49ers will start C.J. Beathard against Seahawks, not Jimmy Garoppolo


SANTA CLARA – Jimmy Garoppolo’s 49ers debut will have to wait.

Head coach Kyle Shanahan plans to start C.J. Beathard at quarterback this Sunday when the 49ers play the Seattle Seahawks. Shanahan made the announcement Wednesday afternoon during his press conference.

“I don’t see it much different than the other weeks,” Shanahan said. “As always, we’ll see how practice goes, just like we would with any other position. But reps-wise and everything, we see it the same this week as it’s been.”

The 49ers held a bonus practice Monday at the end of their bye week, and Beathard and Garoppolo equally split reps with the first-team offense. But on Wednesday, the 49ers returned to their usual practice schedule. Beathard took between 70 and 80 percent of the first-team reps, and Garoppolo took the remaining 20 to 30 percent.

“I think that each week I’ve gotten better,” Beathard said in the 49ers locker room Wednesday afternoon. “At least I feel better about the offense and things I’ve learned from games and experiences.

“The biggest thing is the terminology. It’s easier to call the plays and envision them in my head and then go out and execute.”

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  1. Goatrappolo is only getting 20% of the snaps, and there won’t be any more “bonus” Mondays. Sounds like it might take a bad performance from Beathard in order for him to get into the game, because it seems unlikely he’ll have time to overtake him in practice, if his progress thus far is any indication….

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  2. Sounds about right.
    Good to know that Shanahan is not moved by the dictates of the sports blogs.
    Perhaps he watched Petey Carroll appease the fans to go for it on 4th down on Monday night – wow, what a total fail that was.
    All the recent hype and narration regarding if Garoppolo should start has only worked for Grant due to the clicks he garnered.

    My sense is that CJ will start but JG will play in the 2nd half. At this point Shanahan will pick and chose when to play Polo going forward. If CJ has another good game I expect he will start the next game as well. But the entire org knows that JG will get his snaps through the rest of the season.

    1. I assume you are speaking of Seattle’s failed fake FG at the end of the first half AES? Yah, that was a head scratcher!

      I get the sense that Kyle is crossing his fingers that CJB gives him enough cover to keep Garoppolo off the field for the rest for the season. IF he wanted to get a look at Jimmy, he could certainly put together a limited “package” of plays for Jimmy, and get him some snaps. Apparently, evaluating Jimmy in game isn’t a priority at this point.

      Kyle made a few comments today (below) that reinforce my theory that he is seriously considering bubble-wrapping Garoppolo for the remainder of the season, provided CJB continues to play “reasonably” well and remains relatively healthy.

      I know you have to franchise a quarterback in order to keep him, Shanahan said on Tolbert and Lund (KNBR) Wednesday. But quarterbacks are expensive and that is not that big a deal to us.

      That is the good thing about the franchise tag, and that’s what made it easy for us to trade for him, Shanahan said. Do I have to make a decision that’s fast for the long-term future of this thing? No you don’t.

      As Kevin Lynch wrote: The 49ers will have ample room under the salary cap to use the tag; the team might be as much as $100 million under the cap.

      We won’t know exactly how much it will cost the 49ers to franchise tag Garoppolo next season. In the case of the exclusive tag, the amount will be set, in Jimmy’s case, by averaging the top five QB salaries at the end of the restricted free-agent signing period. The non-exclusive tag would be less, because the league uses this season’s salary figures to calculate the cost. My best guess would be in the $23.5 million range for the exclusive tage, $22 million for the non-exclusive tag.

      Considering the 49ers are currently flush with cap space, they can comfortably tag Jimmy next season, and use 2018 to evaluate whether he’s worth a long term investment. And by reading between the lines, it sounds like the 49ers are leaning towards using the franchise tag on Jimmy, unless he’s willing to sign an extension in line with a 4 year veteran, 2nd round pick, with 2 NFL starts under his belt, before the deadline. I think that’s the prudent thing to do.

      After all, it’s going to be hard to truly evaluate Jimmy if he starts before the end of the season. Why? Kyle runs a very complex offensive system, and quite different than the system they run in NE, and Jimmy is simply not yet up to speed with the playbook or verbiage. So for starters, Kyle would have to simplify the system. And then the 49ers would have to use a numbered system for him. Kyle would have to call out the number, and Garoppolo would have to refer to the wrist band with the corresponding number, and then use that to call the play in the huddle. Not exactly efficient. Added to that would be the additional pre-snap reads and audibles. Now, Jimmy get’s the play called, and the offense set, and he’s still lined up under center behind a sub-par offensive line, and missing the team’s #1 WR. He’s also playing with a number of rookies at the skill positions, like Taylor, Kittle, Bourne, and Breida.

      That’s simply not setting a QB up for success, so how do you make an honest evaluation if Jimmy struggles, which he likely would?

      1. Why does everyone keep bringing this back to evaluating JG. Starting him this year isn’t about evaluating him. They aren’t going to decide to sign him long term or FT him based on his play this year. He’s going to be a 49er next year regardless. Its never been about evaluating him. Its all about getting him starting experience against NFL Ds, and used to running the team and system ahead of next year.

        1. I disagree.
          They need to see how he does with the present team, and how he can deal with adversity. Maybe JG can elevate the play of players around him, and help develop that SB mindset.
          KS, by benching him, is sending the message that KS does not think JG is smart enough to run his system.
          KS should be adapting his system to JG, but seems incapable of doing that.
          Looks like they are resigned to seeing JG play elsewhere, and refusing to play him will facilitate that scenario. Maybe they are assuming they get Cousins, and getting 2 first round draft picks for JG is a sound strategy for the future.

        2. If Kyle truly believes he’s the franchise, then it’s not worth risking the franchise QB’s health when he isn’t up to speed with the offense, and the outcome of the season has already been determined Scooter. And if Kyle’s not sure he’s the franchise, and/or they aren’t sure if he wants to be here long term, then they need to keep him healthy going into the offseason, leaving open the possibility of tagging him and then trading him, or slapping the non-exclusive tag on him and getting 2 first round picks for him in return.

          Why is this such a hard concept to grasp?

          If you ask me, the 49ers are in an enviable position of keeping him on the bench right now. Under normal circumstances, it’s hard to bench your franchise QB at the end of a lost season. But the 49ers are in a a-typical situation with the timing of the trade. And the LAST thing they want is for him to suffer a major injury this season.

            1. Nothing. I said they really can’t truly evaluate him anyways. A lot of other people have suggested it’s something they need to do before they commit to him.

              He’s not a rookie Scooter. He should already be well ahead of any rookie. A few meaningless games when he doesn’t even know the playbook, isn’t worth risking his health, if you think he’s got a chance to be the franchise. He’s been in the league for 4 seasons. He should be well ahead of any rookie. And we’ve seen plenty of rookies come in and do well.

              However, I don’t think they have any intention on giving him anything close to franchise QB money right now anyways. And if, on the off chance he comes in and lights it up, he’s going to cost them a lot more if they do get him signed this offseason. They are likely hoping to get him signed to a reasonable contract right now. Something in line with his potential, but lack of starting experience.

              And if they tag him, he’s got an entire offseason and training camp to put it together, and then he can come in and play when the games actually matter. And if he gets hurt playing games that actually matter, so be it. It’s fricken garbage time now. We are missing 17 – week one starters, or something crazy like that. But you want to risk the franchise QB’s health now, when you have a perfect excuse to keep him bubble wrapped? Nah. No way! Not in this situation.

  3. I am a subscriber to the Press Democrat, but their new policy of placing an ad when you click to expand your story sucks. Good by and good luck with this new policy.

  4. No chance they throw Jimmy G. to the wolves after a great performance by CJ. Bad for CJ, Jimmy G. and the team to do that. I like CJ, curious what he does this week. Seattle line will likely manhandle them again but maybe CJ is seeing things a little better and can get rid of the ball quicker.

  5. Conspiracy theory?

    The Niners sit Garoppolo for the year and tag him. They sign Cousins. The Browns sign Garoppolo. We get the Browns ist round pick in 2018 and 2019.

    So if we had to give up two 1st round picks for Cousins, we would still have the Browns picks.

    If Cousins was signed as a non-tagged FA, we would have the #1 and #2 picks according to the current draft order. We would also most likely have the #1 pick in 2019 because the Browns are the Browns.

    It’s possible that we get a proven franchise QB (Cousins) and the top two draft picks, in a year where teams could be fighting each other to trade up for Rosen. We could trade down with the #1 pick and still take the player of our choice at #2. We could possibly gain an additional 1st round pick in 2019 with a trade down, which would give us three first round picks in 2019.

    Making all these moves would be a great way to rebuild a franchise. It may be a long shot, but it could happen.

    1. JG is going to be a 49er next year.

      Also, why would anyone give up such a bounty for JG knowing no team would ever keep 2 QBs on their roster paid like top 5 – 10 QBs? 49ers would be bargaining from a point of weakness.

    2. Niners do not need to give up draft picks for Cousins. I think they just need to out bid Washington for his services, and with 100 mil in 2018 cap space, it will be easy to do.

    3. Cleveland already wanted him. They have some draft flexibility by having five picks in the first two rounds of 2018. Who knows what happens with Cousins. I admitted it was a long shot. But the Kirk/KS rumors still haven’t died after the JG trade. And both the Niners and JG have been non-commital.

      My preference is that we give JG an extension ASAP.

      1. JG nixed going to Cleveland, so he does not want to touch that dysfunctional dumpster fire. Maybe the best landing spot for JG is either the Jags, or the Broncos.
        Miami, Jets and Bills may also be possible landing spots, even though BB traded him out of their division. Saints, Steelers, Chargers, Chiefs, Ravens, Bengals and even the Patriots, all have aging QBs.
        I hope they play JG, and give him an extension after he wins 3 games, so he proves he is worth being the franchise QB.

      2. Well, it is the Browns, so I guess we shouldn’t rule out anything, but honestly I don’t see how any team wouldn’t look at such a situation (49ers signing Cousins to huge contract plus JG on FT) and realise the 49ers would then be desperate to unload the FT salary.

        Also, what happens if the 49ers make a play for Cousins but miss out on him? Do they then turn back to JG and say “so, how about that, but we really believe in you too though”?

        Let’s be real. JG is the 49ers QB in 2018 barring injury or being thoroughly out played in TC/ preseason next year. Either way, he will be on the roster to start the year at least.

        1. Yeah, I get all that. But I’m looking at different possibilities because we don’t know what JG and the Niners really want to do yet. Not that they owe that knowledge to us fans, or to each other at this point.

        1. No drugs, and I didn’t make it up.


          “Per that report, “With a potential pick among the top two in the 2018 NFL draft and roughly $60 million in salary-cap space in the offseason, the 49ers ultimately could decide to draft their quarterback of the future or use some of their money to sign a free-agent quarterback such as Washington’s Kirk Cousins.”

          1. Didn’t click on the link….so you think the 49ers will let Jimmy walk….and then sign cousins or draft a qb…

            ..ha ha ha……please share sum of that green and stop being stingy

            1. Did you miss the part where I said it was a long shot?

              Did I ever say they would let Garoppolo walk without tagging him to get compensation? No I didn’t.

