Ahkello Witherspoon out for season with knee injury

San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks players kneel as 49ers cornerback Ahkello Witherspoon is tended to during the first half of an NFL football game in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Dec. 16, 2018. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

SANTA CLARA — One young cornerback’s season ended this past Sunday, and another young cornerback’s season just began.

The 49ers announced Monday they will place second-year starting cornerback Ahkello Witherspoon on the Injured Reserve List with a sprained PCL (posterior cruciate ligament) in his right knee. And they will replace Witherspoon in the starting lineup with rookie cornerback Tarvarius Moore, who will make his first career start this Sunday against the Chicago Bears.

Witherspoon’s knee injury will “take a few weeks” to heal, according to head coach Kyle Shanahan. But the 49ers’ season will end in 12 days, so Witherspoon won’t return in time to play. He will miss the rest of the season.

Witherspoon injured his knee this past Sunday during the first quarter of the 49ers’ 26-23 overtime victory against the Seattle Seahawks. Witherspoon was defending a run play. He chased Seahawks running back Chris Carson to the sideline, planted awkwardly on his right leg and collapsed.

For a few minutes, Witherspoon lay on the ground in agony. Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson walked over to Witherspoon to check on him, and players from both the 49ers and Seahawks knelt on the grass out of respect for a potentially serious injury to a football comrade.

Luckily for Witherspoon, his injury isn’t serious.

Still, Shanahan sounded disappointed Monday.

“Wish he could’ve finished these last two games,” Shanahan said. “I think he definitely was finishing (the season) better than he started. His story is not written yet. He’s got to improve. Hopefully, he’ll come back here ready to go next year and take off the way he finished.”

Witherspoon, 23, was a third-round pick in 2017. He started nine games as a rookie last season, intercepted two passes and showed promise. The 49ers thought he was an ascending talent, so they handed him a starting job for 2018. Didn’t make him earn it or compete for it during training camp.

But, during the regular season, Witherspoon regressed and seemed to lose confidence. He intercepted zero passes, got benched once, committed 10 penalties (three were declined) and gave up six touchdown catches. To Witherspoon’s credit, he didn’t give up any touchdown catches the past four games, although he did commit four penalties.

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  1. He got injured because he was not playing physical enough…….i can’t recall who the niner who made the tackle on the play was but spoon was out hustled on the tackle……

    He will bounce back strong next year……..very excited to see TMoore get game reps……..really impressed how they (Dcoaches) prepared Moore this season….from special teams to backup to starting……#33 is legit…

  2. The Seahawks were getting to the edge at will on their first drive…..later we did a much better job down the stretch of setting the edge…….

    Did anyone notice the one player or scheme employed which prevented them from exploiting the edge……

    My first thought was Blair…..

    Jack, Razor, Mid, Rocket if you have an idea please enlighten….

  3. Glad Witherspoon has improved. I actually saw him turn his head to track the ball. If he does more of that, he may even get an interception.
    Dang, that side line is tricky. First JG, now Witherspoon.

  4. We’ve got one of the leagues worst owners. We have a completely incompetent general manager, and an offensive coordinator that is pretending to be a head coach. We’re completely and totally F’d and it’s not going to get better anytime soon.

    1. Case closed.

      Curious… “Not going to get better anytime soon.”

      So, when do the 9ers cross that ‘get better’ threshold? The Yorks are keeping the team so an ownership change isn’t on the horizon. With their demonstrated record of football excellence, any replacements for Lynch and Shanahan will be lousy, no? Highly likely there never will be a get better experience.

      I suppose all-knowing fans could pool bucks and have more banners flown, and those who have season tickets could shed them. All that will accomplish is an eventual change in exec management and coaches–led by the Yorks. Result will be more (polarized) rebuilding and mind-numbing 5-11 seasons (or thereabouts).

      The Yorks are the Yorks. Whether we like it or not, Lynch and Shanahan will have at least one more year. Fans can choose to hang around and watch or turn their allegiance elsewhere.

    2. >>We’re completely and totally F’d and it’s not going to get better anytime soon.

      Well, according to you we aren’t going to get any worse by drafting Bosa, now are we?

