49ers vs. Vikings live blog

This is the live blog for the San Francisco 49ers’ Week 1 game against the Minnesota Vikings. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

4:46 On their depth chart, the 49ers list “Reggie Bush OR Jarryd Hayne” as both the punt and kickoff returner, and “Kenneth Acker OR Keith Reaser” as the right cornerback.

5:56 The 49ers just announced their inactives:

WR DeAndrew White
RB Mike Davis
CB Shareece Wright
G Brandon Thomas
NT Mike Purcell
C Nick Easton
OLB Corey Lemonier

5:58 That means Jarryd Hayne is active.

5:59 The way I see it, the 49ers deactivated their second-best running back (Davis) and fourth-best wide recevier (White).

6:00 Arik Armstead now wears No. 91.

6:01 Here are the Vikings inactives:

QB Taylor Heinicke
WR Stefon Diggs
LB Edmond Robinson
T Jeremiah Sirles
TE Chase Ford
DE Justin Trattou

6:41 Excited to watch the Vikings play North Carolina State tonight at Levi’s.

7:17 Expect the Vikings to attack the middle of the 49ers’ defense with In routes and Crossing routes off of play action.

7:19 The Vikings win the toss and defer. We get to see the 49ers offense right away.

7:20 Bruce Ellington takes a knee in the end zone.

7:28 The Vikings can’t stop the run, and now Sharrif Floyd is shaken up.

7:32 Colin Kaepernick floats a pass out of bounds on third-and-7 from the Vikings’ 10-yard line. Reggie Bush was the intended receiver.

7:33 Andrew Sendejo blocks Phil Dawson’s field goal. Marcus Sherels returns it to the 49ers’ 26.

7:35 The Vikings go three-and-out after three incomplete passes.

7:36 Blair Walsh misses the 44-yard field goal attempt wide right.

7:42 Reggie Bush runs up the middle on third-and-1, gains no yards and hurts his left leg. The Niners go for it on fourth-and-1, and Alex Boone is flagged for a false start. Vikings’ ball at their 12 after the punt.

7:45 Colin Kaepernick got crushed scrambling for a first down on that drive.

7:46 Kaepernick also overthrew a deep pass on that drive.

7:48 On third-and-five, Jaquiski Tartt blitzes and sacks Teddy Bridgewater for a loss of 14.

7:49 Kyle Williams, I mean Jarryd Hayne, dives for a punt and fumbles it. Vikings recover.

7:51 Reggie Bush’s return is questionable.

7:52 Bridgewater scrambles for five yards on third-and-8. The Vikings are going for it.

7:53 Bridgewater completes a two-yard pass to Kyle Rudolph on fourth-and-three. Antoine Bethea made the tackle.

7:57 Marcus Martin is flagged for a false start on third-and-9. Third-and-14 when the second quarter begins.

8:00 Kaepernick misses Quinton Patton, who was open, on third-and-14.

8:06 Bridgewater runs into his own blocker and gets sacked by Tank Carradine for a loss of 10 on third-and-8.

8:12 Joe Staley flagged for holding on first-and-10 from the 35, negating a five-yard run by Hyde. Niners punt three plays later.

8:13 Hyde is averaging 6.4 yards per carry.

8:18 Rhett Ellison drops a pass over the middle on third-and-11, and the Vikings punt from their 36.

8:19 Ellington back to return the punt.

8:20 He returns the punt for a touchdown, but two illegal block-in-the-back penalties negate the TD. No, I think Hayne should return the punts.

8:32 On second-and-3 from the 10, Hyde runs to his right, spins back to his left and runs untouched into the end zone. He is the best running back in the game. 7-0 Niners.

8:34 Hyde has 12 carries for 83 yards in the first half. He could lead the league in rushing this season if he stays healthy.

8:42 Ahmad Brooks is flagged for holding with zero seconds on the clock, giving the Vikings one more play.

8:43 Bridewater completes a 27-yard pass to Jarius Wright, who gets tackled well short of the end zone. Halftime.

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  1. Yea, in no way, shape or form do I want Bush back there receiving punts. Hangar 38, the Hayne Plane ready for take off….

      1. Seems silly to list Bush when you have Ellington and White. Maybe they need those spots for other players tonight? Seems like Ellington will suit up as well.

      2. 4-12 with Gabbert as starting QB by game 6 and Jim “Mumbles” Tomsula affirming
        the benching of Kaepernick with a grunting, guttural “Yeah”.

