A look at 49ers’ top veteran players

San Francisco 49ers offensive tackle Joe Staley (74) sits on the bench during an NFL football game against the Seattle Seahawks in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Dec. 16, 2018. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

Remember the graybeards, because they are important.

These days, every NFL team wants to get younger and build around cheap players on rookie contracts, and for good reason. But every good team also has a group of five or six graybeards — veterans who are at least 30 years old and still excel and pass down the team culture to the new guys. A core of the right graybeards is essential to every important NFL franchise.

The New England Patriots have strong safety Patrick Chung (31), free safety Devin McCourty (31), cornerback Jason McCourty (31), wide receiver Julian Edelman (32), defensive end Michael Bennett (33) and quarterback Tom Brady (41).

The Los Angeles Rams have kicker Greg Zuerlein (31), outside linebacker Clay Matthews (32), cornerback Aqib Talib (33), free safety Eric Weddle (34) and left tackle Andrew Whitworth (37).

All of these players are good enough to start for the 49ers next season.

The 49ers have their own group of graybeards, a significant group for any team on the field and in the locker room. Some of these graybeard 49ers — but not all — would start for other teams. Here are the 49ers’ five best players in their 30s.

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  1. I see a draft day trade, Gould to the bears for a 3rd round pick this year or a #2 next year.

  2. Hey Sebbie….

    Looks like there’s a role for dinosaurs after all…

    1. I am one to say that the Niners should have retained their veteran leadership and talent. You are the one touting aaf players.

        1. I know. You do that all the time, Glad you can at least admit it.
          Touting the aaf like it was hot and trendy, then seeing it implode, was like a pie in your face.

  3. VMac was signed to a lucrative contract a couple weeks before the stench of Baalke was fumigated. He had the worst drop rate through his 4 year career of any TE. The 49ers picked the wrong TE alright, because they should have kept Walker. Taking VMac over Kelce was another gaff in the former GM’s illustrious career. I think the 6th round is where they look to upgrade Celek this year.

    I admire the patience the 49ers are showing Butler, because if it were me; I’d be pissed off that he’s letting his heart overrule his professionalism. We were nice enough to sign him after his beloved Bears refused to, and what do we get for showing him love? A sentimental kicker who misses Chicago winters. I would try and get a 5th round draft pick from the Bears or at the very least a 6th. Hopefully, this is the year that the majority of kicks by the new kicker will be extra points….

    1. Razor,
      I believe that the best kicker in football, a franchise tagged player and maybe the difference in the Bears winning a SB is worth quite a bit more than a 5th or 6th.

        1. Actually I would rather see them hang on to him, he could be the difference in whether the 49ers make the playoffs or not.

      1. I would trade any kicker in the league for a 5th rounder.
        Most kickers in the NFL are not drafted, Robbie wasn’t and neither were either of the pro bowl kickers.

        1. Shoup – Sounds great in theory, but quality place kickers are worth far more than just a 5th rounder. Be careful for what you wish because Gould was the 49er RZ offense for a good portion of the past 2 seasons. I would rather pay a bit more for Gould and be able to sleep at night as the head coach than have Parkey or his equivalent kicking for me on game days. I’m sure Gould’s teammates feel the same way.

            1. How do we know that Gould hasn’t told our brass that he doesn’t plan on kicking here, and he’ll either go to Chicago retired or via trade?

          1. Robbie Gould is worth far more to an organization who has history with the player and feels the sting of a missed FG (or two) from the NFC Championship game. The Bears went all in with Kahlil Mack and are primed to win now. But a 37 PK just isn’t as valued by an unproven team that just went 4-12. Pragmatically, all Gould did was cost the 49ers better draft pick position the last two years.

            I say make the trade. 4th round (#126) minimum, or a fifth (#162) and the swap of pick #87 for our #104. Maybe swap a 49er 6th round pick 9 (176 or #212) and Gould for the Bears third (#87).

            1. Bears have only a third, 4th, and 5th round picks, plus two 7th round picks.
              They certainly will not give up their third round pick, and they will try hard to keep their 4th round pick. Niners should ask for their 4th round pick, and settle for their 5th round pick.

          2. I disagree.
            Yes, Gould was accurate last season and he is a good kicker.
            He made 97% of his kicks, which is very good… however a big reason for this was that 31 of the 33 kicks he made were made inside the 40 and of those 22 were inside the 30. The big negative of Shanahan’s offense was a huge bonus for him.
            There were 12 kickers that made over 90% , and 20 kickers made over 85% of their field goals. Most of these did so while being asked to kick off and with a higher degree of difficulty. Hitting 90% vs 97% is a difference of 3 pts for the year, and hitting 85% is a difference of 9 pts, these numbers can easily be offset by the greater range a stronger leg gives.

            I’m not trying to rip the guy, it is great knowing he is nearly automatic inside the 40, but most NFL kickers are very accurate from within that range.

            People see games like the one the Cody Parky and they overreact. He had the Yips, it happens. It even happened to Robbie Gould and that’s why Chicago let him go when they did.

            He is a good kicker, but he doesn’t kick off or have long range, couple that with the fact that he 36 years old and I would almost guarantee you he wouldn’t bring a 5th rounder.

        2. Gould isn’t an ordinary kicker, wouldn’t give him away for anything more than a 4th rd pick.

      2. The problem is: (1) kickers are continuously undervalued in comparison to draft picks, such that no one is taking a kicker with a 2nd or 3rd round pick (which is the analogy here, Janikowski and Aguayo notwithstanding); and (2) as someone else mentioned, the Bears have no extra picks such that they can be trading high picks for a kicker. I think a 5th rounder is a reasonable judgment as to the offer that would be made for Gould.

      1. The laser incident was part of a larger, heated back-and-forth debate on this blog over NFL game fixing late in the ’18 season playoffs. Example here was a fan taking it upon himself to influence an outcome.

        Now if the guy ends up ‘sleeping with the fishes’, then something bigger is going on…

  4. What’s the over/under of Marquise Goodwin’s retirement?

    Two seasons?

    I think this is his last year of football. I’ll take the under.

  5. The hate for Sherman is curious considering he had the best reception per coverage snap rate in the league per PFF.

        1. Whew. I almost went to Defcon 3. I also can’t wait for August, although I’m enjoying my new role as YouTube scout.

          1. LOL.

            Yes, they’re pretty good. Just wish there was a way for it to be in one video instead of several. Would flow better for me. Just my .02.