      (is this really CFC’s account? You usually aren’t this whiny)

  5. I have an off topic question for the board.

    Has Richburg been worth it?
    He was brought in to replace Daniel Kilgore and I believe he has been better than Kilgore in the run game, but I am not certain he has been better in Pass Pro, in fact he might be worse. This season, while our tackles have played fairly well our interior line has allowed a ton of pressure straight up the gut. Also, take it for what it is worth but currently PFF has them both graded at 53, which is below average. The difference is Richburg costs a lot more.

    Is he another case of poor free agent signings?

    1. Shoup, I don’t think so but he definitely needs to spend more time in the weight room. In the last game, a couple of those pressures he gave up were partly due to the guard not getting a hand on the defensive lineman lined up on his snap shoulder, in order to give Richburg a half a step to set his angle. He’s also been playing through a wounded knee, and Kilgore’s injury propensity, (he’s currently on IR) has made him a liability in availability….

    2. The O-line has played better than I expected – especially in run blocking. Richburg is not great. I think he’s decent in run blocking but not good in pass pro. He gets pushed back into the QB way more than he should. The part I’m not certain about is how good is he in his communication with the other lineman. Looks like he’s good most of the time but some crossing stunts really cause him some trouble. IMO Richburg is an upgrade from Kilgore but he’s not a top 15 center in the NFL.

    3. Is Richburg worth what they signed him for? No, but he fits the blocking system better than Kilgore and while he has struggled at times in pass pro, the Oline has improved for the most part. The bigger problem imo is Laken Tomlinson who continues to take stupid penalties and struggles in all areas far too often.

    4. One thing to keep in mind with Richburg is that he has been playing through a knee injury for most of the season. Not excusing his poor play, but I feel like that could be a part of the reason he has struggled this year.

  6. PCL injuries can be extremely painful but there shouldn’t be any long term effects. I was thinking ACL when I saw it so this is good news for Witherspoon. Hopefully this is a growth year for Witherspoon and he goes into next year with the right attitude and physicality to his game. I was highly disappointed in his play and his body language most of this year.

      1. Well hopefully Saleh comes to his senses and doesn’t try to force Tavarius to Ward off Jimmie in the CB competition next year.

    1. Coffee, what’s your take on who should the Niners target with that top 3-4… I’m thinking Josh Allen is there guy. I enjoy your draft thoughts because you seem to be more right then wrong on your prospects.

      1. Devin White. An elite prospect, will help the team easily forget the Foster debacle.

        I like Allen and if the team is compelled to take a pass rusher first then I would prefer they take him over the other candidates at that spot. It’s not what I would do though. I would either draft White or take just about anything to move down a few more spots and take either DeAndre Baker or Deionte Thompson.

        My preference for this draft is to address the secondary with the first pick and then look for an edge rusher in the second. I like Chase Winovich. I think he’ll be a better pass rusher then his 40 yard dash might suggest.

        1. Devin White in the top-10 would be a good way to blow the first round draft for the Niners, IMO. Whatever little I have seen of him seems to indicates that he’s not physically ready to excel in the NFL right away — NFL TEs and receivers will overpower him. His athleticism and coverage skills are elite but I can see him spending a lot of time on the ground.

          Far more than LB or DB, Niners need edge rush to complement Buckner’s interior pressure. The DBs will immediately look much better, as will Saleh. In this 3 deep zone scheme, not even Pro Bowl DBs are going to look good if QBs routinely get 3.5+ seconds to find holes in the zone. Niners shortcomings at DB positions is made to look glaring because of this ridiculous lack of QB pressures and hits. Oh yes, turnovers will also reappear once viable edge pressure reappears.

          Considering the depth in pass rushers in this draft, maybe they should take an edge rusher in the first round and another one in the mid-rounds. It worked with QB for Kyle when he was with the Redskins.

          1. Here is how one of the advance scouts summarized White:

            “This kid could end up being similar to Ray Lewis. I’d take White over any of the linebackers this year. He’s unbelievable. Unless he gets hurt or completely shuts it down to protect himself, he’ll be the first linebacker drafted next year. He’s the complete package. Great character. He’s the signal-caller of the defense with a super football IQ. He’s big, study, and stout enough for [middle linebacker]. Swift enough for [weakside linebacker], great athlete and coverage instincts. Stacks up the stat boxes, all of them. He’s fast, an explosive tackler, and elite reactionary quickness.

