Alex Smith on Jim Harbaugh: “I have not talked to Coach in quite a while.”

SANTA CLARA – Alex Smith was interviewed by Bay Area reporters on a conference call Wednesday afternoon. Here’s a transcript.

Q: Is it weird it to be game planning and studying the 49ers’ defense as an opponent?

AS: It is and it isn’t. It’s so far removed. I feel like a lot has happened since then and we played them last year in the preseason. A lot has gone on. In the football world a year and a half is a long time. Also, though, for the guys who are still there, it’s funny to be watching Justin on tape and Patrick and those guys I played so long with. It is funny to be watching it a little bit. But there also is a bunch of new faces too and a new stadium that I’ve never been to.

Q: What is your perspective when you view them now as a team you’re trying to beat?

AS: It’s no different than what I knew then. They have a pretty, pretty, pretty good, pretty stout…it’s tough to find much there. They’re a stingy defense. They’re physical up front. They’re smart. They’re well coached. Certainly a big challenge this week.

Q: Do you have any inkling about how you’ll be received by the fans when you come here?

AS: Haven’t thought about it and I guess no idea. I don’t know. I guess we’ll find out.

Q: You’ve talked about the pressure you put on yourself being the No.1 pick. The Chiefs gave up a fair amount to get you. Did your past experience prepare you for that pressure?

AS: Yeah, that certainly played a part in it. I think a lot of stuff played into that, even what happened there at the end of the year, losing my job, a little bit of it. Worrying about anything that was outside of your control and dwelling on any of that stuff is only going to have a negative impact. As much as that stuff is there, good, bad or indifferent, you just try to focus and you eliminate all that clutter and distractions and you focus on the things you can control, and that’s going out there and trying to be prepared and play good football. So, yeah, certainly in a much better frame of mind to handle the opportunity last year.

Q: Was it like, this is the type of quarterback I am, this is the type of person I am, take it or leave it?

AS: Oh, for sure more comfortable with who I am as a person and a player. And at the same time that’s not to say you’re stubborn or not going to change. You certainly are constantly working on your weaknesses and trying to improve. I think you also have a far better understanding of what wins football games from the quarterback position. And for me, it was so many little things that went into playing winning football. It’s not always the big impressive throw. It’s some of the little things you do over and over and over again over the course of 60, 70, 80 plays in a game that are winning football. So I think I have a better understanding of that.

Q: Is there a common thread among the coaches that you’ve had – Urban Meyer, Jim Harbaugh and now Andy Reid?

AS: It’s hard to compare any of those guys. Everybody comes at it their own way and their individual style. It’s tough. Certainly the common thread between Coach Reid and Coach Harbaugh is they’re both quarterback-guys as head coaches, so that’s different. You have a head coach that’s in your quarterback meetings and coaching you on the field. I think other than that, though, it’s tough to compare them. Certainly they’re all very detailed in how they coach the position. Success and execution, it certainly comes down to the details and how the plays are coached. It’s less about X’s and O’s at that point.

Q: What do you like best about playing in Andy Reid’s offense?

AS: That’s tough. I think the attitude and the environment that he sets as the head coach. He’s one of the best teachers that I’ve been around in the sense of really teaching the details of smaller things and developing that, not only in the classroom but on the field. He really creates an environment of cutting it loose and we’ll fix mistakes as we go and we’ll roll. Coaches coach and players play and it’s your job to go out there and be yourself and play football.

Q: Even though you didn’t win a Super Bowl, do you feel like you finished your business with the 49ers?

AS: I do, yeah, to be honest. I really did kind of feel that. Felt like it was complete. Felt like we had rebounded. Took a lot longer than I ever thought. Got the organization back where it needed to be and better than when I came here. So yeah, in a sense, definitely. Didn’t have any regrets when I left.

Q: Do you have any bitterness about the way things went down?

AS: I don’t. I don’t at all. No, I was so excited about this opportunity when that happened. I felt like that chapter was done for me and I was really excited about moving on to this next opportunity. I think because of everything that happened over the course of my career I was so much more appreciative of how fragile the opportunity is to get to start and play in this game and, for me, I was just full go on it and going to do everything I could to take advantage of it and run with it and not look back. So, no, bitterness at all.

Q: Did you actively try to make sure that the guys that were loyal to you didn’t do anything and kept with the team, the team, the team mentality?

AS: I actively tried to be a good teammate and do what was right. I felt like coaches coach and they have to make their decisions and do it. Players play and those are things outside of my control. This is a team game. I wasn’t going to put myself or my situation ahead of any of that. I know I said that at the time. I still feel the same way. There is no one bigger than the team. That certainly was my frame of mind.

Q: Jim Harbaugh said there would be no pregame butt slapping and hugging with you. Is that accurate? Is that something you guys had talked about in advance?

AS: I haven’t talked to anybody. I haven’t given it much thought, no.

Q: He made it sound as if he’d had this conversation with you.

AS: No.

Q: Do you guys talk much anymore.

AS: I have not talked to Coach in quite a while.

Q: Did the 49ers make the right choice in going with Colin over you or did they possibly make a mistake?

AS: I’m not even going to answer that, man. I haven’t thought about it. At this point it is not even relevant.

Q: Did you ever talk to Kaepernick during that time?

AS: Yeah, Kap and I talked and sent text messages. It’s been a little while as well. It’s tough to talk to anybody in the middle of the season.

Q: How is A.J. Jenkins doing?

AS: He’s doing well. A.J. is doing great. Working hard. He’s developed a lot over the last few years here in this system. Very excited for him.

Q: How have you improved since you’ve been on the Chiefs?

AS: A lot of it is getting more reps and you’re getting better. It’s certainly a whole other coaching staff and a way of doing things here, and Coach Reid has coached a lot of great quarterbacks. Seems like an endless supply of knowledge. Every day I try to soak it up and take in something. The more games you play in and the more practice reps you get, you’re constantly learning and trying to get better.

Q: You signed a contract extension with the Chiefs. Does that give you some assurance that they you view you as their quarterback now and deep into the future?

AS: In a sense. Maybe just for this year. You realize even though, yeah, you end up signing a multi-year deal, you learn how fragile this thing is. It’s a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately business and you’ve got to go out every single week and prove it. And that’s the deal. I’ve played long enough to know that. The contract extension was nice in the sense that I really didn’t feel like I had to go out there, that this year was done and I wasn’t going to be…there wasn’t that unknown at the end of the year. But at the same time, I really feel like every week you’ve got to go out there and re-prove yourself.

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      1. Great. Willtalk won’t be able to control himself. He will milk this for the rest of the season.

      2. Wow!? Lucy from Peanuts could do a better psychoanalysis than this for $.05, LOL.
        I didn’t get much new from this wordy piece. Harbaugh is an odd duck. Every oddball has to go to Napa State Hospital? Are you holding back? Should it maybe be Vacaville’s Medical Correction facility? Perhaps the Gulag?
        Sheesh, its media mole hill into mountain fluff; you’re going to accept this? ‘kay.

        1. I couldn’t even that piece of trash article Brotha. It’s stuff like this that made me stop subscribing to ESPN Magazine a few years back.

  1. Alex may not be a supper dynamic QB, but he is a top half of the league QB with decent coaching. It’s a shame he lost so much development time with our clueless coaches early in his career.

    Through it all he’s always been a class act. Great person. It seems like people like him should get talked about more than all the idiots doing stupid stuff. I always liked him. Glad he’s in a good situation in KC. Just hope we beat them Sunday.

    1. The guys doing stupid stuff makes for better news. Alex Smith is boring to the media. Just shows up and does his job.

      1. There’s nothing exciting about Kaepernick. Just give me a regular “consistent” guy who protects the ball and does what’s expected of him by his coaches.

  2. CK has the arm, the legs, and the youthfulness on his side. What he needs now is half the brain of Alex Smith. That would make him the perfect QB. Problem is you can’t teach or learn intelligence. You know like burning a timeout when your trying to draw an offside penalty on a defense, mind you on 4th down.Frickin dumb a$$!

    1. I don’t think he will make that mistake again…….

      what I am want to see him do is relax – pump fake……..I have yet to see Ckone pump fake the ball in a game. That to me shows a sense of command.

      Also the latest news from boone about lack of command in the huddle is troubling……

      1. Boone said that about CK? Did he actually say that? That would mean they are losing confidence in him?

    2. The problem with Kaep is not inteligence its football IQ, the ability basically instinctively react correctly… ie throw the ball out of bounds to avoid a sack, feel the blitz and understand where your outlets will be without necessarily seeing them.

      Alex was not necessarily better at this than CK, we tend to have rose colored glasses with him but he had a lot of faults instinctively as qb as well. Holding onto the ball to long, not trusting what he was seeing, etc.

      However, as person he certainly comes across as first class.

      1. Spin it how you want and use different words but at the end of the day, CK is not a very smart QB. Game management, reading defenses, understanding down and distance, all things he is struggling with in his now what? 4th year?

        1. Primetime– You have the audacity to mention the word spin. If you were an old lady the word “spinster” would have double meaning in respect to you. And as to struggling you seem to be doing that constantly in respect to objectivity.

        2. Prime: CK went to University of Nevada and I read it’s not a Pro-Style school. Maybe that makes a big diff.

          1. I disagree. The NFL is a completely different game. Guys that have the ability to think the game, learn the game, be students of the game have the capability to lead others. They know what everyone else should be doing.
            CK is relying too much on his legs and instincts and gets baited into bad decisions.

    3. When you have been told to always call a time out when drawing the off sides fails then you always do so providing you have not been told other wise. Harbaugh confirmed he should have but didn’t tell him to do so. You haters will take every opportunity you can get or spin to try to make your point. Oh by the way- To justify calling some one dumb you have to be smarter than they are. Everyone know or should know that there has been a communication problem between the coaches and the field for years. Once more evidenced by the misunderstanding in the game before on the fake punt. It is a wonder you are not trying to blame Kaep for that one as well.

      1. Will……….. Still there was no excuse for that bonehead timeout call. If you saw the look on Harbaugh’s face after he made the mistake. It would tell you what he actually thought of the bonehead move. A Rookie should know you dont call a timeout while trying to draw the other team offsides.

        1. Harbaugh often has that look on his face. He was not happy with the call time out, but that does not mean he with more time to think didn’t realize it was on him. There is entirely too much confusion through out this team. Players do not line up correctly. The calls do not get in on time. All these problems have existed for some time and were stated by the coaches as needing to be improved upon. But here we are and they are still happening. It is an organizational not player problem. It happens too often. The same problems were there when Alex was under center.

          1. True, but Im talking about that particular play. Harbaugh could have seen his face in the review of it and didnt like the fact that he looked like he wanted to strangle his qb. Who knows. But NO Qb should have to be told not to call a timeout there. Obviously CK does. THAT is on the coaches.

        2. Ninermd— It depends entirely on the circumstance. It was this specific circumstance that made it a mistake. Perhaps Kaep should have considered the circumstance and not made the call, however in any play the coach should always remind the player. When you are thinking about multiple things it is easy to forget details which is what Harbaugh obviously did. Also when you are conditioned to do the same thing everytime than it takes a conscious effort to do something differently. Which is what Kaep said. He was told and conditioned to call a time out after a failed attempt to draw of sides. What I resent is calling someone a “Dumb A$$” under those questionable circumstances. The fault could lie or be shared by multiple individuals. So it becomes easy to just put the blame on the person that suites your agenda.

          1. CK never came off the field for Harbaugh to remind him of that. CK should know not to call a timeout in that case. Harbaugh shouldnt and Id like to think wouldnt tell him to do so at that time. Made NO sense, CK screwed that one up on his own. Bro

          2. Hindsight is 20/20.

            After the concussion, and CK came on the screen. I was pretty excited to see CK. But after a few bonehead plays back, like the Saints game, Rams game, I had my doubts. Even during the big run up the SuperBowl, I just had a feeling. Of course I didn’t care how we win the SB so long as we win it. And then when CK made that lame throw, I felt like my sinking feeling was vindicated, not because of ability, but intelligence and experience. Stuff we take for granted.
            Last year it was time to send Alex off, and I was excited to see what CK can do. The excuses for him last year that it was only his X amount of starts. Yeah well, so what?

            Russell Wilson was only in his 2nd year and he got it done!

            It was an up and down year for Colin. Exciting plays mixed with bonehead mistakes. His NFCCG was god awful.

            This year it looked like it was going to be a new year, but we are seeing the same inability to really be a pocket QB. There’s no way the Niners win it all if CK’s main strength is his running. Eventually he will get hurt.

            CK really isn’t that smart for a QB. There’s a reason he went to Reno. Smith graduated in 2 years! On the Walking Dead all the zombies would want to eat his brains for sure.

            Someone asked which QB would you rather have? Even back during the switch, you have to go with Colin to see what he can do.

            But now, with his body of work, I’m not so sure. Alex is better than I expected, he’s not elite but good enough that you can’t come him out.

            I have my doubts Colin will ever each and fulfill his potential.

            His only intangible is his running ability and athleticism. He’s not a leader and lacks composure.

            He is a middle of the pack QB, and will be joining Robert Griffith on the sidelines eventually.

            1. We get it fan..u hate ck..he’s gonna fail..blah..blah..blah..He’s dumb..yada yada yada…..same sh’t different day..At the end of the day..He’s better than the guy he replaced..I don’t care what u and prime say..

            2. This potential everyone keeps talking about with CK is what? Reading the defense better? Playing within the pocket? Managing the game more efficiently?
              1 year, 2 year, 3 year, 4th year, same offense, same coordinator, better personnel each year?
              I know I know, patience, only X amount of starts, 2 NFC championship games, a SB appearance. All fantastic attributes but one small problem. Window is closing on a really good team with its leader not regressing but neither progressing to a championship level.

              1. You can criticize the O-Line, the Defense, Harbaugh, Gore, Crabs. But Kaep is off limits for Bay Area what’s his face.

              2. Prime,

                We gave your master 8 years and he got benched then dumped like a red headed step-child. I’m as critical of KAP as anyone here. However, he’s still got quite a few years left. SMITH AIN’T COMING BACK! Lol :(

              3. 23 Jordan, I’d try to talk football with you but all you are is critical. You just complain about everything, just looking for miserable situation to talk about. Maybe that’s why you have no respect around here, dark cloud 24/7.

              4. Maybe that’s why you have no respect around here, dark cloud 24/7.

                Don’t forget about the welching and other acts of dishonesty.

            3. Fansince77: Don’t even know why I waste may time responding to the idiotic or blind. Do you even see the total lack of protection the offensive line has given the QB this season. Do you realize to be a pocket QB you have to have a pocket? Not only have the edge rushers pressured him but the weakest part of the line is the pressure from the middle. He can not even step up to avoid the rush. I am totally convinced that most of your critics are usually three sheets to the wind when you watch the games because if you were blind it would be too difficult to post and not worth your while.

              You might want to do as Ninormd did and watch the game again on replay. They usually do not look the same after the fact and sans the emotions fans feel when watching a game in real time.

              1. Willtalk, did the offensive line force CK into 2 INTs and a lost fumble vs. the Bears because of poor pass protection?