    1. Even I, a die hard Niner fan, will admit that Sherman has lost a step.
      Other teams did not target him because the other DBs let the receivers run essentially uncovered.
      Maybe the best strategy will be to move Sherman to safety. That may the best way to extend his career. Ronnie Lott did it, why not Sherman?

      1. Maybe he hasn’t lost a step, but the lack of a legitimate pass rush has had him, and the other DBs, covering WRs for much longer than they really should.

        Lets see after this season how the DB group looks with Ford, Buckner, AA and Bosa/Allen putting pressure on the QB.

  6. Grant, what did you mean by your recent tweet that Bosa’s teammates in San Francisco will surely love him?

      1. Sure, but I’d like Grant to explain in his own words the motivation/relevance behind his tweet.

        1. Perhaps Grant feels Nick will be popular because of his (Nick’s) affiliation with Game of Thrones…

    1. His outspoken love for Trump probably will rub a few of his black teammates the wrong way.

      1. Interesting. Seems to me President Trump has done more for black Americans than previous presidents have. Is it dangerous to wear a maga hat in San Francisco?

        1. Trump called the anthem kneelers “sons of bitches.” Marquise Goodwin and Adrian Colbert were anthem kneelers. Bosa is an outspoken Trump supporter. What could go wrong?

          1. Sure, but the kneelers have some culpability knowing that their avenue of approach would alienate the majority of Americans. Wouldn’t you agree?

            Seems to me if you want your message to resonate fairly, and unite the country behind it; there were much more prudent methods of delivery….

              1. I wonder how endearing Brady is to his teammates, since he supports President Trump too. Maybe Colbert and Goodwin should holster their prejudice, and base their endearment on Bosa’s play on the field instead of his political views. Seems to me that’s how a professional would handle their business….

              2. Bosa also called Kaep a clown. He said he’d really have to tone down his politics if SF picks him.

              3. You know Colbert and Goodwin better than I do, but I have a hard time believing they are very high on the locker room hierarchy.

              4. Bill, if memory serves me correctly, “Kap” played like a clown in 2015 and 2016, dressed like a clown(Dolphin hat, castro shirt, pig socks), and hired a clown to represent him in his blackmail scheme….

              5. Grant Cohn says:
                April 10, 2019 at 11:05 am
                Too late.

                Seems to me that Bosa was willing to show some respect by tempering his tone, and I feel like the honorable thing for San Franciscan’s to do would be to reciprocate that respect….

              6. Grant Cohn says:
                April 10, 2019 at 11:05 am
                Goodwin is quite high.

                Really, the impression I get is his days on the team are numbered.

              7. Bosa might be right with his views and politics. But he still deleted his tweets of Trump, Black Panthers, Beyonce and Kaep. He could rub some players the wrong way if picked.

              8. Grant Cohn says:
                April 10, 2019 at 11:15 am
                We’ll see how he acts after the draft.

                Well, I’m pretty sure we won’t have to worry about him sponsoring a vape company or the company he keeps.

              9. No, like Thomas and his family problems, the Niners have been very sympathetic with Goodwin’s travails.
                The main problem with Goodwin has been injuries, but if he is used wisely and judiciously, he could really help the team.

              10. Sebber’s, the difference being that Thomas played through his travail’s. Goodwin’s reduced role on the team this year can go one of two ways….

              11. 2017, Thomas had 41 tackles and 3 sacks.
                Last season he had 31 tackles and 1 sack. Looks like he regressed.
                Hope both Goodwin and Thomas have a productive season, this year.

              12. Grant–this is about sports in the most peripheral way…………..your stirring it up on purpose. Otherwise, why bring it up? Why not let the players hash it out?

                You ruin the blog when you cleverly try to infer things……………. I don’t appreciate your very subtle social commentary. On the other hand, I recognize thats tough “S”.

            1. Yet it was successful. All of America talked about nothing else for a whole week, and now, there have been rogue cops held accountable, and convicted in a court of law. Sure, they still use the cloak of authority to get away with murder, but it sure seems that rogue cops are now being more careful, and incidents are reduced, now that body cameras are standard issue.
              I will agree that they could channel their protests into more productive avenues and tactics, that does not anger many fans.

            2. I rarely agree with Grant, but alienation in the locker room is the point. I think an NBA locker room is a fair reflection of the NFL locker room, and their opinions of MAGA are more public because the NBA was more supportive of its players than the NFL. Anthem kneelers are no more alienating than separating children from asylum seeking parents, or taking the word of Vlad Putin over American national security officials. Poll numbers show the majority of Americans are divided/alienated, and its a legitimate concern for the locker room. No organization desires an outspoken divider. I think Bosa is wise to mute his politics, as reported by Maiocco. Maybe you can get away with it when you have delivered six Lombardi Trophys to your fans, like Tom Brady, but a rookie cannot come in a fracture the paying fan base. Football is a product. Just ask Colin Kaepernick.

              1. Yosemite, I hate to be the one to break this to you but the separation of children was done under President Obama’s administration. It’s just that the media was in the tank for him, and kept it quiet. Kinda like the photograph of him with Farrakhan. President Trump ended child separation.

                I would be much more concerned about government officials involved in perpetuating a lie of russian collusion to bring a duly elected president down, than Putin’s ability to sway an election. Furthermore, it seems to me that it’s in America’s best interest to get along with Russia and not encourage them to cozy up with China, who represents a far greater threat. Just my opinion….

              2. Thankfully, sports in America has led the way. Desegregating baseball was a seminal event, and changed not only America, but the world.
                Now we have soccer having racial tensions, so it will be a long process.

              3. FYI – its not in the best interest of Russia to get along with America……just like its not in the best interest of Trump or republicans to have policies that benefit the brown part of America

              4. Yea, I’d say any country that has the capacity to wipe you off the face of the earth provides incentive to get along rather than the alternative.

              5. Yosemite, I hate to be the one to break this to you but the separation of children was done under President Obama’s administration.

                Total HOGWASH, and you know it Razor.

