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    1. Grant, the main thing to applaud here is that Shanny has balls!
      Tomtom or Kellybelly would have never let him go after 5 games, they would have waited till the end of the season.
      KS also took on OC-help.
      The guy is not afraid to shake things up and look at his own mistakes and DO something about them!!!
      Kudos to Kyle!

      1. Wouldn’t necessarily need one, because there would be so many ways to influence the defensive lineman to guess wrong by the backfield action….

        1. in your split back scenario, the “lead blocking” would be the OL’s responsibi….oh wait…nevermind…
          where’s the 9ers help wanted ad for centers and guards??

  1. This is very sad news, one of the last ties to the Super Bowl team. Looks like we’re going “full Walsh,” but watch him go excel on another team like our other players…..Vernon’s rocking and even Ellington is playing! Watch out for Bowman next year when that heel is fully healed.

    1. Walsh released or traded Montana, Lott, Craig and years later Rice was traded. You get the picture. It happens in football.

  2. Grant great points , harsh but on point, since it is a harsh business, should the niners have,traded bo to the team that offered him a draft pick or better to just cut him since bo did not want to go that team, I think Walsh would have taken the draft pick but he was more cut throat!

  3. It’s good we did let him go. Our D is hot garbage. We WASTED 3 first round picks on worthless players. Armstead is good for nothing. He gets blocked easily in one on one. Even Buckner wasn’t worth the 7th overall. So what he gets pressure on the qb he only has one sack in 5 games. He too has been blocked one on one and can’t shed blockers. Solomon Thomas is trash too. Don’t care if he’s a rookie he is doing nothing for a 3rd overall pick. Our secondary is laughable. Jimmy ward gets burnt. Our corners couldn’t cover a baby with a blanket. It just puzzles me how they couldn’t even get foster and bowman to get on the field together. Robert Saleh defense is not looking impressive thus far. Coyle and ray ray aren’t that good. We have no depth anywhere. I hope we go 0-16 so we can be guaranteed that 1st overall amen trade it away for MULTIPLE picks cause we have more holes than Swiss cheese.

    1. Buckner is one of the Top-3 DTs in the NFL and is elite in every phase of the game. Thomas is out-performing every other Round 1 rookie defensive lineman and was nominated for the FedEx Ground and Air Player of the Week and only Garrett may catch him. and, so far, it isn’t looking that way seeing as he has two gift sacks where he didn’t actually beat anyone:

      DE Myles Garrett got fans excited by logging two sacks — one came on his first career snap in which he was unblocked, and the other came late as Josh McCown tried to run after the play broke down.

      Garrett (49.3 game grade) seemed to be on a pitch-count and noticeably favoring his ankle. He registered two sacks but was largely ineffective on other plays, earning a run defensive grade of just 45.2 and failing to make an impact any of his 13 other pass rushes.

      And you, sir, are clueless.

      1. Yeah and who did Solomon Thomas beat? Solomon Thomas has done nothing. He hasn’t beaten anyone’s one on one. Like I said for a 3rd overall pick he’s very lackluster. Your fedex nomination is laughable at best to prove your point. One sack in 5 games trash. Look at johnathan Allen. He way out performs him. He even out performs Buckner and he’s a rookie. I don’t care what publications and weak stat lines you try to justify your claims. Buckner is trash. 1.5 sacks in 5 games trash. Just watch the games. He gets handled one on one. Also like I said for a 7th overall pick he shows nothing that made him worth of it. I actually watch the games and I see our d line full of first rounders get ran through. Neither one of em dominate anything. And what about armstead?? Yeah exactly.

    2. lol I agree.
      I just don’t believe in this ownership. It’s like watching 3 one legged men in a butt kicking contest. I think the only good picks were mccloughan’s. He was better drunk off his ass driving and texting and working his draft board at the same time than any of these no talent idiots. Don’t get me started on dr. york (wow) the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  4. Grant, despite all the razzing and trash talk here, I’ll bet most of us agree that we love these periscope vids. I know I do. Cheers.

