49ers Week 1 postgame locker room report


Stay tuned for my grades and game story. In the meantime, check out my post game locker-room report below.

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  1. Everyone had a hand in this loss, except for maybe Hyde. Cut ’em out, ride ’em in, Ride ’em in, cut ’em out, Cut ’em out, ride ’em in…Ride Hyde!

      1. Yea, Garcon was good.

        PFF TOP 5 GRADES:
        T Trent Brown, 82.7 overall grade

        WR Pierre Garcon, 81.8 overall grade

        EDGE Tank Carradine, 80.0 overall grade

        DI DeForest Buckner, 79.9 overall grade

        CB Rashard Robinson, 79.3 overall grade

  2. Hyde and Foster and the two best players by far on this roster. Followed by Garcion. If Hyde and good play not even great play from the guard and center position he would be a pro bowler. He has been waisted away on this team since drafted. It’s a shame.

  3. This is what the first 5 picks at the same spots should have been:
    #3 – Jamal Adams S
    #31 – Chidobe Awuzie – CB
    #66 – Dan Feeney – OG
    #104 – Joe Williams – RB
    #121 – Jalen Reeves-Maybin LB

  4. Hey …good to see you back Razor..Please enlighten us on “King ” Salogirls play today…Please break down that play where Carolinas right gaurd had him pinned on the ground like a school girl..What else would you want from a 3rd overall pick?

      1. He had his best game while @ LSU against Mike Evans. Seems to do really well against tall receivers, not as well against quicker ones.

  5. It’s not that I dislike Thomas, it’s that there were other pressing needs.

    What cost the Niners today? The QB position and the secondary.

    1. The QB position would not of mattered today or this year. There a 3-5 win team at best. Waiting for the best QB class in the last 10 years in 2018 was by far the right choice. S Thomas is a 21 year old rookie. Give it time it will pay off… I thought Buckner and Armstead were bad today!

      1. Yep, until you get that interior offensive line rectified, taking one later on was the wise decision. Especially when it takes a year to learn Shanny’s complex system. I saw where Thomas set up Buckner for a sack, and he failed to capitalize….

        1. Those two twin Towers were a disappointment today! I felt the WHOLE team got deflated after Foster went out… He is the leader of this team.

    2. Soloman Thomas was a horrible mistake.
      What’s he done?
      I wanted Fournette.
      Fournette and Foster were the 1-2 I wanted leading up to the draft.
      Even Adams would have been a better pick.

    1. Way too early to call him a lousy coach. They signed 6 year contracts for a reason. It’s a REBUILD!!!!!! No Cousins please as well! He is not 20 mil a year good let alone more.

      1. His 4th down calls weren’t gutsy, they were the result of a coach who had grown frustrated with his offense and lost his patience. Problem is, neither the offense nor the defense are good enough to be put in that situation. The offense failed to convert and the defense failed to prevent points on the short field. A good coach can be objective and know not to put their team in a bad spot. Shanahan lost his nerve and became impulsive, not courageous.

        When you have Tom Brady or Peyton Manning you can go for it on 4th down multiple times a game but at the same time, how often do they and why do you think that is?

        1. Rosen leads the way for me. Darnold’s long wind up scares me, and Allen wasn’t impressive. Rosen has the best mechanics, and pocket movement. He doesn’t flinch under pressure either. I liked what Mayfield was able to do by moving safeties with his eyes against the Buckeyes….

              1. I like what I saw from Darnold. He has IT. And IT is hard to explain when you see someone that gives you that feeling.

          1. Rosen is extremely football smart… He has some maturity issues but he is legit. Darn old looks like Luck coming out to me. Has the IT factor. Allen might be the most physically talented QB in the NFL if he was in it. More so then Mahomes. But he is still Raw….

              1. Darnold is the safest guy on being successful. The other two are more talented but have there own risk. With Kyle the other two could become better.

              2. We can all have our favorites, but it will ultimately be Shanny’s call. Out of the big three, Darnold, Allen and Rosen, and given the choice, my money is on Rosen being Shanny’s first choice….

    2. Hoyer looked terrible, but I am not ready to call him out yet. The O-line was terrible, against a great defensive line. The Rams put up 40 something on the Colts and are in 1st place. Way too early to be too critical.

