Alfred Morris adds power to 49ers’ hobbled running game

San Francisco 49ers running back Alfred Morris (36) runs against the Indianapolis Colts during the first half of an NFL preseason football game in Indianapolis, Saturday, Aug. 25, 2018. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

The 49ers may have found the running back they didn’t know they needed.

When Alfred Morris was a free agent this offseason, the 49ers signed Jerick McKinnon instead.

Morris is a veteran running back who played for 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan from 2012 to 2013. In 2017, he played for the Dallas Cowboys. McKinnon is a career backup who played the first four seasons of his career with the Minnesota Vikings. Despite his lack of starting experience, the 49ers made McKinnon the sixth-highest paid running back in the league in terms of average annual salary.

Now, McKinnon is injured, and Morris is the 49ers’ starting running back — they signed him Aug. 14. He leads the team in rushing after playing only one preseason game. He gained 84 yards on the ground and ran harder than every other 49ers running back Saturday during their 23-17 loss to the Indianapolis Colts.

“I was real pleased with how Alf ran the ball,” 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan said Sunday on a conference call with Bay Area reporters. “We could start seeing it during the week of practice, he was running the ball well and our O-line was blocking well. I was very excited how it carried over to the game. I would have been surprised if we didn’t run the ball well. I was real happy with that group as a whole.”

It was the running game’s first good performance of the preseason.

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  1. Glad to see the O line opening up holes in the defense. You could have driven a truck through some of them.
    Of course, the Colts D was ranked 26th last season, so it was easier than the Cowboy game, when the first string run defense seemed to live in the Niner backfield.
    The Chargers will provide a much sterner test for Morris.

      1. Calling posters idiots says way more about you than it does about me.
        Bah, I have not consulted a thesaurus in years, I do not need to. I am Verbose.

        1. Verbose means you use more words than you need to. If you’re so smart you would use an economy of words to succinctly express your points.
          You use a lot of words to seem smart, But that isn’t working.

          1. It is not working with you because you cannot understand them, but I am not writing for you, I am aiming at the literate posters.
            You should just stop wasting time and scroll past.

            1. I have no problem with your post. I agree that in the last game Morris had opportunities that no other RB was given before in the previous two games. Shanahan is not impressed by stats but by what players make of the opportunities presented to them. He as much said he was less impressed by the runs that impressed others and more by the little yardage he made when their was no hole for him to run through.

              Some fans are too quick to jump the gun from one games results. Morris did well with the opportunities he was given. Still I am sure Shanahan is not as sold on Morris as the fan base is. Not to say that he will not make the roster- this game helped him quite a lot. But he is not going to replace Breida based on this game. Shanahan still wants players who are capable of making big plays. It all depends on if he values a player who will take it too the house or one who will get a yard when their is no hole available.

              1. The positive results of the run game against the colts was more about the offensive line’s improved blocking than it was on Morris.

              2. I agree.
                Although some other posters like the fact that Morris weighs more, and cannot be brought down with arm tackles. He is a good change of pace back.

  2. A lot of talk about Garoppolo’s deep ball and his footwork in the offseason.

    This is every pass from the Texans game. He goes deep twice. The first is the deep completion to Goodwin. Jimmy’s front foot is pointed at his intended receiver. Nice pass.

    The second deep ball (although not as deep as the first one) is the INT that went off Pettis’ hands. Jimmy again has his front foot pointed at his receiver, but the pass is high.

    Last year JG threw some ducks. This year he is letting some passes sail on him (the Pettis INT and the play where Kittle was injured). Perhaps JG is adjusting to his better deep ball strength due to his improved footwork.

    1. Interesting thought.
      I’ve noticed a tendacy for the ball to sail a bit high on him. This is fine on roues outside the hashmarks and when your throwing to the back of the endzone, but is dangerous on passes to the middle of the field.
      Obviously its not a huge issue, but its correctable and it would be nice to know if it was just part of an ongoing adjustment.

        1. Probably not. Beathard gets a lot of balls batted down because he has a very low release. Doesn’t get his elbow up enough.

  3. I said before the game last week: McKinnon is NOT the answer. Sure maybe he can catch the ball, but he’s relatively pathetic as a RUNNING back. Very easy to take down.
    One game doesn’t necessarily prove much, but I said back then that Morris is the best back on the roster.
    It’s still early days, but what is obvious, is that the Niners Front Office is incompetent. They fail to maintain any sense of perspective and calm. They reached for players in the draft. They overpay for players in free agency. Their skills at player assessment is still questionable. Lynch is way out of his depth. He has no business running a Front Office. He has zero experience at it.. He’s just a HOLLOW talking head looking to placate everybody and be the good guy.
    Right now the new regime is still in their honeymoon period, so everything is peachy cream, but eventually their incompetence will be their downfall.
    Ultimately it falls on the shoulders of Jed York. As demonstrated by his string of decisions since he took over ( I don’t need to list them), he is not very intelligent. A very poor judge of people and talent, rich kid who has no executive skills.

    1. Pitchforks are down the path on the left, just past the dumpster–you know, the one with the peeling 9er logo on it and clouds of flies swirling about. Give a wide berth as you pass the dumpster–as it often erupts in flame and oozes molten dung. Pitchforks are loaners only so please don’t take any home. If you want torches, you’re on your own. Occasionally Home Depot has Tiki Torches in stock so they’re your best bet.

      When the call goes out to help fund a banner towing service, please contribute. After all, you’re one of the few true fans sufficiently gifted to see through this sickening charade perpetrated by 9er elites. I’d expect the funding call to go out by the coming weekend, with banners demanding the removal of the all 9er ownership, execs, managers, coaches, etc. to be airborne over Santa Clara by the first home game.

      Join us as we clear the decks for a bright new future! Why wait….act now!

      1. PS… Don’t mistake me for a fan boy or a shill for ‘the man’. Check my comments over the last few years.

        The 9ers have issues and I believe most people in the organization who are in a position to effect change are working on just that. Shanahan is committed to implementing his offensive scheme, so for now I’ll defer to his way of bringing that about. Some of us want brute power running games, some want 6’4″ 225lb wide receivers, some want run first/throw second QBs, etc., etc. We want instant gratification with rookie edge rushers rag-dolling veteran NFL tackles and getting 20 sacks each this season. And of course, we want rookie offensive tackles to be HOF performers in preseason–or they’re dismissed as busts. Remember the Tomsula and Kelly days? What fun being a fan.

        If we win fewer than four games this season, the heat is really on the 9ers. If we win six or seven, some will argue we’re making slow progress–frustratingly slow. If we win 10+ then most (not all) will be giddy. Let’s allow this season run its course before we storm the palace and hose it out. This isn’t Game of Thrones. No dragons.

        Here’s wishing for few injuries, opportunities to bring in some additional talent (over the next few weeks), and good play calling and execution.

          1. With a purposeful grimace and a terrible sound
            He pulls the spitting high-tension wires down
            Helpless people on subway trains
            Scream, bug-eyed, as he looks in on them
            He picks up a bus and he throws it back down
            As he wades through the buildings toward the center of town
            Oh, no, they say he’s got to go
            Go, go, Godzilla
            Oh, no, there goes Tokyo….

    2. And this is why you need to think before you post people. If you don’t, then you risk throwing your preconceived conclusions out there that have next to nothing to back them up with.

