49ers will wait until offseason for contract talks with Jimmy Garoppolo


SANTA CLARA — The 49ers will not begin talks to negotiate a contract extension with impending free agent quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo until after the season. Head coach Kyle Shanahan made this clear Monday at his press conference.

Since the 49ers traded for Garoppolo on Oct. 30, he has appeared in three games, passed for 645 yards, thrown two touchdown passes and two interceptions, completed 66.7 percent of his pass attempts and posted a quarterback rating of 92.7. His win-loss record as a starter with the 49ers is 2-0.

The 49ers had lost 29 of their previous 37 games before Garoppolo took over the quarterback job.

Shanahan said Garoppolo’s strong start has no bearing on the team’s approach to negotiating a contract with the quarterback and his agent.

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  1. I was expecting more out of this article. No comment on your part on how Lynch blew it by complimenting JG on his performance and other assertions that you implied during your periscope session.

    1. Does anyone really believe that ‘coach speak’ and ‘GM speak’ praises during press conferences mean anything in contract negotiations? There’s a market out there and agents know it, players know it, GMs know it.

      I mean, seriously, we’re not trying to break secret codes that will effect the outcome of a war or prove the 5th state of matter. This is just bog-standard, everybody knows good players get paid stuff.

      1. I agree with what you are saying Moses but my thing is Grant puts up an article like this after denouncing Lynch for his compliments of Jimmy G and then does not continue with the barrage of needles on this blog that he hurled toward Lynch on periscope. Just seems……disingenuous.

        1. Under,

          Usually Grant will tell you if it’s an opinion piece by saying it’s a column next to where you click.

          On a side note, I bet no deal gets done until the Tag amount becomes official.

          1. Let’s see…looking at the chain of events. The 49ers attempted to do a trade this offseason, “we inquired and were quickly shut down,” Lynch said. The Patriots attempted to sign him to an extension, whereupon, Garoppolo reportedly “made it clear he that wants to be a starter, not just a guy paid like one.” BB admitted to having a great deal of respect for Garoppolo, Lynch/Shanny. Not so sure he’d send Garoppolo packing to a team that he had reservations about. I don’t get the sense Jimmy will be too difficult to work with regarding a long term deal, and I think it’s a safe bet that a deal doesn’t become official until the tag amount is determined….

          2. My guess is JG plays on the tag next season. I hope I’m wrong and they get a deal done, but there’s really no benefit to it from JG’s side unless he gets an average that is more than the FT and I don’t think the Niners will do that until they see him for a longer period of time.

            1. You might be right Rocket, and while that’s not a worse case scenario I think it makes building for the future a tad more difficult because they’re still unsettled at the most important position.

              The Kap deal was good because you could see the holes in his skill set. It’s not the same this time around even with the small sample size of 4 games.

            2. If he continues to impress the rest of the year I think the chances of a long term contract improve to over 50% this offseason. If he struggles down the stretch I expect he will play on the tag next year.

              1. I’m not sure how much the next few weeks will have to do with a new contract.

                3 weeks, 3 playoff teams. Looking forward to it.

              2. I agree with Jack. I don’t know if the next few games will make much of a difference in contract negotiations. By trading for him they committed to him for at least the next season and my guess is they use a full season to gauge how much they are going to offer him in a long term deal. I could be completely wrong and they sign him right after the season, but looking at it from both sides I think a year on the franchise tag is where they end up with the intent to work out a long term deal if all goes well. It protects both sides doing it that way.

              3. If he plays well against three good teams I think the 49ers won’t hesitate to offer him a very good deal, with quite a lot of guaranteed money. I don’t think they will feel so comfortable doing that if he struggles.

                I don’t think JG will accept any contract that doesn’t have quite a lot of guaranteed money in it. Thus I think the next three games will have a bearing on what happens contract wise.

              4. If they let the next few weeks change their view on a deal in a negative way then they aren’t very bright.

              5. Brady on Don Yee, “Whatever your personal goals were, he would support that. [Yee wasn’t interested] necessarily in the goals of what an agent may be, but what your goals may be. My goal has always been winning and he’s tried to support that in the best way he could and that’s why I have so much respect for him.”

