49ers Week 10 grades: Special teams

SAN FRANCISCO — The 49ers tied the Rams 24-24. Here is the grade for the 49ers special teams.

Special teams: F. Let me count the ways the 49ers special teams failed against the Rams.

  1. They gave up two fake-punt passes for first downs. The first time, the Rams were backed up into their own end zone. Special teams coach Brad Seely called an all-out blitz to block the punt, so Chris Culliver left his man. The punter, Johnny Hekker, who was the scout team QB at Oregon St., immediately threw a perfect pass Culliver’s man, who was wide open. Seely was outsmarted by the Rams.
  2. The Rams’ second fake-punt pass came on a critical drive in the fourth quarter. If the 49ers had stopped the fake, they would have won the game. Instead, the Rams finished the drive with a touchdown. You’d think Seely, the assistant head coach, would have learned his lesson the first time.
  3. They allowed Danny Amendola to return a punt 62 yards. True, the refs called the run back due to an illegal block-in-the-back penalty. Still, the 49ers did not cover that punt well.
  4. David Akers missed a 41-yard field goal in overtime that would have won the game. Last season Akers made 48 of 56 field goals. This season, he’s missed five field goals in the last six games.

All in all, not what you expect from a division champion.

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