              2. Fan is garbage. Can’t judge CK till we get our oline fixed. Gotta have faith that the boys up front are going to get it together.

              3. Yes I watched the game. I’m not a coach, never said I was. When Colin drops back I see an impatient QB who is slow to go through his progressions or have an pocket awareness. I see a QB that we can trust to put the ball in his hands, that we really need to lean back on the run game despite having a competent group of possession WRS who are good route runners.
                The O-Line did not play well, but at the same Colin tries to avoid press instead of taking the 3 step drop to get rid of the ball.
                Guess what? Greg Cosell said that exact same thing about Colin. That he sense pressure that’s not there. That this is who he is and how he plays the game. As a fan I want my team to win, and I see a QB who is an enigma, and the bigger the body of work, the more I am starting to see that he is not that bright, and may never figure out what it take to be a champion. I’m not saying Alex Smith is one either.
                You see the intangibles in Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson.
                Colin is just a phenomenal athlete, but he really hasn’t done anything with his gifts to will his team to a win.

              4. Fan is garbage.

                Yes, anyone who unfairly criticizes his team’s QB is garbage.

                Wait a minute, what?

              5. Primetime; One of those interceptions was a take away out of Crabs hands ( not a well thrown ball ). Another was not because of a lack of reading the defense as some have stated but because the lb left the read and his man. That was what Aikman ( the color man state ) He says it was not a missread but a good play by the defense. The fumble was not carelessness by Kaep but a direct hit from the defenders helmet from the side as he was going down, which no one could have held on too. If it had hit anything but the ball it would have been a penalty for leading with the helmet on a hit. This is another example of where stats do not tell the whole story. Another example of your spin to make your agenda point.

              6. If it had hit anything but the ball it would have been a penalty for leading with the helmet on a hit.

                You might want to read the NFL rulebook before opining on what is and is not a penalty.

                Another example of your spin to make your agenda point.

                Pot meet kettle. Kettle, this is pot.

              7. Willtalk a very well thought and calculated explanation of CK’s costly turnovers against the Bears. I do also recall a couple throws that game and in the AZ that also could have been and should have been INT’s.
                Regardless the turnovers changed the game. They fall on the player throwing the ball and carrying the ball. The Bear defenders made great plays, CK helped in those situations. He also in both games had opportunities to lead game winning drives, what happened? My point is he is not a leader, a player who makes others around him better players.

                Also, this agenda you speak of, curious to know what you think that is?

    4. so u think it was kap’s idea to go for it on fourth down and try and draw them offsides??

      1. It was definitely on Kaep that he called the timeout like the bonehead that he is! Who said I hate Kaep? i don’t hate him, he just disappoints me. Greg Cosell said it best, Kaep is a tease.

        1. I don’t understand..If u have no intention of goin for it..Wouldnt u just punt..Ive seen harbaugh do this several times. As neither of us were on the sideline..We cant way or the other.But..Seein as tho Harbaugh can be cavalier with challenges that rarely work out..Having Timeouts don’t seem to worry him…That’s his call..U either go for it..or punt…

        2. Fan,

          Have you noticed that nobody on this blog comments on Greg Cosell except you. It’s because the Smithers like you are scarred from Cosell’s weekly criticism of Smith. They discredited Cosell then and so he has no credibility now. Don’t waste your time quoting Cosell. His thoughts fall on deaf ears. So do 99.9% of yours. Lol

          1. 23Jordan.

            All you do is make stuff up on this blog. I never discredited Cosell. You even bring him up in your Smith Bashing.

            1. DS/ Smithfan2014,

              What are you talking about? I never said you discredited Cosell. What are you smoking?

              How would you know what I’ve said about Cosell in the past. You weren’t even on this blog!!!! Of course you were DSxerer3156543!!

              1. 23 Welcher,
                Cosell clearly did not think highly of Smith. You clearly do not like Smith. Others on this blog asked Grant to post podcasts from — hmmmm… Cosell!

              2. If there was a column that featured Cosell I might comment on him too. When was the last time we saw that? What, is he behind a paywall now?

      2. No Dizzy but why does Harbaugh have to spell it for him that we don’t want to call time out in that situation?
        Harbaugh said because that’s what they always do and shouldering the blame.
        But as we all know football is very specific, situational type of game. CK should have known better.

        1. We can make a list of all the bonehead decisions that CK has made as a starter, along with a list of great plays that only he can make, and the list of bonehead decisions is way longer.
          All his great moments involve him running. But has he had a run as amazing as the one that Steve Young made against the Vikings? No. CK is fast. He’s a tease.
          But playing the QB position is about smarts and leadership and right now those are his weaknesses. You can tell how he plays the position it’s all about kaepernicking. Kissing his biceps, getting his stats. He could have thrown the ball to Gore in the flat so many times, but he rather run it. he only throws in desperation, even that playground pass, which was amazing, but you really can’t run a real offense that way.

          1. I like that run against seattle in last yrs’ playoff game..if that counts..which it was a playoff game..Hell I like that pass to Boldin over Earl Thomas too….Getting his stats? not in this offense fan..This offense limits him in certain aspects..

        2. I’ve seen harbaugh do this..act like he’s gonna go for it and then end up punting ..Hell he was on the five yard line against Carolina in the reg season meeting..He wouldn’t go for it then..So he had no attention of goin for it..And the drawing offsides hasn’t worked in our favor anyway..I knew he was gonna end up punting….Harbaugh wasn’t lying..I seen endless timeouts burned out with our previous qb..Im telling u..It’s Harbaugh…

          1. They would prefer to blame it on Kaep since it fits with their preconceived beliefs and agenda. They look for every opportunity to make their point.

          2. So Dee, how does this happen. Wouldn’t that have been a basic that CK would have had drummed into him in college. What’s your take and who’s responsibility is it, QB or 1 of the coaches??

            1. mary-Harbaugh is all about field position..It’s only five yards..But that’s his’s Harbaugh.So U either go with the mindset that were gonna go for it regardless.u can try to draw offsides..if it doesn’t work. take timeout after seeing their defensive alignment have a lil discussion.and either punt or u know actually go for it..My point was he wasn’t goin for it anyway..So that timeout is his fault

        3. I posted one of those Cosell podcasts that I got from Ninernation from the last game. I thought it was good.

  3. “Did the 49ers make the right choice in going with Colin over you or did they possibly make a mistake?”

    One of the dumbest question I’ve seen around here, and I’ve seen a lot of those type of questions!

    1. And they asked Colin the same question. Seriously, a dumb-ass question purely designed to try and spark some controversy.

    2. I’m wayyy crustier than Alex, but I would’ve answered that question like this:
      “Are you serious?”

  4. Alex is one of the goodguys. I’d pick him over Kaepernick in a heartbeat. In many ways, football is a lot like basketball. Everything gets decided in the 4th quarter, usually in the final two minutes. In no shape and form would I want Colin Kaepernick throwing the final pass to Crabtree, no way. Alex Smith has a proven record of winning games in the final seconds. Never once in the NFL has Kaep’s passing led a team to a late quareter come-back.

    Sadly, in this day and age of high-upside exchitement, a QB no longer has to prove himself anywhere buy in his physical measurables. Colin still can’t read defenses.

    1. Ckone is special…the guy can RUN

      Football is very easy when your QB can run like Ckone, it is the inexperience stuff that is killing us

    2. Are you sure about that Folkwolf101? Have you seen our Oline lately? Seems like Kap is always running for his life!! They are having a tough time with pass protection; Injuries, etc. Now don’t get me wrong. Alex is a really good QB. But do you think Alex makes throws on the run like Kap does? ….. I don’t think so. In a perfect world where the oline holds up and gives our QB a little time, then yes. I can see Alex over Kap. But under the current state of affairs of our Oline. No. Alex will take a sack. We’ve seen it before.

      1. I can’t take him serious. KAEP is younger with a lot more upside to him. It made no sense to keep Smith. Now if we can only get roman to call fly routes so KAEP can air it out.

        1. There are all sorts of ways to get a receiver deep, but our roster doesn’t really have guys who run the 9. Maybe Elliington or Lloyd, but even those guys want to set you up and then break deep. Michael, Anquan, and Jimmy or Patton aren’t going to run through coverages; bless their highly productive (hoping with QP) hearts, but that’s not their game.

          1. You make a very good point. I would be fine seeing VD or Ellington running a seam or skinny post. Anything just to make safeties back the flip up

            1. Yup. Only a few of JR’s TDs were 9s. (but one walk-off against the G-men was The Bomb!).

              1. That was the “stunned silence in the Meadowland’s” game. One my favorite 49er games of all time. Same goes for Jerry’s catch and run.

            2. The protection hasn’t held up long enough for us to chuck it deep. These guys have been horrible this year. In pass protection and running the ball. Our offensive line is killing us.

    3. Folkwolf- You allow your feelings for Alex and the way you believe he was given a short end of the stick to dictate your perception of Kaep. It is evident because when you focus on Kaeps perceived shortcomings they are ironically the same as Alex’s perceived strengths. You betray your bias in this way. By selectively comparing Alex’s perceived strengths to Kaeps perceived weaknesses you are only attempting to justify your opinion that Alex should have never been replaced. That is a form of rationalization. Rationalizing is when we select only the individual parts of the whole that support our argument and ignoring what does not. We ration the truth.

  5. I hope I can catch one of Smith roll right throw it out of bounds passes. And have the better QB sign it after. WHEEEEEEEW!!!!!

      1. Sorry didnt know there was a problem with trash talking THE OTHER TEAMS PLAYERS! Stay Ghost you wanna be!

        1. MD,

          Ghost doesn’t have an opinion. He’s just critical of everyone elses. Must be sad being you. Maybe you’re really a Ghost. Invisible!! Lol

          1. Apparently. He doesn’t know the meaning of class either. He acts like I attacked the guy personally. What a clown.

  6. Q: Did the 49ers make the right choice in going with Colin over you or did they possibly make a mistake?

    AS: I’m not even going to answer that, man. I haven’t thought about it. At this point it is not even relevant.
    ~ Bay Area Sports Reporters and Alex Smith

    Was wondering how long it would be before this question was asked. But Alex is the consummate professional/gentleman and stayed away from any controversial answer.

    I’m happy for Alex’ success and hope he has a very good game as long as the 49ers win.
    I would like to see the true Faithful fans (attending the game) give Alex a highly deserving ovation when he is introduced.
    I may have been critical of Alex pre-Harbaugh, but I have to respect a player who never quit on the team and was player that you never had to be concerned of with character issues on or off the field.

    Also, there are a handful of games that I remember as being historical (to me at least) throughout my 40+ years as a 49er fan and one of those games was Alex’ fantastic game against the Saints in the playoffs a few years ago – Wow!

    1. Im pretty sure WE will give him some love. As far as him doing well…NO WAY! Until hes introduced on the field. He’s gonna get treated like every other enemy. With absolute……. lol Smith sucks…. Gonna get destroyed…. Poor mans Garcia…. Yada yada yada…. All in good fun. lol

    2. I would hope that some of the posters who are fans of Alex would show the same class he displays in respect to the issue of his being replaced and traded to KC. Do you really believe Alex would approve of the hate and vitriol some of you are showing to the present QB on his behalf?

      1. What hate and vitriol? I don’t think you know what those words mean.

        And please stop with the amateur psychoanalysis. Congratulations on keeping good notes from your Psych 101 class, but that hardly qualifies you as an expert. If you’re going to analyze anyone, start with yourself.

        1. Remember you are clueless as to my qualifications. Besides you need to have a modicum of understanding to do that. Stated nothing Psych related on this thread. Only gave a definition of rationalization. It’s is a relatively simple and common sense conclusion that is what you are doing in respect to you criticism in respect to Kaep most of the time.

          I haven’t even come close to analizing any of the posters on this board yet. Trust me! You wouldn’t like it if I chose to do so.

          1. Willpretendtoknowwhathe’stalkingabout:

            Remember you are clueless as to my qualifications.

            Feel free to dazzle us with your qualifications. I assume you got your degree at the same school where E got his degree in business management.

            It’s is a relatively simple and common sense conclusion that is what you are doing in respect to you criticism in respect to Kaep most of the time.

            What criticism would that be? Your grasp of the facts appears to be no better than your grasp of psychological concepts.

            I haven’t even come close to analizing any of the posters on this board yet. Trust me! You wouldn’t like it if I chose to do so.

            Oh look, a threat. I’m frightened to death, and not just by your complete lack of professionalism. Keep in mind, however, that the rest of us can offer up amateur psychoanalysis just as well as you can.

            By the way, if you’re gong to hold yourself out as a qualified analyst, you might want to learn how to spell “analyzing” correctly. Just a thought.

            1. Claude — you left out the part where you scream: “Grant can look up your email address and tell us what city you live in.”

            2. I want to stay as far away as possible from anyone trying to “analize” me without my consent.

          2. Hahaha Willtalk Leave me out of your critique please cause I’m a live and let live kinda gal. My only crime is I’m a Seahawk fan who doesn’t automatically hate all other fan bases.

          3. @willtalk….please stop this childish rant…..there is no hate or vitrol against Ckone…..

      2. Critiquing pocket passing, game management efficiency, reading defenses and relying on your pure athleticism is related to hate and vitriol in what way?

        1. Primetime- The validity of criticism hinges on intent. If it were objective than it wouldn’t be vitriol. But when a person chooses to completely focus on the negatives with out considering any variables or positives than the intent is not positive criticism but hate. You mentioned spin earlier in this thread and the examples you give as Kaeps shortcomings are clearly laced with spin and agenda. Most of those shortcomings are purely subjective opinions on your part. My other statement also expressed that your examples given for those shortcomings are not exclusive to Kaep alone but other QB at various times in certain games. Example you talked about Kaeps interceptions and fumbles against Seattle yet Manning had the same number under the same conditions against them in the Superbowl. Yet you would never accuse Manning of not being able to read defenses.

          The criteria you set for one QB must also be applicable to every other QB as well or it may be defined as biased. This is something you and other posters on this site are guilty of in respect to your criticisms of Kaep. You pick and chose your criteria in respect to him and him alone.

          1. Criteria, agenda, objective, subjective, analysis, what the hell? I thought we were talking football.
            Ok I’ll put it to you in simple terms Dr.Willtalk. You are a joke!
            CK has not developed into the efficient QB many expected this last offseason and now into 4 games. He needs to be more effective in limiting turnovers, being a leader on the field.
            How that relates to other QB’s in the NFL is insignificant. We are talking about the 49ers QB. Why would I need to have a sample size or comparison to why other QB’s turn the ball over?
            My intent is a SB. No other agenda. I want more or expect more out of the QB position. It’s SF. It’s the norm. Who cares about Manning or anyone else?

            1. Prime,

              Kap had one miserable half against the Bears where he committed 3 out of his 5 TO’s this season. In the other 3 and a half games, he has 2. I’m not sure where all this lack of being a leader is coming from either. He’s been a leader since he took over two years ago.

              His numbers are better so far in every other category to last season percentage wise and they’ve had a chance to win every game they’ve played. Let it play out and stop focusing solely on the QB. There are other issues with this team that have led to the losses too.