                There is no law that mandates family separation, let alone a law enacted under Mr. Obama. The practice is the result of a policy enacted by the Trump administration. While previous administrations did break up families, it was rare, and only done in cases where there was doubt about the familial relationship between a child and an accompanying adult, according to former officials and immigration experts. Neither former Presidents George W. Bush nor Barack Obama had a policy that had the effect of widespread family separation … not even close! The Bush administration introduced a program in 2005 that also referred for prosecution immigrants illegally crossing the border, but it made an exception for parents with children. The Obama administration in 2014 detained families together, as a unit.

                Under Mr. Trump, the Justice Department announced its “zero-tolerance policy” for illegally entering the United States in April 2018, describing their policy as “new”, in response to an increase in unauthorized border crossings that spring. The policy called for the criminal prosecution of everyone who enters the country illegally. As a result, nearly 3,000 children were forcibly separated from adult family members who were detained under the new policy.

                Unconscionable, to say the least! No matter how you feel about immigration, legal or illegal, these poor children are scarred for life, for no fault of their own, and for a policy that is frankly unsustainable. It was only after widespread condemnation from lawmakers in both parties, immigration activists and the United Nations, Mr. Trump signed an executive order in June that attempted to end the practice of family separation. Damage done, these children will never be the same, and it will take years to reunite these poor kids with their families. As far as I am concerned this is a dark chapter in the history of this country!

                BTW, at least Nick Bosa recently deleted his pro-Trump tweets. He’s young, and we all learn from our mistakes.

              6. Sure he did, so did Bush. It’s just that Sessions had a zero policy and the separation increased. I never said that President Obama enacted the law. Nice try though.

              7. No you didn’t Razor, but you did just post a very misleading statement making it sure seem that way now didn’t ya? Sessions was Trump’s guy, and did what the administration asked him to do, you know that. So don’t try deflecting the issue with that nonsense either, pawning it off as if Sessions went rouge with this policy. Nice try to you!

              8. Yo Sam
                One of your best posts that I recall, and you kept the context on football/Niners. Well played.

              9. Razor is just repeating the fake news from wherever he gets the rest of his fake news. Trump and his brain, Miller, are set to introduce policies much more brutal than family separation. They will both end up in The Hague Criminal Court trial.

                BTW, if Bosa can produce double digit sacks season after season, he could be the second coming of Trump superfan David Duke for all I care.

              10. Rib, you’re still waiting for the letters from President Trump stamped federal penitentiary I see.

              11. Mr. Fangio, on behalf of Grant and all the rest of us, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to grace our little blog, and for your service in the 49ers empire….

              12. Oh for cryin out loud—-the “Coalition of the wild eyed”………”The loud ones”…………..are at it again!

              13. It was trump who signed an EO to stop separation of families.
                Nobody batted an eye when it was happening under Obama’s term.
                I know facts bother some people but that’s the way that situation goes.

                And as far as others caring who another teammate likes in the White House…
                It wouldn’t be much of a team. And if anybody had a problem with another over this and let it become known. That player should be shipped off somewhere.
                I have a lot of liberal and republican friends.
                We disagree, but it doesn’t break the bond.
                And it shouldn’t in or on a team

              14. Oneniner—–you are qualified for speaking for what all other brown people think??

                your wrong-you dont–just because your self appointed as such does not make it so.

                Your racist ideology notwithstanding, flesh does not determine a persons thoughts or behavior–the heart and mind do that.

                your just a kid, aren’t you?

              15. I won’t go so far as to stoop down to onewhiner’s level with his accusation that I wear a white hood, but I’d venture to guess he owns a couple pair of those footie pajama’s….

          2. Grant-

            What do you think Harry Truman would have called them? In the same context, too…………..Mr. Truman would have been mildly upset that the people who bi-ch the most have also made the least sacrifice for their nation…………..like JFK asked us to do.
            Those guys shouldn’t use their notoriety to make a point. Hollywood pukes tried that at the “Oscars” for years…………….now viewership for that self appointed pat on the back is way down.
            I don’t like cops………most of them are Barney Fifes……….but their not all bad. Let the bad ones hang and don’t badmouth your country. Kap badmouthed his country-via his girlfriends orders. Do it in a bar that Marines frequent and a person would have instant cred. And there are many outstanding Marines who are black who would say the same thing.

            Thats what the Boa-constrictor should tell his teammates……………

              1. Hey Razor……you ever looked into his assassination? I’m reading this book titled “The man who killed Kennedy-the case against LBJ”. Written by Roger Stone, some politico who’s been involved for some 40 years with several administrations, etc……….Suffice it to say, it looks like he did it, with the help of J. Edgar and the CIA-and the Mafia mechanics they slept with.

                You might like it if your a Kennedy guy……….he was sarrounded by some very evil people………Interesting read if your into one of the last real Democrats this country has produced.

              2. Yea, he was an interesting cat with a very complicated persona.

                Roger Stone? The guy that Mueller had 29 federal agent descend on his house wearing night goggles, full SWAT gear, sidearms, and an FBI boat behind his house?

        2. lol….what a moron…

          ..”Seems to me President Trump has done more for black Americans than previous presidents have.”

          yes that would make sense to you, especially if all you consume is foxnews.

          am sure you also think black americans are socialists and they depend on government assistance.

          1. Facts are sometimes hurtful, and it’s understandable that you lash out from your pain.

              1. oneniner, what Razor will probably never admit is that the states with elected officials most likely to espouse anti-taker sentiments — i.e., Republican-dominated states — are by far the most dependent on federal spending, while also returning the least to Washington in the way of tax dollars.

                Hypocritical much Razor?

              2. However, even if this is a sports blog for a California team, and hallelujah for California, we should probably all get off the politics, stick to Niners football, and let the players sort out the locker room.

              3. 49reasons, yep you got me pegged alright. Hypocrite, racist, cracker. By the way, have we ever met?

              4. I implied one of your post’s was hypocritical Razor, and the other misleading hogwash. I didn’t call you any of those other names, did I?

                For what it’s worth, I have plenty of relatives and friends whom have terribly misguided views, and I still love them dearly.

              5. Just remember, oneniner………you MUST call people names……………you have no choice, none at all. Its much easier than making a valid point. Its the path of least resistance, not much thought is needed.