              Do I think we will pursue Cousins? No, but there’s a small chance that they do. Hence why I said “It may be a long shot”

            2. Oh, and thanks for accusing me of being on drugs twice. And thanks for not reading the link that proved that the rumor didn’t come from my head. Happy Thanksgiving asswipe.

          2. Well, as an afterthought from Thanksgiving (belch) I think you guys are putting the cart before the horse….I know that my, Grant’s, and many others predictions went in the outhouse, but I’m for playing the best players and believing in ‘running the table’…remember, the Cardinals were 7-9 when they went to the SB. We’re in the catbird seat no matter what….Cousins signs long-term with the ‘skins….we keep both CJB and JG like Bart Starr and Zeke Bratkowski, we use our draft position(s), and Free agency intelligently and build younger, stronger and start adding to our Lombardi stash at 4949…

    4. Bottom line: The 49ers have a number of different options when it pertains to Garopollo in the coming months. I suspect they are hoping to get him sign to a reasonable contract between now, and the draft. I think the odds are in favor of Jimmy being the 49ers starting QB in 2018, whether he’s playing under a new contract, or under the franchise tag.

      However, there are other viable options, so let me reiterate this: If Jimmy were to suffer a serious injury during garbage time here at the end of the season (and make no mistake, when your 1-9 and missing 1/4th of your opening day roster, it’s garbage time), the 49ers options with Garoppolo become much, much more limited. Is this a risk Kyle is willing to take, when he has the perfect, built in excuse to keep Jimmy off the field and healthy? It’s not a risk I would be willing to take.

      Sure, injuries are always a risk. It’s the NFL, injuries are part of the game! But it makes a lot more sense to take that risk when the games actually matter. And right now, the good that comes with an extra win or two at the end of this lost season, dwarfs in comparison to the kind of setback the team would experience if Jimmy were to suffer a serious injury before the team has had an opportunity to explore all of their options!

      1. I’m not psychic, but I can certainly read Kyle & John’s recent quotes and attempt to qualify them:

        KYLE: “I can’t promise you that he (Garoppolo) will play this year.”

        JOE FAHN: This is definitely a doozy of a statement. But in a vacuum, it also makes a ton of sense. Learning Shanahan’s offense is more difficult than most offenses around the NFL. Surely, the 49ers are not going to throw Garoppolo to the wolves without knowing the nuances of said offense. That’s magnified by the fact that this team is going nowhere fast in 2017. Why not sit Garoppolo in an attempt to earn a higher first-round pick? Quarterback was the major issue for the team. But you don’t start 0-8 without their being other major holes to fill.

        Adam Schefter of ESPN indicated earlier this month that the 49ers might be willing to trade their newly acquired quarterback should a better option present itself. That report was overanalyzed to the point where some compared it to the 49ers acquiring Garoppolo merely to trade him later, much like one might flip a house for profit.

        JOHN LYNCH: “Look, if all you’re doing is acquiring a (bargaining) chip that a lot of people see as valuable, then it’s a good deal for that (us).”

        While John has done a bit of damage control since originally making this statement (he sort of walked it back), I can assure everyone that this comment didn’t simply come out of left field. This was absolutely part of the conversation prior to acquiring Garoppolo.

        And here is KYLE: “I know you have to franchise a quarterback in order to keep him,” Shanahan said on Tolbert and Lund Wednesday. “But quarterbacks are expensive and that is not that big a deal to us. That is the good thing about the franchise tag, and that’s what made it easy for us to trade for him,” Shanahan said. “Do I have to make a decision that’s fast for the long-term future of this thing? No (I) don’t. Jimmy gets more and more ready each week. Is Jimmy going to be the best he can be (this season)? To me, that’s impossible. He just hasn’t been here long enough. Just working with the guy every day and knowing what he’s capable of, studying him throughout college and the times he has played in the NFL, I know the game’s not too big for him. I know he doesn’t mind contact. I know he has all the talent. I know just working with him that he’s a very smart guy and he’s capable of doing it all.”

        KEVIN LYNCH: Shanahan brought up the franchise tag, meaning the 49ers must be heavily considering moth-balling Garoppolo this year to learn the offense and then using the $25 million franchise tag on him after the season.

        1. Niner realist…
          This is the King of trolls. And remember this guy use to call Alex Smith a cold blooded assasin and swore up and down he was the best qb in the league.
          He was booted from this site 4 times in the past. He’s by far the biggest clown on here. Now that KC is struggling he’s deciding to come back to troll here lately.

  6. The Giants game was an anomaly. CJB, in the previous games, looked like a tough, raw, green rookie.
    I expect CJB to struggle, because Seattle is fighting to get a playoff spot, and they are gnashing their teeth over their loss on Monday.
    KS, by declaring his system is hard to assimilate, just admitted it is too complicated. A competent coach would take any QB, and simplify the system enough so the new QB could smoothly function. If it takes years for a QB to finally get his system, maybe it would be better to fit the system to the player. Totally rejecting the Patriot system is obtuse, because they just won a Super Bowl with it, while the present Niner system has led to a 1-9 record.
    JG could be a treasure trove of good insights on how to win games and championships, but KS is stuck on his terminology. It is crazy to assume a QB should be able to totally master a playbook in 4 weeks, so they should not even try. They should make adjustments, to make it easier to have success by simplifying things and maybe scripting the first 15 plays. Niners should be flexible, fungible and adaptable.
    Some say that KS wants his QB to have every single play in his head and frowns upon using a wrist chart. When confronted with the reality of having a new QB, it makes perfect sense to use a wrist chart.
    This is football, not rocket science. It should not take a PhD to be able to hand off the ball. KS is making it sound like only he has all the answers, and his system is the only one in the world. Too bad that system has led to a 1-9 record.
    Looks like the Niners are sheathing their best weapon, so they are not very interested in winning. Guess they are content to lose, and want to be rewarded with a high draft position. Looks like they want to bubble wrap JG, and are resigned to the fact that he will leave. Maybe JG wants to play, but they are driving him away because they covet those 2 first round picks.
    Sure, CJB can start, but there is no rule that says JG cannot also play. KS needs to think outside the box, if he hopes to out coach PC.

    1. Seb, tell me you are joking by suggesting that Kyle change everything he has taught his offense over the course of the last 8 months, and ask every other offensive player to forget everything they’ve learned and switch to the Patriots’ system and verbiage going into week 12, in order to assimilate Jimmy into the starting lineup. Do you really think the offense would run smoothly if they did that? Don’t you think the offense would be likely to commit penalties on nearly every play, if they did that?

      Come on man, please tell me this was some kind of Thanksgiving Day joke!

      1. 49reasons, please tell me you aren’t seriously wondering if Seb is being sincere? He is, until the winds change and he will, with same energetic emphasis tell everyone just the opposite and deride anyone who dares question him. You have been reading the blog for some time 49r?! You have to see his MO!

        It is better to know that the joke is on him. He’s the guy in hell with the wheelbarrow in the Far Side cartoon.

        1. East, the peanut gallery is getting feisty, but the jokes on you. I am just writing my opinion, but the reactions to them are comical and farcical.
          The intolerance to different opinions is one thing that is wrong in America. It is just not confined to this blog site.
          I am just a die hard faithful Niner fan who yearns for more rings, but you cannot handle that.

          1. Nice try tryin to sell it as opinion. You, the blog and anyone who has watched football knows that changing a playbook in week 10 is senseless.
            Come on man!

            1. Prime. it happens all the time, especially on 1-9 teams, or teams that have their QB go down due to injury.
              Coaching and scheming to a QB’s strengths is not senseless, but smart and shrewd.

              1. Again, provide some evidence that shows that a team changed their entire playbook mid season?
                Seb it’s one thing to have an opinion or idea and then there’s another that has proof to back up that opinion or that idea. You are incapable of doing either.

              2. Prime, they all run the same plays, they have been doing that for years, even the flea flickers and double reverses. I even saw them run the read option, and saw a pistol formation this past thanksgiving.
                Sure, they have different terminology, but they are still the same plays.
                Changing up the playbook? Look no further than Kaep and Alex Smith. Once Alex went down due to a concussion, they changed the playbook for Kaep and had him throwing downfield. Once the playoffs started, they turned Kaep loose, and he ran the read option to set a playoff record. They did not force Kaep to be only a dink and dunk QB like Alex.
                There have been several HC and OC firings mid season, and you cannot seriously be thinking they did not change the playbook one iota. It has been done, and done many times. You are just not paying attention. I bet Denver will have totally changed up their playbook, now that they fired McCoy.

              3. Once again Seb you change the argument to your suiting.
                A coach getting fired mid season is a lot different then changing your playbook for one player with the same staff.

                As for Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick, when the switch was made, Alex Smith was running the read option all year before old wind up.

                And now you’re trying to convince me that every team runs the same plays? I might agree with that a little bit but of course the verbiage and the terminology is completely different as is the personnel so why would you run the same plays if you don’t have the same personnel? You’re trying to tell me that New England and the San Francisco 49ers have the same personnel therefore they run the same plays?
                You just finished saying that the system has to coordinate with the personel?

          2. “The intolerance to different opinions is one thing that is wrong in America”.

            …………….which, of course, is Seb-speak, meaning…” everyone must change and do as I say–but I don’t need to make any change of any kind”.
            More lightly veiled fascism…………………

        2. Ah, mi amigos, the fallacy of the arguments is to bother arguing with his blithering at all. Just a yapping dog down the street.

      2. 49, JG comes from a system that just won a Super Bowl. KS imploded in the second half in the SB, and thought Hoyer was a starter this season. Maybe you forget how KS puffed up Hoyer, right up to the moment he benched him, then cut him unceremoniously because they had JG fall into their laps.
        KS is such a genius, he has a 1-9 record. Pats are 8-2. The Niners may be wise to learn from the best.

        1. Foolishly reasoned, Seb-squat–you knew this the minute it left your mush.
          This team was as poorly run during the baalke era as any team in the NFL-at least worse than 31 of the teams, and a valid case could be made, even worse than the Browns.
          It has been noted that when KS does something you don’t understand, or like, you besmirch him. But the fact is, Walsh, in totality, probably had a slightly better 79 team than what KS inherited.

    2. Kyle scripts his first 24 plays but like every coach that does this they don’t always go in order as down distance regulate a lot.

      What’s the point of having Jimmy in there only to hand off the ball? Doing so only hurts the team by making them predictable and erodes team moral.

      1. Gosh, I hope they do not start inflicting DV on women.
        Maybe you meant- eroding team morale.
        I think the team is grown up enough to see the Niners wanting to play JG because he might help them win.

        1. And how exactly does only running the ball help the team win?
          Or, How does it help Jimmy learn the nuances of the reads in the passing game?
          As to team moral… If I’m on the team I’d be pissed at the coaches for holding us back. Not allowing the team to throw is sheathing a weapon as you like to say. Weather you know it or not you’re arguing for sheathing a weapon and being predictable.

