49ers Week 6 injury report: Thursday

Here is the 49ers Week 6 injury report through Thursday, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.

Did Not Participate In Practice

G Alex Boone (shoulder), LB Navorro Bowman (not injury related), LB Ahmad Brooks (not injury related, shoulder), RB Reggie Bush (calf), RB Carlos Hyde (foot), T Joe Staley (knee)

RB Reggie Bush (calf), T Joe Staley (knee)

Limited Participation in Practice

TE Vernon Davis (knee), TE Vance McDonald (chest)

G Alex Boone (shoulder), LB Ahmad Brooks (not injury related, shoulder), TE Vernon Davis (knee), WR Bruce Ellington (calf), RB Carlos Hyde (foot), TE Vance McDonald (chest)

Full Participation in Practice

LB Navorro Bowman (not injury related)

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    1. Ellington not getting enough playing time is on point. I’m having a hard time remembering a game where Ellington both played well and had a fair number of snaps. I can remember a number of games where he had some good plays particularly at the beginning of a game, but thereafter was seldom used. It’s a head scratcher.

      1. Too many china dolls on this roster. Bush, Davis,Ellington,Vance Mac,. Those are all key positions to help #7.
        Tomsula always talks about holding guys back till he sees the giddy up. He gave all those guys a pleasuerable training camp, easy peezy and look whats happening, softness.
        Jimmy T gots too much you know that thing, you’ve seen it, chummy, chummy with the players.
        Every week we play I see worse preparation by the coaching staff.

      2. The 49ers first offensive drive against any team for the most part, appears as if they never studied their upcoming opponent, so they rarely score in the first drive or put up many points in the first half.
        Bill Walsh coached teams nearly scored on every first drive against any opponent, relaxing fans, because it appeared as if they studied their opponent.

        Combined with Grants info. that Giant’s starting WR’s were injured on their final drive and the 49ers staff wasn’t prepared to shut down the only weapon that could hurt them demonstrates a startling lack of coaching presence…It is obvious that game film study from previous games doesn’t work here and the Niners can only adjust to opponents at halftime (if at all) when faced with live game film–Another prodigious problem an inexperienced coaching staff never learned.

        1. The Ravens may have lost 4-of-5 but their margin of defeat is only 4.25 points, the league’s third-smallest. Their defeats: 19-13 at Denver, 37-33 at Oakland, 28-24 vs. Cincinnati and 33-30 in overtime vs. Cleveland.

          1. San Francisco 49ers[edit]…Another helpful Baalke F/A acquisition…Along with Bush and Dockett in 2015 they appear of no help.

            On September 3, 2013 he was signed by the San Francisco 49ers and added to the practice squad.[4] On November 16, 2013, he was promoted to the active roster.[5]

            On March 9, 2015, Carrier signed a two-year, $3.3 million contract extension.[6]

      3. visiting Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. Video by Manny Crisostomo The Sacramento Bee

        By Matt Barrows

        SANTA CLARA —
        The 49ers are producing trophies at a blistering pace this season. The problem is they’re being awarded to their opponents.
        Three foes have won conference Player of the Week honors after playing San Francisco: Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger in Week 2, Cardinals cornerback Tyrann Mathieu (two interceptions, one for a touchdown) in Week 3, and Giants quarterback Eli Manning for his efforts Sunday.

        Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/sports/nfl/san-francisco-49ers/article39280761.html#storylink=cpy

        1. Will the 49ers offense get untracked vs. Baltimore…The answer to that would be No……How about, Nooooo>

    2. The slow start by the offense is the main reason the team lost against the Giants. Geep has to get Kaepernick and the offense going early and often.

      1. love the new nic, MidWest ..

        I bet we could make a million selling t-shirts
        with your moniker

          1. Just got back from spending a few months
            at my brothers place on the North Coast ..
            and brought back a case of his wine..
            Sure .. I was out of touch … but
            scoring the wine was worth it .. !

            Howya been ?

            1. I’ve been good MWN. However, I can’t wait for the season to end.

              1. I hear ya, MidWest … and to your point ..
                it seems to me like we can now see the
                reason for the team’s mass exodus of players
                (this past off-season) is abundantly clear ..

                What are the odds Baalke is gone next year ?

