49ers were smart to give K Robbie Gould the franchise tag

FILE – In this Dec. 23, 2018, file photo, San Francisco 49ers kicker Robbie Gould (9) kicks a field goal from the hold of Bradley Pinion during the first half of an NFL football game against the Chicago Bears, in Santa Clara, Calif. The S49ers have placed the franchise tag on kicker Robbie Gould. The Niners made the move Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2019, to keep Gould in 2019 for a price tag of about $5 million. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar, File)

The 49ers  just announced they have placed the franchise tag on Robbie Gould.

According to the reports, the 49ers used the non-exclusive tag, meaning Gould still is free to negotiate a contract with another team, but the 49ers have the right to match any offer. If they decide not to match, they would receiver two first-round draft picks from the team that signs Gould.

If Gould does not sign an offer with another team, he will earn roughly $5 million under the franchise tag in 2019. That’s a lot of money to pay a kicker, but Gould is worth the money to the 49ers. Letting him leave would have been a huge mistake. He is their entire red-zone offense. Without him, they might score 14 points per game.

What do you think of this move?

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    1. “Letting him leave would have been a huge mistake. He is their entire red-zone offense. Without him, they might score 14 points per game.”

      Come on Grant, as good as Gould has been for the Niners, with Garoppolo back at the helm, it’s not only highly improbable to suggest that the 49ers will need to lean on Gould nearly as often as they did in 2018, the numbers simply don’t support your assertion. After all, the 49ers scored 20 TD’s over Garoppolo’s last 28 quarters of football, which averages out to over 17 points per game, EXCLUDING Robbie Gould field goals. Do the frigen math!

      Come on Grant, your tone has been a breath of fresh air lately. So much so in fact, that I haven’t been driven to debunk any of your assertions as of late. There’s no need to backslide into your old habits of pessimism and over-exaggeration!

      1. That said, this was a no-brainer considering the 49ers current salary cap projections. Robbie has been nothing short of brilliant as a 49er, hitting FG’s at a 96.1% clip over the last 2 seasons.

        Hopefully the two sides can work out a long term deal in the near future, because this is merely a temporary fix. As we know, franchise tags are hardly ideal. It’s always better to work out a new contract (or extension) as, not only is each team limited to 1 tag per season, there is also a limit on the number of consecutive seasons an individual player can be tagged. Additionally, these tags become progressively more expensive over time. For instance, a “non-exclusive” franchise player must be offered a one-year contract for an amount no less than the average of the top five cap hits at the player’s position for the previous five years applied to the current salary cap, or 120% of the player’s previous year’s salary, whichever is greater. If a player is tagged in consecutive seasons, the team must pay him 120% of his previous salary for the 2nd year, and 144% of his previous salary, or an average of the top 5 salaries, whichever is higher.
        If they can’t work out a long term deal with him in the near future, it would behoove them to turn over every stone in order to find a competent replacement.

        As fantastic as Robbie has been, he’s still a kicker. At some point it becomes bad business to designate him him for multiple seasons.

      2. Not that 17 points per game (excluding PAT’s & FG’s) is spectacular, but given Garoppolo was just getting comfortable with Kyle’s system, and was working without a top tier receiving corp, with the exception of – TE George “the PHENOM” Kittle …. of course! Kittle is the man! Best TE since Brent Jones? I say yes, but better than Jones, and I’ve known Brent Jones’ personally, back in the day!

        I expect the Niners to score a lot more TOUCHDOWNS this year, you can BOOK IT Grant Cohn!

        Let’s remember, the OL in the 2nd half of the Vikings game his year was laughable, down to having been forced to move the rookie RT inside to OG? Seriously? I’m not going overboard with excuses, but I don’t think I need to. Garoppolo was smoking hot to end 2017, and thanks to a tough early schedule, and injures all around, Jimmy never really got a chance to get going until midway through the 3rd QTR, game 3, in KC, things really locked in and started clicking (despite already numerous injuries to the offensive skill positions), and then, in the midst of surging comeback attempt ….. the ACL HEARD ROUND-THE WORLD, the season was on ice, Jimmy G – down in an excruciating heap …. and Niner fans everywhere went solemnly, eerily silent! I know I was down about it for what seems like months.

