49ers who could be traded before draft

The 49ers might not make any more major signings this offseason, but that doesn’t mean they’re done making moves.

The draft is a mere month away. And although the 49ers own two picks in Round 1, they don’t have another pick until Round 5. Meaning they could look to add a couple picks between Rounds 2 and 4 by trading some of their own players.

Yes, the 49ers could make a surprise trade, or more than one.

Here are five players the 49ers might trade.

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  1. I’d be surprised if Goodwin or Bourne are worth anything to any other team. Sherman beat out by a rookie? Ha! I’d be extremely surprised if that were the case. He won’t be going anywhere while this Super Bowl window is open. I don’t see an issue with keeping Pettis around for another year now that the roster has expanded to 55.

    Breida. Now we’re talking. I fully expect him to be traded, and I’d be very happy to get a 4th round pick for him.

    1. Agreed on Sherman. Trading him this year would not make sense. I think they actually extend him mid season depending on how he plays. With a good pass rush he is still a dependable CB. Remember how Revis went from HOF to above average CB later in his career.

      Could potentially see Sherman taking a bit less money on an extension since the 49ers have been good to him.

  2. Seen Breida and Pettis rumored trades with the Eagles. Rasual Douglas was the player in the Pettis trade.

    I like Goodwin to the Jets who lost Anderson or MIA who has loads of picks. Maybe a 6th or 7th plus Goodwin for a 5th?

  3. I agree the 49ers will happily consider offers on the first four. But Sherman isn’t going anywhere.

    Other guys I could easily see them try and trade are Solomon Thomas and Tevin Coleman.

    1. I don’t see them trading Thomas. Not after trading Buckner. Thomas has the tools to be a successful 3t in this defense. He’ll get his chance to prove it….

      1. There is a reason they tried hard to add Suh, and it tells you all you need to know about how much faith they have in Thomas.

        1. Yeah, Thomas can play end on base or run downs but that’s it. He gives the team nothing in terms of pass rush especially at edge. And if he’s inside on base/run downs he gets washed out of the play too easily.

          At this point the team would be better off losing a trade with him, in order to just get rid of his contract and roster spot.

        2. I don’t doubt you, Scooter, however given Brady was never a consideration, they must have known Suh’s intentions when they traded Buckner. That tells me there’s some hope in the building that Thomas can put it together for them….

        3. Razor
          No matter how tight I crossed my fingers, they still went ahead and let go of Sheldon Day and held onto Solomon Thomas….All we do is pay him, as we watch better players waived due to alumnus Bias….Day could (and did) play Defensive Line, and better than held his own….Where was Thomas? On the end of the bench of course….Razor, if you think that Thomas has the tools to be successful in this Defense, tell him to start bringing those tools to the park on game day….what a mess

          1. I think Hyder was the replacement for Day because he could be simply let go. As a few people have mentioned here, without trade interest in Thomas, there’re on the hook for him. King Solomon equals a “caught in the moment” pick by a GM and coach just learning the ropes. The lesson I learned is to stay away from “tweeners” until much later rounds, like Hyder was (an UDFA).

          2. I would trade Armstead, I know you traded the guy who is better in Buckner, but if you watch Armstead he only tries if the play is right in front of him and then he goes at 50% jogging out there.. watch him… the 10- sacks are probably a direct reason because Bosa was doing the hard work chasing the QB and then sending him to Armstead. Trade him if you can .. I hope there is a sucker GM out there that would give up a number 1 pick and then use it on his replacement. As for Salamon Thomas.. he has sucked and is over matched on the defensive line every game… Try him out a middle linebacker or cut him.

    2. The whole Lynch Thomas relationship makes me think he is not going anywhere. I think Lynch has a lot of faith in him. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit to see him get 6-8 sacks this year.

      1. See my reply to razor above. I highly doubt Lynch is so blinded by his ego as to not admit Thomas has not developed into anything close to what they expected. And I don’t know how much faith you can assume Lynch has in him if they were trying hard to sign Suh.

        Getting 6-8 sacks from him this season would be an astounding improvement from what we have seen from his thus far. I think there is very little reason to expect him to have that sort of impact, and so therefore it would be surprise if he did.

      2. ” It wouldn’t surprise me one bit to see him get 6-8 sacks this year.”

        I would be. In terms of pass rush he offers nothing. Everytime he is on the field on a pass rushing down… a better pass rusher is likely off the sideline.

          1. Not really, in 1764 snaps he has 6 sacks. You can pick up street free agents that offer more. I’m not sure there is a worse pass rusher on the team on a per snap basis.

              1. Maybe. I would be somewhat surprised if they don’t add to the DL group.

                If they keep Thomas he will get his snaps, but it won’t be around 70%-80% of total snaps like Buck, Armstead and Bosa had last year unless there are injuries to key guys. He’s not awful – he can be a serviceable player as part of a rotation. Just don’t expect him to be a guy that wins often. You can get the contribution Thomas has provided from guys that are paid a lot less than $4.3M.

              2. Does not surprise me in the least. I think this was always the plan when they decided to trade Buck – replace him with a decent vet that is much cheaper.

              3. Yep, an upgrade versus the run in Dareus and an incremental downgrade in Harris as a pass rusher. They could probably sign both for under $10 million and still lock up Kittle with enough left over for their draft class….

      3. 6-8 sacks this year for Thomas sure would surprise the heck out of me …. or should I say shock? Polyanish much, James, or just rose colored glasses?

  4. Solomon Thomas is at the top of the list. He NEEDS to be traded, to get that $4.3m cap benefit, rather than cut or kept, for no cap benefit. Trade him for anything at all, you come out $4.3m ahead. He’s only journeyman level.

    Goodwin, Pettis, goodbye, you’re just in the way. Tevin Coleman will make $4.8m this year, is it worth it? His 2020 salary guarantees on April 1.

    So does Dee Ford’s.

    1. Solomon Thomas has $8, 958, 213 dead cap, and $90,000 in cap savings.
      They will not trade him, because he is presently the replacement for Buckner.
      I hope Thomas gets 8 sacks next season, if they have one.
      They also will not trade Sherman, because of his leadership.

            1. I agree. I wish to propose a few trades, but not moving up into the first round.
              They should bundle Ahkello Witherspoon and Marquise Goodwin to the Broncos for one of their third round picks. Maybe throw in Pettis to sweeten the deal. 3 for one is a good way for Elway to get some veteran talent fairly quickly. They need immediate help because they have to play twice against the SB champions next season. If they have a season.
              Tampa Bay is going all in on Tom Brady. They will not draft a QB early, but spend picks to help surround Brady with talent and fix their defensive weakness. The Niners could trade Matt Breida and CJB for a third or 4th round pick. CJB would be an upgrade from Ryan Griffin, the present TB backup. In his career, after 7 seasons, Griffin has thrown for 18 yards. CJB has thrown for 2682 yards and 12 TDs, and rushed for 205 yards with 4 TDs. Griffin has run for -1 yards. Tampa Bay needs a RB, and Breida, with his 6.3 yard average, would take a lot of pressure off Tom Brady.
              The third trade involves the Falcons. They just signed Gurley, pending a physical. I do not know when they will be conducting physicals again, but I expect Gurley may fail his physical. That would be a good opportunity for Tevin Coleman to return to the Falcons. The Niners could bundle Tevin Coleman and Teez Tabor to the Falcons for a 3rd or 4th round pick.
              If the Niners could pull off those trades, they could possibly get 3 third round picks. Maybe 2 thirds, and a 4th round pick. Then, if the Niners trade back from 31, they could get draft picks in the second, third and 4th rounds, tapping into the sweet spot of the draft.

          1. NO Dammit…!

            Holding onto Thomas is short-sighted…you’re not doing him any favors by keeping him, there are other teams that could use him, and we could refill our draft class by trading him. If you feel that you MUST trade, start with Goodwin (the track star), Coleman (4th string RB), CJB (forever back-up,)…Nzeocha is beginning to come on ;Pettis and Witherspoon deserve another chance, and Breida is our best RB. And once again for Lynch…Sherman is old and finished, even for Stanford Grad….

      1. Not if he is TRADED rather than cut. That’s where you pick up the $4.3m cap savings.

        Solly won’t be here next year anyway, unless you think the Niners will pick up that 5th year option (not a chance). So move him while you can get something for him, if you can get an offer.

        You can replace his production a lot cheaper.

        8 sacks is a pipe dream.

        1. “Not if he is TRADED rather than cut. That’s where you pick up the $4.3m cap savings.”

          Yep. A lot of people really seem to struggle with this, but it important to understand. Solomon Thomas’ contract is fully guaranteed, so if he is cut they get no cap savings. It may end up having some cap savings depending on offset language on his salary and roster bonus, but most high draft picks have had the offset language removed from their contracts so doubt this would apply for Thomas. But if he is traded they save, as you say, a bit over $4.3 million (i.e. his salary and roster bonus for this season) which would transfer to whichever team trades for him.

          Saving $4.3M would be big for the 49ers. They can get someone that provides the impact they have gotten from Thomas for less than that, and use that money either for Kittle or to add a better player.

        2. Well, I advocated for a trade of Thomas to the Broncos, because they have Derek Wolfe, Shelby Harris and Adam Gotsis possibly leaving. However, that was before Buckner being traded. I think they will expect a lot from Thomas, and I hope he performs well.
          I also mentioned Kwon possibly being traded away, but some one mentioned the dead cap hit.
          Now that Buckner is gone, Thomas will play a lot more, so he will get more opportunities to make sacks. This past season, he had 2, and should have had 3, except one was negated by a penalty.

      2. He is not a replacement for Buckner.
        If anything Armstead would replace Buckner and Thomas would slide into Armstead’s spot. If you try to put him inside the 49ers wont have a run defense.

        1. He is the replacement for Buckner, and this myth that Buckner was so good against the run is just that. A myth.

          1. Ya Buckner would get pushed around sometimes. The issue was losing leverage too often. Something AA struggles with but seems to have found a solution.

          2. I never said Buckner was “great” against the run. I would say he’s above average though… Thomas on the inside is not even average.

            1. Let’s just say Buckner wasn’t $21 million dollars worth of run stuffing.

              As for Thomas, we’ll need him to be above average in his contract year. Looking forward to seeing if he can do it.

          3. Then I suppose it was also a myth that Buckner was all-pro, mvp by vote of the players, and generally believed to be the #2 guy in the nfl at his position. It’s a lot harder to stuff the run when you have to fight off a double-team.

            1. This is a business, and it was Buckner’s decision. The Niners made the best of a difficult situation. The last thing JL wants, is some disgruntled player who is mad he was not paid.
              Not too many SB teams have the great fortune to have 2 first round picks the next season.
              There are several players in this draft that can take on double teams. Buckner is not irreplaceable. I fully expect Thomas to benefit from getting some of Buckner’s 810 snaps.

  5. 3 Niner players who should be considered to be traded are Ahkello Witherspoon , CJB and Tevin Coleman. Maybe bundle them to get as high a draft pick as possible.
    Mark Nzeocha could save 1.5 mil on the salary cap, and Teez Tabor may save $750,000, if they manage to trade them away.

  6. See new Tweets
    The 49ers wanted to sign Ndamukong Suh, but he wanted to play with Tom Brady, so he signed with the Bucs. Now Solomon Thomas will be the 49ers’ starting 3-tech. I do not envy Robert Saleh.

    SMH Grant…..and you wonder why they most of the fan base has labeled you as a hater (correction, i doubt you wonder that). You don’t think maybe the 13% in income tax may have something to do with that??? Maybe???

  7. Sherman’s not going anywhere. I could see the other 4 being traded but I think maybe only Breida would have any real value. Why isn’t Solomon Thomas on this list?

        1. True… i think to be fair though, each player has had a much different road. Ward has been plagued by injuries and disappointing performances, but the Niners still took yet another shot on him and he in turn responded with loyalty. While Buckner, has produced big time and has been available year after year, and wanted what he thought he had coming to him.

    1. I’m guessing it was more than just a “few million” though.

      You say you don’t blame Buck for his decision, but you also sure don’t mind highlighting that money was the deciding factor in his decision in a negative way all the same.

      1. Yea, that’s correct Scooter. Contrary to popular belief, there’s more important things than money. What Ward did was very heartening to me. I have no ill will towards Mr. Buckner. Everyone now knows his priorities. What gave me a sour taste was his denial that the 49ers offered him $60 million guaranteed, and then turns around and gets $56,378,000 in guarantees from the Colts. Again, Scooter it’s nothing personal. I understand the business side of things….

        1. So here’s the thing, do you truly believe Buck turned down an offer that was better than the one he ended up getting? And if so, why would he accept such a deal?

          My guess is the $40M fully guaranteed in the 1st 2 years he’s getting from the Colts is considerably more than the fully guaranteed $ the 49ers were offering over the 1st 2 years.

          1. Yep, and there’s a very good reason the 49ers needed to do it that way too. Plus, I live here in Indiana and not only are the taxes much, much lower than California, the cost of living is peanuts in comparison. He’ll be able to build himself and his family a small town if he so chooses. Cheers, Big Scootie!

  8. I’m still trying to figure out why the 49ers game Jimmie Ward a contract, let alone one worth $9M a year. Raiders wanted him too, should have let them overpay for a guy who has never started more than 13 games in a season.

    This is a guy who should be on the trade block. Can they still get the Raiders to give up something for him?

    1. They signed Ward because he played at a high level last year and he was also affordable at the price they got him at. There is a risk of injury, but in this sport every signing is a risk. They like him and he has played very well when on the field. If they had let him go they had no one of comparable ability to replace him either.

      1. FL49erfan

        Obviously, we all know that Jimmy Ward has football talent….and from experience, we know that he is fragile….I’m with C4C on can we get anything from the Raiders for him yet ? One full season out of 4 having played doesn’t spell consistant except for the oppo side of that coin. Open up the trade market….

        1. They don’t have anyone to replace him. Moore is the only guy and he struggled big time until Ward came back. You can’t make decisions based on worrying about injuries because every player in the sport is at risk of injury.

  9. Cutting/trading Sherman would relieve nearly $13M in cap space and he’s on the last year of his deal so they lose him for nothing if he continues to play next year.

    Makes perfect sense for the team to trade Sherman. Especially when you can draft his replacement at #13.

    1. Especially when you can draft his replacement at #13.

      Ha! For $hits and grins, do tell which rookie cb is gonna come in and seamlessly replace Dick Charmin?

