49ers will be looking for receiver help

The 49ers’ starting wide receivers during training camp were Dante Pettis and Marquise Goodwin.

No wonder oddsmakers in Las Vegas predicted the 49ers would win only eight games.

Pettis and Goodwin flopped. The 49ers benched Pettis during camp, and then benched Goodwin after six games. Neither played at all after Week 9.

The 49ers seemed to have a debilitating weakness at a vital position, until rookie Deebo Samuel and third-year receiver Kendrick Bourne emerged midseason. Those two made Goodwin and Pettis irrelevant.

Samuel emerged as a dangerous offensive weapon who can run the ball and catch it. He finished the season with 1,190 yards from scrimmage. And Bourne emerged as the 49ers’ secret weapon. He never started a game, but caught a team-high six touchdown passes and developed a strong connection with Jimmy Garoppolo, whose passer rating when targeting Bourne was a whopping 113.7.

Bourne will be a restricted free agent in March, but the 49ers can match any contract offer he receives from another team. So he almost certainly will be on the 49ers next season.

Now they need a third wide receiver to emerge for 2020. Here are the 49ers’ options:

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  1. I’m not sure if there is anyone out there who doesn’t think the 9ers will attempt to trade back. The problem lies with the fact that pick #31 is not all that attractive. There is a very good chance that there won’t be any takers out there. I have a strong feeling we will end up using #31 for a CB and then waiting all the way to Sat. for our next pick. Another reason I hope they trade down is, historically the 49ers have had terrible luck picking late in the 1st round while they have been very good with 2nd round picks. Its like they have a totally different draft philosophy when drafting #31 from when they draft #33 or later.

    1. #31 will be attractive after the #25 pick…..

      I predict we trade with someone picking between #35 – #40 in the 2nd rd……….

    2. I disagree… the 5th year option is big as teams can keep these players on a cheaper contract for an extra year.
      Additionally in draft where many teams have a multitude of picks, if a player slips down a bit (which happens every year) … it would very enticing to use a 2nd and a third to move up and grab the player they prefer.

    3. This is the cheapest, most effective move, if Lynch understands it and can pull it off.

      LOL, Grant, as if it’s rocket science or something. Could you be anymore condescending?

      Of course they are looking to trade back, it’s hardly a secret. It takes two to tango though, so hopefully it works out.

      1. I’d be shocked if all options weren’t on the table at this point, but you can’t simply give away the 31st pick if you aren’t getting adequate draft capital, or compensation in return, can you? As much as I am hoping the Niners do trade back, I’m not in favor of getting hosed in order to do it, if you catch my drift.

          1. That’s right Seb. I’m not advocating that the 49ers need to somehow come out ahead in terms of value in order to make a deal, in fact I am OK with a very small loss in value, which they can make up for if they are smart with their picks, but don’t you agree that there are limits, and that they will have to draw the line in the sand somewhere, even if it means rolling with BPA at 31?

            The team has needs, but they also have a lot of talent on the roster, and there are players like Hurd, Taylor, and even Pettis, among others, who could very well fill current needs going into 2020. If there is 1 position in which they must find a high caliber player, ideally through the draft, it’s got to be CB, don’t you think?

            1. Having said that, I do think there will be an opportunity, perhaps multiple, to make a deal to move down, that makes sense from a TVC perspective, and they may need to package a player like Thomas or Goodwin, in order to make it work.

              1. As far as I am concerned, the Solomon Thomas experiment has run it’s course. He failed to step up down the stretch, which is a real shame because injuries along the DL provided him a golden opportunity to help the team in a time of need. It’s time to cut bait and move on from him, even if they get very little in return, IMO. The problem with Goodwin isn’t a lack of talent. He’s dealing with off the field issues which are unfortunately carrying spilling over onto the field, so I think there may be an opportunity to move him via a trade, rather than releasing him, unless he makes a commitment to this team, beyond a verbal promise. That ship may have already sailed though, as the FO has already given him more than enough chances to get his act together.

                If Goodwin and Sanders are both odd men out, it would be a real shame for the Niners FO to let this historically deep, talented class of WR’s get away without tapping into it.

            2. When I say they have talent on the roster, I am including FA’s, RFA’s, as well as the practice squad. A lot of talent, but also a lot of work to do in the lead up to the draft.

    4. The Baltimore Ravens traded up to the 32nd pick to grab some guy named Lamar Jackson…is he still playing…

    5. Generally the more attractive trading back looks in a deep draft, the less incentive there is for teams to want to trade up. That’s how the top of last year’s first round went.

      One exception is quarterbacks. If a quarterback needy team skipped one in the first, they might be eager to move up to pick 31. If they move ahead of the 49ers pick 31 then that pushes non-QB talent one pick later in the round, so it’s still good for the 49ers.

      Another exception is scheme fit. A team picking high in the 2nd might move up if there’s a run on a certain kind of receiver (or other position) they’re looking for in the late 1rst.

  2. 1. Sanders served his purpose. Now is the time to take advantage of a deep wr class. They need speed on the outside to open up the middle of the field for Kittle and Samuel. Goodwin? Gabriel? Draft pick? More likely a combination of the three.

    2. You proceed as if Taylor will not be available. Which he hasn’t been. Best case scenario is he’s your backup.

    3. You proceed as if Hurd will never play a down for you, and that’s not a far fetched possibility. Again, best case scenario is he’s your backup.

    4. You proceed as if Pettis has not changed, and he probably won’t. I do not expect him to make this team.

    5. Getting rid of Goodwin seems in the cards, but in order to afford the team some flexibility in the draft, they may want to replace that speed element with Gabriel to allow them some flexibility when it comes to looking for a wr in this draft.

    6. I haven’t looked at all the cb’s in this draft but I’m assuming there will not be one worthy of drafting in the 1st round. Wr is another matter. There’s one receiver I’d take if he somehow remains on the board at #31. Tee Higgins, WR, Clemson. Any team not offering two 2nd round picks, (one this year & one next year), their 3rd this year, (we return one of our 5th round picks this year) would be rebuffed. Barring that, you absolutely trade down for whatever you can get. Ultimately you’d like it to be a higher 2nd round pick, along with a 3rd and 4th. That’s when I’d look for a CB in round 2, a wr in round 3, and then your OT that could play guard too in the 4th round.

    1. There is almost zero chance that Tee Higgins will be on the board at 31 and I don’t think he would be the type of WR Shanahan would be excited about anyway. He’s got Hurd to fill that body type and yes I saw your way of thinking in regards to Hurd but I disagree and I doubt they think that way when the kid was a 3rd round pick just last year.

      They will trade down for sure and hopefully pull off a similar trade haul to what the Seahawks did last year.

      * WR Tee Higgins: I’d be surprised if he’s still available at pick # 31, it likely depends on his combine numbers.
      * Taylor Gabriel : 5’7″ X 168 Pound, 29-year-old receiver, battled two concussions in 2019 and played in just nine games, totaling 29 catches for 353 yards and four touchdowns. Run a 4.27s 40. Will take the top off opponents D!
      The two 2019 concussions are a concern! Spotrac list his 2019 salary at $6.5 Mil.
      * Jalen Reagor: WR, TCU Height: 5-11. Weight: 195. Projected 40 Time: 4.35. Projected early Rd. #2 draft pick.
      * K.J. Hamler: WR, Penn State Height: 5-9. Weight: 176. Projected 40 Time: 4.40. Project mid Rd. #2 draft pick.
      * Damon Arnette: CB, Ohio State, Height: 6-0. Weight: 195. Projected 40 Time: 4.40. Scouts say Arnette is instinctive, tough and versatile. They like how he can play inside at nickel or line up outside with the ability to play man or zone. Arnette is very physical, has a feisty style of play that comes out with him being super competitive. He challenges every throw and never makes it easy on receivers to get a reception. On top of having cover skills to stay with receivers, he is a very good tackler who doesn’t hesitate to hit. Projected mid 2nd Rd. draft pick.
      * Troy Pride Jr.: CB, Notre Dame, Height: 6-0. Weight: 190. Projected 40 Time: 4.40. Pride had 40 tackles with six passes broken up and an interception during 2019. Projected mid 4th Rd. draft pick.
      * Detroit OG/C Free Agent Graham Glasgow: 29 Y/O, 6’6″ X 310, Combine 40 time 5.13s. Spotrac 2019 Salary $2.025Mil. PFF list Lions OG Graham Glasgow as a good free agent target, his PFF grade (74.1), was eighth best among 28 qualifying guards, and he didn’t allowed no sacks.
      * Tyler Biadasz,: OC, Wi. Height: 6-3. Weight: 316. Projected 40 Time 5.20. Projected early Rd. 2 draft pick. .
      * Jake Hansen: OC Oregon, Height: 6-5. Weight: 302 Projected 40 Time 4.99s Projected mid 5th Rd. draft pick.
      * Shane Lemieux: OG, Oregon, Height: 6-4. Weight: 317. Projected 40 Time 5.10s. Projected early 5th Rd. pick.
      * Hakeem Adeniji: OG Kansas, Height 6-4. Weight 302. Projected 40 Time: 5.10s. Projected mid 4th Rd. pick

      1. Right now I’ve got us trading out of #31 with a team that covets Jacob Eason, QB, Washington. I like the 49ers to go CB in round 2 with Dantzler outta Miss St, knowing they can get a starting WR in round 3….