                Oh! .. never mind … The Jedster would
                be totally lost without him !

                Hey cubus !! .. good to see ya !

    1. The question is; how many of those teams need to draft a QB in the first round? And what do their draft boards look like? Is Goff even a top ten pick?I kinda wish we could just press fast forward on this season.

    1. Hmm, Kaep used his legs to gain first downs. Why diss him for those plays? Diss him for staying in a collapsing pocket to take sacks.
      Kaep really should practice looking of the safeties.

      1. Because those missed opportunities could have been the difference between a loss and a win.

    2. This is what I was talking about when I said that the offense lost was the main reason we lost against the Giants.

    1. A lot of things remain unexplained by the 49ers. That may be a good thing however, given that Tomsula’s explanations are headache inducing.

    1. The reason the 49ers job looks unattractive is not because of Jed York. But rather Trent Baalke. The fact that the depth charts lack talent after so many draft picks over the years, and also because the guy wants to be one dimensional. Power football through and through. Not sure how Jed York sees this and how the year will eventually play out, but my guess any thing over 7 wins Tomsula stays, any thing less than 4 has to get some one canned.

      1. I’d say it’s unattractive due to York and Baalke. Every Coach out there knows Jed undermined his own HC to create an opportunity to fire him. That is something that will hang over this team for some time. Baalke needing to have complete control of the roster is another negative to prospective HC’s. We saw some candidates elect not to even interview this past offseason. It’s not going to be any better this time around unless more control is given to the HC.

        I saw some posts speculating on possible HC’s and Peyton was mentioned a few times, but that is not going to happen. He’s too expensive for Jed and not submissive enough for Baalke. It would be like hiring Harbaugh again at a higher contract amount as far as personality. I also doubt Peyton would be interested due to the reasons I stated above.

        If they go looking for a new HC after the season, which is unlikely but we can fantasize about it, they will have to look at first time HC candidates again, but hopefully with more experience in the league as coordinators.

        1. Do you think a 2-14, 1-15, 3-13 season keeps Tomsula and Baalke employed by the organization?
          How do you sell that to your fan base after you fired a good coach but was an a hole, and a GM that has had multiple picks year after year and has missed now on possibly 2 drafts? If Jed can get away with that then this fan base, me included, is foolishly loyal or we are in for another mediocre 5 years of football

          1. FDM,

            They will use the massive roster turnover as the excuse I would guess. Baalke’s draft record will be ignored for at least another year due to needing time for the young guys to develop. Jed also has tied his wagon to Baalke so it would take more than one terrible season to erode his confidence I would think.

            I would love to believe there is a chance for massive changes this offseason, but knowing how this team operates, I can’t see it happening. The egos will take precedence over doing what’s best for the team. York certainly won’t admit Tomsula was a mistake after one year and Baalke won’t admit he hasn’t created the great roster he believed he did.

            My guess is it will take at least one more year of poor football before Jed is shamed into making the changes needed.

          2. FDM what makes you think Jed is selling anything to the fans or the season ticket holders once he got paid for the seat licenses?

            1. Now, now. That’s not fair, damn it. Jed spent a lot of money for those curry monkey fish torta ingredients. He has spent countless hours procuring an extensive wine and craft beer list. He needs fans to sell them to….at astronomical prices….while being directly responsible for the losing product on the field. It’s not easy.

              The good thing is that York had his ass handed to him by twitter followers when he tried to give tickets away, so people aren’t buying.

              1. Then you’ve got your most expensive seats, paid for with the money in the bank, but no one is willing to sit in them.

    1. Yep, Kaep only led the Niners to gain the lead with less than 2 minutes left in the game. It was all his fault the Giants scored to win the game.

      1. That’s not what the article said at all Seb. The writer broke down plays that were not made that could have produced big gains and points. I understand supporting players on the team, but you also have to accept when they aren’t playing well and Kap is not right now.

        1. Rocket and the article are right. He played better, good enough to keep us close and he still left some plays and points on the field. He didn’t throw the players open, he waited to see if they would be open and let the pocket collapse. This is where those timing throws and practice reps come in. If he throws the ball and its timed correctly the defender can’t stop the throw on well run routes.