      1. Why does “draft his replacement” mean he has to be an exact replica in his first season? Don’t be so myopic.

          1. I love this blog for its use of vocabulary. The tone of banter and disagreement, scaffolding arguments into two line responses (and a dictionary) is unparalleled in any other sports blog.

            CFC /Razoreater I appreciate your contributions beyond just football. Stay well!

      2. Raz

        Everyone gets old; everyone who is playing today replaced someone ahead of him; Sherman is no different, just the fact that he was on two dynamite teams in their prime….In five seasons from now, you’ll struggle to remember his name, number and stats….good…yeah, but he ain’t Prime Time….

    2. So your idea is to get rid of the two best players in their secondary (Ward and Sherman) when they just came off of a SB run? That doesn’t make any sense. I really have to shake my head when I read some of the things that are said on this site.

  10. Sherman isn’t going anywhere because he isn’t going to help a team beat the Chiefs in the AFC or beat New a Orleans in the NFC.

    A team willing to trade for Sherman is a team who is competing for a super bowl. And the super bowl will go through those two teams.

  11. Just lost SDay…..the Dline needs a bolster for sure..

    Dunno why the love for SThomas, the dude is a liability every time he plays….if the team replaces Buckner with this dude – mistake

    Weird how Mullins made Pettis look like a star and JimmyG complains about him constantly….bad chemistry….only a marginal QB would do that

    The team def needs to retool this offseason … how about trade Beathard also- he is terrible

    1. Really blaming JG for Pettis sucking?
      Wonder why a rookie comes in and has a very good year with Jimmy G.
      Wonder why their receiver they lost who’s a veteran is giving him praise and still has his back.
      You have to be joking with that comment.

      1. NMD just making an observation…..Samuel had a good first year but a lot of plays to him were gadget plays and slants…. same stuff we see from JimmyG…sheeeeesh…sorry to piss off the Homers with truth

        Mullins said in an interview he throws to whoever is open and a lot of times doesn’t even know who he throws to only the open guy…JimmyG obviously has it out for Pettis….maybe he is homophobic?

        1. It’s not about being a homer, it’s about what we see as fans.
          The dude just played his first full season as a starter and helped take this team to a Super Bowl.
          And remember the NFL doesn’t have much film on Mullins. The backup is always the star to some.
          After this season then some criticism on JG could be taken more seriously.
          Is it homerism vs haterism?
          That’s the question

    2. JG did not ever complain about Pettis. He is the team leader on offense, and he knows better than to bad mouth his team mates.
      KS, on the other hand, called out Pettis, and when he did not respond on the field, benched him. Pettis basically benched himself, by short arming catch attempts over the middle.
      ‘How about trade Beathard also- he is terrible.’ Thanks for destroying all his trade value.
      Bet you were jumping for joy that the Niners lost, and was rooting for Jed to be fired. I was kinda bummed they did not achieve their Quest for 6, but that just means winning the 6th one will be even sweeter, because of the difficulties are so hard to overcome.

      1. No Seb not jumping for joy= but somehow knew Kyle and JImmyG would mess it up and they did……

        Thanks for reminding me of this….oh and by the way you are still the most horrid and obnoxious poster in the history of this team…nobody likes you .. thanks again for that reminder also

        1. I do not come here to win a popularity contest , and do not sell yourself short.
          You are not a homer, you are the antithesis of being a fan, and everyone sees that.
          Yup, expecting the Niners to lose, and dissing the Franchise QB who got them to the SB. You truly are a 49er hater in every sense.

              1. I guess I’ll just have to pop in and say hello when I’m planning to visit the area and see the Niners.
                Sebastopol, California right? Oh never mind your details are on a previous post that I can find right?

              2. The real seb left this site a while ago and now this catfish has tried to taken his name and spot but you can see the difference in posts. lol

  12. Oh I also see its the same PRO JimmyG homers on here spouting the same crap..draft this guy here, Jimmy is the best , trade for this dude….etc etc….this is the “homervirus” area for sure LMAO

    1. In my opinion, Jimmy G has plenty of upside. He isn’t the best QB in the league or even a top five. However, he is better than 20 or so starters on other teams and will continue to get better.
      He is still on a team friendly deal. There are far worse problems to have than JG at QB.

      The SF offense still needs weapons. The running game was successful on scheme alone -evident by the stable of backs in the same above league average ypc- as was the receiving game.
      No clear no 1 wr. Gimmick plays by Deebo.

      This was a complete rebuild. The FO has done in two years what some teams haven’t in 20.

        1. To move the chains..You need a ‘Strong solid OL’ first before anything. Can’t have great WR’s,QB’s,RB’s w/o one….Many think JG has about reached his ceiling, this year he must improve…If not…..next!!

      1. NO just realistic…perhaps you just hate people that have an opinion that is not in line with yours…..

        But hey, thanks though Seb, coming from you and your countless over the years worthless opinions, I will take your negative comment in deep stride LOL…..

        1. Nice. You admitted you hated Jed with a passion, and declared they would never make it back to a SB and win while he owned the team. Well, he made it back to the SB, and I hope they win the next one. Your hate is palpable and expected. You sound like a Seahawk troll, drinking the haterade.
          Yes, I am an ardent fan of the San Francisco 49ers, but my critiques are meant to help them learn from their mistakes, so they do not repeat them. I point out weaknesses, so they can improve.
          You can call my opinions worthless, but JG actually attempted the Third Down Bomb. It even landed on the 5 yard line. Too bad it was not completed, but even with the lack of execution, the idea was salient, and if completed, could have achieved that Quest for 6.
          Please go back and crawl under your rock at the edge of the wilderness, and leave us true, die hard faithful Niner fans in peace.

          1. That third down bomb was a hail Mary, designed to not get intercepted and thrown with every ounce of strength Garoppolo could muster. He has never shown himself to be an accurate passer on long throws. This was no surprise. JG choked at a crucial time. No excuses allowed when you have a $135 million contract. Redo his deal so the team can give Kittle the money he deserves. No way should he expose himself to career-ending injury while still playing on his rookie contract. The way he plays, he is courting serious injury. He goes all-out on every play. Ferocity like Kittle brings is usually only seen in cages.

            1. He didn’t throw a lot of them, but Garoppolo had one of the highest completion percentages in the league on throws over 20+ yards. They don’t need to redo his deal to sign Kittle. Take a minute to do a little research before you post something.

              1. Twenty plus yards is a HS or College throw. Even Mullens can do that. A long throw must be 40 or more yards to qualify. Do your research!

              2. Garoppolo had one of the highest completion percentages on deep throws last season. Can’t find what his completion percentage was on throws of 40+ but on 31 to 40 he was 65%. He didn’t throw that many 40+ but tied for 13th with 8 completions. My guess is he would be near the top in completion percentage based on that number because he didn’t attempt many. Either way you are wrong.

              3. A lot of the “long throws” are mitigated due to the YaC too though. Air distance is the stat you want there.

              4. WOW FL you’re new to the board (or at least don’t post much) and all ready smacked down fescue with a few facts. :D
                Thanks for giving me a laugh and welcome to the board.

        1. Why, I consider that an insult!
          Trump would not be able to read what I write. ;p
          They already dumb it down to an 8th grade level, and he cannot manage that. It is painful to watch him try to read a prepared script.

    1. With the players they need to move I hope SF doesn’t sit on the 13 pick unless one of the three wrs is there.

      I’d hope Goodwin or Pettis is packaged up and sent with the pick for a move up or move down

    2. Wirfs will not make it to 13 and the 49ers went in early teens to draft one of the top three wideouts. I believe, they would prefer Ruggs or Jeudy. I am also hearing that many teams are higher on Ruggs than other receivers. Looking for next Hill.

    3. Pot…Kettle
      Not that I don’t think Wirts would be a great pick at #13, but I doubt Shana/Lynch will draft an OT this year. They’ll give Shon Coleman and Justin Skule a chance to compete for the job and draft an OT next year If both fail to take advantage of the opportunity.

      1. I see Coleman and Skule as nothing more than reserves, with Wirfs a chance to be a Pro Bowler. Even assuming one of hem works out, Wirfs I think would still succeed long term as a Guard.

          1. I know you’ve written that, and the Niners may believe that; but there’s nothing so far that has shown he is more than a swing tackle at this point. Can he improve? Yes, which is why I approved of the decision to sign him initially, and re-sign him for this year after the injury. But is he ever going to be Wirfs? In my opinion, no. But we’ll see…

            I like that the Niners have so many options at 13; tackle, wide receiver, cornerback…lessens the sting of losing Buckner (a necessary evil given the contract figures) a little.

            1. They won’t draft secondary help with pick #13, and I’d be shocked if they went offensive line even if Wirfs dropped. For the simple fact that Shanny isn’t gonna blow that pick on him just to start at guard, with the idea of taking over for Staley next year. The window is open now, and he needs another playmaker at wr. Don’t plan on being in a position to get an elite wr anytime soon. He’ll strike while the iron is hot!

  13. * My Opinion:
    * WR Travis Benjamin: A bust with the Chargers. A backup P/K returner, or he’s gone in training camp
    * WR Marquise Goodwin: The best outcome is he’s traded to a team that will accept his salary.
    * WR Dante Pettis: Trade him for anyone, including a street wino, for his cap savings.
    * WR Kendrick Bourne: A 2nd Rd. draft pick’s not likely. Take what you can get, including his cap savings
    * RB Matt Breida: Has value, a 2nd Rd. draft pick…..Pennies from heaven, take it
    * CB Richard Sherman: An oldie but goodie. Not going anywhere.
    * DT Solomon Thomas: Finding someone to accept his salary, Like finding a Mona Lisa painting at a garage sale.
    The 9ers are stuck with him. The best outcome is he provides D-Line rotation relief
    * Won’t be surprised if 9er top draft picks make a couple more back up players expendable.

  14. Hope someone takes Goodwin; unlikely at that salary.

    Trade Breida at over $3 million for some kind of draft pick (hope for 4th, settle for any draft pick).

    I’m willing to give Pettis another chance.

  15. Everyone makes sense to me except Sherman. Just don’t think they will want to lose his leadership, after trading Buckner.

  16. Catalina
    I believe there is truth in Shanahan not being 100% committed to JimmyG..
    He had the same stats as Alex smith in 2017 with 3 times INTs KC couldn’t wait to trade him. Reed Kyle similar mind set. #49ers

    1. Why should Shanny be 100% committed? He doesn’t know what he has in Jimmy yet, because he just completed his first season as a starter. That’s why I’d take his similar stats to the 2017 Alex Smith as a positive. After this season we’ll all know what we have in Jimmy G. I’m anxious to find out how he responds….

      1. Shanahan doesn’t know what he has in Jimmy yet?

        Then why give him the biggest contract in NFL history (at the time)? Bigger even than the Tom Brady contract. You must be joking. Since then, he’s seen him go 1-2, suffer a season-ending injury, then play 20 games last year, with Mullens only getting a little sniff of the action. He knows what he’s got and knows he owes that superbowl visit to his super-stout defense, anchored by Deforest Buckner. Garoppolo was just along for the ride.

        1. You are either a relative of Mullens or just clueless. He was a top ten QB in every meaningful stat and was the clear reason they won multiple times last season. His record is 21-6 since he was acquired. I can’t understand fans who ignore facts so they can rant about stuff that isn’t true. You aren’t Donald Trump are you?

          1. The same old canard, and I’m getting sick of reading it. Jimmy’s record is not 21-6 since he was acquired. That is a TEAM record. He might have played like crap and the team won anyway. Also, what would have happened to “his” record if he’d played the full season in ’18 instead of riding his bicycle for the last 13 games. Jimmy’s record starting that season, on the heels of his monster contract, was 1-2, if you want to put it that way. That team went 4-12, with one bull rush after another when we had the ball. The defense came through our line unmolested.

    2. He is committed enough to have turned down the chance to sign Brady. KC traded Smith because they had Mahomes. If the Niners had Mahomes I’m sure they’d trade Garoppolo alas they didn’t draft him when they had the chance.

  17. Going to be a very interesting start to this season. If the teams end up canceling OTA’s and have an abbreviated training camp I would expect there to be a lot of sloppy play to start the year, more so than even normal. I wouldn’t put any stock into any teams being hot until at least after the halfway point of the season.

    First round selections will have a harder time starting, like they are commonly expected to do.

    1. Another factor in play is that after coming off the extra games the 49ers played, they’ll be getting more time off allowing their body to heal more than a normal year coming off a Super Bowl….

    2. I also think teams will have a much harder time settling draft boards. I think more guys could slip through the cracks this year than normal.

  18. I just listened to the Field Level podcast w/ Grant. He says the team to beat in the NFC is Tampa Bay. He would have let Armstead walk or tag and trade him, instead of trading away Buckner. He would draft CJ Henderson, then a WR at 31.
    The discussion about rookie WRs was interesting. The bust percentage is very high compared with other positions in the first round, so it may be wiser to select a safer player instead of gambling and possibly whiffing. I agree, that is why they should sign FA WRs, because they are battle hardened and battle tested. Rookies need a year to assimilate the new system. They need to work out more to build more muscle, so they can withstand the sledgehammer blows delivered by the DBs. Rookie WRs tend to get injured, and they need to get used to much tighter coverage. Blocking is stressed more, and that can be problematic, since blocking was not stressed as much as in the pros. Instead of wide open routes, the DBs cling like glue.
    One small quibble. If some one is trying to give props, accept the praise humbly, move on and do not try to argue with him. ;p

  19. I’m good with all the trade possibilities with the exception of Breida. While Mostert became our established RB last year we should not forget that Breida was gaining large chunks of real estate the year before.

    Mostert gives the offense the breakaway speed threat that Dcords need to plan for. But if Mostert goes down we’d be bereft of RB speed if the team traded Breida. Except for a couple of fumbles, Breida’ stats are undeniably good. Too good to be traded.

      1. Raz,
        Agreed. We found them in Breida the oft traveled Mostert.
        Why fix something that ain’t broken?
        That said, Breida is the only player of value that can possibly garner a 2nd rd pick. We’ll see if other teams feel the same way.

      1. GEEP,
        I’m sure that Evans is a good RB, but he’s an unknown commodity in the NFL. If he’s available in rd 7 it’s not a major loss if he doesn’t make the team.
        Breida is a known commodity and is a very good option to have behind Mostert because of his familiarity of Shanahan’ offense and proven ability.

        It wouldn’t break my heart if Breida is traded, but I don’t see an immediate replacement for his speed and production on the current roster.

