Aaron Lynch says he weighs 276 pounds

SANTA CLARA — Aaron Lynch was interviewed next to the practice Wednesday afternoon. Here is a transcript.

Q: How do you think you did in the practices in Maryland?

LYNCH: I felt good out there.

Q: You seem to be a lot closer to your Notre-Dame form than your South-Florida form. Are you similar weight-wise and do you feel like you felt back in your Notre Dame days?

LYNCH: I feel like I’ve gained some weight since I got here. I’ve gained like 25 pounds more than what I was at USF. I’m about six pounds more than what I was at Notre Dame.

Q: Where do you think you are as far as being an NFL player going up against another NFL player?

LYNCH: I’ve still got a lot to learn. I think I’m on the right track — taking the coaching, watching the vets. But I still have a lot to grow. I’m still young. I’m still new to the game.

Q: People were asking a lot of questions about you when you came here. How do you think you’ve fulfilled your duties as a football player since you’ve been here?

LYNCH: I don’t know. I guess I just came here not really trying to answer people’s questions but more of just doing what the coaches are telling me to do and fit the scheme I’m supposed to fit. I didn’t play outside linebacker in college but now I’m playing outside linebacker. I’m really just focused on learning how to play outside linebacker — dropping into coverage at 270 pounds. Really just learning and taking everything in.

Q: Is that where you’re at right now? 270?

LYNCH: I think 276.

Q: And where were you last season?

LYNCH: 246.

Q: Do you feel just as quick, just as explosive?

LYNCH: Yeah, the same.

Q: We see you next to Aldon Smith quite a bit in practice. Is he a good role model for you in terms of your similar physiques? Can you learn pass rush moves from him?

LYNCH: Yeah, Aldon is a phenomenal athlete. He’s one of the best to touch the field, so being able to see how he practices — he practices how he plays in the game. Just try to mimic him, mimic how Ahmad practices and things like that.

Q: What has Aldon told you about the transition from defensive end to outside linebacker?

LYNCH: I talked more with the coaches about that because the guys are outside linebackers now. They really don’t think about when they used to play defensive end. It’s a big transition, but it’s not that big of a transition. It’s not like we’re not athletes. Whatever you want us to do, we can do it.

Q: When you were practicing with Ravens you were getting into it with those guys. Do you have a mean streak in you when you’re on the field?

LYNCH: I’m just a dog on the field. That’s how I play. I think in order to be successful in this game you’ve got to have some type of dog in you. That’s just who I am.

Q: Were they doing anything to get under your skin?

LYNCH: No, that’s just the type of person I am.

Q: Were you like that as a kid?

LYNCH: Pretty much. I’m a nice person, very well-mannered, but when it comes to the football field it’s just a little different.

Q: How did you put on 30 pounds this offseason?

LYNCH: The weight lifting, everything just falls into place. And we have these amazing chefs here that make whatever you want. Like Coach Harbaugh says, if you want two steaks, three steaks, take them home with you. I guess that’s how I kind of gained a lot of weight, eating nice steaks and thick salads and things like that.

Q: What was your top weight at Notre Dame?

LYNCH: 270.

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    1. Crabtree also in uniform and working with the strength coach. Brock and Culliver are also in pads today.

    2. Finally getting our guys back. Very good news. We just need A. Davis back in action, and we’ll be looking alright.

  1. Damn, that’s my kind of cafeteria. The dog I would use to describe him would be an English Mastiff. According to my dog book, 3 can take a Bear and 4 can take a Lion. BTW, that’s what I think is the Norwalk Mystery Cat….

    1. That’s a big boy. There’s no way that’s all muscle, he must have gained a lot of fat in there as well. That’s just about DE size isn’t it.

      Grant – How does he look to you, physique and fitness-wise?

      1. 276 isn’t necessarily too big, Aldon is 265 I think. Remember too, muscle is denser and heavier than fat. A guy his height could lose an inch on his waist while gaining 20lbs with weights training. His statement about “steak and salads” suggests an ok diet, and they have him working on his drops. Zall good.

  2. If that’s a weight that he and the staff feel comfortable with and he hasn’t lost his burst, then cool.
    In my opinion though, it seems pretty heavy for a OLB in their scheme.
    Aldon and Ahmad both play at about 260-265.
    I dunno…seems a bit heavy to me.
    But what do I know…

    1. Isn’t Lynch 6’6″? Aldon’s 6-4 and Brooks 6-3. Lynch theoretically can carry more weight effectively. In the end, play on the field is what will matter.

      1. Lynch doesn’t have the tackle radius of Aldon (who does?). Aldon has that great “bend” and sneaky strength. His preying mantis style of snatching QBs is unique. There is only one Aldon.

        But Lynches’ dimensions are not far off. He has an explosive first step, and tackles with a pop. QBs get a case of rag doll head when Lynch hits them.

        The “book” on Aldon is to be a patient pass blocker. Don’t always go for the first step. If they try that with Lynch, he’ll be by them. If Lynch sticks, it’ll be a nice 1-2 punch.

      2. 6’5 according to his bio.
        But yeah, whatever he’s comfortable playing at.
        I’m thinking that number will come down just a little though, once he gets into playing shape.
        270 maybe.

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