                Garoppolo on Yee, “It goes back to when I was at Eastern Illinois,” Garoppolo explained. “Don is ([Saints head coach and former Eastern Illinois quarterback] Sean Payton’s agent and Sean knows people at Eastern . . . [When] I was coming out, I didn’t know anything about agents or the draft so he helped me along the way. Don reached out to me toward the end of my senior year and I went out and visited their place in L.A. They did everything to a T, perfect and I decided these are my guys.”

                Edleman on Don Yee, “[Yee] is an unbelievable guy. I like to think of him as a little Zen master. It’s like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon-type stuff. He keeps my mind right. He knows the Patriots, he’s dealt with them for so long. He knows football, he’s been in the league for so long. Whenever I need to talk to someone I can always talk to Don and he’ll keep me right.”

                I think the fact that both Brady, and Garoppolo had Don Yee, played a part in the complexity of the situation….

            3. I think you’re right because it’s smart on both sides. Garoppolo doesn’t have a huge body of work though he’s certainly flashed in his limited time on the field. So setting the market value of his services is pretty tough.

              So he gets a chance to leverage his negotiations by being outstanding with a terrible supporting cast and the 49ers don’t kill themselves like so many teams have by jumping the gun on a small body of work. Plus, for Garoppolo the worst he does is earn $25 million under the tag before becoming a career back-up or some such.

  2. This Brady guy is 0 for 10 in 3rd down conversion against the Fins tonight (the latter’s record is 3-8). Meanwhile, Cutler is actually converting a few third downs. No wonder Grant recommended that the Niners get Cutler!

  3. Should sign him, but after they sign some free agents (especially the OL) to show Jimmy the Niners are all in on building the team with him as the leader. As far as Jimmy is concerned, the Niners are not his team till he signs long-term. Need to do everything possible to convince him.

  4. It is just a matter of time before he signs, though a little NFL theater is always the touch that keeps us interested.

    Hannukah Sameah to all of you in the room.

  5. Contract stuff is boring. I’m sure the 2 sides are talking and the deal will be finalized in the offseason. No matter what, the 49ers will be the winners in this deal. Either they get JG through a new deal or the franchise tag. Not a huge mystery. If I were Garoppolo’s agent I’d tell John Lynch every time Kyle Shanahan runs a protection scheme with any TE going one on one against an elite pass rusher Jimmy G’s contract demands go up by $1M per season and he wants his own dressing room. I seriously cannot believe the 49ers ran a blocking scheme that allowed Garrett Celek to be matched up one on one versus Jadaveon Clowney. That’s about as stupid as it gets in football. That was insane.

  6. The sooner the 49ers sign Garoppolo, the better I’ll feel about this trade.

    I can see the 49ers saying something like “Here is our offer. It probably matches or exceeds anyone elses. We’d love for you to sign. But if your long term desires are somewhere else, we’ll have to recover the 2nd round pick by franchising you, then a sign-n-trade. To repeat, we want you to be career 49er. That’s our desire. But if not, we need to get the pick back.”

    1. IMO, this is Marathe’s biggest contract negotiation project since he joined the Niners in 2001 or thereabouts. He did a very good job with Kap’s contract, but Don Yee is a seasoned agent, and Kap’s agents were amateurs in sports agent business, IIRC.

      1. We know Yee isn’t antipathetic to doing what his client wants. Case in point, restructuring Brady’s deal to sign other players….

        1. Correct. The main difference is the current size of the salary cap space available to the Nines. I am thinking / hoping that the Niners will shore up the O line in the off-season with one or two key pieces. That will prove to JG’s team that Niners are serious about investing on the offensive side to put him in a position to succeed and JG will be amenable to make a few concessions to the team. I won’t be surprised if both sides agree on a franchise tag in order to buy more time for negotiations and then come to an agreement by the beginning of TC.

  7. There’s something more to the Trent Brown injury than meets the eye. Barrows seems to indicate that Niners are disappointed that he couldn’t play not just against the Texans but also against the Seahawks. Didn’t see any report on the MRI on his shoulder. Wonder if Niners are questioning about his ability to play thru pain and/or discomfort.