          2. Sounds like you have a problem with blacks getting things done for them Onelame.
            Prison reform?
            Home ownership up?
            Right to choose school districts?
            Unemployment down?
            Employment rates highest in decades for black Americans?

            Now tell me old cnn wise one. What has any of your lefties done for black America?
            I’ll wait!
            You hate so much you despise the good things for other people.
            You’re nothing but a cnn-bot. Pathetic

            1. You know what would be awesome? No false dichotomy politics on the one place i can go online to escape it

        3. Seems to me President Trump has done more for black Americans than previous presidents have.

          So what accounts for the single digit approval rating among that demographic, eh Razor? Ingrates? Or just lazy, stupid and shiftless?

            1. That’s 3. You forgot there’s one more, Candace Owen. That makes 4. Without them, Trumps approval rating would be below the polling margin of error. Oh it already is.

          1. Shouldn’t his teammates be more concerned with winning rather than falling into the great divide debate?
            Both political parties are responsible for the division in our country and the only way to end it will be when both stop attacking each other.

            As Americans, it seems that we come together when tragedy occurs. That is a sad commentary for our society. Also, instead of waiting for the government to bring us together, why not just follow the golden rule and start it ourselves. Imagine the possibilities if we could treat our neighbors like we would like to be treated. In this scenario, we wouldn’t need to count on politics.

            1. AES- your right. Somehow these political parties should be banished and outlawed. They serve the career politician, not the nation.

        1. I think it would be absolutely amazing if the 49ers selected Bosa at #2 and when he came out to hug Goodell he was wearing a MAGA hat. The pure spectacle of it all would be worth paying to see.

              1. I have no idea who you are talking about, so it couldn’t have worked out too well.

              2. smellit doesn’t even turn up in google

                Did you mean: smell it

                Some legend, who tf are you talking about?

              3. I call him smellit but his real name is spelled differently and pronounced with a french provincial accent:

                jussie smollett

                Hope that helps.

              4. You had to go far, much farther, than your usual to get there. So what did that particular episode have to do with MAGA? When America is great again, no one will ever be able pull off a race or gender based hoax again? Enlighten me?

              5. Nah, you got me. I guess I should have used Hayden Williams as a better example.

                Feel better?

              6. Again, someone I had to google. I’ll counter your Hayden Williams with Maxwell Hare and Geoffrey Young. Someone you probably never heard of, that is unless you know them on a professional level.

              7. My knowledge pales in comparison to yours Rib, but wrt countering; I’m not so sure that’s the crux of the matter.

              8. I’m not so sure that’s the crux of the matter.

                If violence in the service of a political point of view wasn’t the crux, then what was?

              9. I like Subterranean Homesick Blues better.

                You don’t need a weather man
                To know which way the wind blows

      2. Which is worse? Having a teammate whose political views differ from yours, or having a player who is a cancer to the locker room and franchise?

      3. Bosa’s political views differs from others and he accepts opposing views. Libs consider politics different to theirs a cancer and are over the top expressing it everywhere.

    2. Interesting. You were at great lengths to condemn Kaep et al for expressing their political views, which opposed yours. Now a guy that has a history of proclaiming political views similar to your own you defend his right to do so.

      Perhaps the issue for you isn’t in the player expressing their view, but the view itself? I wonder if you would be so high on Bosa if he were vocally against Trump…?

      As to whether it has potential to create locker room disharmony, of course it does. Religion and politics… the two greatest forces for societal friction across the globe.

      1. The problem with you assumptions Scooter are two fold:

        1. I just found out that Bosa supports President Trump by way of Grant’s tweet.
        2. I never have been opposed to “Kap’s” expression, rather the avenue with which he chose to deliver it.

          1. I wonder if you would be so high on Bosa if he were vocally against Trump…?

            Your wonderment has no basis in fact, but sheer speculation on your part, and suggests that I have a wishy wash character. We’ve never met and I find it out of character for you to make such an unfounded suggestion. I’m disappointed in you, Scooter and impact or not, it highlights the impossibility to disprove an evidence of absence argument….

            1. My aunt once asked me how I felt about protesting social inequality and injustice by way of kneeling for the National Anthem, and I told her: “I’m not really qualified to say one way or the other, because I didn’t grow up as a minority in this country.”

              1. So 49, back once again on your soap-box………….

                OK, fine. “….a minority in this country.” You would have us believe that, today, a persons flesh takes precedence over whats in their heart? I guess Christ had it wrong……….. Time for you to start marching!! D.C. or the Berkeley campus would be a good start.

              2. Are you asking if I believe we have a problem with racial injustice and racial inequality in this country, Catfish?

                Hah, of course we do! I haven’t been living in a cave.

                By the way, your screen name sucks …. literally!

            2. I’m not allowed to wonder about such a thing given your previous vocal dissent towards players with opposed political viewpoints? I didn’t accuse you of anything, just wonder if it would impact on how you feel about the player. And when you found about it has no bearing on my comment.

              You can feel disappointed in my comment all you like. Call it beneath me if you will. I still think it is a valid question considering previous posts you have made regarding the protesting players. I very much hope it would have no impact on how you feel about the player, and the indignation to my query certainly indicates that would be the case. Great!

              1. That’s ok. I’ve got thick skin and will not allow it to shade our football relationship.

            3. Libs are more hypocritical, all for free speech but put down or stop those with opposing views like in colleges.

              1. all for free speech but put down or stop those with opposing views like in colleges.

                Wayne, lets see a pro-choice activist invited to talk at say, Liberty University, then we’ll talk.

              2. Liberty Univ??….how about the majority of the Univ where riots almost breakout from the wacky leftists, libs/dems over a conservative speaker. Totally hypocritical and over the top.

      2. @Scooter

        “You were at great lengths to condemn Kaep et al for expressing their political views, which opposed yours. Now a guy that has a history of proclaiming political views similar to your own you defend his right to do so.”

        I find this exceptionally dishonest. Kaep called police pigs and sacrificed his patriotism to make some social statement on the playing field and glorify himself in the process. Bosa makes statements away from the playing field in support of a politician. The two circumstances are not remotely similar.

        1. Again, I hate to break this to you onewhiner, but although I am not affiliated with either party, the democratic party created the KKK. It’s been my experience that the first one to play the race card is usually the racist….

          1. dumbass……why not use google to educate yourself……just try….