      After this game I have mentally prepared myself for at least 6 weeks of dissapointment. If less, so be it and I’ll be happy.

      Sam Darnold is as real as IRMA and HARVEY.

      1. I told everyone after the draft the rams would win the west and sf would struggle to win 4 games. I caught all kinds of flack. Week 1 az looked tired (from reading the game recap) and old, seattle has no offense, and sf is in rebuild mode.

        1. Hold your horses. GB is a playoff team and they are talented, with an elite QB. Seahwks were in the game until the last 2 minutes.
          Rams beat the Colts, who are less talented than the Niners, especially with no Luck.
          Cards may be making a QB change, so they might improve. Their defense is still legit.
          Let the Rams play the NFC West before making any pronouncements.

          1. The Back up in AZ is Gabbert. That defense gave up 35 to Detroit. Detroit is not that good.
            Seattle and GB struggled. GBs defense isnt as good as Seattle’s offense is bad. GB is only a playoff team because the divsion is trash.
            I never said the Rams wrre good. I merely said they would win the west. That is a result of schedule and the lack of offense for any west team. They also have a fine coaching staff.

          2. In this last game, CP threw 3 picks, I think 2 were pick sixes.
            I still think Seahawks will win the West, even though I detest them.
            You may be right, the division has the Rams ascending, while the others will struggle.
            You also may be right about the coaching staff.

  6. The offensive and defensive line are the key to every game and were the key to this one.

    On a side note, when is Sebbie going to post a soliloquy about Kap being a better QB? Cause at this point, SHE might not be wrong.

    Let here it Sebster.

  7. I don’t think Kyle is a good coach at all. Chip Kelly deserved at least one more year. He was trying a new system with a weak roster. Baalke was the issue the whole time with his philosophy of drafting players who were injured, and chasing Harbaugh away. Actually the issue is Jed York but we all know that.

    Kyle had a talented offense team in ATL but his play calls were why they lose to the Pats with when they had a 25 point lead.

  8. Wow, one game in and some people are already calling for heads. A little bit of an over reaction?

    What we saw today was a young team with some holes that is still learning the schemes. Lots of errors. Yet there were plays to be made. This team will be a lot better in the second half of the season than the first half of the season.

    1. Scooter, this is typical. They were talking playoffs before. Now that they see the results of the first game and a team with a serious uphill climb to respectability and competitive ability. The team still has many holes and just because the team has improved does not mean it will translate to wins yet.

      Patience is not a virtue with Bay Area fans.

    2. Better because the second half of the season is easier?

      So many had the hoyer lead 9ers as a winning team. Truth is Hoyer is trash. With that being said Barkley must have been really bad not to beat out Hoyer. Good news is the team is 2 games away from a rookie starting for the injured hoyer. Buckle up.

      1. No, better because that is when the team will start to gel and be more comfortable in the schemes.

        Basing the state of the 49ers on this one game is ridiculous.

  9. The two plays that changed the game were the Goodwin drop and the Foster injury.

    Beadles is horrible. We didn’t get enough pressure. Our DBs need that pressure from our front 7.

    Now the overeactions.

    Thomas is a bust? No, it is his first game. Seriously folks, one game.

    Hoyer is trash? No, he’s not trash, he isn’t treasure either. He made a nice throw to Goodwin that was dropped. He was under constant pressure. Penalties hurt our offense today.

  10. Overall, I wasn’t happy with the team’s performance, but hey these are the 49ers. I saw pictures of the stadium before the second half kick off nearly empty. Little faith in the faithful.

    1. 97 degrees Dust Mite. As an SBL holder, I was in the shade myself. The stadium sucks for the first 6 weeks of the season and Jed should adjust our ticket prices accordingly.

