A look at 49ers’ free-agent options this offseason

Denver Broncos cornerback Bradley Roby (29) protest a pass interference call against him during the first half of an NFL football game against the Kansas City Chiefs in Kansas City, Mo., Sunday, Oct. 28, 2018. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

Let’s say, for starters, the 49ers have $70 million in cap space next season, the cap space they currently have.

That’s lots of space. If they want, they can re-sign all their free agents. But they probably don’t want to. When free agency starts on March 13, some players will leave one way or another, and the team will replace them with rookies or free agents from other teams.

Here are the top five free agents the 49ers must decide whether to re-sign, plus three free agents from other teams who could join the 49ers next season and help them.

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  1. The Niners need to get A Brown. Failing to do so says all you need to know about this front office, and we can start to look forward to when they get replaced.

    1. Why? The 9ers don’t need another “head case.” I.e. Reuben Foster, Alden Smith, Aaron Lynch, Ray McDonald etc. They don’t need to babysit men that are distractions

      1. Enough with the head case comments. Who else can we get? They don’t know how to draft right. Don’t even know what the drama was about with that team

    2. AB is to expensive and a headcase for our team. Edge rusher is the most important position needed. We have a good locker room and do not need AB to screw it up.

    3. A few off seasons ago Mike Wallace was the hot receiver on the FA market…

      Grant and many others were screaming that the niners needed to get him. When he wasn’t signed it was made out to be a blunder of epic proportions.

      In the 6 seasons since that off season, only once has he eclipsed the 1k yard mark, and only once has he caught 10 tds.

      He’s also played for 3 teams during that time.

      No WR is ever worth anything that Pitt is asking for. If they want a 2nd round for him and a 3rd, sure, but anything more than that is a waste for a 30 year old WR.

      He’s 30, lets not forget that…and will be 31 when the season starts.

    4. I agree. John Lynch has zero management experience and it shows. They need to stop hiring people because of their complexion and focus on skills.

      I never heard of Solomon Thomas. No wonder why you never hear about him on the field. smdh. Poor pick. Both drafts did not net a promising players except nut case Foster and Warner.

      Stop being cheap. Get A. Brown and get an Edge Rusher in FA. You need to mix drafting players with stars. Lynch does not have the skills to build through the draft.

  2. So the recommendation is for the 49ers to:
    – Sign a CB that got toasted this past year, the first year where he was asked to be more than just the 3rd CB, that is undersized for the scheme they play.
    – Overpay for a decent slot WR and a deep threat big play WR (which is already well covered with Goodwin and Pettis) that as outlined was the 4th option for his team this year, but not upgrade the possession WR which is the main hole in the receiving corps.
    – Ignore the edge position, which is the biggest need on D.
    – Ignore the safety position, which along with CB is the second biggest need on D.

    That is of course an overtly and exaggerated negative review of your suggestions. But I don’t like it, I’m afraid.

    1. How many games did Pettis play last year? You’re sorely mistaken if you think Pettis has anything covered for the Niners lmao. He’s a bust. Goodwin, as sorry as I am to see he lost more children this season, and as much as I like him, needs to be moved this offseason. What have you done for me lately league. Both receivers Grant listed would be a major improvement to what they currently have. But like I said, this offseason is AB or bust. He wants to be here, so this organisation needs to make it happen. Anything less and it’s a failure, and one that should come at the price of their jobs.

      I’m pretty sure Grant expects the EDGE to be addressed in the draft. I am hardly Grant’s biggest fanboy, that title belongs to Jack with Sebbie as a close second, but come on, at least try to pay attention.

      1. I’m pretty sure Grant expects the EDGE to be addressed in the draft. I am hardly Grant’s biggest fanboy, that title belongs to Jack with Sebbie as a close second, but come on, at least try to pay attention.

        The problem is the position should not only be addressed in the draft but in free agency as well. Having one edge rusher is nice, but the team needs depth at the LEO position, so it would be wise to address said lack of depth even if they draft a great edge.

      2. Of course edge should be addressed in the draft, as well as safety, guard and wide receiver. People just love to whine.

        1. Pretty lousy comeback Grant, especially considering the fact that Scooter punched holes through each of your choices. Renas also has a flimsy argument as well. For one, it is way to early to even consider calling Pettis a bust, and having Goodwin and Pettis as the deep threat options is most likely the best option for the 2019 season. Williams and Humphries are easily in line to be overvalued due to the lack of talent at the position in free agency, so getting into a bidding war for either player when there are more important needs is not wise.
          Edge needs to be addressed in free agency and the draft because of the needed talent and depth at the position. Going with only one route is a bad idea considering that Marsh needs to be replaced and nothing good is behind him.
          Safety is also a position that needs addressed in free agency given the weakness of the incoming class and the options available in the market.
          Finally, thinking Brown or bust is a bad way of thinking because he is not the cure all for the 49ers. It would be nice to have him on the 49ers because it would help open the offense up more, but there are other teams that can potentially offer the Steelers a better package to acquire him.

          1. For one, it is way to early to even consider calling Pettis a bust,

            Nope. 2nd round draft pick. For a pick that high, with as many holes as the Niners have, you need a WR1 there. Pettis is maybe a 3. That’s if he can stay on the field long enough.

            and having Goodwin and Pettis as the deep threat options is most likely the best option for the 2019 season

            This would be terrible. Neither can get open consistently enough. This will lead to more coverage sacks, which considering the importance of this year, isn’t very helpful.

            Williams and Humphries are easily in line to be overvalued due to the lack of talent at the position in free agency, so getting into a bidding war for either player when there are more important needs is not wise

            Easy, front load the contract. Niners can afford it, and what they can offer the team is worth it. If they bust, then it’s only Jed’s money that’s wasted. Or rather, his parent’s.

            Edge needs to be addressed in free agency and the draft because of the needed talent and depth at the position. Going with only one route is a bad idea considering that Marsh needs to be replaced and nothing good is behind him.

            Give Solly a few more reps there to see if anything can come about it in year 3. Draft one in the 3rd or 4th round too if need be.

            Safety is also a position that needs addressed in free agency given the weakness of the incoming class and the options available in the market.

            Agreed, but there are limited options here.

            Finally, thinking Brown or bust is a bad way of thinking because he is not the cure all for the 49ers. It would be nice to have him on the 49ers because it would help open the offense up more, but there are other teams that can potentially offer the Steelers a better package to acquire him

            I don’t care. He would be the best player the Niners have. This organisation is not in a position to let these chances slide. They have an excuse with Mack, him being from Oakland. But not with Brown. We hear all the time how this team is in it to win it, well it’s time to start seeing it. It’s about proving to the fans that they care about winning, and winning now. I’m tired of waiting. I don’t want to trade the #2 overall, but everything else should be on the table.

            1. I am a fanboy for Grant? Yes, and proud of it. That is why I am on this site. If one was not a fan of Grant, they would go elsewhere.
              However, while I appreciate good writing, I have given Grant constructive criticism, which Cassie translates into diatribes.
              I will not devolve into personal asides, but address your assessments.
              AB is a huge risk, and JL has been burned by Foster. He wants to change the culture, and a WR throwing a football at his QB is not very inspirational, it is very toxic. Steve Young, the guy who I criticized before, but now has some insightful things that I will praise him for, said that AB is not worth the risk, because he will not be factored into the future.
              Niners need to acquire a FA WR, and I think they should throw money at Tyrel Williams. Humphries is duplicative, in my book.They should also draft a big, tall, fast WR in this deep draft.
              Pettis is not a bust. he is far from it. While playing, he manged to score TDs, He is a good route runner, and can run after the catch. He would have benefited by sitting, studying and working out to get stronger, but when called to play, he did well. Injuries are a concern, but with more seasoning, he will become tougher.
              Address the pass rush only in the draft? No. They need to sign a FA pass rusher AND draft a couple pass rushers. Maybe the Niners should trade Thomas to the Broncos, because he would fit Fangio’s system.
              Back to Brown. The Niners should trade back and get multiple second round picks, before giving up one to acquire AB, if they do that. Steelers are in a weak trading position, so maybe they could get him for a third round pick. The Niners are not going to the SB only by acquiring AB. The Niners may blow up the locker room with such a volatile player.
              The best strategy is for the Niners to spend their entire cap to get FAs and extend players like Buckner. Then trade back to a QB desperate team and acquire a boatload of picks. Use those picks wisely to fill all needs, and build for the future.
              Hope to see more of your posts, but by dealing in absolutes, expect a ton of pushback.

              1. Also, you know what is not overrated?
                Butt-cheese. As a snack. Spread over whole grain toast for a moderate carb high protein pick me up.

              2. . If one was not a fan of Grant, they would go elsewhere.

                Absolutely not. There are about 29 regular posters on this blog I come to read. Nothing to do with Grant. If Grant were to exit, i’m sure those posters would still be around. And if Grant were to exit, it’s possible his biggest fanboys, such as yourself, would depart along with him. It would be win-win all around.

