49ers wide receiver Marquise Goodwin aims to compete in 2020 Olympics

San Francisco 49ers assistant coach Wes Welker, left, talks with wide receiver Marquise Goodwin at the team’s NFL football headquarters in Santa Clara, Calif., Tuesday, June 4, 2019. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

SANTA CLARA — Marquise Goodwin is a man of many interests.

When it’s football season, he plays football. When it’s not football season, he prefers track and field.

On Tuesday, Goodwin confirmed to reporters he will compete in the “40 yards of gold” race on June 29 along with 15 other NFL players, and try out for the U.S. Olympic team as a long-jumper in 2020.

“I’m 100% interested (in participating in the Olympics),” Goodwin said in the 49ers’ media room. “It’s all on my off time. I use it as part of my training. What I do, long jump, track and field, it definitely correlates with what I do as a receiver — being fast, being explosive. It’s the same mechanics that I use in football. They go hand-in-hand with each other.”

Goodwin, 28, competed as a long jumper in the 2012 Olympics and finished 10th. In 2016, while a member of the Buffalo Bills, Goodwin tried to return to the Olympics, but failed to qualify during the Olympic trials in July.

The trials for the 2020 Olympics will take place next summer in Eugene, Oregon, from June 19-28. If Goodwin qualifies, he will join the U.S. track and field team in Tokyo for the Olympic Games from July 24 to August 9. Meaning he would miss the first two weeks of 49ers training camp.

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  1. “I’ll probably change my diet a little bit, get a little leaner = can’t wait to get injured playing football

  2. Considering all of Marquise Goodwin’s recent travails, all I can say is- Godspeed young man. Follow your dreams.

  3. K cousins = “I’m pretty much a .500 quarterback in my career so far and I don’t think that’s where you want to be and that’s not why you are brought in or people are excited about you.”

    validates my point that he was never a top 5 QB….

  4. The Chicago Bears kicker just Blewitt and was cut today.

    Their coach is not happy and they seem desperate in their search for a quality kicker.

    It’s time for John Lynch to pick up the phone and make a trade offer for Robbie Gould.

    1. Shanny won’t trade Gould, not to mention it would set a bad precedent. Play or retire are the only two options you give Gould. Whether he turns out to be fools or real Gould remains to be seen….

        1. In my opinion, I think the 9ers would jump on anything higher than a 5th, but I don’t see that happening.

          As many ‘experts’ would declare, a perfectly adequate kicker can be picked up without surrendering a draft pick.

        2. He won’t trade him. Maybe a 2nd round pick gets him to change his mind, but I doubt it. Who’s available that’s as good or even close to as good? Hell, the Bears have gone through a bakers dozen looking for one….

          1. Niners are gaining leverage. Bears may be starting to get desperate, each kicker they cut.
            Since a 4th round pick went for a punter, Gould is so important, the Niners may garner a third round pick for him. That would be fair to both sides.
            Bears lost home field advantage, because of botched kicks. The team really lacks only a kicker to make them strong SB contestants. That is, if the 2 RBs they drafted can replace Howard.

  5. What was it Lynch and Shanahan said about the types of players they wanted when they were first hired again?

    I can promise you this; we’re going to have players that will compete, that will compete every day, that will compete to be the best that they can be. They’re going to be great teammates…We’re going to have guys with great character, football character and we’re going to have guys that are interested in making their community a better place.” ~ JL

    “…our intentions no matter what it is, is to do things the right way, to commit to the right people, to work extremely hard and make the right football decisions.” ~KS

    How is Goodwin’s current hobby helping to build a championship team?

    1. It’s not. It’s a travesty. A disgrace. He should be flogged, tarred and feathered, and then prosecuted for Treason, Sedition, and Conspiracy To Annoy. On the other hand, it does provide another complaint arrow in the quiver for some folks….. So at least there’s that.

  6. I think its fantastic that Goodwin is trying to make the Olympic team. I do have concerns about this race coming up later this month but as far as the Olympic dream goes – heck ya have a blast. Track and field at Hayward field, doesn’t get any better then that.

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