        1. Razor
          Trading pick #31 to a team looking for a QB (either Jordan Love, Utah St., or Jacob Eason, Wash.), is likely the best scenario for the 9ers to get a 2nd and a 3rd round draft pick.
          * Cameron Dantzler: Miss St., Height 6-2, Weight: 195. Projected 40 Time: 4.51. He’d give the 9ers a big, physical CB. The Combine should answer the question how well he runs and is he fluid enough to maintain coverage and prevent separation?
          * Damon Arnette: Ohio St., Height: 6-0. Weight: 195. Projected 40 Time: 4.40s. A little smaller CB, but faster! NFL Scouting Report: Arnette is very physical and has a feisty style of play that comes out with him being super competitive. He challenges every throw and never makes it easy on receivers to get a reception. On top of having cover skills to stay with receivers, he is a very good tackler who doesn’t hesitate to hit. He can also play inside at nickel or line up outside with the ability to play man or zone.
          * Kansas City WR’s set the SB standard…SPEED and IMO, WR is a greater need than CB for 2020. *Just my opinion, but Emmanuel Sanders showed the 9ers have a greater need for a receiver like him (to get back to the SB), than another CB.
          * With respect to 9ers need at CB. The 9ers do need a CB to take over for Sherman (when he retires), but I’d like to see if Witherspoon’s foot injury caused his drop off, or is he a backup that should be replaced?
          * With another years experience, Emmanuel Moseley looks to be capable of taking over as a starting CB.

        2. “ Trading pick #31 to a team looking for a QB (either Jordan Love, Utah St., or Jacob Eason, Wash.), is likely the best scenario for the 9ers to get a 2nd and a 3rd round draft pick”

          Who needs a QB? Cincy, maybe Detroit, Miami and the Chargers and maybe TB?
          I think all those teams will have addressed that position before 31.

          1. Prime Time: * Just a crazy thought, or something to get he who we shall not mention exercized?
            * Say the Raiders trade Derek Carr, then sign TB. Backup QB Nathan Peterman and journeyman Mike Glennon aren’t the long term answer, so with two first round draft picks and TB as QB, would Gruden trade picks he got for Carr to the 9ers, for Rd. #1 pick #31 and draft QB’s Love or Eason?
            * NO Saints: Say they keep QB Teddy Bridgewater, then trade QB Drew Brees. With no Rd. #2 draft picks, would they use the draft picks they received for Brees and trade for the 9ers pick #31, then draft Love or Eason as their backup QB?
            * Teams that need a QB in 2020 draft: Bengals, Buccaneers, Chargers, Colts, Dolphins, Panthers,
            * Teams that could trade for pick #31, then draft a backup QB: Bears, Eagles and Jaguars.
            * Possible scenarios that could play out in the 9ers favor?

              1. Razor
                * Eason replacing Brees: I agree, but what do they do with Teddy Bridgewater? Keep both, with Eason the backup?
                * do you buy the Raider signing TB for $60 Mil? And if so, what the Market Value for Carr?

              2. They won’t keep Bridgewater, so Eason would make a ton of sense. Brees/Hill/Eason going into training camp looks pretty good on paper.

                I think Carr’s market value could take a hit if he washes out under Gruden. I’d imagine he’d probably command in the $20-23 million a year range. Don’t think he’s worth that….

    3. Grant

      I was talking to a friend about Hurd ( one of my favorites, and one of his favorites) Shawn Poindexter. He mentioned that SP was a clone for Hurd as far as receiving went….They’re both around 6’5″ and around 250 lbs…both are good at catching the ball (hi-pointing) and fighting when they DO have it….QUESTION : Is Poindexter going to get some ‘targets’ this season ?

      Hold onto PETTIS

      1. OREGONINER:
        Question: Do you know if the Ducks O-line used a ZBS in 2019? And have you watched them play?
        * O-linemen: Calvin Throckmorton, Shane Lemieux and Jake Hanson look like possible 9er 4th & 5th Rd. draft prospects?

        Does Oregon O-line use a ZBS? If so, they have 3 interior O-linemen that look like prospective 9er late round draft picks and have you seen them play?

      3. For the record, Poindexter is about the same height as Hurd, but about 15-20 lbs lighter (Poindexter has a slender build, and is listed at 218 lbs, nowhere close to 250 lbs), and remember, Hurd was a bell cow RB for most of his college career, and was at one point even ahead of Alvin Kamara on the Volunteers’ draft chart, while Poindexter is a former volleyball player. Putting height aside, these two receivers are actually very different in terms of body type and play style.

  3. Ah, this reminds me of the Glory Years. I just wish the Niners would have been picking last.
    I hope they tag and trade Armstead for a first round pick, like the Seahawks did with Frank Clark. Maybe settle for a high second round pick. But if a first round pick, the 31st pick could be traded back from, like the Seahawks did, to gain 6 picks. Seahawks managed to trade back, I am sure JL is clever enough to replicate their strategy.
    Looking at the WR position, Goodwin may be too expensive to trade away, so he may be waived as a cap casualty. The Niners stated that he could be traded, but that may be a hard sell, and just posturing on their part.
    Dante Pettis may be traded away, but he may not generate much interest, so maybe they should bundle him with another player to get as much as possible. He might be worth only a 6th or 7th round pick otherwise.
    I am not too worried about the WR position, because Trent Taylor should be returning, and this is a very deep WR class.
    Hurd concerns me. I did not like him before the draft because he had a red flag. I did not like him after the draft because he became injured way too easily. Now, they are saying he is still not medically cleared to practice. However, if he can return, he would provide that big bodied WR that the Niners are looking for.
    This is a very deep WR class. On the CBS big board, 18 of their top players were listed as WRs. The Niners must trade back in order to tap into that talent pool, because I just do not see them taking only a WR at 31, and have them be content to wait until pick number 156 to select another player. Trading away players should be a big goal for JL, so he can get picks in the second, third and 4th rounds. Maybe even a first round pick for Armstead.
    Looking at the prospects, I like later WRs. Lamb, Higgins Jeudy and Ruggs will be gone before the Niners pick. Shenault, Reagor and Justin Jefferson may also be gone if the Niners draft a CB with their first pick.
    Denzel Mims, Donovan Peoples Jones, Chase Claypool, KJ Hill, and Van Jefferson may be later prospects that may be available for the Niners’ second pick if they manage to trade back.
    One small college player who is intriguing is Antonio Gandy- Golden from Liberty.

  4. I certainly hope all you guys are right and we are able to trade back. I just have a very strong feeling we are in for the most boring draft week in a long long time.

    1. Both the #30 and #31 picks were traded last year. The 30th pick got a 2nd, 4th and a 5th in return. The 31st pick was packaged with a 6th round pick and got a 2nd and a 3rd in return. The teams trading up took a CB and an OT so it doesn’t need to be a QB or any other skill position for a team to be enticed into trading back into the first round. There will be a deal for the Niners to trade down if they want it.

  5. A few things to bring up here. 1st—talking about trading back. There will be a little more negotiation then normal because other teams know that the 9ers really need to trade back and we in the weaker position. If we can’t get a trade back, then we will be forced to trade valuable players or future draft picks to get to do something in day two. 2nd–between the article and the comments, not one person has mentioned Richie James. His is not a WR1, but when given a shot, has made (and also missed) a few big plays. Just wondering why is is not at least in the conversation.

    1. Robby0662

      I’m in lockstep with you….I believe that you don’t need James Junior to return punts when you’ve got Pettis (record holder NCAA) punt returner trying to find a place other than the pine.

  6. Schneider traded back multiple times, and even traded up to select a player they coveted.
    It can be done, but only if they present fair deals.
    They should go by past deals like the Chandler Jones, Trent Brown, Dee Ford or Frank Clark trades. They should try to get them to balance out in the TVC, to make it as fair as possible.
    Trading away Armstead is not popular, but it is the best way to stay under the cap. He is a SB player, with 10 sacks, so Grant thinks they can get a first round pick for him. With that extra first round pick, they can very painlessly trade back.
    Who would want to trade up? Teams like the Broncos and Dolphins, who have a ton of picks.
    Another possible trade partner, will be a team that covets a player, but knows a team ahead of them will mostly likely nab him first. They will want to leapfrog ahead, and select the player first. The player they covet could fill a huger need, and help the team get to the next step.
    Thankfully, this draft is deep in talent that the Niners have needs in. They only need more picks so they can tap into that talent.

  7. Oh great… a Science-denying nutjob “in charge” of a pandemic-response that will call for employing the best possible scientific solutions???