                Will you promise to take the step I quoted from you?

              3. Rib, Grant is going nowhere.The PD should feel fortunate to have such a talented writer. Perusing many other blogs, there are many prolific writers, but the quality is lacking.
                I am here for the writing. I even endure the peanut gallery, because I appreciate insightful analysis, and edgy honesty.
                You want me to leave? That just makes me want to stay even more. ;p

              4. No…you don’t have to be a fanboy of cohn jr to be on this site. Many of us were here back when Maiocco was running it.

                If you and your Kaep loving took a break, we’d all be happier…and we were.

              5. If Grant is as talented as you claim, eventually he’ll get offers to exit from the PD backwater. Grant what do you think? New York…Sonoma County…? New York…Sonoma County…?

                You want me to leave? That just makes me want to stay even more.

                I’d like to see you take responsibility for your blather for a change.

              6. Em, I have refrained from mentioning Kaep, but posters keep on trolling me.
                Like a moth to a flame, they cannot help themselves. Even Grant threw me a cookie with a post about Kaep.
                If posters talk about free agency ,the playoffs, coaching changes or the draft, I am happy to give my opinion on diverse topics.
                I am glad posters have wised up, and do not try to engage me. This site has become more civil with less turmoil. I try very hard not to step on any toes, and only respond when addressed.
                I am glad I drove Prime away, and East has even toned it down. Cassie will still haunt my posts, but I just use my retorts as an opportunity to diss the stench of Baalke.
                It is the off season, so I expect the clicks to go down, but the draft always fascinates me, because that is the way most teams can build a champion, or a cellar dweller. Thankfully, JL mentioned he would accept all mocks and ideas, so I have obliged.

            2. Too early to call a bust is old school thinking. Teams no longer stay intact. Guys are asked to contribute immediately.
              Ruben foster was called a bust and the same comments were made. The players drafted simply do not pass the eye test.
              Waiting for those players to pan out is how SF ended up in this situation. The rams did similar with Tavon Austin.

              1. Pettis contributed, and flashed big time ability last year. Was he inconsistent? Yes. Were a lot of the leagues best WR’s inconsistent as rookies? Also Yes.

                In fact, a number of last year’s draft picks passed the eyeball test and made contributions as rookies.

                McGlinchey – check
                Pettis – check
                Warner- check

                Moore – yep, came on strong at the end of the season once he got a chance to play

                Harris – yep, he really turned heads after recovering from injury

                DJ Reed – check
                James – check
                Taylor & Street – INC

          2. Yah, waaay to early to use Pettis and bust in the same paragraph, let alone the same sentence.

            That boy flashed last season. He’ll get stronger, and he’ll continue to grow as a WR.

            1. If it’s too early to call him a bust, then why is it not too early to call him a “check”, as if he’s already an assured commodity?

              Flashed is an accurate word for Pettis. As in, flash in the pan. He can sure ball when the pressure is off. Too bad about his lack of ability to stay healthy, eh?

      3. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly fans give up much too early on young players.
        Calling Pettis a bust after his rookie season is ridiculous and laughable.

        Can you tell me what Antonio Brown’ rookie stats were?
        How about this line:
        Games (9)
        Receptions (16)
        Yards (167)
        Average (10.4)
        Yrds/Game (18.6)
        Longest (26)
        TD (0).

        I think we can all agree that the Steelers were right not to give up on him after his rookie year.
        Did we know how good George Kittle was going to be after his rookie season?

        Pettis will be our starter next year and he will be one of JG’ favorite WR’s.
        I would hold off on the bust label for now.

        Brown is a great player but I’m not sure if the Org wants a T.O. 2.0 on their hands. My bad, apologies to T.O. Owens never walked out on his team during a game.

      4. They aren’t about to give up on a 2nd round draft pick they traded up for after one season. Especially given how much promise he showed in the 5 weeks before he went on IR. Pettis will get every chance to start next year, and it will be in the role that Williams plays, so no need to sign him. As for Humphries, sure, he’s pretty good, and gotten better each year he has been in the league. But if Taylor is now healthy, he and James could show just as much growth as Humphries did. I don’t see the need to overpay for a slot WR.

        Regarding edge, they had better darn well draft one. But they need to completely overhaul the position. Draft and FA.

        Maybe you need to pay attention.

        1. Maybe I should have been more clear as this was in response to Renas 10:50 pm, Jan. 16 entry. He called Pettis a bust.
          Pay attention.

        2. Williams could be a red zone threat, so for that, and his outstanding size/speed at WR, I find him to be intriguing.

          The rest on this list are meh, decent players who don’t fill a need or necessarily upgrade any positions, IMO.

      5. You’re right Scooter. Goodwin’s 2017 season was superior to either one of those 2 WR, and he has proven chemistry with Jimmy G. Pettis flashed some brilliant route running and big play ability last season, enough to warrant a bigger role during his sophomore season. Yah, he dealt with a couple legit injuries, but that doesn’t mean he can’t develop into a high quality #2 at the very least. I know a number of scouts who thought Pettis was among a handful of the best WR draft prospects last year. Give this kid a full year’s worth of NFL level strength and conditioning, and look out.

        And to be honest, If I’m signing a FA WR, I’m signing Moncrief or Conley, both guys I was hoping the 49ers would draft, before signing Humphries for sure, and probably Williams as well.

  3. …..That’s it? Those are your suggestions Grant? They don’t even meet the critical needs on the team! Edge/pass rusher absolutely needs to be looked at in free agency. Preston Smith and Shaquile Barrett are two good options to look at. And if any of the top tier edge rushers become available, they absolutely must go after them.
    If C.J. Moseley is allowed to test free agency, then the 49ers should try to go after him. Adding him and kicking Warner out to the WILL would make the linebackers corps a formidable group.
    The safety is also a position that needs to be addressed in free agency if possible. Adding Earl Thomas or Tyrann Mathieu would be ideal, but even Lamarcus Joyner would be an upgrade over what the 49ers currently have.
    Resigning Mike Person makes sense because he did a decent enough job at RG, and it would also allow for continuity on the OL.
    No, Pinion should not be resigned. He was a fifth round reach that has done nothing to be considered something other than that. The only reason he should be resigned is if Gould signs elsewhere, and even then Pinion should be offered the bare minimum allowed.
    Gould is a given to resign as is Mostert, so there is no point in even talking about them.
    So here is the list of free agents that I think the 49ers should sign or resign: Person, Gould, Wright or Barrett, Thomas, and Smith. Wide receiver should be left alone since there is no capable possession receiver that would be available. At best they could try to trade for Brown or Beckham, though I feel like Brown will go to the Raiders or Jets while Beckham will remain with the Giants.

    1. Mostert looked like a stud prior to breaking his arm. That was a real shame. He’s definitely in line for a RB role this season. His injury had nothing to do with his size. He’s been relatively durable considering how hard he plays on ST, and boy oh boy is he a great ST player!

      Breida basically had a bad leg/ankle injury that lingured last season, because the 49ers couldn’t afford to rest him.

      I’m very happy with a stable of McKinnon, Breida, Mostert, and Wilson. If they want to bring in a bigger RB to compete, that’s fine, as long as he is a decent pass catcher, but they don’t need to sign a big RB simply to have a big RB. Let’s face it, Kyle likes smaller RB’s by committee, because they tend to excell in his blocking system.

  4. Roger Saffold is another name I would look fairly closely at.
    He is not a sexy pick up however I believe he could really help this team for multiple reasons.
    First, he would provide a steadying force in the center of the Oline. This could help exponentially, as the team could Richburg could slide his protection a bit more to the other guard… leading to more time for the qb. Additionally, if he could help generate any push in the center of the line the niners might be able to pick up the hard yards needed for short yardage and goal line situations.
    Second, last year defenses feasted on the interior of the Oline and that doesn’t look to change with the Rams and Seahawks as divisional opponents. Jimmy needs to be protected.
    Third, we would be weakening a divisional rival at the same time and as everyone knows the division is first hurdle to overcome in the teams playoff quest.

      1. That may happen ( and I don’t mind if if it does), but I believe that they would not invest more than a day 3 pick at that position, and that is not going to help much next year.
        I expect the niners will prioritize edge, db, wr… and they might throw multiple picks at those positions.

  5. I agree with the punting assessment, and I’d expect the 9ers to be expending some serious effort to improve at that position. Punters arrive in many ways–late round draft pick, undrafted free agent, free agent, etc. Baring a miracle, I don’t think Pinion is with the 9ers on opening day. Longsnapper position needs to be tightened down as well.

    1. I disagree. Mullens is not expected to play, but his trade value is high due to the paucity of accurate QBs in free agency and the draft. I think JG will come back strong, because no DT fell on his leg, and his rehab is going so well, he is dancing.
      Do not doubt for a moment that Scangarello is lobbying for Mullens to replace Keenum.
      If the Niners can get multiple picks for Mullens, including a 2020 pick, that is a very good thing. It will also be a very good thing for Mullens, because he will become a starter. CJB is an adequate backup, but they should also draft a QB with a later pick.