            “Right now, he’s among the best and maybe the best I’ve scouted. Better athlete and versatility than [Dont’a] Hightower. More explosive, violent, and bigger than C.J. Mosley, same level of instincts. Better than Jerod Mayo at Tennessee. Bigger than Jonathan Vilma while being more violent and instinctive than D.J. Williams, same kind of freak athlete, explosiveness wise. Thumper like Sean Weatherspoon. Basically he’s a bigger version of Roquan Smith in the 240-250-pound range. He’s FUN to watch. Unbelievable stamina and motor. He could be the best linebacker ever to come out of LSU.”

            They seem to think he’s physical enough and they’re paid to do this for a living so I’m inclined to go with their opinion.

            Read more: http://walterfootball.com/scoutingreport2019DWhite.php#ixzz5a45hTDfc

          2. Mood, I’m not sure what you’re looking at to say Devin White would get overpowered at anything. Prior to this year I attended very few LSU games over the years. I know several top notch NFL defensive players have come out of LSU but I didn’t pay much attention. Now that my son is a freshman at LSU, I’ve attended 4 LSU games in person this year and I watched every game. Devin White is an absolute beast. I love watching this kid play. He’s 240 lbs and VERY physical. I can’t see anyone overpowering him. He’s a top level talent across the board in run defense and pass defense. As I said before, I attended the LSU vs A&M 7 OT game and the thing that impressed me most was White’s leadership. When the defense was exhausted he was the guy pushing everyone to keep going. I’m happy to see a scout said exactly what I said, Devin White is a Ray Lewis type player. He makes plays with talent and effort and his leadership raises the play of everyone around him. The 49ers defensive attitude and production automatically improves if Devin White is the pick.

            1. I only watched a couple of LSU games on TV and observed Devin White in passing, which automatically makes me an expert on this board. While I’m no Mr. Football (Walter or Johnny), I think it will be a lost opportunity for Shanalynch to draft a LB in the top-ten considering the gaping hole at pass rush. While drafting is a numbers game, the need at edge rush is too pressing and an edge rusher makes way more impact than LB in modern NFL. Niners can potentially sign up a FA like C. J. Mosley for experience at LB.

              1. After the Solomon Thomas pick, do you trust Lynch/Shanny to make a good decision on Edge pass rusher? IMO, Devin White is a guaranteed All-Pro player. Bosa will be gone which means Allen has to be the edge pick. Is Allen a guaranteed All-Pro player in your opinion?

              2. Rather we took a sure bet for the next 10 years in Jonah Williams.
                Especially if we are in the 5-8 draft slot.

              3. I’d rather they select the player that will make the biggest difference to the team. If that’s White, then sure, but I am firmly of the belief a good edge rusher will make a much bigger difference to the team than an off ball LB.

              4. After the Solomon Thomas pick, do you trust Lynch/Shanny to make a good decision on Edge pass rusher?

                Yes, I do.
                Just as I would trust Bellichick to draft his players despite drafting Dominique Easley in first round and his endless second round failures.
                I just bookmarked this page to re-visit it in 5 years to see how week White fulfilled his “guaranteed All-Pro player” status…

              5. I’ll take Scooter’s answer a step further. A speed edge rusher is the missing piece that will make the most difference….

              6. “I just bookmarked this page to re-visit it…”

                Careful Mood, some people don’t like that. They might say you take this too seriously.

              7. Bookmark away Mood. If you want to spend your life playing gotcha games go right ahead. It’s your life you are wasting. If Im right 50% of the time I’ll have a better rate of success than 100% of NFL GMs. I don’t mind putting my opinions out there knowing I have a pretty good chance of being wrong. I think Devin White will be an amazing NFL player and I don’t mind saying it.

          1. I think the need for QBs will crowd out players like White, into the middle of the first round.
            This would fit perfectly with the trade back strategy. If Kentavius Street is healthy, and Julian Taylor evolves, the need for a D lineman is not critical. The need for a MLB is strong with the disappearance of Foster.