    What could go wrong…?

  8. Pretty much agree with everything you wrote Grant. Every current 3rd option on the 49ers roster has huge question marks. Obviously Sanders is the biggest name but he definitely disappeared at times. Plus I don’t think he’s the missing link in the 49er receiving corps. My logic is that Jimmy G connected so quickly with Trent Taylor because Taylor resembled so many WR’s with which Tom Brady had so much success. Garoppolo was in an offense that highly valued extreme short area quickness. Guys that could get open very fast and then Brady could hit them on time for easy gains. Jimmy G grew up in the NFL with receivers similar to guys like Wes Welker, Julian Edelman, Danny Amendola, and Brandin Cooks. The only guy on the current roster that fits that mold is Trent Taylor but he can’t stay healthy. If the 49ers are looking for a WR I hope they find a Julian Edelman type. He’s the perfect compliment to the current group.

      1. Interesting comparison. Both college QBs running option type offenses. I really liked Perry when I saw him play. His lateral quickness and toughness was evident. Looked up Lance Zierlein’s draft analysis and in the weakness column for Perry he had:

        Below average short-area suddenness as a slot
        Routes are leggy and show him through transitions
        May not have speed or separation quickness to uncover

        I have a ton of respect for Zierlein’s analysis so I really didn’t like seeing those things listed. But those analysts are wrong all the time. The one thing Perry has going for him is his heart and leadership. Impossible to measure traits for guys transitioning to the NFL.

        1. Prime Time says:
          February 27, 2020 at 3:11 pm
          Yes but not Trent Taylor. He’s a band aid.

          Shoot band aids last longer than he does, I’d say more like a kiss from mommy on a boo boo

  9. Everyone agrees the preference is to trade down. Everyone has commented on quite a few receivers, most of whom will be available in that late 1st, early 2nd area (Reagor, Jefferson, Aiyuk, and Hamler). Two names I am keeping an eye on in that late 2nd, early 3rd location (these are taller guys, as we have the 5’9″ to 6’1″ height pretty covered with Samuel, Bourne, Pettis if he recovers from his sophomore slump, and Taylor if he is healthy):

    1. Van Jefferson, WR Florida (6’2″, 197 lbs). https://thedraftnetwork.com/player/van-jefferson/CRJpmSHrGn. He worked with poor Quarterbacks at Florida in terms of passing ability, but at the Senior Bowl he showed major skill in beating coverage. Has the insane route-running ability Shanahan craves from his receivers. I agree with the scouting report that he is not as athletically gifted as others, but with his route running can get open for that 10-15 yard pickup over the middle the Niners offense needs.

    2. Denzel Mims, WR Baylor (6’3″, 206 lbs). https://thedraftnetwork.com/player/denzel-mims/ZbRV713pev. Needs to be coached up, but his hands are spectacular and his the long arms necessary to become an effective blocker in the running game (which Niners’ receivers need to be able to do).

  10. So which players should be considered in the draft? You have pointed out the Status Quo, how about some prognostication?

  11. The wide receiver position in free agency is not loaded this year. And no this is not the ideal scenario, however with the draft class being loaded perhaps someone doesn’t get signed and have to suck it up and drop their demands, a one-year contract or something like that… it’s a Band-Aid I know but just looking looking at the guys Grant has presented and their productivity last, is down righ pathetic. And you cant count on a rookie year one, especially at the wide receiver position, with apologies to Deebo Samuel.

  12. I wouldn’t be too quick to trade the 31st pick. Jaelen Reagor WR would be a great pick up at 31 to immediately improve kick and punt returns and be another big threat WR with big YAC. I also think there will be great RBs available such as Jonathan Taylor, a big, very fast and elusive RB from Wisconsin who would be great TD back in any area of the field and especially in the red zone. This is an area of need. We need him to put up 7 points instead of field goals. The backs we have did well but they are still scat backs and do not really break tackles. J Taylor will do both. JK Dobbins is another nice RB who would be good. We need a big time playmaker at 31 and that will probably be more important than so so bodies picked up in rounds 2,3, or 4.

    1. Laviska Shenault WR is my favorite player in the draft but I doubt he will be around when the Niners pick at 31.

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        1. The coronavirus doesn’t need to be occurring in high amounts in the US to negatively be effecting US companies.

          And blaming this shift solely on this factor would also be incorrect.

    2. Fck…….shyte is about to be Real……Locations with Confirmed COVID-19 Cases

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      1. The issue seems overblown considering the from what I have seen the numbers suggest it’s not as dangerous as the common flu.

        1. Wall Street in historic selloff as WHO declares ‘global level’ coronavirus risk…….Markets are poised to extend their worst streak since the 2008 financial crisis, with major benchmarks plunging in panic selling related to the coronavirus outbreak.

          I don’t think its overblown……The virus can cause pneumonia. Those who have fallen ill are reported to suffer coughs, fever and breathing difficulties. In severe cases there can be organ failure. As this is viral pneumonia, antibiotics are of no use. The antiviral drugs we have against flu will not work. Recovery depends on the strength of the immune system. Many of those who have died were already in poor health.

          …I actually did not know it was in more countries….Listening to the news you would think it was only China….

          1. Yeah, you guys might get your wish. A global financial depression spurred on by panic over a pandemic. Once the vaccine is produced by Israel in a couple weeks and the deaths due to Coronavirus match a Saturday afternoon at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Los Angeles then that’ll show the voters who to vote for. Keep screaming chicken little. You may get the panic and horrific impact to every Americans retirement plan that your hoping for to win an election. Great job, Adolf.

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        2. Seriously Shoup, where did you see those numbers? According to both the WHO and CDC, the COVID-19 Virus has a mortality rate 20X higher the the common flu, and may very well be nearly as easily transmitted (although we don’t yet know this as fact). If this virus spreads at anywhere near the same rate as the common flu, it will indeed be far more dangerous, don’t you think?

          I’m not panicking because I believe panic doesn’t help the situation, but I do believe people need to understand the facts, at the very least.

          1. 49R, Trump Chief of Staff advises Americans to not get any info on COVID-19 Virus from the media. It looks like some of the posters Trump cultists here have taken that advice.


            …the deaths due to Coronavirus match a Saturday afternoon at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Los Angeles…

            Are you f-ing serious?????

            You may get the panic and horrific impact to every Americans retirement plan that your hoping for to win an election.

            Oh. were getting it alright. First from the president who doesn’t even know how to spell the virus, then from his latest “Medal of Freedom” recipient calling it a “cold”, then handing the containment task to an Administration official who doesn’t even believe in science. No hysteria needed. Is it any wonder the financial markets are in meltdown?

            1. I hear you, and agree with you wholeheartedly rib, I would just rather leave politics to a different forum, which is why I only tried to set Shoup straight from a scientific POV.

          2. 49,
            From the cdc, granted this is a bit old. FEB 19
            the new coronavirus, dubbed COVID-19, has led to more than 75,000 illnesses and 2,000 deaths, primarily in mainland China. But that’s nothing compared with the flu, also called influenza. In the U.S. alone, the flu has already caused an estimated 26 million illnesses, 250,000 hospitalizations and 14,000 deaths this season.

            Granted the mortality rate is higher but this is partially because it started in China, (not exactly a Mecca for health care ) and it’s so new And no one has really looked into the symptoms or treatments until very recently.

            1. And no one has really looked into the symptoms or treatments until very recently

              Apparently our governments version of treatment is call the whole thing a hoax.

              1. The CDC is doing nothing?
                I guess there is no need for them then. All kidding aside this isn’t really a political issue, it’s not similar to aids which was buried for years. It’s all very new… so I thinks it’s a bit early to say nothing is being done.

                It’s not entirely true.
                – people have tested then later quarantined, foreigners banned from entry if they were coming from infected zones.

                The problem is this is so new it’s nearly impossible to contain immediately. They didn’t know how easily or how soon it can be spread, or it’s incubation period (which is still not completely known).
                It wasn’t even thought to be a pandemic issue by the WHO until what a week or two ago?

    3. Anyone else notice how quiet the Commander in Chief has been today?

      And here I thought you were talking about Seb!

    4. Maybe a 19 hour flight from India where over 100 thousand people showed up will leave you a little tired.
      But hey to some he’s an embarrassment to this country.

      Now I’ll just watch all the trump hating liberals in here buy what the NYT and cnn sells them and blame trump for this too.

      A lot of people buying this hype.
      Like Russia, Ukraine and other myths the media and left politicize it will be another forgotten memory for these angry angry people

      1. If Wuhan was our southern border neighbor instead of Mexico, I wonder if the liberals and Dems would still provide sanctuary cites?
        Progressive thinking = forget standards, let everything go.
        DTJ = 4 more years!

        1. Jesus AES, What kind of f-ed up false equivalence thinking is that?

          Forget Covid, there’s a brain eating disease that has decimated what’s left of the Republican Party

          1. Rib,
            It must be tough knowing that you are going to have 4 more years of Trump.
            I’m really starting to get why you and One9 are spewing all your angst around here.