              1. Alex Boone explain the delay of game problems is because other players are talking in the huddle –

                with that comment from Boone you can assume Ckone does not command the huddle – this issue has been around too long…..

                we led the league in delay of game penalties last yr and currenly leading this year

    3. Alex smith was terrible in that game until the 4th quarter. A lot of people on here with selective memory

      1. “Alex smith was terrible in that game until the 4th quarter. A lot of people on here with selective memory” ~ Tyrant

        I guess you might say the I’ve come to have a better appreciation of good QB play in the 4th quarter of late, especially over the last couple of years.

  7. For the record. I will be trash talking our thrown out ex QB. He is an enemy this week. If you have a problem with it, you should really check your loyalty. Must be nice to have a win win situation even if your team loses. Like Onelame!

      1. LOL And you being a “seahawks fan” Has the nerve to come on a 49er blog and tell a 49er fan something a 6 year old would say on the playground? Thats DS nerves.
        So did you answer my question yet? Since youre a seahawk fan who would you take Wilson or Smith? Ohand a bonus question…. Whats your name on the Seahawk blogs? Id like to see what you have to say over there. Or maybe the KC one. How about it “Mary”

        1. I’ve said it b/4, I rarely post anywhere. I read everything I can on the Hawks and their opponents each week. I would take RusselW over AS. I would take RW over anyone. That being said RW and ALuck will be compared during their careers.

          1. Wilson is not that great of a QB but what he does well like all champions do, they make others around them better players. Our QB has not been able to do that.

            1. Prime, RW is a good solid QB who does not lose games.How many teams around the league can say that. I won’t debate this with you. Seahawks won the SB last year b/c they had the most balanced team. We are ranked #1 right now even though a repeat hasn’t occurred since 2005. On the other hand the Niners are not in the top 10 and CK is rarely ever mentioned.

              1. I actually like Wilson because he is a winner and makes average guys more productive.
                The only question I have for you is why are you on here debating the merits of the Seahawk franchise on a site of your heated rival? And please spare us that you want to talk football?

              2. Mary..If yall didn’t have lynch..That offense wouldn’t be jack…no pun intended to Mr.Hammer..But.Make no mistake.That offense starts with him..that takes pressure off a qb..The difference is..Our running game failed in that seattle game in the playoffs.

            2. yeah run around til your man is open and throw up pray making others better I guess….But…I will say …Russell has a helluva a play fake tho..

              1. Dee you are right — the running game is really important to us. BTW, Gore is looking good. I was listening to PC latest press confer. after Bronco game and he said it was just a couple of plays the Broncos fooled us with and they were right back in the game. That’s all it takes with the 49ers too. That should be a good game on Thanksgiving.

            3. Crabtrees numbers went up, after ck started. How on earth does Wilson make anyone around him better? They are a run first team and none of his receivers are lights out and haven’t had a better year with him in their career. He is probably the most overrated qb in the league. HE won that Super Bowl? Not even close. Until his team was allowed to hold, they weren’t nothing but a contender. Now that they can’t they slipped to 11 the vs the pass.

              Mary if you don’t post anywhere else why here? Obsessed much with SF? Lol yeah right.
              And you read on opponents???? Well then beat it until November. DS you ain’t fooling anybody chick!

              1. Wilson made Golden Tate and Lockette look pretty good. Wilson has poise. When he scrambles he’s still looking to throw the ball. He has control of the game. He’s growing and getting better.

            1. Razor what did you think of the offense the 49ers ran last weekend, and are you still convinced they are moving towards a spread offense?

            2. Sorry Prime and I didn’t mean to get so defensive. I refuse to give explanations anymore about anything and it feels very liberating. BTW I enjoy your posts.

          2. Mary: I have stuck up for you in respect to your right to post on this site in the past and will do so again, but in this case you were out of line. His statement was not in respect to Seattle or you, rather just a statement to other 49er fans about his intent in respect to Alex. Are you a 49er fan? No reason for the personalized response you gave.

            1. Mary,

              The key to any team beating your SEACHICKENS is to throw over your slow, cover skills lacking linebackers to the tight ends. Treat them like San Diego did with Gates and Denver figured out late with Tammy.

              Too bad our tight end has quit this year. I hope the staff figures it out soon and calls him on it. I wished they would trade him to K.C. And put him on the plane with Smith to K.C.

              1. Kc doesn’t need a tight end they could use one of our receivers though I guess. Probably get more passes than they get here

              2. Because Colin choked in the big game, with his 3 picks and a fumble, we don’t get to call them the Seachickens. They are are World Champions and will continue to be a step ahead of the Niners, until Colin steps up his game.

              3. Hey Fan, the only reason they were in that game was because of Kap. He was the offense and had them 18 yards from a win. I know you prefer to dwell on the negative aspects of his game but he was the only QB who gave his team a chance to beat Seattle in the playoffs last year.

              4. No one is convincing me Alex Smith could have kept the 49ers close in that 2013 NFC Championship game. Nobody….

        1. Razor, BTW I’ve been looking high and low for something 49er self-destruct but can’t find anything. When you have time.

            1. Ugh the Tim Ripper Owens memory. I’ve tried to put that out of my mind Razor. Bad time in history for the Mighty Priest.

      2. Why don’t you help us out with another link to Bleacher Report, Mary Einstein? You’re a pariah on this blog and in no position to call anyone out. 97/100.

  8. Man………Watching this game again. Although CK put his head on vaca, He made some tough and unbelievable throws. I forget sometimes that he does have good accuracy on 3rd downs. and downfield.

    1. That is a point that certain fans seem to forget. Every QB/player has their strengths and weaknesses. Things they do well and things they are average or below average in. As I stated in a previous post certain fans seem to focus on the things that Kaep has a reputation for not being good in. The seem to focus on the games for every opportunity to look for and focus on such examples even though other and even elite QB often make similar plays. But if Kaep makes them it is proof that he has not developed.

      What people conveniently forget is that the offensive line weakness and receiver and running weaknesses this team had in at different times and degree’s both this year and last is what his strengths help to compensate for. Put a pocket or less athletic QB back there and this team ( and the QB) would have been knocked out of commission both last year and this year. This team as a whole started to decline due to injury and age during the end of 2012. It was not the same team of 2011. It is only now that some of the so called knowing fans are beginning to realize this team is not as talented as they thought it was. At least not when they have to deal with any injuries.

      1. Good post. I thought that 2011 was the 49ers best all round team. I thought that the 2012 team was floundering until Kaep took over and carried the team to the SB. Kaep made some magnificent throws downfield in 2012. He ignited that team. I thought that 2013 was Harbaugh’s best coaching job. That team floundered early on for various reasons but slowly progressed through the season and playoffs. I thought that they were as good as Seattle at the end but the 12th and 13th Man was the difference for them at home in the NFCCG.

    2. MD,

      He still flat out misses the occasional throw he should make, but a lot of the misses in that game last week came because he was under pressure. The Crabtree miss that should have been a TD came because he had two pass rushers on him to that side and had to unload it before he wanted to.

      Kap still doesn’t set himself properly at times which contributes to poor accuracy, but this season it’s been more of an issue with his lack of protection imo.

      1. Rocket….. Right. I noticed the same. By the time he did have some time he did set the feet a couple of times. If he can set his feet after he uses his feet to avoid contact he will be deadly. He is far more accurate on the run. But like I said he has looked comfy at times. If he can start feeling that way more often, the footwork and mechanics will come next

  9. Mary’s Comments: That says it all!!!!

    Q: What do you like best about playing in Andy Reid’s offense?

    AS: That’s tough. I think the attitude and the environment that he sets as the head coach. He’s one of the best teachers that I’ve been around in the sense of really teaching the details of smaller things and developing that, not only in the classroom but on the field. He really creates an environment of cutting it loose and we’ll fix mistakes as we go and we’ll roll. Coaches coach and players play and it’s your job to go out there and be yourself and play football.

      1. You must have built up some impressive muscles in your arms drawing that long bow of yours…

        1. You’re missing or avoiding the point aren’t you, Scooter. What is your interpretation of AS’s words. Enlighten me. BTW he sounds like a smart guy — he got 40 out of 50.

          1. Mary, I’m not missing any point. You’re simply making heroic leaps in logic.

            I think his point was quite literally what he said. He likes that Reid is a good teacher and is about letting the players play football. No ulterior motives.

            You have taken that to be a dig at Harbaugh for some reason. I don’t see anywhere in that question or Smith’s response about how Alex thinks Reid differs from Harbaugh, or how he thinks Reid is superior or worse than Harbaugh in these or any regards. For all we know those may be the exact same things he liked about playing under Harbaugh.

            But nope, you’ve gone and taken that comment places only someone that really, really wants to find something negative to say about Harbaugh would go.

              1. CLAUDE,

                Insinuating slapping a woman??? You clearly don’t have one. You’re married to this blog. Go to bed. Oh it’s tough by yourself right! Lol

              2. I take it you weren’t paying attention when they discussed metaphors in middle school English class.

                Go to bed. Oh it’s tough by yourself right!

                Says the man who begged his son to pimp for him.

              3. Figured you’d like that CLAUDE. Get a wife and a life and stop being a misoggynist. Try dating one instead of hating one! Lol

              4. Claude: Just a suggestion: I love Johnny Cash and I think you should find a Gravatar Image of Johnny dressed all in black.

            1. Boy for a “Seattle fan” Mary sure does think for Alex smith well. Although he’s never played for them. Hmmm.

              1. What do you want to hear DS? Alex smith is taking a backhand slap to coach “harbaw” as you call him in one of your many names?
                Ok let’s say your theory was correct. In that case smith loses all cred as a stand up guy and classy individual. Is that what you want to hear about your dreamboat? You are the same idiot who read into what the media said about Ray McDonald and have him doing 3 years already before gettin charged. You want drama between smith and coach “Harbaw” let’s get something straight. Smith would be on a Canadian football team right now if it wasn’t for Harbaugh. He didn’t have to keep Alex smith, he didn’t have to start Alex smith. He didn’t have to mold Alex smith and tap his potential. I’m sure Alex smith has class and is genuine. Heck it’s the same guy who wore the mechanic shirt with his name on the front. Did everything he could for the coach and stood there with his dignity while a better choice took his job. Those you wouldn’t dare argue.. Right? But now that in your twisted pea you feel it’s a shot at coach “Harbaw” and totally opposite of what you believe Alex smith is…. It’s gotta be true. Talk about egotistical self centered personalities. You take the cake. And in your selfish thinking you just slammed Alex smiths character. Way to go dummy. Smh.

            2. Scooter: You’re wrong and I’m sorry you can’t see the clear distinction that AS subtly made.

              1. There is no distinction Mary. To paraphrase what Smith said:
                “Reid is a detail oriented coach.” That’s it. No swipe at Harbaugh or nothing. Just respect.

              2. No apology necessary, Mary. Truly.

                It may well be that Alex does prefer Reid to Harbaugh as a coach. He may even believe Reid is superior to Harbaugh in those areas he outlined he likes about Reid (teaching, letting players play).

                But saying Alex’s comments suggest he was sick of Harbaugh, and that the guys in the 49ers locker room are sick of Harbaugh (when was Alex last in the 49ers locker room, anyway?), requires one to draw some very tenuous links at best. A “clear distinction”? You’re clutching at straws, Mary.

      2. P.S. There are probs in Harbaugh’s lockerroom. They are sick of him.

        What they’re sick of is the media having an axe to grind against Harbaugh.

          1. That is a lovely looking horse, Mary.

            That’s Black Caviar in my avatar though. Seattle Slew doesn’t hold a candle to Black Caviar. Record of 25 starts, 25 wins. Almost $8M in prize money.

  10. The interesting part is not whether we win or loose, but which QB plays better.
    That’ Har-Har’s head on the platter………

      1. NorCalMafia–I would too, but that does not mean that there might not be some circumstances or certain teams that Alex’s style of play or skill set might not be a better fit for. Just not this 49er team.

  11. Anyone think Arizona can upset Denver?…I think Seattle rolls over Wash and Zona wins a upset…Putting us firmly in 3rd…Hope Im wrong but Arizona and Arians remind me of the Niners and Harbs 2 years ago

      1. [Calls bookie; places large bet on Arizona; goes to sleep with absolute confidence.]

        1. Yes I do. Arizona is really good. Broncos are overrated. I think the chargers win the west.

    1. Washington has something else in mind:

      In the past couple weeks, the Redskins have lost two defensive backs – DeAngelo Hall (Achilles) and Duke Ihenacho (heel) – for the season, while Tracy Porter (hamstring) and Trenton Robinson(abdomen) have both been limited in recent practices.

      Needing to replace two starters and a pair of reserves that saw playing time on both defense and special teams, the Redskins on Monday formally announced the signings of cornerback Richard Crawford and safety Jamarca Sanford.

      Sanford joins the Redskins having spendt five seasons with the Minnesota Vikings. Appearing in 70 games – with 44 starts – the former University of Mississippi star has logged 267 tackles (196 solo), 11 pass deflections and two interceptions in his career.

      Redskins head coach Jay Gruden said his staff envisions Sanford being able to help out in multiple areas.

      “Sanford has got some experience at obviously safety, and he can help on special teams,” Gruden said of Sanford, the 231st-overall pick in the seventh round of the 2009 NFL Draft. “We want to take a good look at him.”

      Sanford said he hopes to leave his mark on the Redskins’ special teams, which have had up and down performances so far in 2014.

      “I’m meeting with the special teams coach today,” Sanford said Tuesday. “I want to play a big special teams role, so whatever they ask me to do I’m ready to do it. … I’m looking forward to the challenge and look forward to going out and be able to help the team whichever way I can.”

      Crawford, meanwhile, returns for a second stint with the Redskins. Drafted by the team 213th overall in the seventh round of the 2012 NFL Draft, Crawford appeared in 10 games his rookie year and recorded 18 tackles and an interception before an injury derailed his 2013 season. He was released from the team’s practice squad in September.

      Perhaps best known for his 62-yard punt return to set up a game-winning field goal in an overtime win over the Baltimore Ravens late in the 2012 season, Crawford, Gruden said, appears to be the “next man up” in the Redskins’ secondary.

      “Crawford has got the experience if Porter is still a little bit banged up,” Gruden said. “We will need another guy there, so he knows the system.”

      By making the two signings on Monday, Gruden and his staff will have a full week to evaluate each player and analyze how they fit into Washington’s scheme on defense and special teams prior to Monday night’s matchup against the defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks.

      “We will make a decision later on in the week of who is up and who is not,” the first-year head coach said.

    2. Yes I do. Arizona is really good. Broncos are overrated. I think the chargers win the west.

    3. NorCalMafia: I would be very surprised if that happened. Denver is a better team than they were last year.

  12. Giants have championship blood…Pirates are happy to be there…..Bumgarner is no bum!!….Go Giants!!!!!!…Advance and kick ass!!!!

    1. Our “Bum” (Madison Bumarner) is the king!

      Madison was lights-out in Pittsburg last night. The Pirates fans could have gone home after Crawford’s slammy because the way Bum was pitching it was over had they scored one run.
      SFGiants have Championship DNA baby!