        Bottom line, I expect big things from Jimmy and the offense. his is the year everything ought to fall into place, including shoring up the pass rush, young receivers healthy and rested, perhaps a few new additions. If McKinnon comes back strong, and the Niners start giving the juice the ball out of the halfback or single back, I can see this running game take it to the next level, and they were pretty good last year.

        No excuses. THIS IS THE YEAR the Niners get back into the postseason! Also, BOOK IT!

      3. Seems like someone has forgotten the Jimmy G games.
        -Chicago – 15-14, all kicks from Gould
        -Titans – won on a FG
        -Lions – 3 kicks, one of which was the difference in the game at the end

        Gould is absolutely crucial to the Niners offence.

        1. I gave you the numbers Renas. If you don’t like what they represent, that’s your problem, not mine, and not the 49ers. But these numbers are factual. Despite not having the benefit of a 49ers training camp, and barely a month to develop chemistry with his receivers, or learn enough of what is widely considered one of the most complex offensive schemes in the league, Jimmy Garoppolo put up considerably more points than Grant is suggesting.

          Everyone around the league were overwhelmingly impressed with how well Jimmy took over a sputtering offense, and instantly transformed it’s efficiency. So I’ll post the numbers again: Over the course of JIMMY GAROPPOLO’S last 28 QTRS prior to tearing his ACL, the 49ers offense scored an average of 17 points per game (not 14), NOT INCLUDING Robbie Gould’s PAT’s or FG’s. Those are the FACTS dude, whether you like it or not.

          And so what if the 49ers beat the Titans by less than a FG? Winning by a FG or less happens often during any given season. That’s football! That doesn’t change the fact that Jimmy G passed for nearly 400 yards against the Titans, and recorded a Passer Rating of 106.8 against a team which only allowed 239 yards per game, an average Passer Rating of 87.8 during the season. The Titans also came into that game ranked 13th in defense overall, had won 6 of their previous 8 games, and were looking to help themselves secure their first playoff berth since 2008.

          The following week was arguably even more impressive. Jimmy Garoppolo absolutely dismantled the Jaguars defense, who had come into the game widely considered one of, if not the best defense in the NFL. In fact, the Jaguar’s defense had also been considered by many, as one of the best defenses in recent NFL history, heading into that game. The Jaguars pass defense was ranked #1 in the league, and they were giving up less than 170 YPG through the air, prior to the contest. Yet, the Niners’ Garoppolo-lead offense jumped all over the Jaguars in the first QTR, and finished the game having scored 5 touchdowns while putting up 30 points, not including FG’s or PAT’s, against a Jaguars’ vaunted defense which had been allowing less than 15 points per game. Jimmy also finished this game with a Passer Rating of 102.4, and he averaged 8.1 Yards Per Attempt against a team which had been allowing less than 6.0 YPA on the season.

  1. I think it would behoove them to bring in a kicker through UDFA, and from the AAF. Gould’s heart is in Chicago, and one has to wonder if this move breaks his….

      1. Doesn’t mean he doesn’t either. He was at the Bears vs. Eagles game, he’s raising his kids as Bears, and he’s stated that “once a Bear, always a Bear”. He might be kicking for the 49ers, but his heart doesn’t bleed scarlet and Gould….

        1. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always matter where someone wants to play. Tom Brady always wanted to be a Niner but that never happened. Does money talk? I say that because the Bears are only 12 million under the cap and it’s no guarantee they would have made him the best offer anyway. Earl Thomas wants to play in Dallas, but if they want to get deals done with DeMarcus Lawrence and Dak Prescott this offseason they might not have the money to sign him. I really doubt Earl Thomas is going to take a pay cut when this was all about money in the first place.

          1. The only thing with Thomas is he enrolled his kids in Texas, 3 hours down the road from the Cowboys facility.

            It may not be fiscally possible for the Bears to acquire Gould, but I think Robbie made it clear. The 49ers are just a job, whereas the Bears are his family. As long as he keeps making our field goals, I’m ok with that….

  2. Very interesting. Little risk, decent reward. Still, bring in some serious kicking talent to compete should things go awry.

    Now, if the 9ers could have a top 5 punting performance in ’19….

    1. Seb’s would find a way to bundle him with Arik Armstead and others to fleece another team of it’s 1st rounder…Seb, do you see a blockbuster here just before the draft ?