    2. To quote The Athletic:

      “Does this increase the chance of the quarterback-needy Broncos trading for one of the 49ers’ passers?
      Nick Mullens is someone whom Scangarello identified, then championed, during the 2017 draft process and there is a clear affinity — and resemblance — between the two.

      But it’s hard to see any deals getting done. For one, the 49ers love the idea of having Mullens and C.J. Beathard duke it out this offseason while Jimmy Garoppolo continues his ACL rehabilitation. It sets the tone for the offseason competition they want up and down the roster.

      Two, it seems like the Broncos want/need to go big at that position in the form of a more experienced starter or early-round draft pick.

      Three, Scangarello will be eager to work with Case Keenum, who still has another year on his contract. After the 2017 season, Scanagarello sent Mullens into the offseason with a homework assignment: study two NFL quarterbacks who are built and wired similarly to him. Those two quarterbacks were Drew Brees and Keenum.

      One more thought on this topic. Yes, Scangarello is most associated with Mullens. But he likes Beathard, too. Here’s what he told The Athletic about Beathard last month:

      “C.J. has a quick release, great arm talent. He is very good, pre-snap, at processing, extracting information, knowing what he wants to do with the football. Post-snap, he’s very good seeing things. He’s very good. Does he need to do a better job moving in the pocket, getting things (out) on time and all that? Yes, I definitely believe — and he believes — there’s room for improvement. But it’s definitely do-able, and I saw signs of it during some of the games this year. To where I’m really optimistic that C.J.’s going to have an opportunity to break out in the NFL.”

      So no, I do not know that Mullens is going to end up in Denver.

      1. Mullens>>> Keenum.
        I think Elway hired Scangarello to lure Mullens to Denver.

        Yes, CJB is a good backup, but they still should draft a QB to provide competition. I like Gardner Minshew Ii in the 6th or 7th.

          1. The Niners may want to cash in on the depth of this draft. Mullens has shown that he can start in this league, and win games. Mullens accuracy makes him a far superior QB to Keenum.
            If Mullens can garner multiple picks, he would be extremely valuable and be a big aid in the rebuilding.
            What is the job of the backup QB? To sit behind the starter. Heck CJB is perfectly adequate to do that.

            1. The point I made is that I do not know that Mullens is going to the Broncos, whereas NYniner indicated it is a foregone conclusion. You have now confirmed that it is not a given, unless the Niners get multiple picks (second rounder, conditional third). So, my comment to NYniner that I did not know that Mullens was gone stands.

              Nor do I see Denver offering a second rounder for Mullens. Or any team offering a second rounder (though stupider things have been done in this league I guess).

              1. Elway is on the hot seat, even from Von’s mother. He tried Seimian, Lynch, Osweiler and Keenum, and has not been to the playoffs. Elway wants to win.
                Elway, by the hiring of Scangarello, may be enough to attract Mullens to the Broncos. Rams gave up multiple first round picks for a QB. JG took a second round pick. A second round pick to obtain a starter in this league is reasonable.

          2. I tend to think that the only way Mullens plays somewhere else in 2019 is if a team offers the 49ers a deal that they simply cannot refuse.

            And I don’t think that’s likely. We’ll see.

            1. Yes, that is why I think a second round pick is fair. Mullens, as an UDFA will not command a first round pick. JG, who was drafted in the second round, only garnered a second from the Pats.
              I advocated for a conditional third, so if the Broncos do well with Mullens, the Niners would get better compensation.
              A boatload of picks is just a pipe dream, especially after he lost his last 2 games.

              1. So what is your absolute price for Mullens Seb, a high 3rd round pick? A 3rd round pick plus an additional conditional pick or two?

                Can Mullens ever be a consistent starter, or “franchise QB”? What’s his ceiling? And if not, what exactly is a high level backup QB realistically worth?

                I’ve heard teams see Mullens as a potentially very good quality backup, rather than a reliable starter worthy of building a team around. Considering the fact that Garoppolo is coming off of a serious knee injury, Mullens’ value as Jimmy’s backup means he’s probably worth more to the 49ers right now, than teams are willing to give up for him in return.

                I could be wrong, we’ll see.

              2. Mullens sliced and diced the Broncos, so Elway knows he is accurate. He needs to work on his consistency, but that will come with experience.
                Thankfully, Elway said that Keenum is only a short term solution, and that may be why he hired Scangarello. RS is probably lobbying hard for Mullens as we speak.
                Elway knows he has a small window to get back to the SB, that he won a few years ago. Therefor, maybe if the Niners bundle Mullens, Thomas,Trent Taylor and Witherspoon, Elway may give up his first and second round picks. That would be a 4 player for 2 pick deal. The Broncos would get two offensive players and 2 defensive players in positions of need. Niners could plumb this deep draft.
                That would be a win/win deal. The Broncos want to get back to the SB hunt, and the Niners would be building for the future. Fangio would be able to utilize Thomas, because Whitner says he is more suited for a 3-4 system. Mullens is the key, and Elway has been burned by trying to win with Seimian, Lynch, Osweiler and Keenum.
                Sure, it would be nice to get as much as possible for Mullens, just like they would like to give up as little as possible for him, too. A conditional pick would be insurance for both teams. The better Mullens does, the better the compensation. I am just trying to be reasonable and realistic.
                I also am counting on JG coming back strong, because he tweaked his knee, he did not have a DT fall on his leg.

              3. No one’s giving the niners a 2nd for Mullens, mot when Flacco, Foles and Bridgewater will be available, w/Manning & Tannehill also potentially on the market.

                There will be ~4 guys drafted to be starters, so that will fill the holes for the Giants and Dolphins…

                Think of who will NEED a qb this year, theres 3 teams…Mia, Jax, NYG

                Teams who will get a QB as backup/guy to groom (ala Jimmy G), theres NE, SD, Wash

                And then Den and TB have a guy but may not keep them long term.

                All these teams have a starter for the next 3 years:

                Do the math. No one is giving a 2nd rounder for Mullens when they can get a guy in the draft if they need a guy to groom or a chance at a SB winner in Flacco or Foles or Manning.

        1. Sebbie… Again, Scangarello may, just may have his eyes on a QB or two this off season who he’d want over Mullens.

          Have you ever performed in community theater? So much lugubrious drama and romance with you….

  6. Been trying To avoid reading the Goodwin family sad story……finally popped up on the screen…..they lost twins…..this is just plain sad….cant think of anything worse…..

  7. The 49ers should resign every FA except Ward. I don’t see practices so obviously I don’t know Ward as well as the coaching staff but from what I do see I can’t figure out why they like him so much. Maybe he’s smart. Maybe he’s a great guy. He can’t stay on the field. Glad he’s made a lot of money but he sure hasn’t earned it with on field production. Person is needed as a backup so they either need to draft a guard and sign another guard in FA. He isn’t the answer. Richburg was a slight upgrade but watching him get pushed around throughout the year wasn’t fun. Hopefully, he can play better when he gets healthy. Otherwise, I wouldn’t mind trading him for whatever you can get and signing a new center.

    In terms of FA targets, I like Tyrell Williams. Not an Adam Humphries fan even though I know he had a really good year. No good reason for it. Just don’t think he’s any better than Richie James or Trent Taylor when he’s healthy. IMO the 49ers need another RB. McKinnon may never come back and Breida isn’t an every down back. If they go the draft route for a RB I really really really like David Montgomery and Josh Jacobs. I like Montgomery a little more because he’s a little bigger and looks stronger as a runner to me. Jacobs is an Alvin Kamara waiting to happen. Should be a fun offseason. Hopefully, Lynch doesn’t pull any more Solomon Thomas’s, Reuben Fosters, or Joe Williams out of his hat.

  8. I don’t like it. Better blueprint:
    Sign Earl Thomas. He’s the #1 priority F/A, and an eraser that’s one of a kind.
    Sign Anthony Barr. Young and ascending player to replace Smith.
    Sign Trey Flowers. Another young and ascending player to play edge.
    Sign Breshad Perriman who looked like he might be turning the corner to compete with Garcon/Bourne.
    Give the Jaguars our #2 pick and take Ramsey and their #7 pick.
    #7)Cody Ford, OG/OT, OK/Start him at RG and when the time comes, move him to RT and McGlinchey to LT.
    #36)Brian Burns, Edge, FSU
    #67)Andy Isabella, WR, UMass
    #97)Sutton Smith, Edge, Northern Illinois

    1. Ramsey is a great player but I seriously question his locker room presence. Interested to hear what kind of teammate he’s been to the guys who’ve played with him. Wild and crazy idea, I’m wondering how Leonard Fournette would fit in Shanahan’s scheme. On the surface it seems like a terrible fit but he’s huge with good vision who can be a 1 cut runner. Not sure about his passing game effectiveness but he seems fairly fluid in the limited opportunities he’s had in the passing game. Seems like he would complement Breida fairly well and the 49ers might be able to get him on the cheap. He certainly has a checkered history but if the price is right I’m wondering if Shanahan could take a chance. Ramsey and Fournette for swapping 1st round picks and the 49ers 4th round pick plus CJ Beathard. I know that’s way out in left field but I find Fournette’s talent to be intriguing.