            Let’s look at some simple numbers that you and One9 seem to ignore.
            The House Dems are 0-3 in impeachment attempts. Schiff and Nedler brought in their personal professors to explain the meaning of Bribing. What a joke – Btw, how did that turn out?
            Your hatred of Trump is what is divisive my friend.
            Get a grip, and get your popcorn ready for 4more!

            1. This deserves a response.
              The Orange Glow just got 46% of the vote in 2016, and is acting like he won in a landslide.
              The Democrats were divided, with many not voting, or voting against Hillary, but she still won the popular vote by almost 3 million votes.
              All the Dems have to do is stick together, and turn out to vote, and he will be a one term President, and our national nightmare will be over. Then we can prosecute him and lock him up.
              Remember, the Dems took back the House, so the Republicans are in the minority in many parts of the country.
              The only way he might be re-elected, is if he starts a war, like he almost did against Iran.
              Divisive? Like calling Mexicans Rapists? Demeaning ‘shirthole’ countries? Kissing Putin’s arse and Muslim bans? This Stable Genius loves to denigrate anyone against him with slurs, insults and expletives. He is covering up malfeasance and ignoring subpoenas. Putting children in cages will be his legacy.
              4 more years? That sounds like Nixon, and guess how that turned out.

              1. Seb,
                C’mon my brother, get a clue. The House is a weak group doing nothing more than seeking power. They tried to weld their power 3times against Trump and came up empty and embarrassed.
                Now they are trying a new tactic in blaming #45 for the coronavirus.
                Sure, the Dems are really bringing the country together – lol.
                Anyway, this will be my last comment on Trump.

              2. Seb,
                You left out one of the reasons Dems lost in 2016. There was a certain NFL QB who insisted there was no difference in the two candidates and encouraged people not to vote. Notice the lack of turn out in swing state among youth and AA voters. That is the main reason I can’t support CK in any of his stands. imho

              3. The House of Representatives are a co-equal branch of the government. They did their duty, and Trumped was impeached. That fact is firmly etched into the history books.
                Too bad the Senate did not uphold their oaths to be fair and impartial. It is amazing that they can hold a trial without witnesses, yet the House Prosecutors proved their case. This is truly an outlaw regime. He has torn up treaties, alienated allies, been a toady to Putin, Openly tried to get a foreign government to interfere in the US elections, and still is denying Russian interference, even though the Intelligence community is raising the alarm about this next election.
                It is amazing that this con is being perpetuated. He stabbed farmers in the back with his trade wars. He tore up 50 years of environmental protections. He gave a pittance to low income tax payers, and huge tax breaks to himself. He may tout this economy, but there used to be trillion dollar budgets, now there are trillion dollar deficits.
                Yes, I could go on and on, but just wanted to give another opinion to counter your post.
                Now, I, too will stick to football, because the Combine is producing some surprising results.
                Those who think the Niners will not draft an O lineman early, forgets about 2018, when the Niners could have drafted a pass rusher, but went with Mike McGlinchey. Improving the O line will allow JG more time to throw, and maybe have less passes batted down.

              4. Old Coach, I will not defend him on his stance about voting. I want him, and every eligible voter to participate.
                He has no leg to stand on if he decries injustices, but refuses to vote. Most major progressive changes and social reforms have come through the ballot box.
                I agree, he got bad advice, and he did not help the situation, or encourage voter turnout.
                However, protesting against police brutality should be lauded, no matter who is protesting.
                Back to the Combine, I fully expect to see many DBs run a sub 4.4 forty. I sure want the Niners to obtain more draft picks, in order to tap into this deep draft.

              5. When addressed, I consider it polite to respond.
                Politics have intruded on this site because some one started it by pardoning Eddie.
                If you noticed, I ended up discussing football.
                Did you know that some fool actually advocated trading up?

            2. It must be tough knowing that you are going to have 4 more years of Trump.

              We’ll see AES. I don’t see Trump running away with anything.


              And you are seriously expecting reelection when he’s consistently approval underwater by double digits? In the “best economy the country has ever had”? *This even before the Ds take him down with the coronavirus hoax?* LOL

              Better not be so sure there, Baltimore Ravens. (see, I brought it back to football)

      2. A lot of people buying this hype.

        All the countries around the world taking very aggressive measures in combating this? They are victims of hype and hoax too? And are just doing this to make Trump look bad in hopes he’s out on his @ss come November? Considering the non-regard in which Trump is held around the non-authoritative world, you might be on to something.

  13. My ?offseason wish list????…???…

    Restructure JimG and Mck contracts….
    Absolutely Resign Armstead and Blair to a long term deal…
    Resign Breida
    Resign Ward to a 2 yr deal
    Resign Day
    Resign Emmanuel to a 2yr deal…..if not draft Jefferson or Reagor if we have to pick 31….
    Draft 2 speedy corners
    Draft a MLB
    Draft a RB
    Trade Coleman, Goodwin and Beathard…for mid round picks
    If possible trade Weatherspoon for a draft pick if you can get an experienced better than average corner from in FA…
    Resign Verret to a minimum contract …

    1. Same here and Reager’s less than stellar 40 was not.
      Mimms was a major surprise and Shenault was another disappointment.

      Honestly I thought most of the receivers were a bit slower than expected… and I normally expect slower combine times.

      1. I’m just not a big Reagor guy. He can play but I think he will get overdrafted. I’d spend a 3rd on him but he will go much higher than that.

  14. Did I mention Albert Okwuegbunam before as a possible TE pick for depth? I thought I had, but if not his 4.49 in the 40 today is going to make him worth mentioning…

  15. grant, i love the informative articles!!! its no secret im not a fan of your opinionated articles….With that out of the way….i disagree with you on your premise here…
    You stated that the secondary and the Oline are of more importance….! How do you figure???!!! We just had the best passing D in the league……and your still bashing the secondary as you do every year!!!!?????
    The Oline was solid, every starter coming back……and we had 3 key contributors off the bench who came out of nowhere and played so well that we forgot about the starters!!!!!

    So those are the priority’s huh??!!

    secondary- top 4 cbs coming back and the starting SS…..Ward is a FA, and if he dosent come back……Moore seems poised to step up
    Oline- set! starters, depth, possible future replacement for Staley…..all on the roster!

    Now ill give you this much- you can NEVER have enough quality Olinemen, and maybe there not sold on the in-house options to replace Staley…
    In the secondary, maybe Mosely and AW are the cbs of the future…..and maybe not! Maybe Ward and Tartt are singed long term, maybe Harris and Moore are the answers….or maybe not.
    I view both positions as set for now…but the draft is about resupplying talent for the future, so additions here wouldnt surprise me.

    On the other hand, Sanders seems like the least likely to be resigned out of the big 3 FA’s…..at 33 and commanding
    $10mil a year !!! buh bye!
    What this team REALLY needs is a true #1 wr!!!!! and with a historically deep draft pool……this might be one of the only times we can get one at the end of the 1st round!

    Now TT is a slot type guy for sure…..Hurd might be a big slot receiver… he might be a TE….he also just might be an eventual #1! he has the size and speed, but you cant count on him!
    Bourne in a #3 type , maybe a #2….shoot, i though hed be cut this last year….he COULD continue to evolve into a #1….but i wouldnt bet the farm on it.
    Deebo got better when ES came over…he seems suited as a #2, and offensive weapon….IDK if he has the size for an ideal #1….
    Goodwin is a speed guy, and Lynch stated he wouldnt be cut for what its worth. Traded maybe, but not cut.
    Petis is a complete wild card. I used to view him as an Antonio Brown type, not the biggest, not the fastest guy in the league…..but faster and stronger than he seems with enough elusiveness to be really good!!! Im not sure if he’ll ever live up to that potential though. I dont like NFL players who grew up with $…..they lack incentive to put in the hard work it takes…

    #1 wr might be EXACTLY what we do at 31…especially when you factor need vs best available talent!
    Ive never been a big fan of trading down……unless your team is REALLY bad….like the previous years….when your trying to turn over the entire roster as fast as you can.
    I feel theres to few opportunity’s to add elite talent in this league…..and the 1st round is one of the few……
    I also dont understand how teams with stacked rosters would trade back to acquire picks…..12 rookies arent going to make teams with stacked rosters!!! Baalke always did this when we were stacked…..and look how that turned out! He didnt want to give up a bunch of picks for OBJ…….well, OBJ is a difference maker and all the players he chose with all his picks he didnt want to give up washed out of the league pretty quick.

    We dont have many picks this year….so i could see them trading back….but im usually not a fan of doing so on a roster like this.