  13. OK, for Blues fans Sf/Oak north, and North Bay music fans; Carolyn Wonderland playing The Mystic in Petaluma Thursday night. Do yosef a favor.

  14. Just watched the game over. Vernon. Dances on his first catch. Then false starts on 3rd down backing them up in the first series.
    Just an observation. His heads not right.

    1. Bay,

      Did you see the catch where he allegedly hurt his back? Take a couple of looks at that one. The guy is jaking it. He’s checked out. He quit and he needs to be called on it. That back injury is a fraud. Just like he is.

      1. Next day he was having a ball at a charity event. Smiles and even bends over for a pic with the little ones. You might be on to something.

        1. Md,

          Just looked at the play again. They show 2 angles. The 2nd one shows the guy hitting him high on his way down. He grazed Vernon. Didn’t hit him solid. Davis gets up holding his left side, even though the guy hit him coming acoss his right side high. The guy didn’t contact Davis with his knees either. Just keep an eye on him guys.

          1. CPt torpedo might be his next calling. Wonder if he’s trying not to get hurt, for that pay day. Man I hope not. I own 2 of his jerseys. And he has seemed like a team player since the boot he got on tv.

      2. He’s playing soft. Won’t put his head down and fight for yards. Dropped a beautiful 25 yard pass too. Not his best effort.

        He’s basically our speed guy and Harbaugh doesn’t run vertical routes with him. Puzzling.

        1. Bay,
          Are you criticizing Vernon Davis? You are a troll and not a true fan. You need to get off this blog because only true fans love Vernon Davis. Why don’t you go root for the Titans, who have Delanie Walker?

          1. Fan,
            let me spell it out for you in really small words so that you understand. If Phil Dawson’s holder didn’t do his job very well for a multitude of reasons and Phil missed several kicks because of it, would it be fair to judge Phil Dawson on his misses?
            Kaep has been running for his life. Pressure from inside outside. He’s managing chaos, running around and still making plays. Still completing almost 70% of his passes and luckily still playing winning football.
            Has he played a role in their losses? Yes. But it can be argued that the defense, play calling, coaching and offensive line played bigger roles in their losses than Kaep did.
            Your constant finger pointing at Kaep is old, tired and lazy. Cynical. You are like Grant’s mini me with your pinky at the corner of your mouth making snide remarks about only the QB.
            Dude your shtick is old and tired. Justify it how you want, but do it in the mirror or something. Quit bringing it here. I’ve been calling you out for two years. At least it’s not just me that sees it anymore. Be gone….

            1. Bay Area Hypocrite,
              Do you know why cynical remarks are old and tired? Because we are saying the EXACT SAME THING FOR ANOTHER SEASON! Last season you made all the excuses for Colin, saying that he didn’t have any receivers. This year it’s the O-Line. you are not a fan because you dare criticize our beloved O-line.
              Here’s something to think about — if Colin stops making bonehead decisions, then I would pat him on his back, for doing his job.

              Now let me spell it out for you: Everyone knows that Colin is limited as a passer so they are daring him to pass. In the exact way they played Alex Smith.

              AZ knew Colin couldn’t consistently beat them so they brought call kinds of pressure. It doesn’t matter what stat you pull out of your large pie-hole, it’s all about the results.

              Colin gave up all those turnovers to the Bears, but you blame the defense. You are not a Fan. You should stop being a troll and support the defense!

              The year started out great and I had high hopes for Colin. It’s sad that everything the coaches put the game in his hands to make throws, we lose and have to go back to handing the ball off to Gore.

              Colin is a tease until he steps up and starts making smart decisions. It’s a long season. Could be a longer one if he keeps choking.

              1. Fan why do you bother with that pollution coming from Lame? He is a nobody!
                The reason the 49ers went back to Gore and relying on the defence against Philly was because too much on CK’s plate causes problems. Problems for the defense staying on the field too long and problems on his inability to sustain drives. They got back to their identity. The problem is this style of play results in burnout for Gore and the defense. They need to use Hyde more and call games with more of a run, check down passing emphasis that served them well late last year.

              2. Prime,
                Lame is pretty lame. He shouldn’t have called me out like he did, and then he tries to bully me, call me troll, names etc.

                But he’s the true troll because he’s always criticizing the O-Line, Carlos Rogers or anyone who makes a minor mistake.

                Meanwhile Kaeperknucklehead and three three picks, fumble 5 times and fart in public, and it’s all good because he has a laser arm!

              3. Fan,

                AZ knew Colin couldn’t consistently beat them so they brought call kinds of pressure. It doesn’t matter what stat you pull out of your large pie-hole, it’s all about the results.

                Smh. They brought pressure because he was beating them. He moved them down the field throwing the ball out of 3,4 and 5 WR sets and they couldn’t stop it. Arizona is a blitz happy team by nature which is why there was so much emphasis on the short passing game.

              4. Rocket,
                ” we are having a football debate/discussion”
                No Rocket Im stating my opinion and there is no rule that says I have to have statistics to back that up. Nor do I care wether people accept it or not.
                Many people throughout the NFL have said CK looks uncomfortable and with panic and hesitation in his game. Maybe why he has not been able to close out games without a lead. In any event, who cares what they say. I see what I see and in the biggest moments I see CK panic and make the wrong decision.
                I was not being defensive, you challenged me by putting your football knowledge against mine at any time. I didn’t realize this was a contest and like I said Im not looking to win a debate. You and Claude want to challenge peoples opinions, put facts on the table, use stats, blow me!
                Just watch the games, read people’s opinions you agree great, you don’t make your case. But don’t tell me how to state my case please!

              5. Rocket,
                Who won the AZ game?
                The offense completely stalled in the 2nd half. Why? Teams adjusted
                Maybe I’m too harsh, but then maybe you’re too lenient?
                I heard this on the Game 95.7 today:
                This is from a caller who was not a Niner fan, he asked if Colin’s game has evolved since that lost in the NFCCG. The radio personality expanded on it by asking, “Has Colin’s game expanded since the lost in the Superbowl to the Eagles game?”
                The radio personality didn’t answer.
                I would say this — has Colin’s game evolved to keep pace with Russell Wilson?

              6. Prime,

                You crack me up sometimes. You are constantly calling out others on here for their opinions and when somebody does it to you it’s an issue? Proof to support your argument is a necessity in every part of life otherwise we make decisions based on nothing. You said something that wasn’t supported by the facts, I called you on it, and now you’re all offended by it. It is you who needs to grow up bud.

            2. Man, the Kaepologies are flowing thickly today. And from the same guy who loved to deride what he termed “Alexcuses.” It would be funny if it weren’t so pathetic.

        2. C’mon guys, there is no proof that VD has quit on the team or is faking an injury. Let the games play out. We will have a better picture by the mid-way point of the season where VD stands.

          It’s too early to draw any conclusions at the moment. Even if VD is not catching as many receptions as he’d like, he is still one of our best blockers.
          Players like VD and Crabtree who are used to being the focal point of the passing game will just need to adjust to the fact that there are more weapons on the team (passing game) then over the last 3 seasons.

          I’ll reserve any judgment on these players until further proof.

          1. AES,

            I respect your opinion and I’m not asking anyone to get on board with me. Just continue to watch the games. I’ll do the same.

      3. Jordan,

        Give it up already. Accusing a player of faking an injury is a new low for you. People injure their backs over far less than that.

        1. We’ll know on Sunday whether Davis is ‘faking it’ or not if he starts. We’ll also find out if it is Davis or the team doctor that has him sit out.

        2. Rocket

          If you don’t agree, I have no issue with that. Just keep it respectful. Don’t tell me what and how to post and I’ll kindly do the same with you. Respectfully submitted.

    1. DS,
      why did you switch to a female name? Why did you switch names period? Why was your avatar female with the Xilicious name?
      Can you quit pretending that you are a Seahawks fan and just admit you are what you are, a Kaep hating Alex loving fan….

  15. C.J Spillman is the target of an alleged sexual assault on September 20th at theCowboys team hotel. Ouch!

  16. I think some of you need to watch the game again. WHEN Boone wasn’t getting destroyed at the line an Staley. And CK had time to throw, he stood there and used his feet to side step some rushers. I understand when te bullets are flying and you’re into the game it’s hard to see these things. But to me his “pocket awareness” HAS improved. Now I. Any say his accuracy was good last game. In fact it was spotty. I haven’t seen him that calm in past games. I’m starting to think he’s getting it. Slowly but surely. If that line can get his trust back, look out. He’s going to shred defenses in the pocket also.
    Oh Alex smith sucks and were gonna kill him on Sunday. Lol Wheeeeew!

  17. Great interviews all around, excluding the jack@$$ question of whether the team made the right choice in going with Kaep. That reporter should’ve just dropped his pants and mooned everybody so he would have looked less like an @$$.
    I’ll still be rooting for your success Alex Smith, but not this week. This week I am hoping you get Lynched one way and meet a Cowboy the other way.

  18. Couple of observations. The O – line is worst I’ve seen since 2004. Bad.
    Is it just me or do Harbaugh and Kaep look icy towards eachother?
    The delay of games are on Kaep IMO.
    Yes Kaep had some questionable moments, but the 3rd down run, the ball to Crabs on the sideline and the step up throw to Boldin were big time. What makes them even bigger is he did them all under tremendous pressure.

    1. Bay,
      Are you criticizing the O-lIne? You are a troll and not a true fan. Only true fans root for our beloved O-Line, from Staley, Iupati, Kilgore, Boone and A Davis. You need to get off the blog if you are going to criticize the best line in all of football.

    2. Must have been hard for Harbaugh to hide his frustration during the game. But the line has to take its share of the responsibility. Better pass pro and Kaep’s accuracy would have been better.

  19. I remember similar controversy when the Niners put Steve Young over Montana. Rice had some difficulties adjusting. Young was not th QB Montana was and sometimes made mistakes. But he improved.

    CK has some challanges, happy feet, locking on receivers, misreading zone coverage, lack of precision passing as to maximize RAC, too much zip on balls that need a softer touch.

    Young had some similar issues. The craft takes time and we fans are impatient.

    CK is still a project and learning and he is improving. His throw to Gore is an indication that he is scanning more of the field.

    For us it is frustrating to see inconsistent and uneven play. I think CK could use more time getting ready in the pre-season, the whole team could as they take several weeks to settle down and clean up mistakes. I was one that was not worried in pre-season but I see the lack of play is a mistake now. Maybe Harbaugh wants to keep the players fresh for post season play, but in hindsight it looks like Kap could really have used the reps.

  20. Colin will never be a great QB. He’s gawky, runs like a girl and isn’t very bright. But he’s all we have until the next draft.

    1. Hmmmm. I think all the great QB’s were “gawky”, couldn’t run near as fast, and by football standards did not have the wonderlic score that Kaep has.

    2. Ghost
      You and I agree sometimes and disagree others, but it’s not like you’re one of the LooneyToons on here, but “Runs like a girl”?

    3. As football players go, I think he’s bright. Someone said on an earlier post that they thought he might have ADD. Might be true, and might explain his running out of bounds too soon and calling that time out. He looks to me like he’s just rearing to get on to the next play. He’s not living in the now of the plays, not taking each opportunity to the max. Does anyone have a comment on this?

      1. Nada Yoga. That’s where you concentrate on the finer and deeper sounds, moving from outer to inner realm, moving awareness from outer to inner sounds, while all the time gently easing your mind into relaxed concentration and focus. This form of meditation is fun and relatively effortless: as you meditate, your entire being, every cell and atom and part of you, is being purified and balanced by the sounds that you are focusing on. Remember, whatever you pay attention to, you become. “Where you put your treasure, there you shall also find your heart.” Therefore it is very important that you choose positive and enlightening music, and sounds for this meditation. Some traditions tell us that this subtle, inner sound originates in the “heart chakra of the subtle body,” considered the center of unstruck sound. Yogic tradition connects this inner sound with Kundalini itself, which would enable Kaepernick to reach his full potential….

  21. A. the coaches know they must win on Sunday
    B. therefore, they will call on Colin to run the ball
    C. this increases the odds he takes his BIG NFL HIT
    D. Why? defenses are eager to put him on the cart…
    … on the sideline…dazed and wondering…Welcome to our
    world (we get to kiss our biceps now and then too….)

    can a backup NIner QB get a win against the Chiefs…?
    Is San Francisco still a 6-pt favorite with Colin out…?

  22. So I see this headline that a Cowboys player is being investigated for sexual assault. My first reaction is I’m glad it’s not a Niner. My second reaction is I hope it’s not Spillman, the only exNiner I remember on their roster.
    It’s Spillman.

  23. I think we can all agree that Kaepernick and Alex Smith are practically even right now, however Kaepernick is in his second full season, whereas Alex Smith is entering his 10th….

    1. I don’t think a comparison between the two is realistic. One guy is smart, experienced and safe. The other is dynamic, a risk taker and athletic.
      It’s like comparing Randall Cunningham to Phil Simms. Who was better?

      1. Prime
        Well, Simms was better, imo. But I’m good with Colin.
        I get your point though. The other day on espn Tim Hasselback was saying that CK shouldn’t just be judged by his play in the pocket (good+bad), but as a whole package that includes his run threat.

        1. The reason CK needs to be judged on his pocket QB play is that is the area that needs improvement for the team to catch Seattle.

          We know he can run, but it was his 3 Turnovers and focus on Crabtree at the end of the game that prevented the team from advancing to the Super Bowl. It’s a new season and he has gotten a little better, but needs to get ALOT better.

          1. Gosh, I never thought YOU’d take that opinion, hahaha. Fan77, you can just post with no comment, just your avatar, and we’ll already know what your point of view is. And that you’ll never change it. Not that anyone expects you to.
            There are other critics of Colin on here who have a broader view and agenda. You’re obviously entitled to your opinion, but your posts so often seem like someone looking the wrong way through a telescope.

            1. I don’t have an agenda. I’m just tough on Colin because I see his lack of development in key areas as the reason the Niners will not win the Super Bowl.

              If Gore was fumbling the ball at key moments, regardless if he had 100 yard games, would we put up with it if Lynch was also gaining his yards but not making his mistakes?

              Based on how CK got the starting job, why does he get a free pass? He did not replace Alex Smith at his worst, he took over when Alex had put together two pretty solid games. Sure he’s efficient and maybe even boring, but at least he doesn’t make bonehead mistakes.

              This is not about wanting Alex back, but the expectations that CK has to be a lot better than the player he replaced. And now they’re about the same, both middle of the pack QBs. Expecting less and happy that Alex is gone and CK is here but the results are the same is Jed York Football, not Eddy B Football.
              We were tough on Steve Young when he couldn’t be the Cowboys. Now we’re in the same situation with Colin. He’s making 12 mil a year, time for him to man up and stop being a bonehead.

              1. Fan as you can see many of us see an agenda in your comments. The reason is all of your comments contain a negative take on Kap. Even when you praised him in the first week it was with trepidation and only because he played so well you couldn’t rip him that week.

                First off, I agree he needs to improve his pocket play and have said so for a long time, but the truth is, that is not what needs to improve to beat Seattle. He was the only QB in the playoffs that had any success against Seattle and it was because of his passing outside the pocket and ability to run the ball. The pocket passers Seattle faced struggled big time.