    3. While I have excoriated Jed many times, at least he was smart enough to hire John Lynch.
      Sounds like you are a divisive troll, trying to sow dissent.
      I will adamantly defend John Lynch. He is the reason why the Niners have turned things around. They have cleaned house, because of the stench of Baalke, and JL is building this team, brick by brick.
      Most importantly, he has changed the culture. No more back stabbing. No more leaks, and when something did inadvertently leak because he provided full unfettered access to the draft room, he apologized for it.
      JL is the furthest thing from a ‘Hollow talking head’. While I still want JL to allow Grant to conduct an interview, JL has been open and accessible to the media, while providing insights and hope for the team.
      JL aint no dummy. He is a Stanford grad, and has a connection to the legendary Bill Walsh. His character should never be assassinated by the likes of you, because he is bringing class and a winning culture to the Niners. Some day, I hope he brings a championship mentality to the Niners.
      Considering JL has taken a 2 win team, and turned things around, I will not freak out over a preseason game. JL has hit a grand slam in the 2017 draft, obtaining starters into the 7th round. He overpaid because that is what is needed to out bid other teams for good FAs. Luckily, he had over 120 mil in cap space, and still has 43 mil, so quit whining. This past draft is still a work in progress, and the team will not know how they perform until they play this season.
      JL did 9 out of 10 things I listed before the draft. The only one he did not do was avoid the unforced errors. They should have been more patient, saved draft picks, and waited instead of leaping forward to grab a player they coveted. They leaped forward for CJB, JW and this year, Pettis. I am not privy to the machinations of the draft room, but in the case of Pettis, it sounded like a team was ready to get him before the Niners could select him at 59. In the cases of CJB and JW, I firmly believe the Niners did not need to leap ahead to grab them, costing later picks. In all of those cases, I think JL allowed KS to make the call. I am glad JL allowed KS to have input, because it sounds like they are both on the same page. I will accede to the acumen of KS, since he wants to coach those players.
      JL is not incompetent. The players showed a degree of incompetence because of all their penalties, but it is only preseason, and I think it will be a quick fix, now that they have identified the problem.
      Go ahead, root for another team. I am ecstatic that JL was instrumental in the acquisition of JG. JL has turned this team around, and I am moving from my 8-8 prediction to a 9-7 prediction, because of JL, and his latest move to sign Morris.
      Sure, they will probably not win the SB this season, but they are heading in the right direction. Rome was not built in a day, and true, die hard posters like Razor and Rocket think 2019 will be the year they make the playoffs. Considering JL inherited a downtrodden, dispirited 2 win team, I think he has performed miracles.
      Go troll another team, and another site. Cassie and I may fight like cats and dogs, but in this case, I totally agree with her.

    4. To keep it brief:
      Disagree on your take about McKinnon. You haven’t even seen him work in the system yet but feel so prescient that you call him relatively pathetic.
      Typing from your couch at 2am you call Lynch hollow. Do tell.
      Seems reminiscent of the Sebbian Self-aggrandizement Syndrome.

    5. @Eff1

      “Right now the new regime is still in their honeymoon period, so everything is peachy cream, but eventually their incompetence will be their downfall.”

      I really can’t respect someone who doesn’t know how to spell peachy keen.

      1. I just happened to return to this thread and am surprised at the inability of people to accept a point of view that does not correspond to theirs. Or maintain a civil composure.
        Lol. We could have a reasoned discussion or debate. Instead of having to resort to name calling. And jumping to conclusions about someone’s intelligence, etc. But I can see that’s not possible with this group.
        Being a Niner fan, and one I dare say for lot longer than most posting here, I prefer to be a friends of fellow fans, not an enemy. Friend can disagree and still be respectful of each other.
        I have reasons for feeling the way I do. And I’m generally an optimist, even if in this case I am not. But because a civil exchange appears out of the question, for now we’ll leave it at that.
        We shall see how things play out two or three years down the road.

        PS: So what is the origin of the phrase “peachy keen”? Seems real important to you. if I had ever known that was the correct aphorism, I had certainly forgotten that. Anyway, it makes about as much (or less) sense as “peachy cream” so I’m not too torn up about it. It is unfortunate that something as trivial as that has to be the threshold one has to cross in order to earn respect.

  4. The mental and physical toughness between Alfred Morris and joe Williams is night and day … if I’m Shanahan and it comes down to making a choice, that’s the deciding factor

  5. The performance by Morris validates why experience and understanding schemes are more important than youth and just speed. An RB who understands blocking schemes and defensive fronts and exhibits the patience and knows where the cuts most likely will be based on the flow of the defense once the stretch begins is going to be more successful than the young bucks. That RB also will make the OL better. KS says Morris may not be able to go the distance on a long run, but on the whole, he will be far more productive with multiple 7 and 8 or 9-yard gains than the youngsters who can take it to the house, but, on the other hand, turn those 7 or 8 yarders into 3 and 4 yard runs because of lack of patience and experience to read the cuts. Terrel Davis and Adrian Foster were much the same way as Morris, and the former was a 6th rounder and the latter an FA, so you don’t have to be a highly paid or drafted RB to make this system work.

    1. Good points mike. Running in a zone scheme involves patience and vision which is hard for some RB’s to get comfortable with. Morris is adept at running in this scheme, but it was also a case where the Oline controlled the LOS better than they have previously. There were fewer plays featuring penetration into the backfield than we are used to seeing. Hopefully they build on this moving forward.

      1. Except that Morris is the only back who had those huge holes to run through. It is also those huge holes that allow backs like Breida and McKinnon to take it too the house. That is what Shanahan was implying. It was like the Seattle game when Hyde had those huge holes that produced 32 and 61 yard runs that he was caught from behind on. Breida would have taken them too the house.

        You guys just have different idea’s about how you would run your offense. The thing is that this is Shanahan’s not your offense and he knows what he wants. He pretty much stated his perspectives in his statement about this last game and Morris’s strengths vs the other backs. Morris will get that yard when there is not hole, but the other guys can take it too the house. In this scheme their will be many times when there is no hole and there will be other times when the holes are huge. It’s a trade off . Do you value that extra yard when thereis no hole or do you go for the home run when the hole is open?.

        I think Shanahan might keep Morris on the roster and use him selectively, but he is not going to replace either McKinnon or Breida because they provide more options for his offense. That is the same reason he traded Brown which is something many of you also didn’t care for. But you see Shanahan will run this team in a way that fullfills his vision and not yours.

        1. I agree that the Oline play in Indy was the best it has been so far in the preseason, but they have created some holes previously that were flat out missed. Morris had his best years in DC with the Shanahan’s so it’s no surprise he did well in the same system under Shanny in SF.

          I have no idea what you are talking about in regards to having different ideas than Shanahan on how to run an offense. He’s one of the best offensive minds in the game and somebody I had been calling for the Niners to hire for years before he eventually got the job. I’m fully on board with the system he’s running and the players he has picked to be a part of it.

          1. There were some of the same huge holes early in the Houston game that the RB just missed.

    1. Looks like the 3rd TE is still an open competition going into this last game. I suspect when Foster returns, either Mabin or Powell gets released, going by Maiocco’s list….

      1. I think they will keep only 2 TEs, so they can keep a 7th WR.
        Most likely, they will keep Toomer over Nzeocha, because Nzeocha is so raw and inexperienced.
        Mabin and Powell may be supplanted by Chanceller James, Mcfadden, Exum or Harris.

          1. Stop replying with moronic posts and he’ll slow down. Stop having a crush on him and following him a puppy dog.

            1. I find Seb’s eccentricities rather amusing instead of irritating, but it seems he’s like a tick to most.

    2. The only tough calls are the end of the roster players who need to be ST’s as well as position players. While Richie James has looked good, Burbridge is a ST’s standout so he may get the nod in the hopes they can get James to the PS. There is a good chance they could because as good as James has played, there are a bunch of similar WR’s who are doing the same thing for their teams. It will be an interesting decision if Burbridge is healthy. If he’s not then not much of a choice unless Shanny wants Robinson for the experience.

      3rd TE is another tough one because Hikutini is a good fit as a receiving TE but isn’t much of a blocker. Do they cut him loose in favor of a lesser receiver who is a better blocker? Tough call.

      I’m disappointed in how things have turned out for Williams because he is a talented and has big play capability. He’s just not durable enough and the system fit doesn’t appear to be there.

      Garnett appears to be a lock now after the way he played on Saturday. I watched some plays where he really dominated and showed a lot of strength and mobility. Great to see him turn it around and hopefully it continues when they start playing for real.

      We have big time problems at Edge. That is going to be a killer all season for this defense. Saleh is going to have to blitz often to get pressure which in turn will put pressure on a suspect secondary. I see a lot of high scoring games in our future.

      1. I was looking at Wick’s measurables. Not a fast guy. At his pro day, his 40 ranged between 4.92-4.94. Celek’s was 4.72-4.74, for comparison. These numbers come from For a big guy, his 3-cone looked relatively low, 7.16. Celek’s was 7.12.