    I could see them going Oline, cb, safety, pass rush or wr at 31……..and a crazy outside the box pick could be TE( to complement, NOT replace kittle ) or rb. if a guy who got cut 6 times looks like a stud in this running game…..a really talented guy might look like a hall of famer

  16. Scooter:
    * Not just the surprise of Justin Jefferson’s 40, but all 20 WR 40-yard dash times that broke 4.50s at the 2020 Combine….
    1. 4.27 Henry Ruggs III WR Alabama
    2. 4.35 Quez Watkins WR So. Miss
    T-3. 4.38 Darnell Mooney WR Tulane
    T-3. 4.38 Denzel Mims WR Baylor
    T-5. 4.39 Antonio Gibson WR Memphis
    T-5. 4.39 Devin Duvernay WR Texas
    7. 4.42 Chase Claypool WR Notre Dame
    T-8. 4.43 Justin Jefferson WR LSU
    T-8. 4.43 John Hightower WR Boise St.
    T-10. 4.45 Isaiah Coulter WR Rhode Island
    T-10. 4.45 Jerry Jeudy WR Alabama
    T-10. 4.45 Jeff Thomas WR Miami
    T-13. 4.46 Tyrie Cleveland WR Florida
    T-13 4.46 Freddie Swain WR Florida
    T-15. 4.47 Stephen Guidry WR Miss. St.
    T-15. 4.47 Jalen Reagor WR TCU
    T-15. 4.47 Joe Reed WR Virginia
    T-18. 4.48 KJ Osborn WR Miami
    T-18. 4.48 Donovan Peoples-Jones WR Michigan
    T-18. 4.48 Dezmon Patmon WR Wash. St.

      1. i just saw that razor! only other player that big to run that fast in the history of the combine……Calvin Johnson!

      2. Razor
        * I told you Claypool was on my watchlist and he looked faster than his projected 4.50s 40!
        * Don’t know what the record is, but 20 WR’s running under 4.50 has to be a new record? It Proves just how deep this WR class is!
        * Biggest surprise to me was TCU WR Jalen Reagor, I thought his 40 would be in low to mid 4.3’s. He’s still fast, but not elite.
        * LSU WR Justin Jefferson 4.43s 40 made him some money. Look for him to move up in the draft.

          1. I selected Claypool before his stellar workout during the Combine.
            You did not mention him at all.
            I recognized his talent, watching his game film. Too bad he will probably now go in the second, where the Niners do not have a pick.

            1. Another 78 more mock drafts and trade proposals and you should finally nail it!

              1. I already nailed the Claypool selection. However, he is going way sooner than his 95th ranking.
                I plan on doing a mock a week, so should have about 10 mocks before the draft.
                You, on the other hand, do not like to make predictions because they can be used to show how clueless you were. Unlike you, I am not afraid of making a mock.

              2. You still don’t understand how stupid you sound.
                Purple haze, purple haze!

              3. I understand how imbecilic you sound. You should give me kudos for nailing the Claypool selection in my mock before the Combine, but you must think he is a scrub.

  17. I know combine numbers should be taken with a bit of a grain of salt, but Reagor’s much slower than expected 40 and then awful agility times are a huge red flag… and also speak to some of the issues I raised about him initially in terms of not separating as much as you expected given the hype.

    On the other hand, Michael Pittman at his size had excellent 40 and agility times, which also fit with what I saw on film. I really like him.

    Mims was a big winner for mine though. Obviously Claypool will be a big story, and that’s fair, but Mims was better for me.

    1. These test confirmed some of my fears regarding him.
      Mims meanwhile appears to have made some money… but I don’t I don’t think he plays to that speed.
      When I was watching him, he appeared to be a stiff runner. What is confusing about him however, is that he showcases exceptional body control when going up for the ball and he appears to have great hands.

      Claypool is a guy I definitely plan to go back and watch some more. He appears to have a smooth stride… I am curious about his breaks though at that size.

      Also, I think SF should look at a bigger wr rather than a fast one to take the top off the defense. I think this would play more to Jimmy’s strength, as he doesn’t have exceptional arm strength or accuracy throwing down the field. So a bigger wr who can body and high point might be a better resource for him.

      1. I agree Mims film doesn’t show what the combine testing suggests. But some teams will likely be impressed by his senior bowl and combine showing.

        Claypool, yeah, I haven’t spent much time on him yet but will be interested to watch the film given his combine. I suspect the film doesn’t sync with the testing though, or he’d be more talked about.

        I was very disappointed that Higgins chose to sit out. But Pittman… very much tested as I expected. He’s underrated.

        1. Scooter
          * ND QB “Tommy, turn over Rees,” didn’t help Claypool get noticed. Several of his receptions show him wide open, so either he got open, or someone blew their assigned coverage. For the 2019 season, he made 66 catches for 1,037 yards and 13 touchdowns. I suspect he’s capable of getting open and he had a good Senior Bowl.
          * Watching his video, reminded me a little of Kittle with some tough runs after the catch.

          1. GEEP, I just finished watching Claypool’s games against Navy, Georgia and VT. I will start with the good – he had a couple of impressive catches against Navy. His 4th TD in that game (yep, 4th!) was a beauty. He consistently showed he can be a handful after the catch, and his straight line speed does show up on tape when able to stride out. Unfortunately, that is about where the good ends for me.

            He is a very linear athlete that doesn’t always play to his size with the ball in the air. He needs a runway to get up to speed, has the turning circle of the titanic (he was smart not to do the agility drills), and despite his size has some maddening bouts of letting guys out position and out muscle him for the ball. A lot of his production came from being schemed open. Short crossers, wheel routes into vacated zones, go routes from the slot against cover 3. He’s not DK Metcalf. He’ll likely get over drafted based on combine measurables, but I think NFL DBs should be able to handle him.

            1. Scooter
              Here is what I see:
              * Claypool comes off the LOS with some nice moves, has good hands, has a big catching radios, shows he can go deep and is obviously a red zone weapon. You’re right, he’s not a DK Metcalf, but scheming players open is one of Shanahan’s strength. As a late 3rd / early 4th Rd. pick, he’d make a nice 9er weapon as a possession receiver.

    2. Yea, Reagor was a big disappointment. Even Zierlein expected him to be a 4.3 guy.

      Higgins deciding to sit out, although disappointing, could contribute to him dropping somewhat but I doubt it.

      Pittman, Claypool and Jefferson really surprised me with their scores. Just reinforces my belief that you can wait until round 3 to find a starting wr in this draft.

      1. Straight line speed is great, but (personally speaking) not essential in football.
        Sudden moves, strength and explosiveness off the LOS are important to me.
        Our own Frank Gore was never a speedster but his strength and explosiveness have made him a future HOF’R.
        Gore is just one of many great NFL players that prove that you don’t need Olympic type speed to become a HOF’R.
        Plus, there is track speed and play speed. Jerry Rice had play speed not track speed. I don’t recall Rice getting caught from behind too often in his illustrious career.

    3. Reagor is off my Niner draft board Scooter. I still love his film (in fact I went back a reviewed some of it after yesterday’s events), and game film is always the most important thing for me, so if he lands in the right system, I believe he’s likely have a strong career, but those poor agility numbers will not fly with Kyle Shanahan, that’s a fact. I expected better, and from what I have read and heard, so did a lot of NFL scouts and execs. He’s put on a lot of muscle over the last year, and my best bet is that he’s spent too much time working on his leg’s (which look noticeably beefier in 2019/20) and not nearly enough time working to maintain flexibility. Even his 40 time was disappointing (although like Deebo, I think he plays faster than he times), regardless of the fact that it was still better than recent notable WR’s like Deebo, AJ Brown, AB, J. Landry, etc. Sure, he jumped through the roof, but one thing I know for a fact is that Kyle has a certain athletic “prototype” when it comes to RB’s and WR’s and a 7.31 3-Cone & 4.46 Short Shuttle isn’t going to cut it for a 5’11” WR, if he’s going to be asked to do the things Kyle is looking for.

      As much as it pains me, Scooter, that’s a hard pass for me …. on to the next prospect.

      1. And BTW, for those who think the combine is much ado about nothing ….. here’s yet another example of why it does matter.

      2. Yeah, I too find it hard to believe Shanahan will be that keen on him after that.

        Thing about his combine results though, are that they do actually confirm some things from film. They aren’t out of nowhere. I think the story that he ran a 4.29s 40 got told so many times that people just believed he is that fast all the time. Add that to some very good initial get off, which can fool people into thinking their top speed is elite. But on film, as I said after my initial review, he didn’t look like a guy with world class speed, that got on top of DBs quickly, or a guy that was sudden out of breaks/ good at getting separation. He did it occasionally, but not consistently. Add that to my concerns around how he handles catching in traffic coming over the middle, and I am not taking Reagor early.

        One guy I will be taking a longer look at is Jefferson. His combine was very good, and obviously he was ultra productive. I haven’t looked at him much yet. I will also take another look at Mims, but man, I just didn’t see those combine results in his film. I will need to take a look at Claypool as well, but yeah, initial thoughts on him are similar to Mims – doesn’t play like his combine numbers indicate.