      1. Razor – I was going with an OT with first pick and an edge with the second then a wr with the third, my picks are different.

        Niners first pick not necessarily the second pick in the draft.
        ? Jonah Williams – Ford would work for me also.
        36 Jaylon Ferguson edge, Shanny will coach him at the senior bowl
        67 Hakeem Butler, WR out of Iowa St. played basketball, 6’6 should be a good blocker out of Iowa. Red zone target is my plan.

        1. Cheers Under! Looking good! I think we could look at grabbing a TE too, because this class has talented depth at the position….

        2. UC,
          Good call on Jaylon Ferguson. For a player that led college in sacks he has not received much attention.
          Sure he played at a small college (Louisiana Tech) but so did Khalil Mack (small college).

          If JF is our pick in 2nd I’d be ok, but if Bosa falls on our lap with our #2 overall I wouldn’t pass on it.

          I believe that we can upgrade our Olinemen through FA and the draft. We definitely need to upgrade Pass Pro along the Oline. Lynch and Shanahan will address that this off season.
          There are some talented players and diamonds to be found in the later rounds, I just hope that Lynch can find them.

        3. Undercenter

          I agree with you on Hakeem Butler…but when just checking, I didn’t see his name…I think that this was only his Junior year…Have you seen (or heard) whether or not this is true…?

    2. Generally, I like it. Thomas, Barr, and Flowers are all worthy of consideration. Not as sold on Perriman, who has the dropsies in his career.

      Love Jalen Ramsey; need some swagger to play CB.

      Burns will probably be gone by 36, but I do like Jaylen Ferguson there (or Oshane Ximines). There are other receivers at 67 that I like better than Isabella.

  9. It’s a fine list, but I agree with a few others who say they need to get an edge rusher in FA in addition to one through the draft.

    Agree with not taking the bait on Thomas. No way I’m giving big money to a 30 year old safety coming off another broken leg. Especially given what’s happened here the last 2 years.

    1. I’m not against signing an edge rusher, nor am I suggesting the 49ers sign only three players. These were merely three suggestions.

    2. What’s wrong with bringing ET in on an incentive based contract similar to Sherman . Niners can then draft and groom a young safety.

        1. He hasn’t played a full season in 3 years not 4, and he only missed 7 games in the two seasons prior to this one after not missing a game in his career before then.

          1. His last full season was 4 years ago, since then he has had 3 straight seasons cut short by injury.

            Sounds like a solid pickup for a team that has dealt with so many injuries the last two years.

            1. You need help with your math skills. 3 years have passed since that 2015 season not 4.

              As mentioned he has missed some games in the two years prior to this one but not many. This is not a player with a history of injuries. He had a fracture heal on it’s own and then reinjured the same leg. He has now had surgery to strengthen the leg so it doesn’t happen again.

              1. You’re right, he had no history of injuries through the 2015 season. Doesn’t change anything against what is being said regarding him missing time in each season over the last 3.

                So he got a steal rod in his leg, sweet. Let another team take the risk.

              2. So ignore one of the best FS in the game and the fact that his injury should be healed 100%, because of the fact he could get hurt again? You have the same odds with every player you draft and sign.

              3. “You have the same odds with every player you draft and sign.”

                Every player you draft or sign is coming off 3 straight seasons that were shortened by injury? Interesting

              4. No, every player that goes into a season at 100% health has the same chance of being injured. Thomas is expected to be 100% so no reason to believe he is any more likely to get injured than anybody else.

  10. Whoa, do i sense some discontent in Luffa land? I’ve never seen you even slightly disagree with Grant. Gotta agree with Grant here though. There’s about a billion combinations of FA Signings/Draftees that the 49ers could and should consider. No way you can put all that in one article. Grant’s targets were reasonable and did not preclude other possible moves.

        1. Mad, lol.

          If that’s the case I guess everyone should know that I disagree with him and have even been kicked to the penalty box a time or two.

        1. Good edge rushers usually don’t reach the open market. If one becomes available, by all means the 49ers should try to sign him. No brainer.

  11. WR: Tyrell Williams may show more than he was able to at SD. He was behind a clear WR1, one of the best in the game, in Keenan Allen, and another likely WR1 in Mike Williams. I think the FO is looking pretty closely at his route running.

    Another possibility that I’m surprised no one is taking serious is John Brown. He didn’t show up as much as I expected from a receiver of his abilities, but would he be a better fit in this system….?

  12. This is a terrible off season plan. Every guy mentioned does not fit. Frankley couldn’t get any worse. Here is some realistic scenarios that I see the Niners front office exploring.

    1. Find a way without giving up the #2 overall pick and trade for Antonio Brown! Stop this non sense about he is turning 31 and he is on the decline. I would love to obtain the best Wr in the game who just came off a 1200 yard season and had 15TDs… Man what a decline. Make it happen lynch no excuses.
    2. Although he is often injuried it’s pretty clear that the Niners will have an interest in Ziggy Ansah. With all the other options that are better being franchised he would be a nice piece along the D line as part of a rotation piece with Buck, Thomas, Armstead, Blair. I understand he is injuried more often then not but I see this FO with obvious connections.
    3. Sign Earl Thomas. Another injuried player but a all world safety when healthy who helped create the defense that we are running. If Thomas signs with the Cowboys then I would retain Jimmy Ward on a 1 year deal. The coaching staff seem to love him.
    4. If Nick Bosa is off the table TRADE the #2 pick. Someone will come up for Haskins. Trade with NY, Jax, Wash, Mia etc whoever. Move down and acquire more picks in a STACKED edge class.

      1. However, he may come to the Niners, because Dallas is set with their defense, and Sherman may convince him to come to the Niners. That way, Thomas could play twice a year against the Seahawks.

    1. 49er fans complain about injuries and use them as an excuse not for losing, then turnaround and want the team to spend gobs of money on injured free agents.

      1. Ansah was drafted number 5, and had 14.5 sacks his first year. He had 12 in 2017, but only 3 last year. Still, he was side lined with a shoulder injury, not an ACL, so there is less risk for JL to take a chance with him.

  13. Forget AB. Anybody that walks out on his teammates, no matter what the reason (there is no reason) is automatically out of the conversation in my HO. A player like that, no matter what the talent, can have just as much negative impact on the “team” as his positive impact on the “field”. Haven’t we gone down this route before with disrupters? (See TO, Kaep) Coach has it exactly right as far as needs. Edge, WR (s), G, S, and I would throw in RB and T to replace Staley at some point. No disagreement with Coaches article, and I liked his 3 FA suggestions. Nice piece and refreshing not to read the too often Shanahan dig. I would rank Seb and Jack a tie for the title of “Great defenders of Coach”. Whatever. Who cares? :)

    1. Juan, I agree, and disagree. I agree that AB is a huge risk, but disagree about Kaep.
      Personally, I would say that I am superior to Jack due to my verbosity! ;p

    2. 1. If you don’t like AB because he walked out on his team then you must be against drafting Nick Bosa if he’s available at #2.

      2. You are way off in the defenders category. Jack is #1 Luffa Boy and Seb is #2 Luffa Boy.

  14. I’m with Scooter, none of those options does anything for me and ignores the biggest needs. They aren’t bad players, but we have guys on the roster who compare favorably.

    What is needed most (that’s for CFC) is an Edge and a FS, followed closely by CB. I don’t see a CB in FA that fits what they want to do, at least one that is worth signing anyway, so the focus would be on Edge and S and there are good players likely to be available at both spots. Some of the top guys like Lawrence, Clowney and Clark will most likely be tagged or resigned, but others like Ford, Smith, Ansah and Graham have a good shot at hitting the open Market. Of this group I’d be going after Ford first due to his age and fit being perfect for the Niners roster. Failing that Preston Smith and Brandon Graham would be next on my list. A couple of backups who have shown potential and may come cheaper are Shaq Barrett and Za’Darious Smith. I’d even try to sign 2 of these guys if possible. I wouldn’t sign Ansah unless there were no other options but there is a link to the DL Coach so he might be higher on the list than I have him.

    As far as FS, I’d go after Thomas hard. He’s had some bad luck with the leg fractures, but he didn’t get surgery the first time which likely left a weak point in the leg. This time was different:

    Ian Rapoport


    #Seahawks S Earl Thomas, who suffered a leg fracture last Sunday, will have surgery to have a rod inserted this week, source said. That increases the chance of healing and lowers refracture rates. Thomas will be 100% long before free agency.

    If he checks out during physicals there is no reason not to sign him. Still playing at a pro bowl level in the same defense the Niners run and another vet with leadership who can help the young Safeties already on the roster. This should be a no brainer as far as targets go. LaMarcus Joyner is another option if things don’t work out with Thomas. Not at the same level as Thomas but a good cover guy who can also slide into the Nickel spot if needed. Mathieu could also be a target and is versatile much like Joyner.