                Secondly, he’s played as safe as Smith did when he was here. There’s virtually no difference between their TO margins. Kap has been just as efficient as Alex, you just choose to focus on his fundamentals and any mistakes he makes. That is exactly the mindset many here had against Smith when he was playing and winning.

                In less than two seasons as a full time starter Kap has taken this team to a SB and NFCCG, and finished his first full season as a top ten rated QB. The fact you don’t acknowledge anything positive the guy does clearly shows you have an agenda. We all know it and I’m sure underneath it all you do too.

              2. Problem is that the whole room knows your agenda. We can all agree that we went Kaep to be a better pocket QB. We can also all agree that currently there has been no pocket to throw out of.

                You sure view yourself differently than we all do though. Go look in the mirror. See what we see. You are no fan.

              3. Bay,
                If I’m not a fan for calling out the things I EXPECT Colin to improve upon so the Niners can win it all, then you’re not a fan either because you say our O-Line is not good enough, and Vernon is faking an an injury,
                Please explain to me how my critique of Colin, whether fair or unfair, is any different from the comments you made about Alex Smith, and how you get to remain a fan, while I’m a troll. Please take your time to think about a proper response.

                Rocket — Holding Colin accountable to high expectations is not an agenda, but a standard for the level of play I want to see him reach. There’s a target now, and it’s the Seahawks. He is not the reason the Niners were in that game. Aldon Smith caused a fumble the first play of the game. The Niners had a slim 10-0 lead. It wasn’t like he was putting up amazing stats that day. He made a few exciting plays and I was excited like all fans. But then the same problems show up when they matter most.
                They are paying Colin 12 million to deliver, not take baby steps and to call time outs in bonehead situations.

              4. Fan,

                Kap was their only offense period. They couldn’t run the ball and the pass protection continually broke down as well. The only reason they were in that game was because Kap made some plays with his arm and his legs. Being better in the pocket is not what will help them beat Seattle. The Seahawks have shown they feast on pocket passers. What the Niners have to be able to do is run the ball in Seattle the way they do when they play them at home. That is the key difference in the games home and away.

                You keep harping on the mistakes Kap made in that game and yet he got them to within 18 yards of winning the game. Balance your view is all I’m saying. You are constantly dumping on the guy and it’s tiresome. Your standard for him is either unrealistic or you just have an agenda. It’s that simple.

              5. You know fan I apologize. I was giving you credit for undertanding football. Comprehending team sports. I see now that It’s not your knowledge that is in question, it’s your intelligence. You’re just not that smart.

                Look back at the Seahawk game. When did the flow of the game turn? Right after the 10-0 lead. We stopped attacking and handed it to Gore over and over. At half he had negative yardage.

                Then our defense had an offsides penalty that gave new life, we had another off sides and a misplayed ball that resulted in a TD and a poorly played angle by Reid that resulted in a TD. Whitner let someone get behind him and gave up a damaging deep ball. That left us having to come from behind against the best pass defense in the league in the loudest NFL environment on the planet. And you focus on Kaep. The best I can say is, you’re just not that smart. I’ll leave it at that.

              6. Bay Area Wonderlic,

                According to you, games are won or lost on penalties. Specifically 5 yard offside penalties. Not turnovers. I think you should contact NFL Films and have them do a special highlight reel on the 2013 season on games that were won or lost based on penalties.
                We can have slow motion video of the yellow flag being thrown in the air, or the lineman frantically trying to jump back insides. And then have interviews of the refs, along with the guilty player.

                If you look back at the game, the Niners never really moved the ball outside of that big run by Kaepernick. If you look back at the game, Russell Wilson was not having a good game but kept his composure. When you look back at the game, when the game got tight, so did Kaepernick. When you look back at the game, Kaepernick ignore a wide open Patton on the 15 to chuck the ball at his buddy Crabtree.
                According to you, there was holding on Sherman on that play, and that’s why we lost. So maybe you should also ask NFL Films to make a 2nd tape on games that were lost on penalties that were not called.
                I think you’re onto something Bay. I apologize, you’re less stupid then I give you credit for.

          2. Playing in your pockets against the Seahawks didn’t feel too good during the SUPERBOWL did it Mrs. Smith?

          3. You don’t think Iupoti getting injured hurt our running game a bit in that game? We stopped movin the ball on the ground after that injury

      2. Not true at all Prime. Kap hasn’t turned it over any more than Smith did when he was here. The biggest difference between the two is Kap has the ability to push the ball down field more than Smith did. Other than that, they play a similar game. Kap has already achieved more success than Cunningham did his entire career. Bad comparison and nothing but stereotyping a running QB.

        1. Of course Rocket is right and everyone else wrong.
          CK is a running QB Rocket. He also has a big arm. Right now you could not classify him as good at any of those becaus in 4 games he has not done anything well. Its not stereotyping. It’s fact. He hasn’t been able to test the whole field like everyone said he would. And when he does run he either coughs it up or puts the entire season in jeopardy.
          My point the last 2 days is and will be, right now he is a dumb QB!

          1. I think thou exaggerateth Mr. Sanders. Dumb does not learn a NFL playbook or graduate with a 4.0 GPA or score 37 on a Wonderlic. He’s smart. He just needs to play smarter. I’m telling you guys, Nada Yoga is what can get him through this clutter….

          2. Prime,

            Who exactly is everyone else? I don’t see more than a handful of people sharing your view and one is a noted Kap basher.

            I didn’t say he wasn’t a running QB; just that comparing him to Cunningham is a lazy stereotype that doesn’t fit.

            Instead of replying sarcastically, try telling me where I’m wrong in my analysis. Show me how Kap is turning the ball over all the time and isn’t efficient or smart by actually providing some evidence in statistical data to support your theory. Other than one terrible half of football against Chicago, he’s been very good with improvements in his numbers across the board and is also improving in his pocket awareness when actually given protection.

            He called a TO when he didn’t have to. Not a good move; also had no bearing on the game whatsoever. Hardly worth all the crap being thrown at him by you and Fan.

            1. Rocket,
              Kap himself said he emulated his game after Randal Cunningham and stated he was one of his idols growing up. That’s not stereotyping, it’s fact. And RC was a darn good running QB. There is no insult there only that running QB’s don’t win titles in the NFL. I’m saying CK must evolve. So far, 4 years, has not happened.
              You ask me to use statistical data? Sorry Rocket, stats are for losers who never played football or use them to win debates. I played football and I’m not trying to win a debate. All I can say is CK has turned the ball over. They turned the momentum around against the Bears. There could have been an additionally 2 or 3 more in both games. The point is he is relying on pure athleticism by not reading coverages, just reacting. Watch the games over again. You will see panic in his game, especially 4th Q.
              You also said that the burned timeout didn’t have a bearing on the game. That’s not the point Rocket. You want your QB in tune with time and situation on every game. You want him to be a game manger in understanding down and distance and how it relates to junctures in the games. He has regressed in this area by not breaking the huddle in time, getting the audibles in at the line and snapping the ball. Blame the coaches, blame the players for talking in the huddle, whatever, who’s the leader!
              As for comparing me to Fan and bashing CK. I think a lot people on here are a little sensitive to critiquing the QB. Look at both wins so far this year, it’s because of the defense. We just need 10% more from CK moving forward.

              1. No, he said he studied film of QB’s like Cunningham, Vick and McNabb because he wanted to be able to be a duel threat.

                As I said, he has already surpassed Cunningham in terms of achievements, and is already a better passer than Cunningham was at a similar point in their careers.

                You say he isn’t evolving and yet that is exactly what he’s doing. He’s shown a clear improvement in his reads and progressions and I know that because I watch every game multiple times. What you are saying is, he’s not where you want him to be in that regard which is a big difference. The facts are he is improving from year to year and it isn’t something that magically happens over night. It takes time and isn’t helped when he is facing jailbreaks through the Oline.

                Stating stats are for losers is just another way of saying you can’t backup your opinion. The stats don’t support you, so in your mind they don’t mean anything. I’ve played and Coached Football for more than 30 years Prime, and would put my knowledge against yours any time you like. You clearly either don’t know what you are talking about or just want to dump on somebody when you say things like: he is relying on pure athleticism by not reading coverages, just reacting. He is reading coverages and he’s also looking for multiple options when the play calls for it, and has the time to do so. This is nothing but a throwaway comment borne out of a premeditated opinion of what you think he is and what he can do. He is not a finished product in this area, but saying he can’t do it is completely without merit.

                He made a poor decision calling a TO when he shouldn’t have. Get over it. It’s not like it’s happened multiple times or cost them a game. He made a mistake and will learn from it. Taking the opportunity to question his intelligence and calling him a bonehead is beyond extreme. You are also blaming him for not breaking the huddle in time and dealing with the play clock, and yet Alex Smith had the exact same issues with this Coaching staff. It’s not the QB Prime. This has been an ongoing issue since Harbaugh arrived. Kap not being able to rectify this problem has nothing to do with leadership. It’s on the Coaches to figure out a better system which they admitted needed to be done during TC when they alluded to the fact they had made a conscious effort to stream line the playcalling. Guess what, they haven’t figured it out.

                He’s had one very bad half of football that you seem to want pass off as the consensus for his play, when the rest of the time he has been pretty good. You can watch any game any week and see near interceptions Prime. It happens multiple times to multiple QB’s. That’s the game. These guys are not robots, they screw up from time to time and that is certainly not something solely attributed to Kaepernick. Did you see Brady on Monday Night? He looked terrible and it’s not because he’s suddenly a bad QB. You need the Oline to allow you to play your game and that is a clear issue with the Niners right now. You can’t point out all the difficulties the Oline has had in pass protection and then say, yeah but Kap should be better anyway. It is disingenuous.

                I’m not sensitive to the critiques of the QB if they are fair and balanced. The problem with Fan is it’s all one sided. Never compared you to him, but in this case you are looking at this with a pretty one sided view point that is not borne out from the facts. The defense was the biggest factor in winning the Philly game, no question. The other 3 they were not, and in fact a major reason we lost the Arizona game. Kap did his job in that game and had them in position to score a 3rd TD to give them the lead. The defense on the other hand gave up a number of big plays that combined with penalties on 3rd down, ultimately was the difference in the game. They weren’t good in the second half against the Bears either, and couldn’t stop the run in Dallas.

                I agree that we need more consistent play from Kap, no question about it, but we need more consistent play from the Oline to help him achieve it. We need better playcalling to get this team playing the way they do when they are most effective. We need a better pass rush and attention to assignments in the secondary to stop the Drew Stanton’s of the world from looking like pro bowlers.

                It’s a team game Prime; don’t forget that.

              2. Rocket why do I need a stat to support my opinion when A) I don’t need one and B) because you say I can’t find one to support my opinion? Righteousness Rocket can sometimes make people look like a holes, remember that!
                You want to put your vast football knowledge against mine? And I clearly don’t know what I’m talking because why? You don’t agree with me or you always have to be right? Grow up Rocket. Just because you watch the games multiple times makes you understand why it happened the way it did? Maybe that’s your problem, you are over analyzing.
                CK has panic in his game. He’s nervous, therefore his decision making forces him into locking in on one thing, which usually results in relying on his athleticism. For example attempting a throw into a windows that are just not open. Why do you think the coaching staff won’t let him throw deep? They don’t trust his decision making. With Alex, they didn’t trust his arm. See the difference.

                The burned timeouts, the mismanagement of the clock, that’s all intelligence. I get its a team game. But when the best player on the field has not shown improvement in managing the game in pressure situations that’s concerning. You cannot teach poise. Do you have a stat that’s shows otherwise?

              3. Prime,

                Rocket why do I need a stat to support my opinion when A) I don’t need one and B) because you say I can’t find one to support my opinion? Righteousness Rocket can sometimes make people look like a holes, remember that!

                We are having a football debate/discussion here Prime. When you state your opinion and want others to accept that, it’s usually understood that you have to provide proof to back the opinion up other than that is what you believe to be the case. I say you can’t find one because I’ve researched it and the evidence doesn’t back up your assertion. You are trying to make a blanket statement about a player based on a small portion of subject matter while overlooking the vast amount of evidence to the contrary. This isn’t righteousness Prime; it’s about putting facts on the table that don’t mesh with preconceived opinions. If pointing out inaccuracies in your posts makes me an A Hole in your view, then so be it.

                You want to put your vast football knowledge against mine? And I clearly don’t know what I’m talking because why? You don’t agree with me or you always have to be right? Grow up Rocket. Just because you watch the games multiple times makes you understand why it happened the way it did? Maybe that’s your problem, you are over analyzing.

                Just a little defensive aren’t you Prime? You are the one who was telling people they don’t know anything unless they played the game and I pointed out to you I did and also Coach the game. I don’t always have to be right and I’m not, but I try to be and am more often than not because I don’t come in here and throw out hot air without being sure I’m correct in my thinking. I rewatch the games simply because there is so many things missed while watching it live. Much in the same way I watch Coaching film even though I’m right there on the sideline. You miss key factors and nuances that you discover when you watch the film after the fact. That’s how I know your statements about Kap not being able to read coverage and not playing with his mind are complete bunk. You’ve simply locked on to a small number of instances where he made mistakes and have decided that is the player he is while discounting the far more numerous examples that show he is not

                CK has panic in his game. He’s nervous, therefore his decision making forces him into locking in on one thing, which usually results in relying on his athleticism. For example attempting a throw into a windows that are just not open. Why do you think the coaching staff won’t let him throw deep? They don’t trust his decision making. With Alex, they didn’t trust his arm. See the difference.

                I don’t see panic in his game and I’m not even sure what that means anyway. You have to fit the ball into tight windows in this game Prime. What doesn’t look open to you is sometimes open to the players in question. I have seen nothing to suggest the Coaches have made a decision not to let him throw deep. If you go back through Harbaugh’s Coaching history you’d see deep throws are not a huge staple of his system. They’ll take a shot here and there but it’s not and never has been a focal point of the offense. Maybe it would be different if they had a burner outside, but they don’t, and the one guy they do have that Kap has thrown deep to the most, got hurt early in the game last week.

                The burned timeouts, the mismanagement of the clock, that’s all intelligence.

                No it’s not. It’s a repercussion from the way they call plays and has been a problem going back to when Smith was the QB. Roman actually said in his press conference today that they don’t always view delay of game penalties in a negative way. They are late getting the plays in, and also take the clock down to force the defense to show their alignment before the snap. I don’t agree with the philosophy, but that is how they operate. It’s not the QB and has nothing to do with intellect.

                I get its a team game. But when the best player on the field has not shown improvement in managing the game in pressure situations that’s concerning. You cannot teach poise. Do you have a stat that’s shows otherwise?

                I do have a stat that says otherwise and it’s called playoff wins and more succinctly, playoff wins on the road. No greater pressure on a QB and yet Kap has thrived under those conditions. He’s also made noticeable improvement in his game from last year no matter how much you choose to ignore it

                I truly think the worst thing that could have happened to this guy is the immediate success he had a couple of years ago. It just placed unrealistic expectations on him from so many fans that they can’t see he’s better now even though he achieved greater heights that first year.

