Alex Smith gets off the mat, visits the Dolphins

Did you expect Alex Smith to take all of this sitting down?

No way. While we were sleeping last night he flew all the way to Miami to workout for the Dolphins, a bad team featuring Smith’s former high school teammate, Reggie Bush.

So, Smith means business.

He said this to the South Florida Sun-Senitinel: “This is the NFL. I guess nothing surprises me anymore. I never thought a year ago (Peyton) Manning would be a free agent either. I’m never surprised by anything.”

What a pro – taking it all in stride.

The Dolphins give Smith his best chance to get a fat pay-day this offseason, but he’d be stuck on a bad team going nowhere.

If things fall through with the Niners and Peyton Manning (and I don’t think they will – I think Manning will be a Niner), I’d bet Smith would take the first flight back to San Francisco so the two sides can make up and get back together.

Smith is just that kind of pro.

Update: Free agent guard Geoff Schwartz will work out for the Niners on Tuesday, according to his twitter. If Trent Baalke signs him, forget about drafting a guard in the first round.

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