        But, according to his college coach, “He’s tough and he’ll block and he’s been taught the mechanics of blocking.” Also, his pass catching might be a plus. Here’s what an article said about him after he was signed by Detroit as an UDFA: “Detroit Lions tight end Cole Wick has been “the best” of Detroit’s undrafted rookie class. The 22-year-old out of Incarnate Word stands 6’5/256. He ran a sluggish 4.93 forty at his Pro Day, but showed impressive explosion with a 36 1/2″ vertical and 10-foot-5 broad jump. Per’s Kyle Meinke, Wick has gotten “a ton” of reps and “hauled in passes all over the place.” Wick has a real chance at a roster spot with Tim Wright on injured reserve and could be a red-zone player.”

        I’m just looking for reasons for preferring him to Hikutini. I guess the reasoning would be that we have several people who can catch well and need a backup for Celek, which is the point you raised. On the other hand, Seb thinks they’ll cut him to keep another WR. We’ll just have to see.

        1. As per Rotoworld a couple of years ago:
          “The Detroit Free Press believes UDFA TE Cole Wick could push to start. Wick put on a show at offseason workouts, but this is more of a bold prediction. Eric Ebron has never been a full-time starter, and the Lions have snaps to fill with Brandon Pettigrew sidelined. Wick’s role is worth tracking this preseason.”

          1. Sounds great George but here’s the reality of the situation: Cole Wick career NFL catches: 4 and 2 have come in 3 preseason games with the Niners. He is on his second team after being released by the first and sitting on the PS for a year. He was injured, but Detroit cut him after he had come back from rehabbing it, so all that love from the local press didn’t really tell the story did it?

            Don’t get me wrong, I hope he does well and if he makes the 53 man roster, great. My point is simply that he hasn’t shown a whole heck of a lot to this point.

            1. rocket, I’m not building him up and am not rooting for him, just trying to explain why they may keep him. He’s slow for a TE. But he can block and is fast enough and may be athletic enough for OZ. He can also catch. There may be a better TE who will be cut by another team whom they can pick up, and I hope they do. I think they need a backup.

      2. Just because there are other players doing for their teams what James is doing for this team does not mean he would get through waivers. There are plenty of other teams who are hurting for wide receivers. All it takes is just one team. James would never make it through waivers. The Pats would pick him up in a heart beat.

        1. willtalk, I was thinking that too about the Pats. It’s also possible they’ll want someone like Garcon. Just speculating, nothing to base it on.

        2. Yep he’s great and he’ll never clear waivers. I hear that every year and then the player clears waivers, goes to the PS and gets released at some point never to be heard from again. Every team has their preseason fan favorites/preordained superstars. As I mentioned, James has been good, but he’s a 7th round pick and there are a number of young WR’s who have more receiving yards than James does so far in the preseason:

          Javon Wims
          Shelton Gibson
          Jake Kumerow
          James Washington
          Tre’Quan Smith
          David Moore
          DeAndre Carter – Remember him?
          Cam Sims
          Justin Watson
          John Ross
          Rashard Higgins
          Taywan Taylor

          Tied with James are:

          Damoun Patterson and Breshad Perriman

          There are a number of others with similar numbers just behind James.

          All this is to say, there are a lot of options for young WR’s on the waiver wire, many who most have never heard of, so James getting claimed is far from a certainty. If the Niners really feel they want him to be a part of the offense this year and feel he can develop into a good pro, then they should keep him. If he is going to be related to the inactive list for most of the season, then they may decide to take their chances getting him to the PS.

          1. Please we need to verify if this is Rocket…..

            Are you freaking out of your mind………you are using preseason receiving yards to justify cutting RJ and signing a bunch of no game WRs and you also brought up ravens 1st rd bust perriman

            As I mentioned, James has been good, but he’s a 7th round pick and there are a number of young WR’s who have more receiving yards than James does so far in the preseason:

            This is crazy talk….are you high….

            1. You misinterpreted the point completely. I posted the names and stats of those young WR’s to show that there are a number of players doing as good or better than James. In other words, every year in preseason a teams fans fall in love with end of roster players who they believe other teams will claim if they try to get them to the PS. Most of the time these players clear and go to the PS because there are so many similar players like them on the market at cut down and teams usually prefer to keep their own young players than claim someone else’s which in turn they have to put on the active roster.

              I like James too. All I’m saying is there is a very real chance he is not kept on the final 53 and if he’s cut there is a good chance he makes it to the PS for the reasons described above. Could he get claimed, sure, but even if he does there are a bunch of similar players available every year.

      3. @rocket….no freaking way RJ survives the waiver wire……with all your experience watching the NFL surprised you could come to a conclusion….

        RJ currently is
        the true backup to taylor
        Contributing on ST as a return man…

        49ers will be out of their mind to cut RJ for a gunner on ST …….

        cmon its not rocket science ….

        Have you watched RJ at all….really surprised you are lumping him with WRs that have less potential….

        1. There is a very good chance he survives the waiver wire. As I mentioned above, there are many similar young WR’s who are going to be cut and put on the PS by their own teams. He was a 7th round pick, so there wasn’t a lot of interest in him during the draft. His play during the preseason hasn’t stood out above other similar young WR’s around the league. Yeah he could be claimed by somebody if he was cut, but it isn’t likely. In order for another team to claim James they would have to put him on their 53 man roster after he wasn’t with them during the preseason and is starting from scratch in their system. You rarely see teams claiming end of the roster WR’s unless they are good returners or ST demons which James is not. The Niners have used him on KR, but they have also had Reed doing it ahead of him and Reed has been the better of the two. James has shown a lot of promise and they may decide to keep him on the final roster, I’m just saying that it is not a foregone conclusion.

          I’d also say that Pettis is Taylor’s true backup; not James. James may not even dress most weeks if they keep him on the active roster.

    3. I think Hikutini is out. Already not good at blocking, and that drop might have sealed his fate, Ideally, we would have been able to trade for Gronk, who can block and catch.

        1. Didn’t he have a drop a couple of weeks ago? Shanny has high standards. If a TE can’t block, he better be able to catch consistently.

      1. I still think there is a good chance Hikutini makes it. He has been first off the bench after Celek and gives them a better receiving option. Tough call though and they could claim or trade for another TE as well.

  6. I honestly don’t know how the 49ers could possibly justify cutting Alfred Morris. The main question on him had to be whether or not he still had anything left in his legs and he obviously has a lot left in the tank. Morris is better than Breida out of the gate and he may be a better compliment to McKinnon. I see Jerick McKinnon as the Alvin Kamara and Alfred Morris as the Mark Ingram of this 49er offense. I would think after the Colts game, Joe Williams must see the writing on the wall. Maybe the 49ers can stash Williams on the PS and see if he improves but I just don’t see him making this opening day 53 after how well Morris performed in Indy.

    1. SEB.
      I did not call any other poster an idiot. YOU are the only idiot here. Ihave read your rants and opinions for a VERY long time, so I am qualified to give an honest account. And honestly sir, you are an idiot. An idiot with a thesaurus and myriad mental health issues. Now, do not misunderstand, I would never jump on someone solely because they have mental health issues. But you have PERSONALITY disorders to go with them namely: being an idiot, jerk and a narcissist. Mental health disorders are treatable, you being a major league d**k? That’s incurable, only you can change that.

      1. Yawn. This is a blog, not the Library of Congress.
        I certainly think that some trolls are incredibly bigoted and hateful, with low mental capacity, but I generally do not waste my time dealing with them. Many posters will grudgingly admit that I have shown restraint, and we can actually argue and disagree without being disagreeable.
        I have gone through this many times, and obviously, you have not learned your lesson. So what if I write as if the Niners dote on every word I write. It is just a literary device. This will not be my first rodeo, and this will not be my last.
        Mentally weak posters let my words upset them. I get under their skin because they let me. Get a clue. Try scrolling past, and stick to football. Never let them see you sweat. Engage me all you want, but I am not impressed by potty mouth name calling. Calling some one an idiot, jerk, d**k just defines you.

          1. When John Lynch put on his Trader Bill Hat and did 9 out of 10 things I enumerated, then traded away a player so they got something for him, instead of cutting him, and getting nothing, your snark is worth about as much as a bag of spit.