  8. Kyle has a good poker face. But you gotta know inside he’s like OMG m-fer holy sht SOB can’t believe this good fortune To go from Hoyer to this ty ty ty ty ty brady for your f-ing longevity !!!!

    1. Funny. I think exactly the same thing. Shanahan has to be going ape$hit on the inside. I’m sure he’s just praying every night that JG doesn’t get hurt so he can get him some o-line help in the offseason. If I were Shanahan I’d put Garoppolo on the injury report with a hangnail so he doesn’t have to play him against that Jaguars defense in 2 weeks. That group is fierce. Even the Titans defense against this o-line scares me. But that Jags defense is just savage. They are maybe 1-2 players away from being the 86 Bears or the 2000 Ravens. This defense is big, fast and super physical.

      1. Is it not justice for this franchise to finally have some luck when it comes to QB’s?
        I know we had 2 really good ones, actually great ones in Montana and Young but we’ve also suffered for many years having average at best QB’s.
        Point is we deserve Jimmy G.
        So excited about this guy!

      2. I am not worried about the Titans or the Jaguars. You seem to forget the Niner defense is much improved from the beginning of the season. For the first time since the days of Aldon Smith we are seeing pressure on the QB from the red and gold. Bortles is pretty much a clone of Savage. He is a pocket passer who can be rattled into a couple of picks with a bit of pressure. As for Mariotta, he is a threat to run, but as a passer he has been mediocre at best.

        Hold your horses about making the Jaguars D the reincarnation of the 86 Bears. They gave up 27 to the Rams, 27 to the Cards, and 24 to the Seahawks. With Brown back at RT, I see us putting up 30+ points and winning both games at home.

        Beat the Rams in LA on Dec 31 and you could end the season with five straight wins. Now that will be a solid way to enter 2018 on a winning roll.

        1. Jacksonville’s defense is leading the league in points allowed, Sacks, and forced fumbles. They are in the top 2 in the league in interceptions, and yards/game. The Jacksonville defense has been absolutely dominant. They are not at the level of the 86 Bears yet but they are young and will continue getting better. That defense will destroy the 49ers o-line. It’s going to be ugly.

          1. I suggest worrying about the Jax game…worry early, worry often….
            let’s have a blog wide guided meditation for T. Brown’s shoulder’s spontaneous heal-up brought about by the unbelievable optimism that’s always on display here by every poster…even me…
            not worried about Jax O….very worried about Jax D and our # 10…

    2. Kyle is more relaxed when he talks one-on-one, e.g, to Maiocco in the weekly 49er Game Plan program. The relief in finally finding his QB does come across from time to time. In general, his brow has been less furrowed in the past fortnight, and he actually breaks into a half-smile (or a third-of-a-smile) on occasions.

  9. Off topic, but I think still pertinent:
    The emergence here of a new wave of Trolls (not that most of the others won’t be back) got me wondering just what twists these guys up. Most must know they make themselves appear foolish, but that doesn’t seem to embarrass them in their anonymity. So I googled the subject. Those interested can do so also……or not. A common theme I found is expressed in this line from Psychology Today:
    “Internet trolls are Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Sadists.”

    1. Sounds about right. It’s basically lonely people crying out for attention imo. That’s why it slows down and often stops when no one is responding to them. Seb was the outlier in all of that. He was just a really strange dude who liked to read his own thoughts – often the same ones – over and over.

          1. really…ha ha ha……..lol….that is funny

            why would anyone want to hurt him?….

            he could have just played it off……see what happens when someone talks to much…..

            1. “you won’t have Richard (Seb) Nixon to kick around anymore…”
              someone should cut/paste & repost Seb’s “checkers” speech….

    2. “Anonymity”-thats what it is. They are letting anyone know who they really are, because no one can look at them. Whats that old saying, “you are who you really are when no one’s looking”. You are to something there, Kahuna!

      1. After I put foot in mouth with my ridiculous 12-4 season this year I am going to reserve my attempts at a prediction for next year till the conclusion of 2018. Yup Chicken S— I am..

