49ers Week 6 film session

El quarterback de los 49ers de San Francisco, Jimmy Garoppolo (10), lanza un pase al running back Matt Breida (22), mientras el outside linebacker de los Rams de Los Ángeles, Samson Ebukam (50), defiende durante la primera mitad de un juego de la NFL, el domingo 13 de octubre de 2019, en Los Ángeles. (AP Foto/Alex Gallardo)

Check out my film review of the 49ers’ 20-7 win over the Rams.

Time stamps:

2:10 — Robert Saleh’s run defense..

15:10 — Robert Saleh’s pressure packages.

20:00 Kyle Shanahan’s running game without Kyle Juszczyk.

24:00 Kyle Shanahan’s passing game without Joe Staley and Mike McGlinchey.

28:00 Best play call of the game.

29:30 Worst play call of the game.

31:30 The best of Jimmy Garoppolo.

34:45 The worst of Jimmy Garoppolo.

39:45 Garoppolo’s surgically-repaired knee and passing mechanics.

46:00 Arik Armstead.

50:00 Solomon Thomas.

52:15 Dee Ford.

53:15 DeForest Buckner.

54:45 Nick Bosa.

57:15 Jimmie Ward.

58:15 Jaquiski Tartt.

59:30 Richard Sherman.

1:00:45 Dante Pettis.

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  1. Jekyll and Hyde is pretty much what you would expect from an inexperienced quarterback, but man for not having to spend a top 10 pick, you’ve got to love the franchise traits. Feet, accuracy, unfazed by pressure, can read disguised defenses, goes through his progressions, and how about that quick release?

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    1. “Shanahan acknowledged Monday it can be frustrating as a cut-it-loose play-caller to not get into a passing-game rhythm. And he’s not alone: Garoppolo, who has gunslinging tendencies, has been asked to be a caretaker instead of a risk-taker:”

      -Eric Branch

        1. I blame this move on Scott Van Pelt from ESPN. He did his One Big Thing on Monday about the weak fan base and lack of interest in the Rams and Chargers from folks in LA. 😉

      1. Thanks for that, Undercenter.

        I see the Rams again mortgaged their future for an answer to the Kittle conundrum by trading for Ramses.

          1. I’m not even sure how it helps them going forward. They are a cash strapped team already… losing 2 firsts for high priced free agent (that they still have to sign) that doesn’t address their biggest areas of need seems like a bad decision every way I look at it.

            I just keep thinking what am I missing ?

          2. Total Panic move to appease/distract a fan base from jumping ship. The only immediate thing it does is give a solid chess piece to Wade Phillips. I seriously doubt it was a anti “Kittle” move in so much as it was a band aid to keep from being blown out on both sides of the ball.

        1. Sounds like Shanny is bummed because his defense is so good…lol

          That Ram trade makes me appreciate Lynch and Shanny.

          Also shows that the HC part is overruling the OC part.

  2. I am surprised the Rams gave up 2 First Round picks for Ramsey. Also how will they resign him as his contract is soon to be up. They have a ton of expensive contracts on the books.

    1. Trying anything to turn this year around, but they are really in a hole already and Ramsey doesn’t fix their biggest issues. And this move will make them weaker in future years given their cap situation. They must really not have liked Peters.

      1. I think there must have been something there that we don’t know about.

        You are right that it is an attempt to salvage the leaky defense. It will do some good with the new LB but their biggest problem is not being able to move the ball. Should have picked up a FB!

  3. Here’s an interesting question: does Peters make Baltimore better?

    I know we are looking at the Rams but if Baltimore becomes better how does this address the balance of power in the AFC?

    1. Not sure… he seems like he’s very undisciplined player for their scheme.

      His gambling style needs a sure tackling safety behind him.

      1. Right but their defense is No. 13 (I think) right now. My guess is that perhaps this might move them a bit. It may be a move to negate NE. That can only help the 49ers in the long run.

  4. Hmmm, Grant suggested a play technique to Saleh, and he used it?
    That is why I like this site so much. Tactics, schemes, techniques and strategies are discussed, that become implemented.
    I have never heard of something like this on any of the other Niner blog sites.

