49ers Week 16 post-game report

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (10) celebrates during the second half of an NFL football game against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Dec. 24, 2017. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

SANTA CLARA — Check out my post-game Periscope report below.

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  1. So late with the post game report! Thought you underwent spontaneous combustion not being able to handle the JimmyG phenomenon, Grant :-)

  2. Sacksonville’s defense had been allowing only 169 passing yards per game this season, until Jimmy threw for 187 yards in the first half! His total passing yards were the third most that the felines have allowed this season….

  3. I hate this format. I’m not going to sign up for some useless account to hear your analysis. Make your content easily accessible if you want viewers.

  4. Sign Andrew norwell, Allen Robinson and ziggy ansah in FA. Have a good draft and hopefully Joshua Garnett comes back as a beast. Be a solid team

  5. BREAKING NEWS!! I, a Niner Faithful, hereby serve notice to the rest of the NFL that the rebuilding 49ers are now officially on their way back to respectability and winning ways. They have completed the foundation. Now the construction of the building is underway. Watch out!! Here we come. Or should I say; Something Golden this way comes.

    1. San Francisco 49er football is back!! Merry Christmas to Miner faithful everywhere and to all football fans across America!! Go 49ers!!

  6. I’ve realized for a couple of week s that Jimmy’s success has validated Shanahan, Lynch, the team, and even Saleh for potential FAs. THIS GAME today, has taken that a few steps further. Milestone win.
    The Rams are on notice, and they will notice. I think SF will be in it, but Rams’ OL has been looking good. Gurley is sick. Aaron Donald is sick. Can Buck distract Goff? Watkins? Oh gawd!

  7. Carlos Hyde said we’re winning the Super Bowl next year. I love his confident enthusiasm, but be careful not to give the Niners the kiss of death. Other teams are rebuilding, too. But I do think we could possibly be headed to the playoffs.

  8. FWIW, while he’ll get charged with the INT, Garoppolo didn’t make a bad decision or some such. What happened was Beadles got beaten so badly that the DE hit Garoppolo’s arm as he was throwing despite the fairly quick release. You can see it in the replay if you go frame-by-frame.

    Thomas had a sack, another QB hit (1 of the 5 the team managed today) and a TFL. That puts him at 10 (leading the team) for the season despite missing almost all of two games and playing gimpy for two more.

    Colbert is looking like the real deal. If hand wasn’t broken I think he’d have a couple of INTs on the season.

    Former 49ers, Rashard Robinson, until today, lead all the corners in PDs & INTs with 7 and 1. With his play today, Johnson just tied him. Obviously it took him 15-game to Robinson’s 5 so I really don’t see Johnson coming back after this year. He panics and starts doing stupid things and pretty much every OC in the NFL sees him as a big, fat, juicy steak…

    Witherspoon has started 8 games . Has 5 PDs and 2 Ints. That’s okay, but not great, for a CB people were convinced was a bust based on what happened in training camp. I just can’t figure out if he’s not putting up the stats because he’s good or Johnson is so bad teams don’t see the point in passing against anyone else…

    When Kerley was cut, Taylor wasn’t better. Now he is.

    Goodwin has more receptions in one year with the 49ers than he had in four years in Buffalo. It’s like he’s a completely different player from the #3/#4 WR he used to be. I doubt it’s coaching. It had to come from inside.

  9. I remember the actual John Madden frequently pointing out that emotional hot flash starts to a game by an inferior team usually last for the first 20-24 minutes before reality catches up. I wondered if this was happening today, but not.
    We’ve also read that league talent is mostly equivalent, and that the championship difference is mental (confidence).
    I’d like to sign the guy before OTAs and give him the confidence of the guarantees and longevity. Lynchahan have prospered under that; share the wealth!

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