    I’d also look at getting some LB depth here with somebody like Jordan Hicks, who is a really good Cover LB, to replace Malcolm Smith.

    We don’t need another slot or Z WR. We need an X if they cut Garcon. I’d probably look at WR in the draft rather than sign somebody, but I’d be ok with Conley if they decided to go that route.

    FA looks like it’s primed to offer some good options at need areas and the Niners need to take advantage of it.

    1. How can you say a 30yr old FS coming off leg injury is a no brainer?

      How many 30yr old safeties have recovered to top form after a broken leg?

      It’s really amazing the thoughts that come out this time of the yr…

      1. I gave the reasons, did you even read them? He is expected to be 100% long before FA and didn’t tear any ligaments. It was a break in the same leg he suffered two years prior and didn’t have surgery. This time he did and the expectation is he won’t be at risk for further problems.

        1. Ha ha ha….he is expected to heal is your reason…lol…….

          Never knew you to be a dreamer…….in your scenario I can see players telling teams not to worry about past injuries because it’s expected to heal….

          Lol…..damn dude…..seb is really growing on you.

          Maybe you should include his age and body will revert to when he was 20 yrs old because it’s what’s expected also……i mean TO and JR also say they can play at a high level…..because its expected…..lmao…..

              1. The comment is just above and you still screw it up:

                If he checks out during physicals there is no reason not to sign him. Still playing at a pro bowl level in the same defense the Niners run and another vet with leadership who can help the young Safeties already on the roster. This should be a no brainer as far as targets go.

        2. Just like K Cousins was expected to take the Vikings to the playoffs….

          Or just like when JimmyG was expected to be a pro bowler this past season..

          When has anything expected in the NFL ever just like expected?……its in your brain those expectation are born and die……..seriously what is difference between you and seb dreamy scenarios?

              1. Like a nightmare, with the stench of Baalke.
                Baalke cut him on the team bus. Guess I did not factor in how much of a cretin Baalke was.
                However, Hayne did play, and those runs during the preseason were electric. He actually got to play in the NFL, and if not for Baalke, would have done well.
                Hayne ran for 52 yards, caught 8 passes for 27 yards, and had 76 return yards for a 9.5 yard average. He even made 2 tackles. Not bad for some one who had never played football before. Not too many could walk into a TC, win a spot on a squad,and not get crushed.

          1. Lol, you still can’t get over how wrong you were about Cousins when you said the league and the Niners wouldn’t be interested in him in FA. You were wrong Oneniner, get over it and stop trying to find some sort of redemption for an opinion that made no sense.

            As far as what makes me different from Seb, I’ll leave that up to others, but I’ve been right about most of the predictions and expectations I’ve had for this team over the past few years, while others like yourself have not. You really don’t have much of a sense for this team or the league for that matter.

            1. Lol…..why won’t the 49ers be interested in him?…….you keep assigning the wrong quotes to me…..lol….i don’t get it especially after I clearly stated you my argument was that cousins was not worth the money and you passionately disagreed……

              Dude….its not the first time you wiggle yourself out of a wrong…..the fact that you count how many times you think you were right on the blog says alot and tells how much you have in common with seb.. …

              1. You said exactly what I posted and it’s you who are now trying to pretend you didn’t.

                I didn’t count how many times I was right, but I’m not surprised that is what you think was said. You don’t read or retain info very well.

              2. Bro….this is not Snapchat.. …if you really believe what you are saying go grab the quotes…..

                You do it all the time to those you bully around……show us the receipts or stop lying….

              3. You’re getting sloppy Rocket…..and i do stand corrected you are a liar….

                oneniner says:

                March 20, 2018 at 2:05 pm

                cmon rocky…..we have to wait and see how it turns out……don’t bring out the pom-poms yet…….
                Could say Cousins has never won a playoff game but being paid like a SB QB


                rocket says:

                March 20, 2018 at 2:13 pm

                Matt Stafford hasn’t won a playoff game either. Neither has Garoppolo for that matter. Cousins is being paid like a top ten QB which he has played like since he took over as the starter. Wins are not a QB stat. They are a team stat. You still haven’t been able to figure that out for some reason


                The conversation was about the pay, which you defended.

                Not some made up twinkle in your head about 49ers wanting Cousins……

                Liar Liar pants on 🔥🔥🔥

              4. Ok Oneniner, I sure as hell don’t have the time to go through and find a needle in a haystack and I’ve dealt with Prime accusing me of something I didn’t say, so if you say you didn’t write it I’ll let it go.

          2. Oneniner says:
            January 17, 2019 at 1:09 pm
            Just like K Cousins was expected to take the Vikings to the playoffs….

            Or just like when JimmyG was expected to be a pro bowler this past season..

            And just like Alex smith becoming the “cold blooded assasin” he became on three different teams now.
            You have a lot of room to talk. You once praised and crowned a season vet stop gap QB to elite.

    2. I like your analysis of the edge rushers, and not just because it agrees with mine! =)

      I like Thomas, and think he would be able to grow Adrian Colbert as well (added benefit). Mathieu is intriguing as an alternative.

      We do need a linebacker (Elijah Lee is probably a top reserve, and if we can find someone who can kick Warner over to WILL it would be helpful).

  15. I generally agree with Grant on most things, but disagree about Humphries and Taylor.
    I also think Ward and Person will not be retained. Gould may go back to Chicago, to get one last shot at the SB, and be back with his family.
    I also think they should retain Mostert for his ST contributions and Pinion for the kick offs. Pinion could also be a long range FG kicker.
    I think they need to throw money at Tyrell Williams, pass on Garcon and AB, and still draft a big fast WR.
    The Niners Should do what RAW mentioned, and go after Ziggy Ansah. The other pass rushers may be retained by their teams, but Ansah, with his injury history, may still be available. I also agree with the trade back option.
    One Free agent I hope JL will go after to help with veteran leadership and aid with the locker room dynamics, is Frank Gore.

    1. Sebbie… Still gazing out over your 2.5 acres?

      If the 9ers find a better punter, Pinion is gone. He’s a bit of a liability of late, which has put him square on ‘the hot seat’.

      Ansah. Since when have you become a fan of bringing in players with injury history?

      Unless Gore signs a one day retirement contract, he’s not returning. There’s another reason to hate on Lynch and Jed.

      1. Yep, there is a lot of cleanup to do. Right now, there is a doe nestled under an oak tree.
        If they re-sign Gould, they will re-sign Pinion.
        Ansah may be the best option. Clowney and the others will be retained.
        Gore still has gas in his tank, and if the use him wisely, in tandem with McKinnon and Breida,he can contribute. Also, he would be the best blocking RB on the team. They should sign him for his leadership alone, but I also think he can gain another 722 yards, like last season.
        I do not hate JL and Jed at all, and I would praise them for re-signing Frank Gore. I blame Baalke most of all, and actually detest him for his stench.

          1. Yep, we can put the Frank Gore returns at RB for the 49ers to rest.

            Aint gonna happen as a player, but I’d like to see him come aboard the coaching staff in some capacity!

      2. Sebs-
        have u ever thought that if the commies DO come in and make that nirvana your longing for–u know, like they do all over the world……they will take a look at your 2.5 and say, as they have everywhere…….”Why does this Seb fellow get a backyard with coastal deer in it, when most people don’t?” Thats not faaiirr………were going to have to divvy that up and make it……….faaiirrr…………They might put a highrise in your backyard and put many families on it–much more efficient for the state. Course, thats the end of the deer.

        Something to think about.

        1. Saw, the Commies already have taken over. Trump s just a puppet, and the GOP Senate is aiding and abetting. Putin is gleeful that he can make the USA to pull out of Nato , Afghanistan , Iraq and Syria.
          You even sound like a Commie lover, wanting strong armed dictators subvert the Constitution, and negate zoning laws.

          1. Haha!!

            Always……..Always the little snit at the end of every paragraph! Kind of like a toy at the bottom of every Cracker Jack Box!!!!!

            YOU………..Sebby, are the toy at the bottom of my Cracker Jacks!

              1. But you put so much “fertilizer” in the “soil”, when u try to dig me out, I just keep growing back!

                Get it? “Fertilizer”? “Soil”?

                I got a million of ’em…………..

  16. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly fans give up much too early on young players.
    Calling Pettis a bust after his rookie season is ridiculous and laughable.

    Can you tell me what Antonio Brown’ rookie stats were?
    How about this line:
    Games (9)
    Receptions (16)
    Yards (167)
    Average (10.4)
    Yrds/Game (18.6)
    Longest (26)
    TD (0).

    I think we can all agree that the Steelers were right not to give up on him after his rookie year.
    Did we know how good George Kittle was going to be after his rookie season?

    Pettis will be our starter next year and he will be one of JG’ favorite WR’s.
    I would hold off on the bust label for now.

    Brown is a great player but I’m not sure if the Org wants a T.O. 2.0 on their hands. My bad, apologies to T.O. Owens never walked out on his team during a game.