    1. I think we should all receive Super Bowl rings at the end of the year for our collective suggestions that Lynch uses from this blog.💍

      1. Don’t mind him he’s due to pick up his social security benefits shortly and we all hope he spends it on some mental health programs.

        The best part was watching him returning to the site after saying he won’t be back; this after screwing up and then blaming his wife Christine for exposing his information on the blog. Classy.

  5. Good breakdowns Grant.

    Interestingly, on that pass that was almost picked by Littleton, by staring at his WR he moved Littleton out of the middle of the field and opened up a lane to Kittle who had half a step on his guy crossing the middle. He needs to stop staring down his guys, but it does show an opportunity to fool defenders moving forward.

  6. The trade of Peters to the Ravens just means the Niners still get to see Peters twice this season.
    The Rams are mortgaging their future for the immediate gain, but there is still no guarantee that they will make the playoffs. With no running game, and Goff getting bludgeoned, the improvement in the defense may not matter.
    Losing 2 first round picks may be smart, however. The Rams would not have been able to afford them, anyways.
    Sure wish Armstead could garner 2 first round picks, since it will be hard to keep him when he becomes a free agent.

    1. Sebnynah,
      Some things you say make no sense.
      Losing 2 first round picks is “smart”? Ha?
      The Niners have the cap space to sign Armstead or they can franchise tag him

  7. My takeaways on Jimmy were.
    Jimmy –
    1. Jimmy has good footwork on his dropback but terrible footwork in terms of his throwing mechanics. This was noted two year ago in a youtube video where it showed him constantly throwing off his back foot, or not pointing his feet in the direction of his throws.
    2. Watching the tape, it looks like he has lost some velocity on his throws as well. That said, I believe this will come back after some time. In rehab he would not likely be throwing that much, but rather focusing on stabilizing his acl, so a year off from throwing is likely to cause some atrophy.
    3. While I hate endzone fade routes and agree that the play call was poor. I also think Jimmy executed it poorly.
    He has to either throw that lob ball quicker when Peters is stepping up, try to manipulate Peters into attacking upfield again, or place the ball better further into the back of the endzone.

    1. Absolutely agree with this. JG’s footwork on his dropbacks is near perfection. Setting his feet for his throws is a totally different story. I remember early last year, JG missed an easy throw in the flats because of exceptionally poor footwork. As he came off the field Shanny was PISSED. You could see Shanny getting in Jimmy’s face and saying, “Set your damn feet and make the throw. Lets go.”

      1. Yeah, I can see how it would be a real pet peeve for him. Jimmy is actually supremely very accurate despite his throwing mechanics and Kyle has to see his potential.
        I often wonder if he doesn’t have great arm strength or if he does and it’s being dragged down by him not stepping into his throws.
        *case in point point was the interception a bad decision or just terribly misplaced throw because he was back footing on his release?

  8. HOF’er, Trent Brown sued for domestic violence.

    “We’re not going to be scared. But we’re not going to be reckless,” Los Angeles Rams General Manager Les Snead told Kimberley Martin of Yahoo Sports. 👌

          1. Just having a little fun SY. It sure wasn’t just one log or blog post. Grant pretty much continually mentioned Brown the entire offseason.

            But seriously, I’m surprised that a supposed police report of a DV incident didn’t come to light shortly after it happened. Isn’t it usually the case that such reports do when NFL players are involved?

          2. Its hard to forget Sour, I mean Grant went on and on and on and he still was not done and he went on some more. It was relentless…

              1. Seb, quit slurpin on Grant-he’s a grown man. I’ll bet you make him very uncomfortable with all that slurpin and arse kissin…………..

                4-12………………………………..as if you could have done better with that rash of injuries that hit a young team with virtually no depth……………..As Sherman said, “You ragged on us and said we stunk when we were down, kicked us in the teeth—you need to stick with what you said!”