        1. I said 4-6 wins this year. I’ll say by adding key F/A’s and a solid draft, they’ll be 7-6 by this time next year, with a chance to be a wild card team in the playoffs….

        2. I predicted 11-5. My prediction was based on everything going right because I’m a homer. The ball would always bounce our way. We would be healthy. We wouldn’t get screwed by the refs. Our players would have their best seasons as a pro.

          I too thought Hoyer would play well. Obviously that didn’t happen. It didn’t take long to see that Hoyer was a poor QB. Instead of blaming someone else for my prediction, I take full responsibility. Bad job #80.

          It appears that those who said we would struggle early, but pick up some wins later in the season were right. Good call guys.

      2. No Joke. I am old enough to remember 1980 and 1981. Niners were 6-10 in 1980 and 13-3 (and S/B Champs) in 1981.

        That is why I am hoping for wins against the Titans, Jaguars, and Rams for a 6-10 finish. History repeating itself?

  10. Of course… with this offensive line and the QBs going down like flies… I would wait too… If he puts up numbers and wins the remainder of the year and we have to pay more, so be it. Who cares if we pony up more for a guy that is projected to be our franchise QB… However, if he get huts then leverage is back to Niners… Not trying to be a Debbie Downer but what’s the risk/reward for signing him to extension now. Let’s all just sit back and take a breather this offseason and do the logical thing… just hopefully there negotiations don’t get contentious… other then that enjoy the rest of the year.

  11. There’s a lot more to this story than people realize. Jimmy hasn’t been *thrilled* coming here. He’s excited about the playing time but underneath it all you wonder if this would have been one of the choices on his list. He hasn’t flat out said he wants to be here long term. Some of that is the agent talking. But it’s not going to be that easy this offseason convincing him to take the long term deal with us. Stay tuned. I’m a little leery that this could go sideways if Lynch and the 49ers organization don’t play it right.

    1. Interesting. First response has nothing to say but “hater.”

      Second response is relegating my post to click baiting.

      As if somehow the Press Democrat is paying me for clicks.

      You guys are complete dumba$$es if that’s the best response you can muster.

      I’m simply worried things don’t seem as rosy as everyone is making it out to be. I absolutely want JG signed long term. I’m just not seeing everything through rose colored glasses right now. Is that click-bait enough for you? Idiot.

      1. To be fair he has held his cards close. He hasn’t indicated he wants to be here or not… but he has also been brought up in the NE way and the niners said franchise right away. I’m guessing he is not talking on this as that’s what he’s been advised to do and what his habit with me causes him to do.

    2. I get being skeptical about the 49ers getting the deal done with Garoppolo but the 49ers hold all the cards. He either signs or he gets tagged. Only way Garoppolo isn’t a 49er next year is if the 49ers decide to take whatever trade they get for him once they place the franchise tag on him.

        1. By in the short term do you mean over the next 3 years? The 49ers are in the drivers seat on the Garoppolo contract for the next several years. See Cousins, Kirk.

          1. I think Jimmy G understands that SF is a great place for a young QB to be successful.
            Offensive minded coach, cap space, draft picks, players already respecting him, good California weather and a team willing to pay him market value.

        2. Jack,
          3 years is a long time for a player to wait for a long term contract in the NFL. This is especially true when taking into account injury concerns for players… the average nfl career being 3.3 years.
          Every player is aware of this.
          Yes the niners will need to pony up some big bucks to get him signed but unless he really doesn’t like the team or they completly low ball him ala washington they should be able to get a deal done.

    3. Wasnt their an article out there that, upon hearing he was going to the the 9ers, Jimmy G. was ecstatic? 9ers have more going for them than the other way around. Graps knows that. Whatever deficiencies 9ers have, KS knew about them before he did. they’ll be addressed almost completely in less than 6 months.

    4. Here’s a quote from JG for you.
      [I’m] thrilled to be here,” the former New England Patriots backup said of his move to the San Francisco 49ers, per Nick Wagoner of ESPN.com. “I mean, just got here this morning. I couldn’t be happier.”