  11. Grant, you forgot to mention squandering time outs.
    Glad you emphasized the unforced errors, the self inflicted wounds. Now you know why I have been emphasizing them so much. The Niners beat themselves.
    Some on the other blogs are blaming the refs, but the refs had absolutely nothing to do with this loss.
    Please change your periscope site. You look like a ghost. Ask Bob Lange for access to a Niner poster and find a quiet room to do your report. Also, before the report, wipe your face with a towel and refrain from touching your face so much.
    Glad you admitted you were wrong. The Niners were pathetic. I certainly do not see 9 wins. I had predicted the same score, 24-23, but we now know that was wildly optimistic. However, I was hoping for the best and expecting the worst. Guess I got the latter.
    Hope you change your tune about Kaep. He would at have given them a chance, because a mobile QB would not have gotten bludgeoned like Hoyer.
    Beadles is a QB killer, just like Devey. The Niners need to bench him pronto, or Hoyer will not survive. Imagine, the next 3 games are against the Seahawks, Rams and Cards. They have elite pass rushers, too. Laken must start, or I will claim they are not even trying to win.

        1. haha!!

          It’s never really been about the 9ers with you, Seb. The 9ers are just a vehicle to promote Kap. They are not doing so, thus your frustration.

  12. Only one game but disappointing regardless… Main disappointments besides the score and penalties were:

    1) Not sticking with the run game. Seemed to have some success here early and would have liked to see us try to wear down that Panthers front a bit more. Would have helped Hoyer too.
    2) Pass rush. Supposedly had 8 pressures which seemed generous. Didn’t see anyone making Cam uncomfortable.
    3) Interior OL. Their DL was doing a lot of shifts right before the snap and Beatles especially looked like a human turnstile.

    I didn’t expect a win but I did expect a more competitive game… Next week should be interesting :/

  13. Bad news..first game of a 16 game season and were talking about next year’s draft….Reeeelax..This is a young group just learning..Ruben Foster was the steal of the draft..We build our o line we’ll be ok.. Unfortunately when you draft any position for a physical job ,from an un physical conference,this is what you get…Our D line is useless as our o line and we’ll need to be rebuilt..I have a strong feeling S Thomas has alot in common with another Lineman we took from Stanford names Kwame Harris ..And the similarity is with the lisp in their voice ,not play on the field…Ruben Foster is already the best player on this team…Kittle is a player..Hyde is a player..Kittle is a player..Both our tackles are players…S Thomas is probably the worst pick of this entire draft

  14. 49ERS VS Carolina, week 1 grades:


    QB: Brian Hoyer started the game looking fairly sharp, and threw an absolute pearl on 3rd and 2 from the Panthers 42, that went right through Goodwin’s hands at the Panthers 5 yard line, and it was all downhill from there. In defense of Hoyer, the Panthers did a great job of whipping the 49ers up front, and getting interior pressure all game long, as they were constantly up in Hoyer’s Grill. The 49ers had their fair share of drops, none bigger than Goodwin’s deep ball, but not enough to affect my grade. GRADE: C+

    OL: Uggh! The OL was a concern heading into the season and they wasted little time reinforcing the concern. Hoyer had a tough time stepping up into the pocket, thanks to Carolina’s ability to absolutely manhandle the interior of the 49ers OL. I’m honestly questioning whether any of the 49ers offensive linemen fit this scheme. Just like during the preseason, they were constantly a step slow trying to execute Kyle’s run blocking schemes, often finding themselves out of position and reaching at the Panthers defenders in desperation, In fact, the entire offense looked out of sync because of the poor play of the OL. Brandon Fusco and Zane Beadles were entirely outclassed today from start to finish. ShanaLynch will need to move mountains next offseason in order to rebuild this unit if they have any hope of executing Kyle’s offense effectively. GRADE: F

    RB: Carlos “El Guapo” Hyde certainly looks as explosive as he ever has, hitting the holes with authority and burst, but the running game continues to look out of sync, primarily due to the struggles on the OL. Carlos also looks like he’s really developed his ability as a receiver, but the rest of the offense gained only 11 yards on 5 carries, once again pointing to a wholly ineffective offensive line. Kyle’s offense simply cannot function effectively if they cannot run the ball consistently, and I have my doubts that there is any quick fix moving forward this season. GRADE: B-

    WR: Mostly ineffective throughout the game. The speedster – Marquise Goodwin, set the early tone by letting a perfectly thrown deep pass go right through his arms during the Niners’ opening possession. Simply unacceptable for a professional wideout! Pierre Garcon continues to be the ever so dependable receiver, hauling in 6 receptions for 81 yards, but none of the other WR’s made much noise, and Goodwin’s drop was a BRUTAL way to start the day! Taylor is a rookie, (Was it really smart to cut Jeremy Curley?) and Boldin was inexplicably inactive, and the lack of size at WR could be a big problem, especially in the redzone. GRADE: C-