          The only thing they didn’t do was put some of his other good throws like the TD’s in the article to have a more balanced approach.

          1. Personally, I thought kaep played a lot better than the Arizona game. Dissing him for throwing 2 second half TDs is petulant.

            1. Kap did play a lot better than he did in AZ and the writer didn’t dis him for throwing TD’s in the second half. He simply pointed out plays where Kap’s reluctance to get rid of the ball cost the team. Kap playing better than he did in two of the worst performances of his career is not something to be celebrated. What we need to see is Kap playing with confidence and throwing the ball with authority the way he did previously as the writer also pointed out. What we are seeing right now is a cautious, unsure QB who is leaving plays on the field. His mental toughness is a real concern if we are being truthful.

              1. The level of Kap’s play needs to be related to the strength of the defense that he faces. Against the Giants, Kap played well enough for the 49ers to win that game. However, against a stronger defense (Cardinals, Seahawks, Rams), Neumann is pointing out that he has not seen the improvement in the skill levels of anticipation, reading defenses both pre and post snap and progressions that will be required in order to have an offensive output sufficient to win those games.

            2. It’s just a critique of his game Seb. You shouldn’t take it so personally. It’s no diss, Neumann is just showing that Kap could improve by anticipating where routes will break open vs coverage.

              1. Just saw the article as another chance to dump on Kaep. Some writers should work on their objectivity instead of snark.

              2. What I don’t understand, Seb, is while you are indeed incredibly biased, and will defend Kaep against all comers, you won’t do the same for the OL or the coaching staff. You seem more than willing to throw them under the bus…

              3. Throw them under the bus? I would like to do that to Devey and go back and forth. (Disclaimer- I do not want to literally do that. It is just a metaphor).

      2. As other have said, Seb, this was an objective assessment outlining the missed opportunities by Kaep.

        Yes, Kaep played better than he did against the Cards and Packers. But that bar was set pretty low. He is not playing well, and as this article shows he once again missed a number of opportunities for big plays due to his hesitance, lack of willingness to navigate the pocket to extend plays, and not reading the D to understand who will be open and when.

  1. 49er fun fact of the day:

    Jed’s has hired three coaches during his tenure as CEO, with sandwiched results.

    -Singletary’s legacy was dropping his pants in front of grown men.
    -Harbaugh’s legacy was winning with those same grown men.
    -Tomsula’s legacy will be farting in front of the reporters that cover those grown men.

  2. This is the last truly winnable game on the schedule for the next month imo. The Ravens are beat up, their defense has been terrible, Flacco has nobody to throw to and their #1 RB may not suit up. If the 49ers can’t win this week at home they aren’t winning for quite sometime.

          1. Nice work. Somedays you make me laugh.

            Steve was great at the end of his career and looked a lot like your least favorite QB for most of his career. Joe, well was great all of his career.

            1. There’s some days when I’m serious, most of the time I’m sarcastic. Don’t call me names, claim I love Alex Smith over Jesus, and we’ll be okay in the schoolyard.

              1. We’re good. We both can handle divergent opinions and a good sense of humor is welcome around here right now.

    1. Pretty good advice from Montana. The only caveat is that history shows QB’s who play that style don’t sustain long term success. At some point you have to be able to play from the pocket and the sooner he learns how the better for Kap. Problem is he’s struggling trying to make the transistion and this league doesn’t allow that for too long.

      1. Montana may think that Kaepernick may adapt to new aspects of QB play if he is left alone to be himself as apposed to the tinkering that has gone on. I don’t think Montana is predicting that he will, but only that it will never work the way it’s been handled since the post NFC championship game in early 2014.

    1. That’s ridiculous. All the film shows him tucking his head and an inability to get lower than Hyde resulting in him getting leveled.

    2. I think Beason has spotted another reason for the poor OL performance by the 49ers this year. They’ve been pushing the defenders into our running backs.

  3. The best way for the Niner offense to attack the Ravens is to line up wide, send multiple receivers to flood a zone, and let Kaep throw to the open player. They should do more screens and quick slants. They should take advantage of the team speed by running end arounds and reverses. Once they spread the defense wide, they should gash them up the middle. If they can roll out Kaep, they will win easily. If they use Hayne properly, he will score a TD.

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