Aldon Smith Q&A


As 112president requested on twitter, here’s the complete transcript of the interview with 49ers rookie Aldon Smith.


Q: What time did you come in to the facility today?

ALDON SMITH: 12 p.m.

Q: Does it feel real to you?

ALDON SMITH: Yeah, I’d say so. Getting my locker felt real.

Q: Have you had a chance to meet with coach Harbaugh?

ALDON SMITH: Yeah I talked to him earlier today.

Q: Was it a long conversation?

ALDON SMITH: Not really, it was just a little brief conversation. I was headed out. He was headed out.

Q: Talk about getting your locker. You must have been dreaming about that your whole life.

ALDON SMITH: Seeing my helmet and seeing my number and everything was cool. It was real.

Q: What have the veterans told you about training camp?

ALDON SMITH: Work hard, listen, pay attention, and take everything seriously. It’s a job.

Q: Did you meet with the defensive coordinator today?

ALDON SMITH: Yeah, we talked for a little while. I just left getting my playbook.

Q: Have you had a chance to go through it?

ALDON SMITH: Not yet, I just picked it up.

Q: Looking at the size of it, how does it compare with what you’re used to in college?

ALDON SMITH: Couple more pages (laughs).

Q: About the size of a telephone book?

ALDON SMITH: Something like that. It’s pretty big.

Q: Have they told you what spot they envision you playing on the defense?

ALDON SMITH: Not yet, I know it’s an outside linebacker.

Q: They haven’t told you if you’re playing strong-side or weak-side?


Q: What was your offseason workout?

ALDON SMITH: I was here working out at San Jose St. with some of the other guys. We did some running, conditioning, and lifting.

Q: There was some talk of you playing as a down lineman on third downs like you did at Missouri. Did Fangio go over any of that with you?

ALDON SMITH: Not really today. I just went in there and asked him what the playbook had in it and what I needed to know by day 1.

Q: Are you pleased with your number?

ALDON SMITH: It’s 48. I’m not wearing that. Hopefully I get something in the 50s.

Q: How do you feel about playing outside linebacker?

ALDON SMITH: I’m excited. I’m an athlete; I’m going to adapt. I’m going to play it.

Q: Have you played it before?

ALDON SMITH: No, but I have stood up before and played.

Q: How’s your conditioning?

ALDON SMITH: I think we’re all in really good shape because we’ve been working hard every day. They can see when we do the conditioning test. That’s when they can see if we did right or not. Our conditioning test is on Thursday. Our physicals are tomorrow.

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