        1. AES
          “Breida is a known commodity and is a very good option to have behind Mostert because of his familiarity of Shanahan’ offense and proven ability.”
          * That’s true AES…..If he doesn’t fumble the ball. That’s why he’s riding the pine and also a poor ROI.
          * Darrynton Evans: “Rare ball security with no fumbles in 482 carries”…..Great ROI

          1. GEEP,
            Breida only fumbled 2 times last season which makes the fumble label a misnomer.
            Sadly, that label seems to be the reason for many for his expendability.
            That’s an unfair assessment imo.

            1. AES:
              An unfair assessment or not, I guess we’ll find out if the 9ers can trade him, or they give up and cut him? Whatever it is, it’s obvious Shanahan doesn’t trust him. But maybe your right, maybe he can convince the 9er coaches he can help them win and they decide to keep him?

              1. GEEP,
                Lynch isn’t going to cut Breida. That would be completely absurd. Cutting Breida is an admission that he has no absolute value.
                Trading Breida makes sense (although I’d rather keep him), but cutting him does not register on any level.

    1. That’s a good point. In fact Breida was having a very good season last year before he hurt his ankle and then got into the doghouse with the fumbles. This kid is a really talented player and has the speed to make big plays. You can’t teach that.

  20. The trade I want – An underperforming player for a high draft pick. Better if the underperforming player has high salary.

    Trade I think is most likely to happen – Matt Breida

    Posted question to Matt Barrows the other day
    The 2nd round tender on Matt Breida could be a sign Lynch knew teams had interest in his services. Could Breida Tender-n-Trade candidate? 13+Breida or 31+Breida to move up?

    The 49ers like Breida. I’m not outright predicting a trade. But if one went down I think Breida is the most likely.

  21. Getting a 2nd rd pick for Breida, on paper looks like a genius move considering that Breida was a UDFA. But Breida has more than proven his worth on the team.

    With the offensive game plan going at almost 50 % with the run, it’s vital to keep the presence of speed on the team in the event Mostert misses any time.
    Also, we really don’t know if a 2nd rd pick can make an impact. We do know that Breida can.

  22. Sounds like most are on board with a trade of Breida. But I don’t want to trade him. He and Mostert are explosive. RBs seldom make it through the season without injuries. Shanny’s offense needs explosive RBs and that’s why I think the team needs to hang on to Breida. Besides I think Breida was very much affected by the fumbles he had last year and will come out determined not to let that happen again this year.

    But if they get a 2nd or 3rd round pick for Breida (which I very much doubt will happen), then go for it.

    1. I agree. Too many are writing him off because of how last season ended but before the ankle injury he was having a very good season. They aren’t getting anything more than a day 3 pick at best for him with how teams value RB’s these days, so I’d hang onto him rather than just trading him for the sake of trading him. Coleman will be the guy they dump because of his salary imo.

    2. I only suggest Breida because he would bring the greatest return; either Coleman or Breida have got to go, since between the two of them that’s $8 million combined. At $3 million/year for a part-time player, it isn’t of much value for the Niners. Admittedly, Coleman would be an even greater savings if he could be traded, but don’t know we could get even a 4th rounder for Coleman.

    1. Yes. YES. Social Media distancing is required in your situation. Please stay away from the Press Democrat for at least 30 days.

        1. Yup, and we have a Vietnam War casualty count every 2 years.
          One other guy who liked to shoot guns, killed 58 people and wounded 413, with 456 additional injuries caused by the panic. It took him 10 minutes to do that.

          1. Dont you talk that way about mother!

            Now you went and made me upset, mr. Sebs………..no more .357–onto the Dirty Harry special!!!

  23. Justin M
    #TCU OG Cordel Iwuagwu has held pre-draft FaceTime meetings with the #49ers, #Cowboys, #Packers & #Raiders recently.

    2:20 PM – Mar 26, 2020

    The 49ers are targeting a late round flyer at IOL.

  24. I’m hoping we trade one of the backup qbs. It is unusual to keep 3 on a team . It looks like the draft will proceed but all public events will be cancelled. Players and their families will not be in attendance. In other news, Bruce Arians says AB is not a fit for his lockerroom and will not be a Buc. The best course of action for our country at this point is for Trump to resign and let Pence take over until Jan 20 at which point Biden can piece this thing back together

    1. The US has moved into the lead with the most cases of Covid 19. Why? We are not the most populous or densely populated. We are a wealthy first world country. We are separated from much of the world by 2 oceans. Why us.

      It is because we have the most embarrassingly incompetent president who is propped up by a political party who despises science , facts and math.

      1. Tell this to all the kids that filled the beaches in Miami during spring break when they were told not to congregate in crowds over 100. They’re probably blaming Trump as well.

      2. It’s not true that the issue could have been contained and avoided. The President is not a god who has a wand he can wave.
        Additionally, In terms of number of cases no one knows the actual numbers. China, refused to believe it was something new for a long time and even investigated the Dr. who reported it for spreading false propaganda. So it’s hard to believe any numbers they report.
        I tend to trust only the numbers reported in Europe, and a few other countries. The problem is the US has a population that is a little under half of what the whole of Europe’s is. So the numbers will be higher.
        And even here I don’t think the number of cases is the big deal. It’s the percentage per capital and percentage of deaths that is the greater concern.
        Here in the Czech Republic they have a very good health care system and have enacted a quarantine people must wear masks outside all non essential businesses are closed but the numbers are still climbing I guess their prime minister has no clue how to handle it.

        1. Here in the Czech Republic they have a very good health care system and have enacted a quarantine people must wear masks outside all non essential businesses are closed but the numbers are still climbing I guess their prime minister has no clue how to handle it.

          Shoup, I’m guessing your prime minister:

          Hasn’t ignored intelligence warnings
          Hasn’t called the crisis a hoax, downplaying the threat
          Hasn’t lied about virus testing
          Hasn’t lied about the government’s on-the-ground response
          Hasn’t lied about the rate of infection
          Hasn’t blamed the previous administration
          Hasn’t misled the country about cures
          Hasn’t blamed governors
          Hasn’t failed to order a national lockdown
          Hasn’t refused to work with certain opposite party officials who have insufficiently kissed his ass
          Hasn’t provided zero national leadership. (“I don’t take responsibility at all.” “we’re not a shipping clerk”)

          In addition the virus, this is what our country is up against.

      3. I have it on good authority that “Trump Pharmacies” invented this virus and then spread it around the world!!

              1. Razor , are you seriously comparing an older avuncularish man sniffing hair and hugging woman with a Trump who has confessed to sexual abuse . I might add 20 woman have corroborated his confession including one who detailed Trump raping her.

      1. Ha! Biden can barely piece together a coherent sentence

        Wait. A Trump cultist is calling out out another politicians verbal gaffs???? Lolol. This is beyond parody.

    2. Bruce Lee

      I can’t figure out why we hold onto so many back-up back-ups….In a rich QB class, why are we holding onto CJB…a third string QB who’s never going to play unless we have a tsunami in Santa Clara…Coleman, a half-season RB, and Goodwin, our Olympic sprint champ….Talk to Seb and have him arrange a swap-meet with Miami for those bundled for 3 or 4 draft choices…sure would help

    1. One is not contingent upon the other. I dont qualify but if I did I would gladly accept 1200 since I have been paying federal taxes for the last several years. The issue is that if we had a president who was not a blithering buffoon this thing could have been contained and avoided. There were blaring red light alerts as early as Jan 10. He is a national embarrassment and our greatest mistake.

      1. Oh you bet your sweet ass, Bruce one is contingent upon the other. Something tells me you don’t need an excuse to be a hypocrite, not to mention a plebby blusterer….

          1. “They call me Bruce.”

            Ha, don’t find too many people that are familiar with that movie anymore. Classic.

      1. I hope all the Trumpians refuse the 1200 bucks because that is socialism. They should stick to their principles and refuse a government handout.
        2 trillion? I thought the Republicans demanded fiscal responsibility, and balanced budgets.
        Doubling the National Debt is not an impressive goal, but Trump’s policies and businesses are bankrupt, anyways.

    2. It’s not his money and I’m pretty sure if he actually had any say in it he wouldn’t be giving it out so yea, I have no problem taking money that he had nothing to do with.

    3. Since Trump had nothing to do with the legislation I imagine all of us. A better question is those of you who claim government can do no right ( you who love breaking out that Reagan quote), will you be taking the money? Razor, if you have any scruples you’ll “return to sender”, right?

  25. Goodwin , Thomas and Pettis are worth a 6 pack of Coke . Don’t think there a big market for Sherman . Bourne is solid and Breida although effective is not built for durability and has butterfingers. Trade Breida for 4th round pick would work for the team.

        1. Is there a guarantee that Harrison Bryant will fall to us?
          My take on Breida is based solely on the fact that he becomes our speed option in the backfield if Mostert misses time.

          There may be some nice players in the 4th rd but other teams who are much more desperate for talent will swoop down on them. I’d rather see what teams are willing to give up for Bourne instead of Breida.
          We have a better chance of replacing Bourne than the Cheetah imo. Breida’ team position may depend on McKinnon’ availability when that has been settled.

      1. AES, I don’t know, however they have pick up a few gems in the later rounds. Brieda fell out of favor, if he was looked highly at he would of played the Super Bowl.

        1. Neal,
          You’re right about the FO finding gems in the later rds and UDFA. One of those gems has been Breida.
          Breida basically beat out a high RB pick in Carlos Rogers and was among the top RB’s in the league in 2018.

          Unless someone here can prove to me that we have another RB (besides Mostert) that equals Breida’ breakaway speed, I remain a proponent of keeping him.
          I know that my sentiments don’t really mean anything in the big picture because Lynch will make the final determination if he hasn’t already.
          I will trust (and be ok) whatever the FO does.
          Their player moves and track record has been successful.

          1. AES

            Hello again old friend…once again I find agreement with you…As to Briedas ‘butterfingers’, How many hits has he taken, resulting in fumbles…? How about all of our other RB’s…I think it would be difficult to average 5.1 YPC and still have to account for fumbles….If you take over 700 carries…you probably get ‘HIT’ over 700 times…and if you can average 5.1 YPC, …it makes this a stupid argument…keep him

      1. No, no, a THIRD round pick, not THREE first round picks.
        They could only get all 3 of Miami’s first round picks by offering JG.

    1. Neal says:
      March 26, 2020 at 8:27 pm
      Goodwin , Thomas and Pettis are worth a 6 pack of Coke .
      Thomas isn’t even worth a warm opened coke with no more fizz.

    1. Breida is part of a RB position that has Mostert, Coleman, Wilson and McKinnon. McKinnon is untradeable with his injury. I wanted to have them trade Coleman back to Atlanta where he played before, but they chose Gurley. I was hoping the Niners to trade Coleman to the Broncos, but they chose Gordon. Breida has been rumored to go to the Bucs for a 4th round pick.
      Bourne is in a crowded position, too. Deebo, Goodwin, Pettis, James, Benjamin, along with Taylor, Hurd and Poindexter returning from injury. They are speculating about drafting a WR at pick 13. That is 10 WRs with only 6 slots to fill.
      The whole point is to trade away surplus players, and the new draft picks will be locked up with rookie contracts so the salary cap can be managed. It is better to trade away a player and get something for him, rather than seeing him cut, and getting nothing. Moving to another team may also help that player, if he manages to become a starter. I only advocate trading a player to a team with needs. Make it a win/win situation.

  26. Maybe I’m being sentimental, but I wouldn’t even trade S. Thomas unless we draft someone who can replace Buckner. If we can find that player in the draft, Solomon’ stay becomes very unstable.

    If Gallimore, Davidson or Blacklock is there at 31, Thomas’ days would be numbered. Lynch just might surprise everyone by taking Kinlaw if he makes it to 13.
    Kinlaw would certainly be a day one starter.

      1. Admittedly I would be as well.
        I think if they went DT at 13 brown would have to fall. Or the top wideouts and tackles would all have to be off the board and I’m not sure the math works out for that. Before SF picks I expect at least 2 QBs, 1 DE, 1 CB, 1 LB, 3 OT, 1 WR to be off the board.
        The question then becomes who makes up the remaining 3? It seems a QB and OT are likely candidates but another DT, DE, 2WR’s, or CB are all possibilities to take up those remaining slots before SF picks.
        If Those 3 slots are taken up by a QB and both Wide outs and the remaining tackle isn’t a system fit, I would expect a trade down rather than drafting a DE, DT, or CB. Ugh, there are just to many scenarios to think about.

        1. Our current roster has two important holes to fill – WR and DL. Picking for either one of those positions would not surprise me.
          I agree that Brown is the top rated DL in the draft, and if he’s available the team should grab him. But I don’t see Brown hanging around to the 13 pick.

          Kinlaw looks like a top ten player that could fall to 13. Having a plug and play talent impresses me much more than the current players who are vying to replace Buckner.

          When all is said, Lynch could throw all of our ideas out the window by going with one of the elite Olinemen on the board 😏

      2. Why not Raz.
        Will Thomas, Taylor, Street or Blair help defer the loss of Buckner? We’ve seen enough of Solly to make a good judgment on his average play. And “average” is being kind on my part.

        Street and Taylor are complete unknowns. Blair will likely backup Ford.
        I don’t believe that drafting a top rated DL like Kinlaw would be out of the question especially given the fact that he would be a day one starter.
        If we could find a gem in the later rds that would be nice, but the pickings get smaller.

          1. Raz,
            Agreed, but they also traded him because they didn’t feel he was worth Aaron Donald money. #13 might be used as a bargaining chip for all we know.
            Trading 13 might allow the team to draft in the 2nd through 3rd rds.
            Except for WR and DL our team is well sustained with good talent.

            1. I think it was a myriad of items that sent Buckner packing. One, he plays one position in this wide 9 and he’s not an ideal fit. Armstead plays two positions and he’s a perfect fit. Two, the Benjamin’s. Three, they had five 1st round picks on the dl and none at wr. It’s simple math, when you consider the NFL is a pass happy league now. Drafting a dt at #13 is not going to push the needle or encourage growth at the qb position….

              1. Not so sure the team cares how many first rd DLs they’ve selected.
                They will draft for need and if that means choosing another DL in the first rd they believe can plug a hole left by Buckner’ departure, I wouldn’t put it pass the FO to make this move.