        1. In retrospect, Reagor’s 2018 tape was superior to this last season. I attributed most of that to poor QB play, but now I suspect it had a lot to do with Reagor having has lost some of the movement skills on display in 2018 as the result of putting on too much muscle in his lower half without balancing it with proper flexibility training, and it likely cost him some serious dough. Can he get it back with proper training? Maybe, but it’s no guarantee. He’s got the right kind of mental makeup, so I do think he’ll get it figured out, but he’s not ready to be a featured WR, and especially in Kyle’s system, as things currently stand

          I agree with you on Justin Jefferson, and Mims. Jefferson is definitely a player to watch moving forward. Mims tested very well, but the long-legged receiver’s tape just doesn’t impress me all that much. Claypool is certainly a physical specimen, but I think he’s definitely going to need time to develop.

          I am turning my attention to the DB’s. The 49ers need to come away from this draft with a high quality CB prospect, if nothing else. Hopefully a trade back is in the cards, and they can find a WR in the mid-rounds, along with help on the interior of the OL, as well as Safety. The wildcard for me is DL – do they work to make sure this continues to be a team strength in 2020? They have a very interesting prospect at DE in recently acquired Jonathan Kongbo, whom they gave a futures contract in January. His physical ability really, really intrigues me. Ronald Blair was really coming on before tearing his ACL in mid-November, but he’s also scheduled for FA. Maybe there’s an opportunity to sign him on a team friendly deal, but I wonder whether they should look for more help behind Dee Ford, considering the knee? What to do with Armstead? Getting a healthy DJ Jones is going to be key on the interior, but questions remain because K. Street is still very much a question mark, as he seems to be having trouble getting past the mental hurdle of returning for his knee injury, while Sheldon Day’s play definitely tapered off with added reps down the stretch as well.

          Is this the pre-free agency to do list?

          1. CB
          2. Safety
          3a. Interior OL
          3b. DE
          4a. Interior DL
          4b. WR/TE

  18. What matters is their speed with pads on. They are football players not track runners. These artificial tests at the combine don’t necessarily show what a player will do on the field. If it drops good players into the second or third round all the better.

  19. Listening to Dave Lombardi yesterday he said he expects SF to trade back and that they are done restructuring contracts.

    I have said earlier that this would tell me how much the team believes in Jimmy as actions speak louder than words. That said, I think Kylie might be a bit arrogant in this regard, believing he can make almost anyone a good qb. Chris Sims also voiced this in regards to Kyle and they are very close friends.

    Also noted in a recent radio interview was the weak interior line in pass pro. They were below average in terms of terms of quick pressure and in spite of this Jimmy put up good numbers. The only qb to do as well in spite of such poor oline play was Wilson.

  20. Of all the s**t I was wrong about this season, and God knows it was a lot, at least I can hang my hat about being right about Bourne emerging as a weapon for the team.

    It’ll be unfortunate if the team doesn’t recoup more out of the 3rd rounder they gave up for Sanders. I’d love for them to find a way to afford keeping him for at least another season simply so I don’t feel like we’ve completely thrown away a valuable mid round pick.

    As much of a fan as I’ve been of Trent Taylor I just don’t think at this point you can rely on him in any way.

    Hurd was a waste of a pick, Goodwin is gone.

    Best case scenario from Pettis, other than he magically becomes a decent WR, is to get a conditional pick that could possibly become a 4th or 5th rounder if he becomes a full time starter. Most likely they’ll get a straight 6th or 7th for him.

    I’d like to see them bring back Sanders and sign Taylor Gabriel.

      1. Try way, WAY too early! A waste of a pick after a redshirt rookie season? Say what?

        And thanks for the Sapoulo reality check, Franklin. Good call.

      2. Rib,
        I agree. Hurd looked pretty good in the preseason before being injured. I want to see what he offers when he’s healthy. Health may be his highest hurdle.

      3. ribico says:
        February 28, 2020 at 2:56 pm
        Hurd was a waste of a pick

        Way too early for that definitive take.
        Doesn’t mean it isn’t correct.

        The player was largely considered a reach when he was selected. He had some serious injury concerns and now he’s already recovering from a very serious injury. How long can an already bad hold up in the NFL, especially taking the hits he will at his position? This is from a guy who had more than just injury concerns as well.

        Don’t talk to me about how great he looked in training camp and preseason. So what, who doesn’t look great in training camp and preseason. How many players have we fallen in love with in training camp and preseason because they dominate only to be released and never heard from again?

        1. Doesn’t mean it isn’t correct.

          No, it just means it’s premature. “He’s a steal in the third round” would be just as correct, but also just as premature.

  21. I’d currently use #31 on Jeremy Chinn, S.

    Depending on what happens in Free Agency I might change this to a C but until then I’m sticking with Chinn.

    1. Shanny did meet with him, Prime. There’s no way in hell that he’ll get anywhere near striking range though.

      1. Yeah probably not but you never know.
        I was joking about trading up but he’s a guy that can amplify our offense.

  22. Yeah, the expiration date on this topic’s long expired.

    However, lack of salary cap space makes it relevant again….The fricking Thomas and Foster picks are coming back to haunt us. With Armstead leaving, that Thomas pick hurts…Niners may have to choose a D-Lineman again, however, if a quality Db is available I’d go that direction and leave Shanahan the UDFA WR’s, since that’s what their philosophy has been.

    It’s worked out well and it looks like we’ll travel the same road in 2020’s draft.

    (Let’s hope Kevin Givens is the real deal and on a positive, DJ Jones will be back).

  23. TomD,
    I think Jones is going to develop into a 3 down stud. He can stop the run and collapse the pocket.

  24. Iggy
    Replying to @grantcohn
    Whoever signs Breida will get one hell of a running back. He could start for at least 10 teams.

    Not if he keeps fumbling the football.

  25. * NFL Combine Quarterback winners:
    * Jason Love Utah St. Justin Herbert, Oregon Cole McDonald, Hawaii.
    * Quarterback workouts
    PLAYER height weight hand size wingspan 40 yds vertical brd jump 3 cone
    Kelly Bryant 6-3 1/8 229 9 4/8″ 78″ 4.69s 35″ 125″ 7.33
    Joe Burrow 6-3 4/8 221 9″ 74″ — — — —
    Kevin Davidson 6-4 1/8 224 8 2/8″ 75″ 5.00s — – – 7.13
    Jacob Eason 6-5 7/8 231 9 4/8″ 79″ 4.89s 27.5″ 110″ 7.50
    Jake Fromm 6-1 7/8 219 8 7/8″ 75″ 5.01s 30″ 111″ 7.27
    Anthony Gordon 6-2 3/8 205 9 6/8″ 73″ — — — —
    Justin Herbert 6-6 2/8 236 10″ 78 7/8″ 4.68s 35.5″ 123″ 7.06
    Jalen Hurts 6-1 222 9 6/8″ 77 5/8″ 4.59s 35″ 125″ —
    Brian Lewerke 6-2 4/8 213 10 5/8″ 75 4/8″ 4.95s — — 7.14
    Jordan Love 6-3 6/8 224 10 4/8″ 80″ 4.74s 35.5″ 118″ 7.21
    Jake Luton 6-6 1/8 224 10 3/8″ 77 5/8″ — — — —
    Cole McDonald 6-3 1/8 215 9 6/8″ 76 6/8″ 4.58s 36″ 121″ 7.13
    Steven Montez 6-4 231 9 3/8″ 76 7/8″ 4.68s 33″ 117″ 7.25
    James Morgan 6-4 229 9 6/8″ 79″ 4.89s 29″ 112″ 7.51
    Shea Patterson 6-0 7/8 212 9 3/8″ 73 4/8″ 4.71s 31″ 116″ 7.14
    Nate Stanley 6-3 6/8 235 10″ 78 2/8″ 4.81s 28.5″ 108″ 7.26
    Tua Tagovailoa 6-0 217 10″ 75 2/8″ — — — —

    1. One take on nfl.com was that Eason’s interviews did not go well at all. My sole source is that one take offered.
      Too bad Moss couldn’t perform, he could be a good complimentary TE if healthy.
      Wilf moved well.

  26. If the 49ers don’t take advantage of the OL and WR talent available in this draft they’re crazy. Should be some excellent OL and WRs available day 2 and early day 3.

    1. Scooter
      * Having agreed with Razor that the 9ers won’t draft interior O-line before RD 3, who do you see Lynch drafting?
      Or by OL you mean an OT?

      1. OT. Lots of great looking OT prospects this year. I would be absolutely fine with drafting an interior OL too, but just don’t see the 49ers using a high pick on one.

  27. Another dumb article. The Niners invested 2nd and 3rd round picks in 2019’s draft on WR’s. They technically even already invested a 3rd rounder in this year’s draft with the addition of Sanders. Lynch will not draft a WR with the first few picks in this year’s draft. I can see him taking a receiver in the 6th/7th.

