am really looking forward to engaging with you this next week. Maybe you will turtle and hide, but that is to be expected of you.

            1. Considering you were calling for a blowout, your football acumen is being questioned.
              Guess when I am right, you may want to be classy and give credit when credit is due. Of course, you do not possess those traits.
              You were pontificating about ripping what I wrote before the game. I will enumerate exactly what I said, and show why you should just try to ignore me, instead of looking like a fool with rear end eruptions.

              1. You missed :

                all credit is due to that “long time niner fan”.

                Me, I’ll call for the blowout, even the shutout, every time. Remember Seb, go bold. I have learned from you – TD predictions instead of FG predictions.

      3. Don’t worry, he’s been calling that score for how long now? A broken clock….

        Besides, he only highlights that he was off…

        Even I predicted a Niners win…

  24. It’s awesome to see the Niners win a close game. We’ve seen too many of these kind of games go the other way over the last few years.

    That said, it’s a miracle they were even in it after having five turnovers. Lots that still needs to be cleaned up. But it certainly is exciting watching this young team coming together.

            1. The loss on Thursday Night Football to the Rams was, imo, the prettiest. It was horrible afterwards all the same. I’m freaking pumped after this game, forget sleeping kek

  25. Your so right k! I peeked at the blog (at a family party and the boss said put the phone down :), but I couldn’t believe the posts! For Gods sake, it was 6-0 at one point and the world was ending! We had a bushel of turnovers and it was 6-3 at the half! Niners were clearly the superior team, Ben or not, and I had little doubt they would prevail! I could have used a Niner field goal to hit my prediction 27-20, and I also wouldn’t have lost both bets but,hey, that’s gambling!

  26. Seb, you use the same score every week making your prediction insignificant. Taking credit for being close? Please! That is rather silly. Have a little creativity. Your smarter than that, I think. Come on!

    1. Juan, I give the same prediction, because no one ever knows beforehand, what the score will be.
      However, when I am close, I am gunna call out the posters with their wildly wrong predictions.
      Thankfully, you were also close, so I gave you kudos.

        1. I am happy, I am jumping for joy.
          I even called the Wilson TD run up the gut to my son.
          However, 5 turnovers should not be swept under the rug. The Niners were very, very, very very fortunate to have won this game.

  27. I think people are being a bit hard on Verrett. It was his first snaps in quite a while. If he has to start, I think he’ll be less nervous and look a lot better.

    1. I wanted to see him play, but Emmanuel Moseley may be the better option right now. Verrett did not look like he has fully recovered from all his injuries.

      1. It was a brilliant move from Tomlin to attack Verrett the moment he stepped on the field. Verrett looked lost and his timing was completely off.
        Selah will need to be more astute on when to bring him in. But Verrett will find his way.

  28. Seb, Tnx for the kudos. I don’t really get the logic of your first paragraph, but ok! My feeling is if you just throw out the same score every week, it diminishes greatly the impact of your ability to predict a final score. Your bound to get close at some point, so big deal. JMHO. It’s not really important. Nice prediction! ;p

    1. Juan, I am just happy the Niners won. I put out that prediction, because I know how hard it is to win. The Niners scored 4 times and won. The Steelers scored 4 times and lost.
      This game boggles the mind. The Niners commit 5 turnovers, and still won? Wow!

  29. This garbage about Big Ben not being there is the reason the Niners win is a joke.
    MOST teams win a game they get 5 gifts in.
    Big Ben or not.
    I think that nullified any Big Ben talk.
    And like I said before hand Big Ben would have been sacked at least 5 times.
    This kid is mobile and big. Like Ben was 10 years ago.

    Also.. looks like all these steeler fans sold their tickets back after Big Ben went down.
    A lot of red riders out today. Sprinkled with a not to bad crowd of terrible towel butt wipers

  30. Just win baby!!! 3-0!!!
    Tough gritty win! You can’t win a playoff game with multiple Red Zone turnovers. Need to clean that Shi* up!

    Beat Cleveland!!

    Just win baby!!! 3-0!!!

    1. Crab, not excusing the TOs, but we all know there was a certain historic playoff win where they did just that. And 5 turnovers? Try 6. 😜

  31. Whew, terrible mistakes by the Offense. The Niner’s should have loss by 17+ points, but the Defense bailed them out.
    The team never quit, even when making all those mistakes. The mistakes suck, but the response to never give up can have an impact the rest of the season. They have some issues to resolve, they may need help at Tackle and corner (depending how A.W. is doing), but they look like a team that may make the playoffs.