          1. Actually, I would advocate that the Niners devise plays that moves the ball around quickly, like putting a man in motion for a fly sweep. Maybe run reverses, double reverses, and then faked reverses. I think lining up Hyde deep in the I and letting him build up a head of steam before hitting the Line of scrimmage, can attack either side and different gaps. Right there, I outlined 8 ways the Niners could attack the defense in different ways that could be unpredictable.
            I advocated running the ball because some posters were terrified that JG would get injured. However, if they dialed up a quick swing pass to the RB so he gets the ball in space and can attack the weakness in the defense, the pass rush would not have time to get to the QB. Quick slants, bubble screens, button hooks and side line passes require only 3 step drops and have a good chance to keep the QB untouched.
            A controlled rollout would get the QB away from the pocket, so he can throw it away if pressured.
            Only running the ball could help the team win by establishing a running game. I guess you are assuming that they would fail to gain 10 yards.
            I just want to see JG play so much, I advocated him just handing off the ball. The Niners have not thought it through. They assume CJB will beat another bad team, unlike getting bludgeoned, like CJB had to endure against good teams. Seahawks will not be a pushover, despite their injuries. Pete Carroll will have his team well prepared, and they are fighting for a playoff spot. They are mad that they barely lost to the Falcons, so the Niners should not expect complacency.
            Of course, I want the Niners to play JG so he can lead the team for sustained drives that end up with TDs. I am not afraid that JG will get injured, because playing afraid of becoming injured, is a good way to get injured.
            Niners should not pass the ball 57 times, and only run 16 times. Ideally, it should be balanced.
            I want JG to play. He needs to play so they can find out if he will be the franchise QB. I do not see any problem with making it competitive, and playing both QBs.
            At the least, they should let JG lead a drive once or twice per half.
            No, I am talking about unsheathing a weapon, but also in a manner that schemes to protect the QB, while still being innovative and unpredictable.

  7. Once again, I will say that CJB needs to stop sticking out his tongue. If he keeps on doing that, some day, he will get blind sided, and bite off his tongue, which will make it hard for him to call plays.

            1. AES,

              Always liked that scene, farm animal artillery, the discussion on government and the rabbit scene. Naturally, someone who loses and thinks they won will bring this scene to mind.

      1. Head touching is OK, I object to head slapping and head butting.
        Skov head butted a player, and was cut soon after. Have not seen any head slaps this season, so they are getting the message…..

  8. You don’t want to completely judge a guy when he’s put in not the best situation,” Shanahan said

    I’ve been saying exactly that myself for some time now. No way to objectively and effectively evaluate any key player on this team right now, its too piecemeal and makeshift. Glad to see Shanahan isn’t going to risk JG trying to evaluate him against a load of players who likely wont be playing next season anyway. Pointless.

    On the other hand, that doesn’t mean JG shouldn’t get some playing time at some point this season. Experience would still be good for him. And I still find it hard to believe that the O-line has improved that much (as Seb says… the Giants game is an anomaly) Beathard is still more than likely to get injured at some point and JG will have to play anyway. So all this is probably gonna be academic in a few weeks.

    1. And also…

      I’m kinda enjoying watching Beathard play. Wouldn’t mind a few more games at least with him under centre, balling and spitting clods of turf out of his mouth.

      Kid got gumption.

  9. “Just to try to give him more of a foundation of learning instead of just memorizing,” Shanahan said. “(I want him to have) a better chance of understanding why he’s saying these words.”

    Learning instead of memorizing – yuppers! the old fashion way

  10. To Grant and the entire PD blog family,
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    And I’ll never forget that we owe the seahags some payback for eating turkey on our home turf (lol).

  11. Does anyone here know anyone who has learned a foreign language in one month, can speak it fluently while under duress, making split decisions without making mistakes? I don’t. One of my daughters is a Spanish major, spent one year abroad studying, has her masters and including HS has studied Spanish for over 10 years, and if she’s thrown in the room with my Spanish speaking parents and some of they’re friends, and as quick as they talk, I know she’d have a hard time keeping up. I’ve witnessed it! KS said the same yesterday. It’s not just learning the system. It’s being able to know the language of the system 100% without question and being able to speak and utilize that language when you have eleven angry men standing five yards away from you that want to rip your head off. That’s one of the reasons why he picked Hoyer, and one of the reasons why NE picked Hoyer. He knows both languages. JG only knows one football language and is learning another. It’s gonna take time. You don’t change the entire system to fit the player. Come on! That doesn’t even pass the laugh test and anyone suggesting that hasn’t really thought that through! Happy thanksgiving!!

    1. Except it isn’t a language. It’s a form of communication and difficult to absorb but languages have syntax, grammatical rules and other factors that come into play. The symbols used by Shanahan are important and challenging because of their breadth and scope, but I wouldn’t call it language.

  12. Asking the team to change the system to fit the player is the equivalent of asking a classroom of Spanish students who have been studying that language for the better part of a school year to switch to French suddenly because Jimmy, the new kid who just transferred in, already knows French. Meh……..

    1. Naw. they just need to talk football. JG can talk Super Bowl winning football, and KS talked turkey in the second half of the Super Bowl, and got gobbled up.
      Happy Thanksgiving. Hope all have a full plate and a safe trip home.

    1. I find these creative TD celebrations to be wildly entertaining Saint Louis. But that’s me. In a world full of negativity, watching these guys clearly having a lot of fun, absolutely works for me.

    2. St. Lou …

      yeah.. maybe.. but I’d much rather see the creative ways
      they celebrate … than to go back to watching the zebras
      throw the yellow flags at them … just for having a little fun

    3. Saint,
      No, I feel the same way. I much prefer the organic celebrations vs the contrived and scripted ones.

      If I want to see scripted efforts than perhaps I need to go see a live theater show.
      BTW, how many HoF former players do you know were “me first players”?

      1. That’s the beauty of these celebration. They have become offensive team efforts. Gone are the days of the NFL, as in No Fun League. I’ve seen celebrations that involve entire offenses having a little fun celebrating their collective efforts, and would be willing to bet it has had some positive effect with developing and promoting an extra sense of unity, and comradery between the players. No harm, no foul. These guys are clearly enjoying themselves, and I find some of these scripted celebration to be very creative, and quite amusing. What’s the harm? As Marcus Aurelius would say ……. are you not entertained?

        1. 49reasons,
          While I certainly respect everyone’s right to enjoy the game as they please, I’m old school when it comes to football and all sports.
          I grew up watching football during the Lombardi, George Halas and Tom Landry era.

          I did not need the over the top celebrations of today’s athletes to fall in love with the game, I fell in love with the purity of the game itself.
          I fell in love with players like Bart Star, John Brodie, Kenny (Snake) Stabler Lenny Moore, Leroy Kelly, Tom Osbourne, Jimmy Johnson, Dave Wilcox, John Mackey and many others during that era because they performed at a high level without the theatrics.
          When all said and done, football is about skilled players performing on the field without all the antics and theatrics in the end zone.
          But as I noted; I’m from the old school of football and to each his own.

          1. Fair enough AES. I get what you’re saying, and it’s a very valid point. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

            My father feels the same way you do. Then again, he’s a crotchety old fella, and I love him for that. lol. Just kidding. You’ve got a very valid point. I do appreciate a great play over a great endzone celebration.

            1. These players work very hard and are dedicated.
              I think they should be able to celebrate their achievements all the while respecting the game and the opponent.

              The NFL still penalizes excessive celebrations so that it’s not carried away.

              I think it’s fun for them and they deserve to do it.
              The league already puts a stranglehold on these guys in terms of what they can do and what they can wear.
              Let them have fun.

    4. I grew up in the ‘give the ball to the ref days’ so I don’t even like spikes. So I don’t watch them. Solved the problem and I don’t have to yell “hey, you kids, stop spiking the ball on my field!” at the TV..

  13. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone on this blog.
    Jed has given us a few things to be thankful about. The franchise seems to be laying down the foundations for sustained success starting next season and beyond.

  14. If it was only that easy Seb!! Enjoy your day also and be safe if traveling! Luckily we don’t have to! They’re all coming here! I have 3 turkeys to cook! One oven, one BBQ, and one deep fried! Should be epic!! Be safe!

    1. Pretty creative Juan. Might I suggest adding “smoked” to the list one of these days. Always a favorite in our clan.

      You and your be safe as well.

    2. Juan, nice one. I am going to an interesting one, it is Vegan……I baked bread, and my wife made the pumpkin pie. It is only 30 minutes away, and I will be the designated driver.
      We had a turkey yesterday, so I will still get to have leftovers.

        1. Juan, I was surprised when some one brought a bird. We had almost everything, the classic green bean casserole, stuffing was a little dry, but missed out on the cranberries.
          My son, the host, put all the vegans on the opposite end of the table. He provided a couple growlers, so I had 2 glasses of Pliny, that was my limit.
          I brought 2 types of bread. The cheese bread was verrry popular. The turkey was stripped to the bones, but we still have leftover turkey at home.
          Hope you had a filling Thanksgiving. Never thought the deep fried turkey was worth the bother, and it is the cause of so many accidents and fires, but I am sure you were very careful about the fire hazard.

  15. CJ will start this week but he’s one crushing hit away from Garoppolo playing… In fact, I could see CJ and the offense getting shutdown by the Hawks thus giving Shanahan the excuse to start Garoppolo against the Bears… I love CJ’s effort and heart but it won’t surprise me at all if it plays out this way…

  16. From Shanahan’s presser about JG:

    “So, to me, when he goes in and plays this year, it’s fun because you get to see it. You get some tape on it. It’s more you get to talk. But, in terms of judging someone … that’s why I don’t feel much (pressure to play him). You don’t want to completely judge a guy when he’s put in not the best situation with being so behind on this stuff. If he does get the opportunity to go in, which I think he eventually will, it’s more just to give him a chance and give him some playing time.”

    There has been a wall of words from those supporting the decision to sit JG, about how there is no reason to get him out there this year, about how it is unfair to evaluate him. But this is the most telling comment from KS. He acknowledges it is unfair to evaluate him – as I have been saying playing him this year is not about evaluation – but also goes on to outline how he probably will play this year all the same just to give him a chance for some playing time. Which to me is a no brainer – he has all of two NFL starts to his name. If you have a chance to expose him to NFL Ds within your system, that’s a great learning opportunity that shouldn’t be wasted. KS at least seems to understand this.

    The question then comes down to when to play him. Keeping him on the bench isn’t about bubble wrapping the player to avoid injury like some are suggesting – KS himself has said JG will likely play at some point this year. So the reason he isn’t yet playing has to be about something else. Maybe it is about loyalty to CJ after playing his best game, but to me that is a bad reason to forestall the development of the guy you believe is your future franchise QB. The only reason I can think he isn’t starting this week is because KS doesn’t feel he is ready yet. Which is certainly plausible with the complex system KS runs, but is also not a great sign that JG, as a vet QB, isn’t able to get across it to a point he can start after a month, including one week of intense learning. Know that when I say this I am not saying this means JG was a bad trade, or that he is no good. I really like him as a player. It just isn’t a positive sign that he isn’t starting this week.

    1. Scooter,
      Good points. I have been towing the “org knows what JG can do and there is no need to evaluate him” line for a while myself.

      But one of my thoughts has been why would you let your possible franchise QB play behind a porous O-line?

      Even if JG is familiar with the offense why let him play out the rest of the season and risk a chance of him getting injured?

      If Polo starts and wins a couple of games what have we gained? If anything, we have weakened our draft status by possibly moving out of the top 3 – 5, 1st Rd picks.
      Personally, I’m fine with the current position of the FO regarding JG.

      1. “Why would you let your possible franchise QB play behind a porous O-line? Even if JG is familiar with the offense why let him play out the rest of the season and risk a chance of him getting injured?”