            “it’s been my experience that the first one to play the race card is usually the racist.”…..lol..

            …your experience as a white guy………lmao…you are a moron

              1. Sebber’s, thanks but I’m a big boy. I can handle people like onewhiner. No need to involve yourself. You’ve got enough to deal with Ms. Baalke and friends.

              2. Well, I hope you realize that I have shown restraint,and not gone off the political deep end, and this is just one way to stay on the periphery, but get my point across. I just want you to know that I got your back. I value your input on this site, and appreciate when you backed me up against my myriad detractors.

              3. omg….you both should get a room……

                you both actually think your time spent on the blog is some how valuable,….as if anyone really cares

              4. Are you actually trying to convince everyone that you do not care by your numerous responses or are you just off your meds?

              5. Now the name calling. Please grow up.

                Seb, do you saying, we as American Citizens, should behave more maturely than it’s current President?

              6. No, let’s keep it on the level of Maxine Waters. Were you able to get one of her shirts from Walmart?

              7. Were you able to get one of her shirts from Walmart?

                Again, no idea what you are talking about. Remember you are not completely among your cult 45 here.

              8. Yea, you didn’t miss much. Just an Impeach 45 shirt. Carry on with your pretentious club meetings.

              9. Your opinion is about to become bearish because you had to get one before they pulled them.?

              10. Your opinion is about to become bearish because you had to get one before they pulled them

                As well they should have. Do you think they should be selling any politically themed items, like MAGA merch?

              11. Ye Olde General Provisioners of Washington’s day didn’t have to contend with social media led boycotts or management consultants with finely honed analysis plying corporations with reams of data about losing market share by offending this or that demographic.

            1. The source of your intolerance is something you should address through counselling, onewhiner.

            2. Yet………..another……………openly racist comment …………by the oneniner………..who judges people by the tint of their flesh.

              OK, one……………tell us what you know that Christ didn’t? After you let us know, let er rip!!!!!!

              1. Catfish….
                This clown has a long history of this garbage.
                He’s the only member I know on here that’s been banned by two different blog hosts.
                This is nothing new for this idiot.
                I’ll bet money he’s white and shames other whites for being white. While wearing a mask and is armed with mace, with a hiding spot in moms basement.
                I seriously would bet my bottom dollar in this. ?

            3. Oneniner is going to have a hard time on this planet…………..rest assured, it will be somebody else’s fault.

            4. Lol onelame is an idiot still!
              It’s flat out fact the democrats are the klans party
              They voted against civil rights in the 60’s fact!
              And now pretend to pander to the minority and have white guilt idiots like you feeling guilty.

              You couldn’t possibly know a damn thing about history for the minority talking this garbage you’re talking.
              Take a back seat and let us speak for ourselves.
              You go ahead and give more money to your racist lefties.
              And like a typical liberal. Name calling and name placing is where you go when you’re losing.

              1. Okay… I guess we’re not talking football anytime soon.

                So, md, give us the run down on the 911 hoax.

              2. Sure…. maybe we can discuss it after this Russian collusion conspiracy. What do ya say?

              3. Ms. Baalke, you think this is bad? Wait until Goodell announces, “with the 2nd overall selection in the 2019 NFL draft, the 49ers select…Nick Bosa! Get your parachute ready….

              4. I think the Bosa pick would be fine. No problem at all. What’s your point Razor?

              5. While your at it md, tell us again why it’s not a good idea for athletes to be compensated–consistent with what the market will bear? Un-American?

                Hard-rock miners don’t make $10 mill a year, so, athletes shouldn’t…?

              6. And like a typical liberal. Name calling and name placing is where you go when you’re losing.

                Name calling? The cult is not going to like you calling dear leader a typical liberal.

              7. Hey Cassie… let me test your knowledge. You tell me how 9/11 went down. I’ll wait.

                As far as your other comment. I have no idea what you’re talking about with this athlete and money talk.

              8. Here ya go…

                ninermd says:
                March 12, 2019 at 1:45 am

                Yeah Seb. Playing a game for your career and making millions is “underpaid” man those cops, firemen, construction workers, oil drillers and other blue collar workers are feeling real bad for them.

                Oh those poor poor athletes.

              9. You tell me how 9/11 went down.

                I’ll tell you how it went down. I live less than 1 mile from the WTC site. Those bastards flew right over my house, the roar I’ll never forget. And you have the nerve to quote internet loons about no planes, charges going off at 1 and 2…blah blah…Anyone who eats up that $hit from those sick puppies deserves to have their computer confiscated. Is it any wonder you are the biggest Trump supporter on the board?

              10. md…. Ball’s in your court on the 911 conspiracy. Please tell us.

              11. lol…ninermd the blog fool……lol

                Dude believes in more conspiracy theories than a paranoid chimpanzee…..

          2. t’s been my experience that the first one to play the race card is usually the racist….

            And it’s been my experience when someone has to defend that they are not racist… they are racist.

            1. Ribico says:
              April 10, 2019 at 1:41 pm
              t’s been my experience that the first one to play the race card is usually the racist….
              And it’s been my experience when someone has to defend that they are not racist… they are racist.

              When you’re always looking for racism. You’re probably a racist.
              Wear it well Ribico.
              Ridiculous response. And it’s the trait of a racist. You know it and I know it.

              1. lol……those Africans were definitely looking for racism when they boarded the first class boat to usa…..

        2. Back off, Razor and I are diametrically opposed on so much, but I will protect unto death his right to to have his own opinions.
          No, he does not own a hood, or a hoodie. Razor loves America just as much as I do, and maybe more than you, who casts aspersions.

          1. RazorHater can’t love america has much as i do…..

            Razor wants to go back to the country that had slaves and encouraged discrimination…..(code word for MAGA)………..I don’t….I want a future America which includes everyone…….

            1. I’m pretty sure it was the republican party that fought a war to free the slaves. Maybe mommy should give you a timeout.

              1. This is technically accurate, but misleading history. It’s actually the modern Republican Party that’s the spiritual successor of the pre-1964 Democratic Party.

                Formerly, it was the Democratic Party that was associated with the former Confederacy, limited government, and sadly, institutional racism at its worse. After the 1960s, it was the Republicans.

                I know you’ve read this before….but it does not fit your foxnews narrative……open those eyes

                maybe mommy should have done a better job home schooling you….