    TE: I thought George Kittle looked good for a rookie, showing good hands and the ability to separate. He’s got a ton of potential. That’s about all I have to say about this group because other than Kittle’s decent debut, none of the other TE’s showed up on the stat sheet, and I was less than impressed with the group’s overall performance, including blocking and pass protection. GRADE: D+


    DL: WTF? Hard to believe after today’s performance that this position group is supposed to be a strength on this team. I questioned Solomon Thomas’ selection with the #3 overall pick, but I figured at least the pick of Thomas would be the icing on the cake in the defensive trenches, giving the 49ers a young DL they could build around. Well, while they definitely looked better against the run, but their inability to as much as sniff a rusty Cam Newton’s clean jersey early on, gave him an opportunity to knock off the cobwebs and get into the flow of an offense he barely took any reps with this preseason. The 49ers got whipped in the trenches on both sides of the football, and the lack of QB pressures today has me more dejected than anything else I saw today. GRADE: D

    LB: For a short stint to start the game, superhuman LB Reuben Foster once again looked like a Demigod, and well beyond his years, making plays all over the field. He had 3 tackles and a big pass defense before I could even settle into my lazy boy chair with a brewsky and a bowl of chips. Unfortunately, I nearly vomited in despair with the thought of losing #56 to a season ending knee injury during the first QTR, especially after I saw the slow motion replays of his ankle injury. Thankfully, it wasn’t nearly as bad as it looked, and Foster should be back to full strength in the very near future. They are going to need him because it looks like NaVorro Bowman has lost another step. GRADE: C+

    SECONDARY: The DB’s actually played better than expected, even though they caught a few breaks when Cam Newton failed to identify blown coverage. I thought Rashard Robinson played very well, as did nickel CB K’Waun Williams. Tartt was OK (and made a spectacular INT) and Reid was solid, but I am not a fan of the way DC Robert Saleh is scheming up this defensive backfield. The combination of no pass rush and soft spots in the coverage made for a SUNDAY WALK IN THE PARK for Cam Newton and company. This is a recipe for failure that the 49ers have to correct if they plan on winning any games this season. GRADE: C

    SPECIAL TEAMS: Nothing much to say about special teams. No big runbacks, but no huge blown coverage on kick returns, so this grade is more or less inconsequential. GRADE: B

    COACHING: While I realize it’s tough to run any offense if you don’t have the horses, it seems clear to me that, at this point, that the OL may be more or less incapable of running Kyle’s offense, and that’s a tough pill to swallow! While I put a lot of the blame on his OL, I was less than impressed by some of Kyle’s decision making and play calling today. We knew the interior of the OL was going to be a big problem this season, and I doubt Tomlinson (or Garnett) will make much difference if any at all. However, even though much of the blame falls on the OL, Kyle failed to find a way to limit the damage the interior of the OL was doing to his offense. 2-11 on 3rd downs, on top of 3 turnovers on downs, is not going to win games in the NFL. I’m not sure how Kyle can scheme up this offense to mask the porous interior of the OL (in fact I doubt he can), but something has to change if the 49ers are going to be at all competitive in 2017. GRADE: D-

    1. Great review thanks..only thing I disagree on is our tackles are solid..The interior Three are a major concern..But according to squats with ignorance aka coffee for closers….It’s all Hoyers fault

      1. Thank Diesel. I agree, our tackles are solid, but I did see both big Trent and Staley miss at least a couple blocks in the running game. But yah, the biggest issues on the OL is on the interior. They have MAJOR problems at both of the Offensive Guard spots and Center.

        And that’s why I am not sure that this group, as a whole, are capable of running Kyle’s outside zone schemes. They consistently get blown backwards, into the backfield, and seem to be consistently a step or two slow getting to their blocks. I saw A LOT of lineman reaching desperately for their defensive counterparts.

        I don’t know how they get this ship turned around before they start winning at the point of attack on both sides of the ball, and the OL is able to stretch the defense horizontally, creating running lanes and creases for the RB’s?

