Andy Reid Q&A

Andy Reid spoke on a conference call after Nnamdi Asomugha, and this is what the Eagles’ coach said.

Q: With regards to the comments Michael Vick made about the interpretations of hits on quarterbacks, there is some confusion there. What is your feel for where we’re at on that? Do you think some of the changes in emphasis are causing problems?

REID: Michael and I have talked. I’m not going to talk to anybody about that unless it’s an official or someone of that sort in the league. That’s where I’m at with it. We’re not into complaining here. That’s not what we do as players or coaches. And if we do we make sure we go to the people that have the answers, so I’m not going to address it.

Q: On the 49ers coming in with a new system that at least have some roots in the west coast tradition, what do you see in how they’re running it?

REID: No. 1 I think Jim’s done a heck of a job with that football team, as has Vic on the defensive side. Jim is very, very creative, and you can see that in the offense. He spreads the ball around. There’s a lot of different guys to spread it around to and he’s utilizing every one of them. It looks like players, and the quarterback in particular is really enjoying that system and playing well in it.

Q: How can you tell Alex Smith seems to be enjoying it?

REID: It’s quarterback friendly, so from that standpoint, and I’m sure Jim will just continue to add to it. That’s what he does. He’s a creative guy. He’s an expert at coaching quarterbacks, and Alex is a good one.

Q: Where’s Michael Vick with regards to his injury? Could he practice today?

REID: He did the whole walkthrough. Took snaps. I can’t tell you that the hand’s 100 percent, but it was good enough to take a snap. It improved quite a little bit from yesterday to today. I expect it to continue to improve. Listen, if he can’t squeeze the ball 100 percent, or if (inaudible) being injured further, we’re not gong to put him in there.

Q: The left hand would be on top taking snaps from center, correct?

REID: Correct.

Q: In your experience, what does an injury to the non-throwing hand really mean to a quarterback’s ability to do his job?

REID: The No. 1 thing is to be able to squeeze the football on the snap.

Q: This is your fourth game in a row facing a quarterback who was drafted in the top five. What’s the comparison between Bradford and Smith?

REID: The obvious is that Bradford has had consistency and Alex hasn’t. I think both of them are really good quarterbacks. When Alex came out I really liked him, and then I’ve watched him handle these different systems. That is not an easy thing. That’s like learning French very fast. And then doing Spanish the next year, and Russian the next. It’s hard. He’s been able to do it. I think this is a great thing for Jim, to have a quarterback, and then for Alex to have a stable unit there, and particularly to have a coach who has a quarterback background.

Q: Where does the advantage of continuity come through?

REID: You’ve seen it work both ways with different people. But for a young guy as a quarterback in the National Football League, it’s a tough position to play. Continuity normally is an important thing. Can’t say 100 percent of the time it is, but if you’re playing percentages, continuity for the quarterback is an important thing.

Q: What are your impressions of the 49ers top-ranked run defense?

REID: Vic is a phenomenal football coach. At the college level, the pro level, he’s been successful everywhere, at both levels. He’s got a good group there. That is a stout, athletic defense. All their ratings, all those statistics, all those are true. Sometimes you look at those things and you go, these things are skewed a little bit. That’s not how it is with this group. They’re real. They’re tough and that whole deal.

Q: Have there been any particular players you’ve really focused on looking at video?

REID: All of them. They’re all very talented.

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