              2. There’s racist on both sides, ones with hoods and ones that pull out the racist card all the time. None are on here, but lefty’s like to exaggerate alot and make things up claiming someone is a racist.

              3. I’m pretty sure it was the republican party that fought a war to free the slaves

                Lol. And nothing has changed in the intervening 150 plus years, has it. No southern strategy, no Ronald Reagan kicking off his election campaign with a “states rights” speech in the Mississippi town where civil rights activists were murdered, no Willie Horton., no Steve King… Nope today’s Republican Party freed the slaves. You are too much Razor, don’t ever change. Like the Republican Party lol.

              4. Sorry Razor–ask any modern lib, and they will tell you Lincoln was a

                2)Hatemonger………or some such subversive…………

              5. You should…..

                ….only a certain group of people would keep repeating “Democracts started kkk” without putting the rest of the facts/history out there…..or even acknowledge RIB’ s point…….

              6. Lol….after all your google quotes….and poems.. …that is your comeback to you been called a dumb old hypocrite….


                Hey…..look up in the sky…
                It’s a bird ….nah it’s a plane…..nah it’s Razorhater lost mind…..????

              7. onewhiner, I’m flattered you admit to paying so much attention to my posts after your incredulity that anyone does. Some of your best work my fiend….

                That a little better for ya?

              8. ask any modern lib, and they will tell you Lincoln…

                Cat, this modern lib will tell you Lincoln is rolling over in his grave at the thought of being mentioned in the same breath as the modern day Republican Party

              9. Lol Ribico and onelame.
                Funny how you just skipped by the civil rights movement, where your party voted no against it.
                Funny you won’t state MLK had conservative views
                Funny how your “history” is based on opinion and no factual evidence to back it.
                Funny how you won’t admit the left literally had a klansman in their party who was beloved by so many. (Byrd)
                Funny how you refuse to mention it was a democrat who signed in the three strikes law while his wife called blacks people “super predators”
                Funny how you don’t mention planned parenthood which was founded by a racist woman who “wanted to exterminate black people” and is beloved by your party.
                Funny you don’t mention the poorest cities in this country have been ran by democrats for decades.
                Funny you won’t bring up the fact that they come around every 4 years, make promises for votes and forget them. Everything stays the same.
                Funny how you won’t mention the new comers line AOC talking in black southern voice to pander to black folks like they are to stupid to understand any other accent.
                Funny how you won’t mention that just 50 years ago a Democratic president said
                “I’ll have those Ni**ers” voting democrat for the next 100 years, by giving them government assistance.
                Funny you don’t bring up the texts from last election where Clinton’s staff was calling Latinos a “taco bowl convention”

                Yeah but your liberal professor and cnn told you different.
                You have to be a really stupid person defending the left on racism.
                Oh and BTW. Name anyone that’s not on the left that recently comes out and is anti Semitic like the racists on the left now a days.
                Let me guess it’s ok as long as it’s not against black or Latins.
                And Ribico… I know. You have no idea what I’m talking about.
                Because msnbc and cnn doesn’t show that.

              10. md, what’s not BS is ancient history. Dixiecrats? Margaret Sanger? That’s what you got, relics from 60 to 100 years ago? Anti-semetic? you don’t even know what that is, so stop it, just stop it.

              11. lol….ninermd is an illiterate….,,,Dude dropped out of pre-school…..

                Facts: ninermd believes he is a Darkskin Caucasian……..serious no joke!!!!

            2. Too bad your own intolerance is making America less great. We will survive, and like after the Raising of the Shire, many hands make light work, and things can be repaired, and become better.

            3. Your ignorance is shinning bright. Because I or some one likes a politician is does mean we enjoy hate. Similar to those Reps who thought that Barrack was going to enforce Sharia law.

            4. Putting words in someone else’s mouth———-which is a form of bearing false witness..

              Your not bringing your “A” game, oneniner.

              1. Bueller report would put him behind bars.

                Other than Coverup Barr, no one has seen what the “Bueller” report says, have they? How’s this for a prediction. When the meat of the report is finally revealed I predict Trumps exoneration celebration will be about as premature as the Stanford band running onto the field at the (almost) end of the ’82 Big Game.

            5. Onelame says…

              Razor wants to go back to the country that had slaves and encouraged discrimination…..(code word for MAGA)………..I don’t….I want a future America which includes everyone…….

              Is anyone going to deny that this idiot isn’t heavily involved in Atifa
              And gets his news from cnn?
              Scared wittle snowflake. So full of guilt. So full of love, unless you disagree.
              By everyone he means people who will let the government take care of them, and everybody must think the same, wear the same clothes, drive the same cars, and pick whatever gender you want to be that day.
              Give him what he wants or he will pull out the plastic shield and sword and go to war in the streets.

              No way you can make more than others or have a thought that differs. If so. You’re a racist!
              Again. And I am labeling.
              Typical out of touch liberal.
              Just wait for the landslide in 2 years. This nut and Ribico will really lose it then. Man I can’t wait for round two.


              1. In the last 2 years Bernie Sanders has spent $340,000 on private jets. What’s in his wallet? The green new deal.?

              2. Is anyone going to deny that this idiot isn’t heavily involved in Atifa

                That’s Antifa. As in anti-fascist. I take it you are pro-fascist, md?

                Just wait for the landslide in 2 years.

                Just like you said there was no midterm blue wave, eh bright guy? The biggest D turnout since the election after Watergate? Better let the pros do the predicting. And yeah, I am waiting for the landslide in 2 years. And I can’t to hear what whacked conspiracy theories you come up with to explain Trump’s (or whatever R is running) drubbing.

              3. Rib, your track record on predictions isn’t exactly proven after you claimed President Trump had a snow balls chance in hell against Clinton, and that the Bueller report would put him behind bars.

              4. I would also remind you that the Democratic Party lost a net total of 13 Governorships and 816 state legislative seats since President Obama entered office, the most of any president since Dwight Eisenhower.

              5. I would also remind you that the Democratic Party lost a net total of 13 Governorships and 816 state legislative seats since President Obama entered office,

                Razor, I’d remind you to follow current trends. But what do I expect from someone extolling the Republican Party of 1865?

