Anthony Davis on how the short week affected the Niners against the Ravens: “It didn’t. We went out, we played, and we lost.”

SANTA CLARA – Here’s what right tackle Anthony Davis said at his locker today.

Q: How do you guys look at this game, since Thursday night’s game didn’t go as well as you’d hoped it would.

ANTHONY DAVIS: It’s our next game. I wouldn’t give it a title. It’s our next game.

Q: Joe Staley and Jonathan Goodwin have both said some of the breakdowns on the offensive line are easily correctable with technique. Can you explain that?

ANTHONY DAVIS: We just need to make the corrections and go to work every day this week and plan on getting better.

Q: Are those simple tweaks?

ANTHONY DAVIS: Yeah, they’re simple tweaks, but we’ve just got to do them.

Q: You’ve played eight and a half weeks now with Adam Snyder next to you. Is there a difference there, as far as working with a guard?

ANTHONY DAVIS: Sometimes you get into a routine with a guy. It’s just like a flow. It’s like working with anybody. You get used to it. Sometimes you have to readjust.

Q: Was some of that going on Thursday?


Q: What’s it like for you to play next to Chilo Rachal, and how is it different than playing next to Adam Snyder?

ANTHONY DAVIS: I don’t want to compare people.

Q: Do you expect Chilo to start this week?

ANTHONY DAVIS: I don’t know.

Q: How did having a short week affect the game against Baltimore?

ANTHONY DAVIS: It didn’t affect it. We went out, we played, and we lost. Get back to work. No excuses.

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