      Sure sunds like he can’t wait to leave. ;/

  12. — perhaps one of KS’ “coming-of-age as HC” indicators will be getting JG (not necessarily Yee though) to “buy-in” to his and Lynch’s grand design for the 9ers 2-3 years down the road…
    — KS is working one-on-one with him day after day….the stuff that Jimmy’s learning now– beyond what he got from his time with Mc Daniels @ NE, could be enough to sell him on staying long term….
    — continued success for the remaining 3 games (wins or even close contests) could help seal a deal too– JG can see that KS’ scheme can even make up for lots of roster shortfalls…

  13. From Rotoworld:

    “49ers signed WR Max McCaffrey.
    Christian’s brother, Max was plucked off the Packers’ practice squad. McCaffrey appeared in five games for the Jaguars earlier this season, catching his first and only pass. If he lasts through the end of the year in San Francisco, he should get a reserve/future contract in January.”

    1. He has been on the…..

      Oakland Raiders
      Green Bay Packers
      New Orleans Saints
      Jacksonville Jaguars
      Green Bay Packers (second stint)

      Receptions: 1
      Receiving yards: 4

      1. Just realized that because he was signed off of the Packers PS, he is now on the 49ers 53 man roster. They’ll have to put someone on IR or release someone. Max is 6′ 2″. Here is some additional info from NN:

        “Fooch’s update: Tex from Acme Packing Company offered some thoughts on McCaffrey.

        McCaffrey is an ideal back-of-the-roster wideout, in that he is capable of playing special teams (including returning punts and kicks). He actually played pretty well in the preseason and was a semi-contentious cut among Packers fans, as he had played better than draft picks DeAngelo Yancey and Malachi Dupre. He’s not an elite athlete, but a solid route-runner with good hands.”

  14. “This will undoubtedly factor into negotiations as no team can afford to send draft assets the Patriots’ way in exchange for Garoppolo without the quarterback agreeing to an extended contract.”

    Sounds familiar, except it was John Clayton last February

    1. Before Jimmy, we were a 0-8 team that was on its 4th coach in as many years, fired its GM, most of the rookies hadn’t yet made much of an impact, etc. In other words not a popular employment location for a franchise QB. My point is that such a team can’t expect to just have a franchise QB drop into their lap. The 49ers had to take some risk and that’s what they did. But it’s manageable and most likely if things don’t work out, the team can get at a minimum a 3rd round pick (but most likely that second round pick back). So the major risk to me is that we lose a year of developing a QB. But Jimmy G. has played well in all of his NFL starts. It’s obvious to any 49er fan that he is a huge upgrade.

      And hell, we could still pick a QB in the first round of the draft and let that guy learn behind Jimmy G (I’m not really recommending this, but it is a possibility). “Non-winning” organizations in almost any field have to take a few chances/risks if they want to break through.

      1. And hell, we could still pick a QB in the first round of the draft and let that guy learn behind Jimmy G (I’m not really recommending this, but it is a possibility).

        A bargaining chip in the negotiations for the 49ers.

      2. “organizations in almost any field have to take a few chances/risks if they want to break through.”

        And for the 49ers that should mean paying up.

          1. And THAT is the one big negative…………”hope” and “York factor” do not go together. But even he has to understand what not signing JG to more than one yr says to the fan base. Theyre not exactly packing them in at the house that York built.

          2. I think the York cheap factor was more Jed’s daddy in response to Eddie’s free spending ways. Jed paid Harbs and a pricey (and good) staff. Baalke was more the spendthrift I thought; over weighting the future in respect to his own draft misses.
            The 6 year deals and eating former coaches contracts seemed to demonstrate that to me. At this moment my uneducated guess is that Lynch will have plenty of leeway on how to spend his cap money. And he seems enthralled by JG. He’s seen Elway’s parsimonious ways paint the Broncos into a corner. IMO

            1. Agree, BT. I think Jed will allow JL and KS to make the decisions and spend the money as they see fit (with oversight from PM). Now, I suspect he might whisper in their ear every now and then, but I don’t think he will pressure them much.