              2. I don’t subscribe to the bpa approach when your Super Bowl window is open, and I’m betting Lynch doesn’t either.

  27. Armstead takes a shot across the bow at Buckner:

    “My goal every year is to be the best run defender in the league first,” Armstead wrote. “That’s the hard part. You can have a dominant impact on the game without getting a sack. It may not come with glory, but for me that’s what I take pride in. If I dominated the run game I can walk off the field happy. It’s hard, but don’t go into a game stressing to get a sack. Worry about being physically dominant and you will put your team in better situations on 3rd down and sacks will come.”

    Arik’s pass rush grade was slightly better than Buckner’s but his run stuffing grade was superior to his Duck Alumni.

    1. No shot at all.
      Buckner took on those double teams, sacrificing his stats for the good of the team. Buckner did not stress about getting sacks. He was physically dominant.
      He, and all the Niner defensive front, could have defended against the run better. The Niners were first in passing defense, but ranked 17th in rushing defense.

    2. Raz,
      I don’t see it. Even if Arik is subtly directing this at Buckner, I still don’t see an implication here.

      On a different note, maybe it’s just me, but I thought that Buckner was a little disturbed that Bosa was quickly becoming the golden child on the team. Buckner went from pro-bowl status to being called the second best player in a matter of weeks.
      It’s obvious that the team did not view Buckner in the same light that he viewed himself.

      1. Yea, it’s a subtle, friendly little jab to the side with an elbow. I’m just glad we got a top 15 pick for someone to take on that quarterback-lite contract he demanded….

  28. Here are the 1st round WRs over the past few years:

    LaQuon Treadwell
    Josh Doctson
    Will Fuller
    Corey Coleman
    Mike Williams
    Corey Davis
    John Ross
    DJ Moore
    Calvin Ridley
    Marquise Brown
    N’Keal Harry

    I really don’t think there’s a WR1 in that group. Drafting Jeudy, Ruggs, or Lamb is a risky proposition. 49ers need another playmaker at WR but I think if Wirfs is there at 13 you have to take him.

    1. Jeudy is he lowest risk prospect of the 3. Lamb is the highest. Jeudy is special, I have absolutely no doubt he’s going to be a great NFL receiver.

      I believe in taking your next starting left tackle when you actually need him. It’s too high of draft capital to take a tackle at #13 and then sit on him for a year while the entrenched starter finishes out his contract.

      Walker Little is someone to keep an eye on this season as our next potential left tackle.

      1. We’ll need the Jets to draft Lamb, and the Raiders to draft HR3 to have a shot at Jeudy. Otherwise, we’ll need to move up with the Browns to get him more than likely….

          1. Regarding the Jets, that’s the hope, but didn’t they just lose Anderson?

            I wouldn’t trust Gruden to take HR3 over Jeudy. He’s gonna be looking for some payback for winning that coin toss for McGlinchey!

            1. Razoreater says:
              March 27, 2020 at 11:26 am
              Regarding the Jets, that’s the hope, but didn’t they just lose Anderson?
              They also have a 2nd and two 3rd round picks. They have plenty of ammo to use their first pick on a CB or OT and still pick up a solid replacement for Robby.

              Doesn’t do any good to recognize the class is deep if you still think everyone needs to use their first pick to get a receiver.

              1. Odds of who the Jets take in the 1st round:

                Jerry Jeudy +500
                CeeDee Lamb +500
                Tristan Wirfs +500
                Jedrick Wills +600

                The first cb mentioned was at +1200 and that was Okudah.

      2. Jeudy is the best college route runner I’ve seen in a long long time. I think he will be good. I also thought John Ross was going to be a great NFL WR so my judgement on draft picks isn’t all that great.

      1. This is a dumb question. They had McGlinchey and Staley last year. They will have McGlinchey and Staley next year. No one is saying they don’t need WR help. The obvious point I was making was about the draft slot at 13. May be more valuable to the team long term to find Staley’s replacement than take a flyer on a WR that most likely won’t help next year as most rookie WRs do not make significant impacts. With a stud O-lineman, he can contribute at Guard right away and then move over when Staley hangs up the cleats.

        1. Houston
          * “This is a dumb question”
          Sorry Houston, I didn’t want to confuse you by asking an intelligent question! Like did rookie WR Deebo Samuel contribute to the 9ers getting to the SB, or why did the 9ers resign F/A OT Shon Coleman?

    2. Houston,
      Well the jury is still out for half of those WRs, but you definitely make a good point.
      Deebo Samuel is a perfect illustration that you don’t need to use a first rd pick for a WR. But I can’t help but to think that any of the elite 3 WRs could make an immediate impact.

  29. I cant quite figure out why Shananhan was interested in Austin Hooper. We have Dwelley. Dwelley performed admirably in the absence of Kittle. In fact he played a significant role in the second game versus Cards. Furthermore, we dont seem like a 2 TE lineup team. I dont get this one.
    I cant quite figure out why Shanahan is clinging to McKinnon. He is often injured . I’m curious what KS thinks JM can do which cant be accomplished by our other backs. In addition Jeff Wilson should get a larger role in the offense. He has earned it. I dont get this one.

    1. KS loves McKinnon, and will not abandon him, because KS’s judgement would be questioned if they gave McKinnon all that money, then cut him.
      He is going after Hooper because Toilolo left. They need a third TE.
      I agree, Wilson should be utilized more. He has demonstrated the ability to catch the ball, too.
      I would also like to see them utilize Richie James more. I wonder if they had put him in instead of Sanders, could he have gotten to that Third Down Bomb, with his fresh legs.

    2. McKinnon is on the roster because he signed a prove it contract for 1 year at near league minimum. At that price he is worth a look even if he doesnt make the team.

  30. Player trades are done to gain draft picks and fill needs. In this next draft, the Niner strategy should be to trade away players to help create more cap space, with the goal being to tap into the sweet spot of the draft, which is in the second, third and 4th rounds.
    The Niners should bundle Ahkello Witherspoon and Marquise Goodwin to the Broncos for the 3rd round pick (95) the Niners gave up to get Sanders. Maybe throw in Pettis to sweeten the deal.
    The Niners could trade Matt Breida and CJB to the Bucs for a third round pick(76). Ryan Griffin, the backup to Brady, has only thrown for 18 yards in 7 years. CJB has thrown for 2682 yards. Breida alone may garner a 4th round pick, but CJB bundled with Breida could enhance the pick a round.
    With those 2 trades, and a trade back with the Chargers (#31 for pick numbers 37 and 112), the Niners will have achieved the goal of having picks in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th rounds.
    The Niners would end up with pick numbers 13, 37, 76, 95, 112, 156, 176, 210, 217 and 245. 10 picks in all.
    Mock 9 Player trades.
    Using the Draftek/CBS big boards, and trying to pick within 5 of each ranking, the Niners could select-
    13- CJ Henderson CB
    37- Denzel Mims WR
    76- McTelvin Agim DT
    95- Jeremy Chinn S
    112- Matt Peart OT
    156- Matt Hennessy OC
    176- Casey Toohill LB
    210- Trevis Gipson DE
    217- Josiah Deguara TE
    245- Michael Warren RB

    1. I like your style.. good thinking.. also trade Armstead for a high pick and use the pick to replace him at a low cost.

    1. CFC
      Draft pick #13 = 1150 points
      Draft pick #31 = 600 points
      Total = 1750 points
      moving up to drat WR Jerry Jeudy
      Draft pick #12 = 1200 points
      Draft pick #11 = 1250
      The 9ers would have 5 more draft picks and the earliest is draft pick # 156 in the 5th Rd.? So why would
      throwing away 500 – 550 points upset anyone?
      Question: Do you think there’s that much difference between WR Jeudy and RuggsIII?

      1. 600 points of draft capital is a lot for a single player when the class he’s in is so deep. I wouldn’t expect many to be upset if we burned #31 to move up and grab Okudah but to make a similar move for a receiver in this class might be seen as frivolous by some.

        Yes, I do. I think Jeudy is a special player. Ruggs will most likely be a very good receiver in the NFL. I have no question that Jeudy will be a great one.

        1. CFC
          “Yes, I do. I think Jeudy is a special player.”
          Can’t argue with that CFC…..If he can eliminate the easy drops and issues tracking deep throws.
          * Jeudy dropped seven passes during the 2019 season
          * Jeudy dropped two would-be touchdowns and three drops total against LSU. (big game jitters)?

    2. I don’t think you have to. Couldn’t you swap #31(600) with the Browns #41(490), and if they hesitate throw in next years 4th rounder?

      1. Razor
        Yes you could, but why (WR Mims)?
        * I’d rather trade MIA for draft picks #56, pick # 70 and 2021 5th Rd, pick (or 6th if needed).
        Pick #56 = 340 points. pick # 70 = 240 (T = 580)
        * Broncos and Raiders are also options

        1. No, no Geep. Our #13(1150) plus we swap #31(600) for the Browns #10(1300) + #41(490). That’s a difference of 110 which gets us to 1260. Forty points short, which is why I’d throw in next years 4th round pick if they balked….

    3. I can easily see them trading 13 + 31 for, say, 10 + a 3rd and 4th (or even both of the Browns 3rds) in order to draft Jeudy.

  31. One thing that could push down some of these top receivers is teams taking offensive tackles. The receivers are overshadowing how good the top 4-5 tackle prospects are this year.

    I can see Wirfs, Wills, Becton, and Thomas all going top 12.

    1. Another factor may be the QBs. If there is a run on QBs early, Burrow, Tua, Herbert and Love are good candidates.
      Chase Young, Jeff Okuda, Derek Brown and Isaiah Simmons could go in the top 10. 4 QBs and 4 O Linemen, and that could make up a list of 12 players to be chosen before pick number 13.
      If he can get by the Raiders, Jeudy may fall in their laps. However, I could see the Broncos giving up one of their third round picks to trade with the Jets, and poach the WR they covet by leapfrogging ahead of the Raiders and Niners.

  32. 49ers please sign a Nose Tackle that has some beef to him.. like 340 pounds… to clog up the middle.. can get double teamed… right now they have nobody over 300 pounds… so far the 49ers have passed or been outbid on any Dt out there . Suh 8 million Tampa Bay… There are still a few out there… if you dont sign one.. then you are forced to draft a DT high, especially if the two top rated ones fall to you at pick 13.

    1. NN had the Niners showing interest in Marcel Dareus and Shelby Harris.
      If they miss out on Kinlaw, DaVon Hamilton may be a late third round option, if they can manage to obtain a third round pick.

      1. “NN had the Niners showing interest in Marcel Dareus and Shelby Harris.”

        No, they don’t. They have them as guys they think the 49ers should look at. There has been no documented interest from the 49ers for either player that I have seen.

        1. Maybe so. To be precise, you are right. I did not see this on the official 49er website.
          However, I prefaced it with- ‘NN had the Niners’, so it was speculation from Niners Nation. I obviously do not think NN is dictating to the 49ers. It is just like speculation about Brady. They need to do their due diligence, and study all options.. That speculation turned out to be true, with Tom Brady naming the Niners as his first choice. I could see them showing interest in both of those players, but not officially broadcasting their moves or motives. They are probably interested in many DTs, but have not officially tendered an offer. Now that Suh is signed with TB, they still are probably trying to find a replacement for Buckner. Hyder is not the one, he is more of a DE, I believe.

          1. You presented it as if NN were reporting on 49ers interest, which is not at all what the article did. It wasn’t even speculation as to what the 49ers will do. It was simply the opinion of a fan as to what the 49ers should do.

            Don’t try and back track. You were simply wrong.

            1. I may be right. If I had written- ‘Niners Nation had the 49ers officially declaring serious interest and formal negotiations with the agents of those players,’ I would have been wrong. Showing interest could be idle speculation, or a brief phone call, or even surmising on a blog site. They should have been studying all options, and every eligible player. They would have been incompetent if they did not exercise due diligence. I am sure they had contact with the agents to find out how much money the players wanted to be paid.
              However, it is moot because Shelby Harris re-signed with the Broncos. Now you can declare the Niner have no interest in Harris, because he is under contract.

              1. No, you were just wrong. Even if the 49ers are/ were interested, that is not what the NN article was suggesting.

              2. You really should quit while ahead. I did say you were right. There was no official statement. This is like Grant arguing with a host, while he is is trying to agree with Grant.
                However, the article states- ‘The Niners have been relatively quiet, but that does not mean they aren’t looking at players.’
                You seem to be claiming they will not exercise due diligence, and consider all viable prospects.

  33. 49ers could use another Tight End, How about Donald Paraham the young guy out of Stenson , he is 6 feet 8 inches and is a Beast… he played in the new AAL league and was the 3 leading receiver….he would create match up problems with other teams…sign him.. wont cost you much to bring him in to compete for a roster spot.. He is like a bigger version or Metcalf on the Seahawks…

    1. Scott
      I doubt the 9ers will draft a TE this year. If they did, TE Harrison Bryant, FAU: IMO HE would best choice.
      ANALYSIS: Lance Zierlein, NFL Analyst
      * Bryant’s plus athletic traits, high football IQ and toughness as a blocker make him one of the most talented, well-rounded tight ends in this draft. He’s a little light to be considered for full-time work as a “Y” tight end, but his technique and tenacity should not be discounted in his ability to help the running game. He’s instinctive in space with speed and separation talent to work all three levels and gives offensive coordinators the freedom to line him up all over the field. Bryant could become an early starter and has the talent to be a high volume pass-catching target as a move tight end.

  34. Most draft mocks have Miami selecting Tua with their 3 pick. But if Miami really wants Joe Barrow, they have a lot of cache with their 3 first rd picks to be in position to make a deal with Cincinnati.
    I believe that Borrow’ is head and shoulders better than the second tier QB’s going in the 1st rd.
    I see Miami making a deal with Cincinnati on draft day.

    Many mocks also have the Broncos enamored with Ruggs. If he’s available at 13 would they be willing to do business with the 49ers to get him?

  35. I don’t understand the lovefest on this blog for Jeudy.
    I want a natural pass catcher and that is HR3 and he is a better or more willing blocker than Jeudy, and this a important trait in a Shanny WR

      1. I respectfully disagree. Ruggs is like Marquise Goodwin, who is just as fast. In Alabama, Ruggs was nicked up with bruised ribs and suffered a concussion. He benefited from having Jeudy take all the double coverage.
        Ruggs is 5’11”, 188 lbs. Jeudy is 6’1″, 195 lbs.
        Ruggs has straight line speed, but Jeudy has good start and stop speed, and knows all the route trees. Jeudy is more dangerous after the catch. He is elusive and can make tacklers miss. Jeudy is more NFL ready IMHO.
        According to the Prospect pundits, Jeudy is graded at 6.8, and ranked 11th. Ruggs is graded at 6.7, and ranked 17.