        It’s BAD! Really, really bad right now.

    2. In a nutshell: While I realize it’s tough to run any offense if you don’t have the horses, it seems clear to me that, at this point, the 49ERS starting offensive line may simply be, more-or-less, incapable of running Kyle’s offense, and that’s a tough pill to swallow!

      1. Yah, V-Mac looked lost out there today. A big fat Goose Egg! Zip, Zilch, Nada as an offensive weapon today. Of course, it’s too early to know just how much he’ll be able to do for Pitt’s offense, but we know he can’t catch so ……………….

        Also, ex-49ers Bruce Ellington got shutout on the stat sheet today as well. 0 receptions on 2 targets. Plus, San Jose State speedster, Tyler Ervin, is Houston’s primary kick returner – punts and kickoffs, so not a lot of opportunities for the fragile receiver/kick returner.

  15. Years past has taught us week 1 can be very misleading…saying Shanahan was rattled on the 4th downs is ridiculous…week 1 is the time to go for it on 4th down…he now has a basis to not trust the offense and punt on 4th and 3 the rest of the season..a lot of overreactions here…

    Until the Foster injury the 49ers were actually outplaying Carolina, offensively and defensively. Granted that was what, 8 minutes gametime

    Goodwin drops a well thrown 40 yard bomb, but then celebrated a 5 yard catch on 3rd and 4 like he made the play of the game, which was irritating.. I’m not trying to see any of that til you make that TD up bud

    Armstead was everywhere in the first quarter, they repeatedly moved him around edge to edge. Looked like they couldn’t block him and then I don’t know if he ran out of steam or what, but was quiet the rest of the game.

    Foster was probably the most impactful player, shame it was cut so short

    I know it’s only one game and 94 is so young but that ‘fleecing’ Chicago trade looks worse and worse. Dude is completely undersized, and was repeatedly pushed straight back. I agree with the S Adams assessment. I’m rooting for him, I want to be wrong.

    Hoyer somehow missed Trent Taylor for a td at the beginning of the 4th quarter, that one hurt.

    Kittle is already better than Vance ever was, just has the composure that ol Mittens lacked

    Shanahans system works, I see it, it is future proof. Gonna take time to build the o line, get a big time OW, other than a fullback who had no chance on 4th and 1

    1. Very true..good assessment..according to Coffee for Clueless..It was all Hoyers fault..and Seb thinks Kaperdink and the Black Panthers would have won this game

    2. Hoyer’s job is to suck enough so that they get a top 3 pick next year. Can’t really expect a journeyman backup QB to be good. Not really the FO’s fault though, Niners had 0 QBs on the roster before FA and draft.

  16. Trust me ..I’m a Niner fan to the bone wish I was wrong,but Soloqueen Thomas is turning out to be just what I always thought he was…A strong guy who could muscle his way through college,even though he ever had one good game in his whole collegiate career..Then turned in a good combine….oh wow..I seen that dude get owned multiple times today..look at any interview with him..his lisp is very suspicious…He’s a bust..

  17. Let’s take an honest look at this staff. They had ALL offseason to prep for this game and the team could only muster 3 points.
    The HC knows carolina who is a bad team. He had months to game plan. He built and picked this roster and QB. The product today was not a great testimony for the hc or the staff. 4 wins not likely.

    1. Way too early…………..Shanny just learned a lot about this team…………Bulky’s damage is STILL being sorted out……….We have a right to expect KS to fix what he CAN fix, but it’s going to take another draft or two…………..Shanahan is repairing the Titanic-it’s going to take a bit…………….

  18. Guys, relax, it’s week 1. Way too many conclusions being jumped here.

    That being said, ShanaLynch made a huge mistake by keeping Beadles instead of signing a good FA while also not increasing the depth of it by drafting O-lineman in the later rounds of the draft. No idea why they would ever think a duo of Beadles-Garnett would ever work. Now that Garnett’s down, you see the result of a lack of talent on the line.

    As for Hoyer, he’s a bum, but at least that means Niners get a top 3 pick next year for that stud rookie next year.

      1. Possibly. That just looks worse on the FO’s part since they didn’t sign anyone like Zeitler to add a veteran to the line while also increasing the talent level there.