        2. Good player (though personally I think Jaylon Smith was a better prospect prior to blowing out his knee), but I can’t get on board with drafting an off ball LB that high this year. It’s just not that big a need. I’d only do it if I thought White was that much superior to any other player likely to be available, but I don’t feel that way about him.

          1. White is the only player that I can get excited about in the top 5-7 slots. Quinnen Williams would be fun to have on the team but I’m with you about how not fun it would be to take another interior lineman with such a high pick.

            Ideally I’d love to take Baker or Thompson first but It’s so hard to predict the availability of trades and then you have to struggle with the idea of taking those position in the top 3 or 4 spots in the draft. Thompson is likely the stronger of those two prospects but who wants to use the #3 spot on a free safety?

            1. Not to mention Thompson was indicted on aggravated assault last year. Thompson, who was arrested in April and recently indicted on one count of felony aggravated assault, is accused of kicking Frillou in the head while Frillou was on the ground during that spring break brawl.

              I’d be very surprised if they drafted any player in the 1st round with even a scintilla of character risk.

            2. I would be ok with taking Thompson that high.

              There’s 4 positions I would be fine with taking round 1 this year (pending FA) – Edge, CB, FS and WR. I think those are the 4 biggest needs on the team. I would only look at another position if the talent at those spots was clearly below that of a player at another position.

              Like you, at this point I think a trade down would be ideal, but yeah, can’t guarantee that a team will want to trade up.

              1. It’s really tough to find a player I want now that Bosa is out of the picture. My best case scenario now is finding a trade down and selecting an Edge but which one is the question?

                White is a very good player but the focus has to be on BPA at biggest need position imo.

            3. I’d be ok with Thompson preferably after a trade down but I’d rather sign ET in FA. Hope Sherm is working on his sales pitch.

              1. EarlThomas was the prototype deep single safety IN HIS DAY…Although I’d certainly love to have him, I’m not assured that his salary demands wouldn’t blow up the payroll….And he ain’t what he used to be….

  7. Under Shanahan the 49ers are 7-1 in December and 3-19 in Sept/Oct/Nov.

    Why is the record so good in December and so poor the rest of the year?

    The 49ers are deeper than other teams in that have a lot of guys with a similar level of talent, that’s why we see guys step in and there’s no real drop off.

    Now how do they fix the first 3 months?

    1. Build a consistent defense and stop blowing top picks on that side of the ball. Need play makers to create the moments that win games, ie turnovers.

    2. Why is the record so good in December and so poor the rest of the year?

      Reason 1: Young players learning a scheme take most of the season to play well and play together. Each of the two seasons has seen different sets of new players. Two areas where teamwork and communication is critical (O line and defensive backfield) have seen turnovers from season-to-season (and within-season for the latter). In fact, there have been 8 sets of safeties who have started this season.

      Reason 2: Players play loose since there is not a whole lot at stake (by Grant’s definition, the games are “meaningless”), and young players tend to play better when the pressure’s off a little.

    3. Just an observation but coincidentally CJ and Hoyer were the starting QBs for almost all the losses in those three months, both hand picked by Kyle. Is there an opposite to the “it” factor?

          1. It proved that this team should have more than 4 wins right now, but otherwise you’re correct. This has no effect on what will happen in ‘19

            1. “This has no effect on what will happen in ‘19”

              Except for the development of all the young draft picks that you said were no good.
              More confidence and NFL experience for guys like Moore, Harris, Taylor, McGlinchey, Warner, Pettis.
              So that next year, they can all contribute and elevate their games further.
              Yeah, that is meaningless for 2019.

              1. Y’all said the same things after the late wins a season ago too when a lot of young guys looked good in short stints and fell flat on their faces in 2018.

              2. As elated as I was about the win, and also saw this as a turning point, I agree with Jack and Scooter.

                The win is an internal boost and may give the team some confidence. Additionally, it does question the whole lack of talent argument, but that can be dealt with later. However, next year the team has to prove themselves all over again.

                For this to truly be a turning point, they will have to come out of the gate strong and also beat Seattle at home next year. If anything, it adds pressure.

                In regards to players, many here have said, give the kid 3 years. And so, saying anyone is a bust or a keeper is premature. Some players got themselves more time out.

                Good! Let’s hope they continue to make the most of them.