      1. Since the start of 2017:

        Most field goals made:
        1. Robbie Gould: 72
        2. Justin Tucker: 69
        3. Greg Zuerlein: 65

        Best field goal percentage:
        1. Robbie Gould: 96.0%
        2. Michael Badgley: 93.8%
        3. Graham Gano: 93.5%

        Field Yates
        11:04 AM – Feb 26, 2019

          1. SEB:
            * You’re the expert on sniffing “stench,” Baalke’s or yours! BTW: Thanks for Biting the hook Seb, jealousy makes you look like a one trick Cretin…Keep up the good work…lol

            1. Oh, I could do this all day, so if you want my special attention, lets get started. I like challenges.
              Jealous of you? No, you certainly do not possess anything anyone would be jealous of. Talk about being over your ski tips.
              Cretin? Yawn. Try harder. Baalke apologists should be more verbose.

    2. The Niners can refuse or match an offer, but that does not preclude them trading him away, either.
      Gould wants to be with his family. It would show class on the Niner’s part to reward him him for his past stellar service, to trade him for a 4th or 5th round pick.

      1. I think I’d rather they do good by him by offering a long-term contract. You don’t get better by losing your best players.

        1. Gould is accurate, but limited in range. He does not even do the kick offs.
          He is also 35, so he may not kick forever.
          Personally, I hope they let him go back to his family, and let him try for a ring on a playoff team that has a good chance to go further in the playoffs, and maybe win it all.
          Ideally, the Niners could use that draft pick they get for him to help rebuild. Then, they could find a young kicker who is accurate, but who could also nail 60 yard field goals.
          Yes, Gould was excellent, but I hope the Niners go for TDs instead of settling for field goals.

  3. Gould gets overpaid to come back to Chicago. Once a Bear always a Bear. We get 2 first round picks if they sign him away. I’m inclined to let him walk so we can get Staley’s replacement in the first round. And another premier LB. Not a bad choice when you think about it. We’re gonna land a decent WR this year…who won’t be the second coming of Alfred Jenkins…

  4. Latest Mock Draft: By Chad Reuter
    Draft analyst, CBS.com
    Published: Feb. 26, 2019 at 12:16 p.m. Updated: Feb. 26, 2019 at 01:47 p.m.

    I like this strategy–Like the pairing of Bryant Young and Dana Stubblefield

    2. Quinnen Williams – DT
    School: Alabama | Year: Sophomore (RS)
    Williams and DeForest Buckner will cause major headaches for opposing offenses.

    1. 2019 NFL Mock Draft Walter Football

      1. Arizona Cardinals: Nick Bosa, DE, Ohio State
      2. New York Giants: Dwayne Haskins, QB, Ohio State
      The 49ers likely want to move down, as they can’t fill one of their biggest needs with this selection. Here, they obtain the Giants’ 2019 second-round selection, plus another second-day choice.

      6. San Francisco 49ers: Quinnen Williams, DT, Alabama

      If things unfold like this for the 49ers, Jon Lynch will have won the 2019 NFL Draft. Quinnen Williams would make sense for him at No. 2 overall, but to get Williams at No. 6 after trading down would be a tremendous haul.

      Williams had a breakout performance this season, and sources Charlie Campbell spoke to early in the season believed Williams would be a high first-round pick. Williams is now a likely top-three selection.

    2. That would be a HUGE mistake. This is a passing league. The 49ers will draft a pass rusher in the 1st round. I know the mockers are trying to be cute, but Williams won’t be the pick.

  5. Good. The Niners did what I hoped they would do. Now, they should show some class and trade Gould to the Bears so he can be with his family. It would also be the best chance for him to win a ring. The Bears, with a decent kicker, could have secured home field advantage last season. They are a playoff team, that just kicked Parkey to the curb.
    Glad the Niners are now poised to get something for him, rather than letting him go for nothing. Niners lack a 5th round pick, so that seems like a fair spot. It all depends on how desperate the Bears are. Maybe even a 4th.

    1. Hey Sebbie… What happens if the 9ers show no class? Yikes.

      No class was shown to Tomsula, Hayne, and others. Guess the Bears risk getting dissed by the Yorks.

