All the draft picks arrive at 49ers headquarters

The rookies – drafted and undrafted — began arriving this afternoon at the 49ers’ practice facility in Santa Clara.

We’ll have the list of undrafted guys in a little while, but first let’s check in with each of the draft picks:


WR Michael Crabtree: This was his third trip to Santa Clara in three weeks, and he underwent his second physical for the team. He will not practice at the minicamp this weekend as he continues to recover from the surgery in March to repair a stress fracture in his left foot. His participation this weekend will be limited to “mental reps” and learning the playbook. One of the things that caught his eye is that the 49ers’ third exhibition game will be at the new Texas Stadium, located about 15 minutes from where he grew up in Dallas. Crabtree said he hopes to see San Francisco at some point this weekend. He said he wishes Raiders rookie receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey, chosen three spots ahead of Crabtree, all the best. “I wish the guy well,” said Crabtree, who does not know Heyward-Bey personally. “I hope he does a great job. My concentration is with the 49ers and learning this playbook as soon as possible.”


QB Nate Davis: He said he is familiar with the digit system from high school. He’s looking forward to getting to learn the playbook. In case you’re wondering about the digit system, each route is assigned a number. The numbers are called out as part of a pass play: 1-flat, 2-slant, 3-out, 4-deep in, 5-comeback, 6-curl, 7-corner, 8-post, 9-go or fade. I asked Davis about one of his new teammates, fellow MAC standout Diyral Briggs of Bowling Green. Davis said Ball State never played Bowling Green during his time there. I’m still flabbergasted. Who makes the schedule in the MAC?


RB Glen Coffee: He does look a lot bigger than his listed weight of 209. Frank Gore is listed at 217, and Coffee looks much bigger than Frank. Oh, well. I guess I won’t take a job at the county fair guessing how much people weigh. Coffee said he expects, however, to get up to a playing weight 218 or 220. Coffee is a one-cut power back. There’s not a lot of dancing in his game – all the best to avoid negative-yardage plays. Coffee said the 49ers’ decision to focus on offense with four of the team’s top five picks shows coach Mike Singletary wants the offense to “carry more of the load.”‘


LB Scott McKillop: His passion for the game is palpable. He said he has already looked at the playbook a little but does not know if he’ll be at the ted or the mike. He’ll probably be at the ted, and that’s just fine. He said he does not mind a little dirty work. Look for this guy to be a factor on special teams from Day 1. McKillop said he is looking forward to meeting Patrick Willis and Takeo Spikes – “anybody who knows what it takes to make an NFL roster.”


TE Bear Pascoe: He’s been told he can make his mark on this team as a blocking tight end. He’ll take over Billy Bajema’s old role. He has not problem with that, but would like to catch a few passes over the years, too. “(Blocking) is where I’ll start, but I’d love to work into the passing game. I’m a rookie, so I have to start somewhere.” He’ll also be on special teams. Pascoe blocked six kicks during his career at Fresno State. He said he blocked three using the since-outlawed technique of getting pushed forward by a teammate.


DE Ricky Jean-Francois: He’s seen as a third-round talent. His mouth made him a borderline draft pick. He says he is straight-forward and he’s never going to bite his lip. And, folks, that is why some NFL teams wanted no part of him. He said it’s great that his new coach, Mike Singletary, is also straight-forward and says what’s on his mind. He said he’ll sit back and learn from the veterans and be very respectful, but he is not going to clam up, he said. I don’t think there’s any doubt Jean-Francois is going to rub some teammates the wrong way.


S Curtis Taylor: He passes the eye-ball test. He’s a very big safety. He considers himself an aggressive, smart player who will do anything he can to help the team. This weekend he said he is going to pay attention to every minute detail. It does not matter, he said, whether he’s at strong safety or free safety. He said at LSU, the safety positions were interchangeable. That’s pretty much the way it is with the 49ers, too.


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