  28. This overall draft is showing that it has depth in talent.
    20 WRs ran under 4.5, and 6 ran under 4.4 seconds.
    320 lb O linemen are running 5.1 seconds. and a punter had 25 reps.
    Several QBs impressed. Herbert, Love, Eason with their arms. Hurts and MacDonald with their legs. Some teams will want to move up to select one of those QBs.

  29. Not at all interested in trading back unless its getting drafts spots for the 2021 year. CB to replace Sherman would be ideal in my book.

    1. Yes OldCoach, I agree about DJ, and If the 49ers do trade back for multiple picks, it’s likely they’ll choose a Db first:

      “The wide receiver draft class may turn out to be as talented as any we’ve seen.

      Given the infusion of talented pass-catchers about to enter the league, it’s fortunate that the cornerback class is deep as well. My latest 2020 NFL mock draft has five cornerbacks selected in Round 1 and there are 10 to 12 that could be off the board by the end of Round 2.”


  30. * Two 9er WR draft prospects, LSU Justin Jefferson and Baylor Denzel Mims, no longer look like Rd. 2 prospects. Both will likely move up draft boards and get first-round buzz. No WR helped himself more than Mims. After his Senior Bowl week, Mims had a top WR workout at the combine, tying for the second-fastest 40 time (4.38s), and the quickest three cone (6.66s), equates to elite explosion and change-of-direction ability. His 38-inch vertical also shows up on film.
    * Penn St. WR KJ Hamler:
    (5’9″ X 178), 2019 season: He caught 56 passes for 904 yards and eight touchdowns. He was the team’s leading receiver in both So. and Jr. campaigns. Hamler didn’t run the 40 at the scouting combine because he tweaked his hamstring during training, but he’s been clocked running a 4.27s 40
    * Michigan WR Donovan Peoples-Jones:
    6’2″ X 212-pounds. He had the best vertical jump of all wide receivers (44.5″), 2.5 inches better than the next best WR. He also recorded the best broad jump (139″) and ran an impressive 4.48 40 for his size. He caught 14 TD’s over the last 2 seasons and is still growing as a wideout. His testing numbers and his size will be hard to ignore.
    * Arizona St. Brandon Aiyuk:
    Nice athlete with the ball in his hands, tested well in a number of drills. His 4.5 40-yard dash time was solid for his size (6’0″ X 205), but made his mark in the explosion drills. Was one of only six WR to jump 40 inches or more in the vertical jump and was tied for the fifth-best broad jump of the group (128 inches). His one big question mark…He didn’t test in the agility drills.
    * Florida WR Tyler Cleveland: 6’2″ X 209, impressed in every drill he took part in. Ran a 4.46 40, stood out with his jumps, recording a 39.5-inch vertical jump and a 126-inch broad jump. A day three prospect whose game is built around his speed, Thursday only made him even more appealing of an option after the first couple of rounds.
    * Boise State WR John Hightower: 6’2″ X 189, Posted testing results among the best in his group, a 4.43 40, 1.49 10-yard split, 38.5-inch vertical and caught the ball well in drills. He displayed a nice catch radius, snatching high passes out of the air smoothly on multiple occasions. Teams looking to find a potential playmaker in the vertical game late Day 2 of the draft should be interested.

  31. Here’s how I rank the top 5 WR prospects:

    1. Jerry Jeudy.
    2. Jalen Reagor. I know this parts ways with most everyone at this point but I believe that Reagor will ultimately be the 2nd best receiver in this class.
    3. CeeDee Lamb
    4. Henry Ruggs
    5. Justin Jefferson

    1. Figures. Reagor stinks it up in Indy. Ha.

      I hope to hear of a hidden injury or something but that 3 cone was just abysmal.

      Might have to revisit that prediction.

  32. Top 5 WR’s:

    1. Cee Dee Lamb
    2. Jerry Jeudy
    3. Henry Ruggs
    4. Justin Jefferson
    5. Tee Higgins

      1. Jefferson, Higgins and possibly even my guy Reagor could still be there at #31 but no, I don’t believe they plan on using their first pick on a receiver.

    1. Rather than ranking them in order I put them in bands. For mine Jeudy, Lamb, Ruggs and Higgins are in band 1. No particular order- really depends on the type of WR you are after as to which you might prefer. I have these guys ahead of the rest as I think all four can be guys defenses feel the need to game plan around to try and take them away.

      In the 2nd band I have Pittman, Jefferson and Aiyuk. Again, no particular order. I think all three of these guys will be very good. But not necessarily guys defenses feel the need to centre their game plan around taking away.

      1. Scooter
        Your band 1 are all receiver that, as you say, defenses would feel the need to game plan around. But my question would be…..Do you believe the 9ers can draft any of them?
        My premise being, who are the top receivers left after Rd #1, that the 9ers have a chance of drafting?
        If you’re saying the 2nd band of Pittman, Jefferson and Aiyuk, I hope you’re right.

        1. Yep, 2nd band. I think each of those guys is a late 1st to mid 2nd round pick. Though Pittman may last longer than I think he should if the general scouting community opinion holds water.

          Also worth keeping in mind that it only takes one team to like a guy outside that band to push a player down. Guys like Shenault, Reagor, Hamler, Mims, Claypool, Peoples-Jones, Hill, Edwards could all have a few teams have them ranked higher than I do.

  33. There will possibly be 6 or 7 WRs picked early.
    Later WRs who look very promising are Denzel Mimms, Chase Claypool, Antonio Gandy-Golden and Michael Pittman.
    However, if the Niners manage to trade down, they might get a pick in round 3 or 4, so they could select KJ Hill, who had a good showing in the Senior Bowl practices

  34. As roster spots at WR are speculated upon, folks may be missing something. Goodwin had indicated a serious interest in qualifying for and competing in the Summer Olympics. This would likely keep him out of OTAs and Minicamp and summer camp. He would probably be on a roster exempt status, and if not on the roster for week #1 wouldn’t, I don’t believe, have his salary guaranteed for 2020. That would give the team some flexibility.
    If they want him back they could bring him in after a roster injury, trade him (a bit dubious), or not resign him.
    It’s also a possibility that The Olympics might not be held in 2020.

  35. Dang, we drafted our punter one year too early.

    The crowd’s encouragement, and the enthusiasm of Turk’s spotter, Chad Englehart, helped power the special teams hopeful to 25 repetitions of 225 pounds — a record for a punter since the N.F.L. began keeping official combine statistics in 2003.

    To say Turk set a bench press record for a punter, however, would understate the feat, because punters rarely participate in the weight lifting portion of the combine. For better context, consider some of the players who completed fewer reps of the same weight in recent years:

    Bradley Chubb, a 270-pound defensive end who was selected fifth overall in 2018, recorded 24 reps.

    T.J. Watt, a 252-pound linebacker who was first-team All-Pro in 2019, recorded 21 reps in 2017.

    Derrick Henry, Tennessee’s wrecking ball of a running back, did 22 reps in 2016.


    Can he kick with his arms though?

  36. Darrynton Evans, RB, App St. No fumbles in 482 carries with 4.4 speed. Buh-bye Breida!

      1. Mostert is under contract. Breida (the “i” before “e” rule does not apply here) ended up in the doghouse for fumbling. I don’t expect him back….

  37. I just went through a more in depth look at Mims. He’s much more impressive than I first thought.
    – he’s physical, very physical. He blocks hard and interestingly seems to like to initiate contact even on his routes.
    – great mitts. He catches through contact and off target passes fairly regularly with apparent ease.
    – body control/ catch radius… this goes great with the second item listed. He’s able to contort his body and make spectacular catches.
    – he’s sudden, this is a bit tricky because he gets on dbs quick and he can really sit down and come back very well. But I wouldn’t say his lateral cuts are great.

    – his routes can be a bit lazy, he rounds a lot of them and isn’t good at stacking a wr.
    – doesn’t play to his timed speed, this could be because he doesn’t stack dbs well and that, when coupled with his qb’s, ok accuracy negated his speed.
    – run after catch, it’s good… but nothing special. This could also be because his routes allow db’s to stay with him.
    Bad NFL comp – Kendrick Bourne (if he plays below his talent.
    Full potential nfl comp – a faster Alshon Jeffery

  38. CJ Henderson, AJ Terrell and Jeff Gladney may be available with the 31st pick.
    However, Michael Ojemudia, Reggie Robinson, Troy Pride, Essang Bassey, Noah Igbinoghene, Darnay Holmes and Jaylon Johnson may all be good candidates, in the later rounds.
    With all the O line talent and speed, they should use their first pick on an O lineman. Ezra Cleveland may be a sleeper pick. Cesar Ruiz, Jack Driscoll, Shane Lemieux, Jon Runyan and Alex Taylor could all be later draft candidates. Depends on if a blue chipper falls due to the early QB selections.

    1. We might be in agreement on this.
      The only playoff qb that faced the kind of Pressure Jimmy did was Wilson. With Jimmy ‘s injury history I’m not sure that’s sustainable for him.