    1. Because they were on the same team and Jeudy was the number 1 option while Ruggs was the 3rd (not even the 2nd option).
      This means Jeudy would draw the best corner or the double teams and still performed well. Ruggs was never the primary focus of the defense so you have to guess how he would do in that situation.

      1. Ruggs’ speed going over the middle would require the safety’s immediate attention thereby opening opportunities for Deebo and Kittle. Ruggs’ speed actually opens up countless opportunities for the offense.
        And I’m not even counting Ruggs as catching anything in this scenario. I’m only visualizing HR3 as a threat that the defense needs to attend to when he’s on the field.
        Now, don’t get me wrong, I’d be happy with Jeudy, but I’m really intrigued by Ruggs rare speed and great hands.

        1. That’s true, it does require their attention… but so does Goodwin, Brown, Cooks, Ross, etc.

          I am always a bit scared to draft a player that high when he wasn’t the first option on his team in college… and I’m even more reticent to do so when he wasn’t the second option. As from my recollections that normally doesn’t translate too well with a significant step up in competition.

          As to the ¨but he’s a football player¨ argument, I’m not sure I get this. Cooks, Brown and Ross were all the primary targets on their teams and all 3 had more receptions and yards and it really wasn’t close. Additionally, many made the same argument that they were football players with track speed.

          This is not to say I don’t like Ruggs, but that I would not take him at 13, there would have to be a trade back for me to consider taking him. The risk of him being little more than a vertical threat is just too high… and I don’t think anyone would trade a 1st rounder for even a young Goodwin knowing what they know now. Let someone else overvalue his speed or select him with a later pick where the value is more in line with his on-field production.

          1. That’s all well and good Shoup. I’ve come to respect your takes over the years, same for Razor and Scooter just to name a few, but I really like all the possibilities that a player like Ruggs can give the offense.

            A player like Ruggs in a Shanahan offense could present much better opportunities for him than he had in Alabama. I would also venture that Jeudy and the number two WR may have had better stats because of Ruggs’ presence on the field. I don’t view Ruggs taking away catches from Deebo and Kittle. So that conceivably would not make Ruggs the number 1 or even the number 2 option, but it could still provide a lot of overall production.
            Shoup, we’ll just have to agree to disagree on this one.

            1. Fair Enough. As I said, I like him and I do think he would open up the field. I just don’t like him at 13.

              However, I’m leery of most receivers high in the draft and while this draft is deep at the wideout position, I don’t see a Julio Jones/ AJ Green prospect who I believed were sure things. Perhaps we just looking at this differently… you are more inclined to swing for the fences while I’m more of a contact hitter:D

  36. I like Jeudy also for his great routerunning and separation, but he has a tendency to catch to his chest and plus the concentration drops, that’s no easy fix imo
    Also HR3 doesn’t shy from contact.

    1. The top 2 wr’s in this draft are Lamb and Jeudy. HR3 is more of system specific wr out of the three. If the 49ers want Jeudy, they’ll need to make a deal with the Browns to get him….

  37. David Lombardi
    Mar 26
    There’s a strong case to be made that Arik Armstead outperformed DeForest Buckner in 2019. Much better run defense grade(ranked 12th league wide and 1st on team, next best was Ward ranking 20th league wide), slightly better pass rush grade, and screen coverage was on point. The question is obviously one of dependability, where Buckner’s track record is perfect.

    Armstead has two dependable seasons under his belt, plus he plays outside or inside, whereas Buckner stayed at 3t.

      1. Solomon Thomas is expected to replace Buckner. I fully expect Jones’s snaps to increase exponentially if his conditioning allows it.

      2. I think Armstead will be kept in his current role. They tried to sign Suh, and he would have replaced Buck, at least in a rotational role. I still expect them to sign someone to play that role. Harris and Dareus were mentioned as guys the 49ers should look at on NN, but they may both be too expensive. Mike Daniels could be a guy they can get cheaper that could fulfil that role quite nicely.

        I also expect they will draft another DT at some point.

        1. His trainer:

          Armstead has the strongest hips Hall said he has ever seen to go along with incredibly light feet for a man his size.

  38. Man, grant is by far the worst sports reporter/ blogger/ con man/ whatever he actually is , in the state o California!
    First 3 names listed were obvious…….then he gets to KB- With Deebo and KB being the only wr’s we can actually count on……..i highly doubt he gets traded!!! But it is at least possible. I mean…..if someone gave us a 2 or 3 in THIS draft……then ya, you consider it. But the only way it happen is if you – not only draft a wr at 13….but also at 31 too!! The bottom line is- youd have to get at least 2 wr’s by the end of the 2nd round in this draft……even then….you have 2 good rookies and a 2nd year player as the only sure things in the wr room……and rookies are NOT sure things! Youd almost have to trade for OBJ or another veteran…….trading KB is VERY unlikely !

    Cutting Sherm, in favor of a rookie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS A TEAM THAT CAN WIN THE SB THIS YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This idea is so moronic that it should result in the immediate removal of Cohn mans media credentials!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Literally is the dumbest thing ive heard all off season….by ANYONE! Including fans !!! LMAO
    Your right Grant, he got burnt twice in the play offs, once by a top 10 wr…..and when they tried it again…….RS picked it to seal the W.
    The 2nd time was by a very talented top 5 pick ……..and those were the only 2 big plays RS gave up ALL YEAR!!
    Even if we took a cb first round……..SHERMAN IS NOT GETTING TRADED!!! The rookie will bring depth while trying to beat out EM!!!!! If both EM and the rookie look good……they will be the starting cbs in 2021!

    I cant take any more of this cohn man drivel idiocy!!! NinerNation it is for me….take care guys!

  39. On KNBR, they were speculating about where Cam and Jameis may go. Some one even speculated that they would want Jameis Winston over Cam Newton. He thought KS could fix Winston’s tendency to throw picks. This may mean he thinks they should trade away Mullens.
    I think Cam may go to Washington to re-unite with Rivera. Winston may go to Miami, JAX or the Chargers. Those places would give them their best chance to start.
    Trading away Mullens may be risky, with JG’s injury history, but he might garner a second or third round pick to the right team. Miami has the draft capital with 14 picks.
    I wonder if Belichick may be interested. Mullens has won 3 games, passed for 2277 yards and 13 TDs. He is more accomplished than Stidham who has thrown for 14 yards. He had completed 2 of 4 passes, and thrown one interception. Mullens is way superior compared to Hoyer.
    Trading away Mullens may seem risky, but maybe they think CJB can be an adequate backup, or they may be targeting a QB in the later rounds. Mullens may want to be traded, because then he would have a chance to win a starting job.

    1. Your Belichick thought is an interesting one.

      Why keep Mullens if he has trade value at a time that we need more draft picks? The time is now, imo. True, if Jimmy gets hurt, Nick could get us wins, but take us to the Super Bowl? If he’s that good, trade Jimmy. But he’s not as good, so if he’d get us a third or fourth round pick, I’d be for it.

      1. Yes, it is like a Catch-22. You do not want the backup to play. However, if he does need to play, you hope he can play as well as the starter, even though you did not want him to play.
        Right now, Mullens is an asset, but is kinda like insurance. You want it, and really need it, but it sits unused, hopefully.
        Maybe Cincy might consider Mullens. Rookie QBs tend to need seasoning, so it would be better to let him sit, and learn from a veteran. Alex Smith got thrown to the wolves, and struggled. Aaron Rodgers got to sit and study behind Favre for years, then won a SB. Mullens is ready to play, and has started for half a season. If the Bengals obtained Mullens, they could then draft Chase Young, the best player in the draft. They could then draft a later QB like jalen Hurts in the 4TH round, if they can manage to get a 4th round pick.

      2. To be fair, I don’t think you are ever looking at a backup as someone who can win you a Superbowl. With a backup, you are hoping for someone that can win you a few games and keep your season afloat if your starter has to miss few games.
        If Jimmy broke his thumb or suffered a concussion, Mullens could win a few games and keep SF in the playoff hunt. This is not true with every backup.

        1. That’s a fair point and it does strengthen the case to keep him. What would you think would be adequate compensation to make trading Mullens worthwhile?

        2. In 2007 Jeff Garcia filled in for the injured McNabb and led the Eagles to the playoffs winning 5 consecutive games. Having said that, Mullens should be traded. He should have been traded last year when he had greater value.

          1. I will respectfully disagree. JG was coming back from an ACL injury, so Mullens was needed if JG had a relapse.
            Now that JG has shown he can play a full season, Mullens is not a critical need, and there are many QB needy teams right now.

  40. Our national embarrassment strikes again. We’re fvcked.

    Multiple sources tell @ABC
    Pres. Trump turned to former Yankee Alex Rodriguez for advice this week. A source close to Rodriguez described the call as “pleasant” adding that Trump was seeking thoughts from ARod about the coronavirus response.

    1. If you’re going to interject politics, please say something that’s not totally ridiculous. If multiple sources actually reported this, check their bias.

      1. How is it ridiculous. It is exactly who he is and has been his entire life. He fires intelligent competent experts who are unwilling to kiss his fat azz. So now we are left with his spray-on-tan guy in charge of national intelligence and ARod advising him on COVID. Meanwhile his family is swindling the national treasury.

        We are Fvucked.

      2. Dumb ass, Idiot , Fvcking Idiot, Con-artist, Fraud, 5th grade intellect, Carnival Barker, Kook, Sex Predator … are some of the words used to describe Trump by fellow republicans and members of his own cabinet. Do we need to check their bias also ?

        1. Yes, we all know that, but I come here to escape from politics. Please just stick to football, and find a political site to vent your spleen.
          Why don’t you post a mock draft. They are fun, and easy to do with the mock apps. Then we can discuss your selections.

      3. If you’re going to interject politics

        On a sports site? Why never. It’s just that all the sports sites are reporting it:


        If multiple sources actually reported this, check their bias.

        Trump himself says “fake news”. Going by his nearly 20,000 lies since taking office, and his lifetime as a habitual liar, whatever he says you can take the exact opposite to the bank.

        1. rib, what I said was, If you’re going to interject politics, please say something that’s not totally ridiculous. I read much of the political back-and-forth on this site and gave up long ago asking people to keep it to sports. However, when it’s ridiculous, I want to say something.

          Life has taught me that high-achieving people, no matter what their stripe, are not idiots. They’re usually highly intelligent, whether or not you or I like what they do with it. I presume we can agree on that. So to suggest that Trump turned to Arod for advice on what to do about corona is absolutely ridiculous. I can see him having a conversation with the subject coming up, but that’s about all.

          I’ve gathered that you hate Trump. I’ve also gathered your posts about football are worth reading. If you want to come back to me with something political, go ahead, but that’s all from me on the subject.

            1. Hi, Razor the Laser. Probably in the fall, God willing. But flying, not driving. She’s living in Southfield, MI, just outside Detroit. You might be interested in part of her story. She went to grad school in Michigan to study art history with the idea of becoming an art museum curator. So what happened was there were no jobs in her field, as you know very common these days. However, she was able to get a job with a company that helps pro sports franchises display their sports memorabilia at their stadiums and fan events. Not what she set out for, but what are you going to do. We’re very proud of her.

              1. If you’re around in August, I’d like to have a meet up. Undercenter will be staying with me during his visit to the Indy 500. Let me know if you might be interested….

              2. I would be interested, and I would be honored to meet the two of you, but it’s all in the logistics, as I’m sure a man of your eminence and intelligence can appreciate. : )

                By the way, do you like blues rock? I know you’re into heavy metal, or at least I think so.

              3. Of course I like the blues, George. Heavy metal is nothing more than the blues on steroids. ZZ Top, TV Dinners!

                Yep, all about logistics but if you find yourself in Michigan in August, let us know and I’ll head up that way. Detroit is only 3 hours from me….

          1. I disagree. Ribico’s football posts are not worth reading. They are gibberish, just like his knee-jerk democrat lies.

            1. his knee-jerk democrat lies.

              Yeah I totally said this pandemic was hoax. And would be cleared up in a couple weeks (hey Houston, how’s that “Israeli vaccination” coming along? Where TF did you come up with that one?)

              And I’m the one telling lies here?

          2. . So to suggest that Trump turned to Arod for advice on what to do about corona is absolutely ridiculou

            George, I’m going to go by history and patterns here. Trump gets “advice”” from entirely unqualified people all the time. Daughter and son-in-law as “senior advisors “? A guy who owns shopping malls in Jersey and overpays for real estate at the top of the market is going to figure out Middle East peace, Are you fing kidding me? And Kim Kardashian and her lame brained husband “advising” on prison reform???? I can totally give credence to this Arod “advice” story just from those two documented examples alone.

      1. The Democrats are weak are disgraceful only because they’ve allowed this presidential atrocity to go on as long as it has. They were weak and disgraceful for losing the 2016 election to such a vile piece of trash. Otherwise historically the country has been far better off when a Democrat is in the White House, just look at GDP and unemployment.

        1. You are correct about 2016. Dems allowed a lifelong con artist who exploited , cheated, defrauded and sexually assaulted working class people his entire life to purport himself to be their champion and savior.

          In addition to the economy , the country is also better off from a national security standpoint when Democrats are president.

        2. The Democrats are weak are disgraceful only because they’ve allowed this presidential atrocity to go on as long as it has.

          CFC, we still have a Constitution. The Democrats did their Constitutional duty and voted to remove, it was members of the other party that put cult membership over country.

              1. you have to look to Biden now for your salvation.😎

                We all do Razor, even you 😁

                Most recent Fox News – Fox News! – poll has Biden up by nine points.

              2. Ribico, I’d like to take advantage of your enthusiasm by placing a wager with you. If Biden wins, I will sport his avatar for the next 4 years. If, however President Trump is victorious, you will have to post using his avatar for the next 4 years. Do we have a bet?

              3. Razor, we already had that bet, or similar….don’t make me go back and look up the particulars.

              4. Nix the original wager and update to the current proposed wager? Yes or no?

                No, the original wager covered the time from election day in inauguration. While I like Biden, he’s no Bill Walsh. I’d hate to see Walsh missing for the next 4 years.

              5. Trump has at his beck and call an amazingly corrupt Dept of Justice, I don’t rule anything out. As much as you cultists like to run down Comey, his incredibly inappropriate announcement of a “reopening the investigation” of Hillary’s mail server on the eve of the election (along with suppression of acknowledging the investigation of Russian efforts on Trumps behalf) did as much as anything to swing the vote to that worthless tub of orange goo. Hey James, how did that investigation turn out anyway?