              4. Rocket,

                The only stat that really matters is the W. Did the Niners win the SB? No. Did the Niners beat the Seahawks in the NFCCG? No.
                Did our QB have the ball in his hand to make a play to win both games?
                Yes. Did he succeed? No?

                Is he improving and working on the weak parts of his game like all great players do? Hard to tell. Doesn’t seem like it.

                Will the Niners win the SB if he doesn’t improve in these areas? Not likely.

                Can he improve? Yes?

                Will he? So far the body of work suggest he may never figure it out.

                He is a running QB and not a pocket passer. They are trying to open the playbook, trying to put the ball in his hands. Last year they did that and the Niners lost to SEA and INDY. They lost badly!

                This year the Niners also lost two games. This time the Niners had the lead, and then the teams adjusted and shut down the offense, and suddenly had no answers. Is it coaching, or is it the player?

                There are other areas that the team needs to improve. The O-Line for starters. And a pass rush.

                Right now though, it really all comes down to whether not Colin improves in those tough situations, because the brain farting and the turnovers will not get it done.

              5. Fan,

                That last post shows your lack of ability to look at this fairly. It is about the W and he’s won most of his starts including road playoff games. You choose to focus solely on the SB and NFCCG losses and throw everything else out the window. That is not a fair evaluation especially when there were numerous other factors that cost the 49ers those games.

                It’s pretty obvious Kap has worked on his game. I’ve seen it even if you haven’t. Brain farting and turnovers are a small percentage of his play and less than a number of the other top QB’s in this league. He doesn’t turn the ball over a lot and as I’ve said repeatedly, you can’t put the blame for the clock management on him when the exact same things were happening with Smith. That is clearly agenda driven when you do that.

                It’s obvious your standard for him will not be met with anything less than a SB so if I were you I’d just cheer for the winning team in the SB every year so you won’t be disappointed.

            2. Prime:

              Your stubborn fear/hatred of statistics doesn’t serve you well. Every well-run team in the NFL uses statistical analysis in the course of player evaluation. No one is saying that it is a substitute for watching tape, but it is a valuable complementary tool. Moreover, by ignoring relevant statistics, your player evaluation is less informed and therefore less reliable.

              It’s also been my experience that when relevant statistics disagree with one’s subjective observations, the most likely explanation is that those subjective observations were incorrect.

              It’s the 21st century man; you have to keep up.

              1. The NFL game is like that old crusty man, it won’t change. Hockey now uses analytics, baseball always has, basketball lives off statistics but football, nope.
                The reason is because there are too many mitigating factors. You can’t say why because there are 100 different areas that could be the reason.
                You guys want to use them on here to defend a point or prove your facts are right, great go ahead. But unless you have played the game you will never truly understand that a statistics is insignificant in this game.
                Again they are great for winning debates which I have no interest.
                I don’t have a stat that tells me why
                CK has panic in his game. I just see it and the result of the body of work over the playoff games and now tells me that he does.
                Do you have a stat that says otherwise Claude?

              2. Prime:

                The NFL game is like that old crusty man, it won’t change. Hockey now uses analytics, baseball always has, basketball lives off statistics but football, nope.

                You couldn’t be more wrong. Do a simple Google search and read the dozens of articles you will find discussing how NFL teams are using, and have been using for years, statistical analyses for numerous purposes, including for player evaluation.

                Just because you refuse to accept it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Do you refuse to acknowledge smart phones and satellite TV too?

              3. Claude for player evaluation no arguement. But for trying to evaluate game results, no way.
                Did you find that stat that says CK does not panic in pressure moments?

              4. And when I say evaluation I mean draft, or conditioning or wonderilic type evaluation testing.Not game results as to why.

              5. >>you will never truly understand that a statistics is insignificant in this game.

                I’m betting all those players with statistical-based incentives in their contracts would disagree with you there, prime.

              6. Prime:

                Did you find that stat that says CK does not panic in pressure moments?

                I believe that stats on 4th quarter performance would shed light on that subject. So would stats on game-winning drives and come from behind victories. And stats on QB performance when blitzed or otherwise under pass rush pressure. All of those stats are tracked and available (although often behind pay walls). You just have to look for them.

                Moreover, the black box that is ESPN’s Total QBR is allegedly designed to isolate and measure a QB’s contribution to a game’s outcome. Further, Total QBR is supposedly calculated such that a QB’s performance in pressure moments gets more weight. For what it’s worth, Kaepernick’s Total QBR numbers are often among the league’s best.

              7. Thanks for the insight Claude. I’ll check those out right after I jump into some hot scolding water.
                Apparently it’s bad business to have an opinion without some statistical analysis so I should just shut up. My bad! SMH…..

              8. Prime:

                Apparently it’s bad business to have an opinion without some statistical analysis so I should just shut up

                If that’s the message you took from my comment, then either I did a poor job of expressing myself or you are putting words in my mouth.

      3. Kaepernick’s NFL career is in it’s early stages. He still has 5-6 more years of NFL maturation to reach his full potential. Then and only then, can you make a true evaluation of where he ranks as a NFL quarterback….

    2. Yeah, but Smith’s time under Nolan doesn’t count and 2.5 seasons under Singletary+Raye counts as 2.5 negative years, so Smith and Kaepernick are pretty much at the same place.

      1. Yes I always thought that running the pistol at UNR was much better preparation for being an NFL quarterback than learning to decipher Jimmy Raye’s mumblings.

        On a serious note, Hostler was worth -2.5 years – to anyone who had to sit through a whole game where he called plays.

        1. SacotoGreg: “Yes I always thought that running the pistol at UNR was much better preparation for being an NFL quarterback”

          No Greg: Read his weaknesses:

          Kaepernick is an excellent blend of height, build and speed for a quarterback. Possesses toughness and leadership qualities. Flashes good accuracy on intermediate routes. Shows enough arm strength to make most NFL throws. Won’t have many passes batted down. Can escape the pocket and pickup first downs with his legs.
          Plays out of the pistol, lacks experience under center. Has not been asked to make NFL progressions and reads. Not quick to check down or hit hot read against the blitz. Misses too many short passes. Doesn’t have consistent touch on the deep ball. Release is somewhat elongated and can dip down to sidearm at times.

      2. Not necessary true Claude…
        Smith has a huge advantage on defenses he’s seen an the speed of the nfl. Those are huge in developing a qb. Advantage smith by a mile. Isn’t that the reason he started for harbaugh at first?
        Correct me if I’m wrong but I could swear harbaugh said that’s a big reason there was no controversy in the beginning

        1. Ninermd:

          It was a joke.

          That said, Kaepernick has had the luxury of learning and developing in the same system for his entire career. This is his fourth year in Harbaugh’s system. Smith has never had that luxury. He has never had the opportunity to learn and develop in any system for more than two years. That’s a huge advantage for Kap.

          And Kaepernick never had to deal with Singletary or with Jimmy Raye’s archaic system.

    3. Colin and Alex are only 3.5 years apart. (Next month Colin will be 27, Alex 30)

      Because of his style, Alex should continue to be more effective up to his mid 30’s. Barring serious injury, he should be better four years from now. Some pocket quarterbacks are still in their prime at 34-35. (Brady is 37, Brees 35, Manning 38)

      But what about running quarterbacks? Unless there’s a radical increase in pocket skills, “running quarterbacks” should start fading around 31. (The great Steve Young hung around longer).

      Don’t be surprised if Colin and Alex’s last season as starters is the same year.

      1. Brodie,

        Kap only averaged one more run a game than Smith did last season. Smith runs a lot more than you think. The other key is Kap runs smart. He doesn’t take many hits when he runs. As long as that continues it won’t be a negative factor as he gets older.

        1. True, Alex runs more then people give him credit for… loved the bootleg vs New Orleans in 2011.

          But Alex’s style is that of a pocket QB. His quick release, vision and experience will extend his career well after his legs start fading.

          Colin has a bigger transition. If he only makes moderate strides in the pocket, his career won’t extend much beyond 30. He will have to have a major transformation if he wants to be a top QB after 31. Something far more dramatic then we have seen so far.

          Colin will be 27 in a month. Its his 4th season in the same system. This year will tell us alot.

          1. Smith is averaging 6.1 yards per carry with 17 carries for 103 yards, the second-most rushing yards by a quarterback behind Colin Kaepernick (187).

            1. That’s good for both of them considering that they both are playing behind terrible OLs.

  24. Any word on anthony davis? he will be needed with these pass rushing ends in KC
    Also we need more Aaron lynch, could be the steal of the draft…

  25. Also when Brock comes back, who will move to slot Culliver?
    this D could be dominate if Dorsey, Bowman and Smith come back and are ready to play.

    1. Andrew,

      Culliver has never played the slot so I don’t see that happening. They’ll likely go with the original lineup they started the season with when Brock returns. As good as Cox has been, they liked having Brock and Culliver as the starters outside and I don’t think they will change their mind this early.

      1. I think Culliver could move to the slot if teams are putting their bigger WR there. He is more physical, not as fast but could be a better matchup if teams want to exploit Wards size.

        1. Why do people assume that a CB can simply move over and play the slot mid-season? Culliver has never played the slot, never practised the slot. Its a different beast than playing on the outside, with different responsibilities, coverages, routes to cover, and understanding of where your help is coming from.

          Culliver won’t be moved there mid-season.

          Also, with respect to Culliver’s speed, he runs 4.4 40. He’s plenty fast enough in a straight line, and actually faster than Ward. But the slot needs to be quick in tight spaces, which is something Ward has.

  26. BT –
    I’ve often wondered if Tim ever played any football ..
    or he just uses his brother for reference —

    But, reading the transcript, above ..I was struck
    by the “for sure(s)” from Alex ..

    As a NorCal native — that was one way to
    recognize someone from SoCal …
    (Always gave me a chuckle)

    Much respect for him.. but for those
    attending the game .. let’s see if you can
    beat Arrowhead’s decibel record !

  27. Anyone ever watch the Niner video “Who’s Got It Better” by the rapper Bailey? He did one in 2011, then revised it in 2013. Classic! I made a ringtone out of it and am happy to make it available for free. Just let me know and I’ll figure out a way to make it available.

  28. If Alex doesn’t get a standing O when introduced, I will be embarrassed for being a Niner fan.

    1. Avery out with hernia. Mr. Smooth AJ Jenkins will be KC’s deep threat Sunday.

      This game will be packed with “comparison” back stories. One is is Kelcie vs VMac. I’m holding out hope VMac rounds into form.

      1. and I agree with the ovation. I’m hoping for a big one when Alex trots onto the field. Several more every time Lynch sacks him.

            1. Not on 49er property, but if you’d like to reserve a banquet room for Alex Smith appreciation day, we can do that, absolutely…..@;

              1. confused much?….while you are reserving a banquet room, the organization itself without your important almighty approval made sure Alex history as a 49er is well preserved.

                Haven’t you been to the new stadium?

                they will give him a standing O and you can whine/hate as much as you want – no one cares…..

              2. Do you need me to whine and hate to help release your inner Alex Smith adoration into a climatic explosion?

        1. You got that right Brodie! Lynch was and still is the most intriguing rookie we have. The guy has a HIGH ceiling, I can’t wait to see him and Aldon on the outside collapsing the pocket that Cowboy just destoyed!

          1. Had Ray Rice not assaulted his fiance the dream of Aldon+Lynch would be reality this Sunday.

      2. B2W,
        My worse image.
        A.Smith hits AJ in a close game for the winning TD.
        C’mon, please get out of my head right now! (lol)

    2. He will get a standing O which will make ninermd crap in his pants……Warning to whoever is seating with the moron on game day……

      1. Why don’t you come down and sit next to me onelame. That would be my dream. Can’t say you’d make it back walkin though.

        You others that think he deserves for the stadium to shut down and yell for him you’re on drugs. Like I said. And you can bet. He will get a good ovation due to respect for taking crap and sticking around. But he will not get a standing ovation like he eddy d or something.
        I know nuthuggers like onelame want to think that and will have his Pom poms in hand at home. But he’s not a legend. Get it through your skulls.

        1. MD,
          I predict a 60% to 40% with the highest number giving Alex a standing O.
          But I will say the Pom-Pom comment and subsequent image was funny (lol).

    3. Why? He gave us one good year. It not like he’s Montana or some all time great. I’m sure some will stand, and he will get a nice ovation, but if you expect 2 minutes of straight ovation. You better get a paper sack for your head.

      1. He will get a standing ovation because he was a class act through his entire time as a 49er. Played through probably the worst circumstance ever in San Francisco from coaching to surrounding talent. In fact for all that garbage he went through they should give him a medal

        1. “In fact for all that garbage he went through they should give him a medal”. They did a little better than that, to the tune of over $50 million dollars. You can buy your own applause machine, and all the medals you like with that kind of money….

        2. Actually that medal is reserved for Frank Gore, who came in the same year as Alex with much less expectations and fanfare because of his prior knee surgeries.

          I agree that Alex went through a lot and deserves a good ovation, but a medal?

          1. Actually that medal is reserved for Frank Gore, who came in the same year as Alex with much less expectations and fanfare because of his prior knee surgeries.

            I think Gore would rather have a Super Bowl ring.

              1. In reality, I think we fans deserve a medal for putting up with a near decade of cellar dwelling thanks in part to an incompetent owner.

  29. Any discussion of Alex and Kap seems to bring the collective IQ of this blog to the lower 50s.

    For the first 4 seasons, I didn’t feel that Alex would pan out but from 2009 onwards (Sing’s first full year) I began to see signs of improvement and came to believe that he had the potential to be a franchise QB. Just as I felt like flinging my beer mug at my brand new plasma TV last Sunday at Kap’s mistakes, I recall feeling the same way occasionally about Alex during the Nolan years well into Harbaugh’s first season. “If Alex is such a smart guy,why the heck does throw away the ball when there are multiple open receivers?” I would scream.

    On Monday, in his 9th year, Alex looked like a veteran starting QB, changing plays and adjusting protection at LoS, making pinpoint throws, moving around in the pocket, stepping up in the pocket to get away from pressure, looking away safeties, going to 3rd receiver or checking down to RBs as needed. All the stuff I thought at one time that he could never do consistently.

    I’m still withholding my assessment of Kap till end of 2015 season by which he would have accumulated about 75 starts assuming he stays healthy. He has definitely made progress in his play in the pocket since last season. Just as Alex tended to throw the ball away or take a sack under pressure instead of moving around in the pocket, Kap tends to leave the pocket too early too often. Completely fixable problem. As Steve Young had commented last year on KNBR, a QB cannot quickly develop the pocket passing game without sacrificing their running game, and it seems that Harbaugh would rather Kap develop slowly on the former front while leveraging his amazing running skills now which is he is sure to lose in a few years.

    On a related note, I think Kap would benefit having a backup QB who’s a veteran and would teach him to break down film on a regular basis, e.g., Luck has Hasselback.