        To me that is a risk/ reward question. And I think the rewards of getting a guy with only two NFL starts some more starting experience outweighs the risk of getting him hurt. Keeping in mind that as porous as the OL has been, none of the 49ers QBs have been seriously hurt. End of the day, if the franchise QB already had heaps of NFL experience you wouldn’t risk it, but that isn’t the case with JG. While he has talent, its all potential right now. He needs experience.

        “If Polo starts and wins a couple of games what have we gained? If anything, we have weakened our draft status by possibly moving out of the top 3 – 5, 1st Rd picks.”

        I understand this thinking, but this is honestly fan-think. Don’t risk losing draft position if you aren’t making the playoffs. I sincerely hope the team and coaching staff aren’t thinking this way. This is an opportunity for the team to keep learning and getting better.

        1. Scooter,
          “Keeping in mind that as porous as the OL has been, none of the 49ers QBs have been seriously hurt.”

          Well, we have been very fortunate that Hoyer and CJ have not been injured. But when I think of a QB sustaining all the hits that CJ has suffered it goes beyond just the physical element of the game.

          There is a physiological side of it as well.
          Players like Tony Romo, Kaepernick and RGIII among others, played as if they were shell-shocked and fearful of the slightest contact after taking many hits. I believed that Hoyer could no longer fully function while because he became more concerned about self preservation rather than waiting the extra nano second to throw.

          As I said last week, our O-line is one missed block from getting one of our QB’s injured. I certainly don’t want to see this happen but the risk is heightened by their porous pass protection.
          The O-line did a good job against the NYG’s, let’s see if they could follow that up with another good performance against Petey.

          1. As I said, risk vs reward. JG isn’t a china doll. Getting injured is always a risk any time you step on the field – part of what JG will need to get experienced at is how to combat pressure. And if he is a guy that gets shell shocked by facing pressure then he probably isn’t going to be a franchise saviour anyway.

            1. Yep a lot of fan views that don’t mesh with NFL Coaches on here. JG has to play. He’s got 6 quarters of NFL ball under his belt and needs the experience. You don’t get better in practice; you get better by experiencing game speed. Players get hurt stepping out of the shower. If it’s going to happen it’s going to happen. They need to get Garoppolo on the field and get him acclimated to the system and his teammates in real time.

              As far as not understanding the system enough to play, if that were the case then he wouldn’t be backing up CJB. He obviously knows enough to play if he has to, and after a month learning the playbook and practicing, he should be more than capable of starting a game. Either he’s having trouble learning the playbook or KS is being over protective. Whatever it is, they need to get him out there asap. Going into next season they need to be in a position to move to the next level with this offense, not starting from scratch with a kid who has played 6 quarters of football.

              1. I never said that he wouldn’t play this season. I’ve contended that Shanahan will insert him in certain situations and that he may likely get to start a few games this season.

                JG, WILL play, but he will play when Shanahan wants him to play and not be swayed by the masses.
                This is not a complicated situation… It’s a coach doing what’s right for the team – pretty simple to me.

      2. Rest easy AES. Even if we disregard the injury risk, I simply don’t see Kyle playing him until he feels like Jimmy has fully digested the playbook, and doesn’t need to wear a wristband in order to call plays in the huddle. There just isn’t enough to gain to warrant playing him until he’s 100% comfortable, and I’d be surprised if he reaches that point any time soon. And I would be shocked if Kyle believes the best thing to do is to simplify the offense in order to get Jimmy some snaps. How can he expect the rest of his players to go out and lay it all on the line, when he’s basically admitting he’s more concerned with getting Jimmy some snaps, than he is winning these final games? I don’t think anyone is going to buy into the notion that simplifying the offense right now, will give them a better chance to win these games.

        Now, perhaps I’m wrong and Jimmy is a very, very quick learner. But knowing just how complex Kyle’s offense is, I’d be shocked if Kyle feels like Jimmy is ready anytime soon. Maybe he’ll be ready by week 15. Maybe!

  17. CJB playing on Sunday is a no brainer……unless you are Grant and need suckers to comment on your blog

    Whether Jimmy plays this season or not it makes no freaking difference

    He gets franchise tag next year is the best scenario for the 49ers …..

    If CJB beats the seagrlz which I think is very possible cuz of his toughness, I bet he keeps playing……and 49ers should let him keep playing…

    1. I was just about to point out how different Prescott looks without Elliott. He’s a decent QB, but not as good as he looked when he had Zeke commanding the defense’s attention. No doubt who the offensive MVP is in Dallas.

      1. AES, do you see any scenario where Mahomes gets the nod this season, if the Chiefs continue to struggle offensively?

        I had originally predicted before the start of the season, that we’d see Mahomes at some point. Of course, I didn’t expect Alex to go on the kind of tear he did in the first half of the season. However, Alex seems to have hit the proverbial Alex-Smith-Wall now, and things are suddenly getting very interesting in the AFC West.

        1. 49reasons,
          Alex Smith seems to struggle when the team falls behind and he is asked to throw deep. Alex has actually shown good accuracy throwing the long ball, but he’s not as dependable in a come from behind scenario.

          I believe that this is something Andy Reid is aware of, and the very reason I feel he made some moves in last years draft to acquire Mahomes.
          But Alex Smith has only had a couple of below average games which (imo) is not a reason to replace him with Mahomes.

          If Reid makes Mahomes the starter based on a couple of mediocre games from Alex he may be putting his head coaching gig in jeopardy if Mahomes falters. KC ownership wants a championship not another playoff and quick exit.
          Reid better have an answer come January…

        1. Yeah, no Zeke, no Lee. Dak needs to step it up, if he can. Dak looks like the third best QB of last year’s draft, behind Wentz and Goff.

          1. I think those examples just show how important injuries can affect your team.
            That’s why the 49ers get a pass this year and correct me if I’m wrong, we’ve had the most injuries of any team in the league?

  18. Huh. It’s still the first half, but this is the second game without Elliot and Prescott is, once again, doing nothing. And it’s not like his backs aren’t producing. They’re running at a 4.4 YPC clip. Kind of interesting though it’s way, way too early to tell. I wonder how it’ll play out during the season….

    1. The RBs are getting some yards, but teams don’t need to respect the run like they do with Zeke there. More things are opened up when teams focus on the run.

        1. I got a kick out of watching Joe Looney roller skating around the football field again. It’s much less aggravating watching him play in a Cowboys’ jersey ;)

        2. You have to admit, he has a great name. :) And he’s still in the NFL. And I don’t think he’s any worse than our LG… And there are worse back-ups. The Cowboys’ back-up LT gave up six sacks to a guy. Which was also that guy’s career SEASON high and earned him a $750K bonus.

          So it could be worse.

  19. it’s looking like even “International Rescue” can’t help Dak now…
    looks like Bolts DL is in command, “stymie-ing” the vaunted DAL OL…
    well, they were stymie-ing DAL OL till the 2 yd TD in 3rd qtr…

  20. Dallas is proving the importance of having a good offensive line and RB to overall team and offensive success.

    Think RBs will be more highly valued going forward?

      1. No.
        Running backs have a high injury and bust rate.
        Additionally it’s easy to find one later than most other positions… for every Ezekiel Elliot there are plenty of Kareem Hunts, Leveon Bells or Frank Gore’s.
        They also need a line to perform so until that’s shored up it doesn’t matter.
        Then there is the fact that they don’t change the game as much in the new era. Barry Sanders is the best Running Back I have ever seen but I would take Charles Haley over him if given the choice.

        1. Agreed Prime. There is Grand Canyon-like separation between Barkley’s pro potential, and any other RB in this class. In fact, it’s hard to imagine another RB draft prospect with the kind of game changing potential Barkley possesses, entering the league anytime soon. He truly is that rare, once every other generation kind of talent.

          And with the way the Zeke-less Dallas Cowboys have embarrassed themselves, and imploded from the moment Zeke lost his final appeal and began his 6 game suspension, we can expect the RB position to regain a lot of the value it has lost over the last 5 seasons, particularly when it comes to the kind of rare, once in a generation talent Saquon Barkley is.

          Bryce Love is a nice RB. Nice, as in above average – yet typical of the kind of above average RB we see enter the draft each and every season. Bryce Love is certainly not the kind of RB that warrants extra attention when it comes to game planning, and to be honest, I see more potential in Joe Williams, and prefer to take my chances with last season’s 4th round pick, rather than spending draft capital on a sub-200 lb RB this offseason.

          We’ll see what happens with Carlos Hyde, but my brother had an opportunity to speak to an NFC scout last month, and he told him that there is a lot more “buzz” surrounding Saquon Barkely within the scouting community, than there was surrounding Amari Cooper or Odell Beckham a couple few years back. And the Raiders took Cooper at #4.

        1. I have been saying that OL and DE (pass rush) need addressing. This is critical! I do however, think that RBs will rise in value in the draft.

  21. Chargers were my dark horse to make the playoffs with some noise if Allen could stay healthy. The Broncos, Raiders and Chiefs are all struggling. It’s ripe for the taking….

      1. Marvin Jones also put up some nice numbers for Detroit today.
        Berkeley Cal Bears may not move the needle when it comes to winning, but they always seem to put good players on the NFL teams.
        M. Jones,
        Marshawn Lynch,
        Kendrick (Philly)
        Just to name some former Cal Bears.

        1. I believe the 49ers will overpay for JG.
          But if they think that highly of him he’ll get a top 5 QB franchise tag.
          He will have a full season to prove his worth in 2018 and go from there. The end of the 2018 season is when the real negotiations start.

    1. No, they just want to pay him $24 million a year. I think you have that wrong. They offered him a $53 million dollar contract that he turned down:

      On May 2nd, right after the draft, we made Kirk an offer that included the highest fully guaranteed amount upon signing for a quarterback in NFL history ($53 million) and guaranteed a total of $72 million for injury. The deal would have made him at least the second highest-paid player by average per year in NFL history.
      But despite our repeated attempts, we have not received any offer from Kirk’s agent this year.
      Kirk has made it clear that he prefers to play on a year-to-year basis. While we would have liked to work out a long-term contract before this season, we accept his decision.

      1. That was a little bit disingenuous on Washington’s side.
        They offered him that amount but failed to mention he was already guaranteed 24 million that year with the franchise tag. So they really only offered him an additional 29 million. To put this in perspective Osweiller received an additional 37 million, Carr received an additional 70 million, and Luck signed for an additional 87.

        Also injury guarantees are not the same as straight guaranteed money.

        Washington lowballed him by just about any measure.

        1. Cousins will not stay with the Native Americans, as long as Bruce Allen is GM. Snyder will have to choose between a franchise QB, and a suit.
          Franchise QBs are proving in this league to be more precious than rubies. Suits, like Madden says, are a dime a dozen.

            1. Denver just does not have the cap room for Cousins.
              Jags may be a good option for Cousins. He would be a huge upgrade from Bortles, and they do have cap room.

              1. With the amount they can carry over they have about 34 million. But they only have 39 players signed so they would need to restructure a contract or 2 but that shouldn’t be a real problem. So I would say it’s doable even for Denver.

      2. BRUCE ALLEN: “Our goal was to sign Kirk to a long-term contract with the final objective of having him finish his career with the Redskins. On May 2nd, right after the draft, we made Kirk an offer that included the highest fully guaranteed amount upon signing for a quarterback in NFL history ($53 million) and guaranteed a total of $72 million for injury.”

