Aldon Smith: “I feel real good. My body feels good. I’m ready to go.”

SANTA CLARA – Aldon Smith spoke in the 49ers’ auditorium Sunday afternoon. Here are selected quotes.

Q: How has your interaction been with Jim Tomsula?

ALDON SMITH: We know each other pretty well. We’re going into our fifth year together. It has been the same as usual. I’m just excited about this season, excited about where we’re going to go and focused on starting off on a good note.

Q: How do you view the depth on the defensive line? Are you excited about the rotations and the combinations you guys can have this year?

ALDON SMITH: Yeah, definitely. With all the depth, we have so many things we can do, so much talent. We’ve got the pass rushers, the guys who can stop the run. We’ll put it all together, and we’ll be able to rotate in. We’ll make sure we’ve got a fresh lineup every time.

Q: What do you have to do to get on the same page as Glenn Dorsey, who will be playing next to you this year?

ALDON SMITH: Glenn has been in the league for a while, so he can adjust to anything. With him, just making sure he knows how to feed off of us. He has moved around his position a little bit. He has played with us before, so I’m sure he can pick up where he left off.

Q: Do you guys have to develop a chemistry so you’re able to see the same things and know what adjustments you have to make in the course of a game.

ALDON SMITH: Anybody that’s filling Justin’s spot, we’re going to have to create chemistry because that’s the guy that has been beside me since I’ve been here. But people learn fast, and we’ve got a good coaching staff and a good group of guys who make everything easy. It will all work out.

Q: Tomsula is emphasizing tempo in the team drills, getting the offense out of the huddle real fast. What’s it like defensively to deal with an offense moving that rapidly?

ALDON SMITH: It makes us adjust a lot faster, and make sure we have our stuff ready to go so whenever they come up to the line, whether it’s 10 seconds before the ball is snapped or it’s right before the ball is snapped, we’re ready to be where we need to be and make plays.

Q: It looks like you’re in the best shape you’ve been in. Is that a fair assessment and how do you feel?

ALDON SMITH: I feel real good. My body feels good. I’m ready to go.

Q: Do you anticipate moving around the defense and rushing from different spots more than you did in the past?

ALDON SMITH: I’ve moved around a lot. I’m not sure if it’s going to be more than I have, but I’m comfortable with whatever. The more places I can be, the better.

Q: What are your impressions of Eli Harold so far?

ALDON SMITH: I like Eli. Eli has a good motor on him, he plays with a lot of intensity and he learns pretty well. I’m excited to see where he’s going to go.

Q: Do you sense that the players are rallying around the fact that a lot of guys nationally are counting you guys out this year?

ALDON SMITH: I don’t think anybody really pays attention to it like that. We’re just focusing on ourselves, making sure that we know what we’re supposed to do and everybody does their job correctly.

Q: But when you look around the locker room do feel like, “We’re being underestimated here”?

ALDON SMITH: When I look around the locker room, I just see a lot of new faces. That’s all. If anybody underestimates us that’s their problem. We’re confident in ourselves and we’ll be where we need to be when the season starts.

Q: Darnell Dockett is supposed to be, for lack of a better word, nuts. Have you noticed that?

ALDON SMITH: What was the word you used?

Q: Nuts – in a good way. How does that work with communication on the field when you’re trying to get to know a guy like that?

ALDON SMITH: We’re doing good, because I think everybody’s a little nuts.

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      1. Joe Fann @Joe_Fann
        John Clayton is all aboard the Aldon Smith hype train: “He’s going to be anywhere from 16-22 sacks, which is absolutely huge.”
        Joe Fann @Joe_Fann
        Clayton on Aldon cont.: “He’s that talented. If he feels good physically and moves around well physically, there’s no stopping him.” #49ers

          1. Yep, I think it will be a sack a game or better too. With solid contributions from Brooks, Lynch, Dockett and Tank as well.

            The performance of this D will be determined by the ability of the front 7 to stop the run and the quality of the pass rush. Both of which I think will be very good.

  1. I wonder if Ronda Rousey would be willing to be a gunner on STs………..
    She’s like FedEx….she delivers!

        1. She really doesn’t have to look at the other team for them to be intimidated. Just her presence is enough to do that.

  2. I believe Aldon will have a comeback year, but his success will have a lot to do with how stout our D-line plays.
    With both Justin Smith and McDonald gone the teeth of the D-line will need to be replaced.

    I’m interested on how Mangini will fill these two important gaps. Fangio was a great D-Cord, but he also had the fortune of great to good players:
    Justin Smith
    Patrick Willis
    N. Bowman
    Aldon Smith
    Carlos Rodgers
    T. Brown
    Of this group only Aldon and Bowman are back.

    Eric Reid can be a very good player if he remains healthy. The jury is still out on Ward (out because of injury).
    Can Dial, Tank, Dorsey Williams, and TJE become the stout D-lineman to help fill the gap? We’ll know soon enough.

    1. Justin Smith played with one arm.
      Patrick Willis’ toe slowed him down.
      Whitner was a flag inducer.
      Golston gained humility playing on a 2-14 team.
      Rogers and Brown could not even make the Raiders.
      Borland could not or would not take the hits.
      Cully has issues like Brass knuckles and homophobia.
      Every player has been replaced by younger faster players.
      Hope Moody makes the 53. He is a splendid physical specimen, just hope he masters the mental aspects, too

      1. Mental aspects like getting the proper reads and being in make the tackle.

      2. Does your list of failure and faults make Fangio a genius on defense for maintaining his high standards over four years?