  39. Not many of the CBs really impressed in terms of speed and agility tests.

    Dantzler’s combine numbers could push him down some. Still think he or Hall would be good picks for the 49ers round 2/ early round 3 if they can get draft picks in that area.

    1. Yeah as much as we need db help, unless someone really drops I’m taking a db in the later rounds.
      Given the talent that could drop I’m really leaning towards going with an OT or Center early.

  40. I liked AJ Terrell today. Quick hips, very fluid movement and suddenness.
    John Reid and Troy Pride showed out as well.

  41. For the 1st time in years Paraag Marathe finally needs to show how good he is….

    He is a failure if we can’t resign Armstead, Ward and possible Emmanuel

    1. Oneniner,
      All three might be a bit much to ask. If he can sign Armstead and any one of the other two I would call that a success.

      1. I’m with coach on this one.

        Kittle is almost certainly going to hold out without a fat new contract and Buckner has reportedly already turned down an offer of 70 million.

        They will be the priority deals and after that SF may not have much left over. If he keeps 2 of the 3 I would say he’s done well.

        I have honestly wondered if SF might not entertain trading Buckner. He’s asking for a lot and could bring back a first rounder or more. Additionally this draft has some great DT’s which could replace him.

        I know it’s a bit crazy but he’s not worth an AD contract.

        1. your report on Kittle and Buckner are fake news….and their contracts are not up, so it’s really not a priority……

          Paraag has been in charge of contract for years – I don’t think we are asking for much – for him to be creative with the numbers…..

          Armstead = long term deal…
          Ward and Emmanuel – Short term deals…..

          I read an article last year where how it can be done was discussed

          1. Not really,

            Kittle is playing on a very cheap rookie contract, he’s probably the most valuable player on the team and this is the first year he can renegotiate his rookie deal. Matt Barrows who’s not exactly a shock journalist stated in an interview he wouldn’t let Kittle play another down without a new contract in place. The risk is to great. An injury could cost him generational wealth. And Kittle’s agent said he wasn’t prepared to be “very patient.”
            Buckner’s agent stated they turned down an offer worth 60 ( not 70, sorry) mil in guaranteed money last year.
            This year though he will cost the team 14 million which could be lowered if they structure it correctly but this is a bit tricky… Next year he will be a free agent unless they want to tag him, in which case he will cost even more.

            So yes, the team most likely will try to get both of those deals done before resigning the Armstead, Sanders, and Ward. The Caveat being if the team or the player is willing to backload guaranteed money.

            1. Kittle is playing on a very cheap rookie contract, he’s probably the most valuable player on the team and this is the first year he can renegotiate his rookie deal. Matt Barrows who’s not exactly a shock journalist stated in an interview he wouldn’t let Kittle play another down without a new contract in place. The risk is to great. An injury could cost him generational wealth. And Kittle’s agent said he wasn’t prepared to be “very patient.”

              Nothing in the quote suggest Kittle will hold out……Matt Barrows is not part of the 49er org, so what he thinks is irrelevant…..and search google the article is “George Kittle’s agent ‘very patient’ in 49ers contract” ………not sure where you are getting your news…….

              Contrary to the report that DeForest Buckner turned down #49ers’ offer last year of $60 million guaranteed, per John Middlekauff, Buckner says this report is absolutey false.

              Dude easy on the fake news……

              All the time you spend reading 49er news its sad you fall for and disseminate fake news…..

              Now I am curious to know when have you ever been right about the 49ers?

              1. We will see. I’m will bet Kittle gets a new deal before next season.
                Now as we’re on an online blog I’m not going to pull a Prime and say something crazy like 5000 cash. But I’ll bet something like an avatar change for month of the others Choice (within pd rules of course)
                I’d bet voucher for something if I lived in the states but I don’t. So I hope that satisfies.

              2. No one is arguing Kittle will not get a new deal…

                what is false is…
                1. Kittle will hold out
                2. Kittle agent not patient…
                3. Buckner turned down $60 mil offer

                Sure Kittle looks like a future HOF…..but the 49ers still have the leverage……they could let him play out his rookie deal and franchise him next year…….

                You’ve been a regular on the site – I am surprised you are out of the country……where are you?

                Luv to bet….changing avatar is not a bad idea…..

  42. Isaiah Coulter, WR, Rhode Island impressed me at the combine. Could be one of those under the radar wr’s that are there in the 3rd round.

    Antoine Winfield Jr., S, Minn also was impressive and could fit seamlessly as an interchangeable S for us.

    1. 1) There were enough combine “surprises,” that I’m spending the next couple of days trying to correlate players performance at the combine, with what’s on tape. Players that will be available if the 9ers trade down…And then there’s the unknown, how well their interviews went….
      2) Will the 9ers sign Arik Armstead, or sign and trade him? Other 9er players they’ll trade, who will be salary cap victims that need to be replaced? (Ward, Thomas, Breida, Witherspoon)?
      3) Grant: Isn’t now a good time for you to write an article addressing the above!

  43. Tag and trade Armstead, to get a late first round pick from the Dolphins. Then they might be creative with the roster, and be able to extend both Kittle and Buckner. Trading away players should be a high priority for JL, in order to get as many draft picks in the first 4 rounds, as possible, to tap into this talented draft class.
    They should let both Ward and Sanders walk, and use the the cap savings to sign Byron Jones.
    In this Combine, the DB class is not as talented as last year, but they still had 4 players under 4.4 seconds, 14 players 4.45 or less, and 24 players at 4.5 or less.
    They have at least 20- O linemen who ranked in the first 100, and over 20 WRs who will be picked in the first 4 rounds. There are some LBs who stood out, too.
    This Combine raised a few eyebrows, but mainly confirmed what many saw on film. I predict 5 QBs go early.
    I wonder how much the mocks will change, now that the Combine is over. I think Derrick Brown and AJ Epenesa did not boost their draft capital. Reagor may have not been super impressive, but he did run 4.47, and has good film to put him in the early second round.

  44. Niners and Arik Armstead are negotiating a long term deal as we speak. Both sides both expect to get it done. This is per Josina Anderson who is a creditable reporter. Keeping that D line intact is vital to winning a SB in the next 2 years.

    1. It’d better have a clean 3rd year out option or the 49ers will find themselves in a squeeze when The Bosa Constrictor will be looking for his new deal….

      1. I expect Ford to get cut after the 2020 season which will free up some money. Don’t worry Bosa ain’t going anywhere. Plus we got his 5th year option just in case. Niners got the right guy in Marthe to take care of these contracts.

  45. Because he can’t stay healthy and he has bad knees. I wouldn’t rule out a trade this off season for a third or 4th rnd pick. Armstead is more valuable and is only 26 years old.

      1. …you should call Dee Ford 415 667 6642……He would be the best to answer your question….

  46. Coronavirus live updates: 3 more die in Seattle area, bringing US death toll to 5

    “We’re talking about a vaccine, maybe even a cure,” Trump told reporters.

    This guy is a freaking moron – Why wasn’t his administration thinking about this weeks ago………How dumb can a person be….

    1. Tell the staff at your assisted living center to roll you outside and get some sun. You obviously have a vitamin deficiency, among other problems.

      1. Really. What kind of despicable POS would politicize a deadly global pandemic?

        Ebola is much easier to transmit than the CDC and government representatives are admitting. Spreading all over Africa-and fast. Stop flights

        –DJT Oct 2, 2014

        President Obama has a personal responsibility to visit & embrace all people in the US who contract Ebola!

        –DJT Oct 15, 2014

        If this doctor, who so recklessly flew into New York from West Africa,has Ebola,then Obama should apologize to the American people & resign!

        –DJT Oct 23, 2014

        1. Ha ha……it’s like the junkie who prefers laying in dirt to get the continuous DJT drug……

          They are blinded by hate they refuse see what a joke he is….

    1. Preposterous. Grant has quoted “champions” jones and honey badger in saying Garoppolo is nothing but a check down fraud. Belichick, a champion those two chumps can only dream of being, would trade for such a loser? GTFO.

  47. Prime Time proposes the Niners trade JG to NE and sign Brady.
    Hmm, I wonder if he read Grant’s article? ;p

    1. Obviously Belichick’s not read any of Grant’s stuff. Otherwise, why would he be willing to trade for the QB that any of a couple dozen or more in the league could do just as well?

      1. I think Belichick is waiting for Seb’s 75th mock draft and trade proposal to set the direction of the Patriots offseason plans.

    2. No Sebzoo, Prime proposed no such thing. Remember, reading comprehension is fundamental; right? Dodo.

      1. Football comprehension is important, too. Maybe you did not know this, but in 1987, Deion Sanders had a nickname. He called himself Prime Time.

  48. Last draft, Bill Belichick followed my draft strategy to a tee. He traded back multiple times, and even bundled picks to move up to select a player he coveted. He avoided the Red Flagged players, and avoided the ACL players. He did not commit any unforced errors, and even traded for a future pick.
    Bill put on his Trader Bill Hat, and made 7 trades. I bet he even had fun doing it.

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