        To be clear, we have no idea what kind of value the 49ers have placed on Cousins. Only speculation.

    2. Spoken like somebody who doesn’t have a clue about Football. Cousins was excellent considering he was under intense pressure every time he dropped back. The guy has no weapons that are better than average, most of his Oline is out injured, top 2 RB’s are out and he still played well and they won the game. He played a lot better against the Giants than your hero Alex Smith did the week before.

      You are also wrong about the Redskins intentions for the future. They have tried to sign him long term and he turned them down. He’s now in a position where he will be coming off a second straight top 5 QB performance and either cashing in on FA or getting tagged a 3rd time for close to 35 mill. This guy has been so underrated and continues to be by people like you.

        1. I think he is better than that.
          Brady, Breeze, Rodgers tier 1 … Then you get to tier 2 which I think he resides in. Big Ben, Russell Wilson and Wentz lead this tier but after them with Luck’s injury he’s somewhere in the 7 to 10 range.

          1. This is how I’d rank ’em right now:

            1. Brady
            2. Rodgers
            3. Stafford
            4. Brees
            5. Roethlisberger
            6. Wentz
            7. Newton
            8. Carr
            9. Manning
            10. Smith
            11. Winston
            12. Cousins
            13. Rivers
            14. Wilson

            *Luck hasn’t played in 2 years, so I didn’t include him.

          2. I agree with Realist and Shoup. Cousins really doesn’t get the credit he deserves. He’s solidly in the top ten and I’d rank him 7th at worst on the list Razor put up. I wouldn’t rank Stafford that high either.

            Hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving and here’s hoping there are no injuries fighting the crowds on Black Friday.

            1. Gotta say, Cousins is growing on me this year. His supporting cast has been banged up and not as good in the past, but he’s still playing well.

              But he really needs to start doing a better job in the red zone. For a number if there has been one blemish to his game it is finishing off drives.

            2. I have noticed when it comes to those that like Cousins …..stats or win and losses don’t matter…..

              Cousins is mediocre…….first it was Top 5, then top 10, now it’s top 12…..wtf….. when did we start running top 12?

              1. http://www.espn.com/blog/washington-redskins/post/_/id/34542/kirk-cousins-is-right-hes-playing-his-best-ball

                “The team’s 4-6 record is in spite of Cousins, not because of him.”

                “Given who he has played without — tight end Jordan Reed (for four games), tackle Trent Williams (two games), free-agent departures DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon, and a consistent running game — the fact that Washington remains a potent offense is impressive.”

                “But perhaps not having a defense ranked 31st in points allowed and 24th in yards allowed — and a run game that’s 24th in yards per attempt — would help the Redskins as well. Or not having 10 key players on injured reserve.”

                “The Redskins’ offense ranks among the top 10 in yards per game, yards per play, passing yards per game, net yards per attempt, interception rate and red zone efficiency. They’re 12th in scoring.”

                “All of this comes despite a line that has been in flux for the past four games, among other issues.”

  22. I’ve decided to write out my master plan to fix the offense. I think KS could have success with this lineup next year.






    LT Staley
    LG Nelson
    C Price
    RG Garnett
    RT Brown

    1. “The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry definition. No matter how carefully a project is planned, something may still go wrong with it.”

    2. QB- Garoppolo, CJB, Rookie in third round.
      RB- Hyde, Gore, Williams
      WR – Garcon, Rookie TBD, Taylor, Goodwin
      TE – Kittle, Hikutini
      OL- Staley, Garnett, Billy Price, Fusco, Brown.
      DL – Buckner, Day, Armstead, Thomas
      LB- Foster, Smith, Rookie TBD, Pita
      CB- Witherspoon, Dontae, Williams
      S- Reid, Tartt, Colbert.

        1. I am hoping they trade back, garner more picks and get Price.
          I would not complain about Nelson if they got him, he does have great potential.

          1. If the 49ers draft 2nd overall…

            1. Browns select Sam Darnold
            2. 49ers*Trade*Broncos give their 1st round pick, 4th overall+their 2nd round pick, 36th overall+their 3rd in 2019. Broncos select Josh Rosen.
            3. Giants select Josh Allen
            4. 49ers select Quenton Nelson, OG, Notre Dame
            27. Panthers*Trade*49ers their 2nd round pick(from Saints), 62nd overall+their 3rd round pick(from Bears), 68th overall. 49ers select Isaiah Oliver, CB, Colorado.
            36. 49ers(from Broncos) select Bryce Love, RB, Stanford.

            1. Better watch out. Multiple trade backs are very unpopular with many posters. ;p
              If the Niners could pull that off, I would jump for joy. I love Love.

            2. Great player, but an OG at #4? I realize in your scenario the 49ers are picking up additional picks, but no team has selected an OG top 10 since 2013, and that guy (J. Cooper) is considered a bust.

              And why do they have a need for another sub-200 lbs RB?

              1. Who cares where he’s drafted? If Shanny has him as the highest rated player, I could give a flying rip as long as they get their man.

                And why do they have a need for another sub-200 lbs RB?

                Speed. Speed at every level. 1st step, through the hole, 2nd level, and breakaway. Perfect running back for Shanny’s offense, as demonstrated below:


                Love has had nine straight games with a touchdown of at least 50 yards. No Heisman winner in the past 20 years has ever accomplished this feat. Bryce Love has nine carries of 50+ yards, more than any RB in an entire season since 2014 Melvin Gordon’s 10 in 14 Wisconsin games. Love has more 30-yard runs, 40-yard runs, and 50-yard runs than any other entire team in the country, plus six 60-yarders and a 70-yarder….

              2. Meh, Love may be no better than Joe Williams. Joe is every bit as fast and explosive as Love. As is Breida. If we don’t resign Hyde, we need another RB that goes at least 210-215 lbs. And if we do resign Hyde, there are far bigger needs to address this draft.

                I’d much, much rather simply take Barkeley at #4, than draft Love with a second round pick.

              3. And, it’s worth digging into Kyle’s history, to get a sense of the kind of RB’s he prefers in his stable. I keep hearing Kyle prefers small RB’s, but his history doesn’t necessarily support that notion. And by small, I mean Bryce Love small, at 196 lbs.

                Take a look at his 2 seasons in Atlanta for starters. He didn’t have a single RB in Atlanta who weighs less than 200 lbs. His dynamic duo in Atlanta went 206 lbs (Devonta Freeman) and 210 lbs (Tevin Coleman) respectively.

                And Kyle’s bell cow in Washington? It was Pro Bowl RB Alfred Morris, who weighed 222 lbs.

                It’s also worth noting that both of the RB’s Kyle was actively involved in drafting while he was in Atlanta were Coleman, and Terrence McGee, who weighs 220 lbs. He did sign a pint sized RB while he was in Atlanta, but that was Terron Ward, was who was a UFDA, and even he weighs over 200 lbs.

                Sure, lateral quickness and enough speed to run the outside-zone scheme effectively is certainly something Kyle looks for in a RB. But he already has 2 small RB’s who fit that bill in Breida, Williams, as well as Raheem Mostert (197 lbs), who has been a valuable special teamer this season.

                With or without Hyde, there is next to zero chance that Kyle would draft another sub – 200 lbs RB before the 4th or perhaps even the 5th round in 2018, unless he has simply given up on the Joe Williams, whom he went out on a limb and pounded the table for in the 4th round last season. And even then, he tends to look for RB’s in the later rounds, unless we’re talking about a once in a generation talent like Saquon Barkely.

                Aint gonna happen!

                It goes without saying that I like Quenton Nelson, and I would be happy to draft him outside of the top 5, so I won’t quibble with that pick too much. But I will say, if they don’t resign Hyde, there is no way in the world I am passing on Barkley in order to draft Nelson. If they let Hyde walk, perhaps the 49ers can trade back a couple spots and grab Barkley and the Auburn Tigers’ fantastic OG Branden Smith. However, it’s simply impossible to project draft trades this early in the process, so I’m going to wait on my mock until after free agency sorts itself out.

              4. 49,

                We gotta take Nelson, IMO. If Garnett fails and we don’t get Nelson, we’re in trouble again. The OZ won’t be effective, and JG won’t have time in the pocket.

                I agree that KS hasn’t given up on Williams. He stashed him so other teams couldn’t poach him. He’ll get another look next year. My plan has Hyde with a question mark because I think there’s a decent chance we resign him because of his receiving and change of pace inside running.

                My plan also includes Billy Price at C. It’s unfortunate that Baalke left us with so many holes. We still need an elite edge rusher, CB, and WR to go with a revamped OL. Baalke sucks.

              5. I hear you #80. Nelson is a freak of nature. He’s certainly one of the best OG prospects I’ve seen in some time. You just don’t see guys with his combination of size and athleticism.

              6. Love has forced 63 missed tackles as a runner this season and his elusive rating of 155.6 ranks No. 1 among all draft-eligible running backs. Those missed tackles often lead to long runs for Love as 69.6 percent of his yardage on the season came on big play runs of 15 yards or more. Love’s 29 runs this season of 15 or more yards also ranks first among all draft-eligible running backs….

  23. QB Goatrappolo
    RB Love/Williams/Breida
    FB Juszczyk

    WR Allen Robinson/Garcon/Taylor/Goodwin
    TE Kittle

    LT Staley
    LG Nelson
    C Jensen
    RG Garnett
    RT Brown

      1. Jensen is not a rookie. He’s the other notable free agent center in 2018 from the Ravens. The 49ers could outbid the Ravens for him, and he’s only 26. He would be a significant upgrade over Kilgore, who is nothing more than a backup. He’d provide the glue of experience to hold the two rookies together, buoyed by the stalwart’s on the ends. The other Center candidate, Weston Richburg is on IR for concussion. He’d be a risk worth taking if they miss out on Jensen, provided his contract was medically friendly….

        1. Ok thanks for that Razor. The key here is that Garnett comes back and is everything the 1st rounder he is suppose to be. Looks like the 49ers are invested in him with this whole body transformation thing. That would solidify the right side with him and Brown.

          If we are able to trade out of the top 5 and get Nelson Id be okay with that. As for Jensen, I don’t know much about him.

          I know everyone is saying we need to upgrade the oline but we also need a big time pass rusher, corner, and WR. This upcoming draft is so big for us its not even funny!

          1. Ryan Jensen allowed no pressures from 26 pass blocking snaps against the Raiders, and last I looked, Jensen was ranked 4th best among centers run blocking with a grade of 85….

              1. Agreed tjf.
                He was a questionable pick even for Chip’s scheme. The knock on him being he struggled in pass pro and in space… those knocks are magnified even more Kyle’s system.

            1. — will Garnett work out for RG ?
              — will he show OZ movement improvement — per JL’s comments and scuttlebutt from ’17 TC ?
              — I’m betting an FA G will be needed as insurance for Garnett’s “re-training” that JL talked about…
              — one rook G can be accommodated, but not 2, IF Garnett doesn’t cut it in next TC.
              — we truly need a vet C and G to help a top pick G — such as Nelson, but insurance for Garnett is needed too…
              — and who’s promoted to swing T to bolster Staley– Williams JR ?

              these OL issues are critical for Jimmy’s debut in ’18, or continued success w/CJ…

              1. I’d bring back Fusco or similar to compete with Garnett. I’m anticipating Williams Jr. solidifying his grip on the swing T, especially after his promotion off the practice squad. Gonna be interesting to see who they get rid of; if/when they bring back Carradine….

