Alex Smith to visit the Seahawks this week, upset at the 49ers

According to Matt Barrows who cites “a source familiar with Alex Smith’s itinerary,” Smith will visit the Seahawks this week.

As you know, he’s visiting the Dolphins today. With either team, Smith would probably have to compete for a starting job and would probably have to settle for a smaller contract, either in years or money or both, than the one he could have accepted from the Niners as early as December, according to the team – three years, $24 million.

He clearly didn’t expect it to come to this.

Barrows also delivered this nugget in his blog: “Smith, according to sources, is upset at the 49ers, perhaps not because the monetary offer they made him – reportedly $24 million over three years – but because of the job security it provides. Smith felt the 49ers made a commitment to him as their future starter that was not reflected in the contract offer.”

If that’s true, it sounds like Smith really did want a four or a five-year contract, and he was being disingenuous when he told Kim Coyle he was happy with the three-year offer.

What do you make of these developments?

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