    1. Mood I’m on board with that as well. Who would be a good veteran QB for our system that could help in that area?

      1. Bay,
        I do not know of any vetern QB’s available to back him up or teach him. Majority of the veteran QB’s are on teams and they do not look to be getting released any time soon. What I would like to see is Steve Young, Montana, Garcia, or anyone else who has criticized him stop talking and give guidance. But I know that’s asking for too much.

          1. Yeah, these two are potential candidates. Any smart, experienced vets with good study habits and communication skills.

  30. Boomer Esiason on the locker room:

    “I don’t think anybody should take too seriously Deion’s reporting,” he said, “other than it’s probably some disgruntled defensive back on that team that is probably not happy about how he’s been treated, so let’s open up a locker room wound and throw it out there. ‘See how we can make our coach squirm,’ which is idiotic, in my estimation.”

    1. MID,
      I take Dion’ comments with a grain of salt.
      It’s Trent Dilfer’ comment that it’s a “toxic situation” that gives me pause.

      I could understand the team having a few dissatisfied players on the roster, this is common in the NFL. But going as far as saying that the situation is “toxic” conjures up a lot of negative images without having a concrete source.

      Jonathon Martin recently said that Harbaugh is very “cheesy” when addressing the team. Perhaps the players have grown tired of his college rah-rah personality (?).

      I can say this without reservation; if the 49ers lose to the Chiefs this weekend the fallout may be massive and could possibly bring some clarity as to who the sources are behind the “toxic situation” agenda.

  31. Great article from Seth Wickersham at ESPN on Harbaugh today that is well worth a read for anyone that wants a well written and thoughtful story on the possible issues in the Locker room.

      1. Not even close. You want real journalism? Look up the article that talked about concussions. THAT is real journalism my friend.

    1. Rocket: Now there are “possible” issues in the locker room. Before you were adamant that there were “no” issues in the locker room. Catch that pic of V. Davis standing next to JH and others while Harbaugh is giving one of his lectures during a game. V.Davis’ expression says it all. VD is sick of JH.

      1. Scooter, I’m beginning to believe that these recent “rumors” floating around about players not liking Jim, that Jim is not getting along with the “suits” (mainly Baalke) because he’s difficult to work with are being release out there intentionally by someone from the organization to either discredit Jim or piss him off so if he is no longer with the organization (voluntary or involuntarily) that the fans will not come down on them (Jed and Baalke).

    1. Thanks, Rocket! That was a well written article. For better or worse, I’m glad Jim is coaching the Niners.

    2. Insistence on the same simple clothing… social awkwardness… single minded focus… (seeming) lack of empathy… abrupt opinions with no filtering…

      He could be Asperger’s, or maybe a hard INTJ. Tons of empathy, but you will never, ever detect it.

      1. Brodie2: You might be right about Asperger’s. Reminds me of the high functioning female detective in The Bridge. And the author refers to Harbaugh’s “illness” a couple of times (if I remember correctly) vaguely implying something or other. Anyway I’m wondering if JH hasn’t made a few enemies along the way.

  32. There have been very few great running QB’s who later turned into great or even very good pocket passers. Steve Young is one i ca’nt think of another off the top of my head. I have come to the conclusion that with CK what you see is what you get. He can win games with his legs, he can occasionally make great throws and win with his arm but he will likely never be a great passer. Now you have a decision to make can you live with him as he is or do the 9ers need to start looking for another QB. I believe that it is almost immpossible to judge CK as long as he is playing behind a terrible O line but if the O line comes together my expectations are he lead the 9ers to the playoffs and at least to the NFCCG. If he is unable to do that i believe the 9ers need to draft a QB high in the 2015 draft and begin developing him into our next starting QB.

    1. What happens when this new QB can’t get the Niners to the NFCCG or even the playoffs after 3 or 4th year? Do they Give up on him and develop another QB?

      1. In other words, Coach is saying that if the OL begins to gel together but Kaep keeps having up-and-down outings, then the team may want to invest a high pick at the QB position to put some heat Kaep or to eventually replace him with.

        1. I get it, I just don’t see the point. The guy is in his 3rd season, 2nd as a starter, and people are already talking about potentially replacing him. It’s well known that position takes time to learn. Not to mention he played in a pistol formation in college. Alex Smith(I hate to keep bringing this guy up), had numerous yrs to develop. I’d rather bring in someone who has NFL experience as opposed to another college kid, who has to be developed, and by that time he may be working with a different coaching staff. Getting young QB’s can set you back some yrs.

          1. The conundrum is Kaep’s contract and his current play. It’s been up and down, and so far his numbers haven’t justified it. I agree that it’s early, but if Kaep continues to perform at the level that he is right now, the team might decide to put some heat on his seat by drafting a QB in one of the first three rounds or to eventually replace him. That scenario could become more likely if the team misses the playoffs and Kaep’s performance is citied as the main reason that they did.

      2. KY i said they should draft and develop another QB. If this QB turns out not to be better than CK he becomes the back up. There are no sure things but you hope your talent evaluators do their job and your coaches do their jobs and the player does develop.

          1. Marty, do you feel the same way about the Seahawks developing another QB behind Wilson?

            1. Yes I do. Right now 49ers have Blaine Gabbert (it seems no one on this site is content with him) and Josh Johnson (I have no knowledge about him). You must know who our back-ups are: Jackson and BJ Daniels (was a 49er) who I think would do in a pinch. But I think Hawks should address this issue next year.

              1. Maria take your Seahawks comments and shove it where the sun don’t shine. Get lost, no one here cares about Seattle you fool.

        1. Old Coach,

          I don’t disagree with you and that is why I thought drafting Teddy B might be a worthwhile investment if he got to the second round. This team should be looking at drafting and developing QB’s if for no other reason than to maximize their value in possible trades down the line.

        2. In a month Colin will turn 27. Alex will be 30. Only 3.5 years apart. Colin’s vision and pocket skills need to develop sooner then people think.

          Running quarterbacks (that fail to develop pocket skills) peak at 30. Quarterbacks with early-career pocket skills peak at about 34. Unless Colin has a major transformation, his shelf life as a starting QB will be short.

          I was hoping Jimmy Jimmy Garoppolo would drop, but the Pats nabbed him. I loved Faulkner’s footage, but throws with high velocity seemed to be missing from the highlights.

      3. KY49er,
        Good point. Do we really think that drafting a blue chip college QB will lead us to a SB?

        Andrew Luck is hands down the best QB to come into the league in perhaps the last 10 years and he’s yet to win the big one.

        The truth is that Luck although good is still developing. And as far as I know, the Colts fans aren’t looking to the draft for another QB in the near future.
        CK will be fine. He is making small improvements, but improvements none the less. And that’s good enough for me.

    2. Frankie Albert, Y.A.Tittle, Billy Kilmer, Roger Staubach. Tarkenton was more of a scrambler than runner, but was a full service QB.

      1. Kilmer broke his legs Tittle was never a burner and Albert and Tarkenton like you said were scramblers not “great” runners.

        1. Actually I was surprised to learn of Kilmer’s early days as a runner because I mostly remember him as an aging slinger with a beer belly. Tittle was a SW tailback until I think his senior year in college, but wasn’t great runner in Pros. Roger was a brilliant natural runner but was a disciplined keystone for Landry who scrambled well when needed.

      2. I get what you’re saying but I think the game is changing. There’s shift happening. I don’t know how much college football you guys watch but the NFL a is heading in that direction. Offense is what’s important. Spreading the field, running QB’s, 3-5 WR sets, it’s happening. The more points teams score, the more fans are in the seats, the more money to be made. College Football is filled with running QB’s. Some can sprinters and some are average. But the days of sitting in the pocket QB’s is almost gone. Alex Smith can run, Andrew luck can run, Russel Wilson won a Super Bowl. Colin needs to work skills that no coach ever thought to coach him on. Can you imagine him in high school playing QB, then running the pistol in college, he’s going to be alright. Alex Smith went from running Urban Meyer’s offense at Utah to a “pocket passer”. I’m sure Kaep can do it.

    3. I believe CK can take us to the promised land if he can cut back on his propensity for the ill-timed pick. For all the talk about the line and running for his life, has there been an analysis of the plays that led to his turnovers, were those throws made under pressure?

  33. Wow! Alex Smith hasn’t been on the 49ers Roster for over a year and he still can generate 300 comments on this blog and has the potential to the most talked about football player in the bay area lol!

    Even after we demolish KC on Sunday, I don’t think this will change.

  34. I just finished reading that ESPN article about Harbaugh and it was probably the best I’ve ever read. I’ve always liked his passion for the game but that article makes me love him being the NINERS coach more. It sounds like he’s read the 48 Laws of Power numerous times and said I’m going to pattern my life after this book. I could go on, but regardless of what people think – he’s one “heckuva” coach

    1. I just read the article as well. Very well written… which is something our local writers can learn from. Gave you both sides of Coach and allows you to draw your own ideas on the man.

      My take is from the article is… Coach H really doesn’t care what the outsiders (non staff and players). It’s them against the world and we will defeat all comers whether it is within the game or related to outside influences.

      He may rub people (even those that are his allies) the wrong way but i believe he is trying to draw every ounce of competitiveness out of his team and coaches to ensure the best possible outcome. There is nothing wrong with that.

      I hope he stays

      1. left out the word “thinks” in Coach H really doesn’t care what the outsiders (non staff and players).

      2. You summed it up well. I have a tendency to ramble. But that’s pretty much what I got from the article. I do wish they gave him more control over player personnel.

  35. You cannot compare QBs from earlier times to today’s game. It is much faster and much, much more brutal.

    I think the OL has been over-rated for some time. Colin runs for his life most of the time the same way Alex did. But there is a gawkiness to Colin. I sure don’t see him as athletic. And sooner or later that gawkiness is going to get him hurt when he gets whacked by a DL. The game was on again yesterday — NFL Network. And again I watched Colin run. It’s not pretty. He is slow in his cuts and runs like a guy who is — what? — 6’6″?

    I hope he does well although as a man I think he’s childish with his getups and obvious narcissism. But if he can move the rock, great. Just don’t think he can and I bet regardless of what this year holds the Niners draft a QB up the college food chain next spring.

    1. Lol. Its funny that you think his clothes makes him childish and narcissistic. How would you prefer he dressed?

      1. What about like other pro athletes, shirt and tie. You are representing a billionaire dollar operation are they not? Maybe they could try to fit the part for at least 20 minutes of the press conference.

        1. I know plenty of pro athletes that don’t. Lebron James rarely wears suit and ties, I rarely ever see Andrew Luck in a shirt and tie post game, Mark Cuban a billionaire is never in suit and tie at his his games. I don’t see anyone calling these guys narcissistic. Is there something im missing.

    2. But there is a gawkiness to Colin. I sure don’t see him as athletic.

      Now there’s a first. I’ve never heard that complaint before.

      1. Really. This silliness is starting to approach the “I can see the fear in his eyes” claim (from the nosebleed in the stands, no less) that was leveled at AS by geniuses here in years past.

  36. “There is no insult there only that running QB’s don’t win titles in the NFL. I’m saying CK must evolve. So far, 4 years, has not happened.”
    ~ Prime

    Not yet. But CK could very well be the QB to break that ugly mold. The thing with Cunningham is that his coach encouraged him to run and did not emphasize much in the area of passing.
    This is what separates Kap and RC, because Harbaugh puts a great deal of emphasis on CK’ passing more than running.

    CK only ran a couple of times last Sunday, so the running QB label is at best done more by design than habit.
    But having said that, CK is the best running QB in the NFL and the team should never discourage him from running when the opportunity arises. Kap will learn to be more selective in his running as he develops as a passer in the years to come.
    BTW, I don’t know where you came up with CK’s 4 years. Are you counting the 1 1/2 that he sat on the bench?

    1. Yes because that 1.5 years on the bench should have been well earned time to learn.
      The thing with running QBs in the NFL, they don’t last. Why? Cause nowadays everyone can run and hit like trucks. It’s dangerous to rely on a running QB!
      The last thing the 49ers need is for CK to miss any quarters let alone games.

      1. Smith is averaging 6.1 yards per carry with 17 carries for 103 yards, the second-most rushing yards by a quarterback behind Colin Kaepernick (187).

        In case you missed it earlier prime.

      2. Prime,
        I find it difficult to see why many people fail to recognize the pressure that CK’ running ability put on the defense.

        Some of the biggest wins that the team has had over the last 3 years is due to some type of run by the QB. And I count Alex’ great run against the Saints in the playoffs among them.
        Just ask the Packers and even the c-hawks in the championship game if Kap’s runs in the first half of the game were effective.

        Yes, we need CK to continue to grow as a pocket QB, but his running has been more of a positive than a negative so far.
        As I said earlier, CK is the best running QB in the league and that should never be harnessed.
        Like you and everyone else, I’m still waiting for Kap to find his groove as a pocket QB. I know that he will continue to improve even if in small increments.
        No way I’ll close the book on him after 2 years as a starter.

        1. No way have I closed the door on CK. I’m simply stating that there has neither been progression or regression in his game. Maybe he didn’t have the type of offseason he needed to have. Maybe this new offense requires more reps.
          All I’m saying is running QB’s have difficulty winning in the NFL. They play a very risky game. As NFL history shows, you have to be a better thrower than runner at the QB position. Right now CK is a better runner.
          That’s the criticism of his game. He will need to evolve in order to be a solid QB.

          1. CK’s door isn’t closing, but the Niner’s window of opportunity to win the SB is. His steps have been incremental, and not exponential. There lies the problem.

            1. Well said Fan. Looks like you and I lately are the villains for pointing out what hinders CK’s game.
              I agree with you that the window to win in the NFL closes fast. It’s very difficult to keep a winning roster, competitive roster every year.

              1. Prime,
                Last yeas we heard every excuse for the guy. The main one was that this was only his first year as a starter. Guess what? The league don’t care!
                He went 5 for 14 for under 100 yards and we won that game.

                And now this year, it’s the same problems, and it’s the same old excuses. It’s the O-line, it’s the Defense, it’s Gore.

                Maybe it’s him. We’re still talking about his upside, his potential, but we don’t talk about his development or growth. Oh yeah, we talk about his running ability. If that’s all we’re talking about, then we’re done for.

                Put his name next to Vince Young. Well at least Vince won a National Championship. What has Colin ever won?

                You were arguing with Rocket about stats, but really you just have to watch his demeanor and how he stands in the pocket. You can tell he’s fighting his instincts to run.
                He’s simply not the type of QB to stand in the pocket to wait for his progressions. He might eventually figure it out. By that time Gore will be 40!

              2. Difficult, not impossible. Exhibit A: New England Patriots. Exhibit B: NY Giants (they are up and down as of late, but not a team to count out in the Coughlin-Eli era)

          2. Prime,
            Not implying that you were closing the door on CK, I was speaking for myself.
            CK is making some improvements but the TO’ and foolish time management have clouded many of them.
            The talent is there but the mental aspect of CK’ game is what has been frustrating.

            I do believe that Kap will eventually “get it” sooner than later. But until that day comes I’m ok with the team continuing to win.

            If what you said about Kap neither progressing or regressing is true, than all he has to do is hold the fort until both Davis’ are healthy and we get Aldon and NBow back for this team to be back in the playoffs.

