The 49ers win coin toss at Combine, will pick 9th in NFL draft

San Francisco 49ers GM John Lynch is hugged by Oakland Raiders head coach Jon Gruden after winning the official coin flip to determine the 9th and 10th picks for the 2018 NFL Draft on Friday, March 2, 2018, in Indianapolis. (AP Photo/Gregory Payan)

The 49ers and Raiders flipped a coin Friday at the Combine to determine which team will pick ninth, and which will pick 10th.

The 49ers won the toss. They will  pick ninth. The Raiders will pick 10th.

Here are the rest of the 49ers draft picks:

Round 2 — pick No. 59.
Round 3 — pick Nos. 70 and 74.
Round 4 — pick No. 128.
Round 5 — pick No. 143.
Round 6 — pick No. 184.
Round 7 — pick Nos. 227 and 240

And here are five players the 49ers could target with the ninth pick:

  1. Quenton Nelson, G, Notre Dame.
  2. Minkah Fitzpatrick, CB, Alabama.
  3. Tremaine Edmunds, LB, Virginia Tech.
  4. Bradley Chubb, DE, North Carolina St.
  5. Roquan Smith, LB, Georgia.

Which player do you think the 49ers will take if they keep the ninth pick?

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  1. Just another slap in the face to a certain someone that has been predicting the Niners would lose the coin toss… 😂

  2. Will Hernandez repped 37 lifts on the bench, and just ran 5.15 in the 40 yard dash while carrying 348 pounds (12th among offensive linemen so far). Really athletic, and shows he can get outside for zone blocking purposes. despite being 348. Color me impressed.

    1. That’s been what several scouting reports have said; he is as fast and quick as someone 30-40 pounds lighter than him.

          1. Ok. I didn’t think Frederick would either, but Dallas taught me a lesson with that pick. Daniels reminds me of him….

    2. Pot,
      Agree. Hernandez is impressive. A little disappointed that Nelson couldn’t run the 40 but that won’t hurt his draft status.

      Under the radar players for me that put themselves on the map.
      These guy’s could be 2-3 day steals.
      Rod Taylor – loved his explosive burst.
      Sagnat – very raw, but very athletic.
      Wyatt Teller and Skylar Phillips will stick on a team as well.

      1. I like Teller in the later rounds. I though Brian O’Neill at tackle would be an intriguing 4th round pick; he would be a good fit in a zone blocking scheme, especially given his 40 time and smaller size.

  3. The young kid who I think is part of who did a live feed of the coin toss was really funny.

  4. Unfortunately I don’t see the Niners getting Fitz, Chubb or Nelson without trading up. If they do trade up I am hoping for Chubb, but defiantly Fitz or Nelson would not be a disappointment.

    1. Agree UC. As good as Nelson is, edge rushers seem to be as rare as very good to elite QBs. If a team has one, they don’t let them walk in FA.

      1. Ya Cubus edge rushers are the anti QB’s and again you are correct after QB the edge position is the most difficult position to fill.

        1. So on board with trying to get Chubb as he looks like a difference maker. If we get him can they put Chubb’s and Beathard’s locker next to each other for the sake of adolescent humor?

      1. I have no idea at this time other than those three who I would select with our first round pick. Going to have to wait on FA and the Foster case gets resolved before I can get my head around the 9th pick.

        1. I feel fairly confident that after those three you mentioned, St. James is Lynch’s next bpa pick, and especially if he runs a 4.44 Forty yard dash. So contingent on those factors, I’ll say that’s my final answer….

      2. Razor,
        Nice play on St. James. If we get him and Isaiah Wynn you will have 3 bible characters names.
        St. James.
        Is there a Nehemiah (one my favorite books) we can sign? lol.

    1. Especially if the 49ers improve the other guard spot with a player like Norwell, or if Garnett is truly new and improved.

  5. 1. Not likely to get past the Bears, and may even not fall out of the top 5.
    2. Has been compared to Mathieu, but could fall due to talent and needs at other positions.
    3. Would be surprised if he falls past the Bucs.
    4. Will likely not get outside of the top 5.
    5. Likely target, but will largely depend on far into the doghouse Foster is with the 49ers.

  6. Quenton Nelson tweaks hamstring, won’t run 40 at Scouting Combine.
    * The bad news is, I wanted to see him run. The good news is, better chance of his being there at 9ers #9 pick.

  7. By chart (OK, just playing here) difference between 9 and 10 as well as 74 and 75 is a 4th rounder. Around pick 114.

    But I think the strategic position could have greater value depending on how picks 1-8 go.

  8. Out of those 5 the only ones on the board will be the LB’s imo. I’d be surprised if they went LB with that pick. I’d take one of the OT’s (McGlinchey, Connor Williams, Orlando Brown) a CB or Razors guy James. Ultimately I think a trade down at that spot would be best. Lots of quality players from the mid first through the second round they could look at.

    1. I think I’d forget Orlando Brown, Rocket. From Rotoworld:

      “Oklahoma OT Orlando Brown measured 6-foot-7 7/8 and 345 pounds at the NFL Scouting Combine. It’s been a Combine to forget for Brown, the son of the late Orlando Brown Sr., who played in the NFL for the Browns and Ravens. Brown came to Indy as a potential first- or second-round pick next month, but he’s done nothing but hurt his stock. He ran a molasses-slow 5.85 forty, bench-pressed 225 pounds just 14 times, and posted a dreadful 19.5-inch vertical. His 2.00-second 10-yard split was the worst in Combine history. Coaches also got after him for loafing during on-field drills. Brown’s stock is in an absolute free-fall.”