              3. « it does question the whole lack of talent argument, »

                They have a bunch of guys with similar levels of talent, but no big playmakers on the defensive side of the ball. That’s a big reason why they are about to set a record for fewest takeaways in a season.

                When it’s brought up that I ripped the draft picks what’s missed is that I focused on the 1st 3 rounds and said Warner is a good player, but not really better than Lee who was a 7th and that Moore couldn’t crack the roster over guys like Mabin.

                Until Sunday Moore’s biggest contribution to the team was penalties on special teams. He played a good few quarters on Sunday and suddenly he’s a good pick. We’ll find out in the coming weeks and possibly next season, if he is in the lineup.

              4. How many guys get drafted and that same year become instant play makers?
                A draft is truly evaluated only after a couple years. To expect anyone form 2018 to become an instant playmaker is weak.
                It takes time to be a pro let alone a game changer with limited snaps.

              5. Jack, don’t disagree with what you said, you said they had better depth at secondary positions than primary and that is correct. They do not have enough playmakers!

                Many here have excused their lack of wins based on “the worst roster” in the NFL. I never bought this. They don’t have a great roster but that is at the important positions. They have many decent utility players.

              6. I don’t understand how it changes the lack of talent argument.
                We scored a TD on a kickoff return and on a busted coverage where the safety fell down.
                When looking at the position groups would you rather have Seattle’s qb or ours? Rb or ours? Wr’s or ours? OL or ours? Secondary or ours? Lb’s or ours? DL or ours?
                If you choose more SF for more than 2 position groups out of those 7 I’d be surprised.
                SF has been more talented than their opponent in about 3 games this year. 1 upset win does not change that.

          1. sebnynah says:
            November 28, 2018 at 7:43 pm
            Grant, by calling me a legend, elevates my status,

            Did the PD hire a Chief Executive Officer of Status?

              1. sebnynah says:
                November 28, 2018 at 7:43 pm
                Grant, by calling me a legend, elevates my status,

                When will you know if you get a promotion Seb?
                Will the status be up or down?

          2. These are dangerous minds, Sebber. Be careful out there. These crazy idiots would like nothing better than to make a name for themselves by taking out a legend. Case in point, John Lennon….

  8. Niners are ranked number 3 in the draft, and may stay that way with games against 2 playoff teams.
    Niners are in good position to trade back with the Giants at 8, who will want to leapfrog over the Jags for the best QB in the draft. They could also trade back a second time to end up in the middle of the first round, because the Bengals, Broncos, Skins and Dolphins may all be looking for QBs.
    By trading back, the Niners could possibly get additional second and third round picks, along with additional 2020 second and third round picks. It depends on how much another team covets a QB, who will be gone by the time they pick.

        1. “I just went off the link CFC posted”

          Because if you had to do any research yourself that would require work and we all know work is not in your repertoire.
          Just a copy and paste lazy a hole!

        2. Sebbie… Loading your boat with picks? You’ve advocated for trading Mullens…what can the 9ers get for him?

        3. Jack Hammer

          It really doesn’t matter what slot we’re in…Bosa is long gone in the 1st, so if our ‘drafters’ can’t pick at least one edge rusher, one center, and one or two ‘Ornery’ Olinemen and pick off DB or WR and TE….then we KNOW where the problems are….

  9. Top 5 reasons we had a Superbowl run in 2012:

    1. The team Scott McCloughan built
    2. Jim Harbaugh’s work ethic and expectation of the same from his players.
    3. Justin Smith
    4. Patrick Willis
    5. Colin Kaepernick’s legs.

        1. And then once John Harbaugh came up with the blue print to neutralize Kaepernick, that was it.
          The Niners and Kap never evolved his game and that was the end of his football career.

          And now no one will sign him for whatever reason.

          1. « And then once John Harbaugh came up with the blue print to neutralize Kaepernick, that was it. »

            Except they made it back to the NFCCG the next year.

              1. You are right. It was the Panthers.
                And again they ran all over the Panthers and the defense won the game.

                So the following week Pete Carroll used John Harbaughs blue print to beat Kaepernick.

              2. You feel that Harbaugh put the blueprint out even though his team gave up over 9 yards per play. Ok. You go ahead and believe that.