        1. Just stop posting, Seb. ?

          If you keep digging yourself a deeper hole, you’ll pop up in Hangzhou.

    2. Houston 9er ——- I don’t think Shanahan is looking for someone to compliment McKinnon. His offense functions better with players like McKinnon and Breida. He might keep Morris on the roster to use selectively, but he will not replace Breida. You do not know what either Breida or Mckinnon would have done with the holes that he was given against the Colts. Nor do you know what Morris would have done with the absolute lack of running lanes provided against in the first game. You need to really listen to what Shanahan says when he has press conferences . He says it is a trade off between that extra yard when there are no holes and the ability to take it too the house whent there are. That trade off decision has always been in play long before Morris was even signed.

      1. I do know what I saw from Breida last year. He’s not as good as Alfred Morris. Not close. And if you read anything about McKinnon and Breida in the offseason it was that they compliment each other. They are not similar runners in the least.

        “Running Back A (Jerick McKinnon) and Running Back B (Matt Breida) seem interchangeable, like clones. They will share playing time and split carries for the 49ers this season. Fans might struggle telling them apart. But in many ways, they’re total opposites. Their styles complement each other, and have since college. And the 49ers will use them differently.”

  7. Watching Myles Garrett highlights is painful. That guy is damn near unblockable and had we not won that game at the end of the year we would have an edge rusher right now.

    1. Myles Garrett was one of the best DE’s I’ve ever seen play football. The kid is absolutely amazing. Even with a severe ankle sprain he was unblockable. Add to the mix that he’s an amazing person with outstanding character and highly intelligent and you have the makings of a 10 year All Pro. The guy has HOF potential and I don’t throw that around lightly.

    1. Interesting…looks like Garnett has defied the odds! As an aside, Richburg was PFF’s highest rated center for week 3
      allowing just one hurry out of 23 in PassPro. His 91.8 in run blocking was superior to all other centers as well….

  8. SEB
    It’s kinda sad that you live your entire life vicariously through a 49ers blog. You sit there straining your eyes and refreshing the page 48,000 times a day. You’re only joy coming from elementary football observations and your heart crushed every time Grant or another poster doesnt pat you on the head for a good post. And you slip…., deeper and deeper with your blog obsession. ….Eating only a few times a week because you dare not miss a serving of the true nourishment you need. Unshaven and your eyes barely slits, your palms sweat and you pace the room. Having not slept for 3 days Hoping. Wishing. Planning.
    “This next post is gonna be the one that John Lynch, and Kaep and Jed York are going to read….. and I’ll ….win a Pulitzer and reach the ultimate goal…… 49ers beat writer for the Santa Rosa Press Democrat.

    Theres my literary devices for you.
    Cmon Seb. You need some sun.
    That’s my 2 cents dude. Having said that I am done with you.

    1. Glad you learned your lesson.
      BTW, I am a True, Die Hard Faithful 49er Fan. I was at Candlestick when Joe led that amazing comeback against the Saints in 1980. I was privileged to be in the stands to watch The Catch, a seminal event that launched the Glory Years. I still yearn for a return to relevance, but will still root for the team, even if they go 2-14. This season, I am expecting 9 wins, but hope springs eternal.
      I am happy here, and do not dream to want to supplant Grant, since I recognize his talent, and appreciate good writing.
      Diss me all you want, but just remember, I do not suffer fools gladly. You may disparage my football acumen, but I have not been impressed by anything you have written.

      1. Sebnynah you do not have any football acumen. Your insights are common knowledge and all you do is hope for this and hope for that. All the while trying to convince this forum that the organization reads your comments. Narcissism is a result of insensitive parenting. Your parents didn’t do a good job it seems

  9. *This Just In*
    Seb has been officially offered by J Lynch a position of ball washer for all opponents this season at Levi’s stadium. Please give a big 49er Faithful congrats to Seb as he has been desiring this position for years and will now get his dream job working with big strong sweaty men and washing their balls. Go Seb represent Your family skills and wash those balls!

    1. I don’t always agree with Seb and have also given him cr*ap when I felt he deserved it , but man you guys are constantly out after him. It doesn’t seem to matter what he posts. React to the post and not some personal vendetta. The same attitude is often directed at Grant as well.

        1. No, I really do think John McCain is a National Hero, who has served his country with honor and distinction.
          I do not like draft dodgers who attack Gold Star Mothers.

          1. I give McCain respect for his service, but I would remind you it was Senator McCain who hand delivered that phoney dossier to Jimmy Comey….

            1. Ha, ha ha. I believe the dossier, since most of it has proven to be true.
              I even believe the Golden Showers claim.

              1. All Mueller has is a supposed campaign violation after 2 years. Remember President Obama’s campaign violation fine of $300,000?

              2. Mueller has 16 convictions and numerous indictments. Sounds like you are whistling while walking past the cemetery in the dark.
                Cohen has fingered the president as an un-indicted co conspirator for the purpose of swaying an election.
                I will wait until the other shoe drops, but Trump is unraveling because he is worried about the tapes. Once Mueller releases them, we can have another conversation.

              3. Sebber, you’ve been bamboozled. Mueller’s charge had to do with collusion with the Russians. Not to squeeze everyone affiliated with him for the purposes of getting him to resign. This is an obvious coup d’etat! I stand with Jim Brown and Hershel Walker, while you kneel with Kaepernick….

              4. “…and matters that may arise” Razor.

                It’s just the cult’s misfortune to hook thier wagon to a lifelong con and fraud. A coup? No, just deferred justice being applied. Oh and BTW, Manafort’s next trial is all about the Russia thing. Make sure to tune in, OK?

            2. Lol “the dossier is legit”
              CNN is your daddies.
              I’m sure Povich could confirm this fact.

            1. Sebber, if you check the rules it clearly states that on the day of, and the day after, the death of a Member of Congress. Please don’t fall into the media’s trap….

              1. Trump is his own worst enemy. All he had to do was show some respect, but he is incapable of it.

              2. Whoops, spoke too soon. Trump just lowered the flag to half staff, and actually acknowledged John McCain’s exemplary service to our country.
                I wish to thank him for showing some respect.

            2. Seb, little boy Trump is only bowing to public pressure. He’s not worthy to lick McCains boot.

            3. Believe you, me. We will fly the flag half staff at the Press Democrat when you finally stick to your commitments and quit for good.

              I think your wife is calling… another keyboard slip up?

  10. He may be ball boy but you Seb are the official 49er opponent Ball washer! Now go forth scrub those balls and make your momma proud!

    1. Sam, you seem to be an expert at ball washing. Must be all you are good at. Go for it.
      I have never washed balls, and since you are on the side lines, you may take my place. Tell me how you do. I bet you will get good feedback.

  11. Seb I wouldn’t want to take your life long dream. Besides I have seen your YouTube where you wash two balls in your mouth at once. You have some talent there! I know opposing teams will enjoy your services.

    1. Sam, it is not my dream, but you seem to be obsessing about it. Since you know the opposing team likes it, your technique must make you an expert at it.

  12. From the movie Barbershop:

    Jimmy: “Eddie, not only is what you’re saying not true, it is wrong and disrespectful for you to discuss Rosa Parks in that way.”

    Eddie: “Wait, hold on here. Is this a barbershop? Is this a barbershop? If we can’t talk straight in a barbershop, then where can we talk straight? We can’t talk straight nowhere else. You know, this ain’t nothin’ but healthy conversation, that’s all. ”

    This web site should be like a Barber Shop – everyone has his own opinion and shouldn’t be criticized so much. You can disagree, but please stick to your opinion and facts.

    Now can we start talking 49er football again?

    How did our rookie RT look vs Colts?

    1. Our RT looked pretty good as did most of the Oline. It was against one of the worst defenses from last season, but you have to start somewhere. As the weeks go on the cohesion will get better which is very important for an Oline obviously, but especially a zone blocking unit where there is so much coordinated movement.

  13. Wow, Sam, you need to show me how to do that. I have never done something like that in my life, but you sound like a pro at it.

          1. I do not claim any expertise, like you seem to be doing.
            Since I have never done that, or want to do that, you can demonstrate your own expertise, since you sound very familiar with it.