  5. Bowman was given more in SF under this adminiatration than Walsh would have or Bellicheck would.

    That was what he earned. His career isn’t over though and he deserves a quality of life after football that continuing to play in SF was not going to afford. He is a proud warrior. He wasnt going to let his body tell him no and he was risking more damage by continuing to fight.

    What a pleasure it was to see him play. There arent many cut from the cloth of Bowman and Willis.

    I suspect Pittsburg, NO, chicago, and Baltimore to be suitors.

  6. Grant, How has Bowman’s mental health seemed lately? He had a weird in depth interview like a month ago with Eric Branch. Maybe he was seeing the writing on the wall of his end with team and was over defensive or something? He seemed off though…

  7. Turned off iPad after 1st few seconds. Not sure why Grant sounds like he was coming out of court trial and the murderer of his loved one was just put on death penalty? Isn’t it too much?

  8. First. Thank you Bow.

    Second. Grant, you definitely deserve some props for identifying Bow’s weaknesses. But he was released now because he was possibly becoming a distraction and Foster is coming back. IMO, Bow would still be here in a reduced role if he was OK with it.

    Third. I can’t resist.

    #80 says:
    June 19, 2017 at 5:49 pm
    “Would we be better off with Foster at MIKE and Ray Ray at WILL? That could be the tandem of the future. Ray Ray > Smith at WILL. Foster is potentially > than Bowman at Mike.”

    1. > Second. Grant, you definitely deserve some props
      IMO, before I am forced to quote Mr. Wolf of Pulp Fiction here, let me point out that Shanalynch released Bowman only because Rosenhaus asked for a trade, and the one team that was close to the deal was not the one Bow wanted to go. Bow was not released by Shanalynch because the release would make Niners better team, as Grant had implied.

      1. Oh I agree with that. I gave Grant props for identifying Bow’s lack of range and cutting ability during camp, nothing else.

        He wasn’t going to be cut or traded before the season (as Grant suggested) because Foster had his shoulder issue, which meant Smith was going to start at WILL. If Foster was a clean prospect, Smith and Foster would have started and we may have moved on from Bow then.

        As I said above.

        “IMO, Bow would still be here in a reduced role if he was OK with it.”

        This move was about Bow’s attitude, not Grant’s GM strategy.

      2. Obviously he was going to want out as soon as he lost his job. And he would have lost his job before the season started if Smith hadn’t gotten injured.

        1. Bow didn’t lose his job. He was being sat a little to keep him fresh. We see this in football and basketball. Bowman was too competitive to accept the reduced role. His agent asked for a trade. The he asked for his release. He forced the Niners hand. He wasn’t getting cut until he asked for it. That’s the story that has been reported today. As you can see, Bow played most of the game, he didn’t lose his job.

          Bowman: 58 snaps, 76%
          Coyle: 25 snaps, 33%

          “And he would have lost his job before the season started if Smith hadn’t gotten injured.”

          Pure speculation on your part. When all four ILB’s were healthy, Bow and Smith were starting. If Smith hadn’t got injured, Ray Ray would have been the odd man out.

          You are trying to twist this story to make yourself look good. Insecure about your football acumen?

    1. Yeah I agree this scenario has emotions written all over it. But like grant is saying lynch should have had the foresight to see how it would shake out. Then the front office is in control of this situation. So that the organization could treat this amazing athlete the way he deserves. Instead lynch and idiot York blundered the whole situation. As for shanny I’m not impressed he is not a leader or a head coach just a good offensive mind.

  9. Profootballtalk reports free agent ILB NaVorro Bowman is expected to collect termination pay.
    It’s notable because it means Bowman likely won’t be signing for the veteran mimimum. The 49ers took a massive cap hit to move on from Bowman, eating the remaining of his $6.75 million salary and $4.77 million in dead money. Bowman is Rosenhaus-backed, so he should resurface, but injuries have his post-2017 future in doubt.