              2. — I don’t see Fusco, even with his modest improvement over last 2 games, being anymore than a backup to whomever the RG starter is…
                — Fusco’s value, like Hoyer and Hightower before him, will be as coaching staff help for the guys: FA’s or rooks, having to learn the position…
                — Fusco = knowledge of the system’s position requirements, yes…
                — competence in the position’s execution as a starter…not so much…

              3. Fusco has struggled due to injuries, but lately has played well, and I like his warrior mentality.
                One reason I am not totally sold on Nelson is because Garnett should play LG, his natural position. When playing RG, Garnett struggled. Maybe Nelson can slide over to the RG position, if he is as talented and versatile as you say he is.

              4. — Garnett’s RG vs. LG struggles pale in comparison to his alleged ineffectiveness at stretch/OZ run scheme blocking….
                — he was drafted as a power scheme G– this “body transformation” thing JL brought up– hope it’s true, hope it works, hope he ends up helping Williams, Hyde, Brieda, (Love?) get lots of chunk/gouge runs….

                — or it could be propaganda from JL– keeping Garnett’s trade value afloat….

              5. I respectfully disagree. Garnett has the quickness needed for the OZ, if you look at his 4.62 stat at the Combine.
                Derrick Deese shook his head over the idea that it is simple and easy to switch sides on the O line. They played Garnett out of position because Baalke wanted his lone FA signing to succeed.
                I thought it was obtuse to have 2 grizzled veterans on the left, and a first year and raw rookie on the right.

              6. — your use of Garnett’s 40 and shuttle times as a defense for his OZ blocking suitability is flawed….
                — you need to dig into the whole Alex Gibbs OZ/stretch run background, where you’ll see, 40’s and shuttle cones times are a small % indicator of the abilities interior lineman need to be successful…start here:


                — Stanford’s been using road grading power style blocking (think Boone, Iupati) since JH’s era, and Garnett was picked to work in this power run scenario, with some IZ run schemes that Chip also used…
                — then, if you look into KS’ version of the WCO, you’ll see that OZ/stretch scheme is very important to making his pass game work…even tho’ KS run scheme uses IZ and Power as well…
                — when Lynch says “body transformation” — the “between lines” reading glasses help a lot!

              7. Chad Reuter wrote that he considered Josh Garnett to be explosive. His 4.64 20 yard shuttle was impressive for a 325 lb O lineman. The 20 yard shuttle gauges agility and quickness.
                Maybe they could utilize him as an H back, like in college, for short yardage situations.

      1. Back in September, and it wasn’t that bad because they were able to perform surgery right away. The really bad ones; there’s swelling for an extended period of time, and they have to wait for it to go away before they can perform the procedure….

            1. I like 80’s choice of Alshon Jeffrey as a good FA pickup.
              However, I want to advocate for obtaining the next Jerry Rice/ Calvin Johnson, even if it means moving up in the draft. There are several good candidates next season.

        1. Robinson is definitely my preference. He was one of my favourite WRs in the 2014 draft, and on bad Jags teams with a terrible QB he has consistently put up good #s. He’s got good size and plays physically, but also has enough speed to be a threat downfield. Good after the catch. As razor points out, the injury wasn’t a bad one as far as ACLs go.

          On a team with a good QB, creative OC and some decent complementary pieces, I think Robinson is a consistent PB WR.

  24. Niners have a thing for edge rushers with Roman names — Marcus Rush and now Cassius Marsh.
    “Yond Cassius ha a lean and hungry look …
    Such men are dangerous.”

    Hopefully Cassius can lean around the edge and be dangerous to the opposing QBs. I don’t remember his UCLA days although he seems to have racked up 28 sacks in two seasons. He may play at Leo this Sunday against his old team.

    1. Glad to see you’re writing again, Hammer. Enjoyed the read even though I don’t agree with everything.

      1) FWIW, you might want to reread and correct two or three spelling errors and a grammatical error or two.

      2) With regards to players lost to injury, I think you need to include Trent Taylor. After they let Kerley go, Taylor became the defacto slot receiver. I seem to recall a recent article that listed him as the number one or two slot receiver but I don’t recall all of the specifics nor can I seem to find the link. Yes, he’s made some mistakes that unfortunately came at critical moments, but he’s also very good at creating separation. I look for him to have a very good future with the team especially in light of the draft slot.

        1. Wow Jack ? says thank you? I see he’s done a little introspection over the holidays. Thank you, Jack, for not being an arrogant prick for once.

    2. Nice article Jack, agree with a lot of what you said. And you are right, with some key additions this off season this is a team that has the potential to be much improved next year.

  25. Question for the group. Which hypothetical would you choose?

    1) Five very good OL backed up by three marginal OL (see Cowboys)
    2) Two or three very good OL and an additional five to six good OL; i.e three good backups.

    Given the injury “fact of life” in the NFL, I’m not so sure that 2) isn’t the better answer. Just look at what happened to Dallas when they lost their LT (I realize that Elliott not playing has also been a major issue).

    1. Depth is important as ever these days, with how many injuries occur. You need to have some top end talent on the OL, but my preference would be for two top tier talents, 3 good starting OL, and 2-3 good backups.

      1. I agree Scooter. I guess the thought I’m trying to get across is: should the likelihood of injuries be a major factor in how GMs put a roster together.

        1. That is an interesting point Cubus, not sure which option I would prefer. OL work is about cohesively to start, so Dallas’ issues could be due to that and the longer the LT is out, the more likely the line work will improve. Though the drop off in talent is noticeable.

          I do think you need competent backups. So, if I were pressed, I think that I would agree with Scooter and option C. I guess that more closely mirrors your second option though.

          1. My take is the better depth you have it helps ease the pain when your top guys go down.

            In the Cowboys situation, everything went through Zeke and Sean Lee.
            I don’t think Jason Garrett has done a good job coaching without those guys and the other injuries.

  26. Good job Jack. It’s been a struggle and can’t say I agree with everything the new regime has done, but as long as the team continues to improve I can live with it. Not sure why they are keeping Garoppolo on the sideline, but he needs to play soon. He needs game reps to get a handle on this system so he’s ready to go next year.

  27. http://www.espn.com/blog/san-francisco-49ers/post/_/id/29005/as-jimmy-garoppolo-awaits-49ers-debut-c-j-beathard-staying-focused-on-task-at-hand

    “I did go into the weekend and all week and into Monday considering Jimmy.”

    Sounds like KS truly wants JG to play this season when he’s ready. The reason for this is getting JG reps with his teammates in this offense.

    “We’ve had C.J. in there for some time, he’s getting more used to it and I’m getting more used to him,” Shanahan said. “The players are getting more used to being around him. It’s been nice to add a few things each week for him and see some of his different skill sets that has been different from the past.”

    “That’s something that can only come with the valuable repetitions”

    1. Yeah, the pro bubble wrapping JG crowd don’t want to hear it, but I for one am glad the HC at least realises there are benefits to getting him out there asap. But I am not a fan of the reasoning he gave for sticking with CJ this week – basically because CJ played well last game he didn’t feel it was the right time to bench him. So what, he’s riding the “hot hand”? These last six games are about building the team for next year, so the hot hand should have little to do with it.

      1. What about the idea of meritocracy? Harbaugh preached this, but I’m not sure that KS has. Still, if this is a prevailing view among the players, what message does it send to the locker room to sit CJB after his best game and the team’s first win?

        1. What message does it send to then bench CJ if he plays poorly?

          By keeping him as the starter they are indicating that CJs play will dictate who starts. But I doubt any player on the 49ers doesn’t realise this team is rolling with JG. He’s their guy. Why take their time ripping the band aid off?

          1. I’m a big believer that Jimmy G should play as soon as possible but really, maybe this is a better thing for CJB who did win his last game and maybe he should get another start.
            I think if he beats the Hawks we have a very nice QB controversy on our hands.

            1. Is a QB controversy a good thing? When neither of them is an established starter? Sounds like a recipe for disaster to me.

              1. I think it is. If CJB can keep winning it’s gonna push both guys.
                It’s also gonna allow Jimmy G more time to get ready.
                I want to see him play but if one guy is winning you ride that. And with that being said, I can’t see CJB winning the next 7 games and, it’s clear who the real franchise QB is.
                So let’s let this play out as Shanny has said and in due time, we’ll get the best guy for the team behind center.

          2. “What message does it send to then bench CJB if he plays poorly?”

            A message of meritocracy is what it sends, particularly for a position that everyone knows is in considerable flux. Now, I agree that you don’t want to bench established starters just because they had one or two poor games. But the QB position on this team is not at all established.

            Having said that, I want to see the “shiny new toy” as much as anyone else.

            1. The 49ers did not send a high 2nd round pick for a QB who will be a FA at the end of the year, who they will have to FT or pay big $$ to to keep, because they wanted a good backup for half a year or a QB competition. JG is their guy. Let’s get real about that. Everyone on the team knows it.

              If CJ gets benched after one bad game that is not meritocracy. You don’t base merit on one game. Which is exactly why CJ didn’t “deserve” or “merit” another start. He had one good game against a very bad team. However, if he now strings together a few ok games he will definitely deserve to be retained, and KS will have missed his opportunity to get JG some much needed game time.

    2. Take what Kyle is saying with a grain of salt #80. Both Kyle and John have given a number of mixed messages regarding Garoppolo since the moment he was acquired.

      If a home game VS a depleted Seahawks’ defense, after an extra week of preparation, wasn’t enough to get Jimmy into the starting lineup, there are any number of viable excuses available for Kyle if he wants to keep Jimmy on the sideline for the remainder of the season. Garoppolo seems to be a week-to-week decision, as in …. what excuse will Kyle use to keep him off the field from week-to-week?

      I’m not saying Kyle has no intention of playing Jimmy this season if he doesn’t have to, but I have my suspicions at this point.

      1. I don’t think Kyle is too comfortable with Jimmy G playing this year.
        I’m thinking he won’t play now and they will let him marinate till training camp.

        1. That’s my take Prime.

          It’s also worth noting that Jimmy isn’t getting the start despite the fact that the 49ers won’t face a less complex secondary than the Seahawks the rest of the way this season. The Hawks essentially play 2 different coverages, and it appears that their standout rookie CB Shaquill Griffin has been ruled out, meaning the Seahawks will be without their 2 starting CB’s on Sunday, and their star Safety Kam Chancellor.

  28. CJB may be picked as the starter, but there is no law that says JG cannot play.
    Unwritten rules are meant to be broken, especially for a 1-9 team desperately wanting to win. If the Niners do not win some of these remaining games, they will never be able to attract decent Free Agents.
    KS may be stubborn, but he should also be flexible and unpredictable.