        1. Now now Sebbie… In recent years you noted–with great bravado–your love of consuming weed. So which is it, lying now or lying then?

          1. Cassie, you seem to be in a haze. Reading is fundamental. I have never ever declared I hate pot. I started smoking pot when I was 14, and have only stopped for short periods of time.
            Sam was talking about something else.

  14. Looking at the schedule, I see 5 teams they may expect to beat.
    Lions, Raiders, Bucs, Broncos, Bears.
    In the division, I hope to split, but expect to lose both games to the Rams. That means 2 more wins with the Cards and Seahawks.
    The Packers and Giants will be tough matches, but could be winnable.
    That leaves the Vikings, Chiefs and Chargers as possible losses, along with the Rams twice and Seattle and Arizona.
    That adds up to a 9-7 season. If the Niners can manage to split with the Rams, they could go 10-6 with a dream for the playoffs. Heck, if the Rams implode, and the Seahawks and Cards under perform, the Niners have a long shot at winning the division.

  15. Sebbie — Delusions of Grandeur….

    “A delusion of grandeur is the fixed, false belief that one possesses superior qualities such as genius, fame, omnipotence, or wealth. It is most often a symptom of schizophrenia, but can also be a symptom found in psychotic or bipolar disorders, as well as dementia (such as Alzheimer’s).

    People with a delusion of grandeur often have the conviction of having some great but unrecognized talent or insight [all knowing of football]. They may also believe they have made some important discovery that others don’t understand or appreciate [mastery of the obvious].

    Less commonly, the individual may have the delusion of having a special relationship with a prominent person [such as being a trusted adviser to Grant and the 9er GM]. Or the person may believe that actually are a very prominent and important person, in which case the actual person may be regarded as an imposter.

    Grandiose delusions may have religious content, such as the person believes he or she has received a special message from God or another deity [Sun Tzu].”

  16. Off topic, but I checked out the Tenn., Pittsburgh game in hopes of seeing Harold Landry play.
    He was out with an ankle injury.

    I know it’s a moot point regarding any Landry news, but I said after he was drafted that I would vaguely follow his play as a rookie. I’m also doing the same with Davenport, Edmunds and Roquan since their names were bounced around here leading up to the draft.

    I still feel that our #1 pick McGlinchey will be an pro-bowl player before any of these guys – but that’s just one man’s opinion.
    Let the games begin!

    1. This afternoon you’re one of the few who’s on topic! Will be interesting to track those you’ve identified.

    2. Landry looked very good the two previous games. And he has been doing it against 1s – he’s been starting in place of Orakpo who is injured. I know it is PFF, but he was their highest graded rookie through the first two preseason games.

      If he avoids the injury bug I think he has a pretty big impact as a rookie.

      1. Yup, I agree.
        Tenn. list’s his current injury as an ankle issue, but I didn’t get if it was the same ankle that plagued him last year.
        In any case, I will be watching from a distance.

        1. Rocket,
          The recent trade to obtain Correa may have more to do with the Org being seriously concerned with Landry’ ankle injury that slowed him down last year.

          I wouldn’t put the “what if” label on him until he spends considerable time on the injured list.
          That said, I think that he will be susceptible to injury because of his low bend playing style.

          For now I will go with “we’ll see” category.

          1. AES,

            I’m not really sure what you mean here, but I meant what if as in “what if we had taken him.” I was a big proponent of drafting Landry and think he’s going to be somebody we wish the team had drafted as time goes on. We’ll see how bad the injury is, but as a talent coming out of College he was arguably the best pass rusher in the draft.

            1. Rocket,
              Thanks for the clarification. I thought you were responding to my 7:20pm entry regarding Landry’ ankle issue.

              I would like to see Landry have a fruitful career, but (as I’ve noted before) I believe that his “go-to” low bend pass rush move will open the door to injuries. After watching his highlights, I noticed that he put a lot of stress on his ankles when using his signature move.

              His back is also susceptible because his core is not sufficiently supported at a low bending angle.
              Hopefully, my theory is proved to be wrong and Landry enjoys a great career.

              1. It was my understanding that his back was medically red flagged, and the reason he fell. They did a good job of keeping it hush, hush….

    3. I am also keeping and eye on Courtland Sutton and Anthony Miller both of whom are having excellent preseasons.

  17. Cassie, you sound so knowledgeable. Since you have toxic breath, you must have inhaled, instead of exhaling.
    Wanting to crush cars and knock over buildings is another symptom of delusions of grandeur. You really need to tone it down.
    Yeah yeah, I have been talking until I am blue in the face, repeating my mantra a hundred times over the years, and it does seem patently obvious, but I do not know why the Niners ignore my advice. All I am saying is that the Niners should stop shooting themselves in the foot. They should avoid the unforced errors. They should avoid the self inflicted wounds. They should stop beating themselves. They need to be more disciplined, and play smart.
    Guess I will have to keep repeating that, until they understand that playing crisply, efficiently, effectively, shrewdly, cleverly, deceptively, focused and disciplined, may be the difference between winning and losing.

  18. Mark NzeochaA new approach at SAM

    “After trading Eli Harold, the 49ers have a very different type of player, and approach, at the SAM linebacker position”

    All eyes were on the 49ers new starting Strong Side Linebacker on Saturday, two days after the club announced, to the surprise of some, that the team was parting ways with yet another Trent Baalke draft pick. This time the hammer came down on Baalke’s 2015 3rd-round draft pick, Eli Harold. Harold has been one of those “riddles-wrapped-in-an-enigma” kind of players who seemed well suited for a break out season, ever since he was drafted, yet he never even had as much as one break out game, and was about as close to invisible as a linebacker could be throughout his tenure with the Niners.

    Well, after extensive film review going back as far as last season, I can see why Saleh has taken a liking to the raw, German born linebacker out of Wyoming – Mark Nzeocha! I suggest everyone learn how to pronounce this kids name because he’s a baller, plain and simple. He moves with a suddenness, and very little wasted movement, and as we saw on the play in which he was wrongly flagged for this ridiculous helmet rule, this kid can hit. The only concern for me was whether the 49ers might be giving up on a little something in terms of run defense while in their base defense. Well, I’m happy to report Nzeocha’s movement skills and nasty disposition in run support, more than made up for being a few pounds he’s giving up compared to Harold.

    It doesn’t end there though. The 49ers appear very deep in terms of versatile DL’s, and ILB. Saleh is going to be more creative this season in terms of mixing and matching his front 7 personnel, I think this defense will be better for it. All in all, I think trading away Harold was a bold decision that will prove to be the right decision, and pay dividends as the season progresses!

  19. Just re-watched the game. So encouraged by Shannys play calling especially on third down.
    From play action to seam routes to bubble screens. There is zero predictability in what’s coming next.
    An offensive genius without a doubt.

      1. +1
        Problem is it’s true. Even though the offense was vanilla against the Colts, you could see Shanny set up the next couple plays and series with a variety of calls both pass and run. Very impressive.

  20. Question:
    Now that the new tackling rule is in play, will this mean that running backs will have the upper hand? Might we see a resurgence in the position as there will be many arm tackling out there? Could larger backs have an advantage and will this mean we see more of them?

    1. Good questions. Too, nearly all RBs have had a tendency to lower their heads as they are beginning to go down/finishing their runs. If they begin keeping their heads ‘more up’, I’d think that will impact play as well.

      Of course, if RBs adopt the Sebbie principle of falling down before contact, most of this is moot.

      Wonder how Eric Dickerson would do with today’s helmet tackling rule? He was an very upright runner.

      1. No, I just want the ball carrier to not stay upright, struggling for every inch, and allow the defense to strip the ball away for a turnover.
        It is the WRs who, once past the first down marker, have the choice to fall down, so they do not take sledgehammer blows that might either injure them or have them be separated from the football. If they can avoid all contact and run into the end zone, that would be best outcome, but players like Pettis might hear footsteps, and know he will be blasted by the safety. If they catch the ball before the first down marker, they must get past it, or they will be forced to punt. Luckily, JG seems to have a knack to throw past the sticks, unlike Hoyer and Gabbert.

      2. Good questions. Too, nearly all RBs have had a tendency to lower their heads as they are beginning to go down/finishing their runs. If they begin keeping their heads ‘more up’, I’d think that will impact play as well.