              3. I do believe that and you can throw out whatever cherry picked stat like you always do.
                Fact is CK was never as effective since that SB loss and your boy, the QB whisperer Jim Harbaugh could never find a scheme fit for Kaepernick after his brother exposed that one trick pony QB!

                Of course Kap made plays after that SB. No one said he wasn’t able to play. But I’m saying the league took away the one thing he did well and he and the 49ers could not evolve to make him a sustainable player.

                Tons of players came into the league and set it on fire. It’s the ones that can sustain a high level year after year that make them good.

            1. Except they made it back to the NFCCG the next year.

              And then what? You keep leaving out the worst part?

              CK 14/24, 153 passing yards, 1 TD and 2 INT.
              56.4 QBR.

              That’s a choke job. He was carried that entire year and when it counted, people just made him throw from the pocket and that was it.

              Where is he now? Black balled or is he just a one dimensional QB no team can build around because of his limitations?

              You can argue what he did till the cows come home. He’s no longer and that says it all. Very short career.

              1. Didn’t he lead a comeback to win the wildcard game in GB?

                Not arguing how good he was or wasn’t. Saying that John Harbaugh showed the NFL how to stop him is funny considering they outgained Baltimore by over 100 yards and he averaged over 9 yards per pass attempt in that game.

                Kaepernick didn’t get slowed down until the middle of 2014.

              2. Slowed down? What does that mean?
                After the SB the read option didn’t work for him. Teams began forcing him to throw more and the Niners had no answers in devising a scheme to accentuate his strengths no longer.
                They won some games but it was a slow demise interms of teams being able to take away the one thing he did well. Run and play action.
                After that SB the blueprint was set. Game on the line force him to throw and he will beat himself.

              3. « After that SB the blueprint was set. Game on the line force him to throw and he will beat himself. »

                Then how did he lead a 4th quarter drive with the game on the line to beat GB on the road in the Wild Card game the next season? A drive punctuated with a long run.

                After the Super Bowl, Kaepernick and the 49ers won 21 of their next 26 games. It wasn’t until Thanksgiving 2014 when things went off the rails.

              4. Then how did he lead a 4th quarter drive with the game on the line to beat GB on the road in the Wild Card game the next season? A drive punctuated with a long run.

                After the Super Bowl, Kaepernick and the 49ers won 21 of their next 26 games. It wasn’t until Thanksgiving 2014 when things went off the rails.

                How? Fangio coming up with a great defensive game plan to stop Rodgers.
                Then Dom Capers not respecting CK’s legs and having zero clue on how to stop the read option.
                But the following week Pete Carroll followed John Harbaughs blue print. Take away the run and force him to throw.
                It worked and CK’s out of the league.

              5. « But the following week Pete Carroll followed John Harbaughs blue print. »

                Actually the following week they went on the road and beat the Panthers with Kaepernick throwing for a TD and running for one.

              6. No you just said he was the greatest coach the Niners had in the last 10 years.
                Don’t get me started on what a failure he is as well Kaepernick.

        2. Are you sure? I mean, you’re right about the Kaepernick conundrum, however he didn’t start until week 10. Vic’s defense was #2 in the NFL in points allowed. Now, Fangio handled Rodgers quite well but Capers was Kaepernick’s bitch. I get what you’re saying, but Vic Fangio was head and shoulders above all others on the 49ers staff in football acumen. We agree to disagree on this one, my Blood Brother(s)….

        3. Razor,

          I didn’t mean that as a knock on the Godfather. JS and AS were both playing through injury and we had some problems at CB too. Not his fault just bad luck and bad timing unfortunately.

          1. The defense began its collapse during the second half of the Patriots game. After Cowboy was injured at the end of the first half, they gave up 29 plus points a game the rest of the season and the playoffs. Those that believe the defense got them into the payoffs were remembering the defense that existed before Cowboys and Smiths injuries at the end of the 2012 season.

            1. Wait…don’t you have to win a certain amount of games to get into the playoffs? 10 games won after escaping the Tom Brady Patriots….

      1. Lord Fangio is helpless without his able minions as data has shown conclusively over the decades of his DC career.

        Over at NN, Arpacio on the Better Rivals podcast broke down how the Bears D improved gradually as they added top-notch players in each of the past three years in which Fangio has been the DC. In this first year, the Bears D ranked mostly in the bottom third of the league in various categories.