    2. How is it showing class just to give away a good player? Giving away a player doesn’t show class. If Robbie asked to go back to Chicago I’m pretty sure that John would have found a way and been compensated. But it doesn’t show “class”. It’s a damn business move. So because the Steelers let laveon sit, they are classless? Or the Seahawks didn’t trade Thomas to the Cowboys like reported, they are classless? Better words Seb, better words.

      1. If a player wants to be with his family, it shows class to let him go. Like I said, it would reward stellar service. I did not want him to go for free, and 2 first round picks is ridiculous for a kicker, but the Niners could trade Gould for a 4th or 5th round pick. The Niners would look greedy if they demand a third round pick, since the Bears already have lost their first and second round picks.
        Steelers let Bell sit. They thought that they could get to the playoffs without him, but since they missed the playoffs, it was not classless, it was clueless. The whole Steeler FO/ Player dynamics were in disarray with AB, too.
        Thomas was not traded to the Cowboys, because the Cowboys did not want to part with any draft picks. Too bad the Cowboy defense imploded against the Rams. Cowboys were greedy, not classless. Yes, it is a business, but hindsight shows that results matter.
        Maybe your own words need precise syntax, and proper definitions. JL is changing the culture, and it would be a classy move that might attract future Free Agents.

    3. O for cryin out loud, Sebs—-

      Class?? This is a business, a brutal one, really. Niners have no pre-existing obligation to start sending their valued players to their favorite area. Maybe at the very end of their career, but not while their still useful. When he retires, he can go home for the rest of his life.

      In the mean time, Sebs, call me…………….when you have no class.

      1. “Proper syntax, proper definitions……….???????????

        More school-marm tactics, eh, Sebbs?

        However, your little snits at the end are priceless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As constant as the northern star…………….

          1. No worries–i luv ya! In fact, I owe you money! Get me a 7&7 and some time on the “Seb-show”……….you are well worth the price of admission!

    1. Seb may be on to something. Niner’s could be positioning for a future 3rd rounder–via Gould–before the draft ! (A 3rd rounder is a small price if Chicago wants the playoffs).

      1. Bears are kinda short on 2019 picks. As things stand today, I’m thinking they won’t give up a pick for Gould.

        Bears 2019 draft picks:
        Round 1: None
        Round 2: None
        Round 3: Chicago
        Round 4: Chicago
        Round 5: Chicago
        Round 6: None
        Round 7: Chicago, Chicago (from Philadelphia)

        1. Pay me now…or pay me later…that’s the choice that the Bears faced when they traded away their #1, #2 and #6…now it’s time to pay the piper Like Seb, I would ask for their #4 rather than #3 in that I believe that’d be the difference in making a deal or not…Pay Brad Pinion and extend him for a couple of years years and have him pull double-duty until a kicker drops in from FA, trade, or the draft. That extra #4 could be fat…

    2. 100% correct…get the best for the niners, this is a business peeps, don’t care what the bears have to give up, the more the better, niners aren’t in it to help the bears get rings….plus they were happy to let him go 2 years ago…

  6. This was a smart move by the 49ers because it forces the Bears to decide if they are willing to part with two first round picks in order to sign him. It is essentially a situation where the 49ers cannot lose.

  7. I am not a fan of using the tag on kickers. They are one of the most replaceable positions on the team. I appreciate that having a kicker that is having a bad year can really sink a team, but for the most part the difference between the vast majority of kickers is really marginal.

    Gould has been great, but he’s also been lucky the 49ers haven’t asked him to make many difficult kicks the past two years.

    1. Well said. Completely agree. Common sense = not too common at 4949. Coulda sent a message to the fans here – we’re going to get in the end zone this year. Don’t need a franchise kicker. What a novel concept that would be.

  8. I think this is a great move. Win/Win for the miners. Has a great record and has mastered Levi’s difficult conditions. He also looks like he enjoys playing for the team.

  9. Good move. This team needs to do all it can to retain good players.

    1 franchise tag per team and the Niners have used it for a good player. Bears are planning to release Cody Parkey by the start of the new year and would have snagged Gould in a heartbeat.

  10. Putting on your trader Bill hat, Sebber, how about the Bear’s 2019, 4th rounder, and a 2015 , 5th rounder? This way the 49ers don’t look greedy, but reasonable….You don’t let the best kicker in the NFL go for nothing, then it’s the Bears who look greedy!