        This happens all the time but the NFL seldom makes the call on the offensive player. I think defensive players have every right to be pissed. Almost all the player safety rules essentially are designed to protect the offense and to take money out of their pockets.

        1. I think keeping your head up will favor the bigger backs who can bill doze their way through arm tackles and such. Will like to see how this plays itself out. I also think the shifty backs could see improvements in their game as defensive players don’t have the capability of using the same technique they have for many years. It’s hard to adjust. I do think the new rule might impact running backs especially and they may become more valuable.

    2. While the new tackling rule is being defined and implemented, it is interesting to note that Mostert was flagged for his tackle of the punt returner, but then it was used as an example of a legal tackle.
      The league should allow the HC to challenge those calls, until the controversy is settled, with understandable guidelines that are fair and reasonable.

      1. Yeah now let’s make the game 5 hours long with additional challenges. Not a smart idea at all

        1. It would not guarantee a 5 hour game. I would much rather have the game called correctly, than grind my teeth over blatantly unfair and incorrect calls that may decide the outcome. Bad calls call into question the integrity of the game.
          They should streamline the process. Instead of making a ref on the field run to the side line, there should be an official in the booth, or even one in NY, who has the power to review and make a determination. There should be a 15 to 30 second time limit. That time would be adjusted and set after 100 reviews, once they know what time period would be best to make a correct call. If the booth official cannot make a determination in that time, the call stands. The booth official should have a row of monitors on loop, so he can watch the play over and over 10 times in 10 seconds.

          1. You clearly don’t watch enough games because reply’s take longer than 10 seconds regardless and when its so subjective how can you make a decision in 15-30 seconds when you say, they need to get it right if its on the booth or on the field. Sorry Sebnynah, bad idea

            1. They do replay on those types of calls in the college game already, the process is pretty quick and the games are still about 3 1/2 hours long.

              I’d rather wait and have it right than keep it the way it is right now.

              1. I’m not sure what you can replay? You cannot lead with your helmet to make the initial contact. Are they gonna replay wether it’s the head or shoulder that made the first point of contact? In any event it slows the game down. 30 seconds or 5 minutes, it still makes the game longer. Let’s just let the officials have some say. Getting it right means there can never be human error and that’s never gonna happen.

              2. Officials called the helmet rule incorrectly 11 times through first two preseason weeks. Replay needs to be part of the process….

              3. Whenever you implement a new rule that changes what players have been taught since pop warner, of course it’s not going to be accurate. I’m expecting the first couple weeks to see you guys and the rest of the world freak out about certain calls. Replay won’t solve anything initially

              4. DO you guys remember when the PI rule was enforced emphatically? Fans were losing their minds. But now the players have adapted and it’s still not perfect, same thing will happen here.

              5. Coach Belichick reiterated what I’ve said from the beginning and how I was coached going all the way back to 5th grade, “It’s not a change for us, for our coaching staff,” Belichick said. “We’ve never taught tackling with the crown of your helmet, putting your head down, leaning your body forward in that type of position. I don’t think fundamentally that’s a good position to be in. It’s not effective. We’ve always tackled with our head up, eyes open, head back, so we can see what we hit. That’s the only way I’ve ever coached.

                The reason for the rule is because the players are undisciplined, and consequently the adults have to make the children behave. Now, if you wanna lower your head and put yourself and your target at risk, you’ll cost your team field position and possible unavailability….

        2. Sorry Chris, I’m with Seb on this.
          This new rule can get players kicked out of a game due to bad call, that allows it to have a greater impact than even a turnover on the game.

          Honestly, I think coaches should be given their 2 challenges which they can challenge any play or call with, and they shouldn’t lose them if they are proven correct. If they lose the challenges then they are gone… and no matter how bad the call is, they lose it.
          It may lengthen the game but why punish a team for bad calls? If they still lose because of a bad call but they failed on earlier challenges, at least they had some say in the outcome.

          1. Shoup I don’t think players will be ejected unless it’s done a second time in the same game and it’s blatant.

            It’s gonna take time for everyone in the game to adjust, its a new rule and I agree with Chris, let’s let the officials work thru it.

            The NFL is already struggling with viewership. Making the game longer won’t help this.

            1. They can eject them after one incident.
              And the problem is the NFL still hasn’t clearly defined the rule, so while everyone seems to think they understand the rule… it’s ambiguous at best.
              As to it being challengable why not? It doesn’t add to the number of challenges the coaches have only to what coaches can challenge so I don’t see it lengthening the game much if at all.

    3. EC,

      In close quarters I don’t think the rule will have much of an effect. It’s catches in space where defenders are going to struggle because it’s extremely hard to form tackle a moving target. I’m really hoping they use common sense instead of trying to send a message with a bunch of questionable calls. There were less infractions in week 3, but still some that were blatantly wrong and those are the ones that could decide a game and ultimately ruin it.

      1. If they do call some in the regular season it could have a chilling effect and make defensive players hesitate. That would be enough to disrupt and may change the balance.

      1. Sebbie — Interesting question you pose.

        Think back on all those players (offense) you’ve wanted the 9ers to bring-in/sign over the last year. You didn’t seem too concerned about their fit in Shanahan’s system then. What’s changed?

        1. 4 days is a little short to master KS’s system.
          Morris had 2 weeks, and played for KS for years.

          1. You are soooo slippery Sebbie… Recall you wanted Gore to come back, Kaep too–both fits for Shanahan’s scheme you think?

            1. Cassie, Gore would fit into any system. I like 14,000 yard runners.
              Kaep is light years better than Hoyer. Glad to see KS employing a mobile pocket with roll outs and bootlegs.

  21. 53 roster.
    QB- Jimmy Garoppolo, CJ Beathard
    RB- Jerick McKinnon, Matt Breida, Alfred Morris, Raheem Mostert
    FB- Kyle Juszczyk
    WR- Pierre Garcon, Marquise Goodwin, Trent Taylor, Dante Pettis, Richie James, Aaron Burbridge, Kendrick Bourne
    TE- George Kittle, Garrett Celek
    OT- Joe Staley, Mike McGlinchey, Garry Gilliam, Darrell Williams
    OG- Laken Tomlinson, Joshua Garnett, Jonathan Cooper
    C- Weston Richberg, Mike Person
    DE- Solomon Thomas, Arik Armstead, Cassius Marsh, Jeremiah Attaochu
    DT- Deforest Buckner, Sheldon Day, Jullian Taylor,
    NT- Earl Mitchell, DJ Jones
    SAM- Dekoda Watson, Korey Toomer, Pita Tamoepenu
    MIKE- (Reuben Foster), Brock Coyle, Elijah Lee
    WILL- Fred Warner, Malcolm Smith
    CB- Richard Sherman, Ahkello Witherspoon, Tarvarius Moore
    NB- K’Waun Williams, DJ Reed
    SS- Jaquiski Tartt, Antone Exum
    FS- Adrian Colbert, Jimmie Ward
    LS- Kyle Nelson
    P- Bradley Pinion
    K- Robbie Gould

  22. QB – Garoppolo, Beathard
    HB – McKinnon, Breida, Morris, Mostert
    FB – Juszczyk
    WR – Goodwin, Garcon, Taylor, Pettis, Bourne, James
    TE – Kittle, Celek, Wick
    OT- Staley, McGlinchey, Gilliam
    OG- Tomlinson, Garnett, Cooper
    C- Richburg, Person

    DL – Thomas, Armstead, Marsh, Attaochu, Buckner, Day, Taylor, Mitchell, DJ Jones, Blair
    ILB – Foster, Warner, Smith, Coyle
    SAM – Nzeocha, Watson, Taumoepenu
    CB – Sherman, Witherspoon, Moore, Ward,
    NCB – Williams, Reed
    S – Tartt, Colbert, James
    K – Gould
    P – Pinion
    LS – Nelson

    Lee makes the roster while Foster is suspended.