                Don’t be president of the waffle barn, Sebs–we all remember the negativity you put on our team, ignoring the direction they were headed, the moves they were making.
                5-0 is the result of their moves, and you cast a stink-eye on every single bit of it.

                The “realism” was completely, entirely one sided………………….

              2. The negative Nancy’s droned on, and on for over a year. Some have owned up, some have disappeared. But don’t come in here complaining about the pie when it’s crow….

              3. I do not have to apologize for having lowered expectations. I still am a die hard faithful Niner fan, and am jumping for joy over this 5 game winning streak.
                Guess all of those who predicted a playoff run last season needed to eat crow, too. They were wrong, too. Maybe you all should just enjoy this winning, instead of attacking fans who did not see this coming. In fact, no one did, except for the delusional 23-0 crowd. And they were proved wrong. The only posters who should be allowed to crow are the one who predicted the Niners would not give up a third or 4th down conversion. Everyone else were surprised the Niners did so well, especially after the Rams marched down the field on the ground, to score their only TD.
                I am glad to be proven wrong, but with all of this attrition, the Niners may not be able to sustain all this winning. I am happy he Niners have jumped out to this lead in the NFC West, but realize that the second half of the season will be brutal.

              4. The 2nd half of the schedule is brutal? Good, we’re building calluses and will be battle hardened, and twice as deadly by then….

              5. They still have another game against the Rams, who may improve with their new additions. They still have 2 games against the Seahawks, and games against the Ravens, Packers and Saints. Even the Cards games may be difficult, since the Niners have not beaten the Cards in years.
                Out of those 8 games, the Niners will be fortunate to go 3-5

              1. How many times you gonna bring up cfc….you won’t like it if I kept bringing up the fact you mooch of the American taxpayers….

                CFC ..i dont know him…but he was a niner fan….right or wrong all are niner fans

                We are 5-0…SB bound…Can we all just get along…

              2. No wonder your nose is always brown, because you stick it where it does not belong. You say you don’t know CFC, but you don’t know me either. If you weren’t so dumb, you’d recognize the blatant hypocrisy that drools from your big, fat orifice!

                CFC, come out and plaaaaaaaaaaaayaaaaaayyyyyyyy!

                How many times did we have to hear, if only York would have hired Ballard. Lynch and Shanny suck. Did you see Mahomes? Blah, blah, blah….

              3. I’m with Razor on this one. CFC, Jack, Seb and a host of others talked all offseason on how Lynch was a building a loser, could not not draft talent.
                That Shanny has a terrible system that didn’t produce points, only yards. How he and he alone lost the Falcons a SB.
                How Jimmy G was overrated and stringing together 5 wins late in the year meant nothing.
                On and on they criticized every move during the rebuild.
                Now, we are all Niner fans? That’s funny!

              4. I did not predict they would be losers. I predicted an 8-8 season, which would have doubled their win total from last season. To me, that was incremental success, and would have allowed the Niners their first non losing season since 2014.
                After TC, I was so impressed with the squad, I elevated my prediction to 9-7. After a good preseason, I thought they might go 10-6, with a shot at the playoffs.
                Now that they lead the division, I will be sorely disappointed if the do not manage to make the playoffs.

            1. The thing is that Brown is a very good player though. The fact he’s been brought up on charges doesn’t change that.

              Grant can lay things on a bit thick (ahem Dwelley). But a lot of times he does it tongue in cheek. Additionally it wasn’t like the board wasn’t giving it back to him at said time. He’s dropped it, shouldn’t some of the other posters?

          3. Grant prescribes roster moves to the FO and passes instant judgements on players and play-calling with the arrogance that is typical of fans unburdened by the though process, or with the requisite insights. To paraphrase Kwon Alexander, his negativity is legendary.