        Delusional for all of you to think otherwise. See you again at the end of
        a season Baalke and York characterize as “transitional.”

  2. Well! I’m tired of having these type of seasons. But this is the year I either back ck or think it’s time to move on. In my seat I will solely be focusing on open WR’s, time to throw, and his vision. I can only hope he learned this offseason. It’s going to suck to have to hear the noise of excuses if he format look any better. It’s time and excuses will and should be thrown out of the window. I know it’s game 1 but we should be able to tell if he’s gotten better in those parts of his game. And I want to see FOUR quarters of good play. Let’s GO!!!!

    1. You need to keep you eyes on the o-line, especially the right side. If protection breaks down, the passing game will suffer.

      1. Well aware of that. I’m still looking at his reads, footwork, vision and accuracy. There will be times he will have some time to throw

  3. I’m disappointed in Chip Kelly. End of half draw plays are an awful choice. Either be aggressive or just kneel on it.

      1. Why, because they’re playing better in the second half? Not really. That’s just something that coaches do that serves no purpose. I figured Chip would know that.

  4. Inactives: RB Davis, WR White, CB Wright, NT Purcell, OG Thomas, C Easton and OLB Lemonier.

    An international crisis has been averted. A nation celebrates. Its vegemite on the barbie time.

            1. Keep your table in it’s upright position, seat belts fastened. Gonna be a little turbulence….

  5. Gosh Grant, I don’t get it. I thought you were certain Jarryd Hayne would be inactive because he’s……. what did you call him? Oh yah, not even the best lick return option on the team.

    Another swing and and a miss, hah Grant?

        1. Prime

          MEN drink tequila straight. The lime and salt gimmick is to get the women in the mood to lick something. Do you want to lick something?

  6. I only had 3 correct;

    WR DeAndrew White
    RB Mike Davis
    CB Shareece Wright
    G Brandon Thomas
    NT Mike Purcell
    C Nick Easton

    OLB Corey Lemonier

    Pretty disappointed to see Mike Davis not suiting up.

        1. Yea, I fully expect Bush to sustain an injury at some point that will necessitate him missing games….

    1. I wasn’t too far off. I had Bell out for Davis, and Silberman out for Easton. Though with Lemonier and White I did a bit of a 49ers ‘OR’ trick, and had them listed with options.

  7. Welp, I was wrong about Armstead suiting up. But now that he is, they better put him on the FG block team.

  8. I’m so ready for this season to start! D will be tested tonight, I’m interested to see their nickle and dime packages.

  9. With CK’s good record playing night games, should he wear sunglasses for day games to simulate evening conditions?

  10. Hey Lads

    Nice commentary all offseason. Let’s stick together and put a lickin on all our common foes, especially that loser Mary from Seattle. Give her a good lickin, eh lads!!!

        1. Gotta feeling it would take two Hammers to “hammer” that! Yikes!

          I must also add. The one good thing about the stitch is you can post anywhere within a 5 mile radius. Won’t miss those pesky dead zones at candlestick!

        2. Razor: Are you f crazy. Hammer’s a happily married guy & you should n’t be trying to stir up trouble & tell lies — says a lot about your charactor, or lack thereof . You’re all pathetic loser — I don’t see any men in this group.

  11. Can’t believe the Eagles kicked a FG there. Chip disappoints me again. Even if they make it they’re leaving too much time on the clock for Ryan to go get his own FG.

      1. I like aggressive fearless coaching. You don’t get that a lot in the NFL. Not enough job security.

  12. Hayne question #1 was answered. Questions…

    2 – Will Hayne return punts?

    3 – Will Hayne return kick offs?

    4 – Will Hayne play an offensive snap?

    1. What’s the point of him being active if he’s not returning punts?

      Ellington got the first Kick off.

  13. this has got to be the least hyped season opening MNF game, and I’m ok with that given how much turnover this team has gone thru. but a stout performance would be nice anyway…

  14. Grant

    Is it as loud there as it sounds?

    Oh, and f*ck Marcus Martin. And also Geep for going away from the run on 1st and 20.

  15. Ha- wow, grant is really not very good at this prognostication. Mike Davis
    Is the 4th string running back- just like the depth chart said on thursday.