      1. From the beginning Lynch has said that he would try to treat the players the way he would want to be treated, and I believe to date he has done that. I’m guessing Baalke would have handled this differently.

  10. Just hoping this is all the bad news I hear today….

    USA – Trump ✔
    49ers – Bowman ✔

    Friday the 13th is a consistent bad news day for me…..

    1. Oneniner
      This is no place for politics we don’t care what side of the fence you’re on we come here to get away from real life thank you very much

    1. Right! lol I had such a hard time decifering
      Who was who they were so jacked! Seek and destroy. I have resentment towards ER he blew out Bo’s knee against the seachickens just like kNJr did B young. Bo reminds me of B Young. They aren’t making athletes like that anymore

  11. Not having Juice is gonna hurt. He hasn’t been involved in the passing game much because our OL has been bad, so he has had to block more. Now we will lose his blocking. Good luck Sunday Brian Hoyer.

  12. Well, just another move highlighting the deficiencies the team had when Lynch and Shanahan took over. Highest paid player on the roster, but not good enough to keep.

    As Grant said, should have made this move before TC in the end.

  13. Gonna miss bowman but the hand writing was on the wall. The 49ers won’t say it publicly but they gave up on the season after the week 4 loss to the cardinals. Sitting vet’s like bowman and Hyde let’s u know we are in full rebuild mode. Wouldn’t be surprised if Hoyer struggles against the redskins he will be yanked in the second half. Welcome to 2-14 and the possible 1st pick.

  14. Grant- Keep the beard. It gives you an edge. That would be unless it interferes with you social life. lol.

    I was going to tell them ” You told them so” but you did it yourself. Sometimes it works better if you allow others to praise you. Then again fans have selective memories and try to forget when their perspectives were wrong while others were right.

    I do feel you were a bit harsh on the coach and GM. I do think they let sentiment take precedence over their plan. I do agree about Hyde. People’s selective memories seem to focus on his great games, such as his first one and the one against Seattle where he had holes that even I could have run through. And I am really old. Hey Grant I was still ragging on Hyde after he had his big game against Seattle. That game was a fluke. They had him lose weight to get more speed. He sacrificed muscle mass, ability to break tackles and durability for speed and he is still slower that the other Rb’s. They would not have been caught from behind on that 61 yarder. Certain fans might not want him to go but he also would do better in a different offense.

    I also do not understand fans belief that a team owes players loyalty or gratitude. If someone is a volunteer then you owe them thanks. When someone is getting millions of dollars they have already already been paid. The large paycheck means your dept to them is paid. Ask any professional player if he would trade his paycheck for gratitude and thanks. ? Usually it is only people who have never “busted their a$$es” doing unappreciated low paying jobs who are concerned about highly paid entertainers not getting eternal praise for their past accomplishments.

    1. Willtalk are you a homosexual? I think classy organizations treat people with manners and respect.
      They don’t owe him squat. In these situations we learn about each other. Walsh didn’t know how to treat people aswell. He was like an engineer. But Walsh he was the best he was pretty money in many other areas. To me life is all about relationships. Balance. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how this would play out. The sf shield is a joke now. They are constantly chasing their tales this is just another example.

  15. The Niners released Bow because he would not accept a limited role. His agent thinks he will be snatched up and get to play 80 snaps a game on a SB contender.
    Wrong. Most playoff teams do not need an expensive slow player. Bow’s best bet would be to go to the Bears. He would find some playing time because they have had a bunch of injuries to their LBs, and he could be reunited with Fangio.
    Then on Dec 3rd, he can play against the Niners, and try to prove that they made a mistake.
    Bow tried to walk back his decision and be a ‘good soldier’, once he found that few teams in the league would want him, but the Niners did not want a disgruntled player who asked to be traded on the team, even though he was a team leader.
    Niners thought it was in the best interest of their team. Maybe it would be in their best interest to improve the QB position.