            If Grant can dish it out, he’s gotta to be able to take it. I have faith in him that he can :)

  9. Very curious about income tax ramifications for the Jalen Ramsey trade. Moving from a no state income tax state to the highest income tax state in the country has to put a dent in Ramsey’s take home pay. Ramsey is going from playing 5 remaining home games in a state with 0% income tax to playing 5 remaining home games in a state with a 13.3% state income tax. I think Ramsey is set to make $7M this year. So just for the 5 games in CA, if my math is correct, Ramsey will pay $580k+ more in taxes than if he stayed in FL. Also, Ramsey is moving to an area where the cost of living is around 41% higher than where he is now in FL. I’d love to hear from any of you tax nerds to explain how that works. From a personal finance perspective, getting traded to a team in CA seems like a disaster for Ramsey. Not only that but I highly doubt Ramsey has any impact whatsoever on the Rams success. He is a great player but that team has huge holes right now on offense that this trade won’t help at all. Here’s to wishing much misery on Jalen Ramseys remaining 2019 football season.

    1. Jimmy G has already lit up Ramesses, and I expect he’ll do more of the same. This is the Rams answer for Kittle, and I’m looking forward to the matchup….

    2. Houston,
      It would take a hell of a lot more than zero state taxes to get me to move from Cali to Florida maybe Ramsey will feel the same after a while.

      1. To each his own but…

        Although I’m not a fan of Jacksonville, there are some nice area’s in the vicinity. Florida overall has some really nice places to live. I was just in LA on business a few weeks ago. Had dinner with clients at Flemings in LA Live when the Kings had a preseason hockey game. Neat little area. BUT, all the areas around that part of LA are absolute $hitholes. I could probably live in Glendale or maybe parts of Orange County but for the most part you couldn’t pay me enough money to live in most of LA. Even the areas that I find tolerable have intolerable traffic. Even worse than Houston which is really saying something.

        1. spent a summer in Austin…..flew in and out of Houston…..my lasting memory of texas….giant bugs and insane humidity!! Not trying to be a jerk…..but Texas couldnt hold California’s jock strap!! one state is a paradise….one is an apocalyptic hell on earth!! theres bums ,scumbags and traffic everywhere …..so these things are NOT deciding factors!

          1. Don’t really disagree with this all that much. Heat and humidity in Houston are pretty bad. It will be the reason I don’t retire in this city. I absolutely love northern CA and will always consider that home. Having said that, just east of LA is hell on earth. Many places in southern CA, not too far from the coast, are MUCH MUCH hotter than Houston. Close to the coast is beautiful with amazing weather but most of southern CA is HOT af and unlivable with a hideous environment. So if as you very clearly demonstrate SoCal is more rep than reality then paying an extra $500k in taxes per year should cause any logical person great concern.

    3. Not sure about this… however I wonder if he couldn’t start a small business for tax purposes? He could then write off certain purchases on said business?

      1. I think Whine is the accountant here, but I think that if Ramsey sets up residence in another state, he might possibly then only pay tax on games played in CA. The complication is that CA also has a 10 day per year limit on stays in CA as related to residency. Maybe Whine or another accountant on this board can clarify.

        1. Not an accountant, but the employer is in California, funds dispersed from California, I believe they’re all subject to State taxes regardless of where the game is played. e.g. NFL games played in London or Mexico are not subject to local taxes on the players’ and staff salaries, although the stadium and concessions revenues are.

          1. Not sure about the employer part. A person usually pays state taxes based on residency, not where your employer is based. But CA is unusually aggressive in trying to tax individuals who do any kind of business in the state even if it is tangentially. I’m pretty sure that Ramsey would have to pay taxes on any income he earns while in the state. But if he could somehow be classified as a non resident, then he might avoid state tax on income earned outside the state – but maybe not.

            1. I think if you established residency in Reno and commuted to permanent work in Truckee, your wages would be taxable in Ca. even if you took business trips to Az, Ore, etc.

              1. That’s different, your work location is in Truckee. I have an employee that works for us in Hawaii even though our company is based in WA. He would only be taxed by HI (yes, WA doesn’t have a state tax, but the principle applies).

              2. Yup Cubus, Whine (below) pokes a hole in my theory. I still have a few questions though.
                If Niners play in Seattle, they are paid in Santa Clara for their efforts in Seattle.
                Congress has allowed a waiver of anti trust considerations for the NFL, so I wonder how that effects inter-state tax liabilities of their players and staff.
                Complicated indeed.

