Another thing about Harbaugh’s contract

To those of you who say the 49ers should just pay Jim Harbaugh because of what he has done the past three seasons compared to how inept the club was with previous head coaches:

You also should realize that Harbaugh and his agent had an opportunity when negotiating the initial contract to build escalators into the deal — pay Harbaugh more money if he achieved various landmarks during the first-three years of a five-year guaranteed contract.

College coaches and their agents do that all of the time. John Fox had a clause for a $1M bonus if his Broncos had won the Super Bowl vs. the Seahawks.

If Harbaugh had escalators and had achieved them, he already could have resolved this issue. If he wants more control over personnel, the roster and free agency, that is another issue.

Remember, nobody forced Harbaugh and his agent to agree to the contract.

Now, Harbaugh has to live with it.

One more point: If Harbaugh had not produced these results during the first three years, would he be asking for more money?

By the same token, with poor results the Yorks would not have asked Harbaugh to negotiate down his contract to a lesser value because of his under achieving.

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