  19. Well as long as that cross eyed inbred Jed York is running the team were going nowhere and you guys know it..I think 17 years of owning a team is a good judgement..The York’s are inbred business minds ,they know nothing about football..This team looks worse than last year’s…They can keep selling me they’re brick by brick B’s..This team sucks…when you haven’t addresses a top ten offensive pick since Crabtree..(who all the sudden is a beast in Oakland)and draft soft players from soft conferences..Armstead ,Buckner,Thomas…Jerry Jones is old school like Debartlo..he wants to win and it shows.. Meanwhile..liberal York’s draft gay guys (Soloman Thomas)and liberals like Eric Reid…Meanwhile…it’s not rocket science..Guys who dominate in college dominate in the pros 85% of the time..Baalke is a clown his dratfs explain himself…S Thomas had one good game his whole career and we draft him #3…Meanwhile even my mom knew Ruben Foster was a beast and he’s the best player on their whole roster..We never draft skill positions..we take the safe pick which is always the worse pick..Meanwhile the Cowboys take the big stars from college and everyone of their games is exciting..Our games look and smell like diarrhea..It’s not rocket science folks it’s just football,you take the best players..Meanwhile we built a stadium that’s 2 years old and might be the worst stadium in the league…The cross eyed York’s have no clue what their doing

  20. Over reaction Sunday much?
    One game and Thomas is a bust?
    Shanny’s a bust?
    A 2-14 team loses its opener? How the heck could that happen? WTH? Who saw that coming?
    Y’all too funny.
    Oh, lest we forget…..Kap could do better than Hoyer….hahahahahahahaha
    Seb could do better than Shanny, hehehehe
    Guys; good ol’ Niners suck ’till they don’t.
    12-4? 9-7? Nuh- uh.
    What exactly was Bill Walsh’s first season record? (Look it up)
    Don’t relax if you don’t want to, but get used to it, this is a major reconstruction

    1. At least I would have told Hoyer to throw the ball down the field to the 5 yard line on those 4th down plays. Even if they were intercepted, it would have been way better than being sacked. Maybe they would have gotten a holding or PI flag. Jump balls are rarely returned with all the bodies close together.
      Maybe you did not watch the game, but Hoyer did not shine. He could not even run the hurry up offense without wasting precious seconds. Calling time out was an admission of incompetence. They even had 2 delay of game penalties. Hoyer even let the clock run down to the 2 minute warning so he could not get a play off in time.

      1. Nobody said Hoyer shined Rainman. You always twist things to your agenda. Could you at least,pretend to be cogent? Nah, never mind.
        Has Nessa invited you ever invited you to dinner yet?

  21. Hi Grant.

    I will take this opportunity to point out the many fallacies you’ve let yourself believe. Without a decent offensive line, a running game, and NFL quality wide receivers, even the “pocket” quarterbacks will struggle. Your smear campaign against Kaepernick is now visible for everyone to see. It doesn’t matter whether whether you’re a pocket quarterback or a dual threat, you need support everywhere and you (and Lowell) let your personal bias against Kaepernick cloud your judgement. Your prediction for this game was laughable and hopefully you will use this opportunity to consider your biases and learn to provide more balanced opinions.

    No one is arguing that Colin was great; but he was better than you gave him credit for.


    1. kapernick is a spoiled whiteboy from a small town..He was exposed 2 years ago yet you liberal hacks continue you’re dilusion..Guess what you Socialist idiots.. Life isn’t fair,if your not that good and you bring a bunch of baggage your not getting a job..Or maybe if he had an intelligent argument instead of pig socks and a Castro t-shirt..he might have a job..oh surprise..we have a president that’s not a hack pc liberal..oh cry me a river bud..you and Seb can move to Cuba..Socialism has never and will never work…You dumb liberals sit here and enjoy all the rights every thing you hate has gotten you..Liberal spoiled brats….funny seems like everyone who has really struggled and had to work for things is a right winger..left wing just acts like spoiled children..waaah waaaah..you hurt my feelings..I’m owed this..I’m owed that..yet you sit around and complain about this country but wouldn’t dare leave..sit around and coming about all the things that gave you your freedoms..Colin Kap is a spoiled white kid who has a Socialist girlfriend who pulls his strings like a puppet..god forbid a real war broke out cause this country is full of libtards who couldn’t have won one battle in WW2 let alone a war

        1. What decade of liberalism do you espouse, Seb?

          Because the liberalism of 50-60 yrs ago in no way resembles the same thing today.