      1. KS is stubbornly insisting that JG not play until he memorizes the playbook backwards and forwards. Other 1-9 HCs would play JG because he is superior to a raw rookie. BB thought enough of JG to draft him in the second round, and i would take BB’s assessments over KS’s, because BB is a grizzled veteran with SB rings and KS is a 1-9 coach that BB schooled in the last SB.
        It is a minor miracle that JG fell into the Niner’s lap, but KS is wasting the opportunity. KS may be sheathing his best weapon, and the familiarity excuse for not playing JG even a snap, is wearing thin, especially after 4 weeks. It is insulting to declare that JG, after 4 weeks, is not smart enough to learn how to play.
        Maybe KS is acknowledging that he cannot quickly coach up a player enough to play. A competent coach would devise simple schemes that give the player his best chance for success, and in JG’s case, allowing JG to hand off the ball is not rocket science.
        KS stubbornly insisted that Hoyer was the best QB to run the offense. Too bad he then decided to bench him.

        KS stubbornly decided not to sign Kaep because he thought it would be too much of a bother to coach players with different skillsets. Too bad CJB has different skillsets. Now, finally, when KS finally devised plays that allowed CJB to roll out, utilized different schemes, executed innovative and unpredictable plays, the Niners won. Glad KS finally became flexible.
        KS stubbornly insisted he did not need an OC. After losing 9 games in a row, he stubbornly insisted he still did not need an OC. Now, with a brand new QB, he still stubbornly thinks an OC is not needed.
        Now, KS is stubbornly saying that there is no need to change things, and insists that CJB will take all the snaps, because it is unheard of that another QB might play, even for one series.
        JG said he wants to play, but KS is too stubborn to listen to his players, and wants to impose his will over the situation, even though he is a 1-9 HC, and many think that JG should play. KS should stop being stubborn, and realize that CJB may struggle, so JG may give them the best chance to win. He needs to think things through, because what would happen if CJB gets knocked out of the game? KS will then have to play a QB who he just declared was not proficient enough to lead the team.

        1. “Other 1-9 HCs would play JG because he is superior to a raw rookie”
          Pure speculation! You have no idea what has happened for Jimmy G and the 3 weeks he’s been here.

          “ A competent coach would devise simple schemes that give the player his best chance for success, and in JG’s case, allowing JG to hand off the ball is not rocket science.
          Vanilla offense? See Jimmy Raye!

          “he still stubbornly thinks an OC is not needed.
          He explained why, you are just being stubborn and ignorant in his very sound reasoning.

          “JG said he wants to play, but KS is too stubborn to listen to his players, and wants to impose his will over the situation,
          Yeah he is the head coach and he makes the call.
          He has earned that right.
          What’s Jimmy G gonna say, he doesn’t want to play? You don’t get to this level not being ultra competitive no matter what!

          Your logic, reasoning and overall football intellect is embarrassing!

            1. Questioned on what? That he explained why he didn’t hire a guy and give him a meaningless tittle of OC?

              Once again, he explained the reasoning behind it all. You must have missed it as it didn’t suite your agenda.

              1. No, hiring an OC, something McVay did after realizing how hard it is to go from OC to HC, may help him win.
                KS said he did not need an OC, while the team went on an 0-9 tear.
                Then they are fortunate to beat a crappy team, and everyone is anointing KS as the next BW.
                I am not. I still think having an OC would help him. It certainly would not hurt him, since they lost so many times without an OC. They cannot count on having JJ watch Celek run by him, or JPP run backwards and allowing a Niner to block him on the goal line.
                Sure, it is the prerogative of KS to decide he does not need an OC, but after losing 9 times in a row, that reasoning wore thin. KS has a responsibility to the team, and he needs to do everything in his power to win. This is not some toy he only gets to play with. He is accountable to every player and coach on the team.
                Do not see how having an OC would hurt the team. Heck, it might have helped win at least a couple of those close games.

              2. The 49ers didn’t lose 9 games this year because they don’t have a puppet, in tittle offensive coordinator.
                Please don’t keep trying.

          1. Doesn’t matter at this point, but I wonder if they considered moving Ray Ray to safety (I believe that was his original position).

              1. Reposting since previous post is “awaiting moderation”.

                Here’s what KS said:

                “We had five linebackers, which is one too many,” Kyle Shanahan said Friday of the move. “So it’s a decision we had to make.”

                Foster and Coyle will start Sunday’s game against the Seahawks. Their backups will be seldom-used Mark Nzeocha at middle linebacker and Elijah Lee at weak-side linebacker.


              2. It appears that the 49ers see a little something-something in ILB Mark Nzeocha, whom they poached off of the Cowboys practice squad back in Sept. He certainly appears to be a heck of an athlete! The versatile 25-year-old (listed at 6’3″ 240 lbs) was once described as having the speed to hang with defensive backs (in practice) but also the strength to lift with the defensive linemen (in the weight room).

                In a pre-draft workout for scouts, Nzeocha had a 39-inch vertical, broad jump of 11 feet and ran 4.52 40. Because he was injured at the time of the combine, he only competed in the bench press, repping 225 pounds 24 times.

    1. Yeah! I was stoked when I saw that earlier. He was terrible for the 49ers. He was terrible for the Raiders. He was terrible for the Hurricanes when he was in college. The guy is all about himself and will hot-dog and do other stupid stuff all day long instead of playing smart, disciplined defense.

      1. Moses, I actually agree with you.
        Ray Ray did not play smart and disciplined. he was a loose cannon, and made brain dead mistakes.
        Interesting, Lynch is getting rid of the players Baalke extended. First Vance, then Bowman, now Ray Ray.

  29. http://www.49erswebzone.com/articles/111893-49ers-seahawks-injury-report-adrian-colbert-brown-game-time-decision/

    “Adrian Colbert will not play on Sunday as he continues to recover from surgery last week on his broken right thumb, which he sustained on November 12 against the New York Giants.”

    “Taylor and Thomas were both listed as questionable for Sunday’s game.”

    “Right tackle Trent Brown injured his shoulder during Thursday’s practice and will be a game-time decision, according to Shanahan. He did not practice on Friday.”

    1. Magnuson got the start at RT when Brown went to LT. I’d like to see Williams Jr. get an opportunity to start this game if Brown is unable to get up….

      1. it would be “uber” cool if Magnuson, & Williams Jr panned out as our T’s of the future…along with Trent, natch…
        then revamp the interior….total revamp that is….

        1. Is it fair to say that it’s easier to find good guards in either the draft or FA than tackles? I don’t know about centers.

          1. It would be great if Magnuson and Williams turned out to be starters and then we could draft a shut down corner, all world pass rusher and WR.
            Then in rounds 4-6, do the same.

          2. good FA C’s and G’s that run the OZ well, along with grading well in other run schemes & pass protect are gonna be rare+$$…And a high rd. pick will need to be used on a G/C

          3. Many OTs are drafted and moved to guard. It takes a quick tackle to counter the pro pass rushers.
            Magnuson played RT at Michigan, but he was well suited for the power running style that JH coaches, so he might not be ideal for the OZ scheme.
            He also had the versatility to play RG, too, so he might be a replacement for Fusco, if his injury worsens.

          4. Centers are more specialized in skillsets and talents. Not every lineman is suited for center.
            I remember Ian Silberman being moved to center, and hiking the ball over the QB’s head. Yet, Beadles came in on an emergency role, and played center well.

          5. Simple answer. Yes.
            Quite often tackles can move inside but it’s much harder for guards to move outside. This is typically due to guards being more power oriented with shorter arms and less nimble feet.

        2. tjf

          Magnusan CAN PLAY ! If Williams Jr pans out to be consistant, we are well on our way to a young, powerful Oline…Hey, Rooks and Sophomores aren’t Pro-bowl…but we’ve got quite a few good young players on our roster…Has anyone even looked at our 3rd QB…Mullins ? If we don’t look, we’ll never see…he could be Atlanta’s Brett Farve….

            1. Kaep is being blackballed. and his persecution is giving the NFL a big black eye for being so vindictive.
              There are many teams proving that they would rather lose without Kaep than win with him.
              Trubisky has a 78 QBR and has lost his last 3 games.
              I suppose you are predicting Trubisky will beat the Eagles….

              1. More excuses. Trubisky will be fine. He’s a good QB and hopefully the Bears do right by him and bring in an offensive head coach.
                I don’t care either way. I’m more interested in Jimmy G.

                As fo Kap? He is not a football player anymore. No storm I guess!

              2. No, Prime, Kaep is still an NFL QB, and he is way better than many playing right now. Savage. Siemian, Osweiler, Lynch, Kizer, Trubisky, McCown, Hundley, Cutler, Moore, Gabbert, Fitzpatrick and Peterman. Eli, Dalton and Flacco are struggling.
                Those QBs are proof that Kaep is being blackballed.

  30. Is there a quarterback controversy brewing in the land of Niner bliss. Imo I do believe that KS firmly believes that CJ gives the Niners the best chance to win. Winning is everything, this ‘team’ wants to win regardless of the ramifications of draft position. There is no quit, there is no tanking, most of these guys are playing for spots on next years team they want the best QB out there, no question about that. CJ is the best QB at the moment. Lots of fans have forgotten its all about the win and not draft position To a man, on this team, they want wins….JG will get his shot when KS deems he is ready to give the team the best chance to win.

    1. — CJ allows KS to use more of his playbook in games…for now…
      — as JG gets more work with the one’s in practice– assuming we can know when JG is getting most of the #1’s snaps, we’ll see him in a game…
      — my $$ still on TEN for the grand debut…barring unfortunate circumstances…

    2. I’m wondering if the QB decision has as much to do with CJ as it does with Jimmy’s “readiness”.

      If CJ goes right back to the bench (certainly presumed if Garoppolo plays well) then Shanahan’s opportunity to continue to evaluate what they have in his hand-picked QB suddenly drops markedly. KS may be more concerned with finding out whether CJ is really progressing (barring an aberration against the Giants), than trying to get Jimmy on the field as soon as possible. In that case, he needs a bigger sample size.

      If Jimmy’s skill set is truly at another level, John and Kyle may already trust what they have in him, and see no need to rush. If the team was fighting for a post season berth, all bets are off, but this really is a bit of an unusual situation.

      but what do I know… Just thinking out loud…

    1. Chip Kelly is an excellent coach who is built for college success.
      Nick Saban falls in the same category. His short stint in the pros was not very good. College is their strength.

      1. I beg to differ. Chip went to a good situation in Oregon, but he is not a people person who likes letting the family dog sniff his crotch when he goes on those recruiting trips.
        Yes, he is an excellent game planning coach, but the organizational skills needed for recruitment and over sized expectations may make his job difficult, and he may struggle. Looks like he is losing his QB, so there must be a decent one waiting in the wings.
        Wish him well.

        1. “I beg to differ. Chip went to a good situation in Oregon, but he is not a people person who likes letting the family dog sniff his crotch when he goes on those recruiting trips.”
          ~ Seb

          Is Nick Saban a people person? From what I hear he can be a total jerk at times to people around. Yet, he is a winner and the reason why he’s coaching.

          Contrast that to the recently fired Jim Mora Jr. who was known as a people person who had great interaction with his players.

          College institutions who make huge amounts of money because of their athletics dept. want coaches that have winning backgrounds.
          Chip may have a reputation as not being a people person but there’s a reason why he was pursued by Florida and now hired by UCLA.

          1. AES, Nick Saben does not need to recruit. Players who have NFL aspirations come begging to be allowed to play for Bama.
            Mora failed, even with Rosen, so he was the fall guy.
            Chip may do well at UCLA, and he did wonders at Oregon, but I personally think he should have become an NFL OC, and help his team into the playoffs. Then he might get another chance at becoming an NFL HC. If he does not do well at UCLA, he may not get another chance.
            I wish Chip well.