    Good teams over come bad days, bad teams lose when they should have won. I would rather be in the 49ers position than the Steelers.

    Defense deserves A’s , the offense C’s and D’s,. The offensive coaches deserve B’s; they kept the team from coming apart. The Defense coaches deserve A’s. This keeps up and we may need a new Defensive Coordinator in a couple of years because Saleh will get a head coach position.

  32. This from the guy who bitterly called out ‘billions of robot morons’ for blindly accepting 9er mediocrity–just a few weeks ago…

    Joe Shasky


  33. I wonder what Grant’s grades will be. He may rip then to shreds,
    However, Pettis scored, so I wonder what Grant will say about that.

  34. Whew! that was a close game. Didn’t think we will win it, but glad to be wrong, especially when Seattle lost at home. If the Rams lose on Sunday night, we will be division leaders.

    Great game from the D. Bucknor, Kwon, Spoon and Armstead were great.

    Offense was difficult to watch. Kittle was Kittle, and Jimmy G/Pettis TD was great. Hope this TD gives Pettis the confidence he lacks. Skule played decently for 3 quarters.

      1. SY,
        I didn’t anything that Thomas did that hurt the team. Not being an every down player seems to be a good place for him.

        I wouldn’t get rid of Mullins – especially given how JG got hit yesterday. Having Skule and Brunskill as replacements are not confident builders.

        Not sure if CJB has built a strong enough resume to attract serious attention.
        He’s in a good position as the 3 QB.

  35. This team reminds me of 2011 with how they just keep battling, the defense being tough, the offense shooting themselves in the foot and then finding a way to pull it out.

    That defensive front 4 is so fun to watch, and these guys bring the wood.

    My only concern on the defense is the free safety. He took bad angles a couple times against Cincinnati, but it was a blowout. He did it again today and it nearly cost them.

    1. More important to me is that Witherspoon whiffed on Ju Ju’s TD first. I hope he learns from it. Rookie mistake and he’s way past rookie season. Bend but don’t break.

        1. It was a great pass and move to lose a Witherspoon. Moore had a very poor angle and allowed Ju Ju to get to the outside and it became a race to the end zone.

    2. The only difference is now we have an exceptional play caller on offense.

      Greg Roman/Harbaugh are no where near the creativity of Kyle Shanahan.

  36. I will be the first to admit that my early predictions for W-L was way off. Glad to see some Ws!

    Believe we may actually get past .500 this year. Kudos to Kyle, Lynch and the rest of the team. Glad they got beyond the stifling Yorks and could forestall the evil work of Baalke stooge and ANALitics of Marathe (sorry about that last part, couldn’t help myself).

  37. Mike Jurecki
    Four teams that missed the postseason in 2018 – the BIlls 3-0), Lions(2-0-1), Packers(3-0) and 49ers (3-0) are undefeated through the first three weeks of the 2019 season.

    Weird season so far…

  38. Got back from the game. There were a lot of Steeler fans, but the Niner fans were louder than I’ve normally heard them at the stadium. Funny thing was, the whole game I felt like the Niners were going to win this game; they thoroughly outplayed the Steelers, and the game was close only because of the 5 turnovers. I concentrated on Skule a bit; he was fine in the first half, had some bad holding calls in the second half. Verrett was clearly looking into the backfield the whole route that resulted in the touchdown; the second the play started, I told my wife, “Why is Verrett looking into the backfield? He has no idea where the receiver is.” The defense is a delight to watch in person; there was one play Bosa pushed three guys into Rudolph’s lap. Clean up the turnovers, and my prediction of 9-7 seems to undersell this team.

      1. Unfortunately, my tastes run to hard alcohol; so, it was more about the $12 cocktails. But the good news is that the bars were selling $2 waters to go with it.

        1. Thanks for the game and libation report:)

          Do you know Gillette doesn’t sell any hard liquor? Believe me, I searched and sure could have used a wee dram or two when I attended that Pats-Niners winter night game a few years back. I think we know how they’d feel about Seb’s cut-rate alcohol scheme.

  39. Have a feeling the next 15+ days will be fraught with intra-blog acrimony…

    Cleveland and 9ers, Monday night. Nice staging. Levi’s better be rocking….

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