    1. Hope you are in a safe zone these fires are scary, we have had problems in butte county for the last 10 years but nothing like you are facing.

      1. TY, I am safe. I hosted some people evacuated, but am mainly bothered by the smoky air. I know a few people who lost their homes, and my college buddy was 3 blocks away from the conflagration.

  16. Maybe it would be in their best interest to improve the QB position

    Yep. I’m expecting to have to suffer enjoy the sight of Hoyer wobbling around in circles again on Sunday against the WSH D-line

  17. Grant,

    Funny stuff…..On your 9-7 prediction, you should have issued a caveat like I did in camp:

    “If the O-Line is good the Niners go 9-7,” or Blamed Hoyer.

    Your Bowman prediction was spot on so we’re good.

    I stated yesterday the Niners are loading up for the ‘Skins:

    TomD says:
    October 12, 2017 at 4:23 pm
    Kyle Shanahan Wants to Embarrass Daniel Snyder
    Taylor Price Talk • 1d

    TomD’s Take: “Signed ex-giant probowler. Leon Hall and will spot play foster–loading up for this one.”

    Kyle didn’t take lightly, his father being fired and still holds a grudge based on this:

    1. Signing ex Pro Bowler and Giant, CB, Leon Hall (40 yds, High: 4.31; Low–4.29).
    2. Getting Breida a dress rehersal last weekend for more playing time vs. the ‘skins to get more teams speed on the field.
    3. I believe the 49ers take Grant’s advice for this one and play both Breida and Boldin Jr. more (‘skins haven’t seen this on film, and the only way to prepare for it is in practice with speed players, so the Niners could surprise here).
    4. Cutting Bowman just as Foster got healthy is no coincidence and my final proof that Shanny’s planning to avenge his father’s termination–(Also, if I’m the 49ers, I fly Ronnie Lott in to give a pre game locker room pep talk, then double down with a half-time Singletary speech on, “I want winners) !”

    49ers 49
    Wash 21

    1. If they just signed Kap this game would be a guarantee win. Tom did you know Kap is 4-2 in the playoffs and holds the playoff rushing record for a qb.

      Go Niners…….

  18. sebnynah says:
    October 13, 2017 at 11:22 pm

    “Niners thought it was in the best interest of their team. Maybe it would be in their best interest to improve the QB position.”

    TomD’s Take: They will when they draft Wyo. QB, Josh Allen. At 6’5″, 235, he runs a 4.59 40, and reminds me of Alex Smith, but with a cannon arm that’s accurate.

    2018 NFL Draft: Could Wyoming’s Josh Allen be the next 49ers quarterback?
    by Peter Panacy1 day agoFollow @peterpanacy

    “Josh Allen has rare traits, he is able to make difficult throws from any platform and can easily throw a 25-yard out route on a line from the opposite hash.”

    But according to’s Daniel Jeremiah, Allen has a higher ceiling than top-ranked prospects like USC’s Sam Darnold or UCLA’s Josh Rosen:

    “College football is loaded with talented signal-callers, but Allen has the highest ceiling of the entire group. I struggle to come up with a good player comparison for him. He’s way ahead of Chiefs first-round pick Patrick Mahomes from a development standpoint and I think he has a much higher upside.”
    Jeremiah explained more:

    “He has Joe Flacco’s frame/arm strength and he’s more athletic than Carson Wentz. Speaking of Wentz, Allen is playing in the same college system that Wentz did, and that’s a big plus. He spends a lot of time under center and this isn’t a dink and dunk spread attack.”

    TomD’s Take: In other words, Allen has pro style quarterbacking experience on his resume–Look what happened to Smith when he finally got a WCO coach in Reid–For Allen and Shanny it’s the same team, but from the start.

    Draft Allen 49ers

    Source: Niner Noise

    1. * Probably shouldn’t say this as I would like Allen to be under the radar, but he seems to have a little Joe Montana in him the way he keeps plays alive and makes the defense pay.

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