            1. Which epoch, Seb? Your pulling a Seb-onian by choosing to not answer the question specifically………one of your oldest “sun zoo” tricks.

          1. Bling, I know that I am in the minority as a football fan. They tend to be religious and conservative.
            You may consider liberal as a pejorative, I consider it a badge of honor.
            Calling someone a snatch says more about you, than them.

              1. Bling, I just respond in kind.
                Be civil, and I will be civil. Call names , then do not whine when I hit back. Calling me a snatch does not hurt me, because it just defines you as a hater, and a pretty ignorant one to boot.

        2. Typical liberal response ..no facts ..just you’re racist..I’m pure Mexican 1st generation from East San Jose..I just don’t make excuses ,I work to better myself

      1. Diesel,

        You are contributing to the divide in this country with your stereotypes. I could go tit for tat and call you and every other conservative an inbred bible thumping racist, but I know that isn’t always the case.

        Guess what bud? This liberal hates Castro and thinks that Kap is terrible at activism.

        “funny seems like everyone who has really struggled and had to work for things is a right winger”

        You mean like our Prez, who inherited his wealth? Oh, and there’s this.


        “There is a very strong correlation, then, between a state voting for Republicans and receiving more in federal spending than its residents pay to the federal government in taxes (the rust belt and Texas being notable exceptions). In essence, those in blue states are subsidizing those in red states.”

        “Red states also use the most food stamps.”

        1. Forget it #80……….neither you, or the supreme court or the pro politicians are going to change anyone.

          When you show how Jesus Christ is wrong and you are right………….then I will follow you.
          Good luck with that………………….

          1. The only thing I’m trying to change is stereotyping. Not all liberals support Castro and Clinton. Not all libs are on welfare. And not all libs are ‘libitarrds’.

            1. The Bible has some good messages. Too bad some people forget, ignore, or don’t know about parts like this.

              35 For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, 36 I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’

              37 “Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? 38 When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? 39 When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’

              40 “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

    2. Kaps record the last 3-4 yrs sure does support your thoughts…………

      Give it up, Seb-…………….what does zoo say about the verbal sniper????????
      Your an open book.

  22. Hmm Cowboys on every primetime game and interesting to watch..Guess why they draft the stars of every position out of college..Meanwhile Baalke thought he knew everything yet knew nothing..Then Lynch follows protocol and drafts a gay guy who had one good game and a good combine…. Genius!

          1. Oh, Sebs-your killing me!!!!!!!!!!! “I call it as I see it”……………

            How did you get that one out without choking on your food…………….?

  23. Just watched Rouge One after that horrible game.
    Here’s my conclusions after this day.
    So far-Mcvay >Shanny
    Fournette/Adams >Thomas
    Rogue One >Force Awakens

  24. I am disappointed that they lost and missed big plays. But what I saw from the offense, I was mostly pleased with (except the OL; can’t wait until Beadles is replaced). They just couldn’t quite close the drives, but they were moving the ball. Isn’t it typical that it takes an offense a little while longer to gel at the beginning of the season. Double or triple that time for a new offensive system and many new players.

    It’s hard not to be disappointed in a DL that features three consecutive, first-round picks. But it is only the first game. If they aren’t able to pressure Wilson (with that porous Seachicken OL) next week, then I think we have problems.

    1. Cubus,
      It really doesn’t matter where the linemen were drafted, since all but one are from the old regime and all the high picks are on rookie contracts. Armstead is on his third defensive in 3 years, Thomas missed OTAs and Buckner was overworked to death in a different system last year. Linemen take longer to develop and don’t make the splashy plays like players operating in space. I think it will take the line most of the first half of this season before the linemen feel comfortable in Saleh’s scheme. Patience is the keyword here.