    2. There’s an enormous difference between asking a person’s thoughts vs advise. NBC reported that 45 was asking for “advice.” What a crock!

  41. All 32 no trade

    1. Bengals- Joe Burrow QB
    2. Redskins- Chase Young OLB
    3. Lions- Derrick Brown DT Everyone thinks they’re going to take Okudah because they lost Slay but they were also at the bottom of the list in sacks last year and this is a very lean class at pass rushers. They’ve already seen what happens when you have a top corner with no pass rush, now they’ll try it the other way around. Worked for us!
    4. Giants-Andrew Thomas OT I know Wirfs is the popular first lineman off the board but I think teams looking for a pure LT prospect might consider someone else.
    5.Dolphins-Tua Tagovailoa QB
    6.Chargers-Justin Herbert QB
    7. Panthers-Tritan Wirfs OLWirfs makes more sense in Carolina where they strongly need both G and OT. Once there they can figure out where he’s best suited and utilize him at that spot.
    8.Cardinals-Mekhi Becton OT
    9.Jaguars-Jeff Okudah CB If they Jags were a well run team they’d address the LB or OT position but since they aren’t they try to replace Jalen.
    10. Browns-Jedrick Wills OT Wills is too good of a prospect for the Browns to draft but I’m going to throw them a bone anyway. Skill set wise, Wills is the best tackle in the draft but he was born with a Guards frame which pushes him down.
    11.Jets-CJ Henderson CB With the early run on tackles over the Jets go with their #2 choice.
    12.Raiders-Henry Ruggs WR Known to only a few people, inside the Raiders facility, the speakers put out a subsonic mantra that repeats the same word over and over; speed, speed, speed. If Al Davis was still alive the Raiders would probably trade up to draft Ruggs. BTW bonus points if you recognize the movie that I just loosely quoted.
    13.49ers-Jerry Jeudy WR I believe teams trying to grab tackles will push the top receivers down the board.
    14.Bucs-Isaiah Wilson OT
    15.Broncos-CeeDee Lamb WR
    16.Falcons-Trevon Diggs CB Falcons are terrible at the draft, which is why they take the for sure bust Diggs.
    17.Cowboys-Xavier McKinney S
    18.Dolphins-D’Andre Swift RB
    19.Raiders-Kristian Fulton CB
    20.Jaguars-Austin Jackson OT
    21.Eagles-Tee Higgins WR
    22.Vikings-K’Lavon Chaisson Edge
    23.Patriots-Kenneth Murray LB
    24.Saints-Justin Jefferson WR
    25.Vikings-Jalen Reagor WR
    26.Dolphins-Prince Tega Wanogho OT
    27.Seachickens-Yetur Gross-Matos Edge
    28.Ravens-Patrick Queen LB
    29.Titans-AJ Epenesa LB
    30.Packers-Lavishka Shenault WR
    31. 49ers-Damon Arnette CB I’d love to put Ruiz here but I don’t see the team addressing the position yet.
    32.Chiefs-AJ Terrell CB

    1. CFC,
      No way Simmons slides to the 2nd rd. He is a top 7 pick and considered the best overall defensive player in the draft.

      1. Brain fart, got lost in the shuffle.

        My next all 32 will have more defensive players in the top 20 so I’ll fix it there. In the meantime I’d swap him with Murray at #23.

        1. Word on the street is he isn’t getting past the Giants. And the Giants first round pick has been widely known ahead of the draft the past few years, so there’s likely truth to it.

          1. Scooter_McG says:
            March 28, 2020 at 3:25 pm
            Word on the street is he isn’t getting past the Giants.
            I’m going back and forth between the Giants and the Jags.

    2. Nice work.

      The fact that multiple scouting/ mock draft sites have Wills going after so many other OL really highlights how the scouting community likes physical traits over technical traits. Wills is easily the most polished OT in the draft, and will step in day 1 and be very good. But because he is a bit shorter than teams typically like their OTs he is getting pushed down by many sites. Not sure if the NFL will do the same – I’m sure some teams would. Whoever gets him is getting a very good OT for the next decade.

      1. Thanks mate.

        We’re sharing a brain on Wills.

        I rank the tackle prospects as:


  42. YARDBARKER: San Francisco 49ers 2020 draft: Seven-round mock draft:
    #13: WR CeeDee Lamb, Oklahoma ( not WR H. Ruggs III or J. Jeudy)
    #31: 9er trade down with Panthers for picks #38 and #69 (Lynch charged with stealing: 38 + 69 = 765 points)
    #39: OL Cesar Ruiz, Michigan (draft boards list him late 2nd, early 3rd round)
    #69: CB Bryce Hall, Virginia
    #156: EDGE Alex Highsmith, Charlotte
    #176: DT Khalil Davis, Nebraska
    #210 OG Calvin Throckmorton, Oregon
    #217 FS Reggie Robinson II, Tulsa

      1. Razor
        The Panthers have many needs. Their biggest need is at DT, which I think they’ll fill with pick # 7
        ( Derrick Brown Auburn, or if he’s gone, Javon Kinlaw, S. Carolina ), so I’d guess CB. Either Jeff Gladney, TCU or Noah Igbinoghene, Auburn? Other than Tre Boston, their secondary is young, so it would make sense.
        The Panthers did signed former Cardinals DL Zach Kerr, but I think a back up, rotation player!

  43. Just Draft him John Lynch./

    Listen to Tyrone Rogers, Ruggs’ coach at Robert E. Lee High School in Montgomery, Ala.

    “He plays bigger than what he is,” Rogers told The Post. “When I had him, he was only like 5-11, 6-foot, 165 pounds. … You can’t tell Henry that he’s not 6-4, 220.”

    Listen to Maryland coach Michael Locksley, who was Ruggs’ wide receivers coach and assistant offensive coordinator for Nick Saban at Alabama.
    “He’s got a little of Steve Smith toughness, Hines Ward … to me, that type of mentality,” Locksley told The Post. “Receivers get high ankle sprains, and some of those guys are done for three, four games. He tapes it up and comes back in. He’s gonna play. He loves to play.”

    He’s the closest thing I’ve seen to Tyreek Hill,” NFL Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah told The Post. “I would say he’s probably got better hands. The play speed is very comparable. Tyreek Hill may be a little bit stronger. I think Ruggs is more advanced as a receiver coming out, and obviously doesn’t come with any of the character issues that were there.”

      1. For me it’s easy just take the guy with the bigger hands and drive and that isn’t much shorter than the other one

      2. If they are both available it is an easy one for me – Jeudy. Some people are over thinking it. His understanding of how to set up DBs, the ability he has to get himself open, and just general intelligence on the field is phenomenal. Yes, he may have a few drops, but he will consistently put himself in position to make plays at every level of the field. And he is dangerous after the catch on top of it. He is exactly the WR the 49ers are missing.

        And this is from someone that really likes Ruggs. If Jeudy is gone I would be very happy with Ruggs. But he isn’t the route runner Jeudy is. He’s decent, and with his speed decent is good enough to be dangerous, but he is a guy you still need to plan ways to get him open if you want to make him a high volume target player.

        1. Jeudy would be a fantastic pick, and while he’s the best of the three right now; I wouldn’t be surprised if Lamb and/or HR3 end up being even better….

          1. I think Ruggs III ends up being the best out of all the WR’s.
            Speed, hands, route running and toughness, the kid has it all.

          2. I would be a bit surprised. Most guys that are excellent route runners in the NFL already showed a lot of that skill in college. And most great WRs in the NFL are excellent route runners.

            1. Eric Crocker just did a great break down of Ruggs vs LSU. Really shows what I mean about Ruggs being just a decent route runner. For all his speed, good DBs can give him trouble – he doesn’t do a good job yet of setting the DB up, making them take false steps or lean the wrong direction, or fighting through contact at full speed, which makes it much easier for the DB to stay with him. In order to get the most out of him you need to scheme ways to get him open at this stage.

              1. Like I said before, HR3 is a better fit for what Shanny likes to do and that’s take shots off of play action. He doesn’t need to be a stud route runner from the get-go….

              2. I don’t get this take. Jeudy threatens deep just as much as Ruggs – he explodes off the line and gets on top of DBs in a hurry and knows how to create separation down field as well as anyone in the draft – he’s like OBJ in that regard. He also uncovers at any level of the field and can beat press coverage through his excellent releases. Jeudy is clearly the better fit for what Shanahan likes to do.

              3. Jeudy is more finesse, whereas HR3 plays with great contact balance. You throw in his speed with the complexity of Shanny’s run game, and all of a sudden you’ve got that safety coming towards the line of scrimmage. Oops, play action with HR3 one on one and it’s all over but the cheering. I truly believe they obtained #13 knowing he’s the guy Shanny is coveting at the position….

              4. Only his release on the line of scrimmage vs press coverage needs the be improved that’s not a hard fix.
                What really stood out and what Jeudy lacks is his natural ballskills and his mentality.

              5. I remember Grant’s critique of Metcalf’s release off the line of scrimmage as problematic. We all see how that turned out….

              6. Scooter, we both know how seductive speed is on Shanny and 24.3 mph is too sexy for him to pass on. HR3 is his guy….

              7. Don’t mistake what I am saying as a dig at Ruggs. It is not. I like him.

                But Jeudy is better.

                As for falling in love with his speed, you are seriously underrating Jeudy’s speed. Don’t let the 4.45s 40 fool you, he plays faster than that. It’s like saying OBJ isn’t that fast because he ran a 4.43s 40. Watch them play. Often times Jeudy was blasting past guys deep well before Ruggs was.

              8. I’m not gonna lie, Big Scootie. I’m always had a special place in my heart for receivers named Jerry!😉

    1. Ruggs will get up to 195 lbs once he hits the weight room. Small players like our own WR’s coach Wes Welker, Edelman and Tyreke Hill have done very well for themselves in a big man’s game. I have no qualms about Ruggs’ ability and resiliency.

      1. HR3 is a much better route runner now than Hill was coming out. That’s what has me so excited about his potential in Shanny’s offense….

  44. Robber
    The blog consensus seems to be Ruggs III. He, Lamb and Jeudy are level 1A, 1B and 1C (in no order) and each one brings something special to the team that drafts them. Higgins, Jefferson and Shenault are 2A, 2B and 2C (again in no order). Mims is close to 2D, but his floor may be a little lower?
    One thing’s an absolute certainty, however you rank them someone will disagree!

    1. Robber
      yep! Some DB’s would need to change pants at halftime…lol
      Throw in a healthy Jalen Hurd and Juice and that would be a DB’s worst nightmare.

  45. Last year about this time a debate (or comparisons) started between which Edge would be the best for the 49ers, Kentucky Edge Josh Allen or Nick Bosa.
    A look at Allen’ and Bosa’ rookie stats are very similar with Allen getting 10. 5 sacks to Bosa’ 9, but Bosa was better at QB Hits, TFL and fumble recovery.

    Allen is going to be an all-pro and so is Bosa. Bosa was our guy I’m happy with that.

    Similarly, I prefer Ruggs, but I’d be happy with Jeudy and even CeeDee. Lynch is not a “general consensus thinking” type GM. He may surprise the 49ers Faithful by not going with a WR.
    We’ll just have to wait and see how it shakes out.

    1. Will Joe Staley return for redemption? That’s the $64,000 question.
      Will Richburg be ready for training camp? That’s one of five of Jack Hammer’s burning questions.

  46. Question for the blog:
    * Sitting at home getting shack happy, so I’ve been going thru video of late round possibilities to keep from losing it.
    * Your opinion(s) on 9ers drafting CB Reggie Robinson II, Tulsa with draft pick # 176 as a project on practice squad? 6’1″ X 205; 40 = 4.44s, VJ=36″ and 3-C = 7.09s…..Major knocks on him: Needs more aggression attacking blocks and Staying in phase with routes is a major issue

    1. Reggie Robinson is ranked 204 on the CBS Big Board, and 230 on Draftek. Maybe at 210.
      Kindle Vildor may be available at 176. He is ranked 170. Luq Barcoo may be a sleeper pick.

    1. Saw that. And for just $3M guaranteed. I wanted him as a replacement for Armstead, but once they resigned Armstead I figured the 49ers wouldn’t be after him. He’s more a 5T than a 3T.

      Mike Daniels is a guy I think the 49ers might be after. But I believe the Ravens are after him too since the Brockers deal fell through.

  47. Many talk about trading back from 31
    Fewer talk about trading back from 13
    Even less talk about trading up, for good reason. The 49ers don’t have many picks to trade.

    But it’s still possible. Not saying trading up is the way to go, but there are combination that could work if the right player fell.

    49ers 13+31 is 1,750 chart

    Chargers Pick 6 – Trading up would only make sense if it was Jeff Okudah or Chase Young. And I think both will be gone by 6 or 7. Would cost a bundle.
    49ers 13+31 for Chargers 6+112 (1,670)
    49ers 13+31 for Chargers 6+71 (1,835)

    Both are chart misses that may need to be bridged with players or later picks.

    Panthers Pick 7
    49ers 13+31 for Panthers 7+69 (1,745)
    Another wince trade. Only for an elite player.

    Things start to get more realistic at pick 9

    Jags Pick 9
    49ers 13+31 for Jags 9+45 (1,830)
    49ers might have to sweeten pot with player or day three pick.

    Browns Pick 10
    49ers 13+31+156 for Browns 10+41 (1,790)

    Jets Pick 11
    Only 100 chart points (mid 4th round value) separate picks 11 and 13. There are so many permutations I won’t bother listing them all.

    Ideally the 49ers don’t trade up. Mainly pointing out trading up is still possible, though still unlikely.

    I’d only consider moving up to picks 6 or 7 if Okudah somehow fell. Still not sure it’s worth it.
    I’d consider moving up to picks 9 to 12 for Derrick Brown.

  48. One of my burning questions. Anyone else think this year’s draft will be a bigger crapshoot than usual? What, without prospective draftee face to face visits, workouts, intensive pre-draft screening? GMs , coaches and scouts are probably going on much the same information that is available to us plebeians.

    Grant, as our insider, how about a column on how the team is handling this?

  49. Grant, your currently active poll:

    Will the 49ers win this Super Bowl this season?

    Since we are in the new season, you need to reset the results so we can vote again :)

  50. CA Governor Newsom fixes Trump’s incompetence. He is our greatest mistake and a National Embarrassment.

    Gavin Newsom @GavinNewsom
    LA received 170 broken ventilators from the national stockpile. Rather than complaining, we put them on a truck, drove them up overnight, and had @Bloom_Energy
    get to work fixing them.