      3. “Every player has been replaced by younger faster players.”
        ~ Seb

        Put in it’s simplest term, yes. But in reality, we have no idea if the youth and speed movement will have a positive effect on the team as of yet.

        When the 49ers signed Jim “Hacksaw” Reynolds back in their early SB runs – they were not signing a player for youth and speed. They wanted a skilled and experienced player that could add defensive stability and maturity, which he definitely provided.

        On the opposite side of the spectrum, Renaldo Nehemiah was an Olympic world-class sprinter who simply did not have the football acumen to play in the NFL.

        This team needs “ball’rs” ala retired Chris Borland who was labeled as too small and not enough speed. Yet, the kid was a straight up football player.

        Yes, I agree with the importance of youth and speed, but if not combined with football skill and desire (like Hacksaw and Borland) the ceiling for a player will be limited.

        1. Sorry, you are right. I was just being too simplistic.
          I should have said that some the replacements are younger and faster, but Baalke also picked up veteran talent to fill all holes and give strong depth. Like TSmith, Wright, Simpson, Pears, Bishop and Dockette.

  3. No. Fangio is not a genius. Bill Walsh is a genius. Fangio is very good, but he will be longing for that Niner defense this year after looking at the Bear defensive roster. Lets see how he does with them.

    1. Seb,

      I know you recognize a genius when you see one that’s why I’m trusting you on your cavalier comments regarding the NFL’s third ranked Defensive Coodinator, Vic Fangio.
      When your man, Mangenius, fails with his playbook because of blown assignments, and after the Bear kick our ass, 12/6/15, you’ll wish we had him back

      1. I am going to pay close attention to your posts because you are the genius who wants to trade Kaep for Tebow.

        1. Seb,

          A check of Grant’s last 3 articles will show that as the 49er season turns to a losing record because of an inadequate OL, the 49ers could trade Kap for Tebow
          and many draft picks…This is the 3rd time you’ve said it was a straight trade for Tebow, without mentioning the draft picks…So anyone wanting to know how to prepare for a debate with you now may consider you an outright liar.

          1. I take it back. You weren’t being ironic. I apologize for misrepresenting your Tebow comments.

          2. OK. I am going to try and ignore you, but you seem to want to engage me. So if you post me, I will just say that you are the brilliant genius who wants to trade Kaep for Tebow even with a million draft picks.

            1. Thank you, Seb,

              A little honesty in debate is all I ask…Regarding Kap, I’m just preparing you for Baalke and York’s modus operandi. Baalke or York floated the kap trade rumor, just like they floated the Harbaugh firing rumor. When the OL fails, Baalke will need a fall guy (haven’t you learned that no one wearing a suit ever excepts blame) so they’ll blame Kap. Please read the following to understand how much danger Kap is in.


              1. Like i rarely read your posts unless you address me, I will not waste a nanosecond reading TK.

  4. Matt Barrows ✔ @mattbarrows
    Kurt Warner at #49ers practice to check out his pupil.

      1. Cam Inman says that the guy standing next to Kurt is Geep. That kind of indicates that the offensive brain trust is interested in what Kurt has to say.

  5. A little off subject: Seattle had to release Tony McDaniel in the wake of the Wilson/Wagner contracts. (Apologies if already posted, but I didn’t see it.)

      1. Thanks for following up on this George. I saw the headline this morning but was busy with other stuff. If I recall correctly, McDaniel was a pretty stout run defender. The Seachickens will miss him.

        I hope our OL looks better today. Yeah, I know it’s early on in TC, but this group has me a bit more than just concerned.

        1. Your feeling are just left over from last season. Oh, wait, they lost two of the top linemen who finished the 2014 season. Now I’m worried.

    1. The Seahawks have a lot of money tied up in Wilson, Wagner, Sherman, Thomas, Lynch, Okung, Graham, Chancellor, Bennett and Avril. They won’t be able to hold onto them all next year as well as re-sign their young players coming off contract.

      1. My guess is that Chancellor, Lynch, Okung, and Bennett could be on the chopping block after this season.

        1. Will be interesting to see what they do with Jimmy Graham. He’s on a lot of money each year and they take zero cap hit by releasing him at any point.

      2. That’s the intent behind the payroll cap. No more Eddie heavy spending. Too bad because I loved having an owner who would out spend everyone else. Now JJ wouldn’t be so lovable.

  6. Seen tweets from TK on 49erswebzone that the sod is coming up just as bad today.

    1. Not according to Baalke’s man JimT. Can you imagine JimT doing what JimH did last year with guests in the house?

  7. Hey, ya gotta love Philly. Remember when Eagles fans booed Santa Claus?
    They’re at it again:
    “HitchBot” got mugged in Philly. It was found dismembered in an alley. Google this story, it’s amusing, and so ‘City Of Brotherly Love.’

    1. Ha. Yeah, I saw that. Apparently, he made it fine hitchhiking through a number of European countries, but didn’t last two weeks in the U.S.

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