    4. State taxation is more complicated than you are making it out to be. First, you are only taxed on 100 percent in the state which you are domiciled. If his domicile is elsewhere (say still in FL) there is no state tax on it. Second, you are generally taxed on your income earned where the game is played and any tax due in that state at least partially offsets any tax in your state of residence. Like I said, it’s quite complicated and with the amount of money at stake they have enough to afford the best advice. Colin Kaepernick’s first agent happened to be an expert in taxation in addition to his agent duties. Recall that he left California when he was injured and I suspect that it was not solely because they had the best medical treatment available there.

    5. Houston,
      You need to learn how to work the tax code to your favor. I’m sure Ramsey can hire a competent tax adviser and be just fine in the Golden State.

      1. I have personally figured out how to work the tax code in my favor. I save a substantial amount of money based on the state I chose to call home. That’s not by accident. Taxes for professional athletes who play games in multiple states but are paid in their home state have much different circumstances. I recall many years ago when New York City began enforcing it’s city tax for anyone who worked in the city for more than 10 or 20 days people in my line of work literally stopped going to the city for meetings. Many employers began moving their operations staff to locations in New Jersey so they could avoid the higher taxes. Tax law can be extremely complex. Just curious how a move from FL to CA for a very high earner like Jalen Ramsey ultimately impacts his take home pay.

        1. Couple of possible storylines heading into Washington. Shanahan may want to demolish Snyder for how he treated his dad. The other is making sure his players don’t get overconfident.

          If Shanahan can take care of the latter, the first will take care of itself.
          I’m hoping for a quick scoring first half and possibly resting starters in the second half.

            1. SY,
              I get the same sense on this game. Unlike the other games we’ve played this one has a different feel to it for me.

              Not sure when the team will fly out to Washington but the ET time change could be a factor. But overconfidence is my biggest concern. Shanahan has to make sure that the team is not looking past the Skins on Sunday.

              1. Right now the team is averaging a bit more points in the road than at home, so no way to know how the East Coast thing plays out.

                I’m more worried about overconfidence and a Washington team that has a lot to prove.

                In the end I think 49ers are the stronger team and overwhelm them in 2nd half.

              2. I think the 49ers are just too strong even with the ET time change in their home and the concern of overconfidence..27-13. 49ers.

            2. Washington has one of the worst run defense in the league, and they also have a hard time defending against the TE position. Finally, Shanahan vs. Callahan is like a sock puppet vs. hydrochloric acid.

              1. You’re right Sour. But the lone win for the Redskins was a nail-biting epic thriller against the Dolphins, and Callahan cannot coach his self out of a flattened paper bag 200 milles way from his current location.
                Unless half of the team goes down with an injury in the game, I am taking the 49ers in a game where a mercy rule might need to be implemented.

      1. Mid,
        If the 49ers can play an almost perfect game such as, cashing in on turnovers, making better passes like throwing a longer ball to Goodwin who had to wait for the throw. I could see that type of score.

        I’ve been saying that we’ve left a lot of points on the field so far this season, but fortunately the defense is rock solid.
        If our D has an off game and the score is close the offense may need to sweat out a win.

  10. This works…

    Redskins Realm

    Enjoy this win now [over Miami], because Kyle Shanahan is going to stroll into FedEx next Sunday and give Dan & Bruce the meanest middle finger of all time.

    1. ‘xactly. Mike and Kyle have an axe to grind. I’ll bet that Mike has transferred his Al Davis loathing to Snyder and Allen. Kyle will be thinking: now I have my own team, it’s time to show these two clowns what I could have done with the Skins had we been able to acquire the players we needed.

      On Sunday, Bruce and Dan will feel the Shanahate.

  11. Grant….

    Please weigh-in on Redskins-Shanahan family history. Would be fun to stir things up a bit.

    Yeah, breaking down plays and hanging out on HotMic are really cool and all, but one doesn’t always have the edgy personal aspects coming into a regular season game. Share the story. Please.