    Monday they‘ll back in LA–fixed.

    That’s the spirit of CA.

    1. Right! And 21 million face masks CA storing that are now discovered to
      be expired and out of date and yet were still sent out. You want to
      talk incompetence? Start in CA.

      1. except CA did not receive national security briefings in early Jan about he severity of the virus. the problem could have been corrected if the rotting head was a competent leader.

      2. Roger
        If you’re going to tell your story, then tell ALL of it!
        1) It was (R) Gov. Schwarzenegger, who in 2006, develop and implement the state’s drive to stockpile the emergency medical resources.
        2). In 2011, facing a brutal recession, a free fall in state revenues and a $26 billion deficit, (D) Gov. Brown cut off the state funding. Much of the medical equipment, including the ventilators, critical life-saving tools that are in short supply in the current pandemic, was given to local hospitals and health agencies but with no money to maintain them.
        * The Great Recession under (R) President GW Bush, peaked in 2009, early in the Obama administration and continued until early 2014.

  51. Associated Press : “Dr. Anthony Fauci projected possible ‘millions’ of US coronavirus cases and “100,000 to 200,000” deaths”

    Trump has requested a second opinion from Alex Rodriguez.

    1. Another of Trumps trusted advisors:

      “Approximately 7500 people die every day in the United States.

      That’s approximately 645,000 people so far this year.

      Coronavirus has killed about 1,000 Americans this year.

      Just a little perspective.”

      –Rudolf Guiliani twitter feed

      Hey Rudy idiot, want to tell us the number of Americans who who died on Sept 11, 2001 that weren’t killed in the Trade Towers? How’s that for perspective, you little f*ck wit?

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      Try plugging in your toaster. It may not be young, but it will get “hot,” and it won’t run off…..Even you’re a slightly soiled senior citizen that gets a little crazy and howls at the moon! LMAO

      1. Please do not be so gullible. This is just another catfish burner account made up by a immature troll.
        Responding to this like it is actually the person he is trolling, just shows that you really do not have a clue.
        I expected better of you, but you seem to lower the bar every time.

        1. Yes Seb,
          That’s true. It was me.
          I’m just tired of people constantly interjecting their every thought on here, so I helped Bruce out by posting a personal and sales add for him. Next time maybe he could post an article on the state of women’s figure skating, or comparison of the two latest models of vacuum cleaners…I mean, it all has the same relevance to this board.

          1. I mean, it all has the same relevance to this board.

            Except it doesn’t. The steps taken, or more likely not taken, by our government may determine if there is even a football season in store. Sure, let’s all put our heads in the sand.

            1. Sure Ribby, keep telling yourself that. You are special, your unsolicited political comments on this board are really making a difference. I’m sure your name calling has changed many a Trump supporters mind and you’re not just doing it to be a troll and bait people.

              1. your unsolicited political comments on this board are really making a difference.

                I never make unsolicited political comments, I only comment on other’s comments.

                I’m sure your name calling has changed many a Trump supporters mind and you’re not just doing it to be a troll and bait people.

                And Shoup, get off your f-ing high horse in that it’s only lefties like me taking pot shots at those across the aisle. Razor, AES, Houston, md, all the rest…. they are guilty of the exact same crime.

              2. I’ll be guilty of voting for 4more as well.
                You vote your conscience, and I’ll vote mine. Last time I looked, it was American to do so.

                Rib, I’m more apt to think that many who frequent this site are resolute on their political leanings.
                Just like I told one9er, take out your frustrations at the voting poll.
                Badgering bloggers about their political views will not change minds one way or another.

              3. never make unsolicited political comments, I only comment on other’s comments.

                That’s fine, and that’s why I didn’t call you out as I did Bruce.
                He has at at created at least 3 new threads that were political in nature. Razor has one (Bad Razor), however Razor has posted a ton, and the vast majority are 49er related. I don’t mind some good ribbing or whatever, saying someone is being Trumpian with their facts or calling someone a dog faced pony soldier. Discussions will devolve somewhat inevitably.

                What I don’t like are whole new threads being created for the soul purpose of politics, on a 49er message board. Especially, when its obvious that its not going to change anyone’s mind. At this point it strongly suggests that that its being done either for someone to hear themselves talk or to troll people.

              4. I don’t mind some good ribbing or whatever, saying someone is being Trumpian with their facts or calling someone a dog faced pony soldier. Discussions will devolve somewhat inevitably.

                Shoup, it’s the way of the exchange of thoughts on a board such as this. Change the topic from Trump to Solomon, Garoppolo, Shanahan, draft strategy, 49ers chances of repeating in the SB, and you are going to see the same dynamic, the same disagreements.

                Politics, AKA current events, occupy a very minor place here as well they should be. However we are in unprecedented times, the very viability of the sports topics we are supposed to be discussing in jeopardy based upon outcome of these current events. And we are supposed to la-di-da our way past them? Or wait until November to address, or even discuss, them as AES suggests? I don’t think so. Grant and the PD may agree, and put a lockdown on off-topic (whatever that might be) and as a private service, be well within his/their right to do so. But until then, as Seb is wont to say, if you don’t like my postings, my responses to others postings, then scroll right past them.

            2. “Or wait until November to address, or even discuss, them as AES suggests?” Rib,

              I can’t stop anyone on this site from expressing their thoughts. That’s why I said you should make your decision in November. Do you really think that you can change my mind with your political castings on this site?
              No. So it’s best to keep it about football which is what this site was created for.

  53. 32 team mock, with trade back scenario.
    1. Bengals- Joe Burrow QB. They have to take him, because if they miss out on him, and he goes on to play well, the Bengals would be compared to the BOB Texans.
    2. Washington- Chase Young DE. They are jumping for joy.
    3. Lions- Jeff Okuda CB. Solid need.
    4. Giants- Tristan Wirfs.
    5. Dolphins- Tua QB. Guess they tanked.
    6. Chargers- Derek Brown DT.
    7. Panthers- Isaiah Simmons LB. Replacement for Kuechley.
    8. Cards- Jedrick Wills OL.
    9. Jags- Javon Kinlaw DT. Replaces Calais Campbell.
    10. Browns- Mekhi Becton OL.
    11. Jets- CeeDee Lamb WR. They added 4 O Linemen.
    12. Faders- Henry Ruggs WR.
    13. Trade- Broncos send the 15th and 95th picks for the Niners 13th pick. Broncos- Jerry Jeudy WR.
    14. Bucs- Andrew Thomas OL.
    15. Trade- Dolphins send their 18th and 70th picks for the Niners 15th pick because they want to leapfrog ahead of the Falcons and Cowboys to select a DB. Dolphins- Xavier McKinney S.
    16. Falcons- K’Lavon Chaisson LB. Too good to pass up, now that McKinney is gone.
    17. Cowboys- Grant Delpit S.
    18. 49ers- CJ Henderson CB.
    19. Faders- Trevon Diggs CB.
    20. Jags- Justin Herbert QB. Competition for Minshew.
    21. Eagles- Tee Higgins WR.
    22. Vikings- Kristian Fulton CB.
    23. Pats- Yetur Gros-Matos DE.
    24. Saints- Justin Jefferson WR
    25. Vikings- Laviska Shenault WR.
    26. Dolphins- Cesar Ruiz OC.
    27. Seahawks-AJ Epenesa DE.
    28. Ravens-Patrick Queen LB.
    29. Titans- Ross Blacklock DT.
    30. Packers- Kenneth Murray LB.
    31. Trade- Chargers send their 37th and 112th picks for the Niners 31st pick. Chargers- Jonathan Taylor RB.
    32. Chiefs- D’Andre Swift RB.
    The Niners acquire pick numbers 37, 70, 95 and 112. With those picks the Niners could select-
    37- Denzel Mims WR.
    70- Justin Madubuike DT. Replacement for Buckner.
    95- Malik Harrison LB.
    112- Jonathan Greenard DE.

    1. I’d be happy with Ruggs and Henderson. Word on the street is that the Broncos are really infatuated with Ruggs.
      Perhaps they come calling if Ruggs is there at 13. Question is, what would Denver be willing to give up in a deal with the 49ers?

      1. I have seen many mocks with them taking Ruggs, because they have 6’4″ Sutton , so they already have a tall WR. Now they just need a fast WR who can stretch the field.
        Elway and Lynch have been friends for years, and have a history of making trades. I think they could work out a win/win scenario.

    2. Mock draft 10 – Continuation of 1st round mock
      Acquiring through small trade backs, picks 18, 37, 70, 95, 112, with existing picks 156, 176, 210, 217 and 245, the Niners could also trade Tevin Coleman and CJB to the Bucs for pick number 76. Then using the Draftek Big Board, the Niners could choose-
      18- CJ Henderson CB
      37- Denzel Mims WR
      70- Davon Hamilton NT
      76- McTelvin Agim DT
      95- Adam Trautman TE
      112- Larrell Murchison DT
      156- Matt Hennessy OC
      176- Casey Toohill LB
      210- Ben Bartch OT
      217- Lynn Bowden WR
      245- Michael Warren RB

  54. With nothing else to do, I watching tape on top 3 WR’s: Lamb, Jeudy and Ruggs III.
    * CeeDee Lamb: Highest prospect grade 6.81, smallest hands 9 1/4″, 40 = 4.5s, 6′ 2″ X 198 lbs.
    Plays faster than he looks. 3 level playmaker, played in system that schemed him open. Can play all 3 WR positions. 2019 stats: 62 receptions, 1327 yds, 14 TD’s. Averaged 21.4 yds p/catch.
    Weaknesses: Slender build for primary # 1 WR. Will need to work on faster, more efficient release, with little experience against press CB’s. Watched Oklahoma get crushed VS LSU (63 to 28). OK QB Hurst carried the team while Lamb got erased, (4 receptions) and LSU WR, Justin Jefferson, scored 4 TD’s.
    Oklahoma’s 2019 schedule: OK St, TCU, ISU, KSU, WVU, TEX, KU, TTU, UCLA, S. DAL AND HOU.
    The competition Lamb faced in 2019 and the LSU game, raises questions of how he’ll do against NFL competition and is he really the # one WR VS either Jeudy or Ruggs? Also, the question: Is LSU WR, Justin Jefferson, rated too low?

  55. “BruceLee says:
    March 29, 2020 at 10:09 am Wanted: Hot, young , girl who will spend time with a lonely old man. ”

    This was obviously the ad Trump’s “wife ” responded to. The second line reads ” extra monthly bonus available if you help with my makeup. “

    1. BruceLee
      “This was obviously the ad Trump’s “wife ” responded to. The second line reads ” extra monthly bonus available if you help with my makeup. “
      * Yes, I assumed that was the point of your post, but you didn’t say that…..Was just pulling your leg….lol

  56. Scooter, what do you think about this kid, Van Jefferson outta Florida? His routes look as good as Juedy’s to my layman’s eyes. What say you? Might be able to get him in the 4th round….

      1. Razor / Scooter
        How much will Van Jefferson get hurt in the draft, by not being able to compete in the Combine or Fl. pro day due to a Jones fracture in his right foot?

    1. Van Jefferson did really well at Senior Bowl practices. Was able to get open consistently.

      I think he is definitely a player who was hampered by the quality of Quarterbacks he had at Florida (non-existent).

  57. I’ve never seen a wide receiver class quite like this one. I know it’s just on paper at this point but I’ve just never seen so many quality prospects from one single class.

  58. Yes, some think Ruggs is going to be another Tyreek Hill, but speed is not everything.
    The college and situation may be factors. Yes, Alabama attracts the best athletes because they want to get to the NFL, and it is known to be a football factory, but sometimes the other players bolster that player’s production. Remember Trent Richardson? The Bama RB was the third pick in the draft, and touted as the next Adrian Peterson. He slowly failed, ending up in the CFL, and hit rock bottom in the XFL. There are many first and second round players from Alabama with elite rankings, but mediocre production in the NFL.
    In every Bama game he played, the opposing defense was not keying to shut down Ruggs, they were all worried about Josh Jacobs and Najee Harris running down their throats.
    Ruggs also had Jerry Jeudy to help him. This is similar to Deforest Buckner and Arik Armstead. Of the 2, the opposition would key on Buckner, and give him the double team, so Armstead could get 10 sacks because he was one on one against a lineman. Jeudy took on the double coverage, so Ruggs was left with single coverage. The opposition could not key on the RBs and Jeudy AND Ruggs. There were just not enough defenders to do that.
    Justin Jefferson may be just as talented as the first 3, but he also had the luxury of playing for a juggernaut, with an elite QB throwing to him. Tee Higgins had Trevor Lawrence throwing to him, whereas Donovan Peoples-Jones had Shea Patterson throwing to him.
    The Niners have Marquise Goodwin. He is equally as fast as Ruggs, and is a battle hardened veteran who had 56 catches for 962 yards in 2017. Unfortunately, he and his wife has sustained a family tragedy, which affected his play. Hopefully, they can still become a family, and move on healthy and happy.
    However, they do not have that tall fast WR who can high point the ball. Players like Tee Higgins, Denzel Mims, Michael Pittman, Chase Claypool, Antonio Gandy-Golden, Isaiah Hodgins, Collin Johnson and Binjimen Victor, all are 6’3″ or taller. They do have 6′ 4″ Jalen Hurd and 6’5″ Shawn Poindexter, but both are recovering from injury, so they are question marks.
    Thankfully, this draft is deep with talented WRs, so missing out on Lamb, Jeudy or Ruggs would not be a catastrophe. KS has moved up to snag the WR he covets, but that strategy has poor results. He should concentrate on other needs, like finding the replacement to Buckner, and Person. He also needs to find the eventual replacements for Sherman and Staley. They need to find a third TE, and Richberg is coming back from a knee injury.
    2 WRs who are ranked lower, but look good on tape are Van Jefferson and KJ Hill. The Niners brought in Lynn Bowden for an interview. One small school prospect the Niners may be looking at is Antonio Gandy-Golden. Fifth round prospects include John Hightower and Quez Watkins.

    1. Seb,
      You keep touting M. Goodwin, but what has he given us?

      Even a healthy Goodwin had minimal success when he played. I really like Goodwin and what he and his wife have gone through is devastating (we went through a miscarriage as well), but ultimately his job on the 49ers is to play.
      At this point, I doubt that the team is confident in him playing again as a 49er.