  17. Good point on Bosa Houston. Little bit different circumstances but he still did quit his team. Is he gonna do that again down the road when he wants to renegotiate a contract? Definitely something to consider.
    Seb, it’s time to move on from Gore. I love him as much as the next guy, and he’s a future Hall of Famer, but come on. Their building for the future. Bring someone in that can grow with the team. Maybe sign him down the road for a game where they can retire his jersey. He deserves that. One of the great Niners of all time.

  18. They need a young Gore! Breida is not the answer as an every down guy. He’d be a good offset to a power, Goreish type guy!

    1. Closes college RB to Gore is Devin Singletary of Florida Atlantic. Uncanny ability to squeeze through the LOS for large chunks.

  19. Everyone has a right to their opinion…..especially who you wish the team to sign… .

    But please don’t disrespect the blog with stupid reasons to back up your point…..its ok to say it’s what you hope or wish…..but coming up with lame reasons is really unnecessary…..

    Today it’s because “it’s expected an injury will heal” so they who sign a 30yr old FS whose game is based on speed ……….yesterday it’s because they invested in Jimmy that means they absolutely have to trade for AB…….

    This are all weak reasons to support an opinion…

    1. Could we have your personal email address so we can run our reasoning for our opinions by you to make sure they are acceptable to you before we publish.

      Thanks in advance.

  20. Mock 2
    Niners trade back twice. First, with Jax for the number 7, second (38) round and 4th (102) round picks, and a 2020 second round pick. Second, the Niners trade back with Washington, who wants to leap over the Lions, Bills, Broncos, Bengals and Dolphins who all may want to draft a QB. For the number 7 pick, the Niners receive number 15, second (46) round pick and a 2020 second round pick.
    So by moving back 13 spots, the Niners end up with pick numbers 15, 36, 38, 46, 67, 97, 102 in the first 4 rounds. They also have pick numbers 167 and 221.They also garner two 2020 second round picks
    Using the Draftek big board and trying to pick within 5 rankings of each prospect, the Niners could select-
    15- Jachai Polite DE
    36- N’Keal Harry WR
    38- Te’von Coney OLB
    46- Amani Oruwariye CB
    67- Tre Lamar ILB
    97- Connor McGovern C
    102- Rodney Anderson RB
    167- Keelan Doss WR
    221- Zach Gentry TE

      1. Moss was on the RB prospects list, but it was updated 1-5-19. He declared his intention to return 1-7-19.
        Just an honest mistake with a dated list.

    1. Additional trade possibility. Niners trade Nick Mullens to the Broncos for a second round pick (41), and a conditional 3rd round 2020 pick. If the Broncos make the playoffs, it becomes a 2020 second round pick. If they make it to the SB, it becomes a 2020 first round pick.
      Keeping with the Mock2 and adding the 41st pick, the Niners could select-
      41- Martez Ivey OG.
      Additional picks at 41 could include- Deebo Samuel WR, Darryl Williams OG, Oshane Ximines DE, Elgton Jenkins C, TJ Edwards OLB, Mack Wilson ILB, Josh Oliver TE, Taylor Rapp S, Hakeem Butler WR.

    1. Pinion’s ’18 performance was middling at best.

      Numbers for punts downed inside the 20 and average yards are not eye-popping.

      He doesn’t deserve to be keelhauled, but the 9ers could benefit by having a top tier punter. Might as well look to improve this off season.

      1. Pinion had an average of 33.8% of his punts downed inside the 20 coming into the year. He missed that this year by 1.

        Pinion had a career average of 43.7 yards per kick coming into the year. He averaged 43.7 this year.

        Pinion had a career average of 32.3% his kicks fair caught in his career. He had 41.1% this year.

        His net was down mostly because the 49ers coverage group which had averaged 6.6 yards per return his first 3 years allowed an average of 7.8 per return this year.

        1. And thus, we have the basis for a middling year–not terribly different over time. I didn’t say he was horrible. Didn’t use the bust word like others toss around on this board. I’m saying that the 9ers could do well by bringing in some competition for the job–serious competition, not just camp legs.

    1. If backups are NOT EXPECTED to play, only have one QB on the roster and use the open slot(s) for other needs. Easy.

      Backup QBs are not expected to play.” Nice.

            1. I do have stock in the company that manufactures casualty carts…those things that look like elongated golf carts.

            2. ‘Sometimes it is better to remain quiet, and only let them think you are a fool, than open your mouth and remove all doubt.’

              1. You’ve proven that theory out repeatedly over the years, Sebbie!

                And I was quoting you, so it’s kind of funny on the ironic level too!

    1. Absolutely. He is one of a few guys the 49ers need to be looking at. No reason not to add a pass rusher in FA – there will be quite a few good ones to choose from even after the expected names get tagged/ re-signed.

  21. Seb, do you actually know anything at all about all these names you throw out there or are you just picking names off a board? I’m not being facetious, just curious. What percentage have you seen play personally? How well do you know each individual player, their stats, personalities, etc.? You seem to cover everybody but Joe Shmo from Idaho! :)
    Who’s board do you trust the most to poach names from?

    1. Just relying on the pundits who put together the Draftek Big Board. I have watched some play in the college games, but have also watched the youtube highlights of about every pass rusher.
      Now, Keelan Doss is a sure first ballot Hall of Famer, and I do not just say that because he went to UCD!!!!! ;p

    2. I chose Draftek prospect rankings, because they at least, have Kyler Murray on their board. CBS tends to be dated, and everything will change once the Combine is concluded.
      Kyler Murray is ranked 44, but he zoomed up 999+ under the change column. I could have included him in the 38, 41 or 46 draft pick number, but expect him to zoom up to be the second pick.
      Basically, I drafted at a ranked position need, and passed up others so there was a diversity of picks. Niners need a pass rusher first. N’keal Harry was a big upgrade at a position of need. Then another edge rusher for depth. CB for Witherspoon and ILB for Foster. Then 3 of the next 4 on offense. 9 players at 9 positions. Of course, I also expect them to pick up UDFAs, to fill every last need, and cover all the bases, for every position.
      Free Agency will change everything, but right now, I just used the draft to fill every big need.

    3. Obviously, I saw Te’von Coney and Tre Lamar play against each other, and Lamar in the championship game. I saw Polite in a game, but was not too impressed. Guess he had his ups and downs.

    1. The blog’s hottest take (for some) has Mullens fleeing to Denver. Sebbie claims the 9ers will receive a “boatload” of picks in return.

      I’d think that Mullens’ role (and tenure) with the 9ers will depend on what the franchise does with CJB, and possibly snagging a late round QB or promising UDFA. Too, Scangarello’s replacement will be/could be a factor.

      Will be entertaining.

        1. Mullens is way better than CJB, but if they can get a second and conditional third for Mullens, he may be really help in the draft.
          If Mullens had won his last 2 games, they might have gotten a boatload of picks, but alas, those were 2 losses.
          CJB is an adequate backup, but they still should pick up a QB for TC competition.

          1. Just look up. I also said that if Mullens had won hi last 2 games, he might have been worth a boatload of picks. Alas, he lost his last 2 games.
            Cherry pick much?

  22. I hear It’s tough to tweet when your balls are in a vice grip…….Dude just got bitch slapped by a 78 year old woman.

  23. The 49ers top target should be Dallas Cowboys edge rusher DeMarcus Lawrence.

    He played the 2018 season on the franchise tag, worth $17 million. The Cowboys could elect to franchise him again, but that would cost them a fully guaranteed $20.5 million. They are projected to have $54 million in cap space, but are they prepared to commit that much to Lawrence?

    Lets pray Jerry Jones will not pay him…..100% focus should be on him…….i would be surprised if they franchise him back to back yrs

  24. Interesting stat: This season is the first time in the history of the NFL that teams, in aggregate, passed more times on first down than they ran the ball. More proof that this is now a passing league.
    Also noted that the 4 remaining teams in the playoff are also among the top five in offensive DVOA and passing offense by Football Outsiders. Defense may win championships but offense may be what gets a team to the base camp.

  25. So this was all put together after the fact they sign Thomas. Because even though some of you are whining about it, he’s going to be a 49er. And I’m sure a lot of your talk will change once he is.
    And he WILL ball like he always has.

  26. Lots can change between now and draft day. Heck, lots usually changes between now and the combine’s completion.

    But the more mocks and player evals I read, the less clear 2 overall will be. It’s possible the edge rusher Lynch covets most will be one that otherwise gets picked several spots later.

    Dream Scenarios…
    1A – Quarterback goes 1, Bosa becomes a 49er
    1B – Giants or Jaguars trade up to 2 for a quarterback. 49ers get the edge rusher they would have taken at pick 2, plus picks. A first or two second rounders.