                Democrats had a net gain of 309 seats in the 86 state legislative chambers that held regularly-scheduled partisan elections on November 6, 2018.[7] Republicans lost 295 seats in the elections, and third-party and independent candidates lost 14 seats.

                Democrats gained 63 state senate seats. Republicans lost 60 Senate seats, and third-party and independent candidates lost three.

                Democrats gained 246 state house seats. Republicans lost 235 state house seats, and third-party and independent candidates lost 11.


              6. Even President Obama admitted that the election was a “shellacking”. “There is an inherent danger in being in the White House and being in the bubble,” said the president, whose party on Tuesday lost control of the House in a historic Republican wave. The GOP is expected to gain at least 60 seats, the biggest increase in more than seven decades. Democrats barely clung to their Senate majority.

              7. Even President Obama admitted that the election was a “shellacking”

                Yes, I remember what it was like to have a President with a shred of self-awareness. If Trump had any such, he would have said the same thing about the 2018 midterms. True, they held the Senate but that was bad timing for the Ds, with 26 seats up for election vs 9 for Rs. 2020, Republicans will have to defend 22 seats vs 12 for Ds. It only takes 3 to flip control and send the turtle to irrelevance. We’ll see how that turns out, won’t we?

    1. Jonestown started from San Francisco–a liberal mecca that is, in fact, loaded with human feces all over the sidewalks……but that’s somebody else’s fault.

      1. Instead of passing bills to find out what’s inside them, maybe Nancy should take a walk.

        1. Lol… you are off your meds again………instead of worrying about Nancy ….maybe your focus should be on your daddy

          …..Breaking with tradition, Trump skips president’s written intelligence report and relies on oral briefings

          1. grow up, niner–the childish name-calling…………..thats right off of the playground………..people have gotten kicked off of this blog for far less………lets see what happens……

      2. I’ve never understood the whole “poop-filled streets” thing in reference to SF. I worked in the city for a couple years. Walked everywhere because it was just easier and less expensive. Never once saw this.

        Carry on.

        1. Hammer come back and walk them now. Not a chance you’d say that now a days. In fact just look over after passing Berkeley and you won’t see wind sailing anymore. Nope just hundreds of tens and homeless hanging out. And I don’t see any porta-potties around

          1. Was just there in December. Drove over the Bay Bridge too. Even used one of those self cleaning toilet thingys they have that you can go #1 or #2 in for free.

            No sunglasses that day either. Had been raining that morning and was pretty cloudy.

            The vibe of The City is fantastic. It’s a beautiful place.

            1. Sgt. Hammer, “I see nothing! I was not here! I DID NOT EVEN GET UP THIS MORNING!”

      3. I hear it was the growing mountains of poop that caused the 9ers moved to Santa Clara. The Yorks had had enough.

  7. Grant,
    I’m a little confused on the direction of this article. You started by noting the importance of having “graybeards” on the team to help pass down team culture.

    But then you took a complete turn by taking a swipe of the 49ers graybeards in regards to performance (or lack thereof) or large contracts.
    Grant, what gives? Inquiring minds want to know.

      1. Got it.
        The first half or your report sounded like a show of appreciation for the graybeards. The second half veered off to a slight of the 49ers graybeards.
        I guess the I got lost in the two extremes.

          1. Grant,
            It’s all good.
            Btw, your recent breakdowns have been a great eye opener for me.
            Keep up the great work!

    1. After that 2-14 season, the purge was on, and KS was determined to move on from Baalke, hence the trade away of MacDonald, Kilgore and Brown, and letting Kaep, Ellington, Hyde, Lynch, Hodges, Harold and others leave.
      Right now, there are only 2 players left from that Niner SB team.
      Turnover happens even with the Pats, but that 2-14 Niner season accelerated it.

    2. I wonder what the impact would be on quality of play in the NFL if the salary cap was updated in a way to allow veteran contracts to only count a certain percentage against the cap. I think teams might prioritize proven veterans over unproven or even inferior young players who happen to come cheaper.

  8. Gould the best football player on the team – ridiculous, Buckner is the best football player on the team, Gould might be the most valuable but certainly not the best football player – geez. Ok, Cohn I am ready for the personal attack – 1, 2, 3…

      1. That would mean more to me if 9 of the top 11 most accurate kickers of all time were not currently playing. Or if players like Cody Parky were not among the top 25 most accurate kickers ever.

    1. I hope he’s not as valuable this year, because we are scoring TD’s instead of FG’s.

      I think it was 2017 when CFC’s guarantee that Armstead and Buckner would no longer be part of the team due to not fitting our new defensive scheme. Buckner ended up being our cornerstone player, and CFC has yet to file for chapter 13….

  9. Never though I’d say this but I’m looking forward to most everyone getting back to trading knee-jerk, ill-conceived insults over football matters. I miss the pious posturing–the self-proclaimed righteousness over all things football.

    1. Grant owes me for his clicks today. I’d consider a press democrat T-shirt as an equitable exchange.

  10. Remember when Garrison Hearst popped off in the locker room while Press was present with a dismissive remark about gay guys…..in SAN FRANCISCO? It was a 15:00 Big Deal in the press and public, but reportedly caused no friction among his teammates. They just teased him for getting busted on it.
    But when that white WR on the Eagles was seen on video screaming N-bombs one night, that caused problems with teammates that they grudgingly got past enough to finish out the season.
    I doubt Bosa’s politics will be a problem in the locker room. Kilgore was opposed to Kap’s stance, but not to Kap. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cowboy holds conservative views, but his teammates loved him. Pierce Holt and Pete Kugler left in FA to get to more comfortable social environments, but they had no problems in the SF locker room.
    I’m no Trumpster (believe me!), Tom Brady is. His wife isn’t. He’s still the best of his era and arguably the GOAT QB. Politics and religion don’t count at work.

      1. He was kind of a knucklehead, but I’m thinking of the Hearst comment earlier. I think someone asked if he’d be ok with a gay teammate and he said Hell no. But in San Fran/Cali that wasn’t too well received, but everybody I knew moved on.