        1. I don’t know if the 49ers have a meter that weighs the confidence level of those players, but it does seem to be the general consensus that whether they have or don’t have confidence in the said players, they certainly have an opportunity to draft a possible elite WR.

          If they do draft one of the top 3 WR’s things will likely be shaken in the current receiver corps. My opinion doesn’t mean much, but I would venture that Goodwin and Taylor are not on the team in September.
          Hurd gets another year to see if he can provide help. If Hurd is ready to play, I believe that he gives us more production possibilities than the other two.

      1. All I know is KS does not want to cut him, and thinks he has value. Goodwin may flourish in another system, and getting a fresh start may help rejuvenate his career.
        Maybe if the Broncos trade for him, they do not need Ruggs, and can select a defensive player like K’lavon Chaisson, to help their pass rush or Patrick Queen to help the LBs. AJ Bouye was signed as a Free Agent, but he runs only 4.55, so a DB may be another option.
        The Broncos already have Courtland Sutton, so there in no dire need to find a WR. With Goodwin costing only a 4th or 5th round pick, they can use their first pick for another position of need, or BPA. Maybe they go with an O Lineman to help protect Lock.
        I think Trent Taylor will come back fully from his foot injury. He and JG looked synced up, and he was JG’s favorite target in the TC.
        Hurd is more difficult to predict. Backs are tricky, and he could not fly with the team to the SB, I believe. Still, I hope Hurd comes back strong. He would be a good weapon to have because he can block like a TE and run like a RB.

  59. Scooter, are you seeing any deja vu in taking a guy like, Benito Jones in round 6? Similar to them taking D. J. Jones in 2017.

  60. Tony Pauline reckons the Broncos are mad keen for Ruggs and will look to move up ahead of the Jets to take him. Also thinks all three of the top WRs will be gone before pick 13.

    Something tells me the 49ers won’t be content to sit pat and watch the three top WRs get taken ahead of them. If they do miss out though, I expect they will look to trade back from 13.

  61. Eric Crocker did a nice breakdown on Bryan Edwards. I’ve watched some other film on him and he looks really good.

    If the 49ers miss out on Jeudy and Ruggs, he is a guy I could easily see them look to get a little later. Not the speed guy most expect the 49ers to target (myself included), but he looks like a guy that can still get open deep with quality route running while also being very good working the middle of the field.

    1. Chase Claypool 238 lbs, Juwan Johnson 230 lbs, Michael Pittman 223 lbs and Colin Johnson 222 lbs, are all noted for their blocking on their draft profiles.

  62. Question:
    1) The Bengals Nr. 1 need for 2020, is a franchise QB: If they pass on Ohio St. DE Chase Young and instead draft LSU Joe Burrow, as their franchise QB….
    2) Miami’s Nr. need for 2020 is also a franchise QB! Will they use draft picks #5 & #18, to trade up with the Redskins for the #2 draft pick and draft Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa?
    NOTE: The Redskins traded with the Panthers for QB Kyle Allen. He’ll compete with Dwayne Haskins for the 2020 starting QB, making it likely they’d be willing to trade down with Miami for two 1st Rd. draft picks and possibly 2nd Rd. draft pick # 56, if needed.

  63. Looking at the mocks, everything changed after the Combine, and now, everything has changed since Free Agency.
    Most teams have filled their glaring needs through Free Agency, so now, it just comes down to depth and future development. A BPA approach.
    However, one big factor that may change the draft order is the QB situation. Tom Brady has settled the Bucs situation, but now, Jameis Winston is available, along with Cam Newton.
    If the Dolphins or Chargers sign one of them, they may forgo drafting a QB. Heck, maybe the Bengals will sign Cam, and draft Chase Young. I still think the Skins could sign Cam Newton because of Rivera, but they have Alex Smith’s contract as a millstone around their neck. If Cam is fully healthy like his video shows, maybe his best landing spot is at the Chargers, to make it competitive with Tyrod Taylor. Winston’s best landing spot may be at the Jags, because Minshew could benefit from competition.
    Until those 2 QBs are sorted out, the draft order may be in flux. Maybe their fates will not be decided until after the draft, maybe even during the draft.
    Maybe teams are setting themselves up for failure, in their Tanking for Trevor strategy.
    The Patriots are another situation that needs a QB, since Brady left. Those who try to show confidence in Stidham, are just wheezily whistling while walking past the cemetery at midnight. He has thrown for 18 yards so far in his career. He has completed 3 passes, but one was an interception. Belichick may want Cam, but he has 700k in cap space, with 26 mil in dead cap money. I fully expect Belichick to try and trade away Sanu, because he could save 6.5 mil. Trading away DT Adam Butler may save 3.26 mil. Buffalo made it to the playoffs. The Jets actually had a decent defense. Miami, with 3 first round picks, could be battling for the division crown. The Patriots still have their defense, which was stellar, but the competition will be fierce, and they will not be able to count on 6 easy wins this next season.
    The Bengals, Dolphins and Patriots need to draft a QB. Washington, Broncos, Jags and Giants may need to upgrade the QB position because of their young, untested QBs. The Chargers, Bears, Raiders and Jets have QBs that may sink or swim. The Lions, Steelers, Saints, Colts and Bucs all need to find a future QB.

    1. And the San Andreas Fault may cause California to fall into the ocean, making Las Vegas water front property, With about the same odds……BUT NOT TODAY

      1. Please do not showcase your ignorance, it is embarrassing.
        I am just giving my opinion, and do not see what odds you are talking about.

          1. Please do not post on my comment, if you do not think I would not respond. You seem obtuse.
            Just scroll past and post away to your heart’s content.

        1. Something we can agree on. Actually I pity their fans. They walked away from their fans, TWICE.
          I am not worried, I am kinda happy. The Raiders may be cellar dwellers this season. The Broncos’ new QB looked good in the late last season, and they still have Von Miller. The Chargers have a good defense, but poor QB play doomed them. With a new QB, maybe even a rejuvenated Cam Newton, they may vie for a wild card. Of course, the Chiefs are SB Champs, so they will probably win the division because they have Mahomes.
          So every time the Raiders lose, it’s a good day to me.

          1. No, I don’t. I fear that Vegas would be a very boring place for me, because I don’t gamble. Plus, my heat tolerance is only 90 degrees. I’d burn out the Vegas electrical grid if lived there with my AC.
            I have resolved that I’m a California boy for life.
            Maybe I’ll visit sin city one of these days, but I’m in no hurry.

            1. Me too. That summer fog is like Nature’s air conditioning. I have the best of both worlds. I am in the sunshine, but can watch the fog along the ridgeline.

              1. Seb,
                Northern California weather is incredible. Me and the wife leave the Central Valley for a week or so in the summer and head to Monterey – gorgeous weather and nice restaurants.

            2. AES
              Contrary to popular belief, there are more things to do in Vegas than gamble. Like more excellent restaurants than you’ll have time to frequent. (stay off the strip, find ones the locals frequent), Red Rock canyon if your into hiking and or golfing. If you’re not into the strip, try a Red Rock Resort and Spa. (https://redrock.sclv.com/). Treat your wife, take her to a show with a special (50% off) Vegas hotel (www.vegas.com/hotel) and a full body massage. “Happy wife, happy life”! Two of my favorite shows are on the strip. Cirque du Soleil and MGM Grand. If your into auto racing, there are several places near the airport. If you want to try, there’s Richard Petty driving experience. There’s also Lake Mead and the National Recreation area. and more than I have time to list.

              1. GEEP,
                Thanks for the Vegas info. I have a close cousin who just moved there. She wants us to go there once the traveling restrictions are over. We will take her up on it.

    1. If the 9ers come away from the draft with #1 WR Jerry Jeudy and CB CJ Henderson, there’d be a lot of happy 49er campers. But I still believe they’ll trade down with draft pick #31

      1. Yes. I believe they will get either JJ or RUggs at 13 and trade back at 31. I predict we see a surprise pick on day 2. We will definitely draft a CB but also perhaps a TE or RB. I think KS believes Gs are a dime a dozen and can be had on day 3 , UDFA or released by another team in late august. I know our RB room seems full but I am not 100% sold on the durability of Breida and definitely not Mckinnon. I suspect KS feels the same way.

        1. Bruce
          * Check out RB Darrynton Evans, App. St. with pick # 210 (may have to use pick #176). A late round sleeper that fits with Shana/Lynch taking late round and undrafted free agent RB(s).
          * TE: With both George Kittle and Ross Dwelley, I’m not sure they’ll draft another one. If they do, I’d take
          TE Harrison Bryant, FAU….He’s listed as late Rd. 3 — early Rd. 4
          OG: Brunskill replaces Pearson and Shon Coleman at Swing Tackle backing up Staley & McGlinchey . Not
          sure what they do with Justin Skule and Tom Compton Maybe try Skule at Center and Compton compete with Brunskill?
          Center is a big question mark. Ben Garland is a good short term C, if Weston Richburg’s recovery is delayed, or he doesn’t recover from the leg injury

          1. GEEP, I have been reading that Evans and Antonio Gibson are getting a lot of interest, and that Evans is now expected to go round 3-4.

            1. Scooter
              I don’t doubt it Scooter, It’s hard to keep a good thing like their speed a secret.
              Do you think whoever drafts Gibson will use him as a WR or a RB? With a 4.39s 40 X 228
              that’s going to draw some interest.

              1. Gibson is a guy I really hope the 49ers draft late, but may be a pipe dream at this stage.

                He wouldn’t really have a defined position in this offense. He would be used as a RB and WR. Along the lines of what the vision apparently was for Hurd last year, based on what was reported out of TC.

                I think for most teams though he will be seen as a slot WR. Problem is, I think any team that sees him as primarily one or the other probably isn’t using him right and shouldn’t draft him.

          2. Geep, my gut tells me that after critical WR and CB needs are filled they will start looking at best talent available which included a TE to replace Toilolo. I’m sure Kocurek wants to add depth to his rotation so DT and possible a late round Edge is possible. You raise a good point on C. I anticipate they will add a C/G. They seem to like versatility on the interior O line. I’ll check out the tape on Darrynton Evans, App. St ..

            The good news is that these guys do their homework and seem to find the diamonds in the rough in the late rounds.

  64. We also need to bolster our Dline. While Solly likely will get more snaps with DBuck gone, I don’t see him being a solid run-stopper. Thomas relies on quickness but is easily tied up by one tackle.
    Buck needed to be double-teamed by Dcords, Thomas doesn’t give the team that type of attention.

    Maybe Street can provide that type of attention, but he is a complete unknown to this point. The 49ers will need to address this before September.
    Hopefully there are some hidden gems in the later rds that could help.

    1. AES
      Agree, Solly will get his shot, but I think he ends up as a rotation player. And If DJ Jones, Kentavius Street and or Jullian Taylor get healthy, they’ll get some reps, to see if the 9ers want to keep them or not. Razors may be right and they take Benito Jones, DT, Older Miss. this year and draft Buckers DT replacement in 2021 draft. Unless
      Solly agrees to a new contract (cut in salary), I think he’s gone in 2021?
      * Have you got any DT prospects you’d like to see the 9er draft?

      1. I personally like the idea of keeping our 31 pick because it opens a better opportunity to draft a top level DT.

        My 3 possibilities at 31 are Blacklock, Gallimore and Davidson. I believe that anyone of these players could help defray the loss of Buckner.
        But, if we trade out of 31 for more picks I’d be ok especially if the FO has their eyes set on players on day 2-3 that can help.

        1. AES
          With draft pick #31, the 9ers will be lucky if DT Blacklock and Gallimore are still available. But DT Marlon Davidson will likely be there in Rd 2, as will DT Justin Madubuike in Rd 3.
          Personally, I’d prefer Justin Madubuike, Tex A&M: (4.83s 40 and 31 reps should = QB sacks). The knock on him is not enough sand in his pants, but at 6’3″ X 293, some time with Kocurek and the weight room, should cure that.

          1. If he can help and still be available on the second it would be a nice addition. But my thinking is more along the line of drafting a player who can better fill the gap left open by Buckner.

            The top 2 DTs are Brown and Kinlaw, worthy of their 1st rd projections. If Blacklock (contingent on keeping 31) falls to us we may have two day one starters.
            I’d rather we garner more draft picks by trading fringe players on the roster like Bourne and even (ouch!) Breida.

            1. AES
              Don’t remember who, but someone on the blog said the 9ers could free up ~$10 Mil. by cutting the deadwood. If true, that saving should go to help keep Kittle. There’s also restructuring JG’s contract, but I don’t see that happening until the FO thinks he’s the golden goose that lays the golden eggs (SB’s).
              Only one things for sure, in ~ 24 – 25 days we should know who / what the 9ers draft?

  65. I don’t see the 49ers wasting a first round pick on a wide receiver. Looking for blazing speed only makes sense if you plan to throw well downfield. He’s going to get very tired of running downfield but watching the pass go to some guy underneath. You don’t need a guy with 4.3 speed to play decoy. Garoppolo can make the long throws but doesn’t because he’s afraid they’ll be picked off. Mullens can’t make them due to not having an NFL arm. (But he is good on the short ones).

  66. Ruggs would be much more than a decoy. He has a lot of Tyreek Hill in him and may be the only player in the draft that can equal Hill’ speed.
    Even with Hill’ 2019 stats being considerably lower than his 2018 numbers, he was still a major factor in the Superbowl.

    There’s no way Shanahan limits Ruggs’ rare speed and catching ability in his offense. If Shanahan wants to use Ruggs solely as a decoy, he’s better off not drafting him.

  67. Ruggs kills opponents with his speed even if he just takes a little flip out to the flat. It’s not correct to assume that you need to throw long to make him deadly. Watch his film!

    But I don’t want to spend 13 on a WR. Jeudy for example looks like a fine prospect, but reading evaluations, I’m getting echoes of Dante Pettis. Great route runner, but not overly tough or physical, not known for going up and getting the contested catch.

    Is Jeudy a rich man’s Dante Pettis? We already blew a high pick on Pettis, we can’t afford to do it again, with an even higher pick this time. Yes we should look to replace Sanders, but this WR class is deep, and we can find a damn good candidate lower than #13. Please, not another prettyboy. Watch how Kittle plays the game, get me a receiver like that.

    I want DT, OL with our early picks. Hopefully the mania over WRs and QBs will allow us to trade down and find them with #31, or lower picks that we don’t yet own. Let’s keep Jimmy upright. Let’s not lose Buck’s ferociousness in the middle. Let’s think about Sherman retiring. Let’s get another pass catching TE.

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