          1. Fangio is a respected DC and a good coach — do doubt about it. But even he can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear — or chicken salad out of chicken sh*t.

            There have been times when he was not out a job and not in too much demand, e.g., 2010 when he had been demoted to a linebacker coach by John Harbaugh (who chose Greg Mattison over Fangio for DC). However, you can’t keep a good coach down and Jim Harbaugh brought him to Stanford.

            1. Believe what you want, but Vic Fangio is 2nd only to BB in defensive minds that are currently coaching at the NFL level. No doubt in my mind about that….

            2. Do you know any coach who can make silk purses out of sow’s ears?

              I don’t, but he does maximize all the players and the units.

        1. K Mack will help any d coordinator. He probably would have made Robert Saleh look like s good coordinator.
          The NFL is a talent driven league. You still need good coaching but talent can make everyone look good.

          Curious to see how the Rams defense finishes out.

          1. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Fangio had our defense as it is currently constructed top 5 in the NFL.


            Excerpt from article, Defensive coordinator Vic Fangio is one of a best at his role (if not the best). He led the 49ers defense to top-five performances in fewest yards and points allowed per game from 2011 to 2013 (if you include 2014, it was still top 10). Fangio is so good that new head coach Matt Nagy retained him after ex-lead man John Fox was fired following the 2017 campaign.

      1. Vernon Davis was good that season and Harbaugh’ wham runs were successful because of Delanie Walker’ crushing blocking.
        That team was talent laden in all phases.

  10. There are still two weeks left to shake things up, but for the time being, here is what the team’s slate of opponents looks like for 2019.

    Home: Seahawks, Rams, Cardinals, Falcons, Panthers, Browns, Steelers, NFC North (Green Bay)
    Away: Seahawks, Rams, Cardinals, Saints, Buccaneers, Ravens, Bengals, NFC East (Washington)

    Gonna be tough next yr….we face some really good defenses…..

    AFC North and NFC South are tough divisions….

        1. Let’s not start this non sense again. Can we wait till after free agency, the draft and after Jimmy G starts throwing the football again?

    1. You realize that you can look at their opponents every year for the next however many years you choose right? All but 2 games are already set until the NFL chooses to change the schedule formula.

  11. As long as we’re predicting, I’ll take care of the next two games scores.
    This week: SF 24 CHI 23
    Next Week: SF 24 LAR 23

    Sorry Seb, no copying me. Your going to have to actually put more than a micro second of thought into your score prediction. Maybe then the bogus
    “Tip of the cap” from Coach/GM Cohn will actually mean something! Lol! What a joke!! Tip of the cap!! Unbelievable! The arse kissing is too much!!

        1. Says who? Did the PD hire a CEO of Status?

          Are the results in? How did you do?

          sebnynah says:
          November 28, 2018 at 7:43 pm
          Grant, by calling me a legend, elevates my status,

              1. Prime, did you know that I like to get in the last word?
                I sure am glad you declared that Kaep took the league by storm.

    1. I may be wrong, but I believe Sebbie has a Grant bobblehead–autographed of course. And a Grant rookie card. Wonder what a Grant rookie card would bring on ebay?

    2. Juan, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
      Being only 2 points off from the exact score, and predicting a Niner upset, lets me bask in your adulation.
      OK, I will be a sport. Niners 17-16 over the Bears. I think it will be a hard fought defensive slugfest.
      Niners 27-23 over the Rams. Rams will sit their starters, but will still be competitive.
      Getting a tip of the hat from Grant, just made my season.

      1. “Getting a tip of the hat from Grant, just made my season”

        How cute. One guy who thinks he knows it all praises one guy who is looking for a little recognition.
        What’s a matter Seb, not enough status praise in your world?

  12. Well , let’s see Cass. A Grant Cohn rookie card? Rookie at what? Being a JV soccer player for DLS? Even varsity? I’d say .15 cents at most. For a bushel!
    Yet we have folks chomping at the bit to see his grades for a professional football team! Only on America!!

  13. Congratulations to George Kittle and Juice for making the Pro Bowl. Buckner should have gone but it just means the team has to continue to elevate so he can garner more attention.

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