              I think the Baalke fiasco has put a damper on his need to meddle. Of course, since time heals all wounds, he’ll probably forget about Baalke in the future. Moreover, if JL and KS are successful, JY will convince himself that it was all his doing and he has really grown into the ownership role. We’ll probably need to start flying planes again on game day when that time arrives.

  15. http://ninerswire.usatoday.com/2017/12/12/how-good-has-jimmy-garoppolo-been-comparing-key-numbers-to-other-qbs/

    Here are five key stats and where Garoppolo would rank among the quarterbacks that have started most of the season:

    Completion percentage: 65.71
    Ranking: 9th

    Yards per attempt: 8.96
    Ranking: 1st

    Passer rating: 87.0
    Ranking: 21st

    Given Garoppolo’s thrown seven touchdowns to just two interceptions on his 166 career attempts, it’s likely his passer rating rises to the level of his other numbers over the final three games.

    Yards per game: 313.5
    Ranking: 1st

    However, this number remains impressive given the team’s lackluster array of pass catchers and shaky offensive line.

    Sack rate: 5.41 percent
    Ranking: 10th

    Given the 49ers have allowed 39 sacks this season, the seventh-most in the NFL, Garoppolo’s top-10 sack rate indicates he’s does well while dealing with pressure.

    1. In football, stats are often a prop for making a case for players who do not pass the eye test. With JG, I have watched and re-watched two games in which he has shown most of the essential skill set of a successful NFL QB . He has done this with a limited tool set of O line and receivers. IMO, he doesn’t need stats to back his case. There is no assurance that a franchise QB like JG will result in the Niners winning a Super Bowl, but it will definitely help the Niners establish base camp at the foot of the peak.

      1. “IMO, he doesn’t need stats to back his case.”

        Oh,I agree. That link was for the people that aren’t convinced. He passes my eye test. He’s played well and won with a good roster (NE) and a poor roster (SF).

        1. For me, he did well coming from behind and moving the ball well in the pocket. He sets his feet well in the pocket. Has good poise. So far I’m impressed. Does it mean he’s the second coming of Joe Montana, well…

  16. Michael Bennett is a piece of crap. Dirty hit on CJ, and now this.


    “Here’s the video of Bennett diving into the centers legs.”

    “…what was Bennett “trying” to do on the second roll when he falls into the knees of Brandon Linder, who despite being rolled up on seconds earlier is innocently walking away?”

    “..Back in 2012, Bennett played in Tampa Bay under then head coach Greg Schiano, who on two different occasions infamously ordered his defense to fire off on the opponent in victory formation.”

    “.Go back and watch that video again and focus on the middle of the line, where you’ll see No. 71 in white firing off harder than anyone. That’s Michael Bennett. earlier that same season, same thing – New York Giants in victory formation, Michael Bennett firing off the line, into the knees of the Giants offensive line, with more gusto than anyone else on the defense.”

    1. Remember Bennett being detained at a Las Vegas casino immediately following reports of an active shooter (October I believe)? Seb was incensed about it.

        1. In a loving way, Seb is kinda like toenail fungus–not a really bad case, but just enough to make you wear socks in public. Clipping off big chunks helps for a while, but it’s always there.

    2. That was bush league what they did on Sunday. When a team is in victory formation you take the loss like a man.
      Seahawks are classless, sore losers!

  17. Matt Barrows‏Verified account
    3h3 hours ago
    Guessing the 49ers will place rookie WR Victor Bolden Jr. (ankle) on IR, which would open a roster spot for Max McCaffrey.

    “I was close with Ed and his wife Lisa — that’s really why I wore 87 (Max’s #) in college,” Kyle Shanahan said earlier this year.

    Matt Barrows‏Verified account
    Not sure why the #49ers wouldn’t have bumped up former Sac State WR DeAndre Carter from the practice squad.

    Oscar Aparicio‏Verified account
    Replying to @mattbarrows @TomPelissero
    Maybe they think In addition to KR duties McCaffrey also gives them size at WR? With Robinson, Taylor, Goodwin, Carter 4/5 WR are 5’10 or under.