      1. Mood: I agree with your post below which I basically posted as well; but you said it much more eloquently. I know you’re a big Stanford fan, but so far I’m not impressed with the Stanford picks (Garnett or Thomas). Still early on Thomas and Garnett we’ll have to wait yet another year. I hope I’m wrong as I really want these guys to succeed so that our team succeeds. But maybe there is something to be said for drafting players from tough conferences like the SEC (ala Reuben Foster). No doubt I’m overreacting somewhat, but I can’t do that in my work life, so football provides me with an outlet ;).

        1. Overreact away, Cubus!! I think we are all disappointed by the loss. But I am very optimistic that we have a NFL-worthy offensive scheme and things will improve steadily. Thomas and Garnett were both over-drafted but will be both be solid contributors for the Niners — but probably not superstars. Thomas is only 21. Niners under Baalke drafted its share of SEC underachievers. The top half of Pac 12 is as tough as the top half of SEC.

  25. I probably watched a different game. I saw for the first time in many, many years an offensive scheme that I liked, and one proven to be successful when the right personnel eventually are slotted into the position over the next two seasons. Were it not for poor execution — both offensive and defensive, Niners would have been very competitive today. I don’t get the criticism of the 4th down plays. Shanlynch is basically treating the first part of the season as an extension of training camp. They will probably go easy with bringing back injured players and test the development of young players in game situations. The “forty-whiner” fans come out of the woodwork complaining about the choices of the brain trust of Adam Peters, Martin Mayhew and Shanalynch?! smh….

  26. Could I derive any positives from this game?
    The run defense was light years better than last season.
    The WRs were better than last season.
    I was heartened by seeing the Niners be bold, and going for it on 4th down. At least they were trying.
    I was happy to see the Niners line up deep in the I, with Juszczyck leading the block.
    I liked how the pass rush put a hand up and deflected passes. Too bad they were not batted up and intercepted.
    If Goodwin catches that ball, and they do not commit a penalty on the one yard line, they might have gotten 14 points. If Dumervil was a split second faster, he might have caused Cam to fumble the ball. If Hoyer did not miss wide open receivers, he might have sustained drives down the field.
    All of the self inflicted wounds are correctable with better coaching. It was a teachable moment about 20 times.
    Maybe the coaches will start to consider time outs to be precious, and saved for legitimate challenges and the last 2 minutes of each half. They certainly did not do that last game. They wasted them like drunken sailors. Again, it is an easy fix that just requires adequate preparation and common sense.
    Hyde is a stud, and should be utilized properly. They should accentuate his strengths, and disguise his weaknesses.
    Niners were playing against a team that went 15-1 two years ago and got to the SB. Niners held their own against a superior opponent. They were stymied, but not blown out.
    The Niners shut down Olsen, Benjamin and Shepherd, at times. They contained Cam, and did not let McCaffrey run wild.
    The Niners were competitive until the 4th quarter.
    If the Niners can shore up the O line, they could possibly win a game or 2. Beadles needs to sit. He is a QB killer like Devey. Niners should poach a player like Kadeem Edwards or Dan Skipper from the Cowboy PS.
    If the Niners want to avoid a losing season, they should improve the QB position. Luckily, Kaep is still available.
    This was a wake up call for John Lynch. He now sees he needs to act, and act swiftly. After all the optimism, the harsh reality hit them in the face. If he wants to fill that empty mausoleum, he needs to be bold, and sign players who will help them win.

      1. I do not hate all police, just the ones who shoot unarmed blacks in the back while he is handcuffed and face down on the ground. Ask the family of Oscar Grant.
        With most every other law enforcement personnel, I am polite, respectful, and do not reach in a pocket or make any sudden moves. I know they put their lives on the line every day, and are confronted with difficult situations that try men’s souls.
        Conversely, by protecting rogue cops, you are part of the problem.
        Profile away, I expect no less from you.

        1. You DO hate cops, Seb. And you only bitch when cops do bad things to our black brothers. But you don’t say anything about anyone else, despite ample opportunity. And you certainly don’t go on a bender when cops are murdered in cold blood. And they are people, too. Most of them, pretty good.

          Very, very selective in your………….”outrage”……………in your righteousness.

        2. Protecting rogue cops? Where did that come from? Jeez you are the fake news of this blog.

          Profile piece #1:

          Sebbie is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting quarrels or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community forum, chat room, or blog with the intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal, on-topic discussion. Also known as a troll.

          Part two comes tomorrow.

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