    1. I had Burbridge making the team because of his ST value, while dropping Hikutini for only 2 TEs. Wick is too slow, and I do not know how good he is at blocking.
      You have Blair making the team for 10 DL. I think Day and Taylor make Blair expendable.
      Instead of Blair, I have Toomer bolstering the LBs.
      I think Exum, at 219 lbs, is a better run stopper than James, who weighs 208.
      I put Ward at safety, because he gets burned as a CB.
      I included Cooper because he did play, but the best scenario for might be to sit him down, with a mid season designation to return, so his knee can fully rehab. Then JP Flynn or Coleman Shelton might make the 53.
      Otherwise, nice 53.

    2. I think they could waive Nzeocha, and put him on the PS, because everyone sees that he is very raw and inexperienced. He has little football instincts, and is slow diagnosing plays. Last game exposed some of his weaknesses, although he did make some plays.

    3. Hmm, you have 24 on offense and 26 on defense. I think they need more than 3 players to back up the O line.
      I also like Chanceller James S, but think Darrell Williams OT, may be more important, especially considering Garry Gilliam is still out with a concussion.

      1. Sebbie… Question. Do you like yourself? Do you like yourself even more when you’re in the spotlight–much of it self-created?

        Just wondering–thinking back on your years of self congratulatory and ‘I know everything’ posts–some veiled, many not.

        9ers 33, Chargers 20

      2. Cassie, I find it hilarious that a giant lizard is so contemplative.
        Do you find it necessary to haunt my posts to feel fulfilled?

        1. Sebbie …

          I don’t see where Cassie is “… haunting your posts…: ..
          Both of you have been around here long enough for any
          “normal person” .. to pick up on her sense of humor..

          Your response to her jibes really should be to ..”Let it roll” ….
          You know .. like water on a ducks arse ! …
          And that goes for the trolls who really stay on your case
          as well ..too

          Laugh a little once in a while !
          (it just .. might .. do you some good)

          1. MW, I did not tell her to stop haunting my posts. I just asked if she feels like she gets enjoyment from doing that.
            Just throwing her snark back at her. ;p

    4. Good stab #80.

      My crystal ball is, scarily, agreeing with Seb on Blair. I think he ends up being an odd man out. The way it is shaping up he wouldn’t be likely to suit up on game day without a couple of injuries on the DL. I think Blair only makes the team if they trade someone like Armstead.

      Obviously James is looking unlikely now. Even before he was released though I thought Powell was more likely. Perversely, having him move to safety in the last game was, imo, an indicator of his chances having improved. The whole “more you can do” theory. And with Ward hurt again I think there is a reasonable chance they will start the season with 10 DBs. As to who the 10th guy ends up being I am not sure. Perhaps Mabin sticks around to start the season. Or they get someone from another teams cuts.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Pita T doesn’t make the 53 either. With a 9th OL kept instead. He’s done alright in preseason, but he remains stuck well down the pecking order, not seeing snaps until late against 3rd and 4th team players. Its kind of like Marcus Rush a few years ago. Looked great in the games, but if the coaches were really keen on him he would be seeing at least some playing time with the 1s and 2s.

      I know you are of the belief Hikutini will be cut, but he is still the guy they used to replace Kittle. And with Kittle still an injury concern I doubt Hikutini is let go.

      1. Thanks. Yeah, my James pick didn’t age well. I came away less impressed with Pita after the last game. He came close a couple of times, but close against scrubs isn’t good enough.

        I should have just picked Cole as the 3rd TE to make sure I was right.
        I think that drop really hurt him. Drops plagued us a lot last year. It could come down to the last preseason game as Razor said.

        It wouldn’t surprise me if they went with ten DBs.

      2. Scooter McG

        Here’s one from waaaaaayy out in left field….After Kittle at #1 TE,.I’m guessing that Celek has dropped his last pass as a 49er….to be replaced by Cole Wick, and backed up at #3 by Cole Hikituni

  23. As some of you know, Matt Waldman had Pettis as the best receiver coming out.

    He also did a pre-draft analysis of Richie James, link below.

    A few of Waldman’s comments on James:

    “As I sit here writing this profile, I have a feeling that James has the potential to become a much better player than his draft status. Some of the similarities that James and Antonio Brown share at this stage of their careers are intriguing.”

    “The fact that he’s already in the top tier of the receiving category in the RSP’s Skill Breakdowns yet has room to improve is a promising sign. As he focuses on the details of the technique he lacks and the demands of competition, he’ll get even better.”

    “If my gut is correct about James and he lands on a team with a gifted improviser under center and a skilled coordinator that will use James as the versatile playmaker he is, the path to a starting role is promising.”

    “Think of James as an aspiring Doug Baldwin. Aspirations generally aren’t met, but if he gets close, he’ll be a capable starter as a big-play secondary starter or high-volume slot option.”

    1. Thanks for the share George. There were some Interesting thoughts from Waldman there.
      I wasn’t nearly as high on Pettis as he was (thought we should have gone for a corner as Landry was gone) but have been pleasantly surprised. While in James case I was big on the selection after watching some tape on him.

    2. “Some of the similarities that James and Antonio Brown share at this stage of their careers are intriguing.”

      Dang, I said something similar after they drafted James. I agree with Waldman. There is definitely a similarity between how the two played in college. Not saying he will go on to have that type of NFL career, but it is, as Waldman said, intriguing.

  24. Morris is the best back on the 49ers roster. it doesn’t matter that they played the Colts, it was still the same O-line in each game played. I don’t know why the 49ers signed Jerick to a high dollar figure but it was probably due to the season the Vikings had and he did what any free agent would do cash in and if their was a team like the 49ers who was going to pay him then why not. The 49ers shouldn’t have signed him or at least not for that contract. They should of signed Morris and would of gotten him for a cheap deal like he has now. Shanny/Lynch talks about scheme and fit but its weird why they didn’t go after Morris in the first place. he fits that bill having played with Shanny and was a good RB. I don’t understand why people think Brieda is a great back or something, hes a second year player who hasn’t shown anything yet and is hurt again. Joe will probably go on IR and probably Brieda too, which will open a spot for Morris.

    Look I know its the second year of Lynch/Shanny and give it time. They have to get players and such but if they want to win they don’t over spend on second tier players and think they can get draft steals in the later rounds. They need to bring in blue chip talent to be able to compete, other wise it will be a lost season again. I hope players step up and we win this year but they need more talent but maybe they make a trade or sign more players between now and the start of the season.

    1. “I don’t understand why people think Brieda is a great back or something, hes a second year player who hasn’t shown anything yet and is hurt again. “

      Because he was a udfa that outperformed our starting running back his rookie year in the league. Never mind how how crap the line blocking for him was or how different the nfl is from whatever league Georgia Southern is in, he handled the transition very well.

      1. I’m not sure he out played Hyde but just maybe a better fit in this system than Hyde. Yes he has handled the transition well but the team needs talent who has shown they can play and have a productive season. Brieda is what he is a backup or third string RB. Not somebody to be counting on to win games any time soon. He hurt his shoulder during a blocking assignment.

    1. He is an amazing talent. He just needs to keep his head on straight and play smarter to protect his body or he’ll be one of these great players who flashed and were gone in short order.

      1. Hmm….yeah, McCaffrey will go on IR.

        Depending on whether Mostert plays tomorrow, we should get a good idea of the 53 roster. If Mostert doesn’t play, he will make the roster.

  25. I have always believed that Mack would be traded eventually. Mark Davis does not have the guaranteed money that will take to sign Mack(75+ mil). Gruden doesn’t want to pay 20+ mil a year for 2 players with also A Coopers contract that can be negotiated next year. It would take a bounty to aquire him. The conversation starts with 2 first round picks. It would most likely also aquire a starter to go with it. According to Matt Barrows, Reggie McKenzie was at the Niners first pre season game. Was it to scout someone in particular? With the emergence of A Armstead last game could he be the player that could be dangled with 2 first rounders? No one knows. But one thing is sure, several teams probably call everyday to see if Oakland is interested. Right now they are probably shutting down every offer. In 2-3 weeks if the relationship gets worse trade talks can pick up. It’s a pipe dream for the Niners to get him I understand that. But those that said he wouldn’t make them an instant contender are on crack. Buckner, Mack, Foster would be insanely good. One can dream right.

    1. You didn’t read it did you? Straight from the article:

      • Funding a long-term deal for Mack is not an issue for the Raiders’ Davis. Sources said Davis has the necessary financial liquidity to put Mack’s fully guaranteed funds into escrow, per the league’s collective-bargaining agreement.