    Javal ‼️‏
    4h4 hours ago
    Replying to @TomPelissero @RapSheet
    Garropolo to McCaffrey gonna be the next Brady to Edelman

    1. They’ve had a good long look at Carter, and they signed Mac. Existentialism answer is impolite,……but $ talks, BS walks.nstatement made.

  18. Sources say McCaffrey will take part in 49ers offseason program.

    Picking off a practice squad player like this may signal lack of WR interest in the 1st Rd and mean the focus is on pass rush or O-Line—exactly what they need.

    1. Zane Beadles is train wreck at right tackleJimmy –Garoppolo took numerous hits, Trent Brown is a strong bookend to Joe Staley, but Staley’s getting older and there are still questions about Brown’s consistency.

  19. If the point spread doesn’t change for the game against the Titans, the 49ers will enter Sunday as favorites for the first time all season – and just the third time since the start of 2016.

    San Francisco has won two straight and appears to be better than its 3-10 record would indicate with Jimmy Garoppolo at quarterback. The 49ers are two-point favorites against Tennessee, according to Bovada, despite the Titans (8-5) holding the No. 5 seed in the AFC playoff race.

    Not bad considering we have the worst pass-dropping WR corps in the NFL (4 of our players in the NFL’s Top-20, none lower than 13) and a rather sad offensive line.

    1. “Not bad considering we have the worst pass-dropping WR corps in the NFL (4 of our players in the NFL’s Top-20, none lower than 13)”

      That’s not correct. The 49ers have only 1 WR in the top 13 while the Falcons have 2, as does the Raiders.

      1. As of Today, Wednesday, December 13th 2017:

        Hyde – 6 (5th in NFL)
        Kittle – 5 (tied for 11th in NFL)
        Goodwin – 4 (tied for 12th in NFL)
        Brieda – 4 (tied for 12th in NFL)

        Robinson – 3 (tied for 33rd in NFL)


        My original post was made before this weeks revised stats were released. Running backs and TEs are pass receivers in the passing game and count for this purpose. Running back drops count. TE drops count. Not just WR drops. That’s how the stat works.

        You really need to stop trying to reflexively correct me when I do stats and think about what I’m saying instead of some strawman bull**** where you clearly miss the point. Seriously. Every time you do, you get it wrong. It’s d*** annoying.

        1. Chill out Big Mo. You said the 49ers “have the worst pass-dropping WR corps” which is factually incorrect because RB’s and TE’s are not part of the WR group.

          Had you instead said simply, “not bad considering the 49ers lead the league in drops” there’d have been nothing to correct.

    1. Saquon Barkley, RB, Penn State
      Height: 5-11. Weight: 223.
      Projected 40 Time: 4.49.
      Projected Round (2018): Top-10 Pick.
      12/2/17: Barkley has devastating quickness to hit the hole and accelerate downfield. Along with great speed, he has tremendous balance, vision, cutting ability, elusiveness and power. Barkley looks like a better prospect than Ezekiel Elliott, and is proving that he is a prospect of similar caliber to players like Leonard Fournette and Todd Gurley. There is no doubt that Barkley is an elite prospect and currently is the top offensive skill-position prospect for the 2018 NFL Draft. He is in the running to be the top prospect at any position.

      And there’s Joe Williams from last year…

    2. Rashaad Penny, 5′-10″ 220lbs. San Diego St. – Prototypical size for the position, electronic zip, 0-60 in an instant. Excels at pass pro, receiving and special teams. Rounds 3-6

        1. I’d say so. Ricky was kinda taller for a running back, although most will probably see Penny as a “system” back. For where you can probably get him in the draft, he’ll represent the talent and value Shanny covets at the position….

          1. I think they need to find that type of guy. I can still see Watters catching passes down the middle of the field for long TD’s during that ’94 season.

            And the current FB is a way better receiver than Floyd was.

  20. Totally unrelated, but the NFL losing Aaron Rodgers and Carson Wentz in one year ruins everything. Whoever wins the Superbowl–even the Patriots–there’s going to be an asterisk in the minds of many fans, including me. I think one of those two teams would have won it all with the starting QB in there and without too many other significant injuries.