    1. You have the audacity to ask for football on a sports blog?! Aren’t you ashamed of yourself Cassie?

        1. And there’s the Horcrux matter–but we’ll address that after the season.

      1. You should see when they talk sports on the political blogs I scan. It’s madness, madness I tell you!

        1. It has been entertaining, but neither side will ever convince the other side, so it is just talk.
          Hope to get back to this draft. NY blog is now saying Haskins is a future bust, so it sounds like they are trying to drive his value down so he falls to them at 6.

          1. There’s anaylsts saying Haskins drops out of the top 10 and could even slide to the bottom of the 1st round.

            1. Nope, there are going to be at least 2 teams who will trade up for him, and Gettleman will be excoriated for not trying harder to get him. Missing out on a future franchise QB will not be forgotten, or forgiven
              50 TDs is impressive. This is a QB driven league, and the QB class in considered weak, past the first few candidates.
              Yes, some draft pundits are downplaying Haskins, but they are just blowing smoke.

  11. My May madness bracket:

    I’ve got Comey.
    I’ve got Page.
    I’ve got Strzok.
    I’ve got McCabe.
    I’ve got Ohr.

  12. GRANT…

    New topic please. Speculate on how the 9ers construct their draft board……?

    1. I agree with the picks but if SF has no major injuries and has a great draft, I believe they can win 7-8. Next year, if no big injuries and great draft maybe 10 wins and the division.

  13. When the narrative around here becomes political mudslinging, Grant can take the rest of the week off because the conversation will still be here when he returns.
    Half a day arguing over Dems and Reps and what did it get us? ZERO!

    Lets get back to football because if we draft Bosa, we’re going to cheer for him regardless of his political preference when he gets a sack (I hope).

    1. 2. Bosa – Edge
      36. Marquise Brown – WR
      67. Deionte Thompson – FS
      104. Bob Evans – OT
      176. Tommy Sweeney – TE
      212. Cameron Smith – LB

        1. The value of getting him at #36, along with the skill set that Shanny covets made him tough to pass on.

          Wrt the injury, they don’t have to rush him thanks to the signing of Matthews and the versatility of Pettis.

          1. Raz,
            If MB can become the next Tyreke Hill, I’m in, but his size gives me pause. And we already have small WR’s with Marquise Goodwin, Trent Taylor and Richie James. Brown would need to make a couple of these guys expendable. My guess is that Taylor would be first to go.
            MB would become a starter by game two if not earlier because he’s that good. But his size, ahhh.

            1. If you watch him though, he doesn’t take a lot of big hits. He’s a fantastic route runner, and so elusive that he creates a lot of separation. You can’t defend him against comebacks, and even if you give him a big cushion, he can still beat you with his speed. Another thing I found surprising is he never fumbled at the collegiate level. The concern I have over size are his hands aren’t the strongest when in a contested catch situation. Over the shoulder and those basket catches are not his forte. Emmanuel Sanders isn’t the biggest either but he wins more than he loses against defenses, and that’s what I see in Marquise Brown. When I think about Shanny watching his video, I imagine the drool running down his mouth in salivation. If he’s sitting there at #36, and you don’t take him; I’m not so sure that you won’t live to regret it….

  14. Draft can’t come soon enough.

    1. It would be amusing to hear Bosa articulate what specifically he likes about the prez .
    2. He clearly doesn’t understand the concept of protest.
    3. Anyway, if drafted I don’t anticipate any issues in the locker room .
    4. I firmly believe we are all more alike than we care to admit – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7VaXlMvAvk

    1. Rollo,
      That was hilarious. I’ve been a big SNL fan since the time I saw Eddie Murphy’ James Brown hot tube routine. Best comedy writers in the world.
      Also, if Bosa (and all players) keep politics out of the locker room and not engage it the way it happens on this blog things will be just fine.

    2. -I firmly believe that we are all more alike than we care to admit-
      Word effing word,
      I live in Wine Country. We get tourists (Duh). Hanging, in passing, sharing a taste/drink, breaking bread, I get along with everybody from all points USA and Europe. Effortlessly. Easy peezy. Japan, Jordan, Australia, Germany, France, Italia, Espana, Chile..
      I learned years and years ago in the US military the disparate rearings of folks around America. We’re unique. We’re sooooooo similar.
      C’mon, man.

  15. Wow. Scrolling back through this day’s comments is an embarrassment. No reflection on Grant; it’s us. We are the symptoms. Many of us are the problem. Mirror moment.
    Good luck.

    1. ‘Many of us are the problem’. -Speak for yourself.
      This is a blog, not the Library of Congress. It is kinda cathartic to get some things off our chest. This present political climate has been very stressful, and something may hit the fan, soon.
      Usually we mostly stick to football, but I am glad we blew off some steam. Just made us look human with human emotions. It takes all kinds, and all kinds exist from all over this country. It is also nice to get an international perspective that some posters provide. Believe it or not, I usually relish a chance to speak politically, but I restrained myself, because I have heard it all before, and frankly, I am more interested in this upcoming draft.
      I, too, live in the Wine Country. and if you have money, it is eazy peasy, but there are also areas where it is not all sunshine and rainbows. We live in the wealthiest nation in the world, but there are homeless people with no hope, and no help. But for the grace of God go I.
      I am glad that I have an opportunity to post on this site, and thank Grant for putting up with me. I like the opinions expressed, and I may vehemently oppose them, but most posters can string together a cogent argument, and cite facts to back up their claims. Grant provides a forum where we can bounce ideas off each other, and I am impressed with the football acumen of this site.
      I learn something new every day, and get to discuss a team I love. Life is good.
      Now, back to football. This draft is critically important. The Niners may win or lose depending on whether they can tap into this draft class, and find some diamonds in the rough.

      1. Also, we can make 300 posts today, but while they are archived, tomorrow is another day, and all these posts will be passed on, relatively forgotten, and new posts created.

    2. Grant is the one that started the conversation with his tweet, but I admit to being guilty of not allowing those that would shut down my opinion to intimidate me from expressing it….

      1. Are you saying that Grant is trolling us? Shocking! Send out the Gendarmes! Bring in the usual suspects! ;p

    1. “He is far and away the most important graybeard on the 49ers’ offense.”

      Yeah, Grant really ripped into Staley.

      1. “The 49ers don’t have the best collection of grey beards”… “Staley is declining “. “His diminished skill set”.. See hammer I can read and post as well. Just because you put sarcasm at the end doesn’t mean you’re correct..

        See what I did there.

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