      1. That’s the thing about the combine. You do well, it might boost your stock a little. You stink the joint up, you’re draft stock can drop like a ton of bricks. Orlando Brown just cost himself a boatload of cash.

  9. If I had my pick of the listed players, I’d be torn between Nelson and Chubb. I’d take Nelson.

    But I think it will be the two linebackers at 9. I was leaning heavily towards Edmunds, but I didn’t like a recent full game breakdown. I’ll need to see a few more.

    For now, the safe pick is R. Smith.

    In my head pick 9 is a four way tie between Ward, Smith, Edmunds, Jackson. Derwin James could make it a five way tie. That’s why I like the idea of a small trade back, as well as a big one with the Bills.

    1. GEEP – Yes to both. Ward and Jackson will be long gone by 21. Ward and Jackson would be “small trade back” choices picks 10-14. In a big trade back with the Bills I’d go offensive line.

      Jackson is the better scheme fit, but if the athleticism gap between Ward and Jackson is significant I’d go Ward. I rarely go by combine workouts, but if Jackson impresses I could easily flip choices.

      At this point all my draft crushes are temporary.

      1. There’s unlikely to be a Buffalo trade, but if there were, the Niners might have the option of trading back up halfway for someone in the teens.

        Things could become very dynamic if a team trades up past the Niners (with Indy or Chicago, for instance).

  10. “Which player do you think the 49ers will take if they keep the ninth pick?”

    No way to know before free agency. What holes will be filled by us and the other 8 teams? I’m guessig we sign a FA CB, so no Ward or Jackson. Nelson and Barkley will probably be gone. No way Chubb is there at #9

    They’ll say they love Smith but it will be mostly smoke. Oakland will trade up to 9 for Roquan. The 49ers will select Edmunds.


    Get used to us beating Oakland this year. It started today with the coin toss. We will win the Trumaine Johnson sweepstakes. We will fleece them when they have to trade up to #9. We will then destroy them on the field.

    1. Agree…they had a bad head coach who let good coaches get away and made his QB look ordinary.

      49ers deserve to win and finally some luck going our way!

      1. I felt like the Raiders symbol on the coin had more mass than the 49ers side, and thought to myself that the heavier side will land face down. Sure enough, it did!

        1. I think they screwed the Raiders, lol…

          The coin should have been half gold and half silver since they are the silver and black. Once I saw it was solid gold I knew we had the flip.

      1. He should measure a little smaller than Foster. Smith isn’t as good in coverage as Foster, but still good though. I think Edmunds will be the pick. The Niners will hope Edmunds can rush the QB, if not, he can compliment or replace Foster.

        1. Smith isn’t as good in coverage as Foster, but still good though.

          Huh?, Maybe in zone but he mirrors running backs extremely well. He has fluid hips and a decent purst which allows him to stay with rbs out of their breaks.
          This ability may not be as important in this scheme however as zone skills would be more in demand.

  11. My order on those five for SF:
    Nelson-he’ll be gone
    Smith-heady, fast, instinctive, need and fit, fast. Good bpa pick with or w/o Foster. Did I say fast?
    Fitzpatrick-better athlete than Smith, but less urgent need. Would be fine.
    Edmunds- looks good

    Too many overall needs to trade up imo. I like Smith and Fitz, but wouldn’t cry about a trade back.

    1. Bro Tuna –
      It will probably be Denzel Ward…Grant is usually wrong. He throws out so many predictions that occasionally he will get one right. Sort of like when Rat (from Fast Times at Ridgemont High), when he responds to Damone’s putting the vibe out to get chicks.
      “I mean naturally something happens… you put the vibe out to 30 million chicks something’s going to happen.” – Mark “Rat” Ratner

        1. I think Williams playing tackle would be the plan eventually after we move on from Brown or after Staley retires. If nothing else, Williams at G would allow us to move on from Garnett.

    1. I like your thought process. Build the trenches!!! Don’t overpay for a corner. Draft one if necessary or pick up one that is a cap casualty. We need improvement with the starters as well as back-ups.

  12. Squashleg
    I think Ridley is a bit of a reach at #9 and will be there late 1st, early 2nd. I want to see A) What he weighs (165-170?) B) His times and C) What does he bring to the 9ers that they don’t have in Goodwin and Robinson?
    Other than that, I think he’ll make someone a fine WR.

  13. I hope the Niners sign a few free agents so they can just take the best players possible in the draft. A priority should be to improve the jury (front 7 on defense and five o-linemen.) Sign Norwell and another free agent lineman and draft one. Maybe try to sign Muhammad Wilkins. Trade back in the draft and upgrade the roster. Hopefully they will draft a redzone receiver, a corner and pass rusher.

  14. Or maybe they surprise us all and trade up to grab one of those elite talents, we obviously have the extra picks to make that happen.

    1. Too many holes on the team to trade up. If they were just one player away from the Super Bowl (never mind the playoffs first), it would make sense, but they’re at least 6 or 8 away from even sniffing the Bowl. Especially playing in the NFC West. The Rams have masterfully addressed some weaknesses so far in the offseason, watch for AZ to get themselves a QB (Case Keenum?), and the Seahawks are still gonna be the Seahawks until they aren’t.

      So a trade down, under the right circumstances, is far more likely than a trade up, IMHO.

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