  12. Great video as usual, Grant. The only thing that I take issue with is your analysis of Jimmy G’s under-throws. I don’t think it has anything to do with his ACL injury so much as it is a product of his long-time mechanical deficiencies. If you look at his pre-injury tape, he had a bad habit of only throwing with his upper body as opposed to properly setting his feet and using his hips to generate power. This led to some erratic throws and has always been the main reason why he has struggled throwing deep at times. In short, what you’re noticing probably isn’t anything new so much as it is a continuation of old problems.

  13. Your twitter feed is better than this blog. If you’d embed the videos you post there here as well, you’d have some great posts here.

  14. I would like to see them get up and then look to open things up a bit to showcase the passing game and for Saleh to use some blitz packages- basically, hoping it turns into a pre-season game by halftime and we can rest starters as well.

    I think getting to 10-0 is feasible, and hope that Car gives us a rusty Cam as starter.

    I hope the Trent Brown story isn’t true………. I may be the only Raiders fan on this blog. Bi-BayArea my wife likes to say.

      1. Which is why the If game is really only reserved for losing teams…

        Last year the 49ers made excuses. This year they set the tone.

      2. Sure. Baldy is pointing out that there is room for improvement. It looked to me like Sherman was looking to come off his man and make a play on a Rams receiver running a sideline out.

        Perhaps too, the point is that the team shouldn’t just expect the defense to continually bail the offense out when they miss on a wide open TD play that you mentioned.

    1. Good points. I had earleir noticed the Everett coverage breakdown but not the Woods coverage breakdown. The thing is, when a D line can put this much pressure on the pass game, DBs have more slop and their mistakes get covered up. As Shanalynch opined towards the end of last season: “we need closers”. Now they have ’em. I’ll bet the coaching staff will be harping on these mistakes, and Ward will improve his communication as he starts more games at FS.

    1. “Buffalo, San Francisco, Carolina, Green Bay, and Indianapolis are a combined 11-1 as road underdogs. Six teams are already 3-0 away from home, but only three teams are 3-0 at home.”
      Pretty impressive!

  15. Bill Callahan said the key was strengthening the structure, and improve each game. Instill more discipline, enhance the focus, and make preparations.
    He even is running the up tempo game.
    Now they signed a fullback.
    I wonder if he truly believes he can win.

  16. Dane Brugler

    Verified account

    5h5 hours ago
    Nick Bosa is averaging a pressure every 9.35 snaps. That’s a crazy rate and easily ranks No. 1 in the NFL (among players w/ 150+ snaps).

    Two other rookies on the list:

    9.35 – Bosa
    11.19 – Khalil Mack
    13.67 – Marcus Davenport, Brian Burns
    13.71 – Robert Quinn
    14.60 – Josh Allen

  17. Sheil Kapadia

    Verified account

    Follow Follow @SheilKapadia
    Top 5 defenses at producing sacks/QBH on plays where they don’t blitz (rush four or fewer):

    1. 49ers
    2. Patriots
    3. Panthers
    4. Packers
    5. Texans

    Bottom five:

    1. Seahawks
    2. Chiefs
    3. Lions
    4. Dolphins
    5. Raiders

  18. Another fun Redskins blog entry…

    If we ever are going to get an upset it’s this week

    We should attack on defense and force quick plays, take advantage of their injuries…play single high and flood the middle of the field. On offense we should throw hitches to McLaurin, and quick slants to Quinn, and play action bombs to PR. We should try to throw on first down over half the time, especially early, and run AP on 2nd down. We will probably lose 37-10, but I think my strategy gives us the best chance to hurt our draft position further lol.

    Posted by BlueMagicStone on Oct 16, 2019 | 4:03 PM

    1. I think I saw one that went as follows:
      “Keenum should look one way and throw in another. Vernon Davis should catch the ball and fall down immediately to prevent Niners DBs from holding him up and stripping the ball. Niners receivers like Good win and Pettis are small or lightweight — Skins’ defenders should pick up and carry them to the sidelines before they can land with the catch….”