  11. For those who say the NFL trade chart is obsolete and unused by teams:

    “If we pull this off with Chicago,” Marathe says, “that extra three … you can get up to 21 from 34. And you still have your original three. You can use 34 and then Chicago’s third to get to 21.

    The NFL trade chart pegs #21 at 800 points. #34 is worth 560 points and the Bears pick was worth 230 points for a total of 790 points.

    As I’ve always said, teams still very much use the trade chart. Not all trades end up following it in the end but it’s the starting point in the discussion.

        1. Terrell Davis: Kyle Shanahan ‘is the next Bill Belichick’
          KNBR Staff
          There might never be another Bill Belichick.
          But @Terrell_Davis says @49ers HC Kyle Shanahan will be the closest thing to him 👀

          C’mon Shanny Belichick, kill it at the combine!

  12. The 49ers could still have a plan of trading Gould.

    Tagging him gives them the option to work out a deal and then trade him.

  13. Sebbie…

    On innumerable occasions you’ve urged Lynch to don the ‘Trader Bill’ hat…is it a hat or underwear? Can’t remember. Anyway, did Sun Tzu have a hat? If so, perhaps Lynch could try that too.

  14. If the Niners can get a top pass rusher in free agency along with Antonio Brown I’d recommend drafting Dwayne Haskins. I think he can make Shanahan’s offense sing with the long bombs. He’s accurate with every throw. Jimmy G doesn’t have a great arm. He’s only good for short to medium throws. Haskins could make the Niners light up like the Chiefs. On top fit all, the Niners could get 2 first round draft choices for whichever QB they decide to trade. It’s a win win. Teams need two top QBs as we’ve seen.

    1. Hmmm, maybe next you will be advocating for Kaep…….
      JG is our Franchise QB, and it would take at least 3 first round picks for any real Niner fan to consider. But No. JG makes me content to seeing Kaep sign and play elsewhere, and that is saying a lot.

      1. If they were assured of getting another franchise QB it might make sense to trade JG and get a much cheaper version on rookie salary plus the draft picks he would bring. His relatively cheap 2019 salary would make him very desirable team to a team who’s staff was under pressure to win now. was in a win With the firsts he would garner this team would be a contender very quickly.

        The team might be in the same position it was in when Kaep was at his peak production stage. After his 2012 season. Then again they could wait a year and then trade him. I am not entirely sure JG might not revert to the safe play he exhibited during his first few games of this last season. His quick release is his greatest asset and if he chooses to not use it , but rather tucks to protect himself, rather than get hit after the pass is released it does the team no good.

        1. That is what is so laughable. Haskins is not a slam dunk all pro. He has a small resume, and benefited from being surrounded with elite talent. Haskins will not have all day to throw like he did in college, and the wide opens windows, will shrink to tiny portholes to throw through.
          JG would also benefit from better talent, especially talent protecting him. Even with his quick release, he was hit 9 times in the Vikings season opener, and sacked 6 times in the Lions game.

          1. To be fair,as nonsensical as the notion of trading Jimmy is, those 6 sacks in the Lions game were partly on him, as I believe about 4 were coverage sacks.

  15. This is why we suck and always will.
    Shanahan at the combine: No we aren’t 1 of the 3 teams that reached out to Pittsburgh about Brown.
    Soon you’ll hear how Earl Thomas isn’t a choice too…..
    But they’ll give 9 million to someone who should barely start in Arik Armstead
    5 million for a field goal kicker
    8.5 last year for a bum in Jimmie Ward
    But nah they stay away from big team changing moves cause they are cheap

    1. Glad they passed on AB. Locker room dynamics are so hard to establish, and so easy to shatter.
      Hope they pass on Thomas. 2 broken legs have slowed him down, and if they are building for the future, he is too old.
      Armstead has played well, and seems over his shoulder issue. He was not injured last season. 9 mil? Glad they are spending the cap.
      They will trade away Gould for a draft pick,and considering his accuracy, if he played, he would be worth every penny.
      Ward is gone, so he is ancient history to me.
      They may go cheap, but JL is learning, and he saw how going cheap produced cheap results. I hope they spend every penny of the salary cap.
      During the Glory Years, they did not suck, and during the JH years, they did not suck. With JL and KS, they are rebuilding the team, brick by brick. With JG, they can become relevant again.

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