    I’m kind of glad this is a rebuilding year for us. It’s a tarnished year.

    I know Rodgers may come back, but it’ll probably be too late.

  21. If Brown does not play this Sunday, chances of Niners drafting a tackle in the first round increases, IMO (perhaps the one from Texas).

    1. Hey! The Niners have successfully “established the run”. I can now see a pot of Lombardi (or vice-versa!) at the end of the rainbow.

  22. While the 49ers defense has made positive strides this year they still have given up 116 explosive plays which is the 5th most in the league this year.

    (Runs of 11+ and Passes of 15+ Yards)

    1. Jack do you have a link for that or maybe you can answer my question which is – Has there been improvement in that stat over the last four games as compared to the previous nine?

  23. “Honestly, Jim Harbaugh was trying to do basically everything in his power to get the deal done to make me stay,” Walker said on a conference call Tuesday. “But I don’t think the (general manager) had the same picture as Jim Harbaugh at that time. So I realized it was time for me to go somewhere else and show everybody how good I can be at the No. 1 spot, and that’s what I’ve been doing so far.”

    And this is ultimately why the team fell apart. York chose Baalke over Harbaugh.

    1. What is with the constant Harbaugh, Baalke, Kaepernick references all the time?
      We finally have a decent head coach, GM and QB and people are still looking back years ago to what was?

      How about moving on to better which we are in all three facets. I mean reflecting on 3 guys who basically destroyed this organization does what?

        1. Lynch and Shanny now run the show. Jed knows his role now. He cannot afford another debacle.

          I’m just sayin, yes the past was awful. There is really no need to remind 49er fans how bad it was. What is the point now when we have things back on track.

          Jimmy G was huge and will be huge for us!

        1. In hindsight, letting Delanie walk ended up being a mistake. But in this instance, the 49ers had to make a decision between him, and Vernon. You cannot pay 2 TE’s a premium in this day and age. Delanie Walker wanted #1 TE money, which he got from Tenn, but the 49ers had Vernon Davis in his prime at the time. Walker averaged a little over 200 yards and and less than 2 TD’s, per season in his 6 full seasons with the 49ers, Davis was a first round pick, and he was, at the time, the better TE, with far superior numbers.

          Like I said, I wish it could have, and would have gone differently. I wish they could have kept both, but it’s hard to build a championship roster paying a premium for 2 TE’s …. Just saying. Baalke got more things wrong, than he got right, but this one was simply a player fallen victim to the salary cap.

    1. No,

      unless Jimmy was adamant about playing elsewhere, and the 49ers had no chance at signing him to a long term deal. Thankfully, I don’t think that’s the case.

      It’s a great question Razor. Sounds like you like the trade?

      1. Based on what I superficially can see, can’t really see another team that Jimmy would want to play for that is also in a position to offer those picks. As a potential elite QB, would you rather play for KS or Hue Jackson. I’m going to speculate, but I’ll bet that it helps quite a bit for a QB to become elite if he is in a great offensive system.

    2. When you have a starting calibre QB you don’t let them go unless you have another one waiting in the wings. There is no realistic trade scenario the 49ers should even contemplate.

  24. Prime Time says:
    December 13, 2017 at 11:36 am
    What is with the constant Harbaugh, Baalke, Kaepernick references all the time?
    We finally have a decent head coach, GM and QB and people are still looking back years ago to what was?

    How about moving on

    EastCoast9er says:
    December 13, 2017 at 12:00 pm
    York (Jed) is still here. You may be forgetting the lynchpin!

    Reply: TomD’s Take: Remember the football luminary who said Momma York slapped Jed down, took control and was really the one behind the Shanny/Lynch hiring, after witnessing 5 straight games of fan walkout and all those embarassing empty seats on tv…..Rest comfortably, my friends.

    However, like a Shakespeare play, or an I Claudius episode (available at target on online, blockbuster video) they hope she doesn’t get anything placed in her wine by someone looking for total control of the empire.


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