            1. And for the defense to get back to that elite level. No ones asking CK to shoulder it all, just don’t f it up!

          3. There’s been improvement in Kaepernick’s play. The main problem he has is consistency. That makes it tough.

            1. He is inconsistent and that is the part that needs to improve. He has to put 4 quarters together instead of 2 or 3.

        2. AES,

          If you watched last week’s game, you will see where Kap tried to extend opportunities to his receivers by not running when he had chances to pick up decent yardage and 1st downs.

          That’s the unfortunate part. He’s trying to stay in a pocket that for the most part has been very inconsistent. That’s being generous. He’s not QB.e to predict whether or not the line is going to hold up long enough to make a play with his arm. What I don’t like now is that he is hesitating to run. He has to realize that you don’t have to get it all in one play. He has to learn to take what the defense gives him and try to avoid the drive killing sacks and bad incompletions. He’s relying more on his arm this year and taking his mechanics for granted. He really missed some easy throws in the last game. He threw high often in the Bear game. He has to relax and get his composure back. Use his instincts more and don’t play so robotic. If the play dictates that he needs to take off and run, then he has to go ahead and run. And for God’s sake, throw the ball deep to Ellington twice a game, just to keep the defense honest and possibly get a pass interference call. Doesn’t Roman realize that they are giving 2 of those away per game!

          1. 23J,
            Yes, I did watch the game and yes Kap had his good, bad, and ugly moments.
            Sunday’s game against the Eagles was a microcosm of CK’ career.
            We have a tremendously athletic QB that is still refining his game.

            His passes to Gore (across the grain/field) and Stevie (endzone precision while moving out of the pocket) were awesome.
            His inaccurate and no-touch passes were not good. And his clock management at a critical point of the game was ugly.

            Hammer said it best, there’s been no consistency in CK’ play.
            I believe that he’s capable of playing lights-out. What he did against the Packers in the opening game last year may have been his best all around game as a pro.
            The ability is there. Tapping in to it on a consistent basis has been the issue.

            1. From Matt Barrows Twitter on September 19. 2 days before Arizona game.

              Observation: “Vernon Davis’ limp seemed to grow more pronounced when he realized reporters were watching him.” #idliketothanktheacademy.

              Vance McDonald on Friday September 19th. ” Vernon Davis looked real good catching passes from the jugs machine (ankle) was night and day compared to thursday, the day before.”

              Cam Inman speaking on Vernon Davis’ ankle injury the tuesday after the Philly game. “This is the second time Davis has been slowed by injury this year. He missed the San Francisco 49ers’ Week 3 loss to the Arizona Cardinals with a bruised ankle”. Cam Inman of the Bay Area News Group reported a few days after the Arizona game that the veteran tight end was walking around fine.

              Now read Vernon Davis’ vote of confidence when asked about Jim Harbaugh.

              ” I’ve heard rumors around her but I don’t see it. He’s full of energy and to me is the best guy for this job.” Vernon is the only player on the team that has spoken out and said that he had heard rumors around the team that players want Harbaugh out.
              I’ll say it for the last time. Vernon Davis is not a trusted agent. This guy’s knows the impact he has on the team winning or losing. He clearly does not want to practice regularly with the team. He’s basically missed 2 whole games due to injury. We had to change our entire offense because of his ankle injury before the Arizona game. So who believes he’s going to play this week while nursing back spasms. He hasn’t practiced all week. Does he want to play against Alex. The guy he supported more than any player on this team along with Joe Staley. I wonder but I don’t think Vernon Will play Sunday. Or will he start and then come out of the game with recurring back spasms???

  37. Got a juicy rumor for ya……Harb has a strong relationship with Stanfords #1 booster Arillaga to buy the Raiders for 2.5 billion and bring him in as GM and head coach…York is the one who has been feeding the rumors.

    1. I hope Grant never writes anything this convoluted and contradictory. The only reason you like it is because it makes it sound like your wonder boy is getting better despite throwing 4 interceptions.

      Here’s what Kevin wrote:

      -Despite his four interceptions, quarterback Colin Kaepernick is playing better than last year. Kaepernick is routinely looking at two and three receivers during his drops, which is remarkable considering the lack of protection by the offensive line. Kaepernick’s 55-yard pass for touchdown to running back Frank Gore was a perfect example. When Kaepernick found Gore all the way across the field, it was Kaepernick’s fourth read.

      -Two of Kaepernick’s four interceptions on the year have gone to defensive backs who have peeled off their coverage and jumped into the passing lane. After Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins did that to Kaepernick on Sunday, the Eagles began to routinely have their corners peel off their coverage. Kaepernick was also aware of it. On 3rd-and-7 in the fourth quarter, Anquan Boldin and Michael Crabtree ran a combination route with Boldin going past the first down marker and Crabtree turning around at 5 yards. Even though Boldin was open past the sticks, Kaepernick threw to Crabtree who was tackled immediately. Kaepernick may been fearing an interception had he thrown the deeper ball to Boldin.

      Oh yeah — here are some comments from that article (I didn’t write them. Guess Kevin has a few “trolls” huh Bay?)

      section14row18 Rank 698
      Mr. Kaepernick is playing better in what sense? Per ProFootballReference, here are some stats (2014 / Career):

      Completion % : 67 / 61
      TD % : 4.8 / 4.8
      Int % : 3.2 / 2.0
      Yds per Attempt : 7.4 / 7.8
      Rating : 91.2 / 93.4

      Other Commenters note Mr. Kaepernick’s QBR lower now than last year. The Author seems to suggest that the QB is going through his progressions and that may be true in some cases. But Mr. Kaepernick still cannot get the plays off and does show a tendency to stare down his receivers (interceptions).

      macdaddiesf Rank 5517
      Sorry Kevin – normally agree with you but your are COMPLETELY, ABSOLUTELY WRONG this time. Kap is in NO way playing better than last year. He seemed out of sorts all of last game – hanging onto the ball far longer than necessary, confused by the defenses, still not managing the clock to such a degree even JH got frustrated. Yes – he did have a few nice passes but the TD to Gore was more a breakdown in the defense than a ‘great’ pass. Come on – off his back foot, all the way across the field???!!! We all know you’re not suppose to do that! Lucky no DB was nearby. Kap has regressed this year unfortunately when he was suppose to step up as THE leader

      redwood_baby Rank 62
      CK7 is still blowing the time management assignment, and that leads to problems adjusting to defensive reads, pre-snap.

      CK7 also missed some passes that would have gone quite a ways, causing receivers to reach back rather than stay in stride.

      He’s going to have to humble down and study, practice, and study some more.

      I’ve been a fan for 3 years, but am starting to cringe at some obvious misses.

      AnnoBannana Rank 17248
      Why don’t you write something about Frank Gore?

      1. Way to cherry pick comments. Let me put it to you straight so maybe just maybe you’ll shut your pie hole already. See a real fan would acknowledge the growing pains but would also mention the gains. A real fan would acknowledge the small sample size as well.

        Going through progression. Passing up runs and instead using the system to find receivers.

        Vastly improved 3rd down efficiency.

        Eliminate 1 game. The Bears game. The 2nd half of the Bears game to be specific skew all of the Qb’s stats. So you are throwing our teams QB under the bus for 2 bad quarters that could have been eliminated had the OC just run the ball. Not excessively, but run the ball more than 9 times for the game. Coaching put us in the position we were in, the offensive line played poorly and so did the QB.
        Do these stats look good to you?

        62-90 68% completions

        QB rating 105

        TD / Int 5/1

        3rd down conversions 51%

        See I look at these stats and I’m pretty happy from the QB perspective. Especially when you look at the line he’s passing behind.

        I could include the first half of the bears game and the stats are even better. You are putting the QB down based on two bad quarters which makes your agenda crystal clear. So I go back to my original point. You either don’t like CK, or you are just not that smart. Been telling everyone for two years. You are not a 49er fan you are a hater…..Exposed.

        1. “See I look at these stats and I’m pretty happy from the QB perspective. Especially when you look at the line he’s passing behind.”

          You rip on the O-Line again. You sir, are not a fan. You should take your trolling elsewhere…

      2. Fan,

        Those are career stats the person in the comments put up and they are pretty darn good. Lynch clearly stated his reasons for why he believes Kap is playing better, and I agree as I’ve said the same thing here. Kap is looking for his 2nd and 3rd options regularly. He’s holding onto the ball when he’s flushed outside because he’s trying to wait as long as he can for somebody to uncover. He’s starting to force himself to use his arm more instead of his legs and it’s not hard to see if you actually look at it without bias.

        The time management is a Coaching problem and I have no idea why you can’t see that considering the same issues existed while Smith was here.

        1. Rocket,

          The problem I have with stats is anyone can cherry pick any stat to support an argument. Kevin says Colin is getting better, despite throwing 4 picks and having a costly fumble. Most coaches will say the biggest stat of all is who wins the turnover battle.

          Before we got sidetracked, I actually think you and I are having a healthy debate. So let’s not label anyone a Kaep lover/hater, or an Alex lover/hater.

          You’re not pushing Pro Kaep propaganda, nor am I hear strictly to bash Kaep.
          He’s only one player on a 53 man team.
          That said, he does play the most important position and the results are mixed.

          Here’s a stat for you before the Eagles game. The Niners were outscored 52-3 in the 2nd half. And most of Colin’s turnovers were also in the 2nd half. I don’t know what his passer rating is for the 2nd half. I do know teams make adjustments. Even in the Cowboy win, it was more about gifts from Tony Romo. Colin did make a great pass that I wrote about, and would love to see more of those type of traditional pocket passer plays from him.

          Here’s another stat: How many game winning touchdown passes has he made since he was the starter? We’re not talking about getting the team in position to kick a FG, but actually getting it all the way done in the red zone.

          What’s important: The stat that Kaep completes X amount 3rd down completions
          vs his 2nd half turnovers or mental mistakes?

          I think we can agree that Colin is physically gifted, and can physically do things a lot of other QBs can’t. I just don’t think he has progressed as a pure passer to the level of his peers, or others who play the position, especially Russell Wilson, as I believe it really comes down to the mental aspects that put the Niners over the top against the Seahawks.

          With that said — Have a great weekend, let’s enjoy a great game against KC and hopefully the Niners get the W.

          1. Nice try attempting to distance yourself from being a hater. The room sees it. The only guy that won’t acknowledge it is Prime cause he’s been a hater himself.
            You are over the top and have shown your true colors. While you are correct that you can cherry pick stats to support an argument, you do not have enough stats to support your agenda.
            Here is the reality of it. Kaep in two years has 2 NFC Championship games and a superbowl loss. He’s played 14 good quarters out of 16. He’s completed 68% of his passes. Converted 51% of third downs. Eliminate the Bears game and he has a 5TD to 1Int ratio. And how do you describe him?

            As a QB that has not progressed.

            As a turnover prone QB.

            Then you list negative comments about Kaep from a “blog”.

            You don’t call him by his name, you call him “wonderboy”.

            Yet you don’t have an agenda? Fan you are a troll. I can’t wait until Grant busts you out as a double poster. Your attempt to tell Rocket that your debate is a “healthy” one is a reach. Me thinks though does protest too much. I’m on you dude. Go cheer for your team. But as I see it and always have, this one aint it.

            1. Yeah you’re right Bay, I shouldn’t call Colin Kaepernick, “Wonder Boy” since he really isn’t.

              Let’s look at the those stats. You say Colin has play great in 14 of the 16 quarters.

              He played great in the first half of the Cowboy game, and the team did nothing in the 2nd half. So that would be two quarters.
              He played great in the first half of the Bears game, and then simply imploded in the 2nd. I mean, you can pretty much that loss on his 3 turnovers and fumble for the whole game.
              In the Cards game he was good in the first half, and then stinky pants in the 2nd.
              The stats would back that up because prior to the Eagles game, all everyone call talk about was the 52-3 scoring differential in the 2nd half.

              In the Eagles game, Colin was erratic, missing easy throws, had a pick six and made bonehead mental mistakes. But you seem to give him credit over the defense, which pitched a shut-out and had a goal line stand, and Gore, who gain over 100 yards.

              So let’s do the math. 6 quarters in games 1-3, and let’s give you the benefit of the doubt and give all 4 quarters of the Eagles game to him, so that’s 10. So he’s great a little over half the time.

              You brought up the NFCCG and Superbowl. Let’s talk SB. He play horrible in the 1st half. And it it wasn’t for the blackout, that game was over. He called a timeout at the goal-line and through a horrible pass to Crabs. In the NFCCG against Seattle, how many turnovers did he have in the 2nd half? Oh, right. If it wasn’t for him, they wouldn’t have been in that game. Well I would argue if he was any threat as a passer then Seattle would not have put 9 guys in the box to stop Gore.

              If you go back to 2011, well then Alex played 4 great quarters in the Saints Game, and he was up 10-0 on the Giants in the first half, before they adjusted and took Vernon away and dared Crabtree to get open. Oh yeah, but that game is all on Alex despite the 2 fumbles by KY and the one the refs took way from Ahmed Bradshaw. Based on your logic Alex Smith played great in 6 of 9 quarters, including OT. So would you finally admit then, that Alex was great in 2011 playoffs?

              You know. I’m sorry. I feel bad. I feel like I just took candy from a big baby. You’re right. Colin Kaepernick has played great in the 32 quarters of the 16 played so far.

              1. Yeah Bay,
                Based on your lack of response, I think the math is way over your head, then you are the busted troll. You always hated on Alex Smith when was a NINER QB. And now you spew your wrath on the O-LINE, the DEFENSE, and anyone else who doesn’t play well. Except you go easy on Kaepernick because you love his Laser Cannon arm and his tattoos. You are a troll. I wish you would leave but at the same time every town needs an idiot and we kind of have a really good one in you, so I would not vote you off this island.
                Did you see how I mixed metaphors? Or was that too much for you to comprehend?

            2. Lame, a hater? Cmon man. Just pointing out the obvious with Kaepernick minus the stats which I already got bush whacked for. Now we will see how the rest of the year turns out.
              How many catches do you think Stevie J will have this weekend?

              1. Prime I thought the 49ers were going to cut Johnson according to bayareafanatic? Buwhahahahaha……………………

              2. Yikes Razor, a little to controversial for me. You know the Redskins, Native American thing?

  38. KC is 20th against the run this year and 12th versus the pass. Tells me their defense is average. We should move the ball at will against these guys.
    Hope Rathman is coaching Hyde up to do a better job reading his blocks. Trust me this guy is going to pop one.
    Take Charles out of the game, pin your ears back and Alex will have a long day. 27-17 Niners.

    1. Bay,

      Hopefully we can contain their run game and keep Smith from running on us. Give Smith the short stuff he wants and come up and tackle. Don’t let Jenkins get deep on us for a big play. I want to see Lynch punish Smith. Just like he did Foles. We need 6 sacks this game. It would make my week!

      We have to control the football on offense. Let Gore and Hyde take turns hashing them. It would be nice to see Kap have a great game. He needs one to silence me and the critics.

    2. All that won’t matter if Staley and J Martin can’t keep KC’s edge rushers off Kap and out of the backfield. The oline continues to be the weak unit on this team and needs to step up their game.

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