              1. I did not lose at all.
                I will remind you that you touted Trubisky, and badgered me to bet with you. You were so certain that the Niners would select Trubisky, you swore you would pay me 200 bucks if they did not.
                I did not take that bet, because I knew you would welch on that bet. After another harangue, Razor chimed in, and said-‘I will take that bet.’ He did not want to bet chump change, but thought that bet was easy money. You made your stipulations after he accepted your bet.
                Razor, along with me, knew that the major need was finding some defensive help to stop the run, and establish a pass rush. He was correct in naming Solomon Thomas as their first pick. I liked Thomas, but I wanted the Niners to trade back further, and select Malik Hooker, who was compared with Earl Thomas as the single high safety that the Niners also needed.
                The Niners did trade back as I had predicted, but only one spot, and got Thomas. Trubisky went second to the Bears. Your football QB assessments were lacking, because you ignored Patrick Mahomes, who went with the tenth pick. You wanted Trubisky over Mahomes. I think Hooker went 15th.
                So, I will continue to say you welched, because the Niners did not select Trubisky, which was the original bet.
                Kaep is still being blackballed. The proof is watching those drek second stringers that have attempted to play.Those teams would rather lose without Kaep, than win with Kaep.

  19. Trap game – not hardly, this team is too young and unproven, they are still doing things for the first time.

    On any given Sunday – okay it happens.

  20. I have to think that Stan Kroenke must be the guy pushing this mortgaging of the future in order to win in a new stadium. No responsible GM would tie up almost $110M in 5 players when the OL is in as bad a shape as theirs is:

    Spotrac ✔
    The #Rams now have $108.75M of 2020 cap invested in:
    Jared Goff: $36M
    Aaron Donald: $25M
    Todd Gurley: $17.25M
    Brandin Cooks: $16.8M
    Jalen Ramsey: $13.7M
    5:01 PM – Oct 15, 2019

    1. $36 million for an immobile qb that can’t deliver in a storm. Seems awfully pricey if you ask me.

      I’m betting their plan is to cut Gurley next year if it’s at all feasible.

      1. Gurley’s 2020 cap hit is $17.3M. However, but the dead money is $25.7M and his release would accelerate the cap hit. Bad situation. I think 2021 is the earliest they move on, eating $8.4M in dead money.
        McVay and the Rams have based their offense on the outside zone system but have not used one of its main advantages: the use of plug-and-play RBs and the use of a system QB/ game manager in the absence of a clear franchise QB. Even before he got paid, Goff never showed franchise QB traits that Jimmy G has shown. And now Goff is getting paid much more than Jimmy G while crumbling behind a poor O Line.

    2. Stadium cost overrun(s)….

      …on “The Dan Patrick Show” on Wednesday, Dan Patrick shared something he learned from a source that might not be quite as understandable. The new Los Angeles stadium, which was supposed to cost $2.5 billion, is actually going to cost $5 billion.

      Drunken sailors are in charge of building the venue….

    3. Jags had top 10 picks 2014,15 and 16 and all three of those players are now on the Rams – Bortles, Fowler, Ramsey.

    4. I think Sean McVay will bail on the Rams and become the next head coach in Washington or college (USC?). He’s smart enough to realize the situation and to not hitch his wagon to Goff and mess the Rams find themselves in.

      1. Maybe McVay should come with Shanny for a few years. See what happens. See if he learns. Then, we’ll talk about his future….

  21. Grant nurturing his new brand…

    Ryan Sakamoto

    It’s about to go down on @HotMicInc tomorrow, as I keep it 💯 as always with my boy @grantcohn. Download the FREE iPhone app below and use redeem code: BEAST23 watch as we breakdown: #ChiefsKingdom #BroncosCountry

    1. Looks like the powers to be also did not like that post, and it was taken down.
      I think officiating reform is a relevant topic.

  22. and Yes to JWilson on short yardage….why aren’t they training him for fb and suiting him up for game day to score td’s???/

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