        2. tjf

          Magnusan CAN PLAY ! If Williams Jr pans out to be consistant, we are well on our way to a young, powerful Oline…Hey, Rooks and Sophomores aren’t Pro-bowl…but we’ve got quite a few good young players on our roster…Has anyone even looked at our 3rd QB…Mullins ? If we don’t look, we’ll never see…he could be Atlanta’s Brett Farve….

        1. cubus,
          He should go. There is a strong likelihood that he can be the first pick in the draft.

          But, if Cleveland continues their annual free-fall and wins the 1st pick sweepstakes, Rosen may think twice because who wants to be a QB at the NFL’s version of a QB graveyard.
          It seems that the Browns have ended their experiment with Kizer and perhaps Rosen might be in their sights.

          1. AES

            It doesn’t really matter whether Rosen goes or stays…’Chip’ will develop many excellent QB’s for UCLA or anyone else he coaches…..just don’t fire him after the FIRST YEAR ! Well, we let him go for greener pastures, and we are 1-9 right now….’Chip’ could have done that well with high schoolers…

            Also consider that Seb critiqued him…that should give you pause….

            1. OR,
              Howz it going my friend!
              Honestly never been a big fan of Chip Kelly. But I would have been ok with giving him another year to make sense of his system.

              While I really can’t find a reasonable explanation on this, I feel that although our current record is sadly similar to Kelly,’ I have a strong sense that this team is headed in the right direction.

              I believe the 49ers as a team have embraced Shanahan as their head coach and are looking forward to each game as noted in the way they give 100% on the field.

  31. Niners need to think things through, and have contingency plans.
    They should have planned for CJB to dominate and win convincingly, but they should also plan as if the Seahawks treat him like the Cards did. Seahawks will try to blitz him, get another 20 hits on him, and sack him so he gets rattled.
    Niners need to invite the blitz, and take advantage of the area the blitzer left. Quick swing passes to the RB, and quick slants will not let the pass rushers enough time to get to the QB. Line up Hyde deep in the I, go either right or left, and establish the running game. Niners need to be balanced, and not let the Seahawks shape them. They should attack the positions that have the replacement players. They should run away from Bennett, not run at him. Maybe roll away from him, so he cannot catch the QB.
    On defense, the pass rushers need to clog the passing lanes and get their hand in the air to block his view, and possibly tip the ball. They should do what Razor advocated and compress the pocket while keeping containment.

    1. All things that are pretty obvious to anyone who’s watched football.

      Stop trying so hard to pretend you know the game.
      It’s weak.

      1. I know you know so little, you do not even try to out think an opponent.
        Glad you agree with everything I stated.
        Here is another one. If a receiver finds the DB grabbing his jersey, he should grab the hand on the jersey and fall down to draw the Pass Interference flag.
        On defense, if defending a pass along the edge of the field, the DB should allow the receiver to jump high and catch the ball, but then pick up a leg and drive him out of bounds to he cannot get 2 feet in bounds.

          1. I almost forgot.
            The Niners should watch the Seahawks last game, and learn how wasting time outs can cost them the game. The Seahawks should have considered time outs to be precious, and saved for LEGITIMATE challenges and the last 2 minutes of each half. They ran out of time outs, and could not stop the clock. One more play, and they could have been one yard closer. Then the FG try would have been successful.

    2. “Niners need to think things through, and have contingency plans.”
      ~ Seb,

      Seb, please understand that I’m not denigrating your posts. But I couldn’t help catching this phrase.
      Are you asserting that the 49ers brain-thrust really does not think things through or have a contingency plan?

      They have been using contingency plans throughout the entire season when you consider how many players have been injured and Shanahan has had to plan around that.

      These 49ers coaches have been around football almost all their lives and the sport has become a huge part of their livelihood – It would be very hard to convince me that these guys don’t think things through and have a fallback plan.

      1. AES, the Niners have not prepared their players as well as they could, because they had way too many unforced errors.
        Unlike Chip, who did not have the team make any adjustments in the second half, I saw the present team make some adjustments, but until the last game, the adjustments did not result in any wins.
        With better contingency plans, the Niners would not have allowed themselves to be shaped, like they did in the Cards game. Instead of 57 pass plays, they would have been better balanced.
        I guess that they do have some contingency plans, because they did bench Hoyer, and played CJB.
        The next contingency plan would be if CJB plays, and does not do well. If, and it is only a possibility on the negative spectrum, if CJB gets rattled, and the Niners fall behind, do they have any contingency plan to play JG?
        Also, what are the contingency plans if CJB has his thumb swell up and he cannot pass? Will they play the player who they say cannot run the offense?

  32. The Seb Chronicles:

    TomD’s Take: I’ll let the chronicle speak for itself if anyone needs a good day’s chuckle:
    And Seb, for future notice please save me the embarassment of football acumen comparisons; I spit on yours.

    sebnynah says:
    November 22, 2017 at 9:00 am
    Hugh Jackson.

    Prime Time says:
    November 22, 2017 at 9:03 am
    Please learn to spell.

    sebnynah says:
    November 23, 2017 at 12:28 am
    Once again, I will say that CJB needs to stop sticking out his tongue. If he keeps on doing that, some day, he will get blind sided, and bite off his tongue, which will make it hard for him to call plays.

    Cassie Baalke says:
    November 23, 2017 at 4:55 am
    Yeah Seb…and all that head touching too….

    49reasons. says:
    November 23, 2017 at 11:43 am
    Seb, tell me you are joking by suggesting that Kyle change everything he has taught his offense over the course of the last 8 months, and ask every other offensive player to forget everything they’ve learned and switch to the Patriots’ system and verbiage going into week 12, in order to assimilate Jimmy into the starting lineup.
    Don’t you think the offense would be likely to commit penalties on nearly every play, if they did that?

    Come on man, please tell me this was some kind of Thanksgiving Day joke!

    EastCoast9er says:
    November 23, 2017 at 5:04 pm
    49reasons, please tell me you aren’t seriously wondering if Seb is being sincere? He is, until the winds change and he will, with same energetic emphasis tell everyone just the opposite and deride anyone who dares question him. You have been reading the blog for some time 49r?! You have to see his MO!

    It is better to know that the joke is on him. He’s the guy in hell with the wheelbarrow in the Far Side cartoon.

    1. EastCoast49er,

      This is the comic I see Seb starring in.
      Seb’s the Enron energy salesman standing in the lce line in hell with Duke and Reliant Energy reps…..
      At the front of the line—-the Devil, selling blocks of Ice for 1 million bucks a piece, as the reps look at each other hopelessly, knowing they don’t have the cash.

  33. With Ray-Ray Armstrong release, Trent Baalke’s December extensions are both gone
    The 49ers extended Armstrong and tight end Vance McDonald in December 2016, not long before then-general manager Trent Baalke was fired.
    by James Brady@JamesBradySBN Nov 25, 2017, 11:35am PST

  34. I think its Chip Kelly’s final chance for his career if he doesnt succeed and lights up the place.
    But imo he will produce and makes fireworks with UCLA.
    Just my gut feeling.

  35. Sheez, another heart-breaking loss for Harbaugh. I’m starting to get the feeling that JH is snake bit and unable to win the big game.

    1. They were up 14-0. Sorry but to me Harbaugh is overrated. I would not be surprised to see him leave Michigan in the next year or two.

    2. Yes, Sad,

      Still stinging from the Kapchise having 3 attempts from the 1 yd. line, with a loaded roster, his incredible running ability, but unable to nudge the football those last 12 inches.

      The SuperBowl–where reputations are won and lost !

      Jeff Garcia, the 49ers only 4,000 yd. passer, duel threat, would have found a way to score.

      1. Harbaugh idolized coaches like Bo Schembechler and Mike Ditka. Back then coaching athletes in that era, they tolerated the grinding coach.
        In today’s world, that type of coach gets tuned out real fast.

    3. Yeah, it’s been a trend of his. As has poor QB play, with the exceptions of Luck and Alex.

      He got too cocky in his first year with us. He was hailed as QB whisperer because of what he did for Alex. So then, he thinks he can turn any bad QB into a star.

      I noticed some key blocks from Billy Price today. It would be nice to solve our C problem for a decade or longer.

      1. Does that mean another Anthony Davis, Iupati pick by trading back up into the 1st Rd., or a trade down, still acquiring the O-Linemen you need + an impact DB or pass rusher?

        Shanahan is noted for finding his O-Linemen and RB’s in the later rounds.

        In addition, there’s the 117 million in cap space available in 2018 for free agents, meaning teams can’t pigeon hole the 49ers in either direction for the draft.

        1. It would be trading up to take Price in the middle to late 1st round. We have the draft capital, we just need a dance partner.

          Shanny finding O-Lineman late is what I hoped for last year, but it didn’t happen, we had so many holes though. Free agency is a possibility, but we might not be able to sign who we want.

      2. NFL rules favor the passing game but Baalke was stuck in the past. The GM ran the 49ers show, even interrupting Tomsula’s PC to say: “I think somewhere in there he said we’re going to run the ball.”

        Baalke was the GM and loved his running game, walla, Harbaugh/Schembechler = answer to Baalke’s run first philosophy.

        Then as in now, you won’t find an NFL team w/o 3 wides on every play.

    4. https://www.scoresandstats.com/breaking-news/football/NCAAF/jim-harbaugh-just-cant-win-a-big-game/221651/

      “Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh is now 1-5 against his rivals and he is also 0-6 as an underdog at Michigan. Underwhelming to say the least.”

      “Jim Harbaugh was brought to Ann Arbor to win big games and he simply hasn’t done it. I’m tired of all the gimmicks and side show stuff. I want results, and unfortunately Jim Harbaugh is not producing them at this point in time.”  

  36. NFL Mock Draft
    by Chris Trapasso CBSSports.com Nov 22, 2017 • 9 min read

    2. San Francisco 49ers
    Courtland Sutton, WR, SMU. I’m on #TeamBigWR and, more specifically, believe contested-catch ability is more important than pure speed at the wide receiver position. Sutton is a high-point monster who can make defenders miss in the open field after he makes grabs downfield. Jimmy G’s new best friend right here.

  37. Walter Football 2018 NFL Draft Player Preview: Courtland Sutton

    In 2016, Sutton totaled 76 receptions for 1,246 yards – 16.5 yard average – with 10 touchdowns. He played well for SMU and could have been a first-round pick if he had entered the 2017 NFL Draft. Sutton decided to return for his junior year instead.

  38. College football’s best wide receiver prospect wasn’t in the 2017 NFL draft, according to NFL scouts.
    Courtland Sutton Already NFL Scouts’ Favorite as Top WR in 2018 Draft Class
    JUNE 1, 2017

    As good as Corey Davis, Mike Williams and John Ross are—each was drafted in the top 10 this year—a wide receiver still in college has the potential to be better. And he’s not even a Power Five player.

    With his 6’4″ and 215-pound frame, Sutton is poised to become the next great Morris weapon in the pros. During this past season, he recorded 76 catches for 1,246 yards and 10 touchdowns, earning first-team All-American Athletic Conference honors. He also blew past SMU’s single-game receiving record with 252 yards on a career-high 13 catches against USF in mid-November.

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