A.J. Jenkins frustrates coach in practice

SANTA CLARA — I’m writing this because A.J. Jenkins is the first round pick and everything he does is news. He is the famous name in Trent Baalke’s envelope days before the draft, and Jim Harbaugh recently defended him to the media. What happened on the practice field today is the most astonishing thing I’ve ever seen in an NFL practice.

It was Jenkins’ second rep in one-on-one drills against cornerback Perrish Cox. In their first battle, Jenkins caught a short pass for a small gain. Jenkins has been doing a lot of this the last few practices – catching short passes in front of defenders who have given him too much space at the line of scrimmage.

Jenkins’ second rep visibly frustrated coach Johnnie Morton, who wanted the young receiver to run a deep route but threw his hat in disgust and dressed the receiver down in front of the media when Jenkins cut off his route, turned to face the quarterback and looked for a short pass instead.

The last time he ran deep in a similar drill was Sunday, and that time Jenkins didn’t catch the ball because he never looked for it.

Not a good day for A.J. Jenkins, who didn’t appear to have improved since Sunday.