      As to what Gruden wants who knows? If we take a look at the situation from a common sense viewpoint instead of the numerous rumors being started by Hot Take knuckleheads, we can probably come up with a reasonable understanding of where this thing stands. Mack likely wants a contract in excess of 20 mill (22 mill was , maybe even substantially more. The Raiders have him under contract for just under 14 mill this season. Next year’s FT amount will likely be between 18-19 million based on estimates. If they franchise tag for a second year they would have to pay him 120 percent of the previous years tag so somewhere around 22 mill most likely. that means the Raiders could keep Mack for the next 3 years at about 53 to 54 million total with no long term guarantee other than the year he signs the tender. That averages out to 18 mill a year and would take him to age 30. If Mack is asking for a 5 year extension at 110 million and 75-80 mill guaranteed, then from a business standpoint it makes a lot more sense for the Raiders to play the tag game which is why they likely aren’t negotiating with his camp any longer. Now we know Mack can choose not to show up, but that just costs him a ton of money he can never recoup and doesn’t change the fact the Raiders own his rights. You never want to have an unhappy player, but making poor contract decisions is a sure fire way to put yourself in cap hell too. The other elephant in the room is the fact that many of the highest paid defensive players in the league haven’t helped their teams make the playoffs. There is statistical data that clearly supports the theory that teams shouldn’t spend big money on defense in an era where the league substantially favors the offensive side of the ball. That is another discussion, but one that makes a lot of sense.

      I have no idea how this is going to turn out, but trading him now would be idiotic considering the draft picks don’t help them for this coming season and they can make the same trade when the new league year starts in 2019. Two first round picks would likely entice them to do it, but I’m not sure there’s a team willing to give up that much draft capital and a contract in the neighborhood of what Mack is asking for.

      As to whether Mack would make the Niners a SB contender, I think he would make them a lot better, but SB contender may be a little too optimistic. The overall roster isn’t there yet even with Mack imo.

      1. Rocket:

        You’ve pretty much laid it out, but I can see a scenario, which you mention in passing, where trading him is not idiotic. And that’s the scenario where he is an unhappy player who each year that he is franchised will hold out and might even foment dissent in the locker room. He’ll play just well enough, but with the attitude it might just be better for the Raiders to make him someone else’s problem. Having said that, I don’t think the niners should trade for him if it means giving up two firsts. A first and a player like Armstead, then maybe, but I imagine some other team will give more.

        1. I don’t think we need to either, Cubus. Next years draft is the year of the pass rusher, not to mention we’re gonna need another OT. If we were a player or two away, I’d say go for it. I believe we are closer to 4 players away from being serious contenders. Better to continue the brick by brick process, because we have the most important position covered. Let’s see how Armstead/Buckner/Thomas develop under Kiffin, and how that half a step of grace by Sherman figures into the equation….

          1. There will be some pretty good pass rushers available in 2019 at least in the top ten, but the deepest position in that draft looks like it will be DT, not DE.

            1. If we are picking 20 or higher next year it’s going to take at least a 1st rnd pick to move inside the top 10. Not only that but they will not be as good as Mack. That’s a fact. There is no Miles Garrett coming out. Plus Garrett ain’t as good as Mack. Mack makes the Niners a playoff team immediately. We are gonna need a tackle but that can also be addressed after the first rnd or free agency.

              1. This is one draft where it will not be necessary to move up into the top ten for a highly touted edge rusher, unless Shanny is coveting a player and he exclaims, “If we don’t get him, I’ll be sick.”

            2. Top 2 I would say start with Bosa and Ferrell. Then there’s guys like Austin Bryant that could be there in the 15 range. The rest start with Joe Jackson, Montez Sweat, Sutton Smith, Brian Burns, Porter Gustin, Shareef Miller, Jaelan Phillips, Zach Allen, Josh Allen and Terrell Lewis….

              1. There aren’t many elite pass rushing talents in this draft from what I’ve seen. That can change obviously, but after Bosa, there are a lot of question marks. Ferrell and Austin both look the part but don’t always play like it. They also happen to be a part of a great DL with some special DT’s. Either way these 3 will be gone early if they play up to their hype. The rest of the guys you mentioned are not top prospects, at least not yet from what I’ve seen.

                As I said, this looks like a very good draft for DT’s more than it does DE’s.

              2. I like Ferrell a lot but I’d settle for the athletic beast of Austin Bryant. All the players I named are about to make their cases, and I look forward to dipping into the pool come draft day.

                Night and day from last years edge class, night and day….

              3. There should be more depth, but most of these guys are hype more than substance. Some could have break out seasons, but the only guy that really stands out as an elite talent right now is Bosa imo. Ferrell and Bryant will be gone before the Niners pick if they produce as you think they will. We’ll see how it turns out, but I’m not feeling it the way you are. The DT class looks like it could be outstanding though.

              4. If Bryant is gone and we’re drafting between 15 and 20, Joe Jackson would be my next target.

              5. I’m not that keen on Bryant. For mine Ferrell is the premier pass rusher on that unit. Bryant is alright, but is made to look better than he is by the players around him.

                At this point I think rocket is right. Bosa is a clear cut above, and I think Ferrall is the next best guy (possible top 10 selection). After that, Jackson has some talent but not sure he is a top 15-20 talent.

        2. Cubus,

          I was talking about the fact it would be idiotic to trade him now. After the season I could see it if they get a great offer, but trading him now just weakens the team with nothing in return until 2019 anyway. They can make the same deal after the season that they can now.

          Every time there is talk of a trade for the Niners I see Ward and Armstead mentioned like no other team can see what we do and knows their histories. Not going to happen.

    2. I don’t like the idea of paying a defensive player franchise quarterback money and giving up precious draft capital….

    1. Saleh is a guy you root for, regardless of team affiliation. However, the bottom line is production and year two is where I want to see our defense begin to assert itself as someone to be reckoned with….

      Btw, thanks for sharing Undercenter and a woof-woof, arf-arf, ruff-ruff, and a bow-wow for Little Joe!.

      1. The thing I go back too, is last year the defense had a swinging door with injury after injury and yet the defense improved, that’s coaching. I like the direction the D is going in and yes it needs to get better this year. In fact the way I see it the Niners win/loss record is going to be greatly influenced by the defense. The Niners seem like they are going to put lots of points on the board, now the defense will need to step up.

        1. Right. I wanna see the combination of Buckner/Thomas/Armstead develop before our eyes, and if they can stay healthy, I think Sherman helps expedite that process into a very formidable force upfront….

        1. That’s not to say Garnett can’t overtake him at some point during the season, while Cooper keeps working too. Magnuson set for IR means they have time to let it play out….

    1. I liked what I saw from Garnett on Saturday.
      He seemed to get good burst at the snap and quickly engage his counterpart.

      Person may start the opener, but if Garnett stays healthy he will leapfrog the competition very early in the season.

      Our other oft- injured high draft pick (Armstead) did not show much burst off the snap. Actually, he was a step slower than his teammates off the line.
      I give AA a pass because he is coming back from an injury that may not be fully healed.

      1. AES – agree with Garnett he probably will be the starter in short time. Armstead actually had a decent game. He blew up a run play by pushing his man 4/5 yards into the backfield. Had a couple of nice stops also.

        1. UC,
          If Armstead can remain on the field he will become a nice piece on our young D-line.

          Armstead has the strength to become a beast. I’m hoping he can develop a good first step burst to combine with his strength.

            1. Prime,
              Armstead showed some good promise in his rookie season, so the potential to succeed is there. Staying healthy has been his greatest nemesis.

              Ward has not looked good when he’s played in the preseason.
              Compound that with his penchant for injury makes him the easy choice to cut.

  26. For goodness sake! This team is rebuilding. Grant makes a great point that this team pales in talent compared to the Harbaugh teams. It will take time and the jury is still out on their ability to draft difference makers and Saleh’s ability to put together a solid defense. If they produce 7-8 solid wins it should be considered a successful season. Especially with their underwhelming talent at most positions.

    1. On defense yes, but not on offense. This team is better on offense. Plus we have KS calling plays and not Harbaugh/Roman.

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