    The niners are looking pretty decent so far. They could be good

  16. Let’s see how the miners do when they get out of their script and what adjustments they make second half. Those have been two struggles for this organization

  17. Would be nice if Kaepernick could figure out how to stop overthrowing open deep receivers.

    1. Set his feet and he might have a better shot. It’s pathetic to see a pro struggle with fundamentals

  18. Lol adios Bush! Didn’t last 1 quarter.
    This offense looks the same as it has for 4 years. Going to be relying on the defense. And that’s not good!

  19. Aaron Lynch (Mob) looked very quick on the edge on that last stand. I hope to hear his name again soon and often

  20. Kaep still has really bad mechanics. He was throwing off his back foot, and still has that hitch.

  21. Nice creativity,jeep looking good, line blocks and bush dances gets hurt, refs hose the neutral zone shut up silver. Least we have more fight in usThen the faders!

  22. Since the comparison was inevitable…

    Hyde already has more rushing yards this week than Gore.

    I still miss him

  23. JFC, Bush can’t even make it out of the first quarter without getting nicked. The guy is such a cream puff. Can’t stand fragile players. What a puss-e.

  24. Bye Reggie, nice knowing you. Nice free agent class, Dockett cut, and Wright not in uniform. Now Bush hurt in less than one quarter.

  25. Kaepernick tonight:::

    no interceptions
    no sacks
    and ahhh
    no points.
    Come on, man!!!

  26. Welcome to the NFL Hayne. Should have backed off of that ball. We would have had great field position. Live and learn kid. Go get em!

    1. Not supposed to let punts hit the ground. He just needs to make the catch. He’ll get the next one.

  27. Niners have everything it takes to win the Super Bowl, but cool heads must prevail. Don’t overreact to offensive penalties, pound the ball with Hyde, and keep rolling Kaep out. It should work, even if Marcus Martin insists on playing like a bonehead. Hyde is gaining 6 YPC; it’s not that complicated.

  28. This game playing out like I play madden. Culiver came limping off on that 4th down stop…
    Bush done. Maybe mike Davis should be active

    1. You know you are slow in the head. If you can’t see the fast tempo then I confirms what we all know about your dull brain

  29. Not watching the game as I am at work, but is the wind causing problems out there? No long passes completed, muffed punt return, missed FGs…

      1. The NFL owed SF a call for starting Hayne. I was hoping they were gonna pick up the flags on Ellington’s return. Instead, the picked to not call PI.
        Now the League and SF are even

  30. Man if we can jell a center right guard and rt we may have something, would like to see Torrey smith do something!

  31. What kind of bad luck is this

    First we had a QB who saw the field but couldn’t throw deep cause of arm strength. Now we have a QB with good arm strength but can’t see downfield

  32. Patton finally makes a contribution to the game and it’s a penalty for running into the kicker.

  33. Team looks good running. If Hyde is not bowling down field with the rock taking advantage of the gashes the team is in the toilet.

  34. It’s been rough so far, but this is still a scoreless game.

    Time to finish this drive and take charge.

  35. Our defense is something special. Our QB and RB look like great ground threats. Let’s see if Vernon can remember those things on the end of his arms are hands, not skillets.

    1. What is wrong with him? His hands loom horrible and he looks like he’s trying to avoid contact by running sideways.

    1. He looks patient. Finally the offense is playing to his strength and the strength of the o line. This should help with pass protection.

  36. Hyde is on fire tonight, big chunks of yardage, play after play….. I think my boss just heard my yelp as I’ve got it on the iPad on my desk……

  37. So far the coaching staff has done really well except for the dumb penalties and poor execution. Mangini’s guys are doing great.

  38. Grant

    I bet your voting poll is about to go landslide in favor of Hyde after tonight.

    Let’s hope Chryst keeps his foot on the gas.

    It would be great to see some Torrey Smith connections, and nice to see Ellington do something special in the passing game.

  39. Just heard that Taylor Hayes got hired by the Raiders and will probably start next week as safety. I thought he was a good player when the niners drafted him

  40. The 9ers are up by 7 instead of being tied at half in large part because of one player…..V. McDonald

    1. Thats what you call splitting a double team Williams was blasted by two blockers, he recovered, split the double team and destroyed the play. Michael Carter!

  41. hmmmmm. this is just like last year. Offense bogs down in the red zone. And then we have a TO because of the play clock winding down.

  42. Maybe the 49ers will score more 19.1 points. They are winning time of possession. No madman gyrations on the sideline for this I am grateful-very classy.

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