  27. I gotta laugh. Earl Thomas was the prototypical high free safety that made Pete Carrol’s defense work, but he did break his leg. In fact, he broke the same leg twice. Some medical people will say that it will heal as good as new, but I do not think they are taking into consideration the impact that football has on the bones and the body.
    A football player can deliver a blow with bone jarring force. When 2 football players run at each other, then collide, it can become a bone crushing force. Football players are all bigger, stronger and faster, so they can hit harder, too.
    Players used to clothes line and blow up an opponent. Now, they are finding that every snap may deliver concussive blows. CTE is changing the game, and now, QBs cannot be touched.
    Most player will play until their body breaks down. Earl Thomas will want to continue, but he may be lucky to be able to walk without pain, when his career is done.

    1. And Gore tore his knees up when he came out. What’s your point?
      Broken legs aren’t the same as muscle or tendon problems.
      His broken leg will not be a problem.
      He’s a niner so you can either get on board or go Grants way and diminish the player and signing. And then backpedle when you’re proven wrong.

      1. ‘ His broken bone will not be a problem.’
        Go ahead, believe that, if you want. He did not only break it, he broke it twice.
        Frank Gore is an exception. He is a 35 year old RB, who has gained 14,748 yards.
        This is like a 70 year old smoker, disproves Tobacco causing cancer. There are always exceptions.

  28. Nice. Adam Stenavich is going to be allowed to interview for the Packer O line coaching position. He is going from the O line assistant position so it is a promotion.
    Glad KS is letting some of his coaches interview, and I hope he promotes from within for the QB coach position.
    I can also see why he would not let Mike Daniels interview with a division opponent, but still hope he hires one of his assistants to be OC. That would be the best way to retain them.

  29. This post will make number 200, so I bet Grant likes the clicks.
    So far, Tyrell Williams, Donte Moncreif, John Brown and Adam Humphries are deemed good WR FA possibilities by the posters..
    On defense, Dante Fowler and Ziggy Ansah could be good pass rushers. Demarcus Lawrence could be, too, but he most likely will be retained by the Cowboys.
    I personally want Frank Gore back, and still think he is an ageless wonder.
    AB has fans, but also many detractors. Ward and Person may not be re-signed. Earl Thomas also has fans, but his twice broken leg may not stand up to the NFL pounding.
    Gould, Pinion and Mostert should all be re-signed, but Gould may be lured back to the Bears.
    Many coaches have been interviewed, a couple blocked, and I wonder who will replace Scangarello. Kris Kocurek and Joe Woods have been hired as D line and DB coaches.
    With Scangarello hired by the Broncos, and Keenum deemed only a short term solution, Mullens may be coveted by Scangarello like a long lost son.
    Wonder how the Senior Bowl planning is progressing, and wonder who KS likes in his assessments.

      1. My clients need their trees pruned, but they know that if I fall off the ladder, they may lose me for a while. They are patient.
        For my other projects, working the soil in the rain just compacts it. Moving rocks in the mud is counter productive.

              1. Ren,if you want to surmise, figure out how 2 guys with bars could not move a 3 ton rock around 15 feet, gave up and went to lunch. I moved it by myself. They came back, and assumed some one with a tractor did it.
                Hint- leverage was involved.

    1. This post might make 203.

      Breathe deep the gathering gloom.

      On defense, I want a dozen slingshots.

      Personally I want a hippopotamus for Christmas. Only a hippopotamus will do.

      If the button is pushed, there’s no running away.

      Wonder how sea floor spreading will shape the Mediterranean region over the next 200,000 years.

  30. Looking at the edge prospects some more.

    Burns- Can someone explain to me how someone that displays so many different moves can go silent so often? Seriously, this guy has showcased more moves than anyone else at the position including Bosa… Swim, Spin, Dip and club, Speed, inside counter with a rip move… he’s just not overly productive for someone that showcases all of those moves. Does FSU just have crap coaching? I understand he isn’t overly powerful but he also doesn’t showcase much violence to his game… not sure if that is coaching or if that’s just his game. He’s maddening to watch.

    Ferguson – Doesn’t have a large array of moves, seems to have very powerful hands. He flashes extreme violence at times but can controlled too much at the LOS for my liking. He has real burst but doesn’t really have the bend to take advantage of it.

    1. I like Burns. Posters have pointed out he is small at 235lbs, but he is very productive. In the right system, he will shine. He was on some first round mocks, but on one draft board, he fell to 71.
      I agree with Ferguson. He is ranked 59 on a draft board for a reason. However, he might fall to the Niners in the third round.

  31. The 49ers #1 Priority in free agency should be signing Ziggy Ansah. Then sign the top FA guard. Draft either Bosa (if he slips to #2) or Josh Allen. Draft a (to be named later) CB or S with the 2nd round pick. Draft a WR with the 3rd round pick. Thats as far as i’ve gotten with my, if I was the king of the forest , off season plan. I believe that signing Ansah and drafting Bosa or Allen alone will move the 9ers D into the top 12 or so. Those additions along with our returning group could results in as many as 50 sacks. imho

    1. You want to add Bosa and Ansah — two players coming off injuries — to a team that has had major injury issues the past few seasons?

      1. Ansah, with his injury history, will probably be available, while Lawrence and Clowney will be retained. Sure it is a gamble, but Ansah hurt his shoulder, he did not tear his ACL.
        I agree with Bosa, and watching how Joey Bosa disappeared in that playoff game, he might not be worth the second pick.

      2. I do Grant.

        Guys get injured, and more often than not is has more to do with bad luck, than anything else. Sure, some guys seem more prone to injuries than others. Bosa had a legitimate core injury, so what? Frank Gore tore both his ACL’s prior to being drafted. Did Gore end up with an injury prone career? No. And we see this kind of history often as well. I could name hundreds of players who dealt with injuries early in their careers, only to end up finishing their careers on a long, healthy run, but we tend to focus on the opposite side of the coin.

        Besides, because injuries are so often randomly associated with bad luck, wrong place at the wrong time, unfortunate angles, being rolled up on, etc, the law of averages actually suggest that a lot of these guys may in fact be less likely to continue down the injury path.

        There are exceptions for sure. No doubt about the fact that a guy like Jimmy Ward, should be considered fragile by now. Some guys throw their bodies around with reckless abandon (Jimmy Ward, Earl Thomas) that they put themselves in more risk. Then again, it’s this high energy that often help make these guys so good in the first place.

        To assume Nick Bosa might be fragile because he suffered a core injury which required surgery, is simply not rational thinking. He’s had plenty of time to heal, so there is nothing to suggest that this particular injury will become chronic.

        1. “Guys get injured, and more often than not is has more to do with bad luck, than anything else.”

          Is that why the 49ers fired their trainer and strength coach?

          1. By splicing together information from 49er “company men” who have been interviewed or quoted on NBC Bay Area, KNBR and the Athletic, here’s what I understand to be the reason for the firings:
            Niners players have been often been found to be gassed out in the fourth quarters. The rookies also have not gained strength over the past two off-seasons as much as the coaches and front office had expected. There was a feeling that it was not the program but the person implementing the program who was not performing up to expectations.

            Ferguson was fired for a different reason. The Niners want the new strength coach to choose the head athletic trainer so that the program may be implemented more efficiently.

            Now, in my superficial understanding of sports medicine, a player with poor conditioning is more vulnerable to certain injuries for various reason including longer reaction times which does not allows the player enough time to adjust the body for an oncoming hit, etc. So there is a potential indirect relationship between the firing and the injuries. However, this detailed explanation would rank low on the “hot take” scale whereas Shanalynch scapegoating on these two plays much better.

            1. Sure, conditioning has to be factored in. But that’s a separate issue. There is definitely a correlation to be made between conditioning and durability. How much of that was a factor over the last couple seasons is really hard to say because so many of these injuries seem to be random more than anything else. We’ve seen over the decades that these kinds of streaks often happen randomly. A team will suffer a higher than average number of injuries, followed by relatively healthy periods, for no obvious reasons. You may flip a coin twenty times, and 18 out of 20 times the coin lands on tails. That doesn’t mean the coin is loaded. However it does mean that there is a higher probability that the same coin will likely come up heads more often than tails over the next 20 flips.

              When it comes to professional sports, when you have a couple seasons where injuries happen at a nearly unprecidented rate, whether it’s simply bad luck, or not, somebody needed to be held accountable. And it doesn’t take a leap of faith to correlate a ton of injuries to key personell, to a losing record, so ShanaLynch really had no choice but to make changes to the program.

      3. Grant,
        Bosa will have almost a full year of rehab under his belt by the start of the season so he doesn’t worry me. Everything I have read regarding Ansah’s shoulder has said he will be ready to go full speed by Sept. Sometimes you have to take a small risk to receive high reward. I believe that if they are both healthy along with Armstead, Buckner, Blair and Thomas (rushing the passer from the inside) Their pass rush could be dominant.
        As to the 49ers injury situation I wonder if the turf at Levi has anything to do with their injury problems. I’m curious as to where most of the serious injuries are happening? Home or away? After watching a # of players from Alabama and Clemson go down during the national championship game, I wonder if there is a correlation between the Levi turf and serious injuries?

      4. Throw in Thomas at safety for the trifecta.

        Ansah, Bosa, Thomas, Garoppolo, McKinnon, Pettis, Goodwin all coming off injury riddled seasons sounds like a fantastic plan for success.

        1. It may have been because they were gassed!

          I did read somewhere that Shanahan’s practices were more fun, like walkthroughs, shorter…

    2. Josh Allen withdrew from the Senior Bowl. Is that a red flag? Or is that him being cautious? He could showcase his talents, or risk injury.
      Josh Allen wants to be the first pick of the draft, then refuses to play while healthy. Maybe that is the trend, but it sure allows questions to his commitment to play.

    3. Bosa, yes. Allen, Yes. Ansah, no.

      Ansah is too much of a splash play guy who doesn’t generate pressure consistently. I don’t want to pay what he will cost as I believe there are better values out there. I would even take a flyer on Barr before Ansah.

      Bosa’s injury doesn’t concern me that much as it shouldn’t be the type that lingers or leads to future injuries. I would take him in heartbeat but I don’t believe he will be there.

        1. Razor,
          So who do you pick if Bosa goes to Arizona?
          Among the other Edge players Allen seems to rank as the best after Bosa.

          Even great players like JJ Watt, Clowney and Joey Bosa get beat now and again, so yes, Allen is going to come up empty on occasion. But Allen has all physical makings of becoming a successful NFL player.
          He will only get stronger and learn better technique the more he plays.
          Honestly, I’m still a little weary of him going as high as #2, but I can can use to it.

          1. Yea, I’m not sold on him as the #2 best player on the board, but as you say he has the potential to get there. I can understand the pick, but I don’t agree with Kiper that he’s in the same league as Bosa….

        2. Yeah that tape doesn’t really bother me too much. Georgia was getting rid of the ball very quickly and was pretty dominant in he run game so they were not in many obvious passing situations.
          As a result Allen was seldom in a position to pin his ears back and rush , and in some cases wasn’t even asked to to it in those situations.
          He flashed elite explosion, and that was showcased in his two fumble recoveries and on a few pass rush pressures.
          It wasn’t his best game but he has been remarkably consistent posting more multiple sack games than games where he didn’t post a sack (5 to 3) as a part time pass rusher.
          Don’t get me wrong I prefer Bosa but as a pure pass rush rusher he’s not far off at all. I can’t say that for any of the other prospects.

          1. What about Murray St., Florida and Texas A&M games, have you watched those tapes? I like the kid but I think Kiper and others are overhyping him just a tad….

  32. All ex-GMs and wanna-be GMs (maybe even the ones on this board :) that I heard on media seem to agree that free agency is the time to plug gaping holes in the roster, and to sign vets for shorter-term fixes for positions that have smaller holes, including signings for depth. Starter-quality free agents are always overpaid because there are so few of them. By the same token, most of them were not sufficiently desirable for the team for which they played. So it’s tough to “win” the FA game.

    IMO, the only gaping hole that Niners have is in edge rush. Since number of QB pressures is a better metric than number of sacks in evaluating pass rushers, I wonder how the potential FA’s fare on that count. I know that Ansah does not rank very high on that metric. Seems to me that Fowler may be a better choice if he’s available.

    1. Fowler may soon become very expensive, if the Rams win the SB. He also may take less to stay on a playoff team.
      ‘IF’ he is available, is the operative word.

    2. Good points.

      It is rare that you find top end starters through FA. Even rarer to find ones that still have a lot of petrol in the tank. Getting them at a reasonable price harder still. But despite all that, it is necessary to use FA to flesh out the roster and try and find some starters. Especially for a roster that is still pretty depleted of talent like the 49ers.

      I agree with you on Ansah, and about getting guys that generate a lot of pressures, not necessarily just relying on sack stats as a measure of their impact. I think Ansah has a decent likelihood of being a 49er given the links the team has to him, but he’s not the guy I hope they target. I like Preston Smith and Brandon Graham as options. Both of those guys are players that generate a lot more pressure and impact than their sack count would indicate. Smith in particular would be a good get as he is young and has experience as both an OLB and DE. Good size too.

  33. Kris Richard will move on, too. Linehan will be picked up by a team with a new HC.
    Hope Garrett fails as the HC for years.

  34. Oh ….. that SOV, Sten-of-a-vich, lol. That one was funny Razor.

    BTW, how does this keep happening? I was given the impression that Kyle Shanahan was holding all of his assistant coaches locked up and shackled, in some kind of dark dungeon below the 49ers facility, if even metaphorically?

    1. He was but Grant Cohn called him out and embarrassed him. You didn’t think Shanny’s abrupt change of heart was a coincidence did ya?

        1. I just praised KS for allowing Rich Scangarello to move from QB coach to the Bronco OC position. and Adam Stenavich to move from Assistant O line coach to the Packer O line coach. Both were career advancements, and was a classy move on KS’s part to allow them to leave.
          He originally blocked Scangarello from interviewing, but changed his mind, so that was classy. He still blocked Mike Daniels and Mike LaFleur from interviewing, which is his right to do, but hindering a career advancement looks churlish.

    2. 49,
      Its amazing what gets reported when no gets the word from the coach.

      My guess, (and this is just a guess ) is that someone called the 49ers and spoke to a 49er (source) not Lynch or Shanahan and that source basically reported league rules…. stating they can’t interview unless given permission.
      These reporters then rushed their “news” to get the story out first without verifying the info.

      Shanahan meanwhile had not made a decision, he needed to verify what the jobs being offered were and to talk with his assistants.

      That’s why Denver stated they were still hoping to get an interview after it was “reported” that the interviews were being blocked, and the news came out shortly afterward that they were being granted the interview.

      Like I said this is my guess, and it makes more sense to me than a simple… Shanahan blocked it then changed his mind story.

        1. What are you speculating about? Gotta have cold hard facts that are notarized. Jed needs raise his hand and put his other hand on a bible to stipulate exactly how it went down…..;p
          Actually, I never stated that I conferred with KS, and yes, it is all speculative. No, I do not want Jed to swear an oath, and hope he stays quiet. In the future, we will find out how it all went down. All I know is that it was reported that KS blocked the interview, because he had the right to do that. Then Scangarello was allowed to interview. Then he was hired. Really cannot dispute those facts.
          Here is a speculation on my part. I swear I have absolutely no inner knowledge, so one could say I am wildly guessing. Scangarello was denied permission to interview. However, Elway and Fangio wanted a young, innovative offensive mind, since Fangio would cover the defense, but the offense needed upgrading. Scangarello took an UDFA, and sliced and diced the Broncos in that first half. Heck, Scangarello may even want Mullens, who is way better than Keenum, who has proven he is pedestrian in LA, Minnesota and Denver. Also, Elway allowed the Niners to interview Joe Woods, so now the Niners have a former DC who can help Saleh.
          It was a classic quid pro quo. A favor for a favor. A win /win scenario. Fangio has his offensive innovator, who might lure an ACCURATE quarterback to the Broncos. It might help propel the Broncos into the playoffs. Von Miller is going to turn into a pumpkin some day, so the window to a SB is slowly closing.
          If the Niners play their cards right, they may get a great boon. Getting an additional second round pick in this draft would be huge. Getting a future pick would help build the future. Right now, Mullens is pure gold, because he has shown he can play, and win in this league, even with those 2 losses. I do not think he will garner a boatload of picks, but a second round , and a conditional third round pick is fair and reasonable.
          Already, Mullens has an advantage over every undrafted rookie, No new rookie has ever taken a snap in the NFL, or shown a fiery competitive spirit like Mullens displayed. Mullens also showed he is calm under duress, and his accuracy and quick release is exactly what Elway is coveting. Scangarello will make the transition smooth, and will treat Mullens like a son.
          There are at least 8 teams who could use a QB upgrade, and only a few decent FA QBs. The Niners could leverage their bargaining position by shopping Mullens around. If Ideal, Mullens would be sitting behind JG, and not playing. Mullens could advance his career by starting for another team while the Niners cash in on his value. Washington has the Butt Fumbler. They might give up their first round pick for Mullens. I am sure that Mullens would prefer staying with Scangarello, who knows the same scheme and terminology, but some other team like the Dolphins, may be desperate enough to offer a boatload of picks for Mullens.
          Still, a Bronco second round pick and a conditional third round pick, could be the eventual deal. It is a win for the Broncos, a win for the Niners, a win for Scangarello, and a win for Mullens.

          1. It doesn’t matter to me, chasing the clouds away.

            And then he took and he ate up all of my corn.

            Had it been another day I might have looked the other way

            And the lights all went out in Massachusetts.

  35. East-West Shrine Game 2019…3 p.m. ET on Saturday, Jan. 19. Carried on NFL Network. The game is being played at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Fla.

  36. I’m intrigued with the idea of trying Jimmy Moreland, CB, JMU at FS. He’s 5-10 175 lbs., with